#NigeriaDecides: APC’s victory actualises Awo, MKO’s dreams – Akerele

APC supporters celebrate victory in Ibadan, after the presidential elections.

A former political assistant to the late businessman cum politician, Moshood Abiola, and veteran journalist, Olu Akerele, has described the victory of All Progressives Congress’ candidates across the nation as the actualization of the dreams of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo, and that of Mr. Abiola.
Mr. Akerele, in a congratulatory message to the leadership of the APC in a statement in Abuja, described the party’s victory as “the triumph of progressives over reactionary forces” while giving kudos to a former Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu, for leading a worthy battle on the side of history.
He noted that if the Peoples Democratic Party had won in Lagos State, for instance, “the state would have been dragged down an inglorious path of infamy as the PDP lacked the depth to sustain the level of development the state had already attained under Mr. Tinubu and incumbent governor, Babatunde Fashola”.
He said if Jimi Agbaje of the PDP had defeated Akinwunmi Ambode of the APC, it would have amounted to a dent on Mr. Tinubu’s progressive credentials in view of the desperate last moves by President Goodluck Jonathan to rubbish Mr. Tinubu in Lagos for leading the crusade to sack him from Aso Rock.
He praised “Lagosians for shunning the lorry loads of Naira notes the presidency delivered to Lagos a couple of days before the gubernatorial elections, noting that their choice was the triumph of progress over evil”.
Mr. Akerele argued that it was Mr. Awolowo’s dream to forge a united progressive front for Nigeria, but this was truncated by reactionarists who had no plan for the growth of the country.
He said Mr. Abiola realised the Awolowo dream by winning the June 12, 1993 elections squarely across ethnic and religious divides all over the nation, “but he was prevented from assuming the mantle of leadership by those who never wished Nigeria well”.
Mr. Akerele said the push led by Mr. Tinubu had galvanized the progressives across the country into a united front, which led to the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as president-elect of Nigeria.
He praised Mr. Tinubu’s tenacity of purpose in the struggle, maintaining that Mr. Ambode’s victory was a further vote of confidence in both Mr. Fashola and his predecessor.
He pointed out that Mr. Ambode had a gruelling task of ensuring that the standards set by Messrs Tinubu and Fashola were maintained in the years ahead, adding that the governor-elect will have no excuses for failing in view of the fact that he has the advantage of working with a progressive at the centre unlike his predecessors.
The media consultant advised Lagosians to team up with Mr. Ambode to ensure he had a successful tenure.


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  • burning spear

    President Barack Obama’s decision to provide undeclared backing to the All Progressives Congress (“APC”) and General Buhari, violated a long-time American convention of non-interference in the elections of other sovereign nations.

    The series of patronizing actions, sponsored by the White House, culminated in a joint statement on March 30th 2015 by the American Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary Mr. Philip Hammond, alleging that the election results “may be subject to deliberate political interference”.

    This broadside was released when the vote collation was still ongoing, thereby casting undue aspersion not only on the entire electoral process and the almost thirty million voters who participated in it, but indeed the nation itself.

    This was the second unsolicited and unwarranted diatribe by the American and British pair, the first being the denigrating joint missive authored by the same duo on March 21st 2015, precisely seven days prior to the election.

    The said election has already occurred, but the repercussions from the historic event shall continue to generate reactions for many days, weeks, months, years and perhaps for all time

    • Olu Ade

      Typical psycho with Schizophrenia always repeat same thing over and over as programmed on their deranged head; even when nobody is buying what they are selling. I beg go take your psych medicine.

      • Wähala

        Only a foool keeps doing the same thing over and over yet, expecting different results each time… Einstein!

    • anwari

      Thank God, for at least crediting APC with being supported by credible and important democrats all over the world and not by drug addicts, lunatics and failures. Thanks for this commendation. Up APC.

    • Femi Pedro

      Go and arrest Obama and send your rag tag army of money grabbing militants to attack him. Dimwit

  • burning spear

    leave Awo and abiola out of this day light robbery-by APC–Awo was never for rigging——APC is a party of certificate forgers and drug addict—s—if u call this obama arrangee electoral sham between fulanis and-yorubas national unity–na u sabi–

    • Tunsj

      Like I said, you are a psychopath.

