How we sabotaged Jonathan in Plateau​ –​ PDP chieftain

The second civilian governor of Plateau State, and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Fidelis Tapgun, has said the failure of the party to win the just concluded elections, at the federal and state levels, was a result of President Goodluck Jonathan’s “impunity”, and his failure to rein in governors who hijacked the party.

“Jonathan is an accomplice of the wrongs of Jang in Plateau state,” Mr. Tapgun said, referring to the Plateau State governor, Jonah Jang. “Every wrong thing Jang was doing in Plateau state, Jonathan knew, but he refused to caution him even after we intimated him.”

Mr. Tapgun said in frustration, he and other leaders of the party helped the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, snatch the north central state.

“We contributed and helped APC win Plateau state, and are not ashamed of it, because we did it openly,” Mr. Tapgun, who contested and lost the PDP governorship primary in Plateau State, said Tuesday at his residence.

“At a point, PDP was turn into the president’s party, governors’ party. Governors became leaders of PDP at the state level, neglected party leadership, decide on who contests and who should not. It is not done like that anywhere in a democratic setting, party must be supreme,” the former governor said.

He accused Mr. Jang of hijacking the PDP in Plateau State and lording over more than 3 million people, including those who helped form the party in 1999.

“Eight of us who contested the governorship position in PDP during the primaries, but were rigged out, met President Jonathan and told him that we will not support his candidature so long as he did not caution Jang on the impunity in the party in our state.

“We told him that Jang has hijacked the party structure with the acting state party chairman, Raymond Dabo, appointing those they wish; elections at whatever level was no longer important, therefore we will not support PDP any longer.

“But Jonathan did nothing about; so, we did what we did, and here is the result. PDP has failed as a result of impunity of the governor. So Jonathan is an accomplice of PDP governors’ highhandedness,” Mr. Tapgun said.

According to the PDP chieftain, President Jonathan was fully aware of his failure before the elections were held, since he refused to adhere to the advice given him.

Mr. Tapgun said the president only tried to reach out to them days before the presidential election, when it was clear not much could be done to reverse the damage.

“On Thursday before the Presidential elections, Jonathan called eight of us from Plateau state who earlier protested the PDP governorship primaries results, called and pleaded with us to support him, but we told him it was too late.

“On sympathy grounds, we guaranteed him our votes, which was just eight votes, because it was too late to convince anyone outside the eight of us to vote for him from Plateau state; we had told our supporters to vote APC both at the national and in the state.”

The former governor advised the incoming APC administration both at the national and state level to learn from the mistakes of the PDP, and focus on developing the country.

“The failure of PDP should serve as a lesson to the incoming administration of APC, they should know that once you fail in your given responsibilities, you will be voted out in the next elections,” he said.

On the possible revival of PDP in Nigeria as an acceptable political party, Mr. Tapgun said those in authority should on moral ground resign their positions, because they have failed.

“In civilized society national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party Adamu Mu’azu should have willingly resigned, because he has failed.”

He however predicted that “PDP will bounce back again only if it changes it attitude toward stakeholders and the entire Nigerians”.



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  • Spoken word

    GEJ is an amateur politician.he ruled the country the way a learner driver would drive a car.

    • Ole

      Absolutely correct! i wonder who were his advisers? Well, we should not blame him much. He was a trained zoologist always at home with animals. In the eyes of a fisherman a forest is nothing but a sea.

      • Fulani Nomad

        His advisers are thinking with stomach instead of brain.

        • True Nigerian

          The quality of a leaders’ advisers is a reflection of the person who appointed the advisers. Jonathan is simply a very deplorable idea in terms of leadership.

          Even when faced with an election when the image of his presidency was very badly damaged, Jonathan decided to make Fani-Kayode the face of his presidential campaign. Can you beat that? How more fuulish can anyone be? When you look at it, you will see the quality of Jonathan’s intellect. For me, the saddest news in all of this is that we, Nigerians, were governed by such abysmal leader for more than 5 years. Nigerians will count the cost of Jonathan presidency for many decades to come.

          • concerned9ja

            Perfect points mate. Jonathan just does not cut it as a leader. In normal circumstances, he should at best be a councillor at the ward level because he couldn’t lead a whole council. But then those praising him did so because he had the national coffers at his behest. His choice of ministers, aides, advisers, assistants was the worst since the creation of modern Nigeria. Even Abacha, was not as abysmal. So what do we expect from Jonathan government? I laugh when people praise him for accepting defeat in the election. The man had capitulated years ago. I shake my head when i look at the parade of Jonathan’s men and women- fugitive Alams (his godfather), Doyin Okupe, Ahmed Gulak, Fayose, Obanikoro, Adamu Muazu, Femi Fani-Kayode and many dodgy others too numerous to mention. Where they were not toxic, they were bland, colourless and staid. I give this Otuoke fisherman up till May 29 to exist on the political map of this country. By May 30, he would realise he is an orpan leader whom these hangers-on would be very happy to jettison at the snap of a finger

      • Spoken word

        He was a real disgrace to humanity

  • burning spear

    A very senseless way of reasoning—monkey—u aligned yourself with the very people the Fulanis who have been killing your people like goats for the past 20 yrs–since IBB created an LGA for the Fulanis-in Plateau state-and u have the guts to insult the ijaw Nation with your evil acts–who cares if u voted for the Fulanis—–or not—The fact of the matter is that–the just concluded elections was even beyond the indigenes of Plateau———-Cause the Fulanis rigged u out with the aid of the USA and UK government———–u were not at all instrumental to the fake victory of Buhari—Again your confession does not remove anything from your everlasting slave mentality or attachment to your masters the Fulanis-?

