Fani-Kayode speaks up on allegations he got  N1.7billion from Dasuki, says, “I won’t run away”

Femi Fani-Kayode

A former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has dissociated himself from funds allegedly diverted by the erstwhile National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, saying his linkage with N1.7billion transfers is false.

In a statement made available to PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, the former Director of Publicity for the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organisation said he was neither given N1.7billion by Mr. Jonathan nor Mr. Dasuki.

“I have never received one kobo from President Jonathan himself, Colonel Dasuki or any other member of President Jonathan’s government,” he said.

” I have not ever been in receipt of any public funds and neither was I the beneficiary of any payments in cash, transfer, cheque or otherwise from any government official during the tenure of President Jonathan.

“As Director of Media and Publicity of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign organisation I received money on behalf of the Directorate of Media and Publicity which I headed from private individuals and companies during the election campaigns but these were not public funds but rather private contributions specifically for the Presidential and other campaigns. 

“Such moneys were transfered into my account by the Director of Finance of the Presidential Campaign Organisation and that account was specifically set up for the purpose of running the publicity and media aspect of the campaign for the whole country and my Directorate. ”

Mr. Fani-Kayode further explained that the “private  individuals” and companies paid their contributions into a designated account which was provided and controlled by the Director of Finance and that from there, she transferred it to the accounts of the various directors and individuals that ran for public offices that the PCO supported.

“The money that was sent to me for my Directorate by the Director of Finance was used in a lawful and responsible manner and by the time the campaigns were over my Directorate had paid all of its bills for services rendered and was not owing any media house or anyone else one kobo,” he said.

According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, President Jonathan, the D-G of the PCO, the Auditor of the PCO, the Advisor to the PCO and the Director of Finance of the PCO received reports and saw the results of the efforts of his Directorate and expressed their satisfaction and commendations.

He noted that even though his party ended up losing the election, the PCO ran a strong and virile campaigns, stating that the encounter with the APC was an epic one and  probably the most active and gruelling electoral battle in the history of Nigeria.

“Not one kobo of public funds was spent by or given to my Directorate during the campaign and as far as I am aware not one kobo of public funds was spent by or given to the PCO,” he said.

“Presidential campains all over the world cost huge amounts of money and Nigeria is no different.

This is especially so when it comes to publicity and media. My Directorate was difficult to run and our work was capital intensive. We did not use marshmellows, pebbles and grass to pay for all the services rendered to us and all the television and newspaper adverts were fully paid for with money.”

 Mr. Fani-Kayode asserted that nothing was done or given to his campaign organisation free of charge, as such it was not surprising as the APC and President Buhari’s campaign organisation did the same. 

“I opened an account specifically for the funds that were used to run my Directorate and fund all our activities in order to ensure accountability and transparency,” he said.
“We also audited our accounts regularly and insisted on the highest level of professionalism from all those that worked for or with us. 

“Since when such matters have become a crime or subjects of criminal investigations I dont know. If it was a crime to speak up for Jonathan during the campaign they should just say so. 

“If it is a crime to  be a member of the PDP and to be in opposition they should just say so. If it is a crime to speak up for and defend President Jonathan and key members of his government after he has left office they should just say so.

“If it is a crime to oppose the Buhari administration and speak up against his gross violations of human rights that they are indulging in and the violation of court orders they should just say so.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode noted that during the 2015 elections, the PCO and its Directorate on Media and Publicity spoke up and campaigned for many PDP members who were running for public offices and were funded too.

He said he was aware of the attempt by the government and his “enemies” to discredit and smear his name and silence him by alleging that he was involved in wrongdoing.

“I know that this government is capable of doing anything, of inducing anyone to say anything and that they have no sense of decency, justice or fair play,” he said.

“They are prepared to charge anyone just for breathing the air if needs be and  they can attempt to frame up anyone that they believe is a thorn in their flesh.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode said he would neither run away nor be silenced or cowered, expressing confidence that his innocence would fight for him.

“Though I have been warned and told over and over again by those amongst them who care for my wellbeing that I have been listed down and targeted for persecution, I am not in the least bit concerned about their evil plans for me,” he said.

