Arrested PDP spokesperson, Metuh, on hunger strike – Family

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

Olisa Metuh’s family has denied that the spokesperson of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, received N1.4 billion from the office of the National Security Adviser.

Mr. Metuh was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Monday, on allegations of corruption, and remained in detention by Wednesday evening.

In a statement signed by Gilbert Metuh, Wednesday, the family demanded that Mr. Metuh be released or charged to court.

The statement said the PDP spokesman acknowledged he delivered on an assignment for former President Goodluck Jonathan, and was duly paid.

The family said Mr. Metuh has refused to eat in detention over fears he might be poisoned.

“Our biggest concern for now is the health and safety of our son, who even before his arrest had alerted the nation about various threats to his life, a stance that is not unconnected to his position as the spokesperson of the opposition,” the statement said.

“Our position is more so as he has refused to eat following fears of intentions to poison him in detention.”

Read the family’s statement:

The Metuh family – the Obi-Ezeani-Nnewi– has noted with grave concern the continued incarceration of our Diokpa and spokesperson of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Olisa Metuh (Ugochidebelu Nnewi) since his arrest Tuesday by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Whereas the charges for which Chief Metuh is being detained for over 48 hours now have not been formally made known to the family and the general public, we have noted some sensational publications in a section of the media claiming that our son collected the sum of N1.4 billion from the arms deal cash and has been collecting N4 million monthly from the Office of the former National Security Adviser.

We have confronted our son with this allegations and he assured us that they are completely false.

However, he acknowledged that in the course of his duties as the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, the then leader of the party and president of the country directed him to carry out some urgent national assignment relating to his office, which the former president duly funded and which he duly carried out to the satisfaction of the former president.

The family therefore views the publications bandying the figure of N1.4 billion and alleged collection of N4 million stipend from the Office of the NSA as deliberate blackmail aimed at inflaming public sentiments against our son.

Our biggest concern for now is the health and safety of our son, who even before his arrest had alerted the nation about various threats to his life, a stance that is not unconnected to his position as the spokesperson of the opposition.

Our position is more so as he has refused to eat following fears of intentions to poison him in detention.

In view of the above therefore, we DEMAND that the EFCC immediately release our son, Chief Metuh (Ugochidebelu Nnewi) from detention or charge him to court.


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  • Oh!

    WHat is wrong with EFCC?
    Did they not hear? Metuh’s family said he did not receive any money from Dasuki!
    Close the case immediately and release the innocent man!

    • Jimi

      Do you really believe what you are saying?

      • Oh!

        of course! The family has already said he is not guilty. Why is EFCC still holding him?

      • Ajayi Ifayemi

        He is speaking tongue in cheek. EFCC does not do her work based on any family submission. They work based on the facts available to them. For now Metuh will be their guest for the next one week, at least.

    • Fadama

      Family of jokes

    • Sunday umah

      What a joker you are continue living in fools paradise

  • Ango

    Haha haha he only carry out an assessment related to his office to the satisfaction of the then leader of his party. Can somebody tell Nigerians the nature of the job and how much was the pay?

  • UYI111

    release this man now before your goodwil runs out! if you eally want to fight corruption starts from the top from OBJ .ATIKU .TINUBU. KWAKWASO. EL RUFAI. the Riwalni Lukman and his sudden oil blocks the list is endless not a poor spokesman of Mentu”s calibre!

    • Suleiman

      If you are APC you are saint and no one will touch you. Kwankwaso borrowed and borrowed and borrowed until he left the state bankrupt. This man left Kano with a debt of over N400 billion debt, but he is a sent. Tinubu and Odetola are among the biggest thieves that enjoyed the Fuel Subsidy without supply the fuel. Yes, are we surprised they are scraping the fuel subsidy to give them a soft landing? Do we attention Fashola, Magatakarda, Tanbuwal and Amaechi who suppiled the wings for GMB’s campaign? Who will touch them? Oh no, their being APC members makes themsaints. If you can steal to fund the APC campaign you are a saint. For Metuh, too bad he open his mouth too wide. He never knew the tyrant, the new head boy is now in power once more. PDP members be warned now, if you will dare oppose this government of tyranny, DSS, EFCC and the long arm of the government will reach you wherever you are. Better watch out, Decrees 2 and 4 are once more staring at us once more! Nigerians better watch, the born again democrat may not be a democrat after all. So no one must dear oppose this government

      • UYI111

        U said it as it”s I agree with you compleetly .more grease to your elbow!

