Nigerian govt still committed to rescuing Chibok girls – Okonjo-Iweala

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala, on Tuesday said the Nigerian government remained committed to ensuring the rescue of the abducted Chibok girls one year after their abduction.

Mrs. Okonjo Iweala made the pledge at a meeting with representatives of the Chibok Community in Abuja on Tuesday, on the Safe School Initiative.

The minister was represented on the occasion by Anasthesia Nwaobia, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

She said the meeting was part of efforts to let the community know that the rescue of the girls, reconstruction of schools and making Chibok safe remained top priority of government.

“Today is a day that marks the first anniversary of the abduction of our brave girls in Chibok; they were callously taken away from us and family with the aim of depriving them of having quality education,” she said. “Their absence will create a vacuum in space but they are in our minds.”

She expressed the hope that the girls would be rescued.

Commenting on the Safe School initiative, the minister said that the project and search for the girls would continue notwithstanding the change in government.

She said the initiative was committed to ensuring that teachers and students were secure and properly educated in a conducive environment.

“A lot of work has been done in the remodelling of the school to ensure that it is properly reconstructed,” she said. “We have completed the technical aspect of the work and the construction plan is ready, in couple of weeks, we will move to site.”

Tsambido Abana, Chairman, Chibok Area Development Association, said it was unfortunate that after 365 days, the girls were yet to be rescued.

He said the community welcomed all government efforts to remodel and reconstruct the school but noted that the rescue of the girls was more important to the community.

“We are saying that what we are seeing has fallen short of the expectations of the community,” he said. “The abduction of the girls kept the community devastated. We really want to know what government is doing in this regard; we have been hearing so many stories, we don’t know which one to take. Yes, the reconstruction of the schools but one has to be alive to go to school.”

Also, Battah Ndirpaya, the national secretary of the association, said there was no training and school available to ‘out of school’ children in the Internally Displaced Persons’ camps.

He said the community appreciated the effort of the minister but noted that more should be done to empower the community and build more schools.

On his part, Mike Omeri, director general, National Orientation Agency, said the plight of the community reflected the feelings of all Nigerians.

He said there was deep national commitment to efforts aimed at finding the girls and restoring hope for the community.

“This national commitment requires total support and understanding,” he said. “We should avoid hearsay and speculative ambitions and be more focused. For me, it is not one year to celebrate. What is required is total commitment and government has not lost sense of responsibility?”

He said finding the girls was top government priority and added that no resource invested in doing it would be a waste.



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  • taewo

    Does Ms Okonjo-Iweala have people from other ethnic groups working in her office?

    • Proud Yoruba

      Nope. She’s very tribalistic. How do you think this ibos bought property in Lagos. All will be revealed and all will be restored.

      • Segun

        Shut up
        Apes are not allowed to participate in this discussion.
        Your words ” how do you think this ibos bought property in Lagos”
        When your orangutan father was selling his land to the ibos for amala and ogufe where were you?
        Olori buruku.

        • Proud Yoruba

          Who sold land, get your facts right. ibo parasites are the ones who look like baboons, look in the mirror, you act like animals and look like animals.

          All your fraud and thieving will soon be revealed and foreclosure will be here for you soon, since your free money form Jona funneled by NOI will soon stop.

          • Onike24

            There is no need for this!

          • Proud Yoruba

            Really? Why not?

          • Ogom

            Here you are again, Empty Barrel. Noise maker.

            Bigot calling NOI “Tribalistic”?

            No plan. No purpose. Just wondering from thread to thread disturbing the peace with your empty noise.

            Pathetic. You should change your name to “Proudly Retarded”. That would make more sense.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Yep! I disturb your peace just like ibo parasites disturb our peace in our land. NOI deserves worse, she is a thief. Everyone will be judged soon, including you.

            The truth hurts huh? Don’t cry, your problems are just beginning.

          • Nina

            Lmao at ur comments. Hilarious. Slave mentality is imbedded deeply with in you. You sound like a child. Stop feeling entitled. Every one works for what they have regardless of their tribe or race. No one hands you anything. NOI is incompetent but I don’t understand how the convo switched to Ibos. If people in power only give jobs to people from their region, then you are in luck because Yorubas have a lot of powerful Nigerians. So stop whining and grow some balls. No one took anything from you that wasn’t freely given. Kai, where are the strong, proud Nigerian men I used to know. Now I see only babies. Yawn.

          • Proud Yoruba

            I’m glad you are laughing now, soon you’ll be crying! Becasue NOI is ibo which automatically makes her a thief. Haven’t you heard that thieving and scamming is ibo parasite’s DNA.

            Damn right, nobody took anything from us, we just don’t want ibo parasites overcrowding us and diminishing our quality of life.

            You know strong, proud men? because you sound like a lesbo.

          • Anonymous11443

            Word !!!!!She is a butch lesbian which ibos are bringing to yorubaland.

          • Wähala

            Don’t waste your time with him today, he’s seeking undue attention. The creep may not even be Yoruba, just an Aborigine miscreant trying to brew shit between Ndigbo and the Egba. Ignore him!

          • Guguru

            Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            Do you know that Ngozi was coordinating the corruption that was inherent in the Jonathan administration? If one helps a thief to achieve their goal of thievery, are they not an accomplice to the act of thievery? Can you answer this question? Save the insults for later. I can take all the insults you can download from your royal emptiness. LOL.

          • Proud Yoruba

            I am Yoruba allright, but if I were ibo, i’d be begging to be Yoruba.

            Give us names of her Yoruba staff and her mothers hometown, liar!

          • Segun

            You asked for names
            Tunde Supo Olusi – SA in charge of the Surep program
            TundE Oladapo
            Lade Araba
            I hope it puts your tribalist mind at rest.
            Kindly do your checks before you spill out further rubbish. Lol

          • Proud Yoruba

            This people were probably in the ministry before NOI got there. She did not hire any Yorubas. And that her SURE-P program that she used to enrich you ibo parasites to buy property in Lagos, I hope you are ready for a probe.

