I’m not afraid of trial for alleged drug offences in America – Kashamu

Kashamu Buruji
Kashamu Buruji [Photo Credit: The News Nigeria]

The controversial Peoples Democratic Party Senator-elect in Ogun State, Buruji Kashamu, on Wednesday, said he is not evading trial for drug related offences in the United States of America.

Mr. Kashamu, an American fugitive, said the American authorities only needed to follow due process and not abuse his human rights if a trial were to hold.

The senator- elect insisted that a court in the United Kingdom had cleared him of the drug charges.

“On the U.S case, I wish to state for the umpteenth time that the United States as the bastion of democracy and the Rule of Law would not lend itself to any form of abuse of the fundamental human rights of an innocent soul, especially one that has been arrested, tried and freed by its most trusted ally – the United Kingdom.

“I am not running from any trial. All I have asked is for the relevant parties to follow due process – if they believe that I yet have a case to answer. I stand with the almighty Allah Subhana Wa Tala. He is the protector of all men. He is my refuge and shield. Let no one play God!’

“I believe in the supremacy of the almighty Allah who frustrates the signs of liars and makes fools of diviners, who turns wise men back and makes their knowledge foolish. He is the ultimate decider of the fate of all mortals. When He says yes, no man can say no and when He says no, no man can say yes!,” Mr. Kashamu said.


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  • OmoLasgidi

    So, what has this drug baron said? If he is not afraid, then he should walk into the US Embassy in Lagos and give himself up! He fraudulently got judgement in the UK for a crime supposed to have been committed in the US? After fooling the UK authorities using one of his many fake names. The onus is on him to prove to the electorate that voted him, by clearing himself!

    • Ken

      All these are bad belle! He is a senator-elect and nobody can take his mandate from him.

      • OmoLasgidi

        Elected by who? A fraudulent mandate that will soon be nullified? You are both wrong if you think he has any immunity. I reckon you are one of his runners – your days are numbered!

      • tundemash

        Cl0wn , what has drug charges got to do with his mandate ?

        • Ken

          What exactly do u mean?
          Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            U claim “He is a senator-elect and nobody can take his mandate from him.”
            What has this got to do with the fact that he’s fugitive, wanted in the United States for drug-related charges

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)



      • Mohstone

        When the US judge sentence him to prison for 15 years, I will be glad to come hear and see you talking about “nobody can take his mandate away from him”.

  • Curseless

    Well, I think it is Sallah time for Kasamu, he has tried the senatorial angle, then the Tinubu’s angle with no luck and I guess this is the last trick.

    • Ken

      How? His mandate is for Pdp. He humiliated Osinbajo in his own place by defeating Apc. Why now?

    • Segun

      Let me ask a funny question
      Is Tinubu any better than Kashamu?
      Second question is can Kashamu be tried for the same offence twice?
      Recall that the American Government had sought an extradition order from the British government for Kashamu on charges of drug smuggling. Kashamu fought the extradition order and went on through a full trial in British courts fighting the Federal indictment.
      To everybodys surprise Kashamu won the case.
      It is important to note that the British judge who handled the case stated that the U.S. prosecutors had with held crucial exculpatory evidence which proved that Kashamu was not guilty of that offence.
      Certainly Kashamu did not bribe the British judge.
      If the case had been heard by a fair court of competent jurisdiction and Kashamu was found not guilty , does it not amount to a case of double jeopardy to retry him.
      I would like a legal mind to educate us on this issue.

      • ‘Modi

        I thought you are smart and not a dunderhead; you proved me wrong with you last query. Listen arsewipe, double jeopardy only applies when tried for the same offense by the same entity. Buruji – I mean segede man – was tried in England not in the USA; these are two separate legal entities. Segun, are you picking up what I am putting down? get a dictionary and let your finger do the walking if you still need clarification. Knowledge will set you free.

