Ex-PDP National Chairman rubbishes own party, canvasses support for Buhari

A former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Okwesilieze Nwodo, has urged Nigerians to have faith in President Muhammadu Buhari and give him time to implement his campaign promises.

Mr. Nwodo told newsmen in Umuahia that the president needed time to formulate policies and execute programmes to tackle the myriads of socio-economic challenges currently plaguing the nation.

He said: “The president came in with tremendous goodwill. It’s not easy in the Third World for an opposition party to defeat a sitting government.

“So for Buhari to have done that shows the measure of goodwill he came to office with.

“Secondly, I believe that what he promised our people was something that was timely; I’m of the PDP but that government had reached a point of impunity.

“The level of impunity is being shown by the investigations that are going on indicating that we needed somebody who promised us that he was going to fight corruption and to bring sanity to government expenditure.

‘’I’m one of those who believe that no Nigerian should go to bed hungry and that this country has enough resources to feed us and to provide enabling environment to achieve our God-given talent.

‘’But when government’s resources are so plundered as they have been done by other administrations, you can see that the waste in governance has made it impossible for Nigerians to reach their manifest potential.

‘’So when a president is coming on board and promises that he is going to fight corruption and people voted, so these are the two big credentials that the president came on-board with.

‘’They are not things that can be achieved overnight. The problem is that we have suffered so long that Nigerians have become impatient.

‘’They want to be removed from the fire they are in today by tomorrow but government doesn’t work like that.

‘’It takes time for policies to be formulated and to be implemented, so what I want to plead with Nigerians is to give the president time.

‘’I believe he has brought in a solid team of ministers to help him and this is the time the work now starts.

“Let’s pray for him, let’s wish him the best and hope that he will be able to fulfil those promises he made to us.’’

Mr. Nwodo also canvassed the need for the Federal Government to implement the report of the National Conference, saying this would help to reduce social tension in the country.

He further said that the report of the conference, if implemented, would enthrone and strengthen true federalism in the country, saying that Nigeria was currently practising a unitary system in a federation.

Mr. Nwodo also said that true federalism would ensure competitiveness and self-reliance among the federating units, adding that under the defunct regional system, the regions and the country fared better.

He expressed regrets that the sharing of monthly allocation from oil revenue had discouraged the states from harnessing other natural endowments.

Mr. Nwodo, a former governor of Enugu State, urged state chief executives to look inwards on how to enhance their internally generated revenue.

He commended the current efforts of the Federal Government toward reviving the moribund refineries and building new ones.

The country, he said, would continue to experience scarcity of petrol as long as it relied on importation to meet local consumption.

Mr. Nwodo, who was conferred with the Honorary Doctor of Science degree by Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia on Saturday, advocated the setting up of Education Trust Fund at the state and local government levels.

He said that such an initiative would complement the Federal Government’s efforts in tackling the infrastructure deficit in public schools in states and local government areas.



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  • favourtalk

    PDP is dead today in nigeria, they will never wake again, Nigeria will never give them another chance after seeing all the revelation of the wicked ways of thier past deeds

    • ayobamiba

      But all the bad guys of PDP have all changed their uniforms, threw away their umbrellas and are now holding tight to the brooms .name them,obj,atiku,amaechi,saraki,kwankwaso,okorocha,ngige,oyinola,elrufai,tambuwal,gemade,sylva,etc in fact,APC is nothing but old PDP.guy your brain is dead ooo.you can’t even reason.

      • tundemash

        Is there anything wrong with that ? Was Apostle Paul not a persecutor of christians ?
        When the head is good , everyone complies and fal in line but when the head is rotten and claims stealing is no corruption, your destiny will be shared among the rogues.

  • Mbago

    Most Nigerians are completely brainwashed. Who is PDP and who is APC. Same ppl with same intention of looting the country resources dry. Nemesis will soon catch up with them because the coming revolution will consume all the thieves from north,west or east. They must all go down for this country to prosper. The Jerry Rawlings treatment.

