Ogun demolishes Redeemed Church building as worshippers lament

Demolished church building
Demolished church building

The Ogun State Government has demolished a church building owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG.

The RCCG is one of Nigeria’s largest Pentecostal churches and its head, Enoch Adeboye, is one of the country’s most revered men. Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, is also a pastor of the church.

The demolished building is located inside the estate, Obasanjo Hilltop, named after ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo by the state government; and located along the Presidential Boulevard, Abeokuta, the state capital.

The construction of the church, headed by a former lawmaker in Ogun State, Remmy Hazzan, started in 2013, and was being roofed when the government rolled out caterpillars on Friday to pull it down.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the church leadership was meant to commence use of the ground floor for church activities on November 8 prior to the building’s completion.

On Friday, as the state government demolished the building, workers at the site and church members burst into tears, with some shouting “Jesus, Jesus, this is your house,” “Lord where is your face.”

It was learnt that the state governor, Ibikunle Amosun, insisted the building be pulled down, arguing that the structure violated the residential master plan of the estate.

When contacted, the Ogun State Commissioner for Special Duties, Leke Adewolu, said he was not aware of the demolition.

However, Governor Amosun’s Special Adviser on Media, Adejuwon Soyinka, said the demolition was carried out because the church building was not approved.

“I am told that the church has no title documents nor approval,” Mr. Soyinka said. “The estate is strictly residential, and the building has defeated the approved design plan. And let me quickly add, nothing is political about the action.”

The Commissioner for Urban and Regional Planning ,Adebola Adeife, did not respond to phone calls or text message sent to him by our correspondent.

Officials of the RCCG also declined public statements although one of the top officials of the church in Ogun said Mr. Adeboye had asked everyone to stay quiet on the issue.


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  • kevenreal

    Evil Adeboye destroying building plans across Nigeria with his 419 church.

    • Francis Usen

      Proverbs 6:2

    • Oladapo Sunday

      he pain you.

  • Malik Isah

    God expects his followers to follow laid down laws. .the good Holy Book is full of laws

    • Francis Usen

      Christianity operates by faith, time 4 law had passed. Even if they did not know the legal implications, God has a way 4 His people, He sets the lawful captives free. The governor cannot demolish a quarter of what Akpabio demolished in his State, but Akpabio compensated all without the law. If he feels he knows the law, God will tell him one day that the children of Israel were tested with the law, none could keep it, so all were set aside by the same God. The law is for the cursed people, not 4 Christians, except they were earlier informed.

      • Malik Isah

        It’s alright!

      • Bidemi Lukman

        …the law is for the cursed people… No wonder some Pastors/Priests are gay. Law is not for Christinans, there christians could choose to be gay

        • Francis Usen

          Pastors and Priests have every right to choose their life styles and it doesn’t concern any baggar, after all every thing of that kind has been written down in Mt 24. It may only concern the ignorant. Judgement is per head and we don’t judge 4 our God by beheading or amputating or stoning fallen Christians. Our God has eyes and hands to pay back to any baggar when his elastic limit is exceeded. Their life style cannot bring food to your table, or take away the very food from your table, so you mind your own matter. Talking about them can never change them, so spare your little strength, there’s much to life than a fucken Pastor.

          • Bidemi Lukman

            we are saying the same thing but wonder why you sounded frustrated. I only corroborate your assertion which justifies some christians prononcing gay as way of life and wed gays in the churches. Christinans dont cut off hands but killed millions during the time of inquisition in which an unprecedented number of christians and non christians were massacre for heresy.

        • Francis Usen

          gay may be new to you, but not 2 a good Christian because it is part of those events that must take place before the end of the world. (Romans 1:27 ”And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” So be wise, for you cannot stop the manifestation of gay, for the Scriptures must be fulfilled.

  • Du Covenant

    Nigerians have really gone mad with all these so called churches all over the place when the country is more morally bankrupt than ever in our history.

  • B.Messi

    Same way we hear the VP ws evicted from the villa church. Now this??
    Nawa o.
    However, if indeed the building contravened/violated the residential masterplan of the estate, it would be immaterial the number of times the members called ‘Jesus Jesus’…like the prophets of baal Vs Elijah.
    This is what worries me about the quality of xtianity in that country. What is wrong is wrong..no need over ‘spiritualising’ things.

    The simple question Christ would have asked the members is;


  • Rominiyis

    I bought a land at an outskirts of a state capital in Nigeria to get away from another house I pour my life savings into to get away from noise pollution and clustering of various form. The lawlessness of building convertion is eroding quality of life . If you don’t have money to buy or build a house in GRA you are left at the mercy of neighbors who build a musque or church right inside their residence space and others who turn their front or side egress area into mini mall with shops the size of large cubicle.

    Some have goats and rams roaming with motorist and cyclist swarving to avoid crashing into them yet only few years back it was a quiet peaceful serene neighborhood with paved streets! Absent of government regulation has ruined it. Now my new project was surrounded by religious buildings in stages of development . There was 4 churches and one mosque within 300 meters of the new project as at last count. The government only care about where they live. You could build a house on a street and get away with it in this lawless society where they pretend to be more Catholic than the pope.

    • segun abinu

      there are so many commercial building in the same neighborhood, namely noble school, ivd facility clinic, etc .

  • hummmm

    Totally support the governor. These useless so called powerful, influential ppl tend to violate the law by not abiding by buildin rules. Why do they think the housing communities abroad look nice.? Of course its cuz of having rule and regulation.

  • Proud Yoruba

    Good. It is time to hold Redeemed to account, they rent one of the building I inherited from my Dad, and they haven’t paid rent, but their overseer is starting a private jet business with $65 million dollar plane. Why not tidy up you backyard first instead of doing show with private jets?!

    In the SW, we value a good name more than cash and glam.

    • Oladapo Sunday

      take your rent from them, it is simple. Your summation is not relevant to topic in discuss. Hold accountable for what.

    • Emmanuel Maluba

      If you refuse to collect your rent, it is not for you to bring it here. You wont be the first Father Christmas if you refuse to collect your rent.

  • Say the truth

    Finally Ibikunle Amosun Is settling his scores with Hon. Remmy Hassan. Adejuwon Soyinka was quick to add that politics was not involved. In fact nobody would have read that until he makes that statement which is the koko of the matter. Politics. There are many other commercial buildings in the so called estate. If you doubt please visit the estate. The question for the government is, was the estate planned in a way that the residents were to go outside of it to worship? One official said papers, another said estate plan. Be the judge.

  • shola

    these people are ready to make this charlatan be the “richest man
    of god” on earth, who cares. This live comprises of buying and
    selling. As long as you find buyers for your product you will
    flourish. You are a self-made man or woman. Especially in Nigeria, a
    lot want to be MISLED, yes, be MISUNDERSTOOD. The pastors are doing
    it their way – legal. The babalawos/cults are doing it their way –
    legal. After all, you are not forced to come to their chapter. Only
    our political leaders are doing it their way – illegal, because
    they are misruling their folk and that since 1960. The only potion we
    have is to “stand up for your right” and stop paying allegiance
    to these legal insurgency.