In Christmas message, Bishop Kukah condemns “embarrassing billions” in Nigerian Churches

Matthew Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has condemned the investment of billions of naira into the running of today’s churches in Nigeria.

In his Christmas message, Thursday, Mr. Kukah said religion should not be a profit-driven venture.

“The word of God and its living blessings are free,” Mr. Kukah said.

“Isaiah said that much when he said: Come all of you who are thirsty, come to the water and you who have no money, come and eat. Buy wine and milk without money and without cost (Is 55:1).

“St Paul reminded us: What is my profit? It is this: that in preaching the word I might offer it free of charge (1 Cor. 9:18). This is what led Jesus to express His only visible show of anger and violence when he whipped the moneychangers and accused them of; turning His Father’s house into a den of thieves (Matt. 21:13).”

Mr. Kukah said there were times when the Catholic Church was guilty of “Simony” – the practice of making profit out of sacred things.

“It was one of the reasons for Fr Martin Luther’s revolt. But, so much has changed now. Prayer for our people is the duty of all ordained ministers, but today, it has become subject to abuse.

“The embarrassing billions being committed to spiritual matters is an act of outright criminality and nothing to do with the Christian faith. This is one of the damning betrayals of Jesus Christ.”

The cleric called on Christians to return to the model of Jesus Christ as they celebrate Christmas.

“He was born into the most absolute expression of poverty, in a dirty and smelling stable with animals. In real life, the Lord of Heaven and earth had no place to lay His head (Mt 8: 20, Lk. 9:58).

“He ate His last supper in a borrowed home (Lk 22; 7ff). He rode to Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey (Mt. 21:3, Lk. 19:31, Mk. 11:3). In death, He was buried in a borrowed tomb (Mt. 27:57).

Mr. Kukah said that considering the life that Jesus Christ lived, it is difficult to understand how Nigerians had come to equate success, prosperity and blessings of God with wealth.

“Had riches been the essence of the mission of Jesus, He would have handed His ministry to bankers and economists such as Matthew or even Judas,” he said.

“Had healing been of the greatest importance, perhaps, Luke would have been the head of the Apostles. Rather, he chose Peter who doubted and was rather fickle minded.

“When He asked them to take the Gospel to all the ends of the earth, He stripped them of all forms of insurance. He warned them against relying on prosperity by enjoining them to carry no money, no belt, no sandals (Lk. 10:4).

“Money is very good but it must not become an idol for us. Thus, Jesus warned that we cannot worship God and mammon (Mt. 6:2).”

Mr. Kukah stated that the path to peace in today’s Nigeria remains littered with debris of human pain.

“The excesses of Boko Haram still haunt the landscape. The Chibok girls are still not found and we will still spend another Christmas without any hope that their laughter will soon return to our homes.

“The engine of political change has still not gathered the steam we had hoped for. The political calendar continues to shift as we witness a domino effect of overturned elections across the states.

“All in all, new anxieties, new battles for power among the elites will likely lead us to loss of more innocent lives and blood. The contest for power continues to take its toll and yet we continue to pray for the stability of the ship of state. We call on our leaders to use the power in their hands for service.”

Mr. Kukah admitted that although Nigerians have not been lucky with quality leaders, citizens ought to also share in the responsibility.

“How for example is a government responsible for men whose irresponsible lifestyles lead to their children being sick or out of school?

“How is government responsible for men who decide to marry and bring children into the world when they have no means of bringing them up?

“How is government responsible for domestic violence? How is government responsible for the collapse of family values? How is government responsible for students who decide to cheat in their examinations?

“How is government responsible for men who choose armed robbery rather than hard work? How is government responsible for women who decide to choose a life of prostitution?

“Government can and must create conditions, but we must all become instruments of change. If we take our responsibilities seriously, we can compel government to serve us better.”


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  • linkhadj.

    Please, let us get a refund of the 1.4 Billion Naira that was said to have been Dansukied for “special prayers”. Only then can I take serious any preaching from any ‘Man of God’ of whatever rank, designation or domination. Haba! How much do they sell anointing oil or rossary or praying mat or tesbah or even white cock for sacrifice to the gods? Dan Banza kena!