    • Burbank

      But under Buhari, crime does not pay.
      Ask Saraki and Kwakwaso and Nyako.

      • Mbago

        They are the same people. The only thing going for Buhari is that he is not as greedy as the others but he is not very sincere

        • Burbank

          “but he is not very sincere”
          Besides the Pope, who is “very sincere”?
          Putin? Xi Jin Ping? Obama?

          • Mbago

            What I see all around is hypocrisy. Even if those other world leaders are sincere too their citizens are not decieved and molested like Nigerians. Buhari has nothing to loose at 72+ so let him brace and leave a lasting legacy.

          • Burbank

            It is our common hope that our leaders will leave behind a legacy which we can be proud of, for our sake and that of our children and their children.

          • Mbago

            That’s our hope but will their greed allow them to think of leaving such legacy. Will Buhari ever have the will power to rout for true federalism as against the present unitary system of govt as nwodo advocated,knowing that the present structure suit them so well. That is the dilemma.

          • Burbank

            Very good points sir.
            I agreed.

          • PolyGon2013

            Would you still prefer PDP & Dumbo Jonathan to still be in power.

          • Fuzio

            Your messiah has conducted two state elections so far and screwed them up. That is a sign of things to expect moving forward. At least Jonathan conducted a transparent free and fair elections.

          • PolyGon2013

            Jonathan conducted some fraudulent elections, but God saw to it that he lost. I will admit that Jonathan, your messiah lost gallantly. He did not cause any issues because he knew he really lost the election, big time.

          • Julius

            Good question. As a matter of fact , there aint no politicians that are truly sincere…if they do, they wont be elected.Its what they do when they get there that counts. So far Buhari is doing fine though I want him to start kicking ass in the market place.. I’ll help him for free !.Well for some of the money we gonna get back fromDasuki soon

          • Burbank

            I drink that!

          • Julius

            cold bottle raised my broda!. Im into politics here , so I know a little something about the best of them here.

  • Burbank

    Signs of the times – a national chairman rubbishes his own PDP party.


      He is a beggar

      • Saydo Shan

        No, I won’t subscribe to that.

        • BABUYANMA

          He is a turn coat traitor.

          • Saydo Shan

            No, give him the benefit.

          • BABUYANMA

            Give fraudster benefit?. You’ve lost ya mind

    • Julius

      lolz some will follow soon. This looting news is getting to be too much for them. I bet some are making plans to refund some monies as we speak.

      • Burbank

        They already doing it!

        • Julius

          Yepper !. Its getting interesting !

  • vica

    PDP is done and dusted we can’t go back to d dark age… We have seen the light


    Just tell your people to get off our roads, and go to work

    • Fuzio

      Yaa. The Nigerian economy is in the toilet because they have refused to work. We will see how your messiah will fulfill his uncountable campaign promises after embracing the takers and alienating the makers and with Oil price collapse.


        Refused to go to work?. Just don’t blame anyone for your next episode of kwashoko

        • Fuzio

          There is no English word called ‘kwashoko’.

          • BABUYANMA

            It just became an English word. Get it?. DUMMY

          • Fuzio

            That is why the Federal government has to lower the standards for you in the SW to enable you get admitted to Federal Unitary Schools.

          • BABUYANMA

            We set the standard for Nigeria. We are head and shoulder above you Lilliputians

      • Julius

        Moron, the man just got there !. 7 plus months and after what the dumbo and his looter friends left behind, you expecting a miracle. It doesnt work that way biko. But, I understand your pain. You will be okay soon.

        • Fuzio

          He and his party promised that it would be El Dorado on day 1. That is their promise not mine.

          • Julius

            They had been. You may not like it, thats your problem. If Jonathan had left things in a good shape, it would have even been better. Look at the news you are reading now about how Jonathan and his bastards administration looted us blind. I know you dont care about that but the rest of us do.

    • Julius

      This is his job plus smoking crack for energy !

