‎I can’t be role model to characters like you, angry Tinubu tells ‘praise-singing’ Kashamu

Bola Tinubu

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has lashed out at Buruji Kashamu, the Senator-elect of Ogun East Senatorial District for describing him as his role model.

In a statement Tuesday, Mr. Tinubu called on the senator-elect to liken himself to Bode George and President Goodluck Jonathan, both members of his party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party.

“Kashamu may be prodigal but he is no political son of Tinubu,” Mr. Tinubu said in a statement signed by Sunday Dare, his media adviser.

“Kashamu’s political lineage tracks to people like Bode George and President Jonathan. He should direct his encomiums to these men who are his true role models. They need his contrived affections more than Tinubu does.”

Last week, Mr. Kashamu had paid a rare tribute to the APC leader describing him as the architect of modern Nigeria and a man who made history by leading opposition party to grab power at the centre.

“Truth be told, men like you are made up of sterner stuff and are rare to come by in every generation. Little wonder you are called the Asiwaju and Jagaban of Borgu. I doff my hat,” Mr. Kashamu wrote in an open letter addressed to Mr. Tinubu.

“I hope that in spite of our membership of different political platforms, we would be able to collaborate for the upliftment of Yorubaland in particular and Nigeria as a whole.”

But in his response on Tuesday, Mr. Tinubu told the Senator-elect, who served as the Chairman of the South-West PDP Organization and Mobilisation Committee to “stop this cynical fawning,” noting that “it will not work.”

“The days of false adulation are gone in Nigerian politics. Fake praise singers like Kashamu will find that their particular craft is no longer in vogue. During this election cycle, their practice has dramatically turned from the way things are to how things used to be,” said Mr. Tinubu.

“Henceforth, there will be consequences for the positions a politician takes and the words they utter.

“Politicians will no longer be able to change direction and loyalties as if they were changing clothes. Those in politics must know that responsibility and accountability shall now follow them. One can no longer walk both sides of the street at the same time. In case Kashamu has not noticed, the politics of principle defeated the politics of posturing.”

Despite his victory at the March 28 election, over the past few days, Mr. Kashamu has cut the figure of a desperate man frantically waving an olive branch at his opponents.

Also, last week, the senator-elect had sent an SOS to the National Human Rights Commission, accusing former President Olusegun Obasanjo of instigating U.S. security agencies to apprehend him and ship him to the States.

The incoming law maker faced drug related charges in the U.S. before he fled to the U.K. where repeated efforts by American officials to extradite him failed, before he returned to Nigeria.

Mr. Kashamu and 14 others were, in 1998, charged by a federal grand jury in the U.S. for their alleged involvement in an international conspiracy to smuggle heroin into the U.S.

But the suspect had continually denied involvement in drug business, insisting it was a case of mistaken identity.

But his refusal to travel to the U.S. to clear himself of the indictments had angered his critics, including Mr. Obasanjo who left the PDP due to what he termed the party’s continued treatment of Mr. Kashamu with reverence.

Mr. Tinubu accused Mr. Kashamu of undermining the democratic process by “buying his victory,” adding that he is merely an isolated vestige of a dying past.

“For him to liken himself to Bola Tinubu is for a small rut to call itself a mountain. For Kashamu to call Tinubu a role model is Kashamu‘s admission that he does not know the meaning of the term. There are no grounds for comparison. There is only contrast. Tinubu has sacrificed years trying to bring democracy to Nigeria. He struggled in opposition to the powers that be.

“Without this, at times, lonesome fight and singular determination, the great change in Nigerian politics would not have happened as it did. Tinubu is an architect of democracy. Kashamu is a failed demolisher of that which Tinubu has strived to build. Under Kashamu’s designs, our elections would be a wholly mercantile undertaking.

“Meanwhile, Kashamu has blown wherever the prevailing winds took him. He stood for nothing and sacrificed nothing except the people’s welfare.”

Mr. Tinubu further described Mr. Kashamu as a man “knocking on the wrong door at the wrong house at the wrong time.”

