Amaechi, Obanikoro clash over Rivers governorship election

Nigeria’s junior foreign affairs minister, Musiliu Obanikoro, and Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers on Wednesday engaged each other in a war of words on micro-blogging site, Twitter,  over the outcome of last Saturday’s governorship elections.

The fierce exchanges was sparked by a tweet from Mr. Obanikoro who congratulated Lagos state governor-elect, Akinwunmi Ambode, over his victory in  election in that state.

In the same tweet, Mr. Obanikor called out Mr. Amaechi, advising him and his “co-travelers” to learn from his sportsmanship.

Mr. Obanikoro is a member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party. He contested for the Lagos state governorship ticket under his party but lost to Jimi Agabje. He was later appointed junior minister in the foreign affairs ministry. Mr. Agbaje lost the election, last Saturday, to Mr. Ambode.

Mr. Amaechi, on the other hand, is a member of the opposition – but soon to be ruling – All Progressives Congress. He is the outgoing governor of Rivers state and was the campaign director of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president elect. His favourite candidate in Saturday’s governorship election, Dakuku Peterside, lost to PDP’s Nyesom Wike.

Many election observers have described the Rivers state governorship elections as a sham. Mr. Amaechi did not take Mr. Obanikoro’s advise lightly.

Apparently angry, he tore at the minister , questioning his “debased and rotten” values.

“If your values are so debased & rotten that you saw nothing wrong with the elections in Rivers State, mine is not. Never will,” Mr. Amaechi said in one of his tweets.

He tweeted further:

Mr. Obanikoro replied, describing Mr. Amaechi’s agitations as senseless.

Mr. Amaechi is yet to respond to Mr. Obanikoro’s last set of tweets.

This is the first Twitter fight involving top Nigerian government officials since the close of polls last Saturday.


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  • glo

    Wow….only in Jonathan’s Nigeria will a degenerate and debased rat like Obanikoro have the effrontery to speak about election rigging!!!

    • Chuks007


  • Jack

    Obanikoro and his son should be buried alive! They’re a disgrace to the YORUBAS and this same obanikoro Bode George destroyed as an area boy and worthless alas even as per George, Gej chose him to be Minister and one of the reasons we voted Gej out!

    • Carl Robshaw

      You are an ISIS terrorist masquerading here as Jack. You should be banished to Syria where people are buried alive. Nigeria is too civilised for your likes.

      • Lmao! your comment just made my day.

  • SAM .A

    Musliu Koro for now must eat the humble pie and disappear from social media, he has to bow & go in this public court/forum.
    The days of moraless , ethically compromised , political jobbers and people with debased values are at sun set.
    We need New Nigeria role model for our Children, men of integrity, hard working , incorrigible , steadfast and uncompromiseable in the face of National discourse .Men who are not selfish like Koro. PLEASE BOW & GO we are tired of seeing this face.

  • Kman

    This is more than an election to Ameachi his major fear is probing of Rivers coffers which he has embezzled dry, obanikoro is no better to be a judge, however if Obj can criticise a govt with all his atrocities during his tenure then everyone is free to be a hypocrite…

  • Guguru

    When is the USA Internal Revenue Service going to start probing Obanikoro to see if he has paid all his taxes to the US government since he is a US Citizen?

    • Tunsj

      Believe me, they will.

    • aisha ani

      Exactly, that is what I want to know.

  • Kekedu

    Obanikoro, you’ve just dug your grave deeper. The Ekiti tapes will soon be on rewind and replay mode after May29 with the right Attorney General to see thru your crime against the state and oath of office. Keep on tweeting.

  • abc

    Anybody who thinks Kano State with almost 5m voters register will not produce 2.9 million votes, but Rivers and Delta states with under 3M voters register will produce 1.4 and 1.3 million votes respectively is either very doll at mathematics or the mathematics of his head is very doll.

  • Ole

    KORo, You congratulated Ambode, because you know you were not robbed.

  • Otile

    Minister Obanikoro is a decent gentleman. Rauf Judas Amaechi is a sore loser. Let hm park his portmanteau and move down to Daura to serve Imam for life. Anumanu

    • obanikoro is a gentleman indeed…oh see, pigs can actually fly!!

  • Carl Robshaw

    Do you seriously believe that Kano State, after it has been split into 2 with Jigawa on the other side can produce 5m registered voters? You very well know that this is abracadabra and the so called 2m voters, majority of them under- aged crawled out of their closets for the world to see on Election Day.

    • uduakomiri

      So now you are the National population commission and INEC at the same time? Why do fools resort to generalizations simply because their brains are so small they cant think properly, or they are just so lazy to do a simple fact check.
      Lagos and Kano are the most populous states in Nigeria. If you have no idea about Kano try look up its history. Kano is the de facto headquarters of Northern Nigeria. In fact officially Kano is the most populous in Nigeria according to census figures from NPC at 9.4m people while Lagos is 9.2m. However it is generally believed Lagos has about 16-21 million people.
      Anyway at 5million+ voters it is not impossible out of a population of 9.4m again the actual population of Kano maybe be closer to 12 million. Argue on facts not sentiment

      • Micheal Olawale

        I am not here to insult or attack anyone but if you are using history as reference you should know that the former NPC DG resigned because of irregularities with the population census exercise because of leaders that inflate population for their selfish reasons like state allocations and this is so common in the north the population in the north is not as much as you think they were just made for us to think it is.Kano might be the most populated state in the north but it is not as populated as you think.