      • owhonda

        Bow many of those you mentioned benefitted from the arms deal? Come of it guy, this arms deal is not ordinary looting it involves human lives. People died while money that could have been used to save them where shared among PDP members there is no greater wickedness than that.

    • Spoken word

      People like you are a curse and a stain to this country.i will gladly spit on your grave.

      • moonwalker

        me too

        • Spoken word

          dont worry I will do mine first.

    • tunde

      That was spzd to be pmb predecessor’s job.

      • UYI111

        If corruption is fought well it gives hope but the way it”s right now is total eradication of any opposition .That has left a bitter taste of vandeter

    • owhonda

      You are the most silly and heartless being I have been unfortunate to waste my time reading his comments. The devil had claimed your heart and conscience.

      • UYI111

        All you morons who thinks that anyone that dissagree with your fagot head of state or better still the tyrant bokohari tinubu and psychopatic amaechi kwakwaso should be put in the cooler should be reminded that Nigeria is bigger that all of you and time will deffinatetly proove that to you and your likes who i supporting totalitarianism.
        Bokohari has not even created a healthy enviroment for business to thrive talkless of making money for the FG all he has done so far is killing the economy and spending the little money he met in the coffer so far and raising false hope . therefore riddiculling himself and not Nija by touring the world endlessly hightime someone tells him the bitter truth instead of possitioning for 2019 by trying to silent every opposition in the land and compromise every judges with antics of justices in overturning every opposition victories to apc twarts and sabboteurs.

  • Truthometer

    The family of VIP thief have spoken. EFCC, release him! I wish that is the way things work in the real world. Otherwise, criminals would be walking free. Look here, Metuh’s family, your son has a lot of explanation to make. Nigeria is interested in how your son’s hands ended up in the national cookies’ jar. What part of “thou shall not steal” your family don’t understand? If he refused to eat, I think that is his fundamental human right, which you should commend PMB for allowing him to exercise. Nonsense!

  • sammy


  • Nkem

    I swear this people don sell all their conscience finish. You are concerned for the health of your son but not for the hundreds of thousands of lives lost while your son and his boss were frolicking with money meant for th security and protection of these poor, defenseless people. The widows, orphans and paralysed from the insurgency did not cause you any concern.
    President Jonathan, President and commander in chief of the armed forces took money meant for arms purchase to give to your son to do media propaganda for a political party (receiver of stolen goods) and all you people can say is “he performed the assignment satisfactorily”. Why don’t you people tell the leader of his party who gave him the assignment to come out and testify on behalf of your son that he was truly satisfied with your son’s performance of the assignment? Who knows, he might actually convince us.
    See them – wicked people; shameless people; irresponsible people; heartless people.

    • sam

      My brother you talked about ‘he performed the assignment satisfactorily’. How about ”alleged collection of N4 million stipend”. God will help us.

    • Burbank


  • Mama Kay

    Thank God he is on hunger strike by choice. He can experience what he made the Nigerian masses endure for years.

    Please stay on that hunger strike and refuse to eat and drink, greedy PDPig.

    • Otile

      Is that the reason Odua people abandoned Abiola when he was captured by the Fulanis? You see, my people are Godly we would not wish Fulani cruelty on our Odua brothers and sisters.

  • Uzoma John

    Metuh should have gone on naira strike when offered 1.4billion of arms money. Onye oshi.

    • Fadama

      Excellent advice

    • Spoken word

      Nice one.

