Kaduna APC suspends Senator Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani

The Tudun Wada ward of the All Progressives Congress in Kaduna State, on Monday, suspended the senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial zone, Shehu Sani, from the party.

The senator is a registered member of the party from the ward.

In a letter to the senator dated December 27, the party said the suspension is for a period of 11 months.

Mr. Sani was also banned from engaging in party activities in Kaduna State during the period of suspension.

The letter was signed by the Secretary of the ward, Ahmed Abdulhamid, the Public Relations Officer, Auwal Mai Anguwa, and ex-officio member, Aminu Alilan.

The party listed Mr. Sani’s offences to include, uttering statements that allegedly “violate the rules of engagement of the party, factionalizing the party, and engaging in anti-party activities by criticizing the policies of Governor Nasir El-Rufai.”

“Hardly a week passes by that his group will not be on air criticizing and challenging the enduring legacies of Mallam Nasir ElRufai, that his statement on national issues is not in conformity with that of the state government and government of Kaduna State,” the statement read.

The state chapter of the APC also said the senator had chosen to remain in constant confrontation with the government of Kaduna State.

When contacted, an aide of Mr. Sani, Suleiman Ahmed, said it was clear that those who wrote the letter were ignorant of the laws guiding the APC.

He said they were out to stop the senator from voicing his views about what he considers the anti-people policies of Governor El-Rufai’s administration.

“They are toeing the line of the state secretariat of the party,” Mr. Ahmed said. “So our reaction is that those that wrote this letter are ignorant of the party’s constitution and they are dancing to the tune of the state executive of the party and Governor Nasir El-Rufai.”


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  • Factsay

    Elrufai and dictatorial tendencies again?

    • eclub


      Kaduna Napoleon.

      “Napoleon complex” is a term describing a theoretical condition occurring in people of short stature. It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social behavior, and carries the implication that such behaviour is compensatory for the subject’s stature. The term is also used more generally to describe people who are driven by a perceived handicap to overcompensate in other aspects of their lives. Other names for the purported condition include Napoleonic complex,Napoleon syndrome, and short man syndrome.[1][2][3]

      See Wikipedia


        Shehu Sani did not hold any political office in the past. I have never seen him as someone with intention of harming any body. I always see him as ‘freedom fighter’ who always criticise injustice. He was in prisoned by the late Abacha because of criticising the government. I wonder why he has problem with El-rufai. People said he want to contest in 2019. El-rufai criticised many people including his party members when he was in PDP. As such I don’t think is a taboo if Shehu sani criticise his government. El-rufai should be open to criticism provided his constitutional right is not violated. I knew, if Shehu Sani tempered with El-rufai’s right, definitely El-rufai will sui him because that is his tradition not use his sit to silence Shehu Sani

  • ailandaaa

    Start the process of recall + nip this in the bud once + for all. . that is the true test of who is more popular between Sani + El-Rufai. Sani’s leg cannot be in 2 sokotos at the same time.

    • Standing Emperor

      You are always afraid of dissenting voices because you are what you are – a dictator.

      • ailandaaa

        Broda, 2 captains must not be in the same ship. Initiate the recall process + if El-Rufai fails then it will be clear to all that Sani has the upper hand. Straightforward.

        • Standing Emperor

          Shehu Sani isn’t claiming to be the Governor of Kaduna state so I don’t see the ‘two captains’ discussion here.

  • Isi Agwo

    El-Ruffian says this is treason by Shehu Sani: “engaging in anti-party activities by criticizing the policies of Governor Nasir El-Rufai.” Not surprised he is abusing power like Bokohari his mentor.

  • PolyGon2013

    Let them duke it out.

  • evidence

    Marriage of strange bedfellows is falling apart.‎
    Now that Jonathan, their common enemy,is gone, they have turned on themselves like wild beasts in order to achieve their various selfish ambitions. ‎

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      But the jackals like you are still hanging around for the droppings, ba?

  • Gidi

    What took APC so long? They should start the process of recalling him immediately. If he cannot toe the party line and adhere to his manifesto, he should be recalled.

    People like Sanni are great at criticizing, but terrible at governing. What meaningful bill has Senator Sanni sponsored or co-sponsored since he was elected to represent Kaduna?