        • Segun

          Modi I think you are the unintelligent one. One who pretends to know but knows absolutely nothing.
          The United Kingdom and the U.S. maintain a system of legal reciprocity where judgements recorded in one jurisdiction are respected recorded and adopted by the other.
          Further the Uk which is the the strongest ally/ partner of the U.S. In the fight against serious crime would never set a man wanted by the US free if it did not have overwhelming evidence that such an individual was not guilty of the offence for which he was charged with.
          In this case a full blown trial lasting 3 years was undertaken by the U.S. law enforcement authorities in British courts to extradite Kashamu for a drug offence. It is patient to know that the US law enforcement agencies lost their case in the British Courts.
          The judge found that the United States law enforcement agancies involved in the prosecution of the case had deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence which proved that indeed Kashamu was not guilty of the offence for which he had been charged with.
          following the evidence trail the judge discovered that key witnesses of the prosecution had been unable to identify Kashamu as the known individual who they had dealing with.
          The judge further stated that had this exculpatory evidence been presented to the grand jury in the US it is doubtful that Kashamu would have been indicted in the first place.
          The question then is if the United States through its law enforcement agencies brought charges against a person in a country known for upholding the human rights of all individuals irrespective of race gender and class and lost , in a trial where all aspects of the case was legally tested why would the judgementof the British court not hold under the doctrine of legal reciprocity?
          Further the issue of double jeopardy still stands as the same issues tested in the British court would still be visited. Exculpatory evidence under hibus corpus is the same under all forms of Engish Common law for which US law is a derivative. The issue therefore is weather Kashamu would receive a fair trial in the first place in the US courts given the fact that evidence that could have freed him in the first place was deliberately withheld.
          For those so keen on ensuring that Kashamu is removed from Nigeria by whatever means they should remember that an individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Further due process must be followed to ensure that the Fundermental human rights of Kashamu is not violated.
          We must also remember that issues of sovereignty are involved. The fact that Nigeria is classified as a failed state by many western nations does not mean that a Nigerian citizen accused of any crime rightfully or wrongfully can just be kidnapped and made to face trial without due process being followed.
          Surely if Kashamu is guilty of the offence he is indicated for then let him pay for his crimes. However what must happen is that the U.S. must revisit the basis of the Indictment first by presenting the same exculpatory evidence to a new grand jury to test if an indictment would be handed down.
          Failure to do so would mean that Kashamu would not have received fairness under American law.
          Modi I know you may not follow the logic here since you are a retard.
          It is better you ask more intelligent humans their openion first before showing how daft you are again

      • Bridgebuilder

        What has Tinubu got to do with this? For the records Asiwaju and several other leading Nigerian democrats were at Obama’s first inauguration and I don’t recall seeing Kashamumu there! It is even the more poignant that the more our notorious senator elect proclaims his confidence in the American legal system the further away from it he runs as his tiny legs can carry his waddling frame . He should just quickly go and use all GEJ’s leftover dollars to get OJ Simpson’ s lawyer for his defense- oh! I forgot he’s passed on!!! What a shame. Not to worry he can take Ozekhome with him!!!!!

        • Segun

          Bridge builder , your Tinubu is a convicted drug felon.
          The only reason he is being accommodated is because he is an informant. Period
          That may explain why despite documented cases of corruption that he is involved in he still enjoys some level of protection.
          It may interest you to know that lots of African leaders are in this net. They work as informants for western governments having reached specific agreements to avoid long periods of incasuration when found guilty of certain offences.
          Further they continue to enjoy some level of protection So long as they perform their primary duty as an informant.
          These western powers are not concerned about their informant being involved in domestic issues so long as their interests are protected.
          In some cases these informants are even empowered and become pillars of a weak system.
          They are often recruited earlier on in life and their career paths are arranged so that people would not know what their true mission is.
          Tinubu fits such a profiles- dig into his entire life and profile him. What you find is that things just don’t add up.
          For example
          There is no way tinubu could have gotten a job with Mobile with a drug conviction registered to his name . The only way that could have occurred is if he had have external support- do you get my drift. Lol
          It also explains the link with the intelligence community that allowed for Buhari an undemocratic person to be accepted as the change agent by the West.
          The west used their mole – Tinubu to accomplish an objective. Go through Buharis statement when he won and you would find all the evidence that you need .
          The only sad thing is that these individuals remain slaves to the interests that they serve. They do not own their life
          So while these individuals may seem powerful in our eyes , they are mere pawns used to accomplish certain objectives.
          Once they fulfill their mission they are discarded and often made to disappear.
          So being at an inauguration means nothing.
          It is just like a servant waiting at the beck and call of his master. Lol
          So go drink a few shots of your regular ogogoro and think deeply about what you just read. Lol