” My life and destiny is in the hands of God and not theirs and He will fight for me and vindicate me. 

“As I have always said, the night may be dark but joy comes in the morning. If it was a crime to use monies that were freely donated by private individuals from lawful and legitimate sources to fund the Presidential and other campaigns let them say so. 

“No election campaign anywhere in the world, including that of President Buhari was run with just words, goodwill, grass and pebbles and neither were we given free campaign adverts or air time. All these things were run and paid for with large sums of money.

” I repeat, there is nothing that we did in the campaign organisation or that my Directorate did that Lai Mohammed, Buhari and the APC did not do in theirs. As a matter of fact they spent far more than we did but I have no idea where they got their money and whether they were private or public funds. 

“Most importantly my Directorate and, as far as I am aware, the Jonathan Sambo Presidential Campaign Organisation did not receive any public funds from any government official or office to run our campaign. 

“Of this I am absolutely sure and I am very confident because I made a point of asking and insisting that this must be so. These are the facts and I eagerly await my accusers, persecutors and detractors.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode-Kayode said he would continue to live his life in peace and not be intimidated by the “boastful threats of the enemy” and would remain law-abiding.

“This has happened on a number of occasions and sadly they use such mediums to tell all manner of lies about the case and the accused to the public. By the time they finish they would have convicted their victim in a vicious smear campaign and media trial which is usually plagued and fuelled by lies and falsehood,” he added.

“It is for this reason that I have taken this opportunity, whilst I am still at liberty, to tell the Nigerian people the truth and let them have all the facts. 

“I sincerely hope that my statement will help to clarify matters in the eyes of the public regardless of whatever lies that they will soon be inundated with by a desperate, weak and wicked government. I fear them not because my life is in God’s hands. God bless Nigeria.”


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  • felixt

    You guys are damn fast at getting breaking news from PDP related announcements, expressions of views and opinions. Well done!! Any posssible link?

  • FreeNigeria

    It’s time to get this crack head FFK off the streets. He can join the Fotunato army of thieves in their new barrack “Kirikiri”

    • Tunji Olarewaju


  • David Musaed


  • Comfortkay

    FFK is a good Historian.

  • Nkem

    This Fani Kayode is a BIG THIEF and an even bigger liar. First, it was a huge scam for humongous sums of money to be paid into the personal accounts of directors instead of paying beneficiaries directly from the account of the organisation for services rendered.

    When Fani Kayode collected the first tranche of N750 million, he quickly secured a property at Asokoro and abandoned the campaign the media and publicity unit, where he was supposed to be operating from. Together with one Akin Oyegoke, Deputy Director, Fani Kayode absconded with salaries and allowances due to 22 staff of the unit whom they employed to work in the directorate. So the claim that “the Directorate had paid all of its bills for services rendered and was not owing any media house or anyone else one kobo,” is a blatant falsehood.
    The staff who were swindled a robbed of their just wages then wrote a petition to the ICPC but have been unable to receive any justice till date.

    • Peter_Edo

      interesting. but where is your source from. don’t get me wrong, i just like to know so i won’t believe blindly.

      • Julius

        So, you believe FFK. I assume !

        • Peter_Edo

          hell no, Julius u know i am a strict and ardent Buhari CHANGE believer. but this is a new twist, and i will like to know the veracity.

    • Julius

      So, you believe FFK , I assume !

    • SAM .A

      Please Nkem speak out , if you have access to insider in their Campaign organization , who knew how this smart aleck , depleted the funds there and lied to his teeth . go for it , you will be a good whistle blower to expose him.

