Buhari denies snubbing government officials in Katsina

President elect, Muhammadu Buhari, receiving the Ibikunle Amosun in Kaduna.

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has dismissed as fictional and uncharitable, a report by an online medium that he walked some government officials out of his residence in Daura, Katsina State.

A statement by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC presidential Campaign, Garba Shehu on Wednesday denied that any such incident took place as reported by the online newspaper.

“It was a false and an inaccurate presentation of facts of what transpired when some government officials visited the President-elect at his Daura country home. It is totally out of General Buhari’s character to ask his visitors out,” Mr. Shehu said.

Mr. Shehu said the alleged visit by the Comptroller-General of the Customs, Abdullahi Inde, only happened in the imagination of the said publication. “He did not come visiting at any time.”

On the other reported incident involving Ade Abolurin, the Commandant-General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Mr. Shehu said the President-elect was already in another meeting when the Commandant-General came visiting and there was no way the President-elect could receive the new visitors.

“He was merely passing through the town and thought to stop by,” Mr. Shehu said.

“As a matter of fact, words were promptly sent to the gentleman and his delegation that General Buhari was unable to meet them owing to the fact of an ongoing meeting that had preceded the time of their arrival.

“The president-elect welcomes positive suggestions from every Nigerian about how to bring progressive change to the country. He will not walk anyone who had come to discuss ways of developing the country. Courtesy and civility will not permit that to happen. It is equally not in his character.

“It is therefore important to put the records straight that the President-elect will be a President for all Nigerians irrespective of whether anyone currently holds a public office or not.”


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  • Otile

    Imam Buhari does not owe these people anything. They should allow him to savor the victory handed to him on a golden platter by his god Beelzebub. How many aged people outside the Fulani tribesmen can be handed power irrespective of lack of basic educational qualification coupled with a shameful perjury hanging on his chest?

    • Tunsj

      You are a two faced lying fraud and a total nutjob.

      • Otile

        Who is two faced, a Christian man like me, or omo Odua traitor waiting to stab you in the back?

        • Ahmad

          Was Judas the discipline of Christ not a Christian?

    • George Ager.A

      High BP is coming your way if you keep up like this!

      • Otile

        Why BP? I have nothing to gain or lose from Imam’s unmerited victory.

    • Abdul


    • Chike

      Otile, are you still alive?

      • Otile

        I dey kampe.

    • Ahmad

      I can understand y u are frustrated this much. Y should Nigerians prefer to b led by an ALMAJIRI cattle rearer rather than a backyard P hd holder? Chai! cluelessness don finish u ooh!

      • A. K.

        You are ‘ahmad’ and u spelt kyau as ‘chau’????
        Dirty chameleon impostor!

        • Ahmad

          And who told u every Ahmad is a Hausa man? Your ignorance of Nigerian tribes and cultures pass that of Otouke market women. Dei ris God ooh.

          • A. K.

            Then I suggest you stick to what you know!
            Why are you trying to glue to us by force??
            Emergency hausa man!
            Is it because our Methuselah has won, u want to feel among??
            Be careful!

          • Ahmad

            Who are the “us” please? If u don’t have an ethnic group I can get one for u pls.

          • A. K.

            It’s obvious isn’t it??
            I can’t be up dragging none issues with you ‘mallam’. Only that petty guy called tundemash will do that.
            Sai da safe aboki

          • Ahmad

            Allah Ya tashe mu lafiya. Ameen.

          • A. K.

            da ‘chau’!
            Nice one bro..

          • Ahmad

            Mbalem jam bandirawo to na a kado.

  • Dawood

    The only people he needs to see are members of his team. On May 29, they need to come out of the block banging. All these corrupt parasites who are trying to sneak in through the back door to smile and glad hand, need to send emails telling Buhari how they’re going to return their stolen loot. And stop apologizing for focusing on putting your team and agenda together, Mr. President-elect. As long as you DO right, we have your back.

  • B.Messi

    Was this picture taken before or after the elections??
    Why all these boils and carbuncles??
    What is really wrong with Sai baba??
    He needs our prayers.



    • Ahmad

      With boils and carbuncles Nigerians preferred him over Jonah. Aren’t u surprised?

      • B.Messi

        Not in the least Mr ‘ahmad’.
        Same way Nigerians preferred the dummy Obj sold them!
        Some of us prefer to scratch beneath the surface.
        I will be surprised at how daft some people culd be if lighting strikes the same spot a second time.
        Be prayerful bro..unless you are a pagan..like Mr mess..