          • Segun

            Did you do your checks – ape?
            When confronted with facts you turn the discussion to a subjective one?
            Abeg go sitdon and eat your amala and ogufe- lol

          • Proud Yoruba

            What the heck is ogufe, your child’s name?

          • Segun

            No your mothers name. Lol

          • Anonymous11443


          • Ogom

            Ok, so what exactly is YOUR problem?

          • Segun

            Go and work hard you lazy ape and stop looking for someone to blame for your lack of capacity.
            Did I not tell you that we humans are having a discussion?
            We are yet to develop a common language with your kind. Lol
            I asked you a question in a previous posting – where were you when your lazy father sold your land to these omo kobo kobo people for amala and ogufe?
            What you need to do is to hold that orangutan that you call your father responsible for selling out your birth right.
            The ibos own 70 percent of Abuja- according to the FCT ministry and 65 percent of Lagos according to the Lagos state department of lands.
            Surely all this land was not bought in the 5 years GEJ was in power Ape.
            What you need to do is go back to your cage where you belong and wait for your bananas.
            It is not yet your feeding time.

          • Proud Yoruba

            You just can’t stop lying, can you. ibo parasites own nothing, if you are so well educated, why don’t you know this? my friends father bought a lovely maisonette in West end of London, owned it for about 15 years, the lease came due, he asked for renewal, London said no, we are turning the building to commercial, by the stroke of a pen, his entire investment is gone. For a fifteen year lease, he thought he bought a flat for hundreds of thousands of pounds for ever.

            Keep buying Lagos property, soon it will be foreclosed on, Also, you subject yourself to the whims of the Lagos State Govt, By the stroke of a pen,,,,,

            Go back to your homeland, parasite!

          • Segun

            Keep dreaming that you would inherit properties abandoned by ibos – you may do so in your grave- lol
            You certainly did not use a good lawyer to buy your property in London.
            There is something known as a freehold and a lease hold.
            You should have checked with a good property solicitor before the purchase.
            You acted like an illiterate in the purchase- lol
            Even after the civil war the federal government returned all Ibo properties in Lagos – that is why people like ojukwu got all the properties belonging to his family/ father in ikoyi back.
            So my advice to you is better stop eating amala and ogufe with the Owo daddy you collect at oshodi bus stop and get to work.
            Always remember that there is no free lunch in Freetown.
            Nigeria has changed forever people are more enlightened and would not allow tribalist like you to create problems for the entire country.
            So hate the ibos all you want but it amounts to nothing.
            Nigerians of other tribes know the importance of cooperative action so despite our differences we always find common ground on important issues
            So the scenario that you paint would never happen.
            So stop waiting for the pie in the sky that would never come and get to work

          • Proud Yoruba

            Nobody wants to inherit your stinking property! How much do you want to bet me that you will not be in Lagos in 4 years?

            Good bye and good luck to you.

          • Segun

            Are you such a sisi ?
            So you give up so easily?
            I am sure you would be with your ancestors before the 4 years you have stated.
            It is hunger that would kill your lazy ass.
            Ode- olori Buruku
            Thief- you want to eat without working
            You better go to oshodi and continue collecting your OWO daddy- lol

          • Proud Yoruba

            You don’t see sense. I am tired or arguing with an ibo parasite. I’m telling you that all the properties you allegedly bought in Lagos are on leasehold, thereby making Lagos State Govt your Landlord. You are telling me that I bought the maisonette in London, is it at the age of thirteen that I’ll buy a maisonette?

            You think we don’t know how ibo parasites suddenly got rich? It is Jona and Ngozi now, so when that source is shut down, let us see how you’ll pay mortgage.

            We in the SW have resolved to totally boycott ibo traders in Lagos, so you’ll be trading with yourselves only. With more and more markets being demolished, we’ll put you out of business before you can cry fowl.

            Your SE region produces $36 billion GDP, lazy bums! How are you going to increase that when you sit in Lagos cursing everyone with curses that boomerang back to you. It is even more disgraceful because, you get over $6.5 billion from allocation from FG, so your GDP is even lower than $36 billion. Basically each ibo parasite contributes about $1.00 to Nigeria’s economy.

            Whatever you are doing is not working. No need to regale me with all your fake businesses in the SE because figures never lie.

            If you want to keep talking, you must answer the questions:

            1. How will SE develop, they can’t even elect a governor?

            2. We stayed in the SW, even when times were hard, we kept developing, why can’t you just stay in your region till it is developed?

            3. Why can’t you have a sea port like Lagos created in Calabar, Port Hacourt, wherever.

            You have international airports, you have trains now

            You have resources unique to your area like zinc, but you also have oil and gas, you have palm oil, coal, etc.

            4. Lagos is overcrowded with ibo infestation, how do we control the population?

            In England and the US, they are selling Yoruba products in high-end stores, when are you going to catch up?

          • Segun

            Tell me was Lagos developed with only Yoruba money?
            I suggest you look at the first second third and fourth development plans of Nigeria
            So you think it is cocoa money that built the third mainland bridge, all the flyovers, apapa port , tin can island port , ikoyi hotel , federal palace hotel, Festac building etc
            You must be delusional
            Lagos was developed by the collective effort of all Nigerians
            Now you want to claim it – olori Buruku
            Why don’t you go and develop Ijebu ode or ore and show what you are made of
            You tribalist

          • Proud Yoruba

            Look, Lagos was the capital of Nigeria during multiple military administrations, it was not run by Yorubas. When Yorubas came in as Military administrators, they tried to develop it, the FG stopped them, a lot of things would have been done more for Lagos, because Lagos in naturally blessed with a lot of things, mainly the port..

            So what if the FG built structures in Lagos, what choice do they have, it is the capital? You can go and take your structures back, then you can also ask Calabar to give back anything the FG put there too.

