TIME magazine names Buhari, Ezekwesili, Shekau among world’s most influential people

President Muhammadu Buhari

TIME magazine has named the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, alongside three other Nigerians among the world’s 100 most influential people.

Mr. Buhari was named alongside a former Nigerian minister, Oby Ezekwesili, who in the last one year led the BringBackOurGirls campaign to urge global action for the release of over 200 girls abducted by the insurgent group Boko Haram.

The magazine also honoured the Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie, and surprisingly, Abubakar Shekau, the eccentric leader of Boko Haram, whom the magazine described as athe “Scourge of Africa”.

TIME’s list of 100 most influential people in the world is published annually, to honour leaders, icons, artists and pioneers in different endeavours across the world. The new release is the 12th edition.

In a brief profile of Mr. Buhari, written by TIME’s African Bureau Chief, Aryn Baker, the magazine said the former army general made history by becoming the first candidate to oust a sitting Nigerian President through the ballot box.

“Now he has to live up to voters’ expectations,” the magazine said. “From battling the Boko Haram insurgency to tackling endemic corruption, Buhari has many challenges ahead.

“The greatest may be overcoming his past as a military ruler who seized power in 1983. Already the born-again democrat is demonstrating the inclusivity necessary to lead a nation riven by ethnic and religious tensions.”

The magazine said without Mrs. Ezekwesili, the awareness created about the abducted Chibok girls would have taken even more time.

“Some people will say she is too loudmouthed. The loud mouth is needed. People hear it,” TIME said. “Even before she became the champion of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, Ezekwesili was already a leading voice in Nigerian politics.”

TIME also said Adichie’s greatest power is as “a creator of characters who struggle profoundly to understand their place in the world”.

Other names included in this year’s list which would hit the newsstands Friday, are US President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Hillary Clinton, Malala Yousafzai, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Russian president Vladimir Putin, Raul Castro of Cuba and Janet Yellen of the American Reserve Bank, among several others.

The magazine said Shekau is the most violent killer Nigerians have ever seen, and concluded that the Boko Haram leader’s latest action—pledging allegiance to ISIS – may finally summon a United States’ response.


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  • Egbeigwe

    Another confirmation that I was right to cancel my subscription for TIME magazine after 20 years. If Thiefnubu’s lapdog, Bokohari, is influential, what is his owner? Not illiterate Bokohari, a man who has lived a life of fraud since 1962.

    • Paul

      I am like you Bro. TIMES mag has lost its credibility. I stopped reading TIMES in 1921 when it wrote an article supportive of racial segregation in US. I was right then, and I have no regrets today.

      With Buhari included in the list, It now includes nonentities, stack illiterates, terrorists and terrorist sponsors. Indeed TIMES has thrown standards to the Dogs & Baboons.

      • Hassan Lawal

        You these Igbos,wont you ever give up and accept defeat? The game is over,go home and nurse your wounds o!

        • Ndiwe

          “The game is over,” you wrote. You must be joking! The media war starts May 29. Remember the war you waged against President Jonathan? It will be a child’s play. Yes, if we have a man from Niger Republic, the chosen spokesman for Boko Haram and an illiterate and certificate forger as president, that Aso Rock will be more than hot for Bokohari.

          • king

            this magazine is very idiotic, what criteria have they used

          • Hope Odia

            Don`t worry Aboki, they will be ambushed at the Suya`s spot in Obalende

        • Otile

          You are an idiot_aboki, Ndigbo lost nothing. We all know that if you backward people do not rule there will be no peace.

        • Efejotor

          U might have to wake up Musa and tell him to relay his experiences with you wrt the Freedom fighters of the Niger Delta. To make life hell for the illiterate Dunceeee takes less than 15 men at the right locations….and it will involve no loss of life. You dont need suicide bombers. So, a parasitic and useless mumuist mugu like you shud keep kwiet.

      • egoigwe

        Yekpa! Please don’t put me in a hospital from rib-tickles fracture, abeg!

      • Wähala


        You, “I stopped reading TIMES in 1921 when it wrote an article supportive of racial segregation in US”
        How old were you in 1921 or 1912 since you couldn’t have read Time in futuristic 2119? Before posting lies, make sure to edit properly… this one no fly.

