Buhari welcomes steps taken by Jonathan on South Africa’s xenophobic attacks

President Muhammadu Buhari

The Nigerian President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, says he is in full support of the steps taken so far by the Nigerian government in its efforts to protect the country’s citizens from the wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

In a statement released in Abuja on Saturday, April 16, Mr. Buhari said that Nigeria’s Head of Mission in Pretoria had taken the right steps by advising the Nigerian community in South Africa to close their shops, stay home and keep out of trouble, while ensuring that they obey the laws of their host country.

“We equally understand that the South African government is making efforts to bring an end to this unfortunate situation,” Mr. Buhari said. “In the meantime, Nigerians in South Africa should abide by the words of caution extended them by their government representative in Pretoria.”

Mr. Buhari also commended the Nigerian government for its decision to monitor the situation in South Africa and evacuate its citizens at any sign of escalation.

“I am happy to see that the Nigerian government is very well aware of its responsibilities to its citizens in South Africa,” Mr. Buhari said.

The President-elect expressed sadness at the unfolding events in South Africa, recalling Nigeria’s and South Africa’s friendly relation since the end of apartheid.


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  • amazing2012

    Just prepare to evacuate, settle & rehabilitate them. South Africans will still attack them, remember if the government arrest and prosecute them, the suspect will still put the blame on foreigners. When society rejected you no body wi force them to accept you. It’s a mindset issue not law, they need social orientation on what is wrong and right. Remember, a trafitional leader started this problem by galling foreigners to leave.

    • Otile

      You are unjust. Before the rigged election Imam Buhari would have blamed Jonathan for not protecting Nigerians from Zulu attacks in South Africa, and from Islamic attacks in the Mediterranean. Now Imam and GEJ are speaking the same language.

      Is Imam not a hopeless hypocrite?

  • Interrogator


    • Larry

      @ Interrogator:

      The 1999 constitution says nobody must submit false certificate to INEC. Buhari defied the law.
      He submitted FALSE certificate to INEC through declaratory statement verified on oath saying
      he obtained WASC in 1961. That is an intentional violation of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.
      He must be punished for it.

      The 15.4 million people who voted for Buhari (representing 8.65% of Nigeria’s population)
      wasted their votes because everybody is presumed to know the law. Those 15.4m voters were told
      since December 2014 that Buhari has no proof of WASC. The 15.4m people still went to vote Buhari
      as if they are too illiterate to know the consequence. By irresponsibly daring the country’s Constitution,
      the punishment for their own stupidity is nullification of all those 15.4 million votes to make them void.
      That is what the 1999 Constitution says.

    • Kojo

      <Interrogator: But why wait till 22nd of May to disqualify a patently un-qualified candidate
      who's deliberately poked his hands into the eyes of the 1999 Constitution if court hearing
      starts next week Wednesday on this case, and, if there's any efficient judiciary in Nigeria?
      My two-pence is there's really no reason why Buhari can't be disqualified latest 30th April.

      • i dey hear

        • A person shall not be qualified for election to

        the office of President if he has presented a

        forged certificate to the Independent

        National Electoral Commission.

        …….§137 (j) 1999 Constitution of Nigeria

      • Repeater Station


    • Kojo

      interrogator: But why wait till 22nd of May to disqualify a patently un-qualified candidate
      who’s deliberately poked his hands into the eyes of the 1999 constitution if court hearing starts
      next Wednesday on this Buhari’s WASC/Cambridge certificate and, if there’s any efficient judiciary
      in Nigeria? My informed opinion is there’s really no reason why Buhari can’t be disqualified latest
      30th April or before that date, because this case needs only yes or no answer from Buhari.

      • No Comment


        • Larry


          APC wants waiver of 1999 Constitution or what?

          APC wants clemency or waiver? But it is not automatic or simply got by asking.
          Buhari must show why the Judge should grant a waiver of the CONSTITUTION.
          If he’s so far shown intention to deliberately violate the law, why should he be
          granted waiver or clemency?

          Buhari has been aware since 1999 what the Constitution requires and knows he
          doesn’t have it. He designed a fraudulent scheme to violate the 1999 Constitution
          all by himself by telling lies.

          That is not a good reason to give him clemency. He MUST first of all be disqualified by law,
          and must then face criminal trial in another court for his misdeed. That is my own opinion
          on this matter. Nobody must be allowed to benefit from his own wrong.

          • philip


      • philip


  • growthengine

    You will only support your govt after becoming president elect. So self centred. Not gracious at all.

  • Otile

    This is terrible. Jonathan is doing nothing to protect Nigerians under Zulu attacks in Azania and Imam Buhari is supporting him. Where is the change that APC minions are talking about? Nonesense

    • But you want Jonathan DO-NOTHING to rule Nigeria for ever. The Change is Jonathan will rule SAMBISA from May 29, 2015.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    South Africans welcome the incoming government of Buhari and APC With the BLOOD of Nigerians. THIS IS A CHANGE that WE NEVER DREAMT OF!!!!

    • ESCEE

      You guys are just talking what you dont know here….i lives in south africa,as am writing non nigerian has been reported dead or hurt…they only loots some of our brothers shops by chance.we are all vegilants waiting for then to do sheets.and moreover we are here to discuss xenophobia in south africa not nigeria issue.,who win don win,just accept your faith and lets all suppor the incoming president to take our country to the promised land.enough is enough for nigerian suffering out side nigeria,we need to see and enjoy the betterment of our land.GOD BLESS NIGERIA!

  • Akua

    My People,

    What is wrong with you guys? The question here is to discuss xenophobia
    inside South Africa? But see. You are all discussing Buhari’s case. If you don’t
    know the answer to the question of xenophobia in South Africa, why don’t you
    keep quiet? Anybody that can think already knows that Buhari is constitutionally
    dis-qualified by that Section 137 (j) + Section 31 of the Electoral Act which says
    that regardless of how many other true statements Buhari filed with INEC, just
    just one false statement in writing or in his affidavit SHALL lead to his automatic
    dis-qualification. We know all those. The APC people in my area have been doing
    something like wake-keeping for Buhari who actually made them win the 2015 election,
    only to make them lose everything again. But that is not what we are to talk about here.
    The question here is about xenophobia in South Africa.

