Dasukigate: Why I won’t return NSA’s N53m Anenih gave me – Tanko Yakasai

A former presidential adviser in the Second Republic, Tanko Yakasai, on Wednesday explained why he would not return the money he collected from the former chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, Tony Anenih.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is currently investigating the alleged diversion of funds by the office of the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, for campaign activities of the PDP.

Mr. Yakasai, an octogenarian, was reportedly implicated by Mr. Anenih for receiving N63 million of the N250million he allegedly received from the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

Mr. Yakasai, who said the question of asking him to return the money does not arise, however said he collected only N53million from the party chieftain.

He told PREMIUM TIMES on telephone that he had not committed any crime as the money given to him was not meant for his personal use.

“I think your questions of whether I will return the money is like jumping the gun, because at the first instance nobody gave me the money on my personal capacity. As I told you, the money is for that group.

“And we had, as part of the assignment, visited Borno and Yobe and even met with two traditional leaders. So we have carried out our assignment diligently.

“I am ready at any given time to respond to invitation by the EFCC. I am ready to clear my name,” he said.

He explained that the money given to him was for a group of nine people mandated to carry out a “national assignment” towards a peaceful conduct of the 2015 general elections.

Mr. Yakasai added that he had not committed any crime and there were no criminal tendencies in their action whatsoever.


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  • Ashibogu

    How will you return the money? Una don chop am clean mouth! Lazy Nigerian elite class! Always feasting on Nigerian money. Even barbing saloon they cannot establish. Yeye dey smell!

    • Johnson

      It is absolutely shameful for our political elites to be justifying the kind of money that they received and shared among themselves. When it came to 2nd Niger Bridge they said there is no money but rather arranged a PPP that will tax Nigerians plying that route. They had no money for the counterpart funding of the Mambila Hydro dam and Lagos-Kano rail project. They had no money for weapons and Jonathan mortgaged our future by borrowing $1billion for arms. It is terribly sad.

  • Chuks

    Tony anini Anenih was asked to give Yakassai N63 million but he gave N53 million withholding N10 million as his VAT ‘aninistically’. Yakassai visited only 2 traditional rulers in Borno and Yobe ( Boko Haram) states. The man bought himself a new car and flushed Jona and his ambition down the drain. PDP chain of deceit.

    • Ashibogu

      Chei! If these people na my Papa straight I for don disown them! Make God no allow person see bad thing.

    • Julius

      lolz. You are correct. The old folks are cheating themselves too !.

  • duwdu

    This octogenarian Tanko Yakasai must be a joker by professional, walahi.

    Mr. Yakasai, don’t you know that, by law, any receiver of stolen goods must forfeit/return such goods if caught, whether or not the receiver of stolen goods knew in the first instance it was stolen/blood money? Moreover, a receiver of stolen goods can be charged as an accessory to the crime!

    My friend, Mr. Yakasai, you better start asking all those people to whom you claimed you distributed such blood money, to start returning them to you, for onward transmission back to the public coffers the money came from!

    Already there’s a N10 million hole between your own account and that of Tony Anenih who you admitted you received the money from, and you’re there boasting you won’t return the money. Who would you expect to believe your tale by moonlight? Martians?

    A word is enough for an ordinary wise man, talk less of an octogenarian o, Mr. Yakasai.

    I don yarn my own. Good luck!


    • Fred Duke

      Goodluck Jonathan should cover his face in shame. He is one of the worst example of a President. You can’t inspire accountability, you can demand accountability. You take whatever your subjects say without verifying. You say one thing and do the other. You can’t even supervise anything. Nigerians were dying of hunger and from Boko Haram attack while Goodluck was busy saying shut.

  • Abiboss

    The old people are adamant at times. This man thinks is right but law does not work that way. This man needs to return the money because the other old man Anenih already implicated him. He is like grumpy old man. That was the reason this man was saying bad things about Buhari last week. He said he always suffers under Buhari including 1984 when his wives couldn’t get imported Maggi without line up. Now I get it. Buhari always disturbs this guy from eating loots stuffs.