        • egoigwe

          I think he was just being sarcastic (spicing it up with a little bit of humor). It was in reply to Egbeigwe who claimed he stopped reading it 20 years ago.



      • Nwa _ Africa

        It was founded in 1923 and you started reading it from 1921….You have set a world record of lie….

    • SAM .A

      Where did u subscribe for Time Magazine 20 yrs ago , in your village where use use candle& woods to read your books ?

      • egoigwe

        I go die o! God, I feel like my ribs just went to my local panel-beater. Lol!

      • Egbeigwe

        I do not live in your Sahara-ravaged village. Not in your kind of mud, “ba shiga” house. Paid in pound sterling. Use your brain, if you’ve one.

  • Curseless

    That is a sower grape ! Yes, Time magazine is missing your subscription cancelation a lot, Buhari is moving on as you can see and it help a lot if you can move on too and get a life,

    • SAM .A

      Time Magazine does not need obsecured personality like u to hear their unbiased opinon, your subscrition in Naira is useless.
      They send out free copies to people in US these days.They made mone from multinational companies advertising their products

  • Kimono


    It underscores the depth of junk juournalism to which Premium Times self acclaimed “awrd winning” Editors have condescended. Did the useless TIME magazine not mention Ngozi Chimanmanda Adichie? Did they not read of her name? Isn’t she deserving of inclusion in the headline of this your report?…………or is it because she is the only non APC member on the list?
    It has no other name, it is called JUNKY Junk journalism. Nonsense!

    Trying to paint black as white is not easy. But it is easy to get your collaborators in US to help raise the illiterates profile the same way they raise the profile of their stooges as long as they allow them to steal resources in the American interest. Or you think we don’t know? Nonsense!

  • Dutu125

    This is laughable. Only one person deserves to be on the list. Chimamanda!

    • Hassan Lawal

      I will not agree with you,rather, with her role or writeup on the issue of Oba of Lagos and the Igbos before the governorship election,she should be have been classified along with shekahu .She betrayed the trust ordinary Nigerians had in her by preferring to be what i will term an Igbo heroin.

      • Dutu125

        I can see that you did not complete your secondary education too. Buhari with F9 in Mathematics is not disappointing? Odunfeshue!

      • Himazi Nigeria

        Seconded…present your WAEC result sir!

  • egoigwe

    “TIME’s list of 100 most influential people in the world is published annually, to honour leaders, icons, artists and pioneers in different endeavours across the world.”

    How does Shekau, the most violent killer Nigerians have ever seen to quote Times Magazine, become a leader, icon, artist or pioneer worthy of honor to its editorial board or the world at large? What were they thinking??? What they have done by including Shekau on their honor list is to ridicule that list itself and to cast to opprobrium the hard earned reputations and achievements of those included therein. No sane person would wish to be included on a list that places them in the company of a most violent killer such as Times magazine tells us that Shekau is.

    Time magazine’s honor list as presented in its 12th edition, dishonors our President-elect and distinguished people around our globe by injecting the face of ruthless carnage and murder occasioning untold misery into it. By it, that list evinces an immoral odour that is unbearable to the senses.

    • Himazi Nigeria

      Pictures don’t lie. Times only waited till the end of the elections to tell Nigerians that we are the most dumb nation. Shekau nominated Buhari in 2012 to represent boko haram in dialogues with FGN in Saudi Arabia, and INEC still cleared him to run for the elections. The Yorubas knew the truth that Buhari wasn’t eligible, but chose to quee behind their corrupt and power drunk leaders to hoist on Nigerians a jihadist administration. Today, all the oil producing states in Nigeria are led by PDP while the no income generating states are under APC. I wonder what type of development Nigeria will experience in the next 4 years.

  • Man_Enough

    influence can be positive or negative. there are bad influences.

    • egoigwe

      Yup… and it is for a reason that they are called BAD INFLUENCES, don’t you think dear bros?

      • Wähala

        So, should “bad influence” be highlighted, Ego my sista?

        • egoigwe

          Well, probably not but just to make sure my African brother reads me right 🙂


      So why wasn’t Bin Laden added after killing thousands of Americans?

      • egoigwe

        Abi o.

  • tundemash

    Shekau among most influential ?
    Thanks to the cluelessness of Dumbo .