    All we hear is El-Rufai is anti-people for stopping Kaduna’s elite from looting state resources and collecting monthly rent from government in the name of feeding the poor.

    • Arabakpura

      Next should be Faleke of Kogi state!


      But I don’t think Shehu sani was part of those elite that looted Kaduna. He did not hold any political office in the past and I always see him as ‘freedom fighter’. I like him because he is an activist. El-Rufai should be open to criticism because he criticised many people including his party members when he was in PDP. So I don’t think is an offence if Shehe Sani expressed his political interest provided is in line with constitutional provition. Opposition is very important in democracy provided is constructive.

      • Standing Emperor

        Tell them my brother. They only know how to be in power and not take opposing voices to be able to lead well. Shame!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          So why didn’t he join the opposition and become an “opposing voice”?

          He was already on the path of self destruction before the new admin came into power.

          His grouse is simply with el-Rufai for trouncing him to the governorship ticket.

          • Standing Emperor

            It’s all part of the beauty of democracy. You allow for criticisms else you are not worthy of leadership.

    • Ango

      Gidi u get da point, I find it vary difficult to understand what is anti people in all Elrufai actions since he resume office, is it reclaiming public land that were converted to private elite personal estate or ensuring only human works that get pay not ghost

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      May you live long! Amen.

      Mr. Sani should simply be recalled, not suspended.

      He sees himself as a team player, only when he is leading the team.

      • Gidi

        I am quite disappointed with Senator Sanni who seems more interested in making noise than actually sitting down to govern. If he care so much about the poor and beggars in Kaduna, I expect him to sponsor a bill to that effect in National Assembly to help alleviate their suffering.

        There is nothing wrong in him looking at a model utilized by Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh to help convert some of the street beggars into productive members of the society. Well, I won’t hold my breath since bulk of the senators are intellectually lazy. And the governor that is ready to do it, he won’t let him. If someone can spend 12hrs begging on the street daily, such fellow can be trained to sell goods by going door to door.

        I can think of 4 bills that our dear Senator can help sponsor and see to it that it’s passed to help solve some of our extreme poverty. The question is, is he ready to be a work horse or show horse? Work horse do the thinking and heavy lifting for the benefit of their people. So far, Senator Sanni is all show horse…more talk less substance

  • Kuku

    This so called human rights activist is becoming a nuisance. He should not only be suspended , he should be recalled from the senate and let APC present another candidate for by-election. Even in Hell there’s orderliness, loyalty and discipline.

    • Standing Emperor

      Have you been to hell like Hell Rufai? Be prepared for dissenting voices and if you can’t stand it, you are just a dictator. Hell Rufai is one. Like father like son, you figure?

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      Ever been to hell?pls tell d devil to keep d hottest place for ibb,abdusalam,obj,buhari,tinubu,gej,danjuma,amaechi,akpabio,wike,saraki,Satan of sokoto,sanusi,Edwin Clark, anenih, fashola,ahiomole,hell rufai,kwashiorkor, tambuwal…on ur next trip.they are our collective problems.

  • @Kazkanye

    My problem with Senator Sheu Sani is; if he wants to be an opposition, he can go to another party and do it effectively. You cannot be an opposition within your own party. The whole criticism of El’Rufai is geared towards his Gubernatorial ambition for 2019. He’s been very childish about it.

    • Standing Emperor

      There is nothing wrong to criticise within your party. Why can’t you see anything wrong in a man’s inability to take criticisms? Chanjiiiiiiii

  • UOU

    Is he suspended “Technically”?

    • Standing Emperor

      Or inconclusively?

  • Dazmillion

    But El Rufai was playing the same game when he was in PDP. But now that it is him at the receiving end he turns dictatorial.

    • Standing Emperor

      APC for u

  • True Nigerian

    Is El-Rufai so petty? Does he have this level of pettiness and narrow-mindedness in him? I am very disappointed.

    Since Senator Shehu Sani came into the senate, his utterances have been below my expectations of him, especially regarding his double-tongue approach on the issue of Saraki’s corruption. So I am no longer a big fan of Shehu Sani.

    But Shehu Sani is a duly elected Senator and he is representing people in Kaduna. Must he quit his party first before he is able to vent his opinion on Kaduna state government? If APC can’t even stomach internal criticism by one of its most outstanding members, I am afraid that APC is beginning to follow the path of the PDP.