  • djay

    You shall look for that money and return it at the right moment.

  • Arabakpura


  • Maria

    You collected money meant to protect Nigerians against terrorists…for political campaign and you are so shameless to admit you collected the money? This man is a f00lish old thief.

  • new republic

    Govt should withdraw their useless GFOR?GROA title from this old thieves,Anneneh and Yakasais

  • Proud Yoruba

    Oh, you will return it alright when they seize and sell your properties!

    Where is your letter of appointment to do the job you did and who paid you for it? You knew it was not a legitimate job that you took and now you say you won’t return the money. You better go and collect from all the people you distributed to!

  • pheliciti

    You mean 9 old men finished 53 million Naira on hotels and transport for an assignment of 2 weeks? I think he forgot to include the amount spent on runs girls! Agbaya onijekuje ole!

  • Bihari Osinbajo D best

    jonathan does not care if the country went bankrupt as far he win the election

  • Action Group

    So this old man could admit he collected money at all.We now know the reasons why the old man always attack PMB,the skeleton in his cupboard has finally been unveiled,he will be forced to return his own share by crook by fire whether he likes it or not.Shameless Oldman !!!

  • Burning spear


    Buhari jailed my father on currency trafficking. My father did nothing wrong, but he put him in the prison for three years. My first three years in life from 1984 to 1986, I didn’t see my dad; he was dumped somewhere in Maiduguri. This is my own personal reason for a man like Fela who will never commit a crime. I know my dad and for you to jail that man you must be inherently evil. You know when you have experienced such blatant disregard for human right by taking away three years of his life for doing nothing. Will Buhari say he is not a criminal? He claimed he knew nothing about the PTF money. If he says he was not aware about that, how did he know when money got missing in Nigeria? There is a precedence. He has claimed ignorance before, he can do that again. Sadly that is what Buhari is doing–pretending not to be aware of the 5.6b Mr. Madueke left in the coffers of NNPC–Because Buhari is busy spening 326m to buy exotic animals–while feeding is taking 1.75b-That is after stealing over 2.8b oil wind fall for which he sent Fela to prison.

    • JM

      Burning spear, e be like say you dey constipated o. Abeg take care of
      your belle o. Seems ur wahala different from elder stuntman Yakasai.
      Sanu, dalu o, nna.

  • amazing2012

    tsohon banza ! tsohon najadu !Dama dalilin zagin buhari dakakeyi kullum saboda an saye ka ne ! Amma anji kunya !! Ana kashe ku kunyi shiru saboda kudi !!! munfuki algumgumi !!!

  • mao

    Elder statesman indeed. Honestly, i am overwhelmed by the actions of politicians in this country. Is there no limit to our greed? Everyday, we hear stories of impunity and selfishness. In a country where there is no 1st class hospital, its a shame that people will share our common wealth this way.

  • The Patriot

    Ogboju ole!

  • simon tor gideon

    So this old man has been collecting this amount from the previous govt,that`s why he is always castigating the person of Presdent Buhari because he has lost his source of getting illegal wealth?EFCC should arrest him and make him to account for this money.PERIOD.

  • favourtalk

    Don’t worry, when you stay long behind the bars, you will vomit Nigeria money. You still don’t know anything till now right? You will be surprised when the law catch up with you soon. Old thieves

  • Richard Wall

    Femi Fani-Kayode’s articles should start with a warning from the Federal Ministry of Health that…
    “Attempting to read the following may result in possible brain
    damage including the inability to distinguish between fantasy and
    reality. Cognitive dissonance may result from
    prolonged and repeated exposure. Sharing of the opinions
    expressed within may harm those around you, if you must
    continue to consume these opinions please do not expose children
    to their harmful rhetoric.”