    • igboba

      BROS, NO VEX,

      If certificate holder and dropout are equal, why is JAMB not admitting all dropouts
      from secondary school? The best thing for Muhammadu Buhari now is to write letter
      and beg Judge to withdraw from this WASC case and withdraw from anything called
      presidential election for the rest of life.

      Buhari go school but no finish, he come write same certificate (WASC) with everybody
      that finished secondary school, haba! Is that how honest somebody is supposed to do?

      Buhari can beg Judge to be allowed to go home without going to 14 years in prison.
      But Judge can abuse him as a very bad old man that is telling lies and then show
      him what lawyers are calling clemency, so that he won’t go to jail. Matter finish.

      • Interrogator

        • A person shall not be qualified for election to
        the office of President if he has presented a
        forged certificate to the Independent
        National Electoral Commission.

        …….§137 (j) 1999 Constitution of Nigeria

        • imasuen


          This Interrogator can be a criminal. Before, he was mis-leading APC people.
          He said the real case against Buhari is in Section 137 (i). APC people started
          getting confidence that Buhari can escape that one since he was not indicted by
          any administrative panel before now. Five days to the case now, the Interrogator
          has just brought out the real joker under Section 137 (j) which does NOT require
          any past indictment at all. How can APC lawyers start to prepare for this new section
          in only five days to the case? I don’t see how Buhari can become President with all this.

          • raphael okwuoma


            Can Buhari ever show a certificate he does not have? He has lied and must face
            the consequence. The Constitution says Buhari shall stand dis-qualified from the 2015
            presidential election. So must it be – because the 1999 Constitution is supreme over all
            the Judges of the courts. We are not actually as retarded in Nigeria as you may believe.
            We can think by ourselves. We know Buhari is dis-qualified. We know his 15.4million votes
            are therefore null and void. So, please stop posting this question to annoy us here!

  • Awarawa

    Can someone explain to me the difference between what is going on in South Africa against Nigerians and what has become the norms in the northern part of Nigeria against Igbo and other southern tribes during organized killings by BH and Islamic religious riots since 1966?!

    • Otile

      You see every prosperous people need to have their own country to protect their own people from envious lazy tribes. Igbo needs Biafra to save our people from Mohammedans and lazy Zulu tribesmen in Azania. As long as lazy people see our people prospering especially in their lands they get jealous and try to exterminate us, whether in Nigeria or some other primitive places.

      Igbo people doing well in US, Canada and Europe are coveted in those places as opposed to Igbo doing well in Nigeria and KwaZulu homeland. When the jealousy reaches a boiling point they invent some stupid_excuse to drown Igbo in the seas or declare war of genocide on us. The answer is secession.

      • Critical

        So why bother going to those places? Why not simply remain in your town and prosper your town and stop going to other people’s place where you are not wanted. The way you despise other people, why not quit and make sure you don’t go to other people’s place and stop whining. It is simple logic.

        • Hcredo

          Excellent response! Nothing that the Igbos do it true to their claim for Biafra. They hate living in the east and the constant threat to life & property that trails life there, they can’t stand the dubious character of their own people, they don’t even have enough land to go round, but see them chanting Biafra songs and holding MASSOB meetings in the crux of the North where they have found a safe haven and are prospering in ways they could never hope to do in their homeland.

          • Otile

            Be honest and allow us to go and see whether we will not be the most developed country in Africa. You parasites do not understand.

          • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

            It is morons like you that give Ndigbo a bad reputation!
            What is wrong with you?……….my friend, be quiet until you know what you are talking about.

          • Otile

            Say what you want to say, so far you have said nothing.

          • Segun

            The Ibos are the Germans of Nigeria if they had been left to secede from Nigeria, they would have made something spectacular of of their nation- Akin Osuntokun- thisdaynewspaper article.
            The truth is that the Ibos are the most hardworking ethnic group in Nigeria.
            They are the most enterprising and the most competitive. The republican nature of their society allows for great creativity. The combination of these elements has resulted in an “animal unlike no other unhindered by religion or an imposed feudal structure. This animal rises way ahead of other groups when the right conditions are provided or a level playing field is created for all groups” Chinua Achebe- there was a country.
            Futher professor Tapman an expert on human genetics and the head of the American institute of cognitive science who has conducted extensive research on the IQs of various indigenous African groups found that the ibos unlike many others groups have IQ levels as high as western Europens.
            While the average IQ level of the Hausa Fulani was between 60- 70 in his sample and the average IQ of the Yoruba was between 70-80 , Ibos had IQ levels of between 80- 110.
            This clear difference in IQ levels according to professor Tapman is one of the major reasons why the IBO today outperform other groups in cognitive ability. It also provides some clear evidence why ibo children actually have higher test scores in entrance examinations. For Example
            Since the creation of the common entrance examination the states of South Eastern Nigeria have always had the highest cut off points for entry into Secondary institutions in the country.
            The same is applicable in the civil service where the use of promotional examinations was stopped because of the overwhelming number of South Easterners and South Westerners who scaled those examination relative to the poor performance of people from other geopolitical zones of the country.
            A recent study conducted by the New England educational board on the admission of immigrant children in Ivy League Schools in the United States found that an overwhelming number of the black children admited into these schools were of Nigerian descent. Of this number the study found that 70 percent of these children were either first or second generation IBo children.
            They study concluded that there were a number of factors responsible for this lopsided performance of ibos in relation to other indigenous African groups
            1 better Information on the importance of an Ivy League education
            2 better family cohesion – support structure , children of monogamous relationships
            3 greater cognitive ability- higher IQ levels
            4 better financing arrangements.
            Please see the New England School Report on the admission of immigrant Children into Ivy League institutions- study conducted between 1999 – 2009 volumes 2 and 3
            Note that this is an updated study from an earlier study conducted by the New England Education Board.
            This differences explain to a large extent the reason why the ibos excel in every enviroment they operate In because of their natural endowments.
            Today the ibos own over 70 percent of all the land in Abuja and 80 percent of all businesses in the FCT- source – FCT ministry- Abuja Property Development Company Report on New town development in the FCT 2010.
            And in Lagos the Ibos own 60 percent of all the developed properties in the state- Lagos State ministry of Lands 2009 report on land ownership and 55 percent of all the businesses.
            This is in a country where ibos have neither held the highest positions in the land or occupied positions in ministries where they had influence or determine the outcome of land ownership.
            The bottom line is that a lot of the anger directed at the ibos is due mainly to the fact that most ibos outperform other groups. They also have a tendency to pursue an objective with individual zeal and determination that often offends other groups when the results of this effort become clear.
            It is therfore wrong to think that the ibo are afraid to leave Lagos.
            Ibos in the past had tried to leave Nigeria despite the huge investments they had in other parts of the country. If given a choice they would do so again.
            All the properties that they own can be recreated in the east if given a choice.
            Development is driven by the creative ability of a people. We must always remember that.
            Further if other Contributors doubt what is written here, they should advocate a merit driven Society in Nigeria and see the outcome.
            Let merit determine who gets what and conduct a longitudinal study after 10 years to find out where all the groups are in Nigeria.

