No decision on Hijab ban yet — Presidency

The Presidency has denied speculations that the Buhari administration has banned Hijab, the Muslim women’s dressing symbol of modesty.

Giving a clarification on the pronouncement of the President on Media Chat on Wednesday, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said the speculations were unfounded, and that the Buhari administration would always respect the rights of Muslims to protect their modesty and allow religious freedom as it affects everyone.

Mr. Shehu, while admitting thatHijab is being abused by terrorists to carry out suicide attacks on innocent people, which violates the teachings of Islam, said the President would not take any decision on the issue without due consultation with all the stakeholders.

“Everything will be done to balance national security requirements with the rights and obligations of citizens under their religions as protected by the constitution,” the statement said.

According to him, the increasing abuse of the Hijabby terrorists to perpetrate criminal mass murder and other atrocities is a reality, and that the government would address the security challenge in consultations with Muslim leaders with a view to finding a workable solution.


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  • DOD

    The fanatic to ban hijab? You guys crazy? Rather he wants to make it the mandatory dress code for females!

    • Felix Niane


      I can bet that Mujahedeens in Premium Times are the ones who made Buhari to change his mind on this thing because i heard it with my ears in MEDIA CHAT when Buhari said if it comes to it the Hijab will be banned for
      safety of everybody in the public. For this rush-rush denial to come out on New Year day I am suspecting
      Mujahedeens of Premium Times. They are the only ones who can do this kind of thing, just because Hijab
      is compulsory dress in their newsroom. Anybody that likes can look deeper into why Buhari said this thing.

      • ayosogunro1

        It’s quite amazing how people can trivialise important national security challenges. The hatred against the President by a group of people is so thick that a ball will bounce back at it. To make simple comments without betraying their anger and surreptitiously bemoaning the loss of the last election to Buhari is just impossible. Stop anger, vituperations, abuse and name-calling, strategise politically, win the sympathy and support of others to clinch the Presidency at the next elections. Anything short of that will further alienate you from those who should naturally support you. If the President is wrong point out his errors without abuse and insults. After all abuse is no argument. The past is gone, prepare for the future.

      • Et al

        You sound so idi0tic. You keep spreading falsehood. Have you been to Premium Times newsroom before? I have!

  • evidence

    Buhari dare not ban hijab,it is not what he promised other boko haram sponsors and their various factions when he was contesting for president, buhari promised to declare Nigeria an Islamic state and promised to impose sharia across Nigeria before they supported him. If he dare ban hijab,that means boko haram will be bombing by the second.

    • New Nigerian

      He can’t. It was a booby-trap question based on false premise and deeply-flawed understanding from Isine (of Premium Times no less) and seconded by


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  • kayode Olufade

    This is something that shoul’ve been done long ago. Religious sentiments aside where muslims and nonmuslims converge no religious sect should hold the other (s) ransom to their beliefs. Who know how many lives would’ve been saved if this had been done

  • New Nigerian

    Everyone knows how hard it is to fight these sort of militia. I read the idea of considerations to ban the wearing of hijab, not literally, but as a metaphor – to say even we are ready to do anything to sunset these scumbags Boko Haram. It can not be taken literally as a tactic. Think about it – stripping Nigerians of their fundamental right of religious mode of dressing, which by the way includes Catholic nuns, who also wear hijabs (though it’s called something else), cannot be done and will not be possible. Let’s go with the lieral meaning of the statement and it is very problematic. Even Garba’s attempt to dial back that comment is also unsatisfactory – what does he mean by consulting with Muslim leaders? are the Muslim leaders responsible for the individual’s right? and what does “ban-yet”, mean? the Presidency cannot ban any mode of dressing, period. The terrorist win if the people can no longer count on even been able to dress properly, however they define that.

    So if the terrorists start to wear Baban-Riga, would that be banned too? and where would that end…until folks start to walk naked!