    The miserable waste of oxygen called FFK is a piece of s**t.
    For those who may not know.The man is a certified lunatic,who was institutionalised some time ago.He has allegedly made a recovery but the jury is still out on that.You know it is not possible to ever completely recover from lunacy.The lunatic may just begin to have longer lucid intervals,instead of the previous one-minute lucid interval every 12 months.To make it worse,his lunacy was caused by drug abuse for which he went to rehab in Ghana.This is verifiable and explains his erratic behaviour.
    The only consistent thing about him is his inconsistency and I illustrate.
    In the period immediately after OBJ first took office,he was a fierce critic,under the cover of an organisation called the Progressive Action Movement.When his vituperations got him noticed,OBJ invited him to “come and eat”.
    OBJ then became his personal lord and saviour and the best thing since sliced bread.
    Fast forward to when Yar’adua took over and FFK lost relevance.He then became a critic when EFFC went after his sorry a**e.This continued when badluck jonadaft aka Fortunato, took over.
    FFK decamped to APC and became the fiercest critic of badluck jonadaft,he called him clueless and a wimp among other choice epithets.
    Lo and behold,Jonathan invited him to ” come and eat “.True to type,FFK did a complete 360 degrees about turn and badluck jonadaft became his personal lord and saviour,jonadaft’s friends became FFK’s friends and jonadaft’s enemies became his enemies.
    Fast forward to March 28th 2015 and jonadaft was kicked out.The buffet had ended for FFK.He now went back and polished his hitherto successful formula and went after PMB,all guns blazing,with the hope of being invited to ” come and eat”.Unfortunately for him,PMB is not buying what he is selling.
    FFK does not mean Femi Fani Kayode,it means Flip Flop Kayode.The miserable specimen of “humanity” is always shifting positions,depending on which side his bread is buttered.
    Any one who lays any credence to what he writes is a prime candidate for Yaba left side.It would be time for the padded cell,straitjacket and men in white coats
    Any one who doubts this should please google all his articles but take note of the warning from the Federal Ministry of Health
    A spell in jail will be good for him since he will have to go cold turkey,hopeful it may end his addiction.
    He will really look good in an orange jumpsuit.He will become the b**ch of a big guy called ” Bubba “

  • linkhadj.

    So, this ‘yeye’ old man has been collecting illegal money from GEJ’s government: money meant to defeat Book Haram that has been killing his people in the North.Haba! What kind of elder-statesmen do we have in the North? Selfish people who are ready to pauperise their people and be the only ‘rich’ elders to be worshipped by others with ‘ranka-dede’. No wonder the old man ( I don’t want to use the word in my mind because of respect for age) has been aggrieved since the defeat of GEJ because it means the end to his cheap illegal means of livelihood. Indeed, wisdom or statesmanship does not neccessarily come with grey hair. This old crook deserves no respect and he should be picked immediately by EFCC.

  • JasV

    Dear Sir,
    I want to be as old as you are, I pray that you do not die in disgrace and I will restrain myself from using very strong language so that you know and feel how angry we are. In Yoruba language the people say ‘even if we are crying we still see”. No matter how angry I may be I still see, I still know that you deserve to be respected.
    1. If your son employed on salary should suddenly come home and say here is five million naira for you, sir, will you not ask where, how, when did he get the money? Up to the point you got the money sir, the party was complaining of no funds and all of a sudden 63million naira surfaced for an elder like you (who should be resting and preparing yourself to meet your creator, leaving every day as if it is your last) to diligently carry out assignments. Please do not disgrace yourself, do not repeat it anywhere again.
    2. As a very well experience Politician, you know about the electoral act and what it says about contribution to electoral activities up to a certain limit. Furthermore, Oh Yoruba Language e sweet O, they say, “I know the habit/behavior of my neighbor is not meant to be an abuse or derogatory”. Sir you know that animal called Anenih, you know how he performed excellently well in Police with armed robbers, you know how he fixes every thing bad for Obasanjo and he became known as Mr Fix it. You know how he was Minister of works who awarded contract for Lagos to Benin road which only himself and the demons he will sleep with use for their nightly journeys. Up till today he is yet to explain where that 300billion naira went to.
    Sir, you know this your neighbour very well, if you do not, then I am sorry to say all of your 80 plus years on earth is wasted and unless you quickly make amend and refund what you have wrongly taking, the problem you face in eternity will be nothing compared to what your children, your children’s children out of no fault of theirs will face. It is blood money, innocent people’s money that could have been alive that you partook in sharing.
    Finally, next time, if Anenih gives you anini (farthing), please sir do not accept O. He stole it