    Senator Sani might have said a few negative things, but shame on El-Rufai and the APC for responding with such level of pettiness.

    • Standing Emperor

      I am disappointed in you for being disappointed. APC has always been like the PDP and worse than the PDP. I am indeed still surprised that Nigerians bought the change mantra. It is just deceit and propaganda and it is unfolding, For Nigerians to give integrity to a man with a questionable past was in itself questionable. I sympathise with my people for believing in politicians telling them to be prepared for a country moving forward. The inclusion of a pastor into the matrix changes nothing unless you don’t understand politics. It can be described as evil communication corrupting good manners. If I now say pastor has been corrupted, people are ready to call me names. So I leave am there, lol.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        I hope your disappointment will not kill you? It would be in your own face that same Nigeria will begin to enjoy the change APC promised. If APC has just spent 7months and you’re having ache but refused to complain in the 16 years locust of PDP because of some sentiments best known to you, then you have a long way to go and it may finally lead to your early demise. No known Nigerian of age 40 above with sincerity of heart had ever question the sincerity of Buhari for good governance except the children of hate. My sincere prayer is that what happened to that man in the Bible in 2Kings 7 be the lot of those that doesn’t believe in the change God is bringing to this country.

        • chiemex

          I am over 40. PMB took stolen money from Amaechi, Sylva, Atiku, Fasola…. He is also empowering these thieves. APC & PDP are no different. Its just that you are gullible

        • Iniabasi Akpan

          There’s a big difference bw being honest & having d ability to lead..,something buhari clearly lacks.

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            If he’s not a good leader, he would not have been a governor, a minister, a head of state and now in a democracy, a President. He’s leadership quality is second to none. Same you guys will say, it was his deputy that was ruling in his first spell but later say, he’s a tyrant and undemocratic. A tyrant that delegate authority to his subject, a tyrant that says he will not interfere with the choosing of principal officers of the senate, a tyrant that institute a cabinet. I have not seen a tyrant that have a cabinet to work with him, even from different tribes and regions. Please try and reframe your idea and think well.

        • Standing Emperor

          You are indeed too young and have been asking either the wrong people or those who just wanted regime change. If you still believe in this deceit called change in the face of 1983-85 on repeat then you don’t even understand what is at stake here. I am sure by the time the eventual damage is done, folks like you would join Buhari and the APC to blame GEJ for causing it anyway. It’s the same way he blamed Shagari and his Governors for causing Nigeria’s problems even when it is manifestly clear today that Governors in that government developed Nigeria more.

          Now, you think we are making progress in Nigeria? NO. Campaign promises have not been fulfilled – first lady (operational); Boko Haram (undefeated or ‘inconclusive’); Chibok girls (still missing); 3 million yearly job creation (loss rather); fuel subsidy (now removed) and more. The financial indices are so weak. The GBP is now almost #400 per Great British Pound. Foreign reserves has depleted to $28 billion from the $32 billion that GEJ left it. Buhari is about to borrow #2 trillion to finance next year’s budget—the highest single borrowing in the history of Nigeria. The Amnesty Fund for ex-militants has been slashed from #47 billion per year. Aso Rock has a record budget of over #17 Billion. #5.2 Billion has been spent on presidential jets in less than six month of junketing by the change man. Governors are about to slash #18, 000
          minimum wage. Federal Civil Servants’ salaries are now a game of probability. Stand up for CHANJIII.

