​S​enate asks Buhari to review Nigeria’s foreign policy

The Senate has asked the Nigerian Government to review the objectives of Nigeria’s foreign policy with a view to ensuring the​ relationship with other countries ​produce benefits to Nigeria.

The resolution of the Senate on Tuesday, followed a motion by Stell Oduah (PDP- Anambra North) titled “The Urgent Need to Re-Assess Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Objectives in Line with Emerging Economic Realities”.

Ms. Oduah said since independence at 1960, Nigeria’s foreign policy objectives “invented by Tafawa Balewa” have remained unchanged.

“Rather, every succ​e​eding administration in the country has come up with new circumstantial mechanisms aimed at achieving foreign policy goals,” she said.

Speaking further, she mentioned Nigeria’s contributions to international peace and development.

​Ms. Oduah​ noted that Nigeria had made “pivotal contributions” to ending civil war, colonialism, external domination, oppressive minority rule and Apartheid in various African countries, including the Gambia, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

​She​ said Nigeria has remained a major troop-contributing nation to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations around the world, starting with UN Peacekeeping Operations in the Congo called “Operation des Nations units àu Congo” in 1960, she said.

Despite all these contributions, Ms. Oduah expressed worry that Nigerians who reside abroad are treated with disdain.

She said, “So many of our nationals are being killed for reasons that are despicable.

“The xenophobic attack by South Africans against Nigerians who live and conduct businesses in their midst is still fresh in our minds.

“Moreso, from Kenya to the Maghreb and across Southern Africa, discrimination against and other non-nationals have been on the rise, as can be seen in various international media reports.”

Accordingly, the Senate asked its Committee on Foreign Affairs to investigate several alleged maltreatment and killing of Nigerians abroad as well as “take into consideration the Doctrine of Diplomatic Reciprocity in its activities and report back to the Senate within four weeks.”

Further, it urged the Federal Government “to reassess our foreign policy objectives in a hostile, unstable and competitive global environment which operates on the principle of survival of the fittest to ensure that Nigerian investors/businessmen are accorded the right of first refusal especially in those countries where Nigerian fought tirelessly for their liberation, emancipation, freedom, peace and security.

It also implored “the Federal Government to, going forward, imbibe Nigeria’s economic interest as vital component of our foreign policy objectives in countries where the nation invested her enormous human and material resources to restore security, peace, stability and democracy as the era of our Father Christmas Diplomacy is certainly over.”


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  • oliver

    madam God would bless you,infact just because of this motion alone.all your sins are forgiven.i have been singing this song for for so long

  • Hardest FACTS!

    Permit me to begin my comment with the beautiful poto above and the eyes in the poto. Beautiful.

    The world treats Nigeria with disdain because Nigeria treats itself with disdain.I will explain with sytatistics:
    1. In 35 days, Nigerian police has killed 19 persons(peaceful protestors) of Biafran origin and Buhari has said nothing about it. Not even a comment. In which other country will this happen?

    2. Nigeria is the only country with a man claiming to be President yet without Secondary School certificate which is a constitutional requirement for contesting presidential elections.

    3. Nigeria is the only country where someone will make statements like
    —-“If I lose the next elections, God willing, the streets will be filled with the BLOOD of the DOGS & BABOONS “ …..”Why is the Federal
    —-Government killing Boko haram terrorists and burning their houses? They (terrorists) should be treated with preference” , and then still
    —-become president.

    4. Nigeria is the only country where the benchmark for admission into UNITY schools is based on your region (country) of origin. Buharis North = 2marks…..and Jonathan’s South = 147marks. It looks impossible BUT believe it, this is TRUE in Nigeria even as I write.

    5. Nigeria is the only country where the government at the center is NOT interested in PROBING terrorism and its financing because it has something to hide. Instead it deceitfully focuses only of partisan persecution in the name of anti corruption.

    6. Nigeria is the only country where corruption by ex- Military presidents is overlooked for ethnic alliance and solidarity purposes.

    7. Nigeria is the only country where a state Governor wakes up at the middle of the night and deports other ‘Nigerians’ to their respective ‘countries’ of origin. His name? Babatunde Fashola and he is currently a cabinet minister and an ally of Buhari.

    8. Nigeria is the only Country where presidential aspirants run away from public debate because they fear their speech and memory problems will be exposed…or their stewpidity exposed.

