APC dumps Audu’s running-mate, to conduct fresh primaries


The All Progressives Congress, APC, on Tuesday announced that it would conduct fresh primaries to determine a replacement for its late candidate, Abubakar Audu, in the inconclusive governorship election in Kogi State.

Mr. Audu’s death was announced on Sunday shortly after Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, declared the election inconclusive.

Addressing journalists at the party’s national Secretariat in Abuja, the national chairman of the party, John Odigie-Oyegun, said delegates to the last primaries – which saw the emergence of the late candidate – would determine who becomes the candidate.

On the fate of Mr. Audu’s running-mate, James Faleke, the APC national chairman said it would be decided after conducting fresh primary election.

“As a party, we are going to proceed with process of organising primaries to provide a substitute candidate for the late Abubakar Audu,” the party chairman declared.

While expressing his condolences to the family of late Audu on behalf of APC worldwide, Mr. Oyegun said the Attorney General of the Federation had made it public that the APC should replace the late candidate.

“He (attorney general) has made a pronouncement to the effect that all that is required is for the APC to go through the processes of providing a substitute to our late candidate.

“The INEC is also in agreement with the views of the attorney general because we have already received a letter from them formally asking us to find a replacement for the vacancy that has been created by the passing on of Prince Abubakar Audu.

“So that is what will engage the APC at this moment,” he said.

He said the party would go into executive session Tuesday to decide on the modalities of the primaries.


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  • deji

    APC had better not create problem for themselves where there is none. Faleke already has as much stake as the late Audu to the votes already casted for APC last Saturday, except if the election will be cancelled totally. In the new scheme of things, Faleke should either be number 1 or number 2 on the ticket.

    • ezra

      Deji, I really concur with ur submission. Faleke should just be the one to shop in for deputy not the APC fielding another candidate.

      • marley Ritz

        My take in this is that APC ought not conduct any fresh primaries. To do so would be creating legal problems that may evetually see them losing the seat at the election tribunals. This because the new candidate will be held not to have met with the strigent requirements of section 141 and other sections of the Electoral Act. Instead, APC should present the runner up of the previous primaries that produced late Audu.

        • akintunde ijimere

          Supported. that will be a logical and democratic process.

        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          The runner had decamped to PDP because during campaign he canvassed vote for Wada.

          • anwari

            You see. Nigerian politicians are so selfishly impatient, so ideologically bankrupt. Am sure he’ ll be regretting that action now.

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            Ibira his tribe are lambasting and raining abuse on him now.

      • akintunde ijimere

        Audu picked Faleke as deputy candidate. Faleke did not win a democratic primary as a deputy governorship candidate. There must have been other candidates who got more votes than Faleke during the previous primary. It is only democratic, wise and just to give Faleke and others who lost to Audu in the previous primary to legitimize themselves as the APC governorship candidate after the unfortunate passing of Audu. No one is stopping Faleke from competing in the new primary. If Faleke has contributed so much to APC’s impending victory he should be ale to proof it by winning the new primary and just walk into governor’s much after the supplementary elections. This is transparent process that will give Faleke a strong hand as governor. Simple logic without all the emotionalism.

    • Sir Demo

      I have said it before Oyegun is a weakling! That is why Saraki and Dogara could still be in office. The Taraba sword is not hanging on APC, if Faleke is put forward, since a primary was duly conducted. My worry is Kogi APC exco, if they don’t want him. Whatever the decision, Faleke should be on the team.

      This is the result of an unnecessary problem caused by a legally uneducated professor. How can he confused registered voters with cancelled votes.

      • deji

        You are right m brother. There should be no election re run to start with. The number of people that collected PVC in the affected areas where the elections were cancelled were only about 23,000, which is far less than the 40,000 winning margin that APC currently has. The election should have been concluded by that Saturday. I don’t know why APC is not pushing for that to be addressed instead of getting ready for another election.
        I agree with you. This Oyegun is a weakling…

        • takethetrain

          wc? we all can’t be strong minded. cks friend is one too. big deal. go pick up the straws you were reaching for, and i don’t mean berry639

  • PolyGon2013

    Faleke should submit his name as a candidate. But this is not fair. APC should just present Faleke and then let Faleke pick hid own running mate. They know quite well that whoever is presented would win since PDP cannot win 100% of the votes cancelled.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    The law courts will settle this. Whatever the outcome, Faleke should get ready to go to court. When did the AGF become the arbiter of what the law is in a situation with no clear precedent!

