Shehu Sani blames military for Zaria killings

Shehu Sani

The senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, has blamed the Nigerian military over an attack that left several members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria dead and many others injured at the weekend.

The Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria, confirmed to Premium Times that 60 bodies had been deposited at the hospital.

A source told PREMIUM TIMES the figure exceeds 100, while the Shiites Islamic Movement in Nigeria says hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, of its members were killed.

The Nigerian Army confirmed it arrested the leader of the group, Ibrahim El-Zazaky, and his wife.

An image circulated on the social media Tuesday, purports to show a bloodied Mr. El-Zakzaky sitting on what appears to be the ground, looking frail and tortured.

Mr. Sani said in a statement on Tuesday that the attack was nothing but “indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force by the military”.

“Silence and neutrality to this amount to nothing but aiding and abetting a clear and undisguised abuse of fundamental human rights.

“It’s absolutely wrong for the members of the group to deny the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff the rights of passage. However, killings and arson is not the legal, civilized and proportionate response to blocking road.

“Nigeria is a democratic state. The professional conduct of the apparatus of the state must be done within the ambit of the law and respect for fundamental rights of the citizenry.

“Nigeria as a democratic state must learn to balance its security exigencies with the need to observe and uphold its constitutional and moral obligation to fundamental human rights of its citizens.

“Any excuse to circumvent human rights is a step towards tyranny.

“Northern Nigeria has in the last seven years been neck deep in violence and soaked in blood. Opening a new front will not augur well for the peace and stability of Nigeria.

“The Zaria killings simply affirmed the fact that as a nation we have not learnt our lessons from our painful and hard experience.

“The action of the military is untenable, intolerable and unacceptable and has a serious repercussion to our global image, perception and moral standing.

“In the light of our recent experiences, it’s in the best security interest of our nation to encourage and support religious groups to operate openly.

“The Islamic movement and their leader have repeatedly denounced terrorism and insurgency.

“Zaria killings were avoidable tragedy. The use of force must always be the last resort and not the first resort and must be done within the principles of internationally best practices of rules of engagement.

“We have a duty as patriots to support our military to protect and defend our country, but it must be held to account within the permissible line of morality and the law.

“Those who are in support of the Zaria killings are giving a helping hand to arbitrariness and spitting on a fundamental right that may be used against them someday.

“The enduring spirit of a democratic state is upholding its moral values and achieving its goals. Our ultimate goal of restoring peace and order in our country must not be at the expense of sacrificing those very principles that distinctively separate us from those opposed to our democratic values.

“The right to life and human dignity is foundation upon which all other rights stand. We must learn to defeat ideas with superior ideas and not superior spears.

“I call for peace and justice. I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to launch a full scale investigation,” the senator said.


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  • favourtalk

    How can tak anyhow, he will always be against the government of the day because of the little portion of porridge that he is getting from saraki gate. Confuse legislator. He should know that the present military is not under GEJ again but a good hands who sworn and is under the pledge of protecting all not gangs of thugs and Islamic terrorist

  • Paul Graham

    Sani should simply shut the f–k up!

  • Sword of Damocles

    Senator Sani is a complex person. He is a vociferous supporter of the traitor Saraki, However he is also the ONLY public person to detail in MICRO-TERMS his assets, PUBLICLY, and now he has made a statement that I believe will wear well through the ages. This event in Zaria, is going to cause BIG problems for our country in the international community, at a time Nigeria needs all the help & friends it can get.

    • Omar

      I totally embraced the views of senator Sani. No one is arguing that what Shiite brothers and sister did was morally right. But at the same time the Nigerian military responded in an uncivilized way. No sane person will imbibe the masaccare of unarmed people just for blocking road afterall every religious sect in Nigeria does the same at some point in time.


        When unarmed Biafran agitators were shot,did you condemn it ?

        • Jakadiya

          Why should he? Are you comparing bush men (Shiites) with bush meat (Ibos)? Better ask God for forgiveness for your blasphemous statement. Tell your people that next time when they come out to protest they should not kill the Hausas or burn mosques or their vehicles again.

  • Tk Anene

    It amazes me how very intelligent people will react ignorantly when the issue involved is religion. But why is it only Muslims from the north of this country that causes trouble in Nigeria, while Muslims from the West are always peaceful. Look at Shehu Sani reaction. To him the army should have run away from the so called Shiite Muslims. Iran has also shown why they are on the bad side of the Western Countries. Why is terrorism coming from only one religion in the whole world? Please someone help with the answer.

  • AMN

    I really support ur view, but did buhari really care about d situation.

  • utolason

    Much as I agree with Sani on the indiscriminate use of force to remedy the situation I am not happy that he did not address the concerns other religious groups in Nigeria. The concerns are tow fold:
    1. considering the havoc another Islamic group, Boko Haram, is wrecking on the nation and previous attempt on the chief of army staff life, why was it necessary for a religious group to block the passage of the chief of staff convoy?
    2. why is that muslims in the North appear to cherish and rejoice in violence against their fellow humans?

    Without addressing these questions impartially, I am unable to condone the action of the soldiers.

  • growthengine

    Nigeria under this General is careening down a slippery slope. Economically, Socially and Mentally. How can people support this madness by the army. I can’t believe what Fela sang about decades ago is still happening today. Huh

    • Jakadiya

      My prayer for you is that wherever you’re going with your family members for Xmas this year, may you have a similar encounter like that of Buratai with Shiite people IJN, amen. For your information, GEJ left us on the slippery road and PMB ir putting things right now. My problem with you is that you are a power house not knowing that you are just a bunch of trash. Can you name three major things the Ibos contribute to the Nigerian economy? If you fo that, I’ll give you ten things the Ibos do to destroy the Nigerian economy.

