Nigerian govt rejects ISIS “hoax” about Boko Haram killings

Boko Haram

The Federal Government has described as “a hoax” and “imaginary” figures the terrorist group, ISIS, claimed represent the number of people killed, or attacks carried out, by Boko Haram in the last two months.

In a statement issued in Abuja, Monday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said the figures were part of the ISIS’ strategy to boost the morale of Boko Haram, whom it described as a dispersed and defeated group.

ISIS had claimed carrying out over a hundred attacks in two months.

”Therefore, the figures being pushed out by ISIS on behalf of Boko Haram represent nothing but a figment of the terrorists’ imagination,” it sad.

Mr. Mohammed said his recent visit to Bama, a territory once declared a caliphate by the sect, revealed that the military was in full control of the battle.

”We therefore wonder where the terrorists have been carrying out their so-called spectacular attacks as indicated by ISIS”.

”Apart from these fake figures, we are aware of the planned release of old videos of Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria through the terrorists’ preferred channel to give the impression that they have continued to carry out spectacular attacks,” the statement said.

He said the videos were neither recent nor genuine.

The statement said the propaganda was a deliberate attempt to dissuade Nigerians and the world from the effects of the war against terror, aimed at reaching a logical stage, before the end of December.

Mr. Mohammed described ISIS’ claim as an attempt to distract the military and strike at what it called the Nigerian military’s all-time high morale.

”But the truth of the matter is that the capability of the military has improved drastically, and there is a higher level of awareness among Nigerians concerning the war against terrorism,” the statement noted.

He said the improved awareness has been felt in an increased support for the military by Nigerians.

He also said more “propaganda” should be expected as similar stories would most likely be publicised to distract Nigeria from its focus of permanently eliminating the Boko Haram sect.

“Nigerians should see the propaganda for what it is: a hoax!” the statement added.


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  • ayo

    Nigerians have lost hope in a figure like liar Mohammed because a man nicknamed liar can never be trusted as telling the truth.liar Mohammed is synonymous with lying and only men and women who are liars themselves can buy into the stories of a tested and proved liar.if Mohammed is sincere,can he tell Nigerians where he got his informations,is he a member of boko haram or is there any of his children that is amongst them as to be reading their minds and preempting their strategy.I can’t even for a benefit of doubt believe liar Mohammed because he has no capacity to be believed. May God burst these evil called boko haram and expose and put to shame the sponsors and beneficiaries of boko haram.

    • NoSpinEd

      Who is lying? ISIS or Lai Mohammed?

      • Otile

        The liar himself of course. ISIS and Boko Haram say what they do and do what they say. They are more credible than Liar Mohammed. Remember these are devout Muslims, they are not like worldly Liar Mohd.

        • emmanuel

          ISIS is only calling our attention to the fact that the APC is stage managing the recent carnage by BH, by suppressing information about such deaths and destructions.
          That way, the death tallies which Nigerians and the foreign press were engaged in collation is no more an embarrassment to them.
          What the APC used Al-Jazera and co to do for BH pre-Buhari is what ISIS is doing for BH now – Dog eat – Dog

          • Otile

            What goes around must come around.

  • Jamie Vardy

    I was a die hard Lai fan, but it dawned on me it is very dangerous sticking out ones head for that Baba.
    Credible media houses reported BH suicide bombers attacked part of Borno today..BUT DID ANYONE HEAR A WORD FROM LAI OR EVEN PREMIUM TIMES??
    It’s just that the fuel queues cannot be hidden, else I bet you this Baba would have said the scarcity is also a hoax.

  • Aderemi

    Watched this man on TV battling to blame the Jonathan administration for the current acute fuel scarcity.
    Mehn, the guy lacks substance. He was simply horrible!

    • favourtalk

      Because you have find it hard to believe that GEJ failed this nation after all series of theft, debt and corruption under his administration which you have seen so far

      • emmanuel

        Jonathan failed right? Use national fundamentals, facts and figures to support your claims. I travelled through Benin Sagamu Express way yesterday and I saw what Sai Buhari represent on our Roads during the Yultide season as opposed to what you called failed jonathan.
        – Foreign Excahnge past the Roof top from 142 this time last year to 283 now
        – Capital Market gone
        – owed salaries no more an issue as the people have accepted that as the default state
        – retrenchment from work now a status symbol for this government
        – Fuel queue harrowing
        – generators are now taken to filling Stations for fuel – is this 1945?
        – Nigerian mutuaries now ever busy
        – NNPC permanently running at loss
        – Rule of Law gone through the windows
        – Electricity no more
        – Economic loss to Apapa Gridlock in Lagos now monumental as Trucks lie on the Highway for days incurring demurage and losses for their clients and owners with the FG ignoring their plight and keeping mute like mules.
        – FEC no longer meets and each time there is need to meet, there must be cancellation and reschedules to tidy up – what an unorganised and adapted highest policy structuring platform
        – the list is endless

        • Henry Nworu

          Bros, stop wasting your precious time trying to educate and bring the ignorant up to speed. Their man is an illiterate person trying to play advanced level politics. It’s like one wearing an oversized shoes, struggling to run a race. Time will tell

  • favourtalk

    Those ones believe they are working to make a state in nigeria but it won’t work at all for them. Nigeria is getting rid of all forms of war and insurgency through our gallant soldiers and brilliant work of PMB game plans