    • eclub

      Now you see why it matters who Buhari selected as his cabinet, and Ministers.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The religious card is playing out behind the scenes. The only reason the APC wants to conduct a fresh primary is to find a Muslim candidate to satisfy the majority of the voters in Kogi, which is not unreasonable.

    • DTaj

      You are wrong, Zach. The likely reason for APC’s action is to find an Igala candidate because they are in the majority in Kogi and they have always been elected as Governor (under ANPP and PDP) since the establishment of Kogi state.
      If you knew Kogi state very well, Igala people will never willingly vote a Yoruba or Ebira man. APC is being very practical and pragmatic. If they choose Faleke, Igala people will vote massively for Wada in the supplementary election and PDP will thus win!
      This is not a Muslim matter…

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        I think you are right. Thank you for that insight.

  • eclub

    What a dirty slap to Southerners, Christians, Yorubas, One Nigeria chanters!!!

  • Otile

    Islamic APC used James Faleke to garner Christian votes, they never intended for him to be a governor just like Imam Buhari used Hon Osinbajo to get Yoruba votes. This is no brainer.

  • Mockme

    If Faleke is a man, he should go to court. This is unjust and unfair. Religion apart, he made those for APC count. How then will it be that he is sidetracked? You can see how messy political parties are in this country. An unjust party cannot survive. APC is going the way of PDP and will die a quicker death.

  • eclub

    In case you didn’t know it, and are ignorant of the fact that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the current Emir of Kano, is the brain behind the Buhari administration, now you do. The following is his views on the Yoruba:

    Yorubas Are The Problem With Nigeria – By Lamido Sanusi

    In sum, the Yoruba political leadership, as mentioned by Balarabe Musa, has shown itself over the years to be incapable of rising above narrow tribal interests and reciprocating goodwill from other sections of the country by treating other groups with respect. Practically every crisis in Nigeria since independence has its roots in this attitude.

    The Yoruba elite and area-boy politics;

    Igbo marginalisation and the responsible limits of retribution; and

    The Yoruba Factor and “Area-boy” Politics.

    My views on the Yoruba political leadership have been thoroughly articulated in some of my writings, prime among which was ” Afenifere: Syllabus of Errors” published by This Day (The Sunday Newspaper) on Sept 27, 1998. There was also an earlier publication in the weekly Trust entitled ” The Igbo, the Yoruba and History” (Aug. 21, 1998).

    In sum, the Yoruba political leadership, as mentioned by Balarabe Musa, has shown itself over the years to be incapable of rising above narrow tribal interests and reciprocating goodwill from other sections of the country by treating other groups with respect. Practically every crisis in Nigeria since independence has its roots in this attitude.

    The Yoruba elite were the first, in 1962, to attempt a violent overthrow of an elected government in this country. In 1966, it was the violence in the West which provided an avenue for the putsch of 15th January. After Chief Awolowo lost to Shagari in 1983 elections, it was the discontent and bad publicity in the South-West which led to the Buhari intervention.

    When Buhari jailed UPN governors like Ige and Onabanjo, the South-Western press castigated that good government and provided the right mood for IBB to take over power. As soon as IBB cleared UPN governors of charges against them in a politically motivated retrial, he became the darling of the South-West. When IBB annulled the primaries in which Adamu Ciroma and Shehu Yar Adua emerged as presidential candidates in the NRC and SDP, he was hailed by the South-West. When the same man annulled the June 12, 1993 elections in which Abiola was the front-runner, the South-West now became defenders of democracy.

    When it seemed Sani Abacha was sympathetic to Abiola, the South-West supported his take-over. He was in fact invited by a prominent NADECO member to take over in a published letter shortly before the event. Even though Abiola had won the elections in the North, the North was blamed for its annulment. When Abdulsalam Abubakar started his transition, the Yoruba political leadership through NADECO presented a memorandum on a Government of National Unity that showed complete disrespect for the intelligence and liberties of other Nigerians.

