Police IG Sack: Rights group asks Buhari to reject Suleiman Abba’s removal

Sacked Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba

The Muslim Rights Concern has urged the Transition Committee of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to declare the sack of former Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, by President Goodluck Jonathan, as having no effect.

MURIC described the sack as curious.

Mr. Abba was sacked on Tuesday afternoon and his replacement, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, assumed duties immediately as announced by Mr. Jonathan’s media aide, Reuben Abati.

“President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has relieved the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba of his appointment and duties with immediate,” Mr. Abati said in a statement. He gave no reasons for the sack.

MURIC, through a statement signed by its Director, Ishaq Akintola, condemned Mr. Jonathan’s action and said it was imperative for Mr. Buhari’s Transition Committee to “declare clearly, unequivocally and unambiguously that no unnecessary eleventh hour appointment can be made otherwise such will be declared ultra vires and of no effect whatsoever”.

“Emergency appointments by outgoing administrations, including those of state governors, are made with sinister motives, MURIC said.

“People’s mandate must be jealously guarded. Nigerians voted for change,” it said, while appealing to the incoming administration of APC’s Mr. Buhari to be “on its tip-toes of watchfulness”.

“The question here is should President Jonathan be preparing his handover note or strengthening his position? This singular act appears to have been taken to consolidate incumbency. Nigerians must be on guard. It is not over until it is over. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” it stated.

Also, MURIC contended that the outgoing President owed Nigerians explanations, as the removal of Mr. Abba was done “without any justifiable casus belli”.

The group said it found the development curious for two reasons.

“Firstly, Sulaiman Abba is not due for retirement until March 22, 2019. Sacking such a high profile service chief without any justifiable casus belli raises more questions than answers. Secondly, it is quite unusual for an outgoing regime to embark on this type of exercise like sacking service chiefs and appointing new ones.”

“The implication is that the hands of the incoming administration are being tied and its maneuvers being restrained. The incoming regime is being saddled with unnecessary and avoidable human liabilities,” it added.

MURIC then asked: “Is President Jonathan really getting ready to handover? If so, why is he in a hurry to appoint a new IG for the incoming regime? Why should an IG be sacked shortly after the ruling party lost a general election? Is it that he did not ‘play ball’ during the elections? Did he refuse to obey illegal commands?”

MURIC said these questions are vital because the opposition APC, whose presidential candidate in the March 28 election awaits inauguration on May 29, had accused the government of Mr. Jonathan of relying on security agencies to scuttle democracy.

The organisation therefore tasked Mr. Jonathan to reveal the “offence or offences” committed by Mr. Abba.

“This matter must come to the public court of the Nigerian people who are the end-users and tax-payers,” it said.


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  • eli akhane




    • i dey hear

      Buhari has no mandate as disqualified

      “A person who has reasonable grounds to
      believe that ANY information given by a (presidential)
      candidate in his affidavit or document (submitted
      to the Electoral Commission) is false, may file
      a suit at the High court against such candidate
      seeking a declaration that the information is false.
      If the court determines that the information is
      FALSE the court SHALL issue an order
      dis-qualifying the candidate from contesting
      the election.”

      ………………………Section 31 Electoral Act of Nigeria

  • Election Observer


    • ” WAEC cannot provide the certified true copies of Muhammed Buhari
    who attended school in Katsina Provincial Secondary School, Katsina,
    in Nigeria. The above records CANNOT be found in the archives of the
    Records and Aptitude Test Department (WAEC Headquarters), Ghana”.


    (January 28th, 2015)

    • No Comment

      • A person shall not be qualified for election to
      the office of President if he has presented a
      forged certificate to the Independent
      National Electoral Commission.

      …….§137 (j) 1999 Constitution of Nigeria

    • victor mayomi

      Wake up from your slumber o

      • Ikechukwu



      Did you just come out of a cave?

  • Ole

    If GEj like make he sack his wife. heaven no go fall. He can as well commit suicide. na him palava be that. He has played his part in the History of Nigeria. He could as well jump from Mount Kilimanjaro., Nigeria will bury am . If he like make he sacked the whole cabinet. We have spoken and we have spoken well. bad belle. bad looser. The next make he sack jega. na him sabi. At list from now ,we are going to have a serious minded leader not the one that made nigerians objects of ridicule in the comity of nations. Na only you waka come. Stealing is not corruption!

  • Essense

    This Akintola is a religious bigot. Buhari will confirm our doubts by listening to these charlatans. Until May 29th Buhari remains president elect. Any attempt by Islamic organisations to privatise Buhari administration will be resisted.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      just as Nigerians resisted CAN privatisation of Jona regime such that CAN aided him in laudering our money and equally served as Jona campaign group with N7b.

      Is it not questionable to sack an officer like that at the eve of new gov without reason?

    • tundemash

      Olodo, you are more of a religiosu bigot than the Akintola guy. Show me a statement in this press release that refers to religion. Quit your religious fanaticsm: It failed to get Dumbo a re-election and yet you have not learnt your lessons.
      Why is Dumbo, who should be preparing his andover notes, appointing a new IG for an incoming President ?