  • Wähala

    Apart Dr. Oby Ezekwesili and Chimamanda Adichie, the other Nigerians should not have made that list. Since when has defeating a sitting president been among the criteria for gauging influence? Gen. Buhari is not even the first person to pull the rug from under a president’s feet, in Ghana the incumbent was squarely defeated. Thus, Buhari has done nothing to earn a spot on that list if it means anything sef. But the outrageous inclusion of a wanted terrorists makes a mockery of whatever message Time Magazine was trying to send across. It is even hypocritical of them that Osama bin Ladin never made it throughout the 10yrs it took the Americans to kill him, why then should our own mass murderer of innocent citizens be recognized as “influential” be it negative or positive? What message is it sending to youths who might see this as a short-cut to world recognition? Whoever compiled that list deserves a boot in the back portion…

    • Nwa _ Africa

      No Ghana incumbent President has ever lost a Presidential election that he is a candidate but his party was the one that was defeated while he is the President…The only countries we have had that, where incumbent President was defeated in Presidential election he is candidate is Cote D`Ivoire and Senegal….Thank you

      • Himazi Nigeria

        You are right…but failed to address the issue of pa Buhari and his son making the list after both masterminded the killings of Nigerians since 2011. Is Times telling Nigerians that we were so daft and blind to reward terrorists with the juicy job of security of life and property? Nigeria has been mocked by this publication, and it’s obvious many world intelligence bodies will now put Nigeria on their terrorist watch list for a long time.

  • Otile

    There is no doubt about it, Imam Shekau is a very strong leader, in fact the only honest leader alive in 9ja today. I wish he was a Christian from east of the Niger.

    I give Imam Buhari credit for his fighting spirit. The man has defied gravity. Despite serial past failures, old age, and lack of good education he hung in there until Beelzebub his god heard his prayers and provided him with legions of minions and zealots. I don’t envy him though, because soon his minions will get disgusted with his bungling and they will berate him too.

    As for Ezekwesili, the only thing she did was to join the crowd to talk about releasing the girls. Of course, would she stage a counter demonstration not to release the girls? That’s no brainer, anybody can do that. Me too, I am for releasing the innocent girls.

    • Himazi Nigeria

      Hmmmm, you sound so confused! Did you take any substance before putting your thoughts down? I am so dizzy now, let me go see my doctor!

      • Otile

        By all means, go see your babalowo and come back to write about your experience. Odale

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    O-SHITBANJO, Where art thou?

    O-Shitbanjo, where art thou on the list? Bokohari & Shekau made it. They are the terrorists we know. Where does thy competence lie? Beheadings, suicide bombings, or terrorist financing? Count your skill, name them one by one.

    Na so….small small dem go dey expose themselves. Yesterday, it was O-Shitbanjo’s mother who came to ‘misyarn’. Today, TIMES forgot the code of secrecy and released the names of terrorist Bukohari & his field commander. The signals are clear for O-Shitbanjo to interprete. His usefulness was strictly in getting the votes of the Oloye who become overly malleable after any threats of blood or fight.

    Useless TIMES of US, just like useless apc Times of North & West Nigeria.

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan


    When I started writing BOKOHARI people found it offensive. But even as useless and clueless as TIMES magazine has become, it still has some IQ left to decipher that Mohhamadu the desperate vampire illiterate who had the guts to threaten 120m Nigerians has a perfect handshake with the demon of Sambissa.

    • Hazmat Muhammad’s dodo

      U are a jingoistic,I understand that u realy hate ISLAM so for that u will be how my religion will up lifting & mind u prophet ISA Allaihis’salam is my prophet send from almighty ALLAh.

  • GbemigaO

    If I am Buhari and the others , especially Chi and Oby, I will reject inclusion on the list that has Shekau. So Shekau is leader , icon etc in different endeavours that should be honoured. Times has lost the plot totally!

    • Moe

      This is a list of the world’s top 100 most INFLUENTIAL people…..and there is such a thing as DUBIOUS HONOR!

      • Himazi Nigeria

        Likewise, change could be good or bad. So they are right, Hausa and Yoruba people have made Shekau, Buhari and Ezekwesili influential. No regrets, Times is 100% right.

  • Moe

    ….no wonder WASC is retraining teachers due to mass failure!
    What has become of education in Nigeria?

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  • Hope Odia

    Don´t worry Aboki, they will be ambushed at Obalende Suya spot