  • Gbenga Olu

    This is just the beginning! Nigerians will suffer and suffer and dry up like stock fish under their self imposed CHANGE! If a huge and healthy man dries up overnight it’s CHANGE too. If a sick man in the morning dies in the evening, it’s CHANGE too. If a man that used to eat three square meals foolishly invited a CHANGE glutton who finished up all he has in stock in 7 months he has no option than to go hungry or play a second fiddle to survive! By the time APC has finished teaching Nigerians the lessons of their lives, Nigerians will delete the word CHANGE in their dictionary! This is just the beginning!Nothing good has ever come from the pit of hell! All religious books describe hell as a place where there’s harship, wailing, crying, gnashing of teeth, regrets, accusations, blames, hunger, flogging, injustice, arrest, torture, in short a place where people complain to eternity! Welcome to Nigeria under APC ruled by sadist painted as saint! Enjoy or cry to yourself; not me ooooooooo! If you are lucky to survive the impending evil hurricane orchestrated by CHANGE, next time vote wisely!

    • Africa

      Are you for real! This government is fighting corruption and we shall be better off for it. No sane person would regret voting in BUhari….. I think it is progress to harass and prosecute criminals..

      • Gbenga Olu

        You are clapping for a tyrant for killing someone dictatorially. One day same rope will be on your neck and you will cry and lament but no one will hear you. Every tyrant has praise singers and you are one. Congratulations!

        • Africa

          Tyrant? I have never stolen from Nigeria and I have always been law abiding… So be rest assured that one day ‘will’ never come. My desire is to see this country work again, enough of deceits. For once let people pay the price for their actions.

          • Gbenga Olu

            You have just judged it! One day you will be accused wrongly and you will cryfor help and everyone will say crucify him, crucify him! Don’t be cowed by the political allegations!

      • Gbenga Olu

        Low intelligent quotient! You cannot fight corruption by arresting and detaining people disrespecting rule of law. That’s tyranny! You cannot be the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge at same time. No Country has ever succeeded in fighting corruption! What an organized society do about corruption is to block and stop it. Anything contrary to that is just child’s play. You use technology to block corruption, knowing full well that the heart of every man is desperately selfish, wicked and corrupt! All advanced countries block corruption not fight corruption. Only leaders with low IQ, maybe due poor education, go about arresting and harassing people shouting that they are fighting corruption. Jonathan knew there was massive corruption in the country that was why he introduced, BVN, NIN, TSA to checkmate it. Buhari instead of exploiting those wonderful innovation, abandoned them and embraced military approach which never succeed in democratic settings! Am surprised that some low thinkers are clamping for an empty ideology! While he is fighting the previous administration, massive looting is going on in his regime! Time will tell!

        • Africa

          Low intelligent quotient? Your father is a goat!

    • Ikechukwu_67

      Thieves should be allowed to go Scot free like Jonathan did to show they’re not sadists.

      • Gbenga Olu

        Rule of law must be obeyed! Anything outside that us tyrannical!

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Looks like you are experiencing a brain freeze with the misplaced rantings about the anti-corruption drive of the PMB administration. If you have done something illegal, please sleep with one eye open o.

      • Gbenga Olu

        Only those with eagle’s eyes see the prey or danger and prepare for it. Men from the junk get consumed by the impending danger.

    • excel

      Only those that get their hands dirty will suffer and people like you that feed fast under those useless MOFO

      • Gbenga Olu

        You are already suffering and smiling! Lowlife!

    • Julius

      Yes, you will suffer with them if you are involved. Amen !!


      • Gbenga Olu

        Did Noah and his family suffer flood when God destroyed d earth? The answer is NO. He prepared for the rainy day and vision less men of your type saw him as agent of doom. The hardship has already started yet you are there looking agape! You have a junk as President so your suffering won’t be noticed or addressed!

        • Julius

          How dare you bring uncle Noah and his family to this mess . lolz. Look dumb ass

          , that junk is your president too. Bye

    • New Nigerian

      Replace “Nigerians” in your statements with “PDPlutocrats” and you’d be very correct….and it is how it is how it should be!

  • absam777

    Metuh blew more hot air than FFK’s ranting. He even prepared press releases in advance of his questioning. We await to hear the full story of the individuals without name.

    Very soon, FFK will give us This Day, Nduka’s miss genious answer about the nexus of the arms procurement funds and money advanced to him.

    • Julius

      lolz, funny that they think they are smart. Na wa oo !!

  • Factsay

    Looks like DSS is illegally looking at vocal opposition’s personal bank accounts without court permission.