“This same Kashamu rained insults on former President Obasanjo in a vicious campaign of calumny. Kashamu’s party, PDP sponsored defamatory documentaries full of lies and innuendos against me, General Muhammadu Buhari and other leaders of APC,” he said.

“Please keep your peace until you make your trip to the USA as a Senator elect. Upon your return we can then have a conversation. We can then proceed with your repudiation of the PDP with a promise that you will stop corrupting and fouling the political system.

“That Kashamu would deign to compare himself with Tinubu is a distasteful insult to Tinubu and to anyone who knows Nigerian politics. If he has any sense of propriety, Kashamu should retract the corrupt missive and apologize for this latest lie to the public.”


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  • lola

    Well said Tinubu

  • Dan maikoko

    An example of the damage one man can do when at the top. Now that their mentor and protector GEJ is no longer there, rouges and criminal that arrogantly trample on respectable people are reduced to this. Fayose, Diezani, and Kashamu are really a pathetic picture of their former selves.

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    • emmanuel

      You are a cursed fellow. Try to get a life.

      You have been on this for close to four years, meaning that you have added at least for years to your age.

      Is this how you would enter your old age without no known source of livelihood?

      If it is not customs auction, it is MTN and now it is sugar mummy, daddy and gay. Bastard!

    • Implicit

      Get a life! And stop being a pimp.

  • Amir

    Good times are gradually returning to Nigeria when leaders reject eye service and pedestrian fraudulent praise singing. Tinubu is right, and I doff my hat for him. Kashamu is evidently looking for protection as he never thought Jona will go one day. He abused all except his corrupt protectors. Kashamu should follow Jonathan to Otuoke and continue his praise singing from there.

    • emmanuel

      Which praise singing? Drugs drugs, Senator Senator.

      Is that not modeling?

  • Rommel

    I sympathise with Bola Tinubu because if an individual with such questionable character says he is towing Tinubu’s paths,what does it mean?


      You cannot stop people, including even a murderer, from admiring you. What you can do is to repudiate them, as Tinubu has done. Do you understand?

  • Sanmi Falae

    Thank you for this long awaited brilliant riposte, Mr Tinubu! God bless you, ex-pres. Obasanjo and Team Buhari for wrenching our country back even from ‘Nigerians’ of doubtful nationality like Kashamu BURUNDI. Yes indeed, let him come for an audience with you after he has been to America and back!!!!!

  • emmanuel

    Is Tinubu a mumu?

    The man has simply said Tinubu did Drugs in the USA which he also did
    Tinubu was a Senator with his drug records which he also is now and possibly will be a Governor too. Tinubu was SW party leader which he is currently.

    Kashamu is very correct and a little more better because we have not heard of. Certificate forgery from him. And we did not hear that he abandoned his parents grave in his village in preference for adopted parents in Lagos.


      Tinubu can enter the US freely and come out freely. But Kashamu dares not enter the US. Where then is the proof of your smearing campaign against Tinubu?

      • emmanuel

        Enterring the USA can be determined by how much their relationship with you will benefit their economy. Did they not allow IBB visit when his wife was ill?

        Tinubu entrance into the USA does not absolve him of his drug dealing and sniffing crimes

        Afterall, Obama admitted his crack history and was not removed as President neither were those who sold to him then punished.

        The USA trade in economy for morals, so leave your drug kinsmen of Tinubu and Kashamu to sort themselves

        • Julius

          You are a moron. Try that and count on your dumb ass relationship with the U S..

          • Ojukwu

            @julius, @implicit. why waste your time with sophisticated illiterates like Emmanuel & burning spear, with social media in this part of the globe, expect ANYTHING

          • Julius

            Respect sir…Love your name as well…my hero, tho im still mad at him.These fools are annoying as fck.

        • Implicit

          You are so daft! I wonder how happy they would be to receive you at Aro!