    Subsequently, they formed a tribal party which failed to meet minimum requirements for registration, but was registered all the same to avoid the violence that was bound to follow non-registration, given the area-boy mentality of South-West politicians. Having rejected an Obasanjo candidacy and challenged the election as a fraud in court, we now find a leading member of the AD in the government, a daughter of an Afenifere leader as Minister of State, and Awolowo´s daughter as Ambassador, all appointed by a man who won the election through fraud.

    Meanwhile, nothing has been negotiated for the children of Abiola, the focus of Yoruba political activity. In return for these favours, the AD solidly voted for Evan Enwerem as Senate President. This is a man who participated in the two-million- man March for Abacha´s self-succession. He also is reputed to have hosted a meeting of governors during IBB´s transition, demanding that June 12 elections should never be de-annulled and threatening that the East would go to war if this was done. When Ibrahim Salisu Buhari was accused of swearing to a false affidavit, the Yoruba political elite correctly took up the gauntlet for his resignation.

    When an AD governor, Bola Tinubu, swears to a false affidavit that he attended an Ivy League University which he did not attend, we hear excuses.

    For so many years, the Yoruba have inundated this country with stories of being marginalised and of a civil service dominated by northerners through quota system. The Federal Character Commission has recently released a report which shows that the South-West accounts for 27.8% of civil servants in the range GL08 to GL14 and a full 29.5% of GL 15 and above. One zone out of six zones controls a full 30% of the civil service leaving the other five zones to share the remaining 70%. We find the same story in the economy, in academia, in parastatals.

    Yet in spite of being so dominant, the Yoruba complained and complained of marginalization. Of recent, in recognition of the trauma which hit the South-West after June 12, the rest of the country forced everyone out of the race to ensure that a South-Westerner emerged, often against the best advice of political activists.

    Instead of leading a path of reconciliation and strong appreciation, the Yoruba have embarked on short-sighted triumphalism, threatening other “nationalities” that they ( who after all lost the election) will protect Obasanjo ( who was forced on them). No less a person than Bola Ige has made such utterances.

    To further show that they were in charge, they led a cult into the Hausa area of Sagamu, murdered a Hausa woman and nothing happened. In the violence that followed, they killed several Hausa residents, with Yoruba leaders like Segun Osoba, reminding Nigerians of the need to respect the culture of their host communities. This would have continued were it not for the people of Kano who showed that they could also create their own Oro who would only be appeased through the shedding of innocent Yoruba blood.

    I say all this, to support Balarabe Musa´s statement, that the greatest problem to nation-building in Nigeria are the Yoruba Bourgeoisie. I say this also to underscore my point that until they change this attitude, no conference can solve the problems of Nigeria. We cannot move forward if the leadership of one of the largest ethnic groups continues to operate, not like statesmen, but like common area boys.

    iii.The Igbo Factor and the Reasonable Limits of Retribution.

    The Igbo people of Nigeria have made a mark in the history of this nation. They led the first successful military coup which eliminated the Military and Political leaders of other regions while letting off Igbo leaders. Nwafor Orizu, then Senate President, in consultation with President Azikiwe, subverted the constitution and handed over power to Aguiyi-Ironsi. Subsequent developments, including attempts at humiliating other peoples, led to the counter-coup and later the civil war. The Igbos themselves must acknowledge that they have a large part of the blame for shattering the unity of this country.

    Having said that, this nation must realise that Igbos have more than paid for their foolishness. They have been defeated in war, rendered paupers by monetary policy fiat, their properties declared abandoned and confiscated, kept out of strategic public sector appointments and deprived of public services. The rest of the country forced them to remain in Nigeria and has continued to deny them equity.