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            Young boy, there is no way you can change history to suit your point. Everyone born at that time that the gov’t of Shehu Shagari was toppled, virtually everyone was happy and went to street to jubilate the taken over of the then gov’t and the reason is not farfetched, if not of the level of corruption eaten the system then. Record also shown that his own gov’t was toppled bcos he relegated the power that be that wished to set the country backward, same thing happening today and bcos of this they ganged up and toppled his gov’t. The same way they’re ganging up bcos the source of their ill gotten wealth has been cut off.
            To your points on some salient issues. I will take time to address them one after the other.
            1. You said, are we making progress. Yes, we’re making progress bcos the template is already set up and the result will start manifesting soon.
            2. You also said, no campaign promise yet fulfilled. DO you plant a tree today and reap the fruit same day? It take time, patience and serious and rigorous work before its start given fruit. You should not expect all the promises to be fulfilled so soon. The last administration did not set a good template for the Buhari’s gov’t to take off. If a good standard, template and economy had been on ground, there will be no justification if some of the promises had not been fulfilled but as it were then, the new gov’t had to start again bcos the economy had been thrown to dust bin.
            3. You also said the office of first lady is operational. Where did you hear that pls? During the electioneering Buhari abd his wife said it umpteen time that there will be no office of first lady, that they would only have wife of the president. AIsha said, the over bearing influence of the office of first lady is uncalled for, and she will take her time to help her husband through some pet project and NGO, which I think it’s not out of place bcos all over the world, wife of the president engage in pet project to alleviate the suffering of people, especially children and women and that is what she has been doing. If that is what you see, it not out of place, it a normal system done all over the world and not the over bearing attitude of the last occupier.
            4. Boko Haram cannot be defeated but can only be tamed. The fight against terrorist all over the world is not won but managed and that’s what the new gov’t has done so far. The over 28 LGAs seized by the terrorists have been successfully reclaimed. If you think the war against this ragtag can be totally won, then you’re delusional.
            5. If you think the Chibok girls can still be successfully rescued, then you’re living in defeat of the mind. Many of them must have been married out, some used as suicide bombers and the other killed. The gov’t cannot just come out and tell us the reality but they know the probability of rescuing them successfully is slim and impossible. Report shows that the probability of rescuing those girls were high on the first two weeks but our so called then president never believed anything like that happened but later after months told the world they know where the girls are but till he left there was no rescue. He even negotiated with a wrong Boko Haram. The probability of rescuing them had been lost by Jonathan.
            6. Three million yearly jobs lost. Young boy, the gov’t is not even up to a year and you’ve already concluded yearly result for them. How do you expect them to employ when it has not been budgeted for. If you don’t know the system of governance pls stop saying trash. For any public gov’t to recruit, it must be budgeted. You’re in haste or do you expect him to sack the existing workforce to employ? Hope you will not come out to abuse him for sacking?
            7. The question you forgot to ask yourself is that, was there any subsidy in the first place? The price of PMS had gone down to around $45 per barrel and we’re paying about N86 for a liter, meaning, the gov’t is even cheating the populace already. I heard today that the price had evn gone down to about $29 per barrel, meaning the price we’re buying it suppose to have even gone down drastically. What you don’t know stop saying it bcos you’re novice to system of governance.
            8. Yes, the financial indices will be so weak bocs somebody flooded the nation with foreign currency and start trading with it bcos of election. The effect is what we’re experiencing today. Desperation made them to neglect naira and start spending dollars, there’s no way it would not adversely affect our exchange rate.
            9 Yes, foreign reserve would deplete bcos if they have not used our money for father christmas, same money would have been in the ECA for our children, Pls prevail upon those that have embezzled or taken away our money and let there be money in ECA.
            10. Are you aware that the programme of amnesty ends last december? You didn’t even know. Sorry, it is out of magnanimity that PMB budgeted for amnesty. Go and ask your elite the span of the programme and you will know better. I’ve been saying it, you don’t no anything about governance, you’re just doing follow me.
            11. As the presidency released any money spent on fleet of aircrafts or the one you read on gossip tabloid?
            Young boy, what concern Buhari with what the governors wish to do. Are you aware that there is separation of power btw the president and governor, nothing he can do, except he beg them or someone sue them bcos it’s a constitutional issue. You as a person can even sue them for breach of constitution. Minimum wage is a constitution issue and can be fought in the law court and not PMB interfering. He can only beg them. Pls know your constitution and stop acting like novice.
            12. What happen to federal civil service? Are you insinuating that they didn’t collect salary or you talking about the backlog owed by Jonathan? pls be straight forward.

            All your arguments here are just filled with hate and not direct or good intent of patriotism. Pls find a good argument and stop distorting fact and figure bcos it comes back to hurt.

      • True Nigerian

        Don’t cry for me, Argentina.
        I have no regrets in supporting Buhari. If you give me the same set of options again to choose between Buhari and horrific idiotic criminal fellow called Jonathan, I would still choose Buhari again.