          • jamesbond3

            this twisting of facts in a lopsided manner to show racial superiority is the same thing Hitler did to show how the aryan race or white race is superior to other races. They called themselves the master race and they turned out to be very evil and hateful of other races. you are not far from that kind of racism or in your case, rapid tribalism. In my encounters with the igbos, I have found them to be the most tribalistic tribe in all of Nigeria. They are also tribalistic to each others and call some of their own people osu who should not be touched. Since you guys hate other tribes so much, especially the Yorubas, why don’t you just stay in your region and develop it and make it the envy of the rest of Nigeria? After all, are u not supposedly “better” than everybody else? That would be good instead of going to another man’s land and calling it no man’s land which you will never accept in the East

          • Segun

            James Bond it is painful when facts are presented to you abi?
            What the ibos are requesting for is only a level playing field- that’s all.
            A merit driven society
            Is that too much to ask for?
            If you claim you are better just institute this policy in Nigeria and let’s see who is better. Lol
            On the issue of staying in ones region I suggest you dig into your recent history.
            The ibos tried to do that a little over 40 years ago remember?
            It was the rest of Nigeria that insisted that the ibos of eastern Nigeria must remain.
            The question you should ask yourself is why did all other groups insist that the Ibos remain in Nigeria if they are not important?
            There must be a reason why?
            Try and find out this reason and let us have a meaningful discussion.
            I also want to disabuse your mind that the development you see in Lagos was done with Yoruba money.
            I refer you to the first , second, third and fourth development plans.
            You would find out where all the money used to develop Lagos came from.
            A lot of that money still comes from the same source till date
            So don’t claim what you did not work for.
            That is stealing lol
            So get off your lazy ass and do some basic research before you open that your dirty amala mouth.

          • jamesbond3

            Okay I see you are happy and you are twisting my own words. I never said Lagos was developed alone with Yoruba money. You made that up. Lagos as a former Federal capital is a mini Nigeria and many different groups and tribes have contributed to what Lagos is today but it is still essentially a Yoruba city. I know you don’t like that but there’s nothing you can do about it apart from spewing your hatred of the Yorubas.

            Moreover I never said the Yorubas are better than anybody else. You’re really making things up at this stage. You’re are the one who said the Igbos are better than everybody else. You’re also free to declare your Biafra and since you believe you’re better than everybody else, you should be able to win the war against other Nigerians that you believe you’re better than. If on the other hand, you are unable to successfully win any war because of the hard realities of life facing you which you refuse to acknowledge because of your delusions, then you should at the very least relocate yourselves to the East where you can develop it alone all by yourself and make it the “envy” of the rest of Nigeria.

          • Hcredo

            The Igbo’s are not the German’s of Nigeria, but the Jews of Africa. I will not dispute their enterprising nature because they are decendent from the Jews, who are genetically the most enterprising race on earth. But neither knowledge nor wealth has earned these class of people the love of the world. And it has nothing to do with envy, but because of their greedy, heartless and covetous nature. Left to their own devices, there is nothing that an Igbo man will not accomplish that he sets out to do, because (just as you pointed out) they are conscience-deprived and have no religious, moral or societal values to hinder them in their quest. The only God they worship is Money and, just like the Jews, they are ready to do anything for it. Additionally, numerous studies show that sociopaths tend to be the greatest achievers in the realm of business and politics (intelligence alone is not enough), because these type of people are fearless and rebellious and they don’t let concerns of human sympathy or moral values stand in their way. So, knowledgable or not, hardworking or not, the important thing is what and how they use their God-given talents that matters to soceity. The rest of the world does not appreciate the machiavellian ways Igbos/Jews are coveting the economic resources of the world. As for the IQ tests, it is all flawed when extended to people with different background exposures to education. IQ tests don’t measure a person’s intelligence, they measure what a person already knows. Anyone with a retentive memory can pass an IQ test, that is why people with autism top the charts in IQ tests even though they have no ability to reason and their communication & social skills are impaired. So concerning your western IQ tests, the tribe with the greater exposure to western education and culture will score higher than the tribe with the least exposure. Just as I am certain that Igbos would score the least in IQ tests conducted in the Middle East, while the Hausas would score highest due to their literacy in Arabic & understanding of middle eastern culture, followed by the Yorubas who have some Muslim background. For me, intelligence is the ability to create accurate assessment of the results of a course of action, so that you can take the right decision today. I don’t know how much the Igbo intelligence has helped them in this regard. The 1966 coup and Biafa was nothing but a disaster! The Jews have been the most persecuted race in history, I guess their intelligence hasn’t helped them either. My point is: intelligence that gets you wealth and property and power, but does nothing to perserve the lives of your tribe, is no intelligence at all.

