​Christmas: Buhari urges peace, says no group should be allowed to hold Nigeria hostage

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerian to embrace the virtues of peace, justice and equity, during this season of Christmas.

The president stated this in his Christmas message, Thursday, saying a greater manifestation of the virtues will bring about a more united, peaceful, as well as a secure and progressive nation.

“On this occasion of the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, let us all rededicate ourselves to the virtues of peace, love, honesty, justice, equity, piety, humility and service to others which he taught.

“There can be no doubt that a greater manifestation of these virtues and ideals in our lives will immensely help us to become a more united, peaceful, secure and progressive nation,” the president said in a statement he personally signed.
Mr. Buhari called on Nigerians to extend charitable gestures, in the spirit of the season to victims of terror, around the country, particularly the Internally Displace Persons, IDPs.

“The Federal Government will continue to collaborate with state governments and other stakeholders to ease the harsh conditions in IDP camps, while the ultimate objective remains to quickly put an end to insurgency and return the IDPs to their homes,” the president stated.

“We must never again allow any group to hold the nation to ransom under whatever guise,” he said, urging Nigerians not “to allow current socio-economic and security challenges to dampen our expectations for a better Nigeria”.
He noted his administration’s commitment towards the recovery of stolen wealth and maintaining transparency.

“In this regard, efforts will be intensified to recover stolen funds, block revenue leakages and enthrone due process, transparency and accountability.

“Public office is a public trust that must be held to the highest ethical standards,” the statement added.

The president also asked travellers to be careful while driving.


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  • eddy

    No vacancy till 2023! Sai Baba! Merry Christmas.


      Man proposes but God disposes….Merry Christmas.

      • Julius

        Merry Christmas sir !!


          Compliments of the season bro…..have a nice time.

          • Julius

            Ty, you do the same !

    • Comfortkay

      That’s true

  • Action Group

    We join PMB in greeting all Nigerians and enjoin all to support his government for us to see the much desired change voted for.Merry Christmas and prosperous New year to all Nigerians.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Amen and Amen.

  • excel

    Amen, Merry Christmas to all Nigerian.

    • Julius

      Merry Chistmas to you as well !

  • emeka Ezenwa

    Mumu! continue deceiving gullible Nigerians, it’s u the dictator illiterate president that have been disobeying court order is the one holding Nigerians hostage

    • Enemona

      At least, if you believe in Jesus Christ, shouldn’t you put your hatred aside just for one day and show love as preached by our Lord?

      • emeka Ezenwa

        The only hatred here is the one exhibited by ur dictator president and I can’t pretend that everything is fine  when buhari the dictator president is responsible for the injuries, deaths, continued detention of innocent ppl, leave  Jesus out of this for light has nothing with darkness!

        • Julius

          Who are the innocent people being detained ?

          • Thomson Nkomo

            They are your father and mother

          • Julius

            Yea and you ate yours. mmmmmm, sweet !. Abi ?. Loser cannibal !

          • emeka Ezenwa

            We are biafrans!  the same  ppl Nigerians can’t live without,  the same ppl Nigerians are forcing themselves on infact without biafrans Nigerians cant survive, we have not committed any crime, we are just being kill and detained because ur illiterate dictator president say so.

          • Julius

            Yes, you are baifraudians indeed !. I notice that you were brought up with lies and it follows you all your lives. Who told you that Nigerians cant live without you ?. Its a lie biko. You watch. It seems to me that you are the ones that cant live without Nigerians. You are all over the country instead of developing and staying in your zones. You cant live among yourselves.

          • emeka Ezenwa

            The whole world knows that Nigerians have the worst reputation on earth, even terrorism, I honestly do not expect anything less after learning about the fraudulent way it was created,  if Nigeria is not a zoo why do ur leaders prefer to bank their money, study, take care of their health outside the  zoo u call Nigeria?  without us ur land will be completely desolate and we are done developing lands for lazy ppl, we’ve  done enough for Nigeria, we’re going home.