  • Saydo Shan

    At times like this, statement of the type we are getting from Mr Nwodo gives us hope that majority of Nigerians are yearning for the progress of Nigeria. Mr Nwodo has exhibited qualities of a true patriot. We are not worshiping President Buhari. And he is not expecting to be worshiped. We just want good for Nigeria and Nigerians.

    The government should look at all that Mr Nwodo said critically. The best of friends is the one that advice you sincerely. The extent you will take the advice on board or jettison it is dependent on the outcome of a dispassionate and thorough analysis.

  • Redeem

    That is the Ibo man for u. Unstable with his thoughts to a fault. Soon the story will be that they are not interested in Biafra again.

    • Höly Wähala

      @Deri Redeem, The IZON Chimp…
      Hahaha… who betrayed Ndigbo during the war? Were Jasper Adaka Boro ati Ken Saro-Wiwa stable men?
      Again, drop the bottle… you’ve been on ogogoro since 9am this morning, quit and take fresh air. Oloti Buruku!

      • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

        U are a very unstable mental case—I have asked u to stop taking drugs–in Europe where u are based—–The thing with u is that u do not seem to aware that, it was late Ojukwu as an Army Officer, who was sent to arrest late Adaka Boro–in the Niger Delta–when he launched his war of liberation in the creeks –? Long before the Fulani ati Ibo war. Besides, did Ojukwu refuse the order from the Fulani Generals or the Tuaregs-? Is Ojukwu more educated that Boro who made first class in Chemistry at University of Nsukka? Ojukwu came out with an ordinary pass—what we call (Let my people go)—cert from London–Again was it Ojukwu who first started the liberation war–in the South-?–Before Ojukwu was the struggle by the Tivs–followed by the Izon Nation-led by Chief Dappa Biriye and Boro. U do not seem to know the History of Eastern Region–at all.. It was Zik who betrayed the Ijaw Nation at the London Constititional Conference when the British asked the Ijaw Nation not to align with the thieves–Ibos- Fulanis and Yorubas-to seek for Independence. Unfortunately for the Ijaw Nation–Chief Dappa Biriye revealed the plea by the Brits to late Chief Osadebe- who in turn spilled the beans to Zik—-It was Zik who persuaded Chief Dappa Biriye to ditch that wonderful unique advise to the Ijaw Nation–by the Brits———-That was how the quest for our freedom was sabotaged by the Ibos via Zik–Go and read the memoirs of Osadebe-titled the (State of the Nation)–Monkey!—-U the Ibos are traitors——-and u have started again–with your Biafra————————Instead of reaching out to the various ethnic groups in the South south, u are busy drawing up the fake map of the zone without consultation! No wonder the leader of the Tuaregs, Dr.Junaid, is urgently asking Buhari, to allow the Ibos go to their Biafra–while u search for your dead Fulani father in the Nigerian Army——-Animals

        • Julius

          You are indeed a mental case. I’ll be laughing if this isnt so sad and serious.

          • Höly Wähala

            Laff joor, that’s why he’s here… for entertainment. Wait until he lunches his Kwame Nkrumah story, that’s when you will break your ribs trying to hold back laff. Baba nla mad man ni Deri Oloshi…
            A career clown. hahaha lol!

        • Höly Wähala

          Drunk Professor… Hahahahahahahahhaaa chei!
          Tell me the history of Aborigines carrying Lord Lugard on their shoulders to Bony shores, that is what I’m interested in not this long fake story about Jasper making 1st Class in Igbo land. Clown, you can’t seem to drop the bottle for even one second in your miserable life. You are truly a nut case Deri… Oloshi!

    • PolyGon2013

      I hope they stick with Biafra. We don’t need the ibos.

    • Rommel

      And which ethnic nationality is stable in his thoughts? social media has provided misfits the opportunity to vituperate, well we love it but why should this man waste his time with a party that relegated him,have you heard his name in any of the tales of the Jonathan lootocracy? remember he is one of the founding fathers of the PDP.

  • Let Biafrans go now!