          • Alvinkay

            You earn my best of the year write up. Well articulated IQ…

        • Otile

          We tried to stay in our Biafra but we were surrounded for extermination. Buhari, Danjuma and Gowon have recently said that if we try to secede again all Nigerians will take the same again to wipe us out once and for all. Leave our oil for us so that we can use it develop our communities and build the Niger bridge for ourselves.

          Igbo like other prosperous people venture into other lands. Do you not see many Chinese, Indians, Europeans living and prospering in Nigeria? Igbo and these people have one thing in common ie development, prosperity and hard work. Have you asked the Chinese and Indians to leave Nigeria for you?

          Come on, don’t be of little mind.

          • Critical

            They stopped Biafra does not stop you from staying in your town. If you cannot prosper in your own town then accept and respect your host community and stop whining.

          • Otile

            The problem is not respect for community, it is the envy of natives over prosperous Igbo people.

          • Critical

            I disagree with you. Igbos are not the only emigrants. There are lots of other tribes who are also emigrants. But the problem you should ask yourself is why is it that the igbos are hated the most out of all the other tribes? I will tell you the reason for free. You probably have too much respect for Obama at this moment. But if Obama comes to your town to settle and starts insulting all your town members and treating them like he is superior to them calling them names, everybody in your town will hate the Obama you so much loved before he came and started insulting your people. It is the same thing with the igbos. Wherever they go it is the same thing, they make so much noise and feel on top of the world and treat locals with contempt and that naturally elicits hatred. Igbos are not hated by default but becos of their actions. You don’t call people nama, ewu awusa, Yoruba cowards, etc and expect them to still love and respect you. You cannot come to their home and want to dominate them to accept you as a superior being to them it is not possible.

          • Otile

            You are talking nonsense, Igbo are very respectful people, studious, forward looking and intelligent. Everywhere they go they contribute positively and immensely to the community which provokes the lazy drones of such communities, and you know it.

          • Critical

            igbos are very respectful in your delusional imagination. I have given you the simple reason why they are despised and that it the truth about it whether you like or not. Nobody wakes up and start hating a particular tribe. From Nigeria to Ghana, to Cotonou, to Abidjan, to Togo to Malaysia, to Cambodia, to New Delhi, even Cameroon the story remains the same.

          • Critical

            So why would people just pick on only them? It is because of their delusional mentality that they are superior race and the fact that they worship money and can do anything illegal to get money. Wake up to reality man.

          • Alvinkay

            You are a lazy human being by your words. It’s only a lazy man reasons in your view. And that makes your speeches sentimental and hatred. It is when you leave to do your own job, that another man finishes his own and join you. I think development and prosperity is an evident of hard work. stop being lazy, hatred and sentimental. stand up and do your job, so as to avoid the serious ones over take you.

      • Hcredo

        What hypocrisy! You want to do well in other peoples’ lands but you want to cardon your own land from others. This just shows the double standards of people like you. What Igbos should be asking themselves is: ” what horrible character are we exhibiting to make people want to exterminate us or drown us in the lagoon? The richest man in Africa is a hausa man but no one is thinking of killing the hausa people (other than us, of course), so it really can’t be out of envy that people want to attack us.”

      • I know some Igbos excel in fraud and counterfeiting, hence they love Jonathan’s corrupt and lawless government. They sure will miss him

    • Hcredo

      The difference is that Nigerians living in South Africa did not betray the country that sheltered them by assasinating their elites and religious leader – and then go around laughing in their face about it. This, on the other hand, is what happened in 1966 when the Igbos arranged to exterminate the northern & western leadership heirarchy and take over rulership of the country, killing the venerated Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa and hosts more! It is easy for the Igbos to plan and perpetuate such masacres as hate & violence is in their nature, but in their blood thirsty zeal they forgot to debate the possible consequences of their actions on their own people who are scattered all over Nigeria enjoying the hospitality and bounty of other Nigerian tribes. Perhaps if the Igbos in the North were not jubilating & openly celebrating the massacre of Northerners at that, and instead were commiserating with their northern neighbours, some mercy might have been shown to them. As for Boko Haram, are you honestly that daft as to say that BH are killing Igbos whereas their main target are Northerners, Islamic clerics and northern schools and markets? Ok, let’s just say that you are “pretending” not to know.

      • campol


        • Hcredo

          It is only rubbish if you can provide a counterclaim. And to do that you will have to rewrite history!

          • campol


      • Otile

        Were you there in 1966? You were not born then but only chanting the lies your parents told you. Whether you like it or not Ndigbo will prosper wherever they go. Prosperity draws jealousy from laggards, and this is a fact.

        • Hcredo

          Prosperity indeed! How can that ever be so, when the bad image Nigeria is suffering from in the international community is as a result of the criminality of your Igbo brethren. Wherever they go they spread corruption and mischief, like a desease. No, please, we can do without the “Ndigbo prosperity”.
          By the way, in addition to being a witness in 1966, there are documentary evidences even from fellow Igbos. You need to read more about what your Ndigbo really did in ’66.

          • Otile

            Try to be honest for once. Yorubas are the worst criminal Africans found in US, Europe and Asia.

            The history of Nigeria written by Yoruba authors is mere distortion. Did they not refuse to teach or mention the genocide in schools?

            Many Yoruba children have not even heard about the genocide or Awolowo starving 2 million Igbo children to death. Have they heard that out of wickedness Nigerian soldiers burnt down every city in Igboland during the genocide. All they know about Benjamin Adekunle is that he was some kind of hero and a good man, they do not know that he was a sadist who commended troops under him to shoot any thing that was moving. You have a lot to learn about Nigeria, omo.

          • Hcredo

            All’s fair in love and war. If you Igbos don’t like the consequences of war then don’t start one. What did you think will happen when you ganged up and massacred our elites and leaders in the northern and western regions? That we will sit back and act like mumu while a blood-thirsty minority takes over power? We celebrate our heros who defeated Biafra just like you Igbos celebrate the psychopath (Nzeogwu) who executed the 1966 coup and the megalomeniac (Ojukwu) who dragged you into war. You Igbos dug your own grave, so have the decency to lie in it. As for the rest of Nigerians, we have not forgotten what the Igbos did, that is why there can never be an Igbo President… lie, lie! This is the price you pay for treachery, and so long as you continue with your treacherous ways that is how you will continue to lose your positions of power, just as you lost the Senate presidency and the Speaker seat.