    Dictatorship trying to silence every opposition

    • Contact Point

      You are funny

    • Julius

      Im sure they are looking at yours as well. Moron, in the west, the government always look at any bank account that is full of sudden money transfer or deposit. Come to the U S nd deposit $10,000.00 cash into your account overnight and see who will be calling you. Do the same in the UK. Nonsense !

      • Factsay

        And they have found any in Tinubu and Atiku account?
        No sudden transfer on OBJ or sanusi or El rufai accounts?

        • Burbank

          6 years under GEJ and he found NONE!

          • Factsay

            GEJ was not interested in being hypocritical since he too was corrupt

          • Burbank

            True…GEJ was hypocritically corrupt.

        • Julius

          Im sure they did. How do you think they knew how Jinathan and Diezani stockpiled money in their banks and investment firms ?. Buhari will be telling you all about it soon when the NNPC book is made known to the public. Moron, thats why your sister the frog eyes is in trouble in the UK.

          • Factsay

            I no get any sis in UK.
            All corrupt people shud be exposed irrespective of their parties

          • yukkmouff

            Honestly Factasy, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, I transfer and deposits funds in excess of $10k in my BoA and Citi group accounts regularly and no one or agency has ever called me in reference to these transactions. On the contrary, I’ve been offered increased overdrafts and better lines of credit on several occasions as a result of good turnover with the banks. People just posts loads of trash to buttress their baseless arguments. I guess the unimaginable level of poverty, ignorance and desperation in Nigeria really brings worst out of people.

      • Factsay

        Keep lying.
        They dont. Rather bank close the account temporary and only alert enforcement agencies wen there is good proof of money laundering or fraud

        • Julius

          ok, genius. I forgot that you made their laws for them.

          • Factsay

            Looks like u are struggling with truth. U can reply this 5 times

          • abeem

            Julius is absolutely correct while you are the liar. I am the financial secretary of our religious organization in the US and I visits the bank regularly to lodge donations into our bank account. Anytime the deposit is in excess of $10K in cash, a record of it is lodged with the government, as a way to prevent money laundering. My name and social security number is obtained to verify the source of my income and other personal details. If you don’t have any contribution to the subject of discussion, it is better to just keep silent and not exposure oneself to opprobrium and ridicule.

          • Factsay

            Dont u know d definition of govt?
            It might be lodged with CBN not DSS.
            Every govt authority has it’s powere

        • Julius

          Moron, you contradicting your idiotic statement. Come and test what I said. Deposit some huge amount of cash in your personal bank account and see who calls you or better yet, knock on your door. Its even more so now with the terrorism going on.


          • Factsay

            Keeping repeating ur lies hoping it will turn to truth

    • Burbank

      Investigations into personal bank accounts are NOT subject to court permission under Nigerian laws.

    • persona

      The law that says when you transfer more than 150k, is subject to the authorities scrutiny just came alive after years of using it against you and I.
      For once, the law now applies to the high and mighty. They should enjoy it. Recall, same FFK was hurriedly discharged from embezzlement before the new administration took over? It begs the questions, why is FFK always associated with unclean monies?

      • Factsay

        You said authorities. But must be empowered authorities not dss

  • SAPA


  • Abiboss

    They need to check the accounts of those who donated billions into campaign fund. They need to check where the money came from because it could be form of money laundering. Investigation is not a witch-hunt. It is only those who have skeleton in their closet would say otherwise. It is not everyone they investigate that will go to jail. It is a process that is done anywhere in the world. Mr. Fani should not be worried if he has nothing to do with the money in question except otherwise.

  • excel

    This is not the first time will heard things like this. just wait for the EFCC to carry out their duty. MOFO

  • bjay

    Fan you can deny anything now soon nigerians will know true colour of you.

  • Contact Point

    PDPig did not only shared our money to themselves, they even shared Nigeria and Nigerians (us) among themselves. God is always watching the just, PDPig must pay. As for FFK, its now dawn so save your breath and energy that you will use to explain to EFCC and DSS what actually happened

  • Screw-em

    Familiar tune from a familiar PARROT…qwaaa, qwaaa…l no thief, l no thief!!!….qwaaa, qwaaaa!!!…………lol!