    The administration should re-double it’s effort to gather intelligence on the sites where the bombs have been detonated, do forensic analysis of the explosives, to determine source, extract information from those arrested to-date to fish out the sponsors and accelerate the naming, shaming and trial of the money-bags behind Boko Haram, while at the same time, accelerate the recovery of the looted billions (as there is a correlation between stealing of the commonwealth and the militia Boko Haram in the past administration).

  • International games

    I am not a Muslim, but I want to know if a Nigerian government can regulate anything a citizen wears. I don’t think so. To my Muslim brothers, is Hijab Islamic, or Arab culture? I just want to know. Thank you.

    • New Nigerian

      Hijab is Islamic, Arab, Christian, world and African culture. Watch the video and you’d see that Ngozi was wearing some sort of hijab. The catholic nuns wear hijabs too.

      • Johhny12

        I disagree with you. Christians don’t wear hijab. We don’t dress like masquerades. We encourage modesty. What Catholic nuns wear is never the same as what we are discussing here.

      • International games

        New Nigerien. Thank you, I did not know that. Which tribe in Africa is it that wear Hijab as non Islamic culture of dressing?

  • Jon Rhoma

    I say it does not lie in the mouth of President Buhari to personally declare a ban on Hijab. In France where a similar problem arose it was discussed in their Parliament and votes taken to pass the bill into an Act. Anyway that happened in a true democratic society but as it now appears that Nigeria is gradually sliding into a dictatorship who am I to oppose anything they do. Like all other masses we just have to follow follow. Happy New Year.

    • New Nigerian

      True. In reality it is impossible to ban in Nigeria. It would have to be codified into law through act of parliament and it will never happen. The question he was responding to from Ibanga Isine was pointedly – would he consider banning hijab given that other countries have banned it – It was a booby trap of a question based on false premise. And after he responded, Ngozi said he should definitely consider banning it…funny opinions masquerading as questions

      • Jon Rhoma

        I wasn’t interested in the live media chat and didn’t watch. I was only responding to the commentators who saw it. I don’t know either the criteria of choosing the journalists who interviewed him but being Nigeria I know they will be those who will give him a soft landing.

  • Olusegun

    It is only under hijab the terrorists carried out their act?, the chibok girls were kidnapped using military uniform, a lot of atrocities are committed using different items and mode, why attacking only hijab? Car has been used in the past, handbags can be used, the aborted one in maiduguri on the 24th was in a food coolers, let government deployed metal detector, bogs, cctv, and many other ways of tracking bombs, not using Islam as scapegoat.

    • International games

      Olusegum. You might be actually supporting the Hijab ban people without knowing. Military uniform is banned for civilians like you. That is done to identify a real soldier. Do you see the logic now?


    Defiance of Court Order is indeed a “HIGH TREASON” if there is one like that in our penal books. It becomes the “HIGHEST TREASON” (if such exists in our penal books) if the defiance is unfortunately coming from the head and mouth of a democratically-elected President who shoulders the obligation of being the Enforcer of law in Chief. Sections 6 and 287 of the amended 1999 Constitution vindicates me. Until President Muhammed Buhari withdraws his unfortunate arrogant statement and apologizes to Nigerians, I withdraw my support for President Muhammed Buhari and apologize to all Nigerians for actively supporting the machineries that brought a tyrant back to power.

    The Constitution of Nigeria is the plank upon which democracy is standing and if it is destroyed, democracy is gone. It is sacred and must remain inviolable. In law, nothing stands on nothing. If you put something on nothing, it will collapse. Open defiance of Court orders is literally rumpling the Nigerian Constitution and casting same to the trashcan.

    Let it always be remembered and may history and historians record that at a time like this I rose to condemn presidential impunity. The time to rise and stop Mr. President Buhari in his unconstitutional path is now. I eternally believe Thomas Paine when he reasoned that “IF THERE MUST BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY OWN DAY THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE” May God save Nigeria from Traitors. May God bless Nigeria and give her peace! I choose to say no more.”