          • Julius

            Goodbye !. Dont let the door hit your behind on your way out. Go back to your hell holes !. You are the cancer of this country and we will be much than happy to get rid of you. The only problem is you dont wanna go anywhere. Your rant is fake. Your cry is a scam. I have been urging you to at least leave the south west but, you wouldnt. Sup with that ?. Start from there and do the rest of the country later. Hurry up please. Enough of the bullshit. Just go !

          • kuli


            That’s what you get when you call them on their BS.

          • Julius

            No mind them. Its a scam gone bad !

    • Burbank

      He was elected by Nigeria on March 28, 2015



    Even in the face of refusal to obey Court judgements …. how on earth do you disdainfully title a Christmas message: “No group will hold Nigeria to ransom again” ?

    But Egypt did not wait for 4years before throwing out Mohammed Morsi!

    • Comfortkay

      Will you keep quite for ever. PDP foot soldier

    • Ologbonlolode

      Your illiteracy stinks to high heavens! So, it is now Buhari that title Premium Times reportage? You are as clueless and senseless as your name (GEJ Forever) suggests. OMG!!!

    • Burbank

      Organised a biafra protest outside Buratai office tomorrow and see who will be thrown out. Wishful fantasy


    PEACE? You are calling for PEACE? Who is deceiving who? Are you not the one who made the statement below?

    “If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should
    again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the
    dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’’ — Mohammed Buhari (2012)

    Did Mohammed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood party of Egypt go to this extent? But he has been duly sentenced to death for his terrorist activities…and in Nigeria, someone who did worse is parading himself as commander in chief. Why? Because we are not a country.

    • Ologbonlolode

      So, you approved of rigging? If you and your likes had no intention to rig, nothing in that statement portrays violence! Perhaps, you quoting the whole of the speech or quote will assist your understanding of the import and implications. Time to heal our land and those who aren’t interested can take the Bode George option of excusing us till 2019. Fact!

    • kuli

      He said the dog and the baboon will be soaked in blood not Nigerians. Just saying

      • emeka Ezenwa

        Shut up! The dog’s and baboons he was referring to are nigerians he plans to rule, and that’s one of the reasons Nigeria is called a zoo.

        • kuli

          Mind reader.

          • Burbank

            Lolz…… That’s why his candidate lost on March 28, 2015

        • Burbank

          No. Buhari was referring to tomato sauce on spaghetti and chilli sauce on chicken pie!
          Anyway Nigeria had thrown out GEJ.

    • S. A. Maigari

      “Kare jini biri jini” is a Hausa saying which simply means a bitter struggle. We use it to illustrate that the impending competition will be tough. When the dog and the baboon fight they end up shedding each other’s blood.

      • emeka Ezenwa

        Ka.. what?! We are not one pls, we reason and do things differently.

      • Burbank


    • Jakadiya

      You’ve betrayed your ignorance. The baboon and dog story is just a figure of speech, that’s if you know what means. Morsi’s case is not comparable to our case. You don’t have the full background of Egypt’s case. Just shut up. Your problem is even when a dog says it’s an elephant you believe the dog provided it’s your dog. If another dog says it’s a dog, you will say it’s not true. Try to see faults in all where there are faults and commend all where such is necessary.

    • Burbank

      A misunderstood twist to a common idiom for a tough fight.

  • Uchenna

    Imam shud direct this peace message to the Oba of Lagoon. Perhaps he would have the mental capacity to understand it.

    • Julius

      He should direct his peace message to the cannibals and their new hero Kanu !

  • Mr President, you are honored. Merry Christmas. Please join us as we show love to everyone even to our enemies as thought by our Lord Jesus Christ this season. Jesus is the reason for the season.

  • MushinSpeaks

    I strongly agree with Mr President on this. The militaryhas been equipped to match fire for fire and now taking back seized territories. CHANGE is here to stay!

  • Otile

    Imam Buhari barka da Maulud Nabiyi.

  • Burbank

    “On this occasion of the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, let us all rededicate ourselves to the virtues of peace, love, honesty, justice, equity, piety, humility and service to others which he taught”

    True words.
    God bless Nigeria