            Look, I know Lagos, it was not like it is today up until democracy came to Nigeria, the transformation has been in the last 10 years. The money we are spending now in one month in Lagos is what the FG was making in a year for the entire Nigeria. These are the dividends of Democracy, Income has increased for all regions of Nigeria since 1999, but only SW is developing.

            Lagos was not developed by any collective effort nothing, it was developed by Yorubas after we started democracy. You go and check..

            All those structures you mention except FESTAC and third mainland bridge were there before Lagos became capital city.

            We are not claiming, you can;t claim what you own. Go into the public records of Nigeria Informatiion Ministry and see Oduduwa Republic and tell me the land mass area incorporated in it.

        • Guguru

          Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

          Why do you love Ngozi so much? What does she do specially for you? How can you defend a woman who helped manage corruption in Nigeria? Is she not a criminal?

          • Segun

            I beleive in justice , fairness and the pursuit of happiness for all including your slave ass.
            I detest people who are hypocrites and pretenders.
            I also detest people who can never see anything good in a fellow human being Guguru that is just what you are.
            A sadist and a hater-
            You suffer from deep inferiority complex which I intend to expose.
            Be assured that you would not get far with your smear campaign on NOI.
            You would pay every inch of the way and your psychotic mind would eventually pack up as we go along.
            I hope you are ready for this war
            On your claim that NOI is a criminal- I suggest you start providing evidence to substantiate your allegation.
            Failure to do so would simply show that you suffer from deep psychosis.
            We await your evidence- olori buruku

    • Segun

      Why don’t you go there and find out?
      2 of her SAs are yoruba.
      For your information do you know Ngozis mother is yoruba?
      From Ijebu ode?
      Most people just post rubbish.
      NOI is part yoruba.

      • taewo

        I don’t need to. The information is already in the public domain….(i) Minister of Finance (2) Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance (3) DG Budget Office (4) DG Debt Management Office (5) CBN Governor (6) DG Stock Exchange (7) DG AMCON (8) DG National Pension Commission (9) Chairperson, Investment and Securities Tribunal (10) DG National Communications Commission (11) DG Sovereign wealth – all of them from Ms Okonjo-Iweala’s clan.

        • Segun

          Complete hog wash
          This is what happens when you are a functional illiterate with an IQ of an orangutan. IQ level of – 50
          Let us take your list
          Surley the minister did not appoint herself and confirm herself as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – she was appointed by Mr President and confirmed by the senate. So there is absolutely no basis for putting this on your list- ape
          It bears noting that this is the second time NOI has been appointed a minister of the FRN. The first time was when she came in as Minister under the administration of the Ota Pedifile- obj
          2 The parmenent secretary of the FMF is a lady from Plateau State -( specifically a Lantang woman )married to an Ibo.
          It is gross stupidity and a mark of shallow thinking to even suggest that NOI was responsible for her appointment as the PS of the FMF.
          Appointments of PS of any ministry in Nigeria is done according to civil service rules and is handled directly by the office of the head of service of the Federation there is therfore no way for NOI to influence this process- Ape
          The DG budget is not an Ibo man but an Edo man- his name is Dr Bright Okogwu. Besides he was already there when NOI was appointed a Minister by GEJ. She did nothing to influence his appointment as she was not in office when he was appointed the DG budget- I suggest you google this man- you would find that there are very few Yorubas on his level. Dr Okogwu has a first class degree from the London School of Economics ( LSE) and a masters and PHD in economics from Oxford. He is also a former senior Lecturer in Econmics at Saint Anthonys College Cambridge. A former principal economist at the IMF – the list is endless etc. Nigeria is indeed lucky to have such a gifted person as the DG Budget- ape
          The DG debt Management office is an Ibo. This fellow – Dr Abraham Nwankwo was appointed as the DG when NOI was not in government. In fact he was appointed the DG by a Fulani – dr Mansur Muktar who was then the Minister of Finance. Checks would show that Nwankwo took over from a Fulani- Mansur Muktar who had occupied the position of DG – DMO before being appointed the minister of finance- Ape
          Your claims that the that NOI appointed the CBN governor is the most preposterous of all- why don’t you add that NOI appointed the president too? Shallow thinking. The entire Nigeria is awear of the process that lead up to the appointment of the CBN governor. This fellow who is considered by many in the banking industry as a star having run one of the most dynamic banks- zenith Bank before his appointment. This fellow has over 30 years banking experience and got to the position of CBN governor strictly on Merit. I suggest that you again Google this fellow up before spilling out rubbish.
          The minister of Finance has no influence in the appointment of the DG stock exchange which is a private sector organisation- it is most disingenuous of you to suggest that NOI influenced the appointment of the DG who was already the DG when NOI became the minister.
          The DG Amcon – Mustapha Chike obi was appointed the DG of Amcon by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi in his own words Sanusi said and I Quote ” when I became the CBN governor I went to bring Chike obi back from New York , I did so because when we were in Kings college he was the brightest boy in the school. I wanted to tap into his vast knowledge in investment banking”
          Your claim that NOI appointed Chike obi is therefore factually wrong and borne out of clear mischief.
          The DG Sovereign Wealth fund was appointed by NOI however this was done after a merit driven process was instituted to ensure that the best person for the job was selected .
          It is important to note that the process was handled by KPMG headed by a yoruba- kunle elebute and after the conclusion of the selection process that involved external evaluators from the UK an Ibo emerged the DG- Uche Oji
          I would suggest that you google this fellow up before you start spilling out rubbish.
          On the DG pe com- everybody knows that this lady has been there in the commission from inception since the days of fola Adeola. She is functioning in an acting capacity since she is the most senior director since the director a Hausa Fulani was removed for fraud.
          Her appointment is yet to be confirmed- kindly Google this lady also
          What is clear is that you are a second rate individual who lacks the ability of critical analysis.
          You are a functioning illiterate who belongs in the level of retards.
          I would not join issues with you again because it is a waste of useful time.
          Humans can not communicate with sub-humans like you. Lol

    • Proud Yoruba

      He is lying. NOI does not hire Yorubas, she can’t even grant them inteviews as her job, she attacked Punch at her TED speech, on and on and on..