    • chiemex

      He is not as hungry as you

      • absam777

        Go and take your drugs for repeating yourself. I am not as hungry as you ( whatever that means)

      • Iskacountryman

        there are no terrorist imams…

  • kunle

    bishop kukah just woke up

    • chiemex

      He hasn’t been sleeping, i can attest to his consistency in speaking with boldness & honesty

      • David Musaed

        Guy them swear for you ? Abi bishop kukah na your family ? You have been replying anyone that says anything bad about him. E be like say dem dey play guitar for your head.

        • chiemex

          I am his fan

      • SAM .A

        Liar , show me your Bishop , and i will tell you the type of person you are , are you just landing from the moon ?. Mr Mathew Kukah is the most inconsistent Bishop in the history of Christendom in Nigeria. Was this not , the Bishop that joined the peace group in ASO ROCK 5 months ago and begged PMB to not to probe Jona and the past Just sweep it under CARPET as usual? We are all waiting for how much he collected from Sambo Dasuki /Bafarawa spiritual fund.

  • okans

    Editor please learn how to use the appropriate title when addressing a clergy. It simply Bishop Kukah not Mr Kukah. You should know better.

    • ed

      Kukah. Forget Mr. Or Bishop. Stealing in the name of the Lord Jesus.

  • Truthometer

    Has Kukah returned his own share of arms money yet?

    • chiemex

      He is not as hungry as you

      • Truthometer

        Yes, with his political allies in PDP, they stole all our money and left everybody hungry; except for few collaborators and onlookers like you. Ask “Fortunato”.

  • Action Group

    Bishop Kukah talks to suit himself,let him cast the first stone by returning the monies he collected from GEJ through Dasuki.We know very well that churches and mosques today have become serious business ventures but no single pastor and/or imam can exonerate himself.

    • chiemex

      He is not as hungry as you.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    It is a perfect message, but be sure to make this Bishop the first beneficiary of his wisdom. The Catholic church cannot rewrite history.

  • Shahokaya

    That has been the general practice of all the Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria. I mean all the Pentecostal churches A to Z in Nigeria, as well as all the white garment prophetic houses. That has been their business all along. We know! Nigerians are the most gullible creatures on earth perhaps because of poverty and multi – dimensional insecurity and smart people have been exploiting this, all “In Jesus Name!” Believe it or not it is only lackadaisical people that subjects their hopes on all these religious adventurous scams. I should be praying and paying my tithes as a poor person while the pastors cruise on private jets and exorbitant exotic cars. My rewards are in heaven while the so called men of God’s harbingers receive theirs here on earth. I am not free to judge them even when they rape my wife? Such language was used by the ancient religious mafias to frustrate the intelligent ones among them. I pity people who continue to believe in all these miraculous abracadabra .Which work of God? Dancing around theatrically and speaking gibberish in the name of speaking in tongues and twisting the scriptures to suit their corrupt purposes.

    • Peter_Edo

      bros when pastors pay thier offerings and tithes, they are paying themselves. nor be them get the church?
      meanwhile, Merry Xmas!



    • chiemex

      Please talk to your radical Islamic terrorists and leave our revered Bishop and face your terrorism

    • yitzkh

      Thank You

  • ayo

    Kukah remained what he always has been, a true servant of God speaking the truth at all times.I am not a Catholic but I always aligns my self with the truth and light any where I see it.kukah you have said it all from the political where Nigerians sold solid transformation agenda and ignorantly bought into propaganda and blackmail agenda with peddling of lies and falsehoods as d only working tool the so called CHANGE deploys,to the amorous religion that encouraged men to bear children like English rats and throw them away on the streets to metamorphose into almajiri and boko haram,the chibok girls fraud,the pastors looting and defrauding Nigerians because government allows 419 and crooks to wear collar and white cassocks. To our citizens that are been bewitched and blinded by ethnic ,religious and tribal tendencies and are fallen victims to the cunning craftiness of our fraudulent politicians. Kudos Bishop kukah for saying it without fear or favour. Let those that have ears please take heed.