          • Mohstone

            It seems you have more leaks than Edward Snowden. Kukuma carry all these your bed-time-stories to Wikileaks lets see if dem no slap u with back-hand.

  • Wähala

    Kashamu Buruji can recite the entire Quran if he likes but fact is, a Nigerian court has ruled that he qualifies for extradition but for the protection he got from corrupt Dumbo, who pardoned other known criminals like Alams ati Al Mustafa. @Buruji, the Americans are coming for you and they will follow the long-cut of due process if need be, your tenure is for 4yrs which is enough time to process your fat ass for a waiting pimp to blow a hole into bcos you’re going to America… to become some inmate’s “wifey”. Oloshi.

  • Bayo Ola

    Alhaji then submit yourself to trial now. Haba. Why the noise if you are not afriad of trial. In fact your US lawyer will use the fact that you submit yourself to trial as a bargaining chip to secure a bail for you. But when the Yankee get you by itself, hopefully in about 2 months, then you will not be granted a bail. Cant you see the game is up, Alhaji! Dont waste your money on any Ijebu bablawo who is decieving you that this amounts to nothing. Keep your money for litigation,and try to be familiar with the same sex marriage. I read in the news that men in the American jail system might find you atractive as a “game” You know waht I mean Alhaji Senator?

  • Mamman Bako

    Oya send me your email address so that I send you a first class ticket to New York.

  • Tunsj

    If you are not afraid, the only thing you have to do is go to the US Embassy in Abuja and surrender.

  • Danbaba

    This guy wants to take over from Patience Jonathan as comedian in chief

  • Ukpaka

    United States government is following due process by initiating your extradition back to the United States. You will be given due process and a fair trial. Nothing to fear!. You will have your day in court.


    It’s good to note that crime is a universal phenomenon. If he were to be Igbo,all the SW haters would drop their jaundiced comments as if crime is restricted to one tribe in Nigeria.

  • ode

    Orange is the new black! That he talks about Allah this much is indicative of so much!

  • Mohstone

    So now Buruji finally believes Allah is the refuge for all??? Where was all this beliefs when he was busy destroying lives of young men and women by trafficking drugs??? Is it Allah that instructed him to traffic drugs??? Allah SWT is a Just God. Let Buruji keep sentiments apart and face the law at the US. Claiming that he was cleared by UK is a very silly excuse. US and UK are two different countries.

    • Arabakpura

      That call on Allah is a subtle appeal to Buhari and the APC! The heart of man is full of deceit.

  • New Jersey

    Kasha my, Please pack your bag to US to prove your innocence, if you are really innocent.

  • bikky

    My friend has turned preacher. Fear has caught up with criminal.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    The British Justice system has nothing to do with the American counter part!

    e.g. It is law in UK to drive on the left road. Try that in America and see how fast you will be staring at prison bars.
    You said all you wanted was for the relevant parties to follow due process. What do you think has happened?

    You were indicted: Which means your crime is a Felony that carries penalty of imprisonment for nothing less than a year
    A grand jury of citizens have seen the evidence against you and they have come to the conclusion that there is enough evidence for the trial to continue.