          • Give it to Otile one more time or until he is full.


          • Segun

            You must be an ape. You clearly do not have the ability to critically analyse anything .
            How can you attribute the bad image of Nigeria solely on Ibos?
            Most of the drug pushers in Nigeria today are Yoruba for your information
            Examples of these King pins include people like Kashamu, tinubu who has a known drug conviction to his name in the United States etc.
            These people are certainly not ibo.
            Kekere ekun who was recently extradited back to the UK for Murder is not ibo
            The British war veteran who was hacked to death in broad daylight by a Nigerian of Yoruba descent is not Ibo.
            The Chicago 22 who were recently captured and convicted for drug offences were all Yoruba
            The New York 15 who were all apprehended and jailed for bringing in large amounts of drugs into the United States were all Yoruba- conviction in US district court of New York – 2014
            In the United Kingdom that has over 5 thousand Nigerians in their Prison system over 80 percent of these convicted criminals are Yoruba- please see the her Majesty’s Prison report on the impact of the increase of foreigners prisoners on the British correctional system 2012. It clearly states that most of the Nigerians in their system are Nigerians of Yoruba extraction.
            The yoruba in the UK are known for for benefits fraud.
            Recently over 18 Yoruba were jailed in Manchester for benefits Fraud- see the London Sun papers December 19th 2014.
            I would also state that most of the Nigerians apprehended in the US for drugs and fraud offences are overwhelmingly Yourba
            So there is no basis for the false information you have put up.
            We all share part of the blame.
            Ibos are also not exempt from crime and form part of the problem they are involved in the drug business in east Asia where an overwhelming number of Nigerians in jails in East Asia are Ibo. Indeed these people often face execution in places like China and Indonesia where there is a mandatory death sentence for those convicted for drug offenses . A number of young ibo boy’s have been executed in the Far East Asia for drug offences in recent years.
            In Saudi Arabia our Northern brothers are also known for crime. A number of them are currently in jail and going through the judicial system there for various infractions. There Nigerians account for the largest number of legal amputation- a result of the sentences handed down by islamic courts.
            The Hausa Fulani women are also know in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern cities for sex work.
            In Italy and various other Cities in western Europe, our Edo sisters are known for sex work.
            They form the largest single African group of sex workers in Western Europe.
            So it is wrong to claim that Ibos alone are responsible for dragging Nigerias image in the mud.
            We all are responsible for this degradation of Nigeria.
            What is required is a complete reorientation of our value system as a country and not for one group to behave as if their ethnic group is better than others.

          • Hcredo

            Citizens of all countries have been in one way or the other involved in drug-trafficking. Nigerians’ drug trafficking is not a recent development, it’s been ongoing since the ’80s. And this did not mar the image of Nigeria as much as the acts of some Igbo people in recent times have done. It’s amazing how you can quote prison statistics for the Yorubas but failed to present the statistics for your Igbo brothers, could it be because the list cannot be exhausted on this page alone? Well, let’s look at a fresh case then: Dubai, where people of all races and backgrounds can be found, a city relatively new to crime. It came as no surprise to the world when the first ever armed bank robbery in Dubai was carried out by a group of Igbos. Why couldn’t they wait for the Yoruba’s to set the ball rolling? or even the Hausas who have better understanding of Arab countries?
            I still maintain my view, that Nigeria’s international image would not be as bad as it is if we did not have the Igbos among us. The opportunities lost to Nigerian as a result of the mischief of Igbos around the world far outweighs whatever economic value the Igbos are contributing to the country. Reputation is everything and it is what opens doors to opportunities and greatness for a country.

          • Segun

            “The opportunities lost to Nigerians as a result of the mischief of ibos around the world far outweighs whatever economic value the ibos are contributing to the country ”
            I ask again what drugs are you on?
            You must be recovering from deep psychosis.
            You talk about others being tribalist and yet you fail to Acknowledge that you are a tribalist to the core.
            You see nothing good in others and place the yoruba above others.
            I have lived in the UK for over 20 years working for an oil major and what I see here with the yoruba is disheartening.
            Indeed the image of Nigeria is worthless because of the numerous infractions by one single group- the Yoruba. They are the Ones involved in the most serious of crimes.
            Their children are even worse as they have taken to all the vices of the Western World
            Most Yoruba parents in Nigeria just ship their children to UK to school as a sign of imagined affluence with little or no parental supervision.
            The result is that most of this children have fallen through the cracks and are a problem to British society.
            It is not on common to see young openly gay yoruba children on the streets of London.
            While the young yoruba girls have now turned to escort services as a way of supplementing their incomes.
            It is horrible
            It is amazing to find out that a lot of these children claim to be from upper class backgrounds .
            I refer you to a study conducted by the British Social Services for the city of London and Manchester.
            Section 89- 96- pages 354- 420- rosewood report- 2012
            It is important that you try to do some research so that you are informed.
            You would weep for the Yoruba ethnic group.
            You have a lost generation in the making. Lol
            Yet the yoruba act like their shit don’t stink. Lol
            You asked why I only seem to have statistics for the Yoruba ?
            very good question- probably the best you have ever asked in our discussion.
            I forgot that Mad men do act normal at times lol
            The only reason I have statistics for the Yoruba is because such information is really available here in the UK. The freedom of information act that exists here in the UK allows one to conduct extended searches on areas of interest.Further one is not limited by The language barrier that exists when dealing with East Asian countries.
            However your observation is well taken as I intend to expand my information gathering to include countries in east Asia. I have requested through the internet information on crimes committed by Nigerians in the following East Asian countries. China, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia.
            I expect to get said information in a weeks time and would share same with you.
            I intend to prove to you that the Yoruba are no better than the ibo when it comes to crime.
            It may interest you to know that in the UK study it showed that over 180 yoruba are currently serving life sentences for various violent crimes that include murder, attempted murder rapes etc.
            Hcredo 180- what a number. Shame on you. Shame lol
            It is unfortunate that you are on drugs for your psychosis so it may be difficult for you to appriciate the decay in your society.
            You better pull out the log in your eyes before you take out the sperk in mine. Lol