  • Dazmillion

    Mr Kukah what about the billions you and Oritsejafor collected from one Mr Fortunato?

    • chiemex

      He is not as hungry as you

      • Jakadiya

        Go see his palatable mansions in Sokoto.

    • emmanuel yakubu

      Kukah had no hand in the theft. It was led by Oritsajafor The CAN Criminal and his follows.

    • yitzkh


    • Man_Enough

      You prefer to forget that the catholic bishops of nigeria pulled out of CAN when the romance with pdp government was getting too liscivious.

  • chiemex

    Yeah Bishop, you are a very lonely voice in the wilderness, one of the few prophets that has not lost focus, one of the few old war horses that have not tired out. THANKS FOR STAYING TRUTHFULL IN THE FACE OF OVERWHELMING HYPOCRISY AMONG ACTIVISTS, PASTORS AND POLITICIANS

    • Jakadiya

      Ma today? Where was Kukah during the GEJ misrule? Building his mansions in Sokoto state, of course.

      • chiemex

        Face your terrorist imams. Leave the Man of God alone

        • Jakadiya

          Seasonal MAN OF GOD. I thought men of God are then, now and forever.

  • linkhadj.

    Where is your brother, Oritsajefor or is it Oritsajeafor? We need our 1.4 billion naira to be returned to the treasury. The traditional rollers who were using their walking sticks to pray for Fortunoto should bring back our money.Those living should bring theirs while the Will of those dead should be reviewed to exclude our money willed to their children.

    • chiemex

      He is not as hungry as you. Face your terrorist Imams and leave our revered Bishop.

      • Jakadiya

        Another Mind Slave at work. Open your eyes, IJN.

    • Etomi

      Oloshi terrorist..

      Soon you will tell us whether the billions come from your deserts of northern Nigeria..

      Shameless Parasites!!!!

  • Jakadiya

    Bishop, that your twin mansions in Sokoto, how do come about them. Don’t worry, the shit will soon hit the fan. The regularity of your new found criticisms of the present administration is disproportionate with the previous government. You used to be a man of God but you’re recent comments are portraying otherwise. Allow Woke Soyinka, Falana, etc to do their jobs.

  • linkhadj.

    Etomi, so you have agreed that your people stole the money. Tell them to return it to the last kobo. Otherwise, the room and parlor for each of you had been completed in both Kirikiri and Kuje Prisons. It remains only to fix the toilet seats before you are taken there as your abode for the next 20 years. Wallahi, duka nku Dan banza kena.

  • BILLIONS…..and so WHAT?

    Billions in churches. And so what?

    The BILLIONS in Churches (a sign of prosperity) are used by the corrupt pastors
    to buy private Jets and invest in shares in blue chip companies abroad WHILE the
    THOUSANDS in Mosques are used by the extremist and corrupt Imams to buy IEDs
    and invest in suicide bombers in Sambissa and to buy black clothes for Shit Islamic
    sect processions and to build arms bunkers in Kano and elsewhere yet uncovered..

    The difference is clear on how the monies in religious places of worship are used in
    the Nigerian society. Apart from Mis-shop Oyedepo the GO of Winners chapel who

    has violent and terrorist tendencies, there is no other Pastor I know who is violent.

    So Father Kukah, it is either one or the other. The choice is yours.

  • Oh!

    We had this tremendous urge to say something profound and thought provoking but For reasons we will explain at some other time, we kept our thoughts to our self……after-all, no one wants to get slapped by Jesus (if you believe in such things).

  • Lotambe

    Well, the truth is that these groups that have billions and private jets are not churches at all. They are all private ventures headed by one man, and have no board of elders. Whenever they want to retire they appoint their son or wife to take over the administration of the church. They are not churches of Christ at all, and should not be allowed membership in the Christian Association of Nigeria.