  • tunde

    This is the tip of iceberg,stay tuned.The crooks-turned politicians begin to sing.More to come from corrupt infested country.

  • @Kazkanye

    Yet Femi Fani-Kayode has conveyed the simplest of idea and information in too many words as usual. Hes’s a criminal and seems to be feeling the heat, the dragnet is closing in on him. God Bless PMB!

  • New Nigerian

    Watch out, FFK is about to cut and run!

    • Oh!

      …exactly! Comical fanni saying he will not run is kinda like a drunk person saying “I know what I’m doing”. NEver believe them!

  • Du Covenant

    Fellow Nigerians, you see why they have making all this noise against Buhari?. The President hasno skeleton in his cupboard hence has the courage to challenge any of these pigs. Nigerian masses, it is now our turn and we should demand the death penalty for these scum of the earth to send chills down the spine of anyone contemplating stealing public funds!.

  • SAM .A

    It is time to get this loquacious parrot off the glare of TV and social media , some of us are tired of his tautology and wailing daily, lying about what he has done, turn black white , when ever he is caught in an act , he digs deeper .Fani kayode get ready for your date with EFCC, not the one under Dumbo , your hero.

  • Oh!

    Listen to him carefully. He did not say he didn’t collect N1.7 Billion! He is saying he did not collect it from Jonathan or Dasuki. He thinks this is a defense because, in court, he can say a driver named so so so gave him the money.

    Listen to him again very very carefully. He said he never received one Kobo from President Jonathan , Colonel Dasuki or any other member of President Jonathan’s government! Again.

    he thinks it is a sound statement he can defend in court. People please, how many of you have even seen one kobo in the last six years? We are sure if you tell your children to come and take one Kobo, they will run away because they will think you want to flog them.

    This retarded Monkey we fondly call Comical Fanni knew the was going to be investigated.. He decided to throw a few bones to the SE in hopes of gaining support and favor! Why else do you think he wrote that rubbish with regards to Metuh and Kanu? He is such an imbecile, we wonder why smart people in PDP did not shut him up.

    Femi Fanni Kayode (Comical Fanni) you are a ba*stard Monkey that even your own mother would have refused to breastfeed if she knew what you would turn out to be. The most empirically stable source of love for an individual is that individuals mother! What we are saying here is that she would have downed your sorry ass if she knew what you would become. Now you are trying to play the Nigeria’s ethnic groups against each other in order to save your sorry ass!

    Ndigbo have absolutely no love for you because they know who and what you are!. (f*ckin turncoat)!

    Historical Yoruba’s would have burnt you at the stake for the bad name you are giving us…..and the Hausa’s,
    well………just thank God Hausas are busy fighting Boko Haram!

    You want to remain law abiding! Good for you. Sadly, the criminal justice system works retrospectively as well…..
    What bothers us is how someone as unbelievably imbecilic as yourself (with the demeanor and mentality of a village market woman (our sincere apologies to vllage market women)) managed to become an aviation minister or even spokes person for anything important.. There are people here on this very forum we have called imbeciles that are more intelligently qualified than you you are. How did you get the job?

    Good luck with whatever is waiting for you in your future.

    P.S. A majority of Nigerians voted for Buhari so we don’t see how it helps you when you attempt to label him as the enemy.

    Further P.S: You said God will defend and vindicate you. No problem, go and cool off. We will alert you to when God arrives.

    • Burbank


  • Kuku

    Always getting high upstairs. Don’t worry, in fact your campaign for Jonathan was for free. Just go and answer the allegations you’ll be set free if you’re not guilty but they should call your psychiatrist to renew your drugs .

  • Burbank

    Don’t worry FFK.
    It’s either an invitation letter from Ibrahim Magu or the free ride in the van Patrick Akpobolokemi-style.

  • Arise O Compatriot!

    All those rantings of FFK are cover ups. The die is cast and he will soon join his cohorts in prison. The game is up.

  • Oh!