  • band olu

    He no wan chop food but he sabi chop money…, when hunger catch am he go tell them make dem bring food..Yeye man…

  • Dazmillion

    For a man with a bank account balance of N1.4 Billion, bit of hunger strike will do his liver a whole lot of good. At the very least his blood sugar levels will come down and keep diabetes at bay.

    By the way, I wonder when Ohaneze will start singing about the victimization of their “innocent” son. like they did with the forgery case involving Ekweremadu. Tribalism will not let us persecute corruption to the fullest, if not Mr Fortunato should have been invited to the EFCC office a long time ago as the chief suspect.

    • Burbank

      “For a man with a bank account balance of N1.4 Billion, bit of hunger strike will do his liver a whole lot of good”

      LOLz…nasty nasty

  • Chuks

    Metuh has eaten enough to last a few weeks in detention without additional food. Merely thinking of the verbal assignment that fetched him more than the US president’s lifetime income is enough to make him loose appetite. However he should please return our money and quietly retire to his grave for all I care. The God of those innocent IDP children they orphaned through corruption is bigger than his shameful ‘Ugochidebelu’ title. When you read statements from families of these wicked looters, you are tempted to assume that corruption is hereditary and a genetic disorder. Or a punishment from God in defence of the deprived.

    • sholey

      Chuks na wa o, you too get mouth, One should avoid offending someone like you.

    • Sunday umah

      Brother I am pained this bastards raped Nigeria endlessly and suddenly they fall ill when called to come and account, am pain because have been around the world with family residing abroad and I wonder how this wicked demonic people feels when they travel abroad and see how things are been done and how future of family reach and poor are secured, I think those bastards senator and Reps members should be dealt with this us when we need a serious law that remands whoever is facing corruption charges like tgis magnitudes which involves the lives of fellow citizen.

    • Johnson

      My brother, imagine the pretension to an illustrious pedigree from the family. They are hoping that Nigerians and law enforcement agencies would be cowed by the mentioning of titles and family ties. For their information, there is a High Chief, a scion of the Caliphate(once heir to the Sultan) and other Chiefs presently sharing the same predicament as their son. To every reasonable Nigerian today. These “illustrious sons” have betrayed their upbringing and trust. They will henceforth be known as sons who destroyed their fatherland.

    • Nwokolo


  • Chuks

    As a good Christian and regular pilgrim to Jerusalem on federal estacode, Metuh is fasting and in speaking in tongues mode. “What shall it profit a man like Metuh to gain the whole world through PDP/Jonathan and lose his own soul through hunger strike or EFCC/prison”? Suddenly ‘Actors Syndrome’ have infected PDP leaders. Who had ever thought we had such potential Nollywood actors in PDP? Hunger strike indeed! Metuh can hire Osuofia to complete the last episode.

    • tundemash

      lol !

    • Spoken word

      Yep.they have all turned to nollywod actors and hospital patients.

    • Sunday umah

      Please where is Fayose the basket mouth in all this movie I would love to hear his comment or reaction.

      • New Nigerian

        …he is busy doing the trace of all the monies he has received in the last so many years to see if there is anyone that can be traced to the NSA’s office…he is toast if there is and he can’t run because he is captive as an office holder, so at a minimum he is tongue-tied right now.

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    What beats me in Metuh’s case is the shameless letter from his family. Shame has truly disappeared from our moral value chain.
    Metuh will have his day in court soon. Imagine PDP claiming the opposition as if there are only two parties in a multiparty demonstration of crass like ours. Second base jare!

  • FreeNigeria

    Hahahahahaha, human beings can live for weeks without food. This mumu thief is practicing how to live with little or no food when he gets to his new home in Kirikiri

  • Fadama

    We ain’t moved. Any pity from us? Not at all

  • band olu

    They think they will put poison in his food but they didn’t think there was poison on d money he was collecting……Yeye pple…

  • Ogom

    yeah, whatever..

