Fayose begs opponents, says he’s not perfect

Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti state

The governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose has welcomed Tuesday’s Supreme Court verdict upholding his election, using the occasion to appeal to opponents bent on removing him to “sheath swords”.

The Supreme Court dismissed a suit by the All Progressives Congress, challenging Mr. Fayose’s election in 2014, saying it lacked merit.

Mr. Fayose is also facing an impeachment threat from APC state lawmakers, who accuse the governor of gross misconduct.

Departing from his usual combative rhetoric, Mr. Fayose apparently appealed to the lawmakers to give peace chance and support his government.

“To my opponents, I plead with you to sheath your sword and join me in the development of Ekiti State. If truly our struggle is about service to our dear State, it is time to come together and channel all our resources towards the development of the State,” the governor said.

“I am irrevocably committed to the protection of all, including the opposition in the State. Nobody is infallible, and I am not a perfect being. The only one that is perfect is God, but He, in His infinite mercies has made me the Governor of Ekiti State today.

“I have a term and tenure; there will be another opportunity for Ekiti people to decide who governs them. Rather than trouble the peace of the State, our friends in the opposition parties should accept the will of God concerning our dear State and wait till 2018,” Mr. Fayose said.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party has congratulated Mr. Fayose, over the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The party, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said the ruling “is a testimony that the judiciary is still the last hope of the common man having sustained the wishes and aspirations of the people of Ekiti state as expressed in the June 21, 2014 governorship election.”

PDP said it regrets that the ruling came when “key institutions of democracy such as INEC and some security personnel, have already started compromising their independence apparently under the dictates of an obsessive APC”.

“Mr. Fayose displayed doggedness and triumphed in the face of daunting challenges from anti-democratic forces and urged the governor to be magnanimous in victory while using his mandate to deliver good governance in line with the PDP manifesto and vision of the founding fathers,” the party said.

While restating its resolve that it would stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Mr. Fayose, the PDP warned the outgoing All Progressives Congress lawmakers of Ekiti State House of Assembly against “any action directly or indirectly” intended to “undermine democratically elected PDP government under Governor Ayo Fayose”.


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  • Maitama Tambari

    Olisa Metuh did you listen to Ayodele Fayose extension of hands of friendship and coexistance to your arrogant, hate prescribed position? This is one of the reasons why PDP failed and is losing ground because of your kinds in Wadata House.

  • Emeka

    lol. now Fayose wants peace. haha. how time flies. Anyway, whatever is good for Ekiti should happen

  • Patriotique

    If only Fayose is truly repentant.

  • the_adviser

    If Ekiti Assemblymen want to play fair, they need to do their job and let Fayose do his. The problem is when two or three Ekitimen gather, you get two or three different opinions. it is in the genes.

  • Action Group

    Olisa Metuh should learn to be decorous with words and stop fanning the embers of discord in Yorubaland with uncouth language.After all,the government of the day is still being run by his sinking peoples democratic party,he should emulate Fayose who is trying to extend an olive branch to his opponents,Metuh should stop crying more than the bereaved.

  • John Chukwuma

    How can a governor that wants peace instigate the impeachment of the majority with 7 honourable members? And for Olisah Tutumetubu,what goes around, comes around.

  • jamajake

    Am not fan of Fayose but I think APC should forgive him for the sake of Ekiti peoples and move on

    • ConScience

      As much as I would love to concur but I feel his biggest transgression was allowing 7 lawmakers preside over 19 lawmakers. I feel that was the height of democratic deceit. Now the same democracy he abused is the one he is begging to save him. Whatever happens I pray it is peaceful and non violent.

    • tundemash

      Is 7 > 19 ?

    • Onike24

      Forgive? If Fayose goes unpunished then we have learnt nothing.

      • Ade

        He will be like a godfather if he goes unpunished. But i believe very soon,Fayose will still meet his waterloo

    • Wähala

      Move on with running a State with 7 legislators? Haba!
      Fayose broke the eardrums of a serving Justice and you think it’s enough to forgive him that impunity and move on? What kind of example is he setting to younger ones since he has not personally started by begging that Judge for forgiveness? Trust me, this is propaganda begging that does not pfool anyone… Gov. Ayo Fayose must not go unpunished!

      • anwari

        I completly agree with you. Those judges who quickly declared him victorious inspite of the multitude of evidence that proved the election was neither free nor fair, inspite of the humiliation meted out to their colleague should go and hide their faces in shame. posterity will definitely remember them for this. As for fayose, let him know that there is no peace for the wicked. lets see how ekiti state will move on with this.

  • Festuso

    Any house built on quicksand cannot stand. Fayose’s election was fraudulent…it was rigged by a few individuals with the connivance of the military. He made reference to the ‘soft copies’ he got from INEC before the election. He also talked about the sticker that was to be used to identify the vehicles carrying his rigged computers and other paraphernalia before the election. Fayose cannot explain all these anomalies away. He keeps mentioning the Almighty Name of the Creator….he does not realise that it is a double-edged sword. The mills of Man grind rapidly but poorly, however the mills of the Almighty grind slowly but exceedingly fine! Fayose should watch out….he who sows the wind stands to reap the whirlwind!