  • Usman

    It’s unfortunate the way some people talk disproportionately, what did he wants the military to do? Fold their arms while they’re been killed? Where were Sani and co when they severally caused havoc on the people of Zaria?


      Yes , you are right they should wipe out the whole shiites in Nigeria to make sure that the road is cleared for Buratai the god.

      • Jakadiya

        My prayer for you is that wherever you’re going with your family members for Xmas this year, may you have a similar encounter like that of Buratai with Shiite people IJN, amen.

  • absam777

    This guy always talk from both sides of his mouth. He is fighting El Rufai, Does he want to be the champion of an Islamic .sect?. We don’t want another Boko haram sect.The military has suffered enough humiliation under GEJ. Enough of this miscreants and their perversion of human right.

  • wahkele

    Why doesn’t he want to be direct and blame President Buhari? The military is part of the government, and Buhari is the head of government. He is pretending he does not know the military must have been acting, or not acting, on orders from Buhari, which could explain why Buhari has not made an official statement about the situation.

    • Jakadiya

      I pray that you meet Shiite people on your back home during or before the coming Xmas, IJN, amen.

  • eclub

    Senator, I’m sorry, we should be talking consequences here. Go to the floor of the Senate to express your outrage, and thereafter, introduce articles of impeachment, or hold your peace!


    Yes,only animals of the Zoo can support the actions of the military in the mass murder of Shiites on the watch of Buhari but we must all remember that this same hypocrite Senator Sanni gave support to the shooting of unarmed Biafran agitators.

    • Jakadiya

      When any Bisfraud bush meat cones out again, he/she will be treated as such. IJN, amen.

  • Otile

    Shia Muslims are protesting in six northern Nigerian cities against a military crackdown they allege has left hundreds of their members dead. Many businesses have shut in Kaduna, one of the cities worst-affected by the demonstrations, a BBC reporter says. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani phoned his Nigerian counterpart, Muhammadu Buhari, about the crackdown.

    Idiotic_aboki Sani thought Imam was going to massacre only unarmed Biafrans. Sorry aboki Imam has many enemies besides unarmed Biafrans. He is yet to deal with many Northern Christians, Oduduwa Christians, more Shiites, and his enemies in PDP.

  • International games


    • Jakadiya

      Put your thinking cap, you daft. You cannot enter an Emirs’s territory without going to pay homage. Even GEJ has been doing it. It’s a sign of respect and recognition. How would you like to hear that a visitor was in your bedroom while you’re in the living room?

  • Sir Demo

    If it is true that more than 60 people were killed as being reported, and could be confirmed, then the COAS must be sacked, arrested and sentenced appropriately. This is the samething that happened in Yusuf case and gave the maniacs BHs justification for their devilish activities. I am fully a PMB supporter but I can not rationalize this particular killing and humiliation of the sect leader! IT IS PURELY BARBARIC AND UNNECESSARY if truth must be told.

    • Timothy

      Totally agree with you. It was an excessive show of force which may have dire consequences.

      • Jakadiya

        If the COAS had been assassinated, I wonder what you’ll have written. Alternatively, if the COAS had avoided them by changing their routes, I wonder how safe you ‘Bloody Civilian’ would have felt

        • Timothy

          Brother am with you ooooo! My comment is only based on the fact that after the military cleared the road for our COAS to pass our boys went to the leaders house and set the record straight. How can they lay ambush for the COAS, its just madness as far as am concerned. Guy after watching the video of transpired and how senior military men came out to plead with these people they refused to budge. For me I think being in the shoes of the COAS its an act of ambush and would do anything to defend my superior officer. The Army has no other training but how to kill. No stories. If anyone does not like it, then that person should join the army and see if they train them to dance or sing music

          • Jakadiya

            Thank you, bros. Please, imagine that the COAS bulged and turned back, what are we going to say about our army? Don’t forget, the same Shiite people made the former governor, Ramalan Yero, to come down out of his vehicle in a convoy to trek. They did that to Emir of Zazzau, too. That made the Zaria people to hit back at them where Shiites lost hundreds of their members not quite long. That’s the genesis of their relocation from Zaria city to Sabon Gari. Thank you, bros.

          • Timothy

            Oh boy I saw the video last night and I was mad. What were they thinking? Do they know the person in that convoy? its unbelievable that they think they own the town and can command whoever they want and however they want. Its not acceptable. Our military can not afford to look weak. for goodness sakes, they only profession they know is how to kill, not how to negotiate and talk truce. they have left that to the politicians. But for them to block the road and after how many appeals, I even saw a soldier ordering his boys dont shoot, dont shoot and they remained. That is madness. I know this thing does not look good internationally. No one will see the genesis of all this as you have said it. They will only see military attacked unarmed men and shot them. 60 died and their leader arrested. Its quite unfortunate my brother that some people decide to see themselves above others. Who is their leader and what gave him the guts to educate his people so?

          • Jakadiya

            Thank you, bros.

  • opy

    Shehu Sanni always spewing trash, like the the military just opened fire on the terrorist without provocations.

  • Analyst

    The military knows that Buhari support the killing of Shite, the reason why they do it with joy and happiness. You can see Buhari has not said anything but can make comment on France killing where the deads were fewer.

    • Jakadiya

      I pray that one day you should encounter the Shiites and and pray too that they give you a dose of their medicine. Ameen.

  • Jakadiya

    My prayer for those against the military action is that wherever they’re going with their family members for Xmas this year, may they have a similar encounter like that of Buratai with Shiite people IJN, amen, amen and amen.