        The fact that El-Rufai is doing what he is doing is still not enough to invalidate the weighty reasons and circumstances that informed the choice of Buhari by Jonathan.

        Jonathan led Nigeria into a loan of $1b in the name of borrowing money to fight boko haram. Yet, all along, he was sitting on a reckless sleaze and fraudulent distribution of $2b to buy a 2nd term that he grossly didn’t deserve. Yet, you have the myopia to tell us that we have made a mistake by rejecting gross idiocy and bottomless incompetence by Jonathan.
        Buhari’s single account policy has already netted N1t in less than 6 months. That is something that Jonathan could not do in 6 years.

        Remove your ethnic lens and see that if Jonathan had one in 2015, Nigeria would have been so messed up by now that you wouldn’t even have the luxury of coming here to celebrate his worthless victory that would have meant the total annihilation of this country.

        • Standing Emperor

          If you still believe in this deceit called change in the face of 1983-85 on repeat then you don’t even understand what is at stake here. I am sure by the time the eventual damage is done, folks like you would join Buhari and the APC to blame GEJ for causing it anyway. It’s the same way he blamed Shagari and his Governors for causing Nigeria’s problems even when it is manifestly clear today that Governors in that government developed Nigeria more.

          Now, you think we are making progress in Nigeria? NO. Campaign promises have not been fulfilled – first lady (operational); Boko Haram (undefeated or ‘inconclusive’); Chibok girls (still missing); 3 million yearly job creation (loss rather); fuel subsidy (now removed) and more. The financial indices are so weak. The GBP is now almost #400 per Great British Pound. Foreign reserves has depleted to $28 billion from the $32 billion that GEJ left it. Buhari is about to borrow #2 trillion to finance next year’s budget—the highest single borrowing in the history of Nigeria. The Amnesty Fund for ex-militants has been slashed from #47 billion per year. Aso Rock has a record budget of over #17 Billion. #5.2 Billion has been spent on presidential jets in less than six month of junketing by the change man. Governors are about to slash #18, 000 minimum wage. Federal Civil Servants’ salaries are now a game of probability. Stand up for CHANJIII.

    • Satide

      Stop contradicting yourself. On one hand you are distasteful of Shehu Sani’s appetite for corruption “….regarding his double-tongue approach on the issue of Saraki’s corruption.” but on the other hand you support Sani’s regular uncouth and attention seeking attack of his state governor, El-Rufai, with whom he shares the same political party, APC. Today, most Nigerians believe and see El-Rufai as a hardworking governor with a clear vision to transform Kaduna State for good. So far, since assuming office 6 months ago El-Rufai can be adjudged to have taken positive steps to meet the needs of Kaduna people. There are all indications he came to office to serve his people and not to loot the state treasury like some of his predecessors in office.
      In the contrary, Sani does not see any absurdity in the humongous remuneration Federal legislators, of which he’s one, take home every month while millions of Nigerians including those in his constituency wallop in hunger and poverty. He takes pleasure in tokenism to the almajiris on Kaduna streets while El-Rufai is trying to empower same people to be self-sustaining.
      Sani should do his legislative work in the Senate at Abuja and leave El-Rufai to govern Kaduna State. The latter had been tested before as Capital Territory Minister and he performed creditably. He shouldn’t constitute himself as the opposition to his party, APC, and his state. Opposition should be left to PDP, Labor and other parties whose candidates lost to El-Rufai and APC in his state. He should resign his position and join the opposition parties to run afresh as a senator. Besides, people least expected him to run as a legislator, but to remain as a social crusader that he’s well known for and seem more competent at. Social crusaders rarely do well as politicians nor as managers. He should just enjoy his overblown salary and allowances, but ensure any funds for the development of his constituency is appropriated judiciously and not pocketed by his friends. It’s only in Nigeria that legislators turn contractors or managers of funds for the development of their constituencies. In good climes they only fight for projects be sited in their domain and perform oversight functions on their execution.

      • Toyin

        This man accept my sympathy. PMB is the only change in APC others are perpetual criminals. El- Rufai your hero was part of PDP from 2000 to 2007. He left PDP because he was chased out of the country by the late President Umar. Mathematically APC-PMB = PDP Criminals.