    **they need Nigeria more than Nigeria needs them.
    Dr Junaid Mohammed, convener of the Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, has called on Nigerians to allow Igbos to go, if they want to, saying that they need Nigeria more than Nigeria needs them.
    Speaking in an explosive interview with Sunday Sun, the Kano-based Russian-trained medical doctor turned politician, who described the Igbos as persons who could not be trusted with power and certain key positions in the country, however, said: “…I insist they should be heard and be allowed to secede, provided they are peaceful.” Excerpts:

    Looking at the dimension the agitation for the sovereign State of Biafra has taken, should Nigerians and Nigeria allow the Igbos go or not?
    My understanding is that in every society, people will have to be persuaded, to see the benefit of living together. But where that fails, I think people should be allowed to go their separate ways in peace. Now, this question should have been answered earlier, before the independence or even immediately after the Igbo coup of 1966.

    Directly, through their own actions, they organised a tribal coup in which political, business and even traditional leaders of other tribes, other than their own tribe were eliminated, leaving their own leaders intact. That shows who they are. However, I am one of those who believe that Nigeria is a very impor¬tant project not only for Nigerians, but to the entire black race. So it will be a disaster if black people cannot live together in peace. There was a consensus within the generality of Nigerians that Nigeria has to be saved, Nigeria has to be preserved and in doing so you have to use minimum violence. It has to be used through persuasion for those people who don’t understand the essence of our being together.

  • sammyctu ode

    I congratulate Mr. Nwodo for his frank honest talk and if every Igbo leaders talk like him, Nigeria will be a better place. Nwodo knows what he is talking about because the SE leaders are the ones who caused the problems of Igbos by getting multi-billion Naira contracts for SE then abandon the projects. One thing i will advice the igbos is to abandon their ultra conservative political thinking and be more progressive. The igbos are good people but at thesame time they need to let other zones trust them. Thanks Mr. Nwodo for your frank and honest talk.

    • Dr. JUNAIDj

      When are u going to leave Nigeria for Biafra-

    • PolyGon2013

      We don’t need ibo. They need to leave Nigeria. Period.

  • JJ

    I always asked if there are elders in Igbo land because you rarely see one. This is like one. Joe Igbokwe is another one too, though still young but has the wisdom of an elder. I hope there are more elders in SE.

  • Julius

    The 1st old man that has made sense in a while in this country. Thank you sir !

    • PolyGon2013

      You mean the 1st old man from SE.

      • Julius

        Yes ! Remember the man they love to hate had said almost the same thing. OBJ !!

  • time 4 buhari to go

    DasukiGate: Buhari Collected $300,000 Compensation From Dasuki.

    The Investigation on the $2.1billion arms purchase funds given to the former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki rtd have revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari was among those that benefited for the Security spending.

    According to Dasuki’s office, alleged that General Muhammadu Buhari collected $300,000 initial payment as compensation over Boko Haram’s attack on him. His Bullet proof car that worth Millions was also replaced with new ones by Dasuki.

    President Buhari benefited from the alleged diversion of Arms budget by Dasuki with Newspapers owners, whose Business was disrupted by both Boko Haram attacks and the Military seizing their Newspapers or disrupting their distribution channels.

    President Buhari was also alleged to have received 5 bullet proof Jeeps from Sambo Dasuki valued over N500million without the approval of the Presidency. Why is Premium Times hiding this story-? Because thief Buhari is involved abi

    • Julius

      You are a moron !. No lie.

    • Rommel

      Wunderbar! and why have you been hiding this important information from the public? have you been hallucinating? that would be dereliction of duty as a PDP propagandist wannabe,you should be up and doing and try something believable next time okay!

    • Ologbonlolode

      Sometimes, ignoring idiotic comments from time4buharitogo and his ilk may cause one memory crash! I have never seen a moron and imbecile like this guy in my life. Did you ever bother to listen to yourself at all? Buhari collected $300,000 and 5 bullet proof jeeps from your thieving and sodomic Dasuki? Saying you are hallucinating is being nice to you. You have crossed to the other side of sanity walahi! Amunkunmeko!!!