    • eddy

      Burning spear… try to open ur sense of reasoning and be more objective. Jonathan got it wrong that is the main reason he lost. The Nigerian people who voted for him in 2011 voted him out cos he seriously messed up. Simple.

    • Wähala

      Your eccentric comments make no sense and you ought to stop this ethnic tirades. How about the protests in A’Ibom and Cross Rivers States about governors who hijacked the process? Abia State nko? Dumbo lost Benue bcos of Gov. Suswan’s impunity; Kebbi, Kogi, Kaduna and Bauchi States are all in the NC and under who… Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani of Ijaw leadership? Fact is, Dumbo cut a deal with the governors led by Akpabio which eliminated internal democracy in the PD thus, resulting in the protest votes that costs your crumb-giver his job. Ende!

      • joe

        You have poor geography of Nigeria. Am not if you can read the map of Nigeria. Kebbi, kaduna and Bauchi are not in NC.

    • Ibrahim

      Burning spear is so pathetic in his hatred of the Fulanis that he does not to show the superior qualities of the fulanis over his own type. take it easy otherwise you end up in an asylum while the fulanis continue to advance their civilisation and their hegemony. sorry wooo

  • GbemigaO

    What a freaking traitor ! Why not move to APC instead of being a traitor. What stops you from doing same thing to APC

    • Tonnero

      Shut up and do not use words you do not understand. Politics is about permanent interests and not permanent friends.

      • GbemigaO

        You are of very poor parentage. Omo ale ! Did I abuse you for you to tell me to shut up?

  • Wise Head

    It is too early in the day to celebrate Mr. Tapgun. Give yourself a few more months to see if you would not realise you’ve shut yourself on the foot. It was too simplistic to think it was all about Jonathan

  • Maitama Tambari

    Fidelis Tapgun, it is not only Plateau State. PDP is an offshoot of NPN and NPN was an offshoot of NPC because virtually all the people that formed these parties came from NPC. However, PDP has a wider coverage because of its initial Constitution which allowed for ROTATIONAL ZONING OF PRESIDENCY. President JONATHAN denial of this provision is the cause of the massive migration of PDP Members. All the Northern States who are pro NPC and NPN, massively voted for PDP. The politics of President JONATHAN, turned them away from the Party. I do not therefore like the politics of President JONATHAN and I campaigned against his reelection bid.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      …and if those northerners in the NPC who formed the NPN who in turn formed the PDP think that in Buhari they have found an ideological ally who would aid their reactionary plans for Nigeria, they have made a huge political mistake. The fact is they had voted Buhari out of deep frustration, and could have done so for any other northerner outside their ideological group because no reactionary was left that could command the trust and love of Nigerians in 2015. Their fellow reactionaries in the South had already lost the support of their people. In their frustration and helpless, the northern reactionary group voted for a die-hard reformist. Why did they not vote for Buhari in past OBJ-YAR ADUA -GEJ (Part 1) elections? That question has multifarious answers all of them unfavourable to northern reactionary minds whose only solace is that the elections had produced a northern president. What most of them stood for are in complete variance with Buhari’s political make up. Buhari is too old to change his character and if he is going to be the head of government, then some people would have to change their political ideologies or walk away into political self exile. This is going to be a new country, such as has never been seen before. It is not going to be about tribe or religion. It is going to be about a new Nigeria where, though tribe and tongue may differ but all may stand together in brotherhood. It is going to be a new Nigeria where equal opportunity and justice shall avail to all. You will see…

  • SkyAboveLimits

    Jonathan was not and never would be a politician, he rode on luck to achieve all in politics including on the shoulders of those he came back to insult and disrespect. So he doesnt have the wherewithal of politics hence no surprises as to why he played it to shipwreck. If he bit the fingers that fed him ,the next available option shd have been to align with the fulanis who are the masters first in Nigeria politics but no… Whatever he got and gets serves him right,nothing last forever and that includes POWER. Tapgyn kudos and the rest but no kudos because you wasted ur 8votes.