  • no_be_lie

    for we know the grace of our Lord Jesus, though He was rich yet for our sake He became poor so that through His poverty we might become rich. 2 corinthians 8; 9. as nice as the word of the reverend is,it violates the word of God

  • beachcomber


    • ideenoble


      But why does Professor Itse Sagay make a career defending stealing in public,
      and corrupting the public space? How much do treasury thieves pay him for this?
      First he was the only shameless old man in Nigeria carrying his big mouth from one
      television station to another in the year 2005 to say British government cannot arrest
      for moneylaundering by Dipriye Alameighsia.

      Now, Sagay is running errands for
      Raji Fashola whom Professor at age 77 could father. What a shame! Does Sagay not
      have children who can call their father to order to stop disgracing the family name?

      You remember that When Dipriye Alameighsia was arrested with millions of dollars in
      London, it was Professor Itse Sagay who started talking nonsense in all newspapers
      that Britain must free Dipriye Alameighsia because as he said, Alameighsia had immunity
      as a sitting governor in Nigeria (to steal?).

      So, is that the kind of nonsense advice Buhari wants? Is SAGAY the kind of human being that
      should ever enter the presidential villa of a decent country? Let truth be told. Professor
      Itse Sagay is too mentally corrupt to be a presidential adviser on any matter –
      including sex.

      • Crimeobservers

        Wherever Raji Fashola is; there, the spirit of theft is, also.

        The anti-corruption agency ICPC announced on 3rd September that Raji Fashola
        is under investigative processing en route arraignment in court of law for stealing.
        But 27 days later, as if to hinder the criminal investigation (a separate crime under
        the Penal Code) President Buhari announced RAJI FASHOLA as a Minister.

        Before then, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, “the new governor of Lagos state, this August revoked
        the corrupt self-allocation of over 25 plots of land in Lekki by his predecessor, Raji Fashola,
        in his final days in office. Most of the plots, it is alleged, were allocated to Raji Fashola’s
        relatives, aides and associates —including Yewande Animashaun – his cousin who also
        served as his special adviser on public health, and Wale Ahmed, who served
        as his commissioner for special duties.

        A female newscaster with a Lagos-based
        TV station was one of the beneficiaries, The Cable learnt. The land was officially
        parceled into 25 plots and shared by Raji Fashola who went on to sign the certificates
        of occupancy on May 26, three days to his exit from office.”

  • shola

    You, as a self-proclaimed man of “God”, why not discuss this with the
    exploiters around you – the men and women of “gods” who are
    just out to take the last penny from their congregations. And how is
    government not responsible for all above mentioned accusations? It is
    the responsibility of any nation to see to the welfare of his folk,
    not just being remembered on a pooling day with a bag of rice or gari
    or low quality oil as handout!
    The prostitution, a cancer and a curse to Nigeria is known to the oba of
    Benin. And what has come out of it? NOTHING.! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.!

  • Maria

    This is a man who has been fighting to see that looters are not held accountable… what a double faced man….Have you returned the share of the loot given to you by Dasuki and Mr Fortunato, Rev Kikah?

    • Otile

      Back off from my Bishop, Musulima. Why do you Muslims hate real men of God? Any good Christian clergyman you people can’t exploit or use you try to damage his name. Pay attention to your imams and marabouts, we do not harass them.

      • Maria

        You are a yeye person…you think by just backing like a mad dog a woman like me will retreat? Is this your father’s house? Hahahahhaha…You aint see anything yet, m0r0n.

        • Otile

          All I am saying is don’t harass my Bishop, we do not harass your imams and marabouts. E gbo?

          • Maria

            What is E gbo? Who’s your bishop? Are you from Sokoto? You are an animal…because Mr Kukah is the Bishop of Sokoto not igboland.

  • Maverick

    Bachelor Matthew Kukah should work towards ridding R0man Cath0licism of s0d0mite priests and child m0lesters first. A situation where 98% of R0man Cath0lic perpetual bachelor priests are into one s3xuaI offence or the other calls for urgent attention.


      Mischief is written all over your comment and your false 98% figure should be replaced with “less than.05%”…let the truth prevail.