    The Northern Bourgeoisie and the Yoruba Bourgeoisie have conspired to keep the Igbo out of the scheme of things. In the recent transition when the Igbo solidly supported the PDP in the hope of an Ekwueme presidency, the North and South-West treated this as a Biafra agenda. Every rule set for the primaries, every gentleman´s agreement was set aside to ensure that Obasanjo, not Ekwueme emerged as the candidate. Things went as far as getting the Federal Government to hurriedly gazette a pardon. Now, with this government, the marginalistion of the Igbo is more complete than ever before. The Igbos have taken all these quietly because, they reason, they brought it upon themselves. But the nation is sitting on a time-bomb.

    After the First World War, the victors treated Germany with the same contempt Nigeria is treating Igbos. Two decades later, there was a Second World War, far costlier than the first. Germany was again defeated, but this time, they won a more honourable peace. Our present political leaders have no sense of History. There is a new Igbo man, who was not born in 1966 and neither knows nor cares about Nzeogwu and Ojukwu. There are Igbo men on the street who were never Biafrans. They were born Nigerians, are Nigerians, but suffer because of actions of earlier generations. They will soon decide that it is better to fight their own war, and may be find an honourable peace, than to remain in this contemptible state in perpetuity.

    The Northern Bourgeoisie and the Yoruba Bourgeoisie have exacted their pound of flesh from the Igbos. For one Sardauna, one Tafawa Balewa, one Akintola and one Okotie-Eboh, hundreds of thousands have died and suffered.

    If this issue is not addressed immediately, no conference will solve Nigeria´s problems. By Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

    Being Excerpts from A Paper Presented At The “National Conference On The 1999 Constitution” Jointly Organised By The Network For Justice And The Vision Trust Foundation, At The Arewa House, Kaduna From 11th –12th September, 1999.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      The Yoruba by their moral constitution are adept at bringing down despots like Babangida, Abacha and the PDP. It is the “inevitable” fixer without apologies, whichever way you flip it.

      • deji

        My brother, you left out the incompetent Jonathan..

  • Sword of Damocles

    APC is making a fatal mistake that will expose the winner of this so-called primary(who will also presumably win the governorship) to a successful litigation challenge if the winner of the primary IS NOT Mr. Audu’s running-mate, James Faleke. In my estimation it makes no logical or legal sense why the courts should allow a new candidate ( who did not earn the votes that Prince Audu garnered last saturday) to now add that total to the total the new candidate garners on December 5th. If that is the case the courts could rule that since audu’s running mate did not contest the supplemental election scheduled for december 5th, then complete elections need to be held. the questions that begs then is why was James Faleke made the running mate if not for instances like this?

    • Otile

      Is James Islamic?

      • Sword of Damocles

        Big thinker Otile. You never disappoint. carry on online traitor.

    • persona

      He has not been ruled out as the likely flag bearer and neither has he been dropped as the deputy. The party is doing what the electoral act dictates-every flag bearer MUST emerge from party primaries.
      The people of Kogi will have a say here because of the delicate balance of either a Yoruba or the Igala should continue. If the party gets it wrong, they stand to lose votes to Wada and its best the party proceed with caution. Faleke is more popular in Lagos than in Kogi and its why he was placed as running mate on that ticket to let him be prominent for 4 years had Audu won and ruled. He may be adopted flag bearer or still be the deputy with some arrangement based on rotation of zones.

      • Sword of Damocles

        my point is that the 259k votes garnered by Prince Audu logically cannot be allocated to any one else but him, thus if he is not the contestant against Wada on December 5th, a strong argument ensues for an ENTIRE fresh set of elections rather than a supplementary election as planned. It is akin to APC shooting itself in the foot. The running mate should never have been selected if he is not fit to govern in place of Audu. Trust me you will see the APC make this salient point I am making if they lose the election to any one other than Audu’s running mate. Personally I dont care other than to see APC governing this nation with true patriots, as the PDP has betrayed our nation and show NO REMORSE for what they did to Nigeria.

        • persona

          I think the moral question will be how do we know that most votes were not for either of them? Since we cant ascertain that, the best thing for APC in my view is ensure that Faleke emerges as the flag bearer via a valid primary to carry on the legitimacy of the earlier election and then he will have a new running mate for the conclusion. What the party has done is the right thing for now so as to calm frayed nerves in Kogi. Trust me the situation on ground is very different from what we know and the party also need to make their choice bullet proof incase PDP decides to head to the tribunal and argue that Faleke at the first run was a deputy and not the flag bearer. But INEC goofed by using the warped logic of registered voters as against accredited which would have ended this drama in the first place.

