We’ve not zoned offices, ministerial appointments yet – APC

APC logo used to illustrate the story.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has urged Nigerians to disregard media speculations concerning the appointment of ministers and the zoning of political offices under the incoming Buhari Administration.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said there is no truth to anything that has been dished out anywhere, concerning the issues of appointment, especially the zoning of the National Assembly’s principal positions and other offices.

The party said that in the true tradition of the APC, all issues of public interest will be handled transparently and conveyed to Nigerians through the usual communication channels.

“No appointments have been made and no offices have been zoned. The main concern of our party at the moment is to ensure a smooth transition and to hit the ground running, in the overall interest of the long-suffering people of Nigeria.

”At the appropriate time, Nigerians will be informed of the appointments made and the offices zoned,” APC said.


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  • Shimei

    This is good to hear Mr Mohammed. The leadership of our great party should take its time to scrutinize the records of those to be appointed ministers and do a good job also of the zoning without disregard to any zone. We are looking forward to a great time with the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, who has been my hero since December 31, 1983.

    • share Idea

      A party that wish to hit the ground running should have made public the policies and the kind of structure they will be running on. Posterity will exposes all these lies from APC. APC said they don’t believe in Zoning during merging and campaign. The same APC later said that it pains them that SE will miss Senate President slot because none is from SE there.

      • mustapha Shehu

        Whose fault is it, the voters or the APC.

      • Wale

        That’s politics 101; you guys should learn how to play the game.
        Its a game of number and full participation of players.

  • B.Messi

    Yet another big lie by Lai-lie Moh’d.
    Yes, maybe appointments hav not been made, but it’s highly probable the zoning for the N.A has been done at the NWC level waiting for ratification by the NEC.
    This is getting interesting! Problem I hear Liars have is that, they don’t know when to stop.
    Lies and propaganda were used during electioneering..but someone needs to remind lai-lie there is no further need for this.
    This might be impossible though..as we all know old habits die hard!
    Mark my words; in no distant future, even APC members will start accusing this man of lies and blatant falsehood!
    Real drama ahead!

    • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

      A – P – C
      All – ‘Perjurers’ – Congress


        A simple statement has elicited abuses from sore losers like B. Messi and Marquis. What has the man said that these scoundrels must pour invective on him? While little people like you were calling him liars, Nigerians showed they believe in him by voting massively for his party. Quit bellyaching. It’s a new day guys!

        • B.Messi

          Loser? Nigerians yearned for a ‘change’ and they got one(even if it turns out to not what they expected).
          If calling people who lie Liars is considered an abuse by you, how about calling me a scoundrel?
          My brother, I have never and will never be drawn into a name calling ‘match’ with u nor anyone else. Sorry, that’s not me.
          Based on the sort of lies and propaganda deployed by the APC most often by Lai Moh’d, I STILL STAND BY MY WORDS THAT IN NO DISTANT FUTURE, EVEN APC MEMBERS THEMSELVES WILL ACCUSE BABA LAI OF BLATANT LIES AND FALSEHOOD!
          Remember this day my brother. Then you may decide for yourself if the ‘invectives’ you hav poured out on me is justifiable.
          Be patient..we are nearly there..

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Interesting. You don’t engage in name calling but you call a man old enough to be your father a liar? Perhaps name calling has lost its meaning.

            If Lai is a liar, Nigerians believed his lies over and above your ‘truth’, as evident in his party’s media ascendancy

            Honestly, I wish I could pour more invective on you!!!

    • King Carlos

      Ode… the man released a direct and intelligent statement yet you call it lies… i blame you? You people are used to half truths from Metuh .

      • B.Messi

        ‘ode’ is how you APC minions start a comment!
        Has it ever occurred to you that a ‘direct intelligent statement’ could be a BLATANT LIE??
        Did you grow up without love?? Why are 90% of you APC minions so violent and abusive??
        Pity is all I feel for your types really.
        Liars and abusive people..all the same to me…SMH…

        • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

          Well said. Ignore them bros. Never ever descend to their gutter level. They are a very angry bunch. I suspect it has to do with their upbringing. Or lack of it. That’s why I avoid discussions with them. You are too refined for that bro.
          Remain Blessed.

      • Tolu

        You presume an intelligent statement must be true? Wow.
        You people must be used to glaring lies from Lai!

    • Concerned

      You are obviously jobless to make so much noise about nothing!

      • kareem

        Lies, falsehood and propaganda by grandfathers is ‘nothing’ to you.
        You are certainly so gainfully employed to find time to reply so much noise about nothing!

        • Concerned

          Absolutely – its my mission to demolish nonsense and besides I can type 10 words in less than a minute!!

          • B.Messi

            Wow! Clap for yourself!

          • Concerned

            Your welcome !

  • MushinSpeaks

    The rumour mongers will not stop to discredit the newly elected government, Shame

  • TrueNja

    Fellow Nigerian comrades – we voted for Mohammadu Buhari not big time thieves in APC. There is no smoke without fire. We must resist former Kwara state governor Bukola Saraki and former governor of Benue state Akume to become senate president. The 2 ex governors have corruption cases against them pending at EFCC. We should also not forget the role Bukola Saraki and his late father played in the collapse of Societe Generale Bank. We want new wine in the new bottle not the other way round.