    Did we not say to give this fuul enough rope and he will hang himself?
    Just look at all the investigative facets he opened up! In his imbecilic mind, he is thinking “I have countered them with these’, while the fact is that he just alerted security officials to aspects of his crime they may have missed.

    This is not new but we have to say it. We are very rude sometimes because we store our manners in the same ‘easy to forget’ dark, stinking alley where comical Fanni stores his brain! Do not hold that against us.

  • Damilola

    These people will stop at nothing. Yestd it was Metuh, Today it’s Fanikayode, Tomorrow it will be Fayose; probably with an impeachment ploy, all in the name of fighting for the public. The very public they’ve heard hostage from their unscrupulous polices and inconsistent actions, in the milder scenario of the Mali Al-Shabab saga. Persecute but don’t drag the public into this Buhari. Get your revenge, but stop using us as a cover. It doesn’t seems as if you have our pity, love nor compassion at heart either. This is apparent from your govt paths since inception till the bugdet proposal, all for 7months have been anti-development, anti-people and anti-common sense. Still you claim you fight these ones for our sake, “leave shit for lawma abeg Gen. Buhari” over 180million people u govern can’t be lobsters, even if some certain numbers are. Fight your enemies and leave the masses out of your mess, give us light, Roads, stable economy, reasonable exchange rate( even if we can get your a dollar to one Naira illusion), get us favourable direct investment environment( we won’t get this if all you savage ur energy on is persecuting ur old and new foes, neglecting the Biafra, Shiites, Níger- Delta, the Fulani herds militants and their BH siblings threats.

    These bigots apparently will not stop at nothing, they will fight their enemies with EFCC and not the court, while they fight us( who have not collected billions of Naira form Dasuki) who have refused to be mediocres and intelligence insulted, with “frivolous media bill” or whatever they called that thing. Sooner or later the truth shall surely full the atmosphere and even the Sai Babas will have someti sensible to say, as I’m sure these cases can not die with “one EFCC Source” but well deliberated in the court of law for all to hear from both the accused and the accuser

    • felixt

      @damilola. You sound like somebody that support these alleged thieves of public funds under the cover of politics. These monumental gang up stealing style impoverishes the weak in our society and possibly our children.

      • Damilola

        Sir in your statement you said “alleged” they’ve not been pronounced otherwise. The allegations made from the past have overtime being refuted to be outright lies, with the facts coming out. Why don’t we all call on this govt to take these people to court so we can start hearing the “jawbreaking” revelations” therein? Why have they not arrested this man? What’s the media stunt all about? Arrest and prosecute him if you have a case against him. Even when US was about to invade Iraq, the media wasn’t on a toll like we fight corruption here. Can you in all sincerity tell me otherwise that the EFCC is not working from Answers to questions? And that they’re not lawyers, jury and the court in these cases? So far sir, how have “you” benefited from this?

        I’m just an individual that detest and sick of rumours, attempting to know and standing by the truth, listening to both sides in this regard has been my motivation and objectivity in doing this av drove me to the truth. Even when it means being alone in dis I will keep saying it. For one ti is true, lies don’t exist forever, the truth will prevail one day. I can’t afford to be a mediocre then. Let these people be prosecuted, revealing to us their roles in this in a law court or the govt continue with her vendetta.

    • No Bull …..

      Sir, you better get used to the idea that this govt will not stop at nothing to recover our looted money

      • Damilola

        Before??!! But you will remember one wailing wailer soon when the reality caught up on us. Until these issues are deliberated publicly in a law court, I fail to be a mediocre, dancing to media trials by “one EFCC Source”. Only a subjected tomfoolery would pick up a stone listening to the accuser working from answers to questions, without giving the other party opportunity to express his/herself. Have you read the account of the NPAN chairman today? Have you heard about the El’Rufai’s claims about independence celebration and the reality from the OSGF couple of weeks ago? Have you heard the corrupt SWF managers constituted by the most corrupt govt in our history had been given $150 million or so to manage? (the same managers and initiative Ameachi and his boys fought so hard), are you aware the empty NLGN account produced part of the bailout fund? Are you aware of the amount raked from the empty treasury via TSA? You must at the same time read Fashola, Ameachi and Ogbe’s maiden speeches and comments in their various capacities, if not Google is ur friend sir. All these and many more never depicts what they told us they were. All these three names I mentioned last have absolutely noti new to bring on board. The task before them now is to finish up/ continue from where the “Clueless” administration projects and polices stopped. Is it not wise if us then to clamour for public prosecution of these people in a law court where we can listen to both sides and roles played by the accused in this for balanced and adequate knowledge??