      She is not half Yoruba nothing, she hates Yorubas like every hot-blooded ibo parasite.

      • Segun

        You are an ape
        Her mothers maiden name is TitiolaOgunyemi
        She is from Ijebu ode
        Born 1930 in Ijebu ode
        Taught at saint Theresa’s College in IBadan in the 1950s
        Also taught at the University of IBadan and the UNN in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s.
        Ended up as professor of sociology.
        If you conduct an extended search on NOI you would find the information there.
        However nobody cares about your tribalist thoughts you can live with it
        That is the beauty about life
        Just don’t push it upon others – else your ass would be toast- lol

        • Proud Yoruba

          Kamene Okonjo, ker mother’s name is kamene okonjo! there is no thrith in you evil man!

          • Segun

            Yes her name is Kamene. That is the name given to her as the Kings wife- her husband Professor Chukuka Okonjo is the King of Ogwashi- Uku kingdom.
            It is not unusual for a foreigner to be given a a native name as a sign that she is now accepted by the clan or community.
            It happens also when a chieftaincy title is given in most traditional African societies.
            There are certainly Ibos who have Yoruba names – this does not mean they are yoruba genetically does it?
            NOIs mothers name is TitiolaOgunyemi
            From Ijebu ode.
            Please do an extended seach and stop spilling out rubbish.
            She is today the queen of Ogwashi Uku kingdom- culture would not allow for her to be continuously recognized as a yoruba-
            She is by virtue of her marriage to a king now an Ibo
            Hope you dull heads understand.

          • Anonymous11443

            You are lying Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is a thoroubred ibo.Her husband is a medical doctor in Providence hospital in Washington DC.Her husband is a well known philanderer.Her husband was set up by another ibo man in USA when Ngozi Iweallas husband was messing around with his girlfriend.The boyfriend of the woman later tried to blackmail Dr Iwealla and the FBI got involved because the woman that DR Iwealla was messing with and her boyfriend wanted Dr Iweallas husband to pay them $250,000 or they will expose him.Corrupt family.

          • Segun

            How many wives does your blind father have- lol
            How many illegitimate children does your mother have?
            Have you done a blood test to find out if you are truly your fathers son?
            I think you are the son of an Ibo trader from Aba who was servicing your mother behind your fathers back.
            Go for a blood test before you make any claims- you would be shocked to find out you are Ibo- lol
            Many Of our sisters have affairs with these omo kobo kobo boys and have illegitimate children for their husbands- you may be A product of one of those affairs.
            Olori buruku.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Look, I don’t see anything that tells me that her mother is Yoruba, maybe you should change her Wikipedia page. Anyway, the woman acts like a thoroughbred ibo, so we don’t want to claim her, you can keep her in iboland. She is certainly not proud of her Yoruba heritage, if she really has one, because she says on her Wikipedia page that she is Igbo.

            Where are her Yoruba cousins and uncles, none claim her!

          • Segun

            So you are the one to determine who is proud of their Yoruba heritage abi?
            Are you even sure you are yoruba?
            I think you may be the illegitimate child of an Ibo man
            Have you done a blood test?
            Abiola had all his children do a blood test before they could benefit from his estate- do you know why?
            So before you talk take your blood for a DNA analysis to confirm if you are Yoruba or not.
            You may be shocked to know that you are Ibo
            Please ask your mother the right questions about your birth Lol

          • Proud Yoruba

            Now you are being silly. Iam not aggressive, I don’t steal and scam, I don’t lie, I’m not a parasite. I don’t qualify to be ibo.

          • Segun

            You are aggressive, you tell lies and you are very lazy.
            You must have both Ibo and yoruba blood
            I am certain that you are an illegitimate child of an Alaba trader
            Please ask your mother who your real father is?
            She must have played games around the man who you claim is your father
            I also suggest that you go for a DNA test with the man you claim is your father
            You would be shocked
            We yoruba have a saying that the son of the slave is always the one who points fingers and shouts the loudest- this is done as a diversionary strategy to ensure that no one ever calls him a slave.
            I honestly beleive deep inside that you are not yoruba genetically.

          • Proud Yoruba

            See Oduduwa Nation.

          • Proud Yoruba

            The IMF report appears to have provided a more realistic assessment of the Nigerian economy than the glowing everything-is-okay picture that the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and other top government officials, have sought to portray it to the Nigerians public. The austerity measures announced last year by the finance minister have so far not had any impact on the economy.
            To make picture gloomier, demand for Nigeria’s crude oil in the international market is also on the decline; add to this the issue of depleted foreign reserves and what becomes almost self-evident is that the fall in oil prices is not going to end any time soon.
            Nigeria finds itself in this situation because the government failed to build on the gains of its decade-long economic growth when oil prices hovered around $100 per barrel. Today, poverty and unemployment remain among the major problems confronting the economy because the growth was not inclusive.
            Addressing truly economic transformation is now imperative. The federal government must think more seriously about its heavy dependence on oil earnings and develop the non-oil sector as well, which has the huge potential to raise additional revenue to run the government.
            More attention should also be given to agriculture. This sector once was the country’s mainstay and its biggest foreign exchange earner, but was unwisely neglected over the years with the discovery of crude oil. Adding value to farm produce will create more jobs through its upstream and downstream integration with other sectors of the economy, increase export revenues, boost income for the people engaged in it and reduce poverty.
            The government should also strengthen the country’s infrastructure, especially power supply and rail transportation. Nigeria cannot attain the goal of becoming the 20th biggest economy in the world by 2020 unless ends its reliance on oil exports.
            The power sector is a special area of serious resource commitment; finding a permanent solution to the challenge it offers is critical to unlocking the nation’s industrial potentials. Past efforts, including privatisation of generation and distribution components, have so far not taken the country to where it should be.
            One of the causes of the haemorrhages that public coffers suffer is stealing out of them by public officers and their collaborators. The negative effects of corruption on the economy need to be taken more seriously with a determination to punish everyone involved.