      • Maverick

        In January 2002, allegations of priests sexually abusing children were widely reported in the news media. It became clear that the officials of various Catholic dioceses were aware of some of the abusive priests, and shuffled them from parish to parish (sometimes after psychotherapy), in some cases without removing them from contact with children. A survey of the 10 largest U.S. dioceses found 234 priests from a total 25,616 in those dioceses, have had allegations of sexual abuse made against them in the last 50 years. The report does not state how many of these have been proven in court. All these is because of legislated instead of choice celibacy.


          Which report ? Which survey you nincompoop ?…..2002 is well over a decade so your comment was based on past positions which you could not prove? Your 98% is based on wicked bias.

          • Maverick

            1. Where did the Bible oblige a man to be a celibate in order to be a priest? No where! Rather Paul only gave men the option if they want. You may point me to the portion about Eunuchs but I tell you the priests are not eunuchs. A eunuch is different from celibate. A eunuch is a man who has been castrated and is incapable of reproduction. They don’t have erection like celibates do. Eunuchs were men in olden days who served in kings’ palaces. They were castrated so that they won’t abuse the kings’ maidens.
            A celibate is a an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity. Check your dictionary.

            2. Purgatory is a big heresy that has kept Catholics so unrepentant, believing that they’ll still make heaven after passing through purgatory at death.

            3. Catholics pray to and worship images of Christ or Mary. The Bible spoke vehemently against it in Exodus 20:4-5 “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; ”
            Here the Bible says even if the image is of Him, anything in heaven earth and beneath because it is idolatry.

            4. What about penance? Which place did the Bible recommend it?

            5. Catholics pray through Mary against the command of God. John 14:6. Catholics have venerated Mary and other saints for supplication, or requested help of some sort. Catholics answer that when they have prayed to a saint they have asked the saint to pray to God for them, not to have the saint do something for them personally.

            6. Catholics believe in the infallibility of the pope. But Pope Formosus died and was buried but his corpse was later exhumed by Pope Stephen VI and his papacy was invalidated. Was he infallible then? Or was Pope Stephen VII infallible? At least one if them is.

            7. Persecution of heresy and heretics.
            Before the twelfth century, the catholic church gradually suppressed what it saw as heresy usually through a system of ecclesiastical proscription, excommunication, anathema, and imprisonment. During this time in history, an accusation of heresy could be construed as treason against lawful civil rule, and therefore punishable by death, though this penalty was not frequently imposed, as this form of punishment had many ecclesiastical opponents. Later those convicted of heresy were often handed to the state for execution under state laws.

            8. Sexual abuse controversy: In January 2002, allegations of priests sexually abusing children were widely reported in the news media. It became clear that the officials of various Catholic dioceses were aware of some of the abusive priests, and shuffled them from parish to parish (sometimes after psychotherapy), in some cases without removing them from contact with children. A survey of the 10 largest U.S. dioceses found 234 priests from a total 25,616 in those dioceses, have had allegations of sexual abuse made against them in the last 50 years. The report does not state how many of these have been proven in court. All these is because of legislated instead of choice celibacy.
            9. Immaculate Conception: The view that Mary was born without original sin.

            10. Virgin Mary: The view that Mary remained an eternal virgin. Mary had other brothers and sisters. Matthew 13:55,56 “Is not this the carpenter’s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas? And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?”
            Mark 6:3 “Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him.”

            11. Many more are there which time won’t permit me to mention.

          • SamPsalm

            It is a two edged sword. New Testament contains neither an obligation to celibacy nor a repudiation of same. It acknowledges a gift of celibacy and commends those who are able to devote themselves wholly to a celibate lifestyle in honour of God. But it does not make it a mandatory requirement for leadership in the the Church. Again, it did not preclude celibate people from leadership. We know Paul was celibate: we also know that Peter was married and even had an in-law. The only thing wrong with the Catholic prescription is its repudiation of clear Biblical injunction in its mandated celibacy for men and women involved in its ‘priestly orders’.

          • Maverick

            Do you think those child molesting priests are comfortable with R0man Cath0lics’ legislated celibacy? If there was an option of marriage for R0man Cath0lic priests I’m sure over 85% would be married.