    God bless Nigeria and the Igbo

  • lakside

    GEJ problem started with his very 1st nomination – VP. He refused to listen to the very experienced but listened to sycophants. He knew that he is from the SS and went on to nominate a Northerner who could not influence the votes to his family. OBJ knew that for him to make any headway, he needed the support of the North. He pick Atiku who was the most influential politician in the North at that time. Subsequently he announced policies that pitched the North against the North ie North Central.
    The reality was that OBJ knew that he cannot win the whole of the North buy by creating the division the North Central will continue to vote for him, and all that is left for him to win is the South. GEJ on the other hand could not harness the South; he lost SW and had no influence in the North, rather he has succeeded in re-uniting the North. How did he expect to win by manipulating result from SE and SS alone (hey this sentence is not meant to spite the SE or SS, it is just a statement of reason)?




    • emmanuel lepdong

      You are wrong, he said they warned jonathan they won’t support him from the onset, What is about God exposing them here. It was Jonathan vs Nigerians due to his stupidity. GEJ MESSED UP.

  • Arabakpura

    Brother Jonathan is the architect of his defeat. You don’t even need to go to school to know this. How can a man who could have easily won the primary election of his party and hence whip everyone else in line decide to shoot himself in the foot. What was he afraid of? 99% of his comments were less than presidential. He operated like a man being chased by an incbus. Many of us have said it that there should be no tear shed for him. I only sympathize with him because of the nightmare and lonely nights that will set in post May 29! It even looks like he has ceased to be a christian as he has stopped going to church

    • Guguru

      LOL. “It even looks like he has ceased to be a christian as he has stopped going to church.”

    • tundemash

      If you know the damage Dumbo has done to the chances of anyone from the creek getting to Aso Rock in a century, you guys would stone him on May 29th once he gets back to Otuoke.

      • Fuzio

        That is how you stoned all those thieves from the North, and SW. Ranging from IBB, to Abacha to Shagari to Obasanjo. Nigerian politicians are ‘bad and corrupt’ except the ones from your district.

        • tundemash

          yawn !!!!

      • Ade

        We will stone him and all the corrupt people like Tinubu. fashola, elrufai, emir sanusi, atiku etc

        Corruption and corrupt persons cannot be part of New Nigeria

        • timmy

          And ur father too.

          • Ade

            if my father is corrupt, why not?

        • tundemash

          The more you villify Tinubu, the more he succeeds. What more can haters do than what you are doing ?

  • Du Covenant

    In true democracy incompetence is always voted out and the people of Plateau State did just that without the need for sabbotage. Jang was an evil man in the State and got what he deserved, as for GEJ, the man has shown poor judgement from the time he entered Aso Rock, I have no simpathy for him. Let him go and leak his wounds in Otuoke!.

  • Guguru

    This is PDP’s betrayal galore.

  • sammyctu ode

    jonathan and pdp thought they had all the powers to rule Nigeria for 60 years plus but they forgot THE POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY. We the reasonable people have been saying it even before the elections that jonathan was a total misfit to be Nigeria’s President, he has no single intelligence, he can’t make sustainable decisions, he is morally bankrupt, very corrupt, he surrounded himself with criminals who should be in prisons all over Nigeria and he is too clueless to read the mood of the nation. The Yorubas and the Hausas teamed together as MAJORITY TRIBES TO SAVE NIGERIA FROM THE DIRECTIONS A MINORITY TRIBE WAS TAKING THE COUNTRY TO. WE ALL GAVE jonathan OUR VOTES IN 2011 BUT HE LET US DOWN BY NOT MOVING NIGERIA TO GLORY.

    • AMARA.C

      dont rejoice because the war is not over, buhari will try but he will not be the best,nigeria is a fake nation,caused of war in 1967 is not addressed and people are not connected to national wealth,only if nations are emerged in nigeria the story will continue to emerged negative,nigeria must give nations inside it the autonomy according to international law and u.n human charter for people to realized its prosperity and good life,in a nation person who is president is not an issue,but peace and cooperation.

  • Frank Bassey

    As a stranger in APC, you are a hanging spider.

  • Babalakin Aderibigbe

    Let some please send this story to Mr. Ebenezer Babatope and let him reconcile the content of this story with the interview he granted The Punch newspaper. The truth is that Jonathan was his own greatest enemy. It is also a shame that the likes of Babatope who knows that the Yoruba people cannot be cheated did not advise Jonathan on the what to do with the Yoruba people. He sat down in the Party and allowed President Jonathan to make the mistake of his life with the Yoruba people or is it that he advised President Jonathan as Fidelis Tapgun and his people did but President Jonathan ignored them? President Jonathan was reckless with the way he treated the Yoruba race. He was too dependent on the South South and the South East. He did not show that he had learnt any lesson from his participation in government and politics for over 16years in Nigeria. It is most unfortunate. Extremely unfortunate to say the least.

  • PoweredMind SA

    Let’s hope for the best

  • Wale

    OK agreed, lets give Jonathan the votes from Plateau State; He’ll still come out short of winning the election.
    So, no issues.

  • Gimba Andrew

    Unless PDP changes it’s attitude to stake holders which the leadership does not respect but deals with immature youths who are seeking for food n not to provide service or help to develope a culture of good governance,they are in for trouble.All party Chairmen n other stakeholders who helped to squander campaign funds should immediately resign or go to jail where they belong as they cannot live with decent n men of impeccable integrity