          • Segun

            let me start by suggesting that you read today’s thisday newspapers.
            It contains an article on The Presentation made by the CME NOI to the international community on the present state of the Nigerian Economy.
            Presentation was done in Washington DC- APC was represented by Wale Edu and 2 others.
            It provides a critical analysis on the challenges the GEJ administration experienced from the onset in dealing with the economy
            I beleive that once you have read the article, we can then have a useful discussion on NOIs performance in government.
            I also suggest That you read the following reports on the Nigerian Economy
            The World Bank Country Report on Nigeria – 2014
            The ADB country Report on Nigeria – 2014
            The Afrexim Journal on trade for Africa – 2013 and 2014
            The report on the rebased Nigerian Economy- Federal Office of Statistics- 2014
            I have made this small list to enable us have a good intellectual debate on the state of our economy and the contributions made by the CME to the present state of our economy.
            I am however disturbed by the lack of intellectual rigor in your posting.
            Your posting is shallow and portrays a person who lacks the basics / fundermentals in economic thinking and research.
            It provides no references and sight s no Journals
            It is full of generalizations which are applicable to most developing countries and offers no concrete solutions.
            I am left with no option but to conclude that you are at best a poor intellectual who has a limited understanding of economic theory.
            However to assist us in our discussion-
            Kindly do some reading before you do any further posting-
            It would help
            Now remember I trying to be nice to you lol

          • Proud Yoruba

            Look, that’s her presentation, this is their assessment from IMF/WB Article IV Consultation with Nigeria.

            Lawale Edu is a friend of mine, he used to be a Yuppie at the WB. He is a good Yoruba man.

            You will never accept the truth, it is quite clear now. Even after they put Ngozi in jail, you’ll still insists she is the best. Keep your delusions as your comfort blanket. I am not the judge, God will judge her and we’ll all see. Go back to iboland and develop it. goodbye!

          • Segun

            Put NOI in jail?
            What drug are you on? Lol
            You must be psychotic.
            I suggested that your 2nd rate brain do some basic research before posting any further rubbish and what did you do ?
            You rushed to put up this nonsense.
            Let me tell you something
            You are a small minded individual who has no capacity for intellectual thinking.
            You are a complete tribalist who belongs to the dark ages.
            I also have no business discussing with your little mind
            keep being lazy in the hope that you would inherit abandoned properties belonging to ibos
            You would inherit those properties in your grave lol
            Yes God would judge all of us in the end including your wicked soul.
            Yours maybe a one way track to hell fire unless you repent.
            Go and sleep under the flyover where you belong.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Is the article posted below not a clear evidence of how the bretton woods org don’t like Ngozi, right there they discredit her and are quite accurate!

        • Proud Yoruba

          The mother of Nigeria’s Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been released five days after she was kidnapped, Delta state governor Emmanuel Uduaghan has told the BBC.

          He said Kamene Okonjo, a retired professor, was dropped off on a main road near her home in southern Nigeria.

          Kidnapping is common in southern Nigeria, where it is a lucrative criminal enterprise.

          It is not clear if Mrs Okonjo, 82, was held for political or financial gain.

          Mr Uduaghan said her captors had probably decided to let her go because they were under pressure.

  • Proud Yoruba

    Fellow Yorubas, we have done it, we fired GEJ (the big fish), we fired Agbaje (the ibo lover) now it remains for us to fire ibos from Yorubaland. Hear me out please.

    Please let us not be sentimental, it is good to nip a problem in the bud. The ibos have provoked us, deceived us, scammed us, hated us despite our goodwill and benevolence. It is clear to everyone that they have come not to live in harmony, but to dominate and take over. In their infantile mind, they believe that stealing political power from the Yorubas will give them the easy wealth they seek. Unfortunately, ibos cannot run our state better than Yorubas. They are not stakeholders.

    Their incessant taunting is driving Yorubas to loose their cool like the Oba. It is the devils work to harass people to bad behavior. We do not want things to escalate to a point of violence. We Yorubas are level-headed and sophisticated people, we will not be provoked to violence, but we will not be trampled on either. We have all seen it, they call Yorubas, cowards, amala monkeys, ewedu, etc. Ask yourself why do you deserve this abuse for your goodwill? Ibos are incurable haters.

    God is opening the door to deal with ibos for us. As the plan starts to unfold, please do not resist or start fighting for ibos, it is God’s will.

    1. God wants to develop Nigeria very fast, if ibos do not go back to their land, who will develop it for them? Are we supposed to keep developing in Yoruba land at the expense of the rest of Nigeria developing? Our development is already lobsided with SW GDP of $136billion,and SE GDP of $36 billion. By the time we get to $250 billion, there will be no ibo left in the SE.

    2. Imagine a senario where something happens to Lagos, do you have any other homeland to go to? Ibos will run fast back to their homeland. If you have nowhere else to go, that is what makes you a stakeholder.

    3. Yorubaland has developed fast because we Yorubas stayed in our land through the difficult times, we did not run away to other lands.

    4. There are resources in every land in Nigeria. We need the synergy of having every area of Nigeria contributing their resources to benefit all peoples of Nigeria.

    If Yorubaland keeps developing at current pace, we will not have room for the overcrowding that is already occurring now! Developing our area is causing lazy parasites to abandon their land for our cities, now they have started taking our jobs, our youths are getting restless and we pray it does not reach a boiling point.

    Let us move Nigeria forward, all REGIONS must be developed.

    God bless the Yoruba Nation, God bless Nigeria.

    • Anonymous11443

      I agree.Now yorubas are talking.Dont let ibos take over Yoruba land.

