Media chat exposed Buhari’s undemocratic character — PDP

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party on Thursday said President Muhammadu Buhari’s responses at Wednesday’s Presidential Media Chat were not only embarrassing but also further exposed his undemocratic character as an unrepentant tyrant who has no regard for the rule of law and the self-worth of Nigerian citizens.

The party, in a statement by its spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, on Thursday also said the President confirmed his partisanship in the much-vaunted war against corruption by openly absolving his ministers and party members of corrupt practices.

“Whilst we restate our respect for the person and office of the President, we note that President Buhari bared his true colours to the world as an unrepentant tyrant. Today, the world is no longer in doubt as to who is behind the prevailing recklessness, abuse of rights of citizens and outright flouting of judicial pronouncements by security agencies.

“A situation where the President openly pronounced persons facing trial guilty and sanctioned their continued incarceration despite being granted bail by the courts, presents a dangerous fascist practice obtainable only in totalitarian societies like Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, Idi Amin’s Uganda and General Than Shwe’s Burma.

“This extremely shocking dictatorial tendency being brazenly exhibited by the President in total disdain for our laws and judicial institutions portends great danger for our democracy and constitutionally-guaranteed rights of the people, and should be resisted by the citizens before it festers.

“The scorn for the principle of separation of powers, especially the independence of the legislature, is further manifested in the declared craving to regulate the funding and running of the National Assembly, a matter constitutionally vested outside the jurisdiction of the executive. We are most uncomfortable about his attempt at trying to whip up public sentiments against an independent arm of government, especially the one vested with the constitutional power of appropriation.

“Following from the foregoing, therefore, it may be necessary to suspend the application of our Constitution and allow the President to operate as maximum ruler for four years after which the nation can return to a democracy.

“On the issue of the Chibok girls, President Buhari’s embarrassing declaration of seeking information on the whereabouts and state of the girls betrays an obvious insincerity which is in total conflict with his campaign promises in that regard. Thus by this declaration, our dear President has accepted failure on this issue and should therefore apologise to Nigerians for all the insults, abuse and aspersions cast on the past administration by himself and the leadership of his political party.

“On the issue of devaluation of the naira, there is an obvious conflict between the budget speech wherein the president stated that the government is assessing the foreign exchange rate with a view to attracting foreign investments and his categorical pronouncement during the media chat that the naira would not be devalued. We invite Nigerians to note that the president obviously does not understand the currency that applies in the devaluation of the naira (laugh out loud).

“Furthermore, Nigerians were shocked by the President’s labeling Nigerians as ‘very difficult lot’ while responding to questions on the strategy to be adopted in implementing his promised N5,000 social welfare package.

“This unhealthy portrayal of the citizens by the very father of the nation, who has remained unrelenting in de-marketing his country through unguarded statements, is indeed a great disservice to Nigeria and its international image. Consequently, we reject this negative labeling of our citizens and reiterate our confidence in them, especially the millions who remain honest, hardworking and credible.

“Finally, Nigerians must take copious note of the fact that the President gave no inspiring answers to questions pertaining to his campaign promises, the fight against insurgency and rescue of the Chibok girls, the poor state of the naira, sudden plunging of the economy under his watch, and the gradual loss of democratic rights and freedom.”


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  • Okodoro

    Metuh is a disaster to his party.

  • Audu Al-amin

    I just wonder if pdp as shame at all? Pdp have used money that is meant to buy weapons for the military to fight boko haram to fund their party and to buy properties for their girlfriends and family and yet you talk about a government that has direction, so many have died due to your nefarious act to purchase weapons and so many are displaced, pdp killed a lot of unemployed people during the fake immigration exams what do you have to say about Nigeria? Or is it fayose that beat up a judge in Ekiti or that abandoned his responsibility as a governor and goes about with his thugs in the market to buy pepper, red oil and drink ogogoro under the tree with Ekiti people that he has deceived.


      Metuh is daily writing PDP into oblivion. There will be no PDP as we know it before 2019….and Metuh himself will become a footnote in the party’s sad history

  • Alpha

    PDP should be looking for a better replacement to Metuh. The man is trying to copy Lai Mohammend without knowing that repositioning his party is a harder job than APC disparaging to displacing a wobbling, corrupt administration.


      Metuh himself is doomed, like his party. These meaningless rants at the final kicks of a dying horse.

  • Gbenga Adebola

    This feudalist actually sees nigerians as his conquered subjects. He is not there to serve but to RULE. Can any US president or UK prime minister say such to their people? This crude element belongs to the yesteryears of despostism.