          • Hcredo

            If you think that anyone is intrigued by your loop-sided statistics, you’re seriously deluded. And what is 180? Is it up to 0.02% of all criminals in UK prisons? Until you can make a comparative analysis of Yoruba vs Igbo vs other races rate of criminality, nothing you present has any statistical value. It only presents a confirmation bias of the person writing. By the way, I am not Yoruba by tribe or even close to being Yoruba, so you’re attack on the Yoruba people is uncalled for if it is meant to incite me. I don’t understand why a coward like you would use a Yoruba pseudoname on this blog (Segun) as a guise to dish out insults on the Yorubas. How could you even stand to use a name from a tribe you detest so much? Where is your sense of dignity and self-identity? Personally, I don’t have anything against any Nigerian tribe, I’m just stating it as it is.

          • Segun

            If anyone is intrigued by your loop- sided statistics , you are seriously deluded?
            What I have presented are facts that you can research. I have sighted my source and given you clear numbers as found in my reseach.
            That is not being lopsided.
            I totally agree with you that a comparison should be done between the crimes committed by the two groups in various parts of the world that is why I have extended my search to the Far East when there have been reported cases of young ibo men executed for drug and other offences.
            However what have you done yourself ?
            You have made simple assertions backed by no data/ statistics and done virtually no research? Lol
            I intend to do the reseach to prove to you that your earlier postings on ibos is baseless and done out of deep tribalism.
            You claim you are not Yoruba I say you are a Coward who’s true ethnic identity is revealed by every sentence you make. Lol
            I guess Tinubu is also from Aba. Lol
            In my case I am of mix parentage.
            My father is Yoruba from Ijebu ode and my mother is Ibo from Asaba in delta state.
            My real name is Segun Abiodun and you can find me on Google.What about you?
            Are you not a fraudulent individual using the name hcredo and pretending not to be yoruba when you are the closest thing to the historical Afonja? Lol
            What is important is for us to concentrate on hard facts for in truth there is no coloration or tribe – just hard facts
            On the issue of 180 yorubas serving life sentences in UK prisons.
            I think only a f##l would discount this number for a society regarded as probably the most liberal in the world.
            It is a weighty figure given that 70 percent of the over 4000 convicted Nigerians in The UK prison system are of yoruba extraction. Of this number 180 are serving life sentences for violent crimes.
            What you should be looking at is not the total population in the British prison system but the number of Nigerians in that system when conducting a comparatve analysis.
            I hope you understand the logic.
            I am part ibo and I love it .
            I have found my ibo relatives to be more supportive and real than my yoruba relations.
            I have also come to value the dignity with which ibos carry themselves despite the extreme provocation by other groups- particularly the Yoruba.
            Take for example the recent statement by the oba of Lagos about the Ibo.
            What sort of animal is that?
            Is that thing really a first class Yoruba oba.
            I do not wish to be identified with an ethnic group who’s identity is only derived by denigrating others.
            As the great bishop Desmond Tutu said ” you do not have to deny me who I am in order to be who you are. You can be who you are and allow me to be who I am”.

          • Hcredo

            It’s so sad. I have never met anyone with so much self-hate. You need a psychic evaluation dude. As for me, I may not be Yoruba, but I am flattered that you consider me as one based on the objectivity that I give exhibited thus far. I guess it is evident that I am not Igbo, because I could never denigrate my own tribe (it’s unnatural), only people with intense and extreme sense of self-worthlessness would go to such great lengths to defame their own tribe. I can see that you’ve taken it upon yourself to conduct an in-depth analysis of Yoruba crime on earth. Please, in the process don’t forget to look into the proportionality of the population group to the number of criminals from that group for each location (just a tip). I would be excited to read your findings. But until you can provide a meaningful and valid comparative analysis, I still maintain that the loop-sided statistics you are citing provides no value what-so-ever. By the way, Hcredo is my real name. You’d know that if you could bring your head out of the limitations of your tribalism and know the tribes around you.

          • Segun

            Hcredo as I read your posting I felt very sorry for you.
            You sound like an ape that has just been molested and is struggling to survive an assault. In this case intellectually
            You are clearly an inferior mind with little to offer.
            You clearly did not have the privilege of a good libral arts education and it is evident in the lack of consistency in your logical sequence. lol
            Your attempt to hang on to worthless concepts associated with primitive instincts leaves one wondering why a non Yoruba would cry more than the bereaved?
            But for the sake of intellectual scholarship I wish to ask
            What has all the clinging to tribe done for Nigeria?
            Has it brought development and propelled Nigeria into the ranks of the developed Nations of the world?
            Has it brought about any for of renaissance in any aspect of our philosophical and intellectual life as a nation?
            Why then do you think higher humans like my goodself would hold on to these negative and primitive concepts ?
            Do you think that we crave conformity so much that we would jeopardize truth?
            You are indeed a primitive animal.
            People like you are insincere to them selves . You crave so much to be accepted by the Yoruba, your actions border on the Slaveish. Yet we Yoruba care very little for your kind. – a sign of inferiority complex.
            You fail to understand the need for self examination and distort the very essence of positive criticism.
            Hcredo who really are you trying to impress ?
            Is it we Yoruba?
            You can never be one of us so stop the day dreaming?
            I had promised my self that I would not get intellectual with you but I am forced to do so to enable you learn. It is important.
            The very essence of having some sort of communication with you is to assist you learn.
            I am therefore duty bound as difficult as it may be to introduce you to a concept that would broaden your understanding of what propels people like me.
            Kindly research the Doctrine of Self Reliance- postulated by a great America thinker and philosopher in the middle 19th century- Ralph Waldo Emerson
            I have directly lifted aspects of his work in this my posting so that the central thesis of his doctrine is not in anyway lost , misquoted and misunderstood.
            It is my hope that once you have done some basic reseach into this doctrine you would try to reform aspects of your primitive thought process.
            As an undergraduate studying at the University of California Berkeley in the late 80s and early 90s I was introduced and to this doctrine of Self Reliance.
            The central argument that Emerson makes is that a man can not bluntly obey society if he wants to follow his own expression. He goes on to add that no government, church and I would add society/ tribe can explain a mans heart to him. And so each individual Emerson argues must resist institutional authority.
            He continues decrying the nagative effects/ externalities caused by society upon the individual. Emerson says that when people are influenced by society, they will compromise their values in order to retain a f##lish character to the world. He states
            ” A f##lish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds with consistency a great soul simple has nothing to do when a man adheres blindly to his thoughts or openion he has vocalized in the past Purely for the sake of seeming true to his principles , he violates his nature”
            He goes on to state that a man should not worry that he is misunderstood or thought less of because his openions changed .
            Emerson argues that to be great is to be misunderstood. He writes that ” a man must be willing everyday to open his consciousness to his intuition weather or not what it tells him is in conflict with his past conclusions. He goes on to state that a man should follow his own path even if other people feel offended.
            It is in these words that I find comfort from the horrible thoughts you have expressed in your posting.
            You remain an animal that is at a very low level of enlightenment.
            I therefore feel it may be impossible to make you understand the motivation behind our thinking.
            It is my hope however that as inferior intellectually as you may be that our interaction would spur you to examine some of the concepts introduced in the hope that you would improve your thought process.