  • taiwo

    Fayose is a clear example of how a grounded politician should be,GEJ really disappointed the majority of Nigerians by allowing himself to be intimidated out of power by desperate and power crazy politicians like Obj and Tinubu

    • newvoice404

      Sore loser and lover of impunity. Obj and Tinubu went theirs legally! Fayose is a goner you wait and see . Unless you are telling me 19 is not legally more than 7!

  • Hon Chuks O

    I wish you were to be in Jonathan’s shoes, this dark era that our nation just descended into would not have happened

    • Chief Larry

      What is dark a out the Era? Can we just be truthful for once? Why are we such black in our hearts? Do you see the level of development in the western world? Why can’t our country be like that? We have all the money to be better than a lot of country in the world, but some people just decided to steal this money and you are calling this Era dark. Really I wonder what kind of people we are. Why?? Dieziani has run out of the country, if she did well would she?I bet you a lot of the ministers will run away soon, why? Cos their hands are not clean. If we have someone else who says he wants to clean up the system why don’t we just give him the benefit of doubt and if he doesn’t do it we vote him out in the next election? I am ashamed for our country, I am presently in USA and all I have been doing is talking to some NIGERIANS in diaspora to come back that Naija is changing and they are saying they want to see if GMB will do as promised. They are tired of staying in USA but cos our govt is corrupt they don’t believe in the system any more. Let’s give GMB the benefit of doubt. We are not in the dark Era in Jesus name.

      • Koffa0319

        You said it right! I’m one of the tired-of-living-in-the-USA group of Nigerians. Even my daughter who was born and raised in the USA, is as well planning on, not just serving in the NYSC but staying to live in 9ja and her only experiences of 9ja are Christmas holidays. Goes to show how blessed 9ja truly is. And my husband is the don’t-believe-in-the-9ja-system-gangs. Well, can’t wait to see my birth country rise to its potential in Jesus name.

    • Remi

      Which dark era? Agents of darkness that have been holding our country hostage will now see everything as dark because they can no longer milk the country and era of easy money gone. Immediately after Buhari’s victory the stock exchange and Naira picked up signaling the dawn of a glorious era. Of course it will be dark for people like you afterall your man was endorsed by witches and wizards.



  • excel

    So fayose can be this humble? Watching him on TV apologising was a surprise. He knows so well the supreme Court judgement can’t not stop his impeachment. The fear of APC the beginning of wisdom. Too late the era of impunity must come to an end.

    • Remi

      Do not be deceived. This was how he congratulated Buhari only to impose curfew to prevent APC members from celebrating the victory. And what happened the next day Fayose sent thugs to shoot and destroy properties at APC secretariat. Was there any curfew after the judgment today? No because it is his victory.

  • Anonymous11443

    Nigerian judges are really corrupt and dumb.Fayose slapped and beat up one of them but after given them money they still cuccumb to Fayose.Our judiciary must be reformed.

    • Tunsj

      Well said. We have Kangaroo Courts and not real courts. Nigerian judges always listen to highest bidders.

  • DazzlingSmile

    He’s begging because they’ve lost power at the top

  • So this thug can beg

  • Beg for what exactly? That his atrocities should be forgiven? Never! No sinner shall go unpunished.

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Fayose sacked 19 APC lawmakers, denied them opportunity to campaign for reelection, sent them on exile before the election and rigged them out of office and now he wants these lawmakers to forgive him and go into political oblivion.

    In war all is fair to achieve ones legal objective. They must use every legal means to get their seats back.

    The ONLY way these APC lawmakers can make a come back and get their seats back is: first to impeach Fayose, next , they should go to tribunal and challenge the election that they could not participate in and then under APC interim government , hold a new house of assembly election and get their seats back. Simple.

    Just like in Adamawa, they will succeed if they stay focused on their mission. I am certain that, backed by incoming APC Federal Government they will eventually prevail. Aluta Continua.

  • newvoice404

    Anyone saying people should forgive Fayose is either evil or daft or both! This is a man that used Military to arrest and intimidate all his APC members on the eve or close to his election so that he could have a field day on the election. He even threatened to slap a general because he thought he was not wicked enough in carrying out his devilish instructions. He ran 19 legislators out of town to continue his impunity and lawlessness, Why would we forgive such a person?. So that another person will rise up and emulate his evil strategy? No . Even God will punish us if we allow this kind of behaviour in the society!

  • vica

    Fayose can beg? The tout who detained his opposition during d election, and threatened heaven and earth? Nahhh! This man can not go free. Fayose d boogie man is coming to get u.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Ayo Fayose should be reminded that he is not underage and is matured enough to control his hanger and lead Ekiti State with exceptional quality of leadership having served as Ekiti State governor before he was impeached in 2016.Fayose must face the consequence of his impunity and unconstitional actions.Too late to cry when the head is cut off.