    Nature should hurry and save us from this affliction. What a 10th century dullard who still thinks west germany exist and spends a scrapped currency.

    ‘Converted democrat” my big ass.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      I wonder what would happen in US or UK if someone of Dasuki status misappropriated 2.2 billion dollars. I guess he would be in his house by now having a nice time..You try..


      You are as crude as they come. My God! Unfortunately for you, nature may just save Nigeria from your likes, because what you wish others will come back to you. It is called boomerang. Mark my words and watch out in the New Year

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    You didnt obey a court order granting someone bail. Now you sent the person back on fresh charges, do you now obey the same court ruling if it indicts the person. If yes, will that not be selective justice? Picking which court order to obey.
    Let’s say the person got a good lawyer and is still later acquitted, will the state still refuse to release him? Will that not be perversion of justice? A case of pronouncing someone guilty before he is charged and just looking for court to rubber-stamped?
    Will the same court whose order have been refused to be obeyed still have the moral conscience to even sit and indict such persons again?
    Infact Buhari government is already taken Nigeria into anarchy and dictatorship but he doesn’t know. But am I surprised? NO! If you can have an Amaechi who shut down court for more than two years in your cabinet and you claim your minister are not corrupt, then the President moral sense is warped. He can’t definitely eradicate injustice and corruption in Nigeria. Nigerians better forget that anything sensible and just can come from Buhari government.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      I wonder what your statement would be if your personal money were involved..


      One man’s rights cannot be more important than the rights of all NIgerians whose commonwealth was looted. So get a life please

    • Julius

      lolz. You are funny, as in a nut house funny. Re-arresting someone after being granted bail is not illegal. The governmant is doing exactly what need to be done to the likes of Dasuki and kanu.

  • Timothy Aseer

    What do YOU expect from someone who haven’t been to any place called school? Soon, U’ll find his useless supporters eating with their legs and not hands claiming their boss also does the same. #WeDonEnterOneChanceAPC

    • Ikechukwu_67

      I know you never liked Buhari. He is the President and for your health it’s better you get used to it.

      In your opinion as a “professor”, Dasuki should be at home having a “busy time” with his wife right now.

      Yes, you don enter one chance if you believe in Jonathan. Yes u Don enter one chance if you are supporting Dasuki. Yes you don enter one chance if the last administration is your model in how nigeria should be run.

      You are very correct.


      You that went to school, you don’t know what is called grammatical concord. ‘Someone’ should go with hasn’t not haven’t. You will benefit more by getting a sound education than wasting your time here engaging in hatred

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    More shocking was the fact that the president doesn’t seem to understand the content of his own budget. The president told the world he turned down new cars proposal while around N3billion was inserted in the budget as provision for new cars in 2016. Somebody should tell me this is not Nigeria’s president, president of the most populous black Nation on earth!

    • Ikechukwu_67

      But you supported the man, a PHD holder, who said stealing is nor corruption..You try..

  • Pam Daylop

    President Buhari is not doing this Country any good at the rate with which he de-markets Nigeria as a country and its citizenry.He is fond of painting a picture that portrays him as the only Saint in Nigeria.And this is unethical and unacceptable of someone of his age and status.Following the foregoing,it has become so obvious that the 12 years of his conquest of becoming Nigerian President was just without any solid preparation and readiness.He doesn’t know what it takes to be a president of a country under democracy.It’s most unfortunate.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      The person who “de-marketed” Nigeria is your man Jonathan. How else can you describe a situation where a foreign judge described him as “Fortunato”.

    • Julius

      Yes, stealing is indeed not corruption !. The whole world is still trying to digest that. Jonathan gift to the world . Talk about de-marketing the country. $2.1 billion vamouse , shared instead of buying weapons to fight terrorists. Wont that be de-markets the country ?

  • Man_Enough

    High treason! Metuh is calling for an insurrection by the Nigerian people against their president. Is this still constructive criticism?

  • True Nigerian

    Olisah Metuh, the trouble is that you and your party have no credibility. The anti-corruption war is coming to your door soon.

  • Onike24

    I really don’t blame the PDP, I blame Nigerians, there is no country on earth where people who were accomplices in the frenzied looting that we witnessed under the last goverment will be audacious enough to critise the goverment who has to clear the mess they made! If Nigerians have been stoning them will they still be adding insult to injury? It’s not their fault at all.

  • bib

    O yes! Democrats are those who share billions of dollars meant to buy arms for soldiers to fight insurgency. You are right Metuh.


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  • Abdullah Haruna Gobir

    Useless Newspaper of the Year sending a very dull representative in the PMC