        • George

          U r very correct. Kano might be most populated but not as you think because they do resolve in counting even their cows. The reason is because the people counting are also northerners like them and understand what they are meant to do and told to do. Looking at Kaduna for example, dont say no vote came for GEJ because i personally stayed in Kaduna and knows all the christian areas there that are ready to vote GEJ. But looking at the result it’s a result shadow from reality.

      • Carl Robshaw

        Which Census figures are you referring to? That one the was politically manupulated and skewed in favour of the North so that they can create more local govts and use that to get more revenue allocations from the Fed govt? By the way, how was the census enumeration done in the North, were members of households physically counted? I was part of the team that went to Zaria and we were told that we could not go into some of their houses because their wives are in Pudah so the just gave us figures and some fabricated details of so called residents that we could not see. Abeg, leave that talk o……… When the right time comes, the proper census will be done.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    I hope you guys would not jump into conclusions and start tearing each other apart because of Musiliu and Gov. Amaechi? If you do then you are the weirdest guys in town. You’d swallow your loyalty tickets before the end of May 2015, as these two would be caught on camera dancing cheek to cheek with each other, oblivious to the beatings you took on their behalf. Mark my word…

  • i-priest

    Obanikoro, a thug and election rigger. Obanikoro, a father to a thug of a son who was arrested in Lekki area on election day, trying to bribe people on queue to vote for him. Obanikoro, political son of convict Bode George. Only in Nigeria do people like Obanikoro has mouth to spew forth garbage and people still consider them highly. Well, starting May 29, 2015, a new Sheriff will be in town and Obanikoro, his thief of a son and their satanic cohorts will be chained up in Black Marias and driven to prison, by God’s Grace.

  • Yusuf Daniel

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  • favourtalk

    Everyone knows that election in rivers state need to be checked. Change must come to nigerua
    It was too bloody and corrupt. It needs to be checked.
    So, Obanikoro should be careful

  • Catherine

    Ameachi is just a sore loser. No one in Rivers wants him (or his stooge to return to office). Please get a life.

  • musa

    I honestly don’t know where Amaechi is getting his facts from. He is seriously disillusioned. What makes him thinks, anyone in Rivers likes him or his party?

  • utang

    Ameachi should be ashamed of hmiself ,who should have more power to rig elections in rivers state is it the incubent governor or the intending one and who is stronger politically at this point , the truth is darkness can never over shadow light,rivers state people are done with Ameachi and his craps so they had to take him out and bring in an emacipator (WIKE) to redeem the image and people of Rivers state.

  • Micheal Olawale

    Ameachi should stop acting disillusioned and be a man like other Gov. and congratulate the Gov. Elect. He would not die if he does….

  • sarah

    Amechi pls go get a life, am sure u know by now that we are tired of u and ur nonsense in our state and that if u contested urself the result will be worse, cos even ur community will think twice b4 voting for u, u’ve kept that state in it worse state in my almost 30yrs of living there, useless monorail that is less than half a mile, u stole the entire state funds construct and u still can’t complete it, or the state of our roads, electricity supply, nonpayment of coppers state allowances and a host of many more i can’t begin to mention, the state is about the dirtiest in the Country n u think we still need pple like u. smh

  • OmoLasgidi

    Koro celebrated Ambode to spite the likes of Ex-Con Bode George for cheating him out of the primaries and that he would have done better than Agbaje – the man is a nitwit pretending to be intelligent. Amaechi should take his case up with the election tribunal….with solid evidence ..if they have…

    • sam

      Thanks omoLasgidi-the point is that whether the under aged or over aged voted in Kano, people were allowed to vote. In Rivers no body voted and you declared result. Yes some people are scared Amaechi might turn to be Tinubu of south-south, allow the people to decide who they want to lead them.

      • OmoLasgidi

        On point! Now that we, the people have proven with our PVCs and votes that the days of “Politics By Proxy” is fast disappearing….we must not relent in exercising our personal rights and conscience!

  • Linus Ejike

    please Ameachi should go an sleep and stop deceiving himself and his followers and be a man and concede defeat to Wike and let peace to rain.

  • Sowonari Brown Harry

    It is amazing how i keep hearing stories of alleged PDP rigging. But whenever I actually speak to anyone, all i hear is how APC thugs terrorized voters in Rivers State.

  • Mirabel Daniels

    One thing people outside Rivers state should know is Governor Ameachi is not loved by citizens of his state, and as such any body affiliated to him obviously will be considered an enemy of the masses. That is the simple truth behind Petersides, and APC in general failing in Rivers state.

    • Rommel

      So the people love Nyesom Wike more is that it? in any case,was it Amechi that was on the ballot papers? are you now comparing Dakuku with Nyesom Wike?