      • Proud Yoruba

        Thank you ojare. Please spread the word for Yorubas not to patronize ibos anymore, don’t hire them for jobs, and don’t rent them your homes. This will take care of the traders selling fake drugs, spare parts, etc.

        Then we all know that Jona is out on May 29, we can see that money will not be funneled to them through Okonjo Iwaela anymore, so that will take care of the office workers with fake businesses. With this plan, we will be rid of them soon.

        Let us stop all this Lagos is cosmopolitan nonsense, and making a mega city in the sky. The reality is Lagos is over populated and the overcrowding is diminishing our life style. 21 million people in the smallest state in the country is MADNESS. Thirdly, they must be OUT of our politics completely, they cannot rule us nor represent us. Please spread the word, raise awareness.

  • Ole

    Since when did Ngo Baby started talking about the Chibok girls. I recall that she told a foreign journalist to stop disturbing her when the journalist asked what the Federal Government was doing to rescue the girls. Ngo Baby has been in power for almost 14 out of the 16 years of PDP and the economy has not improved. All she succeeded in doing is to plant her IGBO people in key positions. I want to be quoted on this. This is her way of perpetuating the Biafran war. i recall that she coauthored a book on Achebe “CHINUA ACHEBE Teacher of Light “Tijan M. Sallah and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Her conclusion is not far from Achebe’s observation that the Yoruba and Awolowo were the culprits of the Civil war. We thought they were different , but they are all the same!

    • Segun

      complete hog wash
      Tell us the ibos NOI put in positions?
      Most of the ibos were appointed by Fulanis and were already there when NOI was appointed minister.

      • Guguru

        Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

        Are you done pulling out all the thick hair on Ngozi’s chest this evening? Did she beat you last night since she is the one who wears the trousers in your relationship with her? LOL.

        • Segun

          Just the way the Ota pedifile beat your wife when having sex with her while you watched.
          Tell me how painful was it to see the Ota orangutan mount your ugly wife?
          You know he prefers weird people like the man woman- ezekwesili
          Ezekwesili is a hybrid between a man and a woman.
          With ezekwesili the Ota pedifile gets two in one – what do I mean? He gets to sleep with both a man and a woman at the same time. For the man woman has both sex organs. Lol
          How about the Anambra mugu- Soludo who was turned into an ATM machine for his illiterate brothers?
          Has he bought his freedom from his slave master- the Ota pedifile? Lol

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    Just pack your load and gerrout!!! Yeye Finance minister my foot

  • This dumb minister is waking up at sun set.

  • Enemona


  • burning spear

    too late yr assurance does not make sense———————stop adding more pain to Jonathan–u all failed him

  • Guguru


    Take your lousy suggestions and shove it where the sun does not shine. Where were you when you mentor, Jonathan, was in denial about the fate of the girls for the first three weeks of the abduction? Do you realize that it took the visit of Malala for Jonathan to even acknowledge that the Chibok girls were real and that they had parents who were itching to meet the president? Useless woman. You lied about the employment situation in Nigeria in 2013, you used promissory notes to pay Nigeria’s debt to petroleum product marketers, Nigeria’s foreign currency reserves were being depleted even as oil prices were rising, you were eased out of your ministerial position under Obasanjo regime for performance, you were passed over for a World bank job, you were the initiator of the fuel subsidy removal under the Jonathan administration, etc. You are so deceptive that you should never be believed.

    • Segun

      Guguru I think it is time for your drugs
      The psychiatrist is here now.
      He would give you two shots to calm your psychosis.
      I assure you that after you take your drugs you would no longer experince further delusions .
      The drugs would also take care of all those unclean voices you keep hearing.
      But it is just a temporary measure.
      For a more parmenent solution let me suggest that you check into the psychiatric hospital in Yaba- they have the capacity to deal with illnesses like yours that border on long term madness.
      I would make arrangements for the pick up.

      • Guguru

        Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson

        Go and continue pulling out the thick hair on Ngozi’s chest. Is she no longer the love of your life? LOL.

        • Segun

          Go back to your slave master the Ota pedifile
          Has he stopped shaving the pubic hairs from your wife’s ass . Lol
          Has he also stopped mounting her ugly ass the way he mounts the man woman ezekwesili?
          Have you finally gained your freedom?

          • Anonymous11443

            You are a bastard.Animal with no brain.Abi you don smoke Igbo(no pun intended).You be ibo man supporting your corrupt sister.You think we kno know say you no be Yoruba.Thunder fire you and your ibo tribal lord,Iwealla.Okonjo Iwealla continued where the ibos stop by raping Nigeria financially.

          • Segun

            What language is this ?
            Ape language? Lol
            We humans are yet to develop a common language with your kind
            So go back to your cage where you belong
            It is not yet your feeding time.
            Your bananas would be brought to you in an hour you orangutan
            Olori buruku. Lol

          • Guguru

            Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            I asked you if Ngozi is a criminal since she works for a criminal administration, and you have not answered my question. Rather you have been providing feeble and irresponsible responses that suggests that Ngozi, who you love and live with, beats you every night. Can you answer my question for once? Who wears the trouser in your relationship—–Ngozi or you?

          • Segun

            Have you taken your psychotic drugs tonight?
            Answer me is OBASANJO the pedifile a criminal or not?
            Also is Soludo the Anambra mugu a criminal or not- could you explain how he got the money to run elections 3 times in Anambra state?
            Tell me where did he get the 600 million that he handed to Chris Uba?
            He was Chris Ubas mumu. Lol
            Where did he get the 800 million he used for his campaign when he joined APGA?
            Tell me is the man woman not a criminal?
            How did she acquire such large tracks of land in Abuja? Was it not as a result of her close relationship with El Rufia and corruption that she got those large tracks of land under the name of a church using her fake pastor husband as a front? Lol
            How much did she pay the Nigerian tax payer for that land?
            Tell me is The Anambra Mugu not a criminal having been indicted by the EFCC for the polymer scandal?
            Tell me is el Rufia not a criminal having bought then VPs guest house for himself while he was FCT minister?
            He even allocated land to his 2 year old son lol
            Still has An EFCC case- governor elect/ solid criminal
            The pot calling the kettle black
            Guguru the plagierist- take your psychotic drugs and calm the hell down.
            Your mind is playing tricks on you.
            When you have real evidence of any criminal activity on the part of NOI please present it so that we can scrutinized same
            Else shut the hell up and stop all your dellusions. Lol
            People in glass houses should not throw stones.

