Akwa Ibom: APC after our oil producing states – PDP governors

Olusegun Mimiko

The Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum on Friday said the nullification of elections of the party’s governors was aimed at taking control of “oil-producing states by all means necessary” by the ruling All Progressive Congress.

Reacting to the nullification of the election of Akwa Ibom State governor, Udom Emmanuel, by the Court of Appeal in Abuja on Friday, the forum said the judgments were part of the grand plan of the APC to take over the state.

PDP governors alleged that Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal, had canvassed that it was a national security risk for the oil-rich states to be controlled by the opposition.

The coordinator of the forum, Osaro Onaiwu, in a statement said the judiciary must rise above partisan influence if it must protect not only its sanctity and integrity, but also the country’s democracy and rule of law.

“The nullification of the election of His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel by the Court of Appeal on Friday in Abuja should worry all those who truly desire good for this country.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the APC is bent on foisting a one-party state in Nigeria and to do so, it is ready to compromise the judiciary, destroy every fibre of integrity and sanctity of the judicial process through state compromise of the judiciary.

“For 16 years that the PDP governed, it respected the right to opposition and did not balkanise the judiciary as we have witnessed in the past seven months of the APC regime,” the governors said.

The governors further said the nation’s judiciary is “tele-guided by a puppet master in Lagos”, and that state apparatus “will soon collapse because a people’s will to choose their leaders can never be negotiated or mortgaged out of desperation”.

The governors expressed confidence that the people of Akwa Ibom State would resist the “obnoxious decline into fascism as was demonstrated recently in Bayelsa State, where the people stood firm against state terror and attempted imposition by the APC”.


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  • Clairvoyance

    What can’t you PDPigs understand, days of impunity are over. Why blame Tinubu is he the Chief Justice or attorney general of the Federation? With all this revelation coming out no sane mind will vote for the PDP goats else they will eat all the yams in the barn.

  • Spoken word

    Lol.these perennial riggers are now crying.the shoe is on the other foot now.

  • Bimbola

    Yes, that is what governance means for PDP. Dominating oil states and the money coming from there. Not about improving on the lives of ordinary people. That’s why they killed and stole votes to rule. Now time is up. PDP will sink even deeper.

  • Chuks

    Osaro Onaiwu is only afraid of his job. After the elections APC complained of massive rigging and vote stuffing in these states, but PDP asked them to go to court if they are not satisfied with the outcome. Now they have won their case and the same Party of Dumb People is shouting. PDP dug their grave with impunity and corruption. The party grossly underestimated how much Nigerians despised them and their arrogance with power. Nobody could believe a ‘humble looking Jonathan’ with no political pedigree could unleash such monumental corruption and ethnic division on helpless citizens.

  • Burbank

    “aimed at taking control of “oil-producing states by all means necessary” by the ruling All Progressive Congress.”
    And what benefits did the PDP brought to the people of those “oil-producing states” for the past 16 years?

    • Holy truth

      Bro, God Almighty in His infinite mercies will bless u abundantly 4 dis ur comment. Thank u bro.

    • Christian Akpan

      Akwa ibom under PDP brought a brand new international airport , free medical treatment for children under age one to 12 and older people from sixty years till death, world class 5 star hospital that was open last week , the best stadium in Africa by imperical record , free and compulsory education for all , 127 brand new road, E library , 2 five stars hotels , brand new and the best governors office in Nigeria , and many more .pls tell me the new thing that APC want to bring in akwa ibom state.

      • bjay

        Akpan open your eyes and see clearly, nobody is disputing your records but let pdp do the right thing by going back to re contest the election instead of going to supreme court. If they done well they should stop all this noise

      • absam777

        All you have listed are far below any international standard. And your thieving governors gave you all these in 16 years of government ? Why are you so gullible ?

        There is still poverty and illiteracy in Akwa Ibiom. You’ve just showed it in your summation.

      • Julius

        A best governors office ? Is that an achievement ?. You kidding me, right ?