          • SamPsalm

            Celibacy is not the reason why Priests molest children. Nonpriests molest children too. A priest who is not celibate should be bold enough to get out an Order that wrongly insists on celibacy as only ground for ministration. But to stay under its cover and indulge one’s proclivity for pederasty and then blame the Order is not fraudulent. If you want to get married, leave the priesthood and marry. Am sure the law protects such a person

          • Maverick

            Why should he leave the priesthood when the Bible did not say a priest must be a celibate? Why do you think there are more sex offenders among R0man Cath0lic priests than Protestant priests? It is because of forced celibacy.

          • SamPsalm

            There are not more. It is just that there are greater control levers which can be embarrassed by such reports and that the organized media knows there is a bigger fish to fry aggregating the offences among catholic priests and attributing it to the monolithic leadership at the Holy See. There is thus greater incentive to sue or threaten law suit. That cannot be said about the unaccountable one man religion enterprises numbering millions globally. But certainly, pederasty, rape and other offences are happening there at the same or even higher rates. It is nothing to be proud but that is the truth meaning every parent has to be rise and be accountable for the safety of their own children.


            The Christian faith is based on belief. Jesus was celibate so if the Catholic priests choose to emulate him ,it is not your business and you must realise that nothing is done on compulsion including priesthood,one may not join or drop out as the case maybe.

            Personally I am not religious so all these hardened prejudices which you propagate do not affect me on a personal level and you must realise that we have freedom of religious worship here in Nigeria.

          • Jimi

            The issue here is that the church is ripping off followers. What do you have to say about that? You are trying to obscure the real point in Kukar’s interview. You have a right to the points you are trying to make but the issue here is fraud being perpetrated in the name of God. I bet you are one of these rip-off artists calling themselves pastors.

          • Maverick

            I am a full member of Presbyterian Church.

        • Jimi

          Ignoramus. Does the existence of homosexuals in the Catholic church and your indirect inference that Kukar maybe gay because he is a bachelor change the fact that Nigeria’s prosperity pastors are ripping off their followers. Looks like you might be benefiting from the rip off.

          • Maverick

            He should deal with his inward problems before coming out to address others who’re even better Christians than him.

    • Jimi

      Does the existence of homosexuals in the Catholic church and your indirect inference that Kukar maybe gay because he is a bachelor change the fact that Nigeria’s prosperity pastors are ripping off their followers. Looks like you might be benefiting from the rip off.

  • Fadama

    Quality message, Bishop Kukah.

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Sen Ben Murry-Bruce Advise To Buhari.

    “Swallow your pride and be humble enough to ask Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala how, despite “massive corruption”, she was able to keep Naira stable for 7 years!

    • Joe

      Am sure Sen. Ben Bruce is too informed to ask such a dumb question. I await his refutal, failing which I will take him to the cleaners.

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Sen Ben Murry-Bruce Advise To Buhari.

    “Swallow your pride and be humble enough to ask Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala how, despite the alleged “massive corruption”, under Jonathan she was able to keep Naira stable for 7 years!

    • Jimi

      GEJ’s last wailing wailer!

    • Ayelala

      $110 a barrel. Even my dog would have done better. Thanks but no thanks for the advise

  • SamPsalm

    Oh, Jesus calls them wolf in Sheep clothing. Always ready to give the token interesting [not really doctrinally sound] sermons when everybody is listening to lure everybody in – and then spend the rest of the year repudiating the true tenets of the faith brazenly. A man who advocates ‘dialogue’ for lawless people like IPOB’s Kanu and of course, appreciation for looters of the trillions of their nation like GEJ and Okonjo [for not having the treasonable balls to hang on to power after losing election]?

    Padre Kukah, pray, how does it help us if the billions are not brought to the Church but taken overseas in private jets with Pastors/Priests guaranteed their share in unreceipted non-Church based accounts?