      • Sir Demo

        Lose votes to Wada? Even if he won all the outstanding votes, the 41,000 gap is unassailable! The election is already won by APC.

        • persona

          I was making reference to if there is a call that there should be a rerun as some have been calling. As you may know, they will head to either the courts soon or the tribunal after and APC needs to be very careful so things are not scuttled based on immediate decisions. They need to be futureproof will be my assumption.

    • bikky

      Thank you sir, if Faleke is sideline, fresh election is imminent because the proposed new guy did not have stake inthe previous winning votes counted.

  • Romberg

    They are not even competent to rule themselves with equity and honesty. How on earth could the APC assume James Faleke has had no impact on the election? Having gathered the votes, will they find a new principal for him because he is not made to be one or this is another abracadabra? James Faleke will take part in the primary I hope. He’d will win the primary and proceed to win the supplimentary election. But what if he chooses not to run in the primary? Do they want to manipulate the primary – so it’ll look like they are democratic on the surface while they already have the winner? Will the cost of obtaining forms for the primary be free? Will James spend so much on the election, and be unable to purchase the form for the new primary or is he will have the money to fight his right out in the primary and be unable to finance the supplimentary election? What a party of loosers!

    • persona

      The issue is not that if he is worth it or not, what the party is doing is the proper thing. Faleke didn’t emerge as a result of primaries and the electoral act says the flag bearer MUST be a product of party primaries. The party will determine if he is fit to be the flag bearer or they will have to appeal to the voters by bringing a popular candidate who can muster the same crowd that the party need to have a clear victory and that candidate may still be Faleke, we will know when they announce the primaries timetable. The issue with Faleke is, he is more popular in Lagos and such sentiments will have to be delicately handled so that kogi people don’t consider him an absentee candidate.

      • Sir Demo

        The election is already won by APC. The number of voters in the 91 polling unit for the supplementary election is far below the 41,000 gap. The problem is self inflicted either IGNORANTLY by INEC, the half baked PROFESSOR or a PLOT by the powers that be!

    • Joe

      The man faleke James is seen as a minority and if they field him the igalas may move to PDP and that’s the end of APC in kogi. Democracy is after quantity and not quality, and that is why northerners will be ruling Nigeria for eternity. There are families in kano that consist of 50-70 human beings from one man!, and under Nigerian kind of democracy, do not expect quality of anything.

  • Iskacountryman

    what idiocy?

  • Pitazy Ihima

    It’s obvious that majority of you that have commented so far here, are from the same region or from the same school of sentiment. fairness and Common sense should tell any well reasoning person that, the Audu’s deputy in question, was hand picked by single interest of Audu and not by the party delegates who differ between Audu and the other candidates that bought nomination forms and participated in the primary to earn the vote of the delegates. The deputy has no nomination form and didn’t participate in the primaries, the man whose interest He(Faleke) represent is dead. Remember, the margin with which Audu won the APC ticket was a slim one. The question that beg for answer here is : should Faleke had participated in the Primaries, what political strong hold has he in kogi politics to have over-ran the Audfu’s contemporaries? knowing fully well that Faleke only has political relevance in Lagos politics.
    To me, it will be unfair to feed in Faleke who was hand picked by the single interest of Audu as the party replacement in place of other candidates that has shown interest for the race from the onset, who bought ticket, spent a lot of money and eventually gathered large votes from the delegates behind Audu at the primaries. Lets me reasonable in issues like this, than allowing sentiment override our sense of justice!

    • Sir Demo

      What a warped logic or it it illogics? If the votes APC got were due to Audu efforts, and as you rightly opined, that he handpicked Faleke as his heir apparent. It only make sense that the most trusted by Audu should reap from his labor!

      If that baby Professor RO has applied his brain, if he any, to the laws correctly, will your pedestrian arguments of other legitimate candidates, Tinubu game plan etc have mattered?