      • chidinma

        It is not a question of whether people love Nyesom more. It is a question of how disliked the APC is. Despite the media propaganda, the truth is most people in Rivers wanted Jonathan to return. They see his loss as a personal insult from Amaechi. The APC would have lost even if they had fielded Bae ki Moon as their candidate. It is that simple.

        • Babssot Sotty

          Please can you give me 10 reasons for Jonathan to return to ASO ROCK for another 4years?

      • sly

        Don’t mind Mirabel I stay in PHC and I love governor Ameachi for a lot of reasons 1. He transformed the educational system and infrastructure in the state. 2. Revolutionised the health sector 3. He reconstructed 100s of roads 4. Employed over 12000 teacher (even the FG can’t beat that) 5. Return peace and quite to Rivers State 6. Drove crooks and warlords like Atike Tom from Rivers State and loads of other plus. The same Atike is now being used by Patience Jonathan and Wike to kill and rig election in the state

    • Unstoppable

      @Mirabel thank you, you have said it all. We are all watching what the incoming government we do, Buhari manisfesto was all base on fighting corruption, we also aware of the #monorail project worth $318 millions still not completed during Ameachi tenure. He doesn’t have any quality of a leader to be love by the masses in Rivers State.

  • Joe

    Koro’s reply is sensible. EU and the other observers are biased. With all the underage voters in northern Nigeria, none of these so called observers raise any query. Terrible!!

    • Babssot Sotty

      Do you remember that it was the same pattern that was used for GEJ in 2011 that was why GEJ concede defeat to GMB. Am not supporting any of the 2 but if you look at it from that angle it makes sense.

      • Joe

        You are 100% wrong. GEJ never won a single state in the north west in 2011, but he got 25% votes in all most all the states in the north west were underage voters has become norm, while buhari was completely rejected in the entire south and that’s gave GEJ the advantage in 2011.

  • Taye G

    Ameachi orchestrated the removal of the first ever president from the South South and then he is stunned when the region runs against him in large numbers. I used to think he was intelligent. Now i realize he is just a sadly ignorant politician who thinks the sun rises and sets on his undeniably impressive forehead.

    • OmoLasgidi

      Really? Please tell us how Amaechi could have – methinks he only had one vote out of GMB’s +20m?

  • Idowu

    How can Amaechi congratulate Wike? Isn’t it obvious that his back is now exposed with Wike as the Governor-Elect? How will he cover the hole created by “I will match Atiku Abubakar Naira for Naira, Dollar for Dollar and Euro for Euro” when he was working hard for GMD’s nomination? If GMB truly lives up to his promise, Amaechi will be arrested latest 30th May, 2015

    • OmoLasgidi

      Una don dey waka come again? What has GMB got to do with who goes to jail for corruption? So what are the law courts for? We hope he will not toe the lines of PDP crooks, with their Legal impunity? If Amaechi is guilty of corruption then so be it, and Wike should be prepared to account for his time as Minister! Any true Nigerian must condemn the cancer of corruption, irrespective of their political affiliations!

      • Alex

        You are obviously corrupt. I condemn you.

      • Seun B

        I’m with Alex. This OmoLasgidi guy reaks of corruption. Condemn. Condemn. Condemn. Goduwin…

        • OmoLasgidi

          Obviously you missed the point. Not surprised’s “reeks” and not reaks – come back here after you have atoned for someone writing your English WAEC exam for you – product of a corrupt educational system! I will not dignify your response with an answer. Cretins like you deserve none!

          • Ayo

            Cretins? Big words. Just for the record, saying you will not dignify a response with an answer is an answer of sorts. But you obviously know that, considering you’re a product of an enlightened educational system. (FYI Legal impunity should be “legal impunity”. Legal is not a proper noun… Mr KnowitallEnglishexpert.)

  • abodes_124

    Please is anybody aware of any state where APC lost the governorship or any electoral position and conceded defeat and congratulated the winner ? It would help if their leadership could nudge them in that direction.

  • Mirabel Daniels

    The thing is, our people have come to realize that governor Ameachi has in simple terms told his country men that his interest is more important to him than the collective interest of the people of Rivers state.

    • Alvan Hez

      The way you have realised it is by killing your brothers and sisters to get to power. Don’t think tht it’s not your problem. You support evil and killing, that you will get as nemesis. At least open your mouth and condemn evil. But justice will prevail

  • Yinka Bamgbelu

    Rotimi Amaechi is one of the brightest politicians of this generation. He is a conviction Politician. Rivers was rigged; BIG TIME! Rotimi Amaechi will play a very significant role in the in coming APC dynasty, which will endure for decades. PDP would have to compete on a more level playing field next time; they won’t be in charge of Police or the Armed forces. DAKUKU, FREE and FAIR

  • De Noble

    What is Koro even talking about? He wasn’t the one who was defeated. So why is bothering himself by offering congratulations? He too has a lot to learn. One of them is how to mind his own business.

  • Guest

    Amaechi is a foreign spy. Investigate him. He has been trying to derail elections in Nigeria.

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