          • Hcredo

            So in addition to being a self-loathing sociopath you are also an ape molesting pervert. Do you actually listen to the things you call yourself?
            Sorry I couldn’t read the rest of the thiings you wrote, too long, I have a life you know.

          • Segun

            Yes I intellectually molest feeble minds like yours. Weak uneducated and pretentious minds that are empty and have nothing to offer.
            You did not read my posting yet you had the time to respond. Lol
            Why delude yourself- tell that lie to your Ape friends in the zoo.
            They would beleive you- lol
            Yes Apes do have a life – I agree – the question however is what quality of life do they have?lol
            You are intellectually inferior and you know it so there is absolutely no need to trouble your dumb ass with the possibility of any further assault from a superior mind. Lol
            So let this interaction serve as a warning to you that any time you come to this forum and demonstrate stupidity that people are here to put your Orangutan brain in its right place.
            Have a nice life in the Zoo and I know your Ape ass has learned a thing or two.

          • Alvinkay

            You are a sentimental minded criminal. Learn to accept your wrong and ameliorate.

          • Hcredo

            I can’t respond to you, you’re not my level.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    I think Nigerians too should think twice before travelling to live in South Africa or other Africa countries like Libya which also is their route to crossing to Italy,Malta etc.But with the recent boat-mishap along the Libyan crossing ocean to Italy and death of many Nigerians and other Africans before Italian border security rescued some of the surviving victims,Nigerians must watch it.Stop planning to travel and reside in South Africa and Libya with the intention to cross through rickety boats to Italy and other parts of Europe.

    • Hcredo

      There is a saying that whatever makes a frog jump from a pond into a fire must be hotter than the fire. If you see Nigerians staying back in places like South Africa, Italy, Malta despite the harsh treatment, and even risking their lives to get there, then it only means that the situation there is still better than what they left back home. Afterall, nothing is stopping them from coming back to nja.

      • Otile

        Your village fairy tale about the frog is illogical. How about Europeans, Asians and Americans who leave their decent places to settle in Africa?. Do you mean to tell us that those African places beat America and Europe?

        You are of little mind.

        • Hcredo

          Yes it goes without saying that these Europeans, Asians and Americans who prefer to live in Africa tend to benefit from living in Africa more than in their countries, why else would they choose to settle in Africa? Maybe to you “decent” places are where there are high standards of living, even if this is truncated by a high level of dissatisfaction with life by their citizens. But to some people decent places are where their spirits are at peace and life has meaning for them. I work with many Europeans who have left their countries to settled in Nigeria, married Nigerian women, and do not wish to ever leave Nigeria. One of them told me that he feels more alive in Africa. So these people are in essence exchanging their life in Europe for a better and more fulfilling one in Africa. In your village way of thinking, you believe that all development means happiness, but statistics proves you wrong: the highest rates of suicide are in developed countries. Note: it is amazing how easily people like you resort to insults when they cannot defend their argument, instead of simply accepting the truth graciously. And yet we criticise PDP for resorting such antics, when the party is merely filled up with people like you.

          • Otile

            Sorry ogbeni, I don’t belong to PDP nor APC for that matter. You are so illogical in your analogy of where people chose to live. They only reason you accept Europeans, Arabs and Asian not Ndigbo is your inferiority complex for those foreigners, and morbid hatred for Igbo.

            I run into many Odua brothers in US and Europe, why not ask them to go back en mass to Oduduwaland. Your little mind is pathetic.

          • Hcredo

            The only people who have morbid hatred for others are you Igbos, if you go through this entire discussion forum you find only the Igbos attacking and insulting other tribes without provocation, followed by their Niger Delta brothers. First you people attack the Hausa-Fulanis, and now you attack the Yorubas. But I’m not surprised, you people don’t even like each other not to talk of others. While every tribe exhibited united and acted with single purpose in this last election, we saw total confusion and disarray in Igboland where each selfish interest tried to undermine the other. It is your hatred for others and even yourselves that rubbed you of both the Senate and Speaker seats. Shame on you!

          • THE TRUTH IS BITTER.

          • Otile

            Your reasoning is infantile at best. To hell with your so called Senate and Speaker seats, what Igbo needs is a separate country from you parasites. Yes of course, Yoruba and Arewa must unite so as to steal our oil and survive, do you have a choice?

            Leave Ndigbo to go and perish, as simple as that. Are you parasites not always prepared to wage war to bring Igbo back for your survival? Ingrates.