  • Paul Young

    The family must really think Nigerians are fools. What is the meaning of ‘urgent national assignment’. the assignment doesnt have a name? The family claimed to have asked Mr Metuh and he denied receiving said monies. Well i dont know that if i steal money as a grown man like this and my father asks me i will agree to it

  • Oh!

    Metuh’s Family siad “We have confronted our son with this allegations and he assured us that they are completely false”.

    There is nothing wrong with that statement, but the very next word they said is where the story developed k-leg!

  • Amir

    Since the federal government is yet to release Metuh, the family should head to Onitsha bridge and shout IPOB 200 million times, Biafra 200 million times, and Rule of Law 200 million times equivalent to bail bond for quick result.

  • Paul Young

    So Metuh did some ‘urgent national assignment’ and N1.4bn ended up in his account. chai! Nigeria Diaris God oooo

  • Spoken word

    Metuh please continue your hunger strike, just make sure you return the yams before you give up the ghost.

  • Contact Point

    He is a thief, not a chief so must remain inside there. He is even more fortunate been alive and in detention than those that died while the money meant for procurement of arms was diverted to Metuh and others.

  • Pastor Jones


    I don’t think, I can’t remember whether I know this Olisa Metu or is it Metusellah before.
    He looks like a very bad man. He is where he is supposed to be now in his private cell.

    The federal government must not disturb him inside his prison. Let him just be there.
    This is the man that joined to make hypertension tablets very expensive for me now.
    Naira is down and the Chemist is now selling the tablets to me at double the price.

    That kind of wicked person must spend not less than five years inside that prison.
    Government must not allow a woman to come and see him there, no conjugal right.
    Let him be smelling to himself there alone. But this one he is saying he will not eat.
    Government must not take him serious. Just do only one wrap of Eba and put it there.
    Remember to put crayfish inside Ogbonno soup too. Let it be hot. Put the soup there.
    Go back after 30 minutes you will see yourself inside the plate like mirror. Nonsense!

    • New Nigerian

      LOL…thanks for the humorous take on things.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Olisa Metuh,

    When you are done with your self-imposed PDP fasting, do you prefer a plate of fried dogs or a plate of baked cats? There are no yams and no goats on the menu.You have to eat something ooo. LOL.

  • Chuks

    As long as Metuh is not going to toilet that’s ok. Recycling in the stomach saves cost and is allowed, after all it’s an internal PDP affair.

    • True Nigerian


    • Sir Demo

      Chai! You go kill person o

  • monti omeka-agu

    This was the same Olisa Metuh that beat up a school teacher in
    Abuja sometimes… or was it his son?
    Now, nemesis has caught up with him.

    • Julius

      It was him. I hope some somebody is kicking his butt in jail now. It was so barbaric what he did then. Daris God ooo !!

  • True Nigerian

    The hunger strike is very welcomed! You can’t steal from us and then eat our food for your own survival.
    If Metuh dies of hunger, only his family and close friends will mourn him. I don’t know any other Nigerian that cares about what happens to wasters and thieves like Metuh and the thieves and criminals he protected and promoted.

    I don’t think Metuh and his family understand how much and how deeply Nigerians hate the PDP and those who aided its destruction of this country.

  • Sunday umah

    Useless shameless family, a thieving son who cares if he eat or not the food he eat during GEJ’s era or during goat and yam era will make up, and we can cont poison Metuh now because I know he himself desired to be poison but God will keep him to pay back all he stole, serve his time in prison and after that he can choose poison or the lagoon and before then Nigeria will keep him safe.

  • We’ve seen this before. It is another replay of the horror movies of the 80s when this same dictator foisted himself on us. This is the nonesense you see in a BANANA REPUBLIC that Nigeria has become.

    • New Nigerian

      He is trying to get those who stole all the yams, to return them, so that Nigeria will also be a country of yams and other staples, and not only BANANA republic….you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • talkingdrum

      You stay in US and spill garbage from you mouth. Come and live here and then you will understand.