    9. Nigeria is the only country where LEGISLATHIEVES who make laws earn the highest in the world while the minimum wage is 0.0000005 : (i.e.,N 18,000/month Vs N35m/Month )

    10. Nigeria is the only country where a crooks and thieves who as past presidents maimed, assassinated, stole and even snatches wives of relatives and opponents, become presidential advisers and consultants.

    11. Finally, Nigeria is the only country where one who publicly misappropriated public monies as Central Bank Governor as well as spent tax payer’s monies on mistresses at hotels is made King (Emir) of a city.

    12. Etc , etc, etc…

    • oliver

      remind me again how many black people have the police in the united states killed this years alone,what is wrong with Nigerian are you cussed or what???the woman spoke the truth and the action they have decided to take is a very sound decision

    • Arabakpura

      13. Nigeria is the only country where a President would claim that his ambition is not worth the blood of anybody and would send his troops to fight and die with dilapidated and outdated equipment while dashing his cronies in his bedroom, billions of money meant to secure his country men! That is the most reason why Nigeria is disrespected!

  • Bidemi Lukman

    This woman sounds highly clueless like her former boss- GEJ. Why did she think Nigerians are treated with disdain. The outside world reads about the corrupt practices of our leader daily and wonder if Nigeria is different from zoo.

    This acts of our leaders makes lot of Nigerians to do many funny things to get out of Nigeria for better leaving which include stowing in aircraft. For God’s sake, with all theses, how do you think Nigerians would not be treated with disdain when our supposed role models (leader) which she is one of them are criminals.

    After being sent out of office for corruption (Odua Gate), what respect would Nigerians command in the wolrd knowing that same Nigerians elected such criminal (stella) as a law maker.

    Odua, your Idea will automatically work if outside world wake up to realise that people like you are in jail

    • oliver

      my friend shut your mouth,Nigerians are disrespected because of fools like you

      • tundemash

        Can u shed more light on how Bidemi Lukman contributed to Nigerians being disrespected abroad, compared with convicted rogue James Ibori, fugitive cross-dresser Alamaseghia, ex. convict Bode George, ex. convict Ceclia Ibru, ex. convict Tafa Balogun, Stella Oduah of Oduagate and others.

        • oliver

          name one country in the world that those not have criminals ,Nigerian probably is not criminals,no the problem of Nigeria is slave mentality,black people like to cuss up black people while they worship white.and that is from elite down to the last man.that is the problem with Nigeria and that is what bidemi is doing.the woman spoke the truth and she provided the right solution,i had looked into Nigerian foreign policy over two years ago and recommended same thing.but people who worship white ,slave minded people blocked it.if she stands by it i bet you Nigerians would be respected round the world

          • tundemash

            There is no country that there are no criminals but those criminals are not celebrated and those criminals do not propose or make laws for those countries e.g. Americans who gave bribe in the Haliburton case have tried and jailed by America while the Nigerians who took the bribe are being celebrated, given chieftaincy titles, defended by their tribal clan and given more political responsibilities to steal.
            Asking Nigerians to embrace better values than celebrating criminals who impoverish them does not translate to worshiping any white man. It is not a whiteman who chose to embezzled money meant to buy arms to protect Nigerians. It is not a whiteman who inflated price of BMW just to benefit herself. It is not the whiteman in power in Nigeria who refused to develop the hospitals, roads and security but would choose to go to German Hospital for common cold. It is not the whiteman who acquitted Olori Gbogbo Ole of Africa James Ibori of corruption only for same James Ibori to plead guilty to same offence in London. Outsiders will only give you as much respct as you have earned. Celebrating and glorying rogues would not earn you respect in any sane world!

  • Onike24

    Nigeria will be treated with disdain for as long as characters like this are Senators. You cannot force countries to respect you, it has to be earned.

    • Otile

      Nigeria will be treated with disdain as long as rogues like Rotimi Oyenusi ati Alhaji Fashola are Ministers. You cannot force countries to respect you, it has to be earned, moreover the fish rots from the head. Coupists and safrikate forgers presidents being praised to high heavens by stupid_praise singers does not help matters.

  • Uvietesiri

    This woman should be proposing a bill for secession of Biafra and not bother herself about Nigeria’s image. Who will have respect for:

    Mathematics = F9
    Physics = F9
    English Lietratue F9
    English language = P8
    Geography = P7
    Economics = F9
    Hausa Language A1

    • Fadama

      Stop making a caricature of yourself

  • Olu from South Africa

    Stell Oduah! Reminiscence of bad dreams.

    • Otile

      Hypocrite, do you love your oppressors in South Africa? Born slave like you.