      That Oyegun is not reasoning along this line is a mystery. Shame Lai Muhammed is no more in office.

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  • Otile

    Imam Buhari is dead wrong to claim he can defeat Islamic terrorism in Nigeria. For instance: there has been an explosion on a bus in Tunisia’s capital carrying presidential guards, prestigious fashion show in Niger cancelled over terror fears and other stories. If the presidential guard can be hit so easily what makes Imam think he is immortal?

  • anwari

    If it is true that the number of eligible voters(those that collected pvcs) for the supplementary election is 25,000, then I dont understand why APC is accepting this option. They should fight to be declared the winner of the election. Inec should accept their mistake by doing this. Then, Audu’s deputy should become governor while the party shops for a new deputy for him. This is my submission.

  • bikky

    This is a strange situation and it needs to be examined critically, Audu and Faleke joint ticket has given APC lead to this level and I think in my opinion Faleke should be given the ticket otherwise fresh election is an option though igala person can now be given chance to be the deputy governor, after all governorship is not a birth right of any region in the state it has happened in Oyo state during Akala ogbomoso and Ibadan.

  • Republican in VI

    This is not in the spirit of democracy at all.

  • Ade Omowest

    AGF, INEC and APC are jointly running away from the hard truth and unfortunately playing into the hands of the opposition PDP. If APC as a party refused to take appropriate action by insisting on the total declaration of late Audu as the winner of that election before his death; then his running mate should approach the law court on the ground that the election was conclusive. INEC said 49000 voters could not vote due to one reason or the other, but it has been discovered that the actual voters disenfranchised in the 91 polling units concerned are 25000 with valid PVC. Given the INEC electoral guidelines that specifically enforce the usage of PVC as a prelude to voting, it means that even if all 25000 voters go for Wada of PDP, he will still unable to beat late Audu who was already leading him with 41300 votes. It is legally prudent that Prince Audu’s running mate should be called to take over his boss position in accordance with Section 181 (1) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. FALEKE SHOULD GO TO COURT LIKE AMAECHI DID IN 2007 DESPITE PDP’s OBJECTION.

  • Damilola

    Please can someone tell me how AGF a member of APC could be a final judge on the fate of an election. Is this a dream? What is independent about INEC again? PDP is in trouble… Nigeria is in for it. Sadly some intellectual Almajiris will see nothing wrong in this. Enjoy the APC rule. God bless Nigeria

    • Sir Demo

      The AGF is for Nigeria pls not for APC. It is like saying that PMB or PYO members of APC cannot take or make final for the country.

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      The AGF is the law inforcer of Nigeria and its gives advise on any grey part of the constitution or electoral act or any document either to the LGAs, states or FG. Go and read the functions of AGF. Google is your friend and stop displaying ignorance in the public forum that the whole world is reading.

      • Damilola

        I will take ur name as a paradox of ursef. So if I may ask, is he partisan or not? A minister under a certain govt setting himself as a judge on election matters, that concern his principals, how intellectual weak can one be to belief it’s normal for one to set himself up as judge in is own matter. You need the intelligence pill they advertise on twitter my brother.

        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          What you don’t know you ask question about it. Do you know the functions of AGF? I doubt it. Well, I will give you just one that answer what he has done on this Kogi election.
          The AGF is to give legal advise to LGAs, States, FG and all government bodies as it may deem fit. If you’re not convinced, google is your friend to abreast you and loose you from sycophancy of life. AGF functions is litter round the net.

          • Damilola

            Continue with ur ignorance. We shall celebrate it. Cheers!!!

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            You’ve not made valid point. AGF did not go beyond the scope of his work and not liable. Stop ranting like rabid dog, be like Isaac Newton. He subject himself to learn than ranting and complaining.

  • Sir Demo

    If APC accept the illegal INEC failure to declare an outright winner, the safest way to satisfy the election guidelines is to field the runner up in the previous primary and retain Faleke has his running mate.

    That will meet the requirement opt hat the candidate must be validly nominated thru a primary, and Faleke presence on the ballot will ensure that the outstanding votes is rightly claimed.