  • adediji esquire


  • favourtalk

    APC is a party of orderliness and anybody should stop all the negative zoning going on around.
    We need a better choice for the nation and the party is ready to do that with the wisdom of the president elect

  • Okey

    I have at no time been more convinced than now, that the whole essence of political contestation in Nigeria is NEVER Nigeria, but self and ethnic domination. What is now awash the media, especially APC-friendly media, has thoroughly laid it bare that the much vilified PDP is indeed “national,” and that APC is nothing more than a gang-up of ethnic supremacists in Nigeria. Obasanjo had all zones in all the arms, Yar’Adua the same. Jonathan the same, even when one man from the South West scuttled the slot for the South West to produce the Speaker, Jonathan ensured they had the Leader of the House. But now, everything is shared between the North and the South West only. It is now President to North, Vice to South West; Senate President to North, Deputy South west; Speaker North, Deputy South West; Leader North, Deputy South West, etc. Since 1999, never have I witnessed this level of greed and exclusion practiced by any leader or political party in Nigeria.

    Let me not be mistaken as I have said before that Gen. Buhari and APC can take and limit leadership positions of the National Assembly and indeed of the country to their kitchens if that pleasures their soul; that is in the belief that APC never won any seat in the South East and South. But the media have now rendered that belief untenable with the report that APC won two (2) House of Representatives seats in Imo State. Now, the rule of “ranking member” in the National Assembly is a Rule of Exclusion. It is not a constitutional rule; it is not a rule of justice; it is not a rule of equity and fairness; and it can never be a rule of justice. It is not even a political party rule in Nigeria. It is a Rule of Exclusion. Historically, it was started by the Dimeji Bankole House leadership, who, thinking: (a) that they would be re-elected, and (b) the new members would out-number them (the old members), horridly put up a rule of ranking two or three days before dissolution. The rule is clearly a rule of exclusion that no political leadership anywhere in the world with a sense of patriotism, justice and equity will dare insist on, in order to enable it pursue a per-conceived mindset that will justify exclusion of a section of her nation, more so when there is ample leeway to obviate exclusion.

    APC has two members from Imo State, NOTHING in the Constitution of Nigeria, justice, equity and fairness and the Federal Character principle enshrined in the Constitution of Nigeria by the military regime of which Gen. Buhari is a notable member justifies the exclusion of any of those APC members from Imo State from becoming the Speaker of the House of Representatives, absolutely nothing. Mallam Salisu Buhari never went to “School of Legislative Ranking” before becoming Speaker of the House. Ghali Na’Aba never went to such a school either. In fact, as at the time they were made Speaker, there were some other members who have garnered experience from the previous National Assembly sessions in Nigeria. So, the rule of ranking is a Rule of Exclusion; it is a rule that no political leader that is truly national could feel at ease to practice, more so when he has two members from Imo State.

    Notwithstanding, I can only beg Gen. Buhari of one thing: to ensure that, as from May 29, 2015, every Igbo Governor accounts for how he spends every Kobo received from the Federal Revenue Allocation Account. For I am one of those who believe, strongly, that corruption pervades more at the states level than at the Centre; that there is no check-and-balances at the states level because, honestly and seriously speaking, there are no state legislatures in Nigeria – what we have there are errand boys to the Governor’s wife or son or daughter. In the result, the unemployment and hunger which is the bye-product of mindless corruption in the states are deftly pushed to, and blamed on, the Federal Government. The horrible state of affairs, at the states level, I must say, pervades 90% of the states of federation. If a Peter Obi can run the affairs of Anambra State, make a modest achievement, did not owe civil servants a dime and still left N30 Billion whilst leaving office, I don’t know why other Governors, especially Igbo Governors, should have horrible records of wickedness against their people. If therefore, the Igbo Governors will be just a little honest in their management of resources, Gen. Buhari and APC can take their Senate President and Speaker to wherever will comfort their souls; they can share them between the North and the South West alone as war-booty, Ndigbo will not will not die.

  • kunle Ajala

    No need for APC to zone Senate positions yet

    Based on the law and facts Muhammadu Buhari has lost the 2015 presidency.
    The APC party must quickly come to terms with that fact than hope against hope.
    Unless Muhammadu Buhari shows his WASC certificate he shall be disqualified.
    The Evidence law says Buhari bears the evidential burden to show his WASC.

    If he does not, the Evidence Act says a disqualification verdict should be directed against him.
    The only proof against any prima facie case of fakery is the thing itself – the certificate.
    Zoning of parliamentary offices in the Senate or House of Representatives now, makes no sense.
    Should Buhari fail the test in court tomorrow, all the APC Senators can vie for Senate presidency.

  • tony

    Tell this to the average Joe and he would start defending this same obnoxious’ self-serving practice.
    We still have a long road to freedom.