          • Hcredo

            Well, at least now you understand. That you can disperse to other countries, change your citizenship, or do whatever you like with your persons, but what you cannot do is curve out a piece of Nigerian land and claim it is yours alone with all the oil in it (Selfish bastards!). I’m glad that Biafra has tought you a good lesson, now all you people do is talk and lament but non of you is seriously considering secession again. Nigerians are sick of all the rhetorics over the ashes of a dead and hopeless Igbo dream.

      • Ark of God

        Why can’t we face what is on ground now and rescue our brothers and sisters in South Africa. But rather many people started discussion something else here, what a strange thing.Abba

    • Dr Oproboski Venice

      Are your beloved Northerners better than South africans? Which is safer for Igbos, South Africa or Northern Nigeria?

      See the interview of a Northern Priemier reproduced verbatim below: (You may visit yooooutube for video)

      BRITISH JOURNALIST: I have been around for a while and I notice there is so much awful hatred for the Igbos here by the Northerners. Why is this so?

      Ahmadu BELLO: “The Igbos are more or less a type of people whose desire is mainly to dominate everybody. If they go to a village, to a town, they want to monopolize everything in that area. If you put them in a labour camp as a labourer, within a year they will try and emerge as Head man of that camp and so on. Well in the past, our people (Northerners) were not alive to their responsibilities …because you can see in 1952 when I came back …there were only 10 Northerners in our civil service and now all important posts are being held by Northerners”

      BRITISH JOURNALIST: Is this idea of filling all key posts in the North with Northerners a temporal or permanent one?

      Ahmadu BELLO : In fact what it means is that it is a Northerner first. If we can’t get a Northerner then we take an expatriate, then if we can’t get an expatriate on CONTRACT then we can’t, then we can employ another Nigerian but on CONTRACT terms too.

      That was Ahmadu Bello on the same page with Oba of Lagoon.
      This was before 1966 and the revolutionaries of that great 1966 revolution cited such open ethnic hatred by the useless political leaders of the time as a motivation for their strike. It was Ahmadu Bello in 1964, Oba of Lagoon in 2015. Who is next?

      • famaks

        What is hatred in this interview that ibo man will squat with you and attempt to dominate and even turn the host to boy boy and if allowed will tell you it is no man land, yet visitor can not see half a plot to buy in igno land (even family member kills each other for land)

        Igbo can never tolerate what they ask other tribes to allow in their domians and cities . However let every Nigerian be patient with them as our brothers who suffered most for the war wrongly started and executed by Ojukwu .

        • Ask why our brothers followed demented Ojukwu and the war he war wrongly started and executed

  • Yusuf

    we want nothing less than complete stoppage of all diplomatic relations with the animals until they apologize and pay compensation

    • Hcredo

      Maybe you should wait until you become President before starting a diplomatic war.

    • Uloma

      What about the animals in the North of your country? I mean the co winners of TIME magazine awards? Fela was right in his songs 31 yrs ago…..animals in human skin! Wasn’t he?

  • Hcredo

    Finally. Now that the sycophants have abandoned Goodluck he is finally left to rule the country according to his conscience. If he wasn’t such a weak man, he might have made a good leader.

  • Bass

    What is wrong with this clueless, certificateless and brainless?

    Tell us about the steps your co-award winning Skekau is taking in Sambissa or Daura where he is hiding. Nonsense!

    I am surprised he is holding a phone. I hope he knows how to use one. With a clueless junkie terrorist loving in power, Nigeria will certainly have her hands full. By the same token, we the curious minds, also want to officially acknowledge our observation that since the elections were rigged in his favour, the die hard Mallams in APC who have been gifting away their daughters to be primed for suicide missions have all stopped doing so. Why? Mission accomplished as acknowledged by TIMES magazine.

    We are still surprised that up till this moment, Liar Mumu has refused to acknowledge the international award handed down to Buhari & Shekau by a US based think tank Magazine. Nonsense!

    • NaijaMoses

      Have u 4gotten that Okonjo Iweala is also on d list.

      • Tunsj

        That is why you do not respond to a psychopath. He left out Okonjo Iweala just to trash Buhari. Bass is a Nigerian troll, posting from his cave.

    • Curseless

      I hope this venom and hatred is not going to sink you. Abusing people for the sake of it is uncharitable.

  • Amechi

    The President – elect , yes that is how it should defend Nigerians any.

  • Guest

    Be more specific for the love of God Premium times!! That tittle is misleading!! It’s should be:
    50 Nigerian Igbos affects by Xenophobic attack!!
    I still don’t understand with all the wealth in Igbo land and the looted money they still can’t stay in their biological places and just relax until they die!!
    Keep embrassing urselves Igbos cu:nts. One advice for u though, come back to ur country idiots!

    • Uzoma

      My understanding was that Zambians, Kenyans, etc. were also victims of these xenophobic attacks. So what’s the source of this bitterness against the Igbo? You must be truly naive to believe that coming from a well endowed country or region will stop people from resettling elsewhere, even in less endowed places.

  • fyn

    Well,in the model life now what South Africans are doing is better,because they try to remind you that you did not belong to their citizen,meanwhile a lot of people when they come to your country they will place force and also introduce a lot of crimes, whereby they will use the younger ones to execute they wish. Beside the world has developed where each nation will do things by theirselfs such country like Nigeria where the oil is flowing and same time the citizens were runing away going to such country like South Africa, why can’t the government of Nigeria to bring every one home and share some of the oil money to the citizens in other to see them living good in life,but now we are blaming South African citizens for xonophobic act,me myself I am not among of those who are selfish for critizising South African citizens,they are well done because nations surppose to feed their citizens in any way of life.

  • fyn

    Nigerians ,is time to go back home and stand on our properties which God has giving to us. If we do so no nation should abuse us anymore but hence we are going out and those that have left decades were not dreaming to return home this is the same consequences that will be fall on each of them in due time. Countries citizens today are out of job in their father nation while the none citizens are on the job working with cheap amount also same time going for crime acts in different ways in other to meet up in the standard of life

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  • Uzoma

    “I am happy to see that the Nigerian government is very well aware of
    its responsibilities to its citizens in South Africa,” Mr. Buhari said.

    I reserve my comments.