        • TRUTH MASTER

          nonsense. You have simply turned logic on its head and made pretensions to high moralty when indeed you are a man filled with bile and hatred. Tinubu is a free man, neither tried nor convicted for any drug offence. If all the AIT show of shame against Tinubu could not make NIgerians to vote against his party, what makes you feel the rantings of one noinentity will change who this man really is?

          • FactsandFigures

            Actually, there is a report on Sahara Reporters that says thus: “Sahara Reporters has obtained original copies of a judgement in the case of United States v Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State, in which Bola Tinubu was charged (along with other defendants) in a case of massive drug trafficking and money laundering”. He had to forfeit about $400K(asset seizure) according to the report. So, it means he was convicted(although this appears to be in absentia).
            Our leaders need to be held to higher standards. As for Tinubu’s response, he should have ignored him. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • sunny

      @ emmanuel: One day the God that is making Kashamu to look up to his enemies for help will make the same happen to you. Chikena.

      • emmanuel

        Which kind wayo god are you talking about?

        The god of crooks an rogues?

    • Julius

      If Tinubu was charged with dealing drug in the US, why is he coming to the states and going whenever he feels like it ? United States is not Nigeria folks.I saw him early this year in DC. Be serious

  • tundemash

    So where is PDP to save Kashamu ? Chai !


    Chai! Dia is God o. Wait a minute! Didn’t the PDP accuse the APC of luring its members away? Is it not Kashamu, a senior PDP leader who is reaching out to Tinubu of APC and virtually prostrating so Tinubu can step on him? Seems PDP has learnt nothing, even in defeat

  • favourtalk

    Good answer for a man who has no dignity, after all the harassment of Tinubu over the past years, he is now looking for soft landing.
    He will face the court, let us all know that he is not a drug dealer.
    He will justify that to all nigerians not by begging the grandmaster

    • burning spear

      Tinubu can only be a role model to a group of snakes not and people with mental disability———–Its only in insane society like Nigeria that an ethnic group would want to align with a man who forged both his secondary school cert and alleged University Education———-a drug convict ——Yorubas vrs Yorubas—-playing to the almighty gallery of the Fulanis—-Buruji is a saint compared to tinubu-

  • MushinSpeaks

    Dear Kashamu, US request to extradite you would surely be honoured by Baba…keep chilling please.

  • burning spear

    In tune with the hate and threat speech by Oba of Lagos, Oba Akiolu, a son of a monarch in Ijeshaland, Dr Abraham Ariyo, has called for immediate elimination of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria.

    Dr Ariyo, an American Based Cardiologist took to his Facebook to express his planned Xenophobia against the Igbos.

    He said that the victory of the Buhari will change the attitude of Nigerians about the Igbos, “All is about to Change soon. You see How they (Igbos of Nigeria) are being slaughtered in South Africa, that is what is going to happen to them in Lagos”. “because they will continue to provoke the natives, wherever they go until the natives will say enough is enough”.

    Ariyo who cals for genocide against Igbos went further to say that, “Do you know that last week, Igbos were demanding from Buhari to select an Igbo man as FCT Minister, This is because Igbos claim that they won 70% of the businesses in Abuja”.
    “Why are they not going to be slaughtered in Abuja, when they keep insulting Abuja natives and want to take over.”. God Might have put a curse on them”.

    He praised the Fashola Government for deporting Igbos. ” We will continue to bus them to Onitsha, otherwise we look for war with them”.

    These Xenophobia by the Oba of Lagos and now the Son of a monarch in Ijeshaland must not be treated as an isolated case, there must be a secret forum where an attack on Igbos and their properties must have been discussed and concluded, before these people through the act of God, revealed it.

    His office address is
    Heart Masters Inc
    3535 W Wheatland Rd
    Dallas, TX

    • Implicit

      You are really jobless! You will make a good ass kisser and a propaganda machine for PDP who really need a numbskull like you. What do you know about Ariyo? People like you should have a permanent relationship with a mentalist. You definitely do not belong to a free society -cause your hallucinations know no bounds, nitwit!!!