  • Julius

    Damn, even the 90 years old are sharing money. What a country !

  • FreeNigeria

    Old man Anenih gave N63M, another old man Yakasai received N53M. Wetin come happen to the N10M between the old men? Abi these old men get amnesia?

    • Richard Wall

      COT and VAT on COT account for the shortfall.

  • Mrs. Eva Achu

    Why youths got guns to kill at random………

    There will continue to be deadly violence when elderly Nigerians
    like Tanko Yakasai and Tony Anenih cannot tell simple truth on how
    much they delivered and received from each other. Yakasai says
    he received 53 million naira from Tony Anenih, but Tony Anenih
    says that he gave Tanko Yakassai 63 million Naira. It means that
    between these two Nigerian elders – both aged over 70 – ten million
    Naira may already be missing and stolen. Youths may be justified
    to kill so-called leaders in revolt against a country led by thieves.

  • Fred Duke

    Imagine these old thieves that looted US dry. After Obj will open his mouth wide to complain of youths not taking their place. That mumu Jonathan presided over the rape of our country on the alters of his presidential ambition. While Boko Haram was busy killing our women and children, Dasuki was busy sharing the arms money to PDP members and their friends. Imagine a country of old thieves. Imagine thieves in power. May God punish them for the innocent blood that Boko Haram took.

  • Rommel

    What happens in a country where elders can co longer tell simple truths?

  • hummm

    Baba , you will refund that money in a jiffy, by the time EFCC slams your diaper ass in Kuje prision. Keep running your mouth .

  • bikky

    Don’t worry old man, when it is time you will do the needful.

  • udemeobong

    I wish Fela was alive. This is the time he would have release the latest song called “Special Assignment Government (SAG)”. Every one collected money for special assignment for Goodluck Johnathan and confirmed BAAM to have carried them out successfully. Remember EitiGate Saga? Same old thing in different colours. Today in Naija, politicians don´t talk of 1 Million, rather in Billions. EVIL MEN!!!

  • udemeobong

    Someone who ate the portion of his cake can not vomitt it out again. So Old Man you are right. Besides, it was a special assignment, which in most cases not easy to carry out especially in North East (Boko Haram Depo) where you claimed to have met two traditional rulers. I am completely speechless at the level of wickedness in this country. This is far more than corruption. THIS IS EVIL PERIOD!!!

    • soyo

      No be just evil, na evilish Evil!

  • udemeobong

    Looking for a good mathematician: An Old man X gave N63Million to another Old Man Y. The Old Man Y said it was , N53Million. A). On which side of the Old man can the balance of 10Million could be found? B). Where the source of the whole money comes from, how much does owner possess? C). GSCE 2016, Mathematics, Qustion 1.

  • MI

    Nonsense!!!! Where is the report of your work? You’ll return the money willingly or unwillingly.

  • Burbank

    Tanko Yakasai, saved your breath.

    Your invitation letter from Ibrahim Magu is in the mail.

  • joe

    Tony ANINI looted the treasury together with a band of octogenarian armed robbers. The loot was 63million naira.Tony ANINI then decided to loot the loot to the tune of 10million naira by telling the orher old thieves it was 53million. That msn is an ild rat. – No matter how rat old reach, na thief he go still they thief.

  • kcee

    Na Wah oh. See the way all of them dey confess like Canari. them chop money finish, now the thing no gree pass dem throat enter belle. lol