    • excel

      You are fooling yourself. Call it whatever you rotten brain can think off, the world call it CHANGE.

    • muazu wali

      Nigeria is different now my friend. We are fed with playing second fiddle to a group of selfish, greedy and good for nothing (rouges) politicians. Buhari fell out with his platform, the army and they removed him. This time his platform is the voters.

      • We’ll wait till 2019 to return Nigeria to a democracy……AGAIN. Remember over 12 millions voted Jonathan. Those votes were against him (Buhari). Next time we’ll do a better job to monitor the over 4 millions underage fraudsters that helped install this dictator.

        • muazu wali

          We wait and good luck. My only fear is that PDP is already in disarray. The party may not survive 2019. If it does most of its chieftains would have been in jail or disqualified for public office..

          • Nice comment. Obviously, you don’t understand how democracy works. When it is time for PEOPLE to decide, they will vote according to their conscience in a free and true democracy. Democracy has worked wonders in the free world. It built the world strongest economies and superpowers. It outlasted tyranny and dictatorship. Our democracy outlasted Nigerian dictatorships with Buhari as the godfather. This current return to dictatorship is temporary with Buhari as the tyrant and the APC fraudsters in government. It will be taken care of come 2019, if not before then.

          • Truthometer

            Mr. Wailer from United States of Anambra, please join the Watch.
            Metuh Watch:

        • Chandum

          You are dead wrong. Jonathan got 2 million votes, and bought 10 million with security budget. Without the verbal assignment, even Metuh will not vote Jonathan.

          • Julius

            I said it at the time that those smart young people like Methu, FFK, Abati and Okupe were making huge sum of money from him and that was why they stick with him. They knew he was gonna lose but, they need to make money. Jonathan is too dumb to know that.

    • Outraged

      Ride on Baba.Ordinary Nigerians are loving this.

    • Sir Demo

      How will the likes of Metuh be treated in US? Feted or handcuffed publicly and the photos splashed on newspapers and a 24 hrs media coverage on the cables?

      Some Igbos are really irritating all patriotic Nigerians. Don’t Bafarawa, Bello, Jafar Isa, Yakassai and the Northerners, Muslims under arrest have family as well? It was Weremadu talking thrash yesterday, and now family of a thief defending fraud. Where is your dignity, values and honor?

      • The political maggots have gone home to APC to join their fellow vermin. They will destroy themselves. It is the only thing they know. DESTRUCTION. There will be a political earthquake in 2019 when PDP roar back to return power to the PEOPLE.

  • New Nigerian

    My Chinese friend tells me about what they feed to criminals in Chinese prison – Boiled Carbage..that is it! 3 times a day. So there was this proud guy that was sentenced to prison (well it was not corruption, those are shot in the head in China, it was for something else), and he refused to eat his boiled carbage. All day first day, he refused, second day he refused and each time he refused, the guards would simply leave him alone and said nothing to him. By the third day he was asking for an extra ration…so Metuh, welcome to the life you wished for the Nigerian masses – as you lay your bed, so you must lie on it!

    • talkingdrum

      Very True

    • Onike24

      Its because the Chinese have an obsession with food. I have never seen people so obsessed with food and cooking. So removing good food is a big thing.

    • Burbank

      “so Metuh, welcome to the life you wished for the Nigerian masses – as you lay your bed, so you must lie on it!”

      Beautiful statement.

  • Ernesto “El Che” Guevara

    Who cares if OLISA METUH is on hunger strike? In fact he should keep it up until he starves to death. Metuh is a scum and a waste of the earth’s scarce resources. The sooner he gets out of existence the better for the rest of us.

  • Ernesto “El Che” Guevara

    What Nigeria and Nigerians deserve is Strong Leadership. Democracy was not designed for Africans and Arabs and hence is not working for us. What we need as a nation is Benevolent Dictatorship. Give Buhari 8 years and all corrupt Nigerians will fall in line.

    • muazu wali

      Ernesto, even if they do not fall in line they will be so damaged that they will not be eligible for any public office.