  • burning spear

    I have often warned my brothers from the south-east to be wary of dealing with APC—cause it operates like a secret cult group—APC has nothing to offer them————-its a party filled with rogues, certificate forgers–liars and drug addicts——–Tinubu is the most evil minded Yoruba man on earth——very vindictive like his–father the head of the CIA in Africa–Obj——A fellow Yoruba man for whatever reason–writes to commend Tinubu-and the APes in APC who were assisted by the USA and Britain to rig the just concluded Presidential elections———–and governorship elections which the APes in APC stole from Ijaw man Jonathan—–Now instead of appreciating him for what he did–regardless of his intentions——APC exposed the letter he wrote to the media—to enable Tinubu a well know fraudster-rebrand his rotten image—-

    —The yorubas who are dancing and hailing Tinubu as the Awo of the West needs to do a rethink—–I have watched the Yorubas with shock celebrate Buhari——–who disgraced their leader Awo among others———–and was there when Kudirat was assassinated—-Whenver u raise such matter with the Yorubas—–the lamely tell u its in the past-Awo–Akintola–Abiola, Kudirat , Bola Ige are all in their past——–i laugh
    See-Buhari is not the type of person that an any sane society should have as their president—there is nothing special about his victory–also–Which again was founded on lies that the undertakers like Obj who work for CIA sold to Obama—That Jonathan was corrupt–weak—and that Nigerians want him out of aso rock——is that what we call victory in the 21st century-Africa-‘? Using Neo Colonialist ideas to steal power?

    • burning spear

      And—-importing almajiris kids from Chad and Mali to rig elections—-Excuting Recs who threaten to expose themn’ Apes in APC? These evil traits-does not send the right signal to the conscience of the nation——and for some Yorubas to compare a man who does not even know the village he hails from in Nigeria to Awo- is the biggest insult to Nigerian-Awo was never caught selling or distributing drugs in UK or the USA–he never forged his certificate–either–And we all know the village he hails from–in Ijebu–Besides-he was endowed with the greatest wisdom any human can be blessed—-with———–Tinubu is like a 60yrs old Agbero—-learning how to recite the alphabets——————in an adult education centre——when his ape-like brain is aligned to great minds like Awo–

    • Reminisce6

      Does losing an election hurt this much?You need not feel vanquished as no one is going to treat you like a war booty.Your consistent and constant display of bile,hatred,lies and malicious propaganda does not depict one living a healthy life.You need to move on with your life just as GEJ is preparing for a grand entry into the Africa and world stage,so also are those you hates and despised with so much passion are getting set to begin to initiate decisions and execute policies that would impact your life and no amount of hate,lies and distortion can unplug those processes.You need to stop this naked dance as no one is longer watching,can you not notice that?

    • udeka

      Gosh, you are so tribalistic. This is present Nigeria going into the future. It is people like you that look at the past that wont let Nigeria move forward. I am south south but i voted apc because i really dont care what geo area rules, all i want is good governance and stability in my country.
      Stop living in the past and love your neighbour as thyself. The fulani man is your neighbour, and grow up too.
      You accuse apc of operating as a secret cult pls look very well and be realistic because pdp is worse than any party ever established in nigeria.
      Otherwise i wonder how a felon like alamasigha will be pardoned for a crime clearly seen.

  • burning spear

    Before 1999, Tinubu had none of these of which 70% belongs to the government and the masses.
    1. Oriental Hotel
    2. Falomo Shopping Complex
    3. First Nation Airline
    4. Lekki Concession Company
    5. Apapa Amusement Park
    6. Maiyegun Land Project
    7. The Nation Newspaper
    8. Renaissance Hotel
    9. Tejuoso Market (Joint ownership)
    10. Ikeja Shopping Mall
    11. TV Continental
    12. Converted Lagos Poly land for TVC
    13. Owned NNPC Office building in Lagos
    14. Radio Continental
    15. Owned School of Nursing building in Lagos
    16. Tax Collector of Lagos State (owns Alpha Beta, a company Prof. Osinbajo is a
    17. Wife is a member of the National Assembly
    18. Son-in-law is a member of the National Assembly
    19. Daughter is the President-General of Market Women Association in Lagos
    20. Two of his nephews given tickets to Lagos State House of Assembly
    21. N4 billion government financed property for self
    at Queens Drive, Lagos.
    22. Owned Royal Gardens Estate, Lekki and a host of others including choice
    Lagos State Lands he connered to himself, family members and cronnies.
    23. He is supporting and Financing Buhari not because he loves him or
    Democracy but because he wants to expand his resource grabbing to the
    Federal level including oil blocs of the Niger Delta.
    beware of looters in ceremonial clothing, we know their type..