    How does it help to tell us Jesus was born into poverty when we all know his father was a hard working carpenter who was not actually poor: At least the Bible never ever showed him begging for food, water, shelter, clothing like we have in our country? Indeed, Joseph was described as honourable both in attitude and dealings – something that is now lacking in the generation of coarse men raised by the Kukahs of this world since they seized the highground of ministry of Africa’s flagship nation

    Bible, unlike Kukah makes out Joseph was a responsible man who first sought room at inns for his beloved and pregnant wife but could not find – not because he could not afford to pay but because all had been taken up due to the historical event being observed and the consequent high number of non-locals compelled to be in Bethlehem at the point in time. More importantly, we were shown Joseph as a resourceful man who knew how to turn available into desirable: not sure there was any indication that the stable was in dirty and unhygienic condition when the Magi and Shepherds came visiting. He did not put his wife under the ‘bridge’ or ‘roadside’ or ‘unfinished building’.

    There are better lessons we can glean from Jesus’ life and those of his parents. But when you have priests struggling to burnish their compromised reputation, priest for whom money-speak is everything, the Gospel stands no chance except what is politically and financially expedient. Its gotta have Naira on it to be a sermon.

    Poverty is in vogue now. The ‘rich’ are a bit restrained to flaunt openly for now. Identifying with the oppressed and policy-designed poor is in vogue now. And Kukah is simply campaigning for their affection: seeking survival so that he can regroup



    “I love the game of football, and today, as I was watching a game, it occurred to me that even the most talented footballer in the world can not go anywhere if he will not work with others.

    Talent may win some games, but only teamwork wins the Championship. Jesus Christ our Lord, was born to bring people together and no matter the temptation to pursue individual or group interests over the collective, let us not forget that you and I belong to Team Nigeria and we must never allow individual or group aspirations distract us from the Championship ambition we have as a nation to be a beacon of hope in Africa and a pillar of the International Community.

    Merry Christmas from my family and I to you all unquote————-Sadly Buhari has a VP from one of the richest churches on earth———-Yet hardly offers free education to those who were not born when Awo Interoduced it in the South West-

    • Jimi

      GEJ’s last wailing wailer.

  • Otile

    May God always protect you, Bishop Kukah. Godless people can go to hell if they don’t like your good advise.

  • ehiokhai

    Job, Abraham, Solomon, king David were the wealthiest in their time.
    1)Jobs regular friends mentioned in scripture were kings.
    2) Abraham servants were so many that it passed for an army.
    3) in then days of King Solomon Silver was not counted.

    • Poibtitout

      Ignoramus. Did the Bible tell you they were priests? These men were blessed by God and did not get wealthy through priesthood.


    from Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, Abuja.

    We were told during the campaign that the Office of the first lady is unconstitutional and if elected, the wife of the president wont be entitled to use Presidential Jets for her personal use and the office will be scrapped by the President

    Nigerians believed and voted for APC

    Ever since then, presidential town criers and APC bloggers have been regaling us with stories how the First lady flies commercial since her husband took over

    Surprisingly and a departure from that promise, The first lady hosted some group of APC bloggers last night at Aso Villa to a lavish reception and we were not told who funded the party in this hard time and under which budget the money came out from because her office is unconstitutional, meant to have been scrapped and not entitled to any budget or funding

    As If that is not enough, here is Aisha Buhari arriving Maduguri Borno on a Presidential jet earlier today and I was told she is in the state on an official visit as the First Lady of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria

    So much for an office that is meant to be scrapped when the new government took over as we were promised during the campaign. – Hope For Nigeria.

    • Joe

      Is it so much about scrapping the office or what role the President’s wife plays in our national life? You must have noticed that she is not called officially as First Lady but Wife of the President. Secondly, when she makes private trips such as Hajj, she flies in commercial airline. But where she is taking millions of naira worth of provisions which she mobilized from Nigerians for IDPs, it is official as wife of the president and deserves all the dignity and protocol of the president’s wife. Hope you can spot the difference.

  • bib

    I just want to ask Kukah one question. How about the mansions in Sokoto, he has not denied owning them?

  • kayode Olufade

    Hallaluyah somebody! it has taken the Buhari administration to make Bishop Kukah concentrate on God’s work