        • Ahmad

          Life and death are in the hands of God almighty not men. Only pagans and fetish people think otherwise.

          • B.Messi

            But like the sons of Issachar, we must understand the signs if the times!
            Enough said bro..
            Watch..and pray..

          • B.Messi

            *of the times..

          • Otile

            He prays to Beelzebub their god.

          • Ahmad

            U worship Lucifer

          • Otile

            I worship The Almighty and Merciful God. Your Lucifer is for you.

          • Ahmad

            So merciful that he couldn’t forgive a sin without killing his “son”. Merciful indeed.

          • Ashibogu

            Blasphemy! I will rend my garment straight away! May God forgive you your sins for you do not know what you have posted. For light came to the world but men preferred darkness. Too bad!

          • Ahmad

            God forgives me my sins cos He is always a merciful God.

          • On here as well

            In as much as i would agree with you, please refrain from religious bigotry. Joining issues with anyone on here does not necessarily mean to condescend to damaging the Christian faith

          • Ahmad

            Not in my character . They started it all. Follow the trend from the post of Otile.

          • Hajiya Binta(nee Osinbajo)

            Haba TundeFart, so na ‘Jehovah’ you be now??

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Would rather you keep this opinion to yourself, @Ahmad.

            It does not edify either writer or reader!

          • B.Messi

            Aptly put.

            Your ‘change’ has come.
            I guess congratulations are in order..

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Ahmad’s religious opinion is personal to him and I do not share it.

            However, it does not invalidate his political opinions, which I do not disagree with.

          • B.Messi

            Oga, your opinion on his political opinions is yur personal opinion!
            Why u dey pretend say u no see my ‘congratulations’?
            Una still dey vex??

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Friend, I have no reason to be vexed with you or anyone else, you know?

            As long as we don’t make the comments ‘personal’.

            Who knows, I may be on the same side of the argument with you a few months down the line hollering at GMB.

            There is nothing personal here.

            BTW, I deliberately ignored your tongue-in-cheek ‘congratulation’ because it was insincere and had a religiously gloating inflection to it.

          • B.Messi

            Lawyer, lawyer, u are damn too presumptuous! Haba!
            Gaskiya I mean am o!
            * STRAIGHT FACE*
            You and who will holler at Baba?? Do you holler at yur dad at home??
            Sai Baba! Sai Mr kay!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I accept the “congratulations” at face value in that case, thanks.

            By the way, I am a cleaner, not a lawyer.

            Just to reiterate, my loyalty is not to President-Elect Buhari, in the same way that my antagonism of President Jonathan was not because of his person.

            My enduring loyalty is to the Nigerian State and people and my ultimate goal is good governance.

            I will switch on ANYBODY who goes against either, without second thoughts.

            As to that non sequitur about who I holler at, at home, it remains that because I no longer live under the same roof as my parents. That question can only be conceived in the mind of someone who still does.

            Do you still live at…?

          • B.Messi

            U don’t have to live under your parents roof to holler at yur dad. You could do it when u visit..or even on the fone.
            As to yur question, though irrelevant, the answer is no sir. However, as a true African man, I alwys relish the prospects of being able to spend some time under the same roof with my Dad anytime.

          • Ed

            Our God and savior didn’t kill his son, so that he can save the repentant. Evil people like you were allowed to kill Jesus in so that he can rise from death. Jesus Christ did risen from death Mohamed on the other hand forced innocent people to follow his Islamic fundamentalist agenda.
            I’M going to restrain myself from tell you the real story of Mohamed.

          • B.Messi

            See his comment below on the Father..the Son..and the Holy spirit.
            I told you he is a pagan. Hiding under the name ‘ahmad’.
            The same guy hiding under several pseudo names here.
            We all know him. Na backstabber true true.

          • B.Messi

            He has given me stronger reasons to believe you than disbelieve!
            Pray for him. He needs our prayers.

  • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

    Yoruba man! Yoruba man!
    This guy in the pic with Baba reminds me of tundemess!
    Are some of my Yoruba brothers condemned to an eternal life of servitude??
    See how Buhari is just looking at him..while he is busy laffin kekekekeke!
    Hmm..Tinubu and Osibaba are in for a real shocker!
    Let the drama begin!