  • bikky

    Either right or wrong,he appointed Abba and he can sack him that is their own palaver,I was in a police headquarters in Lagos before the election,those high ranked officers I had discussions with were not praying for Jonathan to come back and so if their prayers is answered somebody must paid the price. I wish Abba a successful future endeavors.

  • kim

    Its unfortunate Muslims and Northerners are already making out Buhari a Northern and Muslim President instead of a President for Nigeria. Yes, Buhari won the election, but some of these commentators forget that millions of Nigerians also voted for Jonathan. If Jonathan wanted, he could have rigged the election and continue in power. Is it now he will thwart what he has done, which no Nigerian leader has ever done and which had brought him universal accolade? He is the President of Nigeria till May 29, 2015 and so can sack any one, IGP inclusive. Honestly, I am now really afraid of the unity of Nigeria. I was a firm believer in the Nigerian project, but the way people are talking, am really sore afraid of Nigeria

    • Wizard

      But Mr. Kim, what is your own here about our country? Please go back to your country of origin, I mean, any of the Koreas.

    • Qudus Koletowo

      Liar, na your country go break

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn ……. the ufortunate thing is you who sees every thing from the prism of religion. It failed to get Dumbo a re-election and yet you have not learnt your lessons.
      Why is Dumbo, who should be preparing his andover notes, appointing a new IG for an incoming President ?

  • Benin2Lagos

    Of the 15 million votes Buhari secured to beat Jonathan, the south gave him 7 million and the north 8 million: Any attempt by these northern so called Muslim group to privatised the Buhari presidency would be resisted all cost by whatever means.This is not Nigeria of the 60s,70s,80s or 90s.There are lessons to learn from what happened in the Sudan

    • Lanre

      Please do not broadcast ignorance. The North single-handedly gave Buhari 12.4m votes. It will take a while for some of you to see the disaster that has befallen the South through the massive rigging in of Buhari. Don’t let me spoil y’alls fun. Just make accurate comments because some of us have the figures.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn ….. this religious sentiment failed too get Dumbo re-elelction: quit it, Nigerians are wiser. Nowhere in this press release has MURIC advanced religious sentiment for rightly querying why a President, who should be busy preparing his handover notes, is appointing a new IG for an incoming President. Quit religious fanaticism !

  • Justin, O.

    I am glad good things were said about Mr. Suleiman Abba. No one is perfect, but I think that he was a good man and a good police officer; in deed one of the best in our world. All his good works speak for him otherwise why was he promoted from the rank of an AIG to the rank of an IG skipping DIG? I believe that he was one of the best IGs, if not the best that Nigeria has ever produced (just like IG Onovo, IG from Cross River States in the middle 80’s and their very few likes). But you know, such good people don’t last long in office. Why would he be sacked but those above him in office (like in the PSC and other related ministries, etc spared? Who is deceiving whom? May Almighty God (Allah) use General Muhammadu Buhari to help all of us in this country.

    On another note, even though, the kidnappers and masterminds/sponsors of Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba’s disappearance in Anambra state have not been investigated or found for over three years now, we could forgive Mr. Abba for not helping for only him knows his reasons, but we’ll see; maybe someone above him stopped him? May GMB and his administration help the long-time suffering family of Mr. Udemba and Nigerians dig deeper and get to the bottom of this kidnap case so we can all know all those who either sponsored, helped, aided and abetted, in any way at all, the disappearance of this good man, Mr Udemba. We believe that all those previously suppressing this investigation cannot do so anymore, thank God! Because Mr. Udemba and his family are also common citizens of Nigeria and not just of a state in Nigeria. Also, we strongly believe that we now have a father of a nation who will listen to all his children. Please, if you browse, you will get the entire story(www.emmanueludemba.wordpress.c…). Thank God and thank you all.

    • tundemash

      Abba ….a good man and best in the world ? What part of the planet Jupiter do you live ? What part of the planet earth have you lived that you are comparing the head of police with Abba and made you reach the ridiculous conclusion that Abba is one of the best in the world ? I will take your submission as a dry joke !

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Why does an outgoing President fire his IGP? Maybe Abba didn’t follow the directive from above. Jonathan is looking like a Tout.

  • osogbo

    Religion and politics is a dangerous mix. All religion organization should concentrate on their primary role. While morality and true adherence to religion teachings in the society is at lowest ebb ever , in other word religion organizations are failing in their primary roles and responsibilities why dabble into politics and government. I can only think of greed and money as the motive.

    • Mustapha

      i agree with you totally but where were you when CAN leadership was dictating to GEJ on how to run his Govt. It is in the public glare and with impunity GEJ acts the script of CAN even on issues that bothers on security of lives of people in the BokoHaram endemic areas. CAN publicly ordered the removal of Gen. Abdulrrahman Danbazzau as COAS and GEJ obliged, etc. if you know what is right stand for it at all times otherwise you are a hypocrite.