          • Guguru

            Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            You talk too much like a woman wrapper. I ask you simple question and you begin to quote the nonsense you hear as voices in your head. This si why Ngozi beats you everyday. And this is why Ngozi wears the trousers in your relationship, right? LOL.

          • Segun

            Tell me why do you allow the Ota pedifile to mount your wife?
            Why are you still his slave lol?
            When do you expect to regain your freedom?
            No long talk. Lol

      • ADER DELE

        I dont think you are real segun & if you are tell us one good thing you know about iweala or stop insulting other contributors.

      • Guguru

        Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

        Below is evidence of how Ngozi lies and deceives Nigerians. This is the woman you love, right? Shame on you.

        “In the last three years, Nigeria lost a staggering N1.4 trillion on
        import waivers – not N171 billion as claimed by finance minister, Ngozi
        Okonjo-Iweala — and lost hundreds of billions of naira more as
        authorities recklessly grant import/export incentives on unapproved
        goods from rice to fish to kolanuts, with no significant bearing on the
        economy, the Nigeria Customs Service has said in a new document seen by

        Comparing the government’s export grant to the well-abused fuel
        subsidy, the Customs said more than 65 percent of beneficiaries received
        the grant for goods not approved by the government, which ordinarily
        should be limited to raw materials, machinery and spare parts.”

        Premium Times, January 2014, “Nigeria Customs Service indicts Okonjo-Iweala, says import waivers massively abused under her”

        • Segun

          Complete hog wash
          There you go again fabricating rubbish in a bid to deceive people.
          That is why Professor Charles Owolabi described you as a master fabricator of economic statistics- the father of all lies and a master plagierist.
          Before NOI came on board as Finance minister under GEJ waivers were granted on a personal bases and was subjected to get abuse.’
          Estimates are in the trillions that Nigeria lost as a result of abuse by the custom service.
          It is an open secret that all the top offices of the service are billionaires
          Her approach to deal with this problem was to device a program that was sectorial in nature Similar to what was obtainable in the fast developing nations of east Asia.
          The approach allowed for Nigerian companies and industries to benefit from this program so long as they met specified guidelines as set under the program.
          This immediately created a level playing field as it removed the discretionary and subjective nature under which previous approvals were granted.
          The program allowed for the granting of waivers for industries where value addition was expected – such industries include the automobile industry, the Agricultural industry etc
          As an economist it is clear to me that there is a trade off that is expected to occur by any nation under such an arrangement.
          There are short term immediate losses in terms of the revenue that could have been collected from the items imported however when a compartive analysis is conducted in terms of the medium and long term gains what becomes clear as daylight is that the country is far better of in the medium and long term.
          Further I find your analysis preposterous- tell me where and how did premium times obtain the data you have stated?
          Is this primary or secondary data- state source?
          Tell me how did they come by the 1.4 trillion Naira figure- I bet they did a Soludo on the Minister – lol
          Cook up fake economic data / statistics and present these half truths as facts. Lol
          It is equally important to state that the Custom service considered by many Nigerians to be the most corrupt agency of the Federal Government embacked on a smeer campaign against the Minister who by the introduction of this program removed the discretionary powers of the service and thus limited their ability to emback on corrupt practices significantly.
          I find your reference to be the most hilarious- primium times is your source?
          You are certainly a backyard intellectual and a half baked student of economics. Lol
          I would have expected you to sight a proper journel as your source rather than an online paper set up by the opposition in their quest to gain power.
          Every Nigerian knows that premium times is at best a gossip social media outlet that ranks on the same level as Sahara reporters and city people lol
          So guguru the plagierist and master fabricator of economic statistics- when you are ready for real economic analysis kindly use reputable journals and papers so that we can have a constructive discussion.
          Other wise take your psychotic drugs and sleep lol
          Please no Soludos are accepted in our discussions
          Ha ha ha lol

          • Guguru

            Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            LOL. I see you are now frothing at the mouth when evidence is provided to you, right? Do you mind providing evidence to back up the fables and illusory rant you have been spewing with gusto? You berra work harder to earn Ngozi’s love and affection or else she will beat you down as she always does in the bedroom again. I pity you for all the punishment Ngozi puts you through—–she beats you then she asks you to shave the hair on her chest and and on her back. LOL.

          • Segun

            You have said absolutely 0
            I think your psychotic brain is failing lol
            Take your drugs to stop you from hyperventilating
            I told to That you would be punished each Time you open up your psychotic mouth.
            I hope you have your psychiatrist close by for you are in for a nervous breakdown lol

    • Anonymous11443

      Correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malam Almajiri

    So now this pig has appoint herself as defence, nawa ooo

  • Omotolaaraujo

    What does the Minister of Finance have to tell Nigerians about the kidnapped kids in Chibok? She mismanaged her own ministry, now she’s the spokesperson for who? The Gangster President, or his Mouthpiece should be talking about this issue. NEXT!

  • tundemash

    At this Eleventh hour? Please all you should be doing now is preparing handover notes. FG had one year to look for the girls and did nothing until 6 weeks to election.
    Please start preparing your handover, we would not accept an extension; May 29th is the D-day !!!