        • No Bull …..

          Frankly, our court system is not credible enough to handle such high profile cases. I care less about the ‘due process’ as long as the looted money is recovered and I believe most Nigerians share my view

          • Damilola

            Our court system is not credible to hear those “high profile ” cases, but the EFCC is well constituted to be the court, jury and the lawyers shey? Continue. One day you will give a damn. And who is in position to purify that court to make em effective? Now the case is even “high profile”. The conmen in the Rock of the Aso mus be in frenzy with expensive cups of wine, seeing their script is well played. My headache in this is zero, as I neither gain from their conviction nor freedom, but our polity and the country at large will suffer it

          • No Bull …..

            To purify our court system is not as simple as flipping a switch…… It will take a long time to rebuild the institution but until then Nigerians can no longer afford to allow these executive crooks walk free while their innocent victims continue to suffer.

            BTW, when Buhari promised Nigerians change, I don’t recall him promised he would compete with the Western world in ‘due process’

          • Damilola

            It is laughable you have the tips but wrong application, that’s why u will always contradict yourself and always taken from ur words. “To purify our court system is not as simple as flipping a switch” any move towards that yet? You are aware Rome is not built in a day but what process is on motion to get to the Papacy in the nearest future? Is it the flouting of court orders? Is the process where the conviction of the ones in power is above the law and infact substituted for the the rule of law? Is it the process of abhoring some yam eaters cos you took some tubers from em to survive during the famine epoch? While the ones that ignored you for a tuber are persecuted instead of prosecuted? Is it the process in which agencies are to nail one as yam eater and then go on to start looking for every yam related to the goat? … is this how Rome was built? If you know well and apt in application that Rome is not built in a day, you should cover your face in shame the method our own Sudan, sorry, Rome here is tend to be built.

            You said the man never promised America or western world or what? It’s either you were far away in the Moon during the campaigns or just a quintessential hypocrite. You think this is for you and I? Wait till you get the result, 3 years 4months, we shall see where the country is, propaganda can’t delude that. how the 2016 bugdet suggest ur assumption I don’t know, how the govt policies in 7 months presumed that, I don’t fathom… you guys belief in magic and earnestly I pray the wand steams and work. Have a blessed day sir

          • Arogbo

            Yours sincerely do.

  • Dr.Dan

    Buhari is using this Dasuki story to cover up for its failure. After 7 months in office the govt. Still lacks direction. Naira is on a free fall, the NSE is recording loss every day and fuel sells higher than official price. Businesses are folding up and unemployment is rising.Yet all we hear is Dasuki 2.1billion. Every one that criticize the government suddenly has Dasuki money traced to his account. Its boring. Dasuki is not the only problem of Nigeria he should address the inflation and reverse his senseless forex policies.

    • No Bull …..

      SMH. You are the most interesting ‘Dr’ I have ever known.

    • Mr Wise


  • Ndulewe Ikenna

    In all, FFK made one important observation, where did the APC get the money which they used to fund their own campaigns? Did it fall from heaven? We need answers here.

    • Olu from South Africa

      As the money in question is our commonwealth and Jonathan, with treasure keys was the person in charge. Your question is best directed to Ebele.

  • linkhadj.

    FFK, save yourself the trouble of explaining yourself to us. Just get yourself prepared to give the explanation to EFCC when it come to your turn t’o be called upon. It is ‘turn-by-turn’ Nigeria Ltd. The investigation is still ongoing. Ka ji ko?

  • wode

    Let Fani-Kayode tell this story to EFCC when the time comes.