      • Buhari4Ever

        Yes, a 5 star hospital but Akpabio went to London to treat a common headache

      • Jake

        With the billions allocated to Akwa Ibom,i guess someone need help

      • Burbank

        With the billions of dollars poured into A’Ibom for the past 16 years, that state should have produced 20 world’s hospitals, 5 top rank universities, 5 new airports, 10 Olympics stadia,10-lanes dual highways state-wide, wipe out poverty, zero unemployment, thriving industrial parks, bustling centers of commerce, 100 5-stars hotels.
        With the billions poured into the state, A Ibom would have rivalled Dubai or Singapore by now.
        But the PDP put up a stadium, a hospital, 2 hotels and you claimed that as “achievements” of 16 years of PDP glory?

        • zit

          I think your mathematics is immensely flawed. Also Akwa Ibom has not had huge federal allocation for 16 years only about 9 years, Victor Attah was the responsible for fight the legal battle of the oil wells for Akwa Ibom… Dubai did not develop into what it is today in a duration of 16 years, although Akwa Ibom gets huge federal allocation from oil, it still lags significantly behind “Lagos” which has existed for decades as the significant earner in the country but still doesn’t look like Dubai, Rivers State has in the past been the highest oil federal allocation region and second highest in the last 8 years yet it is not like Dubai. Nigeria is 12th biggest oil exporter in the world, while the UAE is rank 6th therefore we make significantly less from oil that Dubai. China for instance took 35 years to get to where there are and some parts of rural china are still quite bad. read some book, do some research before you claim Akwa Ibom should be looking like dubai in a 16 years time frame on the money the state has earned. do you know how much 10 Olympic stadia cost? look up how much UK spend on building their stadium for the concluded Olympics multiply by 10 and convert to Naira and it is more than Nigeria’s total budget for 2016. don’t be a dolt…

          • Burbank

            And that’s why Akwa Ibom failed to pay its workers while Akpabio boasted of “World-clas hotel, world-class hospital and world-class airport!”

      • zit

        exactly, Nigerians fell to understand that Not all PDP governments are bad, Calabar for instance is developing rapidly and it is not an APC government… Akwa Ibom people are just greedy, especially the Ibibio’s because the state is developing, just patients and the place will become a major economic hub for south south. I am sick of conniving with people out side their state to cheat themselves and children is pathetic… Anyway, I don’t care I make enough money for myself and family it is just the poor youths that I pity because all the APC in Akwa Ibom have previously held high positions in Akwa Ibom under PDP and were Highly unproductive…

  • Niyi Akinlabu

    These guy guy just idiots!

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    APC is looking for way to take control of oil producing states but PDP is looking for ways to continue looting the treasury of the nation. PDP is not ready to repent. The era of rigging election and still manipulating the judiciary to uphold the election is over.

    • zit

      I have to be honest, APC are doing exactly the same thing… the idea is have to both parties strong enough that keep each other in check, therefore no party has a monopoly over Nigeria.

  • favourtalk

    I wonder if this people think before talking, they must be very confuse for saying all this rubbish. They should know better that rigging won’t help them when they embarked on it during the last general election.

    • Jake

      What is going on right now is what we call rigging and lotting syndrom and PDP need overdose to Cure it

  • Why are they talking and reasoning like babies?

    • Julius

      I wonder if they have an educated person in that party. This is so sad !

  • Arabakpura

    PDP should disband! The wages of impunity is annuled elections! It should die so that another party can resurrect! The party is an irritant! Mentioning PDP evokes a lot of bile!

  • band olu

    All they can say in this matter is ”oil producing state”…These pple are really dumb,is that all they have on their mind?did they rig & kill bcos of d oil of d state?this party called PDP is finished,they are on their last leg…

  • kunle

    these bunch of so called leaders just dont get it……… political parties now own states ,but only as it relates to the oil…. the fortunes and vicissitudes of the people of those states do not concern them….. selfish educated illiterate governors

  • Atunde Adeola Yusuf

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    Olive Plaza Wuse2 Abuja or 34 Johnson Street off Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos./////

  • Eldorado

    PDP you lie!
    We in Akwa Ibom had rejected PDP since 2011 but you enforced yourselves on us with impunity.
    There was no election in Akwa Ibom and you know it.
    How is it possible that 400,000 plus accredited voters gave 1,200,000 plus votes of which your unpopular party alone got 900,000 plus votes?
    Akwa Ibom people want the opportunity to choose their leaders freely.
    Be afraid of the consequences of your actions.
    Come back for election and stop crying wolf.