      • True Nigerian

        You are too narrow-minded to know what democracy is. That is why you think that Sani’s criticism of El-Rufai warrants his forceful removal from Kaduna APC.

        If we use your yardstick and apply it across board, then your argument is that the stoopidity of Jonathan’s government which they exhibited by holding El-Rufai under house arrest in Imo state in order to forestall his criticism of Jonathan’s government is also right. Isn’t it?

        Please talk to me again, when your appreciation of democracy matures well enough.

        What does “uncouth” mean to you? Please cite one sentence by Senator Sani which contains a word that proper English people would regard as “uncouth”. Before you use a word, check its meaning properly. Don’t just use a word because you’ve heard others using it. Senator Sani has never used uncouth words in his criticism of El-Rufai. By the way, the use of uncouth language in criticism of presidents and governors is also a democratic right; that is, if you are interested in democracy at all.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Bruv, you assert and dispute at the same time.

          Please come down clearly on one side of the fence.

        • Passionate about Nigeria


  • Standing Emperor

    Haba! Two fighting? Separate them na. Why papa dey watch him children fight like this na. E no good o. Abeg separate them before e go dirty pass like this o. No talk say I no warn una o.

    • abfi

      All the emperors of the SE go from pillar to post online whining/criticizing what is happening in other states of Nigeria while their Biafra enclave is been looted like always. Only one ex-PDP governor in the SE states can lay claim to truly serving their people in the immediate past 16 years and to a typical Igbo man it was okay. For example, what visible thing did the two Orjis – Kalu and Kanu do for Abia state in 16 years other than turning the state treasury into personal piggy banks? Yeye people.

  • Toyin

    El- Rufai and Sanni cannot be in the same room. El-Rufai is a criminal minded person whose ambition is to scheme and take over from PMB. This small rat called El-Rufai was chased out of the country by late President Umar Yar Adua then. He is a pretender and nothing good can come out of El-Rufai.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Even people born of the same parents have different ideology let alone a political with different people with different backgrounds. Let alone this man Sani is an activist, one should expect him to think differently. I don’t think there’s any portion of the constitution or APC constitution that stipulate ‘don’t criticise government policies that are anti-people’. Somebody somewhere are just dancing to the tune of the state governor. Same way they did to Senator Danjuma Goje of Gombe state.

  • Oskirin

    “Mr. Sani objected to the recent ban of street begging announced by Mr. El-Rufai in July.

    In a radio interview in Kaduna immediately after the ban, the senator said the ban was unnecessary.

    But Mr. El-Rufai insisted that the ban will not be reversed saying it is in line with planned agenda for the state”.

    dt’s d above quotation culled 4rm premium times some months ago.
    so sani, ds is wht u want ur people 2 still do @ ds present age? in fact, u need 2 b stoned.
    people started ds begging some centuries back, it will take a bold man 2 stop it.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Don’t mind Mai Rakunmi.

  • SamPsalm

    Okay , Sanni put up or shut up. You hugged the streets for a long time and found it delivered nothing concrete. Now you have gone mainstream. You are a Senator. There are too many options available to you than the tantrums of a misguided Student Union quacktivist. You want to engage the Governor? Sit down and discover legitimate and effective ways of doing that which will lead to a better Kaduna State instead of clash between your ‘supporters’ and his leading to loss of innocent or misguided lives – whose blood will be on your head.

    There is nothing bold, courageous, or edifying about a Senator of the Republic engaging the Governor of his State from the side street – while covered with the social immunity of the Senate. That’s the meaning of abdication and waste of opportunities. If you, after so many years of so-called social activism, have no clue as to how to implement your vision of your home State from the elevated platform of a Senator, then please resign, wear your khaki and go back to greatest gbogbo, gbagba, kwakwa, twitwi and all other noisome nonsense we all endured from your ilk at the tertiary education level. It is so not kosher, cool or in.

    Grow Sanni, grow. Or go back to your farm

  • linkhadj.

    Senator Sanni should be expelled. He has never been a loyal APC man at the national level. He is more of PDP than APC just like his leadership At The National Assembly.

  • Man_Enough

    Serves that cantankerous sani right. He is even more vocal in opposition than olisa metuh. He is a self conscious egotist. He should have been expelled right away.