    • Fadama

      I have the same opinion. It is very hard for a country to develop with democracy. Get a benevolent dictator to build the right institutions and re-organise the people’s mindsets with a bit of fear, and then allow full-democracy after years down the line. For now, Buhari’s style is about what we need. The Western countries did not build their excellent institutions using democracy.

      • Burbank

        “It is very hard for a country to develop with democracy.”

        Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew ruled Singapore for 3 decades under a democracy but with his authority being that of a benevolent dictator. Singapore under him became a world’s leading oil refiner, a major financial center behind only London and New York, 3rd richest nation, world’s no.1 airport for the past decade, top 10 least corrupt country, best universities rated among the world’s top 30, world’s top 10 least crime rate, a judiciary consistently rated amongs the world’s best, an ultra-efficient public service, a health service unmatched in US or Europe etc

        Buhari can be Africa’s equivalent to Lee Kuan Yew.

        • Fadama

          I pray and hope so. This nonsense of democracy being viewed as the ultimate is really deceptive.

    • Burbank

      I support the motion.
      Lee Kuan Yew detained corrupt criminals and crime bosses behind bars, WITHOUT trials, for decades.

      And what happened Singapore? It became the world’s 3rd richest country today.

    • Julius

      Give him a year. Suspend the constitution. Many of them will run away. You will see empty houses in Abuja. Maybe I can afford to buy one from the government then.lolz

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Now Metuh can feel the pain of hunger like so many Nigerians do every day. Who cares?

  • Shawn

    We have so many Nigerians that cannot afford to feed their families abeg continue your hunger strike to appreciate what poverty your party subjected the masses of our people to…

  • I Hate Sycophant

    He need to be on hunger strike bcos the money he alone had eaten should be able to carry him for a year. Pls Metuh you can do it for two years, you have the strength. Whoever pity this man is a coward bcos the money he alone has stolen can buy a whole village of one million people while they allow people to die like chicken in the hands of Boko Haram. God can still be merciful if they repent and turn from their wicked ways and seek the face of God and also return their looted funds to the coffer of gov’t.

  • excel

    Not a big deal though, if he likes he can stop taking his bath, That will not stop is prosecution. thank God for the present leadership. All this rogue will stop taking us for granted.

  • muazu wali

    You should carry food to him in detention. All that is required is for him to explain the assignment given to him by the former President, cost, if the money came from the office of NSA and if the assignment is of national interest.
    Mr Metuh is playing the innocent victim. The tactic will fail. Nigerians can no longer be deceived easily.

  • owhonda

    All of them are trying to I duct Nonathan by saying they did work for him. Metuh’s family ought to have asked him what those assignments where and how much was involved. What would it take to make the assignment known and visible to all so people can knowknow, verify and appreciate. Why all the secrecy.
    No body will poison Metuh. The family should be patient. Their son will have his day in court. At least the family has seen him that he is alive and well.

  • Outraged

    Very good. Metuh big belle go reduce.

    • Julius

      lol. Yes, its even good for his health !

  • favourtalk

    He should do fasting has Nigerian been doing because of thier wicked loot of our yam. They should let him stay behind the bars for years for others to learn

  • DD

    He’ll eat when he’s hungry.

    • Burbank

      I hope he starved himself to death; saves on the prison budget instead of keeping his useless body alive.

      • Julius

        We just have to make sure he write a refund check before he kick the bucket from hunger !, Make sure the check clears before any Dr pronounce him dead.

        • Burbank

          Nasty nasty.

          • Julius

            lolz. We need all the money we can get back from them and their families jare.

  • Burbank

    Metuh? On hunger strike?
    Why did the EFCC gave him any food or water?
    Metuh had starved millions of Nigerians when he was lavishly enjoying the loot of PDP corruption.
    The thief Metuh don’t even deserved to breathe fresh air.