    • Ahmad

      The “drama” has since begun with Jonah drawing the handing over date nearer. Your “shocker” never start sef.

    • True son of the soil

      Igboman,get over it Buhari or the mallam will be ur presido for the next four years

      • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

        Sorry to disappoint you dear.

        • kkk

          But your bigotry stinks to heaven

          • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

            Where lies the ‘bigotry’???
            I said; ‘Yoruba man’….NOT ‘YORUBA MEN’!
            I even said ‘some of my Yoruba brothers’…NOTE THE WORD ‘SOME’!
            DONT BE A BIGOT!

      • Otile

        Your hatred for Igbo has fooled into thinking that any right thinking person here is Igbo. Man, other ethnic groups in continent Nigeria are intelligent too. They too know very well that Imam is mentally ill-equipped for the job cut out for him.

        • Otile

          Your hatred for Igbo has fooled you into thinking that any right thinking
          person here is Igbo. Man, other ethnic groups in continent Nigeria are
          intelligent too. They too know very well that Imam is mentally
          ill-equipped for the job cut out for him.

        • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

          Forget the clown. The only person with such narrow mindedness is your friend tundemash. He hides under false names when he wants to exhibit his true bigoted parochial nature.
          Some others here have decoded him.
          Lately, he has also shown himself to be an idol worshipper. I have no problem with that if it’s his choice..problem is, He worships premium Times and SaharaReporters. The worst form of idolatry.

    • dd

      IT is not true. Buhari is also laughing seriously. However if he laugh more than this, he might collapse. Aged rips and jaws can stretch more than that.

      • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola


      • larry

        You can wish a 72 years old man death but you can see that Oronto Douglas will die at 49. dd or what do you call yourself, Heaven is in support of GMB and God already heard the cries for #CHANGE. No devil or demon like you can truncate the CHANGE by your death wishes. You are mortal and you can’t cause rain to fall.

    • kkk

      I ask; what is your business about this? Servitude you assert, we would soon find out which tribe is condemned to servitude from May 29.

      • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

        Read my reply above.
        Like I said above, ‘Yoruba man’ is different from ‘Yoruba men’!!
        Why bring tribe into this issue of servitude??
        I restate for the avoidance of doubt I am NOT From southern Nigeria. But if I can correctly read between the lines of yur bigoted comment on ‘the tribe condemned to servitude from may 29’, that tribe you probably make reference to have NEVER lived a life of servitude. They do not and have NEVER relied on the government at the centre(nor anywhere else) to ply their trade and show how industrious they are!


  • burning spear

    Would he have told the American Ambassador to Nigeria–alhaji James Entwistle that he was in a meeting—?-‘ Never Blame those who went to pay him a courtesy call–look at the Customs boss whom Jonathan shielded–now going to meet with his fulani brother–same as abba moro—-friend today enemies tomorrow

    • Naija At Da X-Roads

      Hahahahahahaha…at least he stood his ground unlike shakie shakie material prsesident we know too well would.and you you the President still has a good 1 month to impose his personality on his staff but alas…we know the Man we know his character

    • Nwa _ Africa

      Blame Jonathan for allowing abba moron to stay on as a minister, after he foolishly killed the job seekers thinking that he will get him elected….

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Ol’boy, this your bitterness pass Alomo Bitters o!

    • taewo

      Did they book an appointment to have a meeting with him?

      • kareem

        Have all the people flocking to see him been booking appointment?

  • Nwa _ Africa

    And what are the officials going to do in his house? It is wrong and it is wrong…Your royalty lies with Jonathan as the President and not to the President elect…

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Don’t mind them.

      I wish GMB did snub them for real.

  • dd

    The should better be paying Osinbajo courtesy visit as Buhari will not last more than a year and half. Buhari is a stool they use to return power to SouthWest.

    • anwari

      Be careful,just be careful so as not to heap more curses on your crazy self. once more, be careful.

      • dd

        What is wrong with you. Is your father who is younger than Buhari still alive? The man is very old and will soon go join his ancestors.

        • kkk

          You are a psychatrist patient. I pray for your quick recovery.

          • dd

            Everyone will leave this world. We are strangers here. Only sinner fear they will meet a righteous God. He is old and can’t last beyond one year and half.

          • SkyAboveLimits

            Hmmm, hope you last enough to see his eventual exit when God desires that his time is fulfilled. Don’t play God brother.