    • James Breen

      @ Tunde mash – Hello there friend. As you know I supported Jonathan in the election but I have to say that his government was totally woeful in their response to the kidnap of the girls. The response was slow. There was no acknowledgement of the incident and it appeared that it was only after the international media commented on the incident that the government began to act. Even then matters were not helped by the First Lady’s ill advised comments on the incident. Furthermore to start proliferating action with barely six weeks to the election was too little to late. If I was standing face to face with President Jonathan I would tell him that he failed abysmally to deal with this problem. For the Minister of Finance to now announce that they are still hoping to rescue the girls, one year on, is in fact adding insult to injury. Those girls should have been rescued within one month of their abduction. This whole episode made Nigeria look even more inept in the international media and frankly portrayed Jonathan as incompetent. Notwithstanding issues about Boko Haram infiltrating the Nigerian military, which ever way you look at it, the government handling of this matter was extremely poor. Perhaps I myself made an error of judgement !!!!

      • tundemash

        H James,
        Atleast you were man enough to acknowledge your error of judgement and I respect you for that and you are a man ! Unlike some e-rats here who, even after losing the election, are still viewing issues from the prism of ethnic and religious sentiment.
        I campaigned rigorously against Jonathan in 2011 because I looked at his past and I saw a “woman” (to me he’s no man) who never stood for anything in the past! He has always been a “yes man”. When Yaradua was comatose, he was so scared of Turai Yaradua ( a woman with no constitutional role) he never put himself forward. It was left to NGOs notalbly Tunde Bakare’s SNG to put up a fight on his behalf infact a notherner who no ties to PDP actually got a court judgement in Dumbo’s favour. What Nigeria needed in 2011 was a bold man who can stand up to corruption and impunity and i didn’t see those qualities in Jonathan and for 6 years, he kept proving me right ! If you give Jonathan 100 years, he would not change a thing; he sees no evil ad hear no evil !
        As far as I am concerned, getting rid of him is good riddance to bad rubbish.

        • James Breen

          Hi Tundemash- I respect you for one thing also. When you make criticisms and observations, you qualify and justify your arguments and rationale very clearly, unlike some of the ignorant posters who launch insults and tawdry comments with the intellectual skills of a deranged clown. Since the election I have read so many myopic and parochial comments/views full of bile and hate, without reason or rationale. You demonstrate a high level of fact and eloquence in your responses and I have said before on this post that if the level of intellect prevailing in Nigeria today is reflected by the quality of debate on this forum then Nigeria has a problem.

  • taewo

    This Biafran Minister of Finance is still speaking. Please focus on preparing your hand-over note.

    • Segun

      And Afonja the General who betrayed the Alafin of Oyo is talking- lol

  • sammyctu ode

    okonjo-iweala, it’s time for you to shut up and stop all these economic lies you have been telling Nigerians. Go and dust your C.V. so that you can start teaching at Abraka state University.

    • Segun

      The way your illiterate mother is selling AKara in balogun market- lol

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala seems not to be focus jumping from one area of governance as a failed finance minister and leader of the economy team and acting outside her jurisdiction.There are defense minister and defense minister of state.Why should the finance minister be acting and commenting on the rescue attempt of the abducted Chibok Govt secondary school,Chibok.

    • Segun

      Fake Oluwola Dr- who dash monkey banana- lol
      Tell us how she failed
      Arm chair critic.
      Have you ever been to Chibok?
      While you were sleeping in the comfort of your hut NOI went to Chibok 4 times to assess things and to assist in the rebuilding of the school damaged by Boko haram.
      Have you not heard of the safe school program? Who do you think set it up- olori buruku
      Even the man woman – ezekwesili who claims to love the girls more than their mothers never went to Chibok. She stayed in Abuja all through.
      Pretenders who benefit from the pain of others.
      I await your fake analysis of how NOI is a failed minister so that I can tell you a thing or two

      • Anonymous11443

        You are trolling the internet as a paid Ngozi Iwealla intern.Thunder will strike your mouth the way it strikes Ngozi Iweallas ponmo mouth.

      • Bimbo

        This must be you, Ngozi!

  • Anonymous11443

    Okonjo Iweala,the ibo tribalist surrounded herself with ibo people only.No other tribal group has a good post in her office because she does not trust them.She discriminate against other tribes especially Yoruba,hausa,fulani.Now you are gone.You and your ponmo mouth.You,your brother and family are now multi-millionaires for negotiating Nigerian debt and other financial crimes committed under the clueless ogogoro jonathan now on his way to Otueke.You go take your ponmo mouth regurgitate all your ill gotten and corrupt gains.INSHA ALLAH.

    • Segun

      Please bring that your illiterate mother to replace her .
      Maybe she teach Nigeria the economics of Akara and ogi – lol

  • hummm

    Oh she is still talking instead of working on her handover note. Nothing that comes out of that huge lips is true. Please keep it moving and go pack your stuff cuz May 29 is around the corner.


    She is a disgrace to academic & motherhood for commenting on cihboks girl, & i dont blame her she is an igbo they have no shame

  • Dawood

    Salt over injury. Parents of the Chibok girls should sue her. This moral leper has no business mentioning the girls. If not for the thief-thief of our resources by her and her like in Dumbo’s administration, the Nigerian Army would’ve had enough resources to stop Boko Haram in its track.

    • Segun

      Shut up you Ape
      Human beings are having a discussion here.
      We do not have a common language with your kind.
      If you have been following events since the beginning of this crisis in Chibok you would know that NOI is the only minister who went to Chibok 4 times.
      She is the one who stated the safe school program and took the former British Prime minister Gordon Brown there.
      She laid the foundation block for the reconstruction of the school along with the parents of the girls and ensured that relief material was supplied to the families in that area
      Are you awear that she spent 2 days inBorno state when no body wanted to be there- this was at great personal risk.
      Then Apes like you just come out and start making Ape sounds.
      Even the man woman- ezekwesili has never been to see the Chibok girls. Her campaign has been a political campaign all based in Abuja to ensure she is noticed. It was never for the girls- everybody knows it
      So allow this woman of integrity and shut the hell up

  • Dada

    Mrs. Okonjo Wahala( oh sorry Iweala), your Igbo brothers and sisters said no girls are missing. Mhmm, Biafra I hail thee!

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