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      Another buharimice—-suffering and smiling—sadly u are a brainless thieving misguided Ibo man like metuh–animals

  • Victor Aikhionbare

    Now that’s how you protest. Mind you he hasn’t been offered nkwobi and Gulder yet.

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    sedate and force-feed him if necessary ………………………

    • Burbank

      LOLz….promoting US Guantanamo-style treatement

  • Comfortkay

    Hunger Strike is another way of lossing weight, l would encourage him to refused food and drink. His family can write more protest letters that would not led to his release he is one of those that has been running mouth on newspapers as a clean man.

    • Burning spear

      @wahala——-the Ibo manu—————-Happily Late Fela saw your type in his dream before he wrote the song suffering and smiling—-cause u are sure of sneaking into europe through Mali to go and sell drugs in the USA and Europe————so why should u care————–whether your tribesman dies or not—–Have many Nigerians not died in their attempt to cross from Libya to Europe—from your village?

      • Comfortkay

        I have not related to rougues and corrupt politician. If they gives you money for your activities on this forum becareful , EFCC can come overnight and get you.

  • Africa

    He can starve and die for all we care, many Nigerians cannot eat not because they are on ‘hunger strike’ rather because of the poverty brought upon them by Oliseh Metuh and Co.

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      sadly u are an Ibo man like Metuh–Saadly a senseless callous one at that———————see why Nigeria has never made progress in her wasted 55 years——-under the control of the Fulanis ati Yorubas ati their Ibo surrogates? Because over 70 percent of Nigerians do not care—————-cause—-we are used to suffering and smiling—-especially Ibos, Fulani and Yorubas–like your rotten type—-Let my people go

      • Africa

        Yes, I am a proud Igbo man but unlike Metuh I condemn stealing in its entirety..We shall only see progress when people who steal from us are brought to book.

        • Burbank


      • Rommel

        I remember that it was an Izon man that said stealing was not corruption so I am not surprised by your comments

      • Ajantala

        See how useless your comment? We now know Yoruba, Northerners and Igbo “elder statesmen” have pretty much destroyed this nation. I can’t ever imagine collecting money meant to protect thousands of lives. Corruption in Nigeria has no tribe or religion.

        • Burbank


    • Otile

      When Abiola died at the hands of the Fulanis we all cared eventhough the rouge looted our ITT money, but now you want all Igbo to perish so that you and your Fulani masters can inherit our resources. Lai, Ifa ba omo yin oo!

      • Africa

        Otile the donkey, don’t worry he won’t die.

  • IZON Redeemer

    The National chairman of Labour Party, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, in an interview with Vanguard

    What is your stance on the fight against corruption?

    Have you ever heard anywhere in the world, where a government subjects security into this kind of disgracing insult like what’s obtainable in Nigeria right now? I have never seen anything like it. Buhari has no, if he has, he has no advisers or he doesn’t listen to advice.

    What do you say about the evidence so far of the money paid through the office of the NSA, the Arms scandal?

    The paid money to the NSA man, also the NSA man said he gave Buhari car, so what are they telling us. And you know the man said if he opens up, he will open up canker worms. So leave that aspect of NSA because it is not good for our image, it is not good for our security; no nation ever subjects its security to this kind of thing. And it is not done with sincerity of purpose, it is for selfishness, you want to create something out of the man.
    But is that how security fund in other parts of the world is utilised?

    Yet, Buhari’s cult followers came out with a giant bill board -‪#‎IstandwithBuhari‬. Just way of institutionalizing what is obtainable in North Korea in Nigeria

  • JasV

    By God’s grace he will not die of hunger but disgrace.

  • Julius

    LOL@’we DEMAND that the EFCC immediately release our son, Chief Metuh (Ugochidebelu Nnewi) from detention or charge him to court.’. Oh really ?. Lmaoooooooooooooo !!. We the people also demand he refund in full and with interest the looted fund he received from either Jonathan or Dasuki or both.