          • Bumsy

            dd are you God who is the custodian of life. is death based on age. have you not seen younger people dying and older people still living. cant you purge yourself of your bitterness and give yourself a breathing space. times ans seasons are in the hands of God. stop playing God, if Buhari were to be your relation will you wish him dead. dont you have older people in your family. please stop all these nonsense

          • SkyAboveLimits

            Psychiatric patient

        • Lade

          You are God right? Did someone tell you dying is a queue according to age?

        • Nerie Payne

          Your comments sums you up, you are frustrated in the face of defeat, you are so pained that you predict doom when yours looms. The token you got from GEJ campaign cannot feed you through the next 4years and it sounds like you’re on the brink of a suicide attempt as you have no back up plans. Oya type your response and show more frustrations, change is here!

        • Layo

          You will never have the grace to live up to Buhari’s age. Never.

    • kkk

      You will reap what you sow, Satan!

      • dd

        You better tell him to prepare transition(in form of will) to our man, Osinbajo. If he reach 2016, it will be by miracle.

        • Lade

          Who is ‘your man’ do not claim what is not yours. If you were in the change camp, you will never speak this way.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The others before you who called GMB “quarter to go” are already rotting in their graves!


      • dd

        GMB has suddenly become more important than your dad. Those that curse your father never receive this type of reply from you. The day he will go, if you wish to join him you are allowed – afterall many followed Abiola – who care for your worthless life.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Are your village witches feasting on what is left of your encephalon?

          What has my father got to do with this?

          No surprise sha, those without one can never appreciate one!

    • Fanen Harden

      If its like that then so be it. Can’t u say something reasonable or best inspiring for Nigeria Democracy? A good heart will place u in that (NO GOOD-PEOPLE CORNER) by the words u speak and writtings.

    • donkesson

      look at you God give life and he is owner of life so if you which your fellow man death na you sabi

  • dd

    Amosun hope you were not thinking GMB to return laughter with the type of energy you made yours? Hope you were not thinking he will faint so that your man Osinbajo can take over. Next time you come back laughing like this just to tempt the old dry face grandpa, you will be arrested.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Look again, it was GMB telling a joke.

      If you still can’t see, go borrow Jonathan’s glasses!

      • dd

        You are trying to defend the weak old shrinking neck general.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Whatever he is or you call him, by the grace of God, he is the President of the Country come May 29.

          Learn to live with it.

        • donkesson

          general is our man he is a old man bt he is more capable and credible than a young man who is dull and confused .

        • newnigerian1970

          With these utterances, some of you may not see old age.

    • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

      Haba! DiaRiss God woooo!!

    • The Lucid One

      Dear dd,

      Your comments show a direct reflection of your moral standing. You belong to the crowd of nigerians that believe in politics of patronage (our brother politics) where your idea of a sound democracy is by the amount of political appointments a certain region or your region deserves. Democracy for a few ‘agbayas’ with no moral fibre. This is a democracy for all. I pray GMB n APC will disappoint you by restoring power and economy in logical ways. When power becomes stable and economy Is growing with influx of investors, maybe you will come up with a sick logic that the light is not full current. I hope your mentality is just a phase. Embrace change.


  • Yusuf Daniel

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  • excel

    Even if some people will sit in their room and posted rubbish about the personality of Buhari, it will not distract him, why visiting when just passing by enough of political jobbers

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    It won’t be business as usual so all government officials must take notice. Invading the home and private residence of our president elect is ill mannered. If you are expected, preparations would be made in anticipation of your arrival. No more wee hour visitations please!

  • favourtalk

    Let everyone be on thier duty at which they are employed to not running around to seek any favour.
    Nigeria will now be directed on a good path

  • Advocate

    the era of insanity is over. gej is gone

  • abodes_124

    1 positive. Hopefully more to come. Let this administration set its own tone and slap down irresponsible media, mischief makers and conspiracy theorists as necessary.

  • robo

    This recital is merely the work of highly funded publicity machinerires of the heads of customs and civil defence two govt officials known for lobbying. Nigeria does not the wasteful duplication of civil defence . Buhari must be courageous

  • Yoko Zuna

    Buhari is making EVERYONE knows the party is over!

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    These people are clutching on to straws. Mr. Shehu, tell them that the campaign is since over and it is time to clean the Augean stables and no time to frolic around time wasters and delinquent and aimless new job seekers. This is the new dispensation! There is serious work to be done!

  • BusinessNG

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