      • nagogo

        I can’t agree less – Almustapha

      • osogbo

        Where was I, well you are not always here nor on other Nigeria news site otherwise you would have noticed consistency on my view about religion organizations involvement in politics and government in a society with mix population of adherents of different religions. Religion has been and is still the greatest threat to world peace in recent time and is capable wrecking Nigeria faster than any thing you can think of. Many progressive countries specifically constitutionalized separation of religion and government. I am not a Christian just in case you need to know. I have experienced the destruction it can wrought to otherwise a peaceful society. Central African Republic is a recent example. The problem it can create is exactly what your reaction portrayed. Once Christians did it Muslims must also do it. The rational basis is no longer the country but religion.

      • share Idea

        Did you say GEJ removed Gen. Abdulrrahman Danbazzau because of CAN? Who will you say that caused removal of Ihejirika, I believe they were all removed together if my memory have not failed me.

        GEJ is not perfect like every human being but I will say that he has exhibited most restraint in exercising his executive powers than any president in Nigeria of recent history. That his actions sometimes tallies with CAN positions does not necessarily mean that CAN is dictating to him. Are there no instances where Muslim group have advised him and he later implemented they advise.

        Let de-emphasise religious differences and seek our common good. Our focus should be how Nigeria should lead the Africa and Black race and not this internal differences.

  • fem7mak

    ••Either right or wrong.. Abba should go. He’s too arrogant for democratic settings

  • Harry

    This is the impunity the whole world know GEJ for, he’s clueless and brainless. Thank God by may 29 he’s gone forever, we would have be heading into another 4 years of doom.

    • Ken

      You shall really know the meaning of clueless soon.

      • tundemash

        What would do in the dying days of his unfortunate regime ? Na so una threaten us to vote him in else thunder will strike and yet nothing has happened since march 28th we have shown the Otuoke Cl0wn the red “PVC” card !

  • King Carlos

    I don’t care what the IG did, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is still the President of Nigeria. So this MURIC shd not drag Buhari into this.

    Sai Buhari

    • tundemash

      Buhari has automatically been dragged into this by appointing an IG for him 5 weeks to him taking over. That is what MURIC is saying!

      • BayernMunich

        tundemash abeg don’t mind the bunch of ignorant commentators who simply want to say something. After all Ribadu was still demoted by Yar’Adua after Obasanjo gave him a last minute promotion. I won’t be surprised if Buhari reverses this dismissal. The police force is not Jonathan’s estate. This is not done in any constitutional democracy

      • King Carlos

        I think Buhari still will have d power to remove the IG if he wants.

        • tundemash

          And create controversy by being accused of removing an IG who is barely 5 weeks in the office and that is the point MURIC is making ! It is a trap.

  • christobel2010

    The actual truth is that JONATHAN is still the president and commander in chief of the armed forces, so he an keep firing his service chiefs every single day until he hands over. But seriously he can still fire his service chiefs. However JONATHAN shouldn’t have fired Abba. No matter what may have happened he should have exercised restrain and let his remaining day go without any issues bugging him down. He should be bigger than all these issues. Since he has lost the elections he should just relax and keep his cool until he leaves.

    • Ken

      GEJ has done the right thing by telling his appointees to be careful. You don’t disobey your boss because you feel he was defeated and therefore not relevance again. If Abolurin is not fired, then he is very lucky. You must show loyalty all the way till he handover.

  • favourtalk

    They should pack well joor, where were they when he was molesting the speaker of the house?
    Nemesis is catching up with him now
    He is a tool

  • Ken

    Disloyalty has no place in governance. The President of Nigeria today is GEJ and he can fire and hire until he leaves. You don’t show open disdain to a president because you feel he is no longer relevant. The attitude of Abba were unbecoming. He removed Mbu from Lagos and allowed Apc to openly rigged the April 11 election with thugs having a field day. Mbu would have ensured limits to the Apc thugs. He equally removed the Ekiti Police Commissioner with no cause and so on.

  • Maitama Tambari

    MURIC should not act out of sentiment. The sack of S. Abba is clearly out of malice for not supporting and allowing the rigging of the Presidential Election. President JONATHAN is still the President of Nigeria until the 29-05-15. Do not therefore drag GMB into this contraversy. What the Presidency has done is an immaturity in Administration. Tomorrow President JONATHAN and S. Abba might meet in any forum and that will be an embarrassing meeting because Public Service is not Personal Service, it is Civil Service.

    • share Idea

      Please don’t advise them as that is the kind of CHANGE the supposed masses voted for. Asking Transition committee to direct the affairs of a nation.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Jonathan is frustrated because he has lost elections.

  • Ayinde

    Enough of this useless talk can’t Akintola ever anything without his Religious coloration. For crying out loud Jonathan is still the commander in chief. He never made public his reason for choosing Abba. So if he’s not performing to his expectations does he need to consult any before changing him. Akintola the ocean his there if not satisfied am sorry. He exercised his constitutional right simple.