  • Rommel

    Metuh going on hunger strike should be good for him because he ate and drank too much when his oga was in power

  • Ajantala

    Metuh must NOT die now!!! Please, FREEZE also his assets and bank accounts. Also, his parents and relatives might by hiding some of our billions. Ole

  • Lawrence Agha

    In every decent democracy, there’re laid down procedures known to the agences and institutions on arrests and prosecution of individuals suspected of wrongdoing. These rules are not to be deformed or circumvented to please or amuse any leader in power. Some commenters here are avoiding the crux of the matter, instead they decided to dwell on invectives. The family of Mr Olisa Metuh, are simply calling for the respect of the rule of law, charge the man to court if he has a case to answer or set him free, it is just that simple. Nigeria is not the personal property of President Muhammadu Buhari, neither has he changed his name to be Nigeria. The President has only 3years and 3months left on his contract agreement with Nigerians. The money alleged to have been stolen belong to all Nigerians. Muhammadu Buhari has occupied various posts before now, he cannot claim to be a saint in a corrupt-ridden country like Nigeria, so, calmus, as they say it. Furthermore, this hunt for corrupt politicians only from the opposition party and those speaking out against the policies of this government is as curious as it is nauseating. Men like Obasanjo, Tinubu, Amaechi, etc, are all clean politicians in the eyes of the great crusader against corruption. Time will tell!

  • MushinSpeaks

    Whatever it takes to get looted arms fund back, pls do. These guys left our military to fight insurgency with bare hands yet enjoying luxury lives with their family. If possible, pls probe their family too. Shameless people.

  • linkhadj.

    Going on hunger strike is nothing special, afterall the masses who have been pauperised by the lootings have always been used to hunger. Abeg, any means through which our looted funds can be recovered is alright by the honest Nigerians. Hunger ( or belle-full) strike should not be used as blackmail.


    The IBOLA wanna go spend our stolen money in hell?. I dey laugh o

    • Otile

      Is Mashood spending our stolen money in hell now? Think before you insult your enemies.

  • Akiika

    That’s perfectly OK! he has eaten too much over time.

    • PolyGon2013

      But if he dies, we may not be able to get our money back.

      • Otile

        Did you get anything back when the Fulanis poisoned Mashood?

        • PolyGon2013

          Yes. OBJ became the president for 2 terms.

  • Babatunde

    Olosa Metuh must first of all give us back our money, then he can starve himself to death if that is what he wishes to do. This is democracy isn’t it? The man has the right to stop eating. No wahala.

  • Truthometer

    Metuh Watch 2016:

  • bjay

    Metuh going hunger strike don’t bother nigerians what bother nigerians is for him to quickly return our millions he took with false company.

  • Tom Thompson

    He is fasting, he is not on hunger strike. Make we donate money for him to buy ashes and sackcloth.

  • Dapo Osaz

    I think the family should join him in the fast. It will hasten his release

    • Otile

      That’s cruel. When Kudirat spoke out loudly your Fulani masters shot her dead. Why are Odua people supporting the atrocities of the Fulanis?

  • Artful ºDodger

    Na today, when food hungry am he go eat. People dey IDP camps when no know dem parents today, plenty sef don die, some get only one leg, arm and deafness etc now all because Dasuki and his gang of thieves want to get rich. Den ordinary Metuh dey use hungry beat himself be issue, i beg commot for road jaree!

  • tunde

    Ugochidelbelu my foot! Let him rotten in his cell.

    • Otile

      Just as Abiola died in similar Fulani detention abi?

  • Sir Demo

    Shame on Metuh family! What has happened to our value system? We will never forget all these shamefull utterances, writings and outbursts! When this govt is done with the fraud and looting cases, anything associated with DASUKI, FAYOSE, METUH, ANENIH, IGBINEDON, DOKPESI, FANI KAYODE, FALAE, BODE GEORGE, JERRY GANA, GBENGA DANIEL, FAROUK LAWAN, SARAKI, Oduah, Diezani, Okonjo, JONATHIEF, will become leprotic UNTOUCHABLE.