    • Abdur-rashid Yusuf Gambary

      all in Nigeria, (Lagos) employed Nigerian to work for him,other politicians who steal Nigerian money should also invest here in Nigeria abi na only tinubu be Nigeria past Governor who steal our money.

    • Peace

      What an achiever? With all these he still transformed Lagos and the South west. Show me 1 thing done in Abia with oye (oil) money.

  • burning spear

    Somebody among the APes in APC should tell tinubu to keep quiet————–go hide his head in shame———-there is nothing to be proud of in him-he is no role model to any–may be drug addicts in a rehab–certainly not the human race–

    • Julius

      You will die of anger and jealousy….get on with your life buddy. Tinubu is doing fine and you will never live to attain what he has done even if you live to be 1000 yrs old. You making a joke out of your life with this unending rants about Tinubu. Get a life punk

      • burning spear


        Buhari’s Election Victory in Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Kebbi, Kaduna and Bauchi exposed to Nigerians.
        He promised to punish electoral offenders, but it is now certain that his election was the most fraudulent election in the History of Nigeria aided by Prof Jega and his scams called Card Reader and PVC.
        It is a shame!!!

      • burning spear


        • akintola

          ..and that’s why you’re still a poor and angry nigerian

          • Ade

            Sycophant like you will be winners.

        • Julius

          But you on here ranting about Tinubu day in day out. Right ? Its funny cuz Tinubu dont even know you are alive. Who born monkey self ?. Has Tinubu ever say anything abput you ? Lmaooooooooo. You fail once again. You are a failure, and you will remain a failure. Tell me If he is a drug convict in the USA how come he comes to the states whenever he wants ? Please , tell me in which court..its easy to look it up here in the U S. Just tell me what court and in what year. Waiting for your response. I’ll expose your low life. USA is not Nigeria, hope ypu do know that. Records are kept and once you are convicted, its a public record. Hurry up

      • Ade

        Scumbag is Tinubu life something to emulate? It shows you donnt have brain in your skull! !

        • Julius

          The beauty of life is you can chose who is to emulate. I sure wont emulate your father and I bet you Tinubu and his children wont emulate you either.

      • joe

        Tinubu has no life that one will emulate. He is bankrupt spirit, soul and body. Its a question of time.

        • Julius

          But, you do have a life to be emulated !! smh. Like somebody waiting and looking to emulate your life. Worry about your life and your love ones, Tinubu is doing his bit, like it or not. I emulate my father…I dont look for a politician or anybody else to emulate. If you do, you will ne highly disappointed.


    • Tinubu is head and shoulder above you and your forebears. Jealousy chokes, suffocates and if unregulated and controlled, kills faster than you can imagine. The Doctor warns that jealousy kills, please avoid it as much as you can. You will see the difference in governance in Nigeria from 29 May 2015. God bless Nigeria.

  • Dare Prophet

    Kettle deycall pot black,sir take it easy o

  • burning spear


    Buhari’s Election Victory in Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Kebbi, Kaduna and Bauchi exposed to Nigerians.
    He promised to punish electoral offenders, but it is now certain that his election was the most fraudulent election in the History of Nigeria aided by Prof Jega and his scams called Card Reader and PVC.
    It is a shame!!!

  • larry

    Good answer Tinubu.

  • jeryy

    Both of you cannot be a role model to a morally decent people. Both of you are morally bankrupt.