    The next phase requires you to appear in court before a Judge. You did not show up, that is why the judge has issued a warrant for your arrest.
    The due process you claim to want was going smoothly until you interrupted it by flight. If you are indeed not afraid of any trial and as you claim the US will not abuse your human right, show up at JFK!

  • agbobu


  • burning spear

    Here’s a known list of Tinubu’s wealth and businesses, acquired through fraud and stealing. You decide when you finish reading this “Not so long” list!
    Remember he has 15 foreign bank account including in US & UK
    1. Oriental Hotel
    2. Falomo Shopping Complex
    3. First Nation Airline
    4. Lekki Concession Company
    5. Apapa Amusement Park
    6. Maiyegun Land Project
    7. The Nation Newspaper
    8. Renaissance Hotel
    9. Tejuoso Market (Joint ownership)
    10. Ikeja Shopping Mall
    11. TV Continental
    12. Converted Lagos Poly land for TVC
    13. Owned NNPC Office building in Lagos
    14. Radio Continental
    15. Owned School of Nursing building in Lagos
    16. Tax Collector of Lagos State (owns Alpha Beta, a company Prof. Osinbajo is a director)
    17. Wife is a member of the National Assembly
    18. Son-in-law is a member of the National Assembly
    19. Daughter is the President-General of Market Women Association in Lagos (After Tinubu’s mother)
    20. Two of his nephews given tickets to Lagos State House of Assembly
    21. N4 billion government financed property for self
    at Queens Drive, Lagos.
    22. Owned Royal Gardens Estate, Lekki and a host of others including choice Lagos State Lands he connered to himself, family members and cronies.
    23. He is supporting and Financing Buhari not because he loves him or Democracy but because he wants to expand his resource grabbing to the Federal level including oil blocs of the Niger Delta. Is this the type of rogue u should beg——————–?

    • Akanji92

      You are just ranting, give us information on GEJ and mama Piss holdings. If you have any case against Tinubu present to DSS and the police. Don’t just be envious of Tinubu, period.

    • hummm

      Thats nice at least he is creating employment. Donathan stole our money and stach it abroad without creating a damn job. Oh, i forgot that stealing is not corruption.ODENSIN


    My Hon. Senator elect, you and only you can set your self free from this allegation..Repeat what you did in UK to set yourself free and, am sure you will pull another victory in USA. Get a return ticket from Lagos to USA and present your self in court. You may want to employ a top legal expert to help you out. You may want to direct your defence team to exhume the body of your twin brother who, according to you,committed the offence you are being accused of. The DNA will surely help you out. You are rich enough to finance this.If you are broke, am sure Baba Iyabo ,Asiwaju Tinubu even, your boss ex=President Jonathan can all help to raise the fund to erase your name from this scandal. Alternatively, accept your fate and face justice in US, Serve your jail term and come back home to fight for ” re-election ” into the Senate Or, since you a freeman in UK why not move to UK.. In as much as Baba Iyabo is alive, you are not a free man in Nigeria.

  • burning spear

    Fresh facts have emerged as to why top guns in the the All Progressive Congress (APC), including Ex Governor , Senator Bukola Saraki, and Governor Rotimi Amaechi rejected Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as running mate to Muhammadu Buhari.

    Sources hinted that aside from the Muslim/Muslim ticket thing, Tinubu was opposed on the basis of his “past” ─ although his supporters argue that there is no case against him, neither has he been convicted in any court of law. But records show he had a plea dead to forfeit all proceeds from his drug deals, which in it self is technically a conviction.

    Tinubu also has issues with his resume. His certificates, place of birth, parentage are all questionable. All the schools he claimed to have attended cannot be verified. His celebrated University of Toronto case is still fresh. It is instructive to point out that Yemi Osinbajo was one of his counsels in that case.-is this the type of person u should attempt to beg–?

    • Maitama Tambari

      damage spear, you have been told election is over so shut up. Full Hausa Fulani is now the President elect.

  • Akanji92

    Please go to USA and clear yourself.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Oya go.