  • emmanuel

    The event of yesterday in which the media reported that 34 people were injured in the confrontation with Boko Haram, with un disclosed number of death has confirmed my calculation in about four weeks in which the APC propaganda network has fully taken over the compromosed media by ensuring that the number of deaths from BH attacks are no more carried.
    This is to give credibility to their December deadline on elimination of the sect.
    If not, how else can the media report number of the injured and are not able to say one or two died? That also give credibility to ISIS numbers.
    Liar Mohammed is now in full deployment of his machinery of lies!
    Hear the liar talk about fake and old videos of BH attacks. The same game he used against the last government is now deployed by ISIS against them and he said ISIS release their information through preferred channel.
    Must they continue to use the same old route which BH deployed through the APC during the last FG? No.

  • Otile

    Where are the haters hiding? I mean Abubakar tundemash, Gugurugus Ekpa, Maria, Julius and Babalowo Awosan. If this story had anything to do with Biafra awon_idiots would be blistering us with curses and insults. Have they all become taciturn?

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      The haters of truth—that is what they are—————-The ever moaning mourners of the fake ideas of Buhari ati liar mohamed———-have all gone into oblivion–the Paid hackers like Wahala—alias Tundermess–gone on awol with his regional raggish tuareg thoughts—against Jonathan——-Now that Buhari is president—-at least Nigerians now know his worthléess value and—–how he is using his fake bukuru to run the country-aground———–Animals–

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Now that Prof Itse Sagay has denied the Tribune Interview, lets look back and see what the Learned Prof has fed his students and followers over the years while we wait for him to deny them too.

    Extracts of speech delivered by Professor Sagay (SAN), former Head of Law Department of University of Benin, at the fourth sensitisation programme organised by the Ibori Vanguard at the Lagoon Restaurant, Lagos.

    “As Omoruyi and many other Scholars and Writers have noted, the Arewa North has always ensured that it controlled the Military, particularly the Army, as an insurance of its retention of power. The 1966 coup was a devastating blow against the Arewa North – the beneficiaries of the colonial legacy. Their shock and pain did not arise from the death of Balewa, Ahmadu Bello and their military officers – no. Their main grievance was loss of power to the Ibos. That is how they perceived Ironsi’s rise to power.

    Therefore, the carefully orchestrated uprisings in the North in May 1966, and the violent and bloody coup that followed it in July were not reactions to Decree 32 of 1966, abolishing the Regions and unifying the civil services of the country. The Decree was a convenient excise for the Northern bid to seize back power.

    For as we have seen, soon after power was restored to the North through Gowon and those behind him, they (the Northerners in powers) introduced a level of unitary government this country had never known and embarked on a deliberate programme for dismantling all federal structures in the country as we saw earlier in the series of Decrees transferring State resources to the Federal Government. The truth of the matter was power, raw power. It is also interesting to recall that the attempt of the North to secede after the counter-coup of July 1966, was halted when it was pointed out to them that in seceding, they were in effect divorcing the young lady of wealth, with her oil, seaports, etc.

    The whole saga of June 12, 1993 is merely a manifestation of the belief religiously held by the Arewa North that power was transferred to them as a right by the colonial masters. Omoruyi recalls that Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki, the Sultan of Sokoto, vehemently opposed General Babangida’s preparation for the June 12, 1993 elections on behalf of the Northern Leadership because the North was not able to decide the outcome in favour of the North before hand. He then prevailed on Babangida to cancel the presidential election, because the result was a reversal of the British legacy. So much then for Dasuki’s characterisation of the event as Allah’s will.”

  • ed

    Nigerian are completely in full support of Nigerian Armed Forces. The problem is the credibility gap between what’s on ground and what the propaganda machine want us to believe. The truth is the victim of both side reports.
    We’re not getting credible account from Liar Mohammed either.
    The war against ISIS and Boko Haram requires that we put all our power and resources to destroy the evil Islamic terrorist group. Please Level with Nigeria on the progress or lack there of. Boko Haram continue to operate in the North East. Nigerian Armed Forces continue to destabilize them, with some degree of success.
    ISIS and Boko Haram are far from finish. We need all hands on deck. Stop pretending that the war is over. We need more weapons, more communication equipment , more information from people on ground and more honest accounting of our success and lost. When people lose their love one, it inhuman for the government to cover it up.

  • Mariam Abdullahi


  • excel

    A great development from the nigeria military. PMB administration has shown that the military are not a coward but was sabotage by pdp administration, using the insurgent predicament to loot the Nation. End to boko haram will come soon enough. The country is on the path of Change, God bless Nigeria

  • C3kwe

    Same old Liar Mohammed , the same propaganda he used against Jonathan’s administration . Who will now believe you . What a shame .

  • opy

    The capacity of the Boko Haram sect has been greatly diminished, they are currently clutching to straws. Kudos to the Nigerian Military under the current administration for its sincerity in the fight against the terrorist organisation. Glad power changed hands!

  • excel

    God bless Nigeria army. Boko haram are going into extinction day by day. PMB administration has proved dasuki and co that called the army coward wrong. Change has come

  • Excisionish

    When it comes to propaganda and lying, ISIS and Lying Mohammed are two sides of the same coin