      • Wähala

        You get time for Deri ba? na you go tire. Notice that most bloggers ignore him? I’m his shriek as our battle goes back to 6yrs. Offer him ogogoro and see what happens… Hahaha chei!


      Please for your own good see a doctor, please.

  • burning spear

    Ekiti APC Rejects House Of Assembly Results

    The All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State has rejected the results of the state House of Assembly and vows to challenge at the tribunal.

    In a press statement issued by the party secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, The All Progressives Congress said that the election was full of irregularities.

    The People’s Democratic Party has won 25 constituencies out of 26 in Ekiti State House of Assembly polls.

    Ilejemeje constituency is still on hold over the crisis resulting to ballot snatching and the attack on the officials by thugs from the opposition party, the APC

  • Cowardice Unlimited!!!

    Only in February 2010 Soyinka & Tinubu were on their way to Benin for a political rally with Oshiomhole as Host. At the Benin Airport the duo got hint that one Thief IBB was to be in that gathering as an invitee Presidential aspirant. They could not, according to them, imagine they sitting with one who TERMINATED democracy in 1993. They immediately got back into the airplane en route to Lagos.

    In April 2012, Mohammed/Mohammadu Bokohari who himself TERMINATED democracy with guns, Issued a threat: “If what happens in 2011 happens again in 2015, if I lose the elections, the streets will be soaked with the blood of the Dogs & Baboons” …and within 6months, the same Tinubu was in Kaduna to prostrate and lie down flat for Bokohari in that infamous photo of his which went viral but bacterial & fungal on the internet.


    …and the same Soyinka has kept his mouth shut as the Yorubas conspire to bring in Islamists to power who himself did worse things than IBB….. So, why are the Yorubas like this?

    • anwari

      why do you keep on ranting about this your Bokohari issue. buhari has been elected president and there is absolutely nothing you or anybody in your failed camp can do about it. I urge you to accept the change that has come ot br left behind in your misery

    • Festuso

      You are talking RUBBISH as always! Total bunkum!

    • Femi Pedro

      Get get a life Deri orbuka

    • Proud Yoruba

      Nigerians voted for Buhari. Not just Yorubas. Our votes alone does not make a President.

      Yorubas voted to fire Jona. PERIOD.

      What will hapen after that is yet to be determined. If BUHARI misbehaves, he’ll be out too.

      If you really think that Jona should still be Nigeria’s president after all his antics, then you are more tribalistic than you know. What is done is done. Feel free to hate Yorubas because they fired Jona, it is your life.

      Just get to work, stop being lazy, and find out how you can contribute to develop your land. Stop waiting for free petroldollars because oil is plenty all over the world now. As we pivot to agriculture and mining, Hausa will be feeding you soon.

  • Proud Yoruba

    Fellow Yorubas, we have done it, we fired GEJ (the big fish), we fired Agbaje (the ibo lover) now it remains for us to fire ibos from Yorubaland. Hear me out please.

    Please let us not be sentimental, it is good to nip a problem in the bud. The ibos have provoked us, deceived us, scammed us, hated us despite our goodwill and benevolence. It is clear to everyone that they have come not to live in harmony, but to dominate and take over. In their infantile mind, they believe that stealing political power from the Yorubas will give them the easy wealth they seek. Unfortunately, ibos cannot run our state better than Yorubas. They are not stakeholders.

    Their incessant taunting is driving Yorubas to loose their cool like the Oba. It is the devils work to harass people to bad behavior. We do not want things to escalate to a point of violence. We Yorubas are level-headed and sophisticated people, we will not be provoked to violence, but we will not be trampled on either. We have all seen it, they call Yorubas, cowards, amala monkeys, ewedu, etc. Ask yourself why do you deserve this abuse for your goodwill? Ibos are incurable haters.

    God is opening the door to deal with ibos for us. As the plan starts to unfold, please do not resist or start fighting for ibos, it is God’s will.

    1. God wants to develop Nigeria very fast, if ibos do not go back to their land, who will develop it for them? Are we supposed to keep developing in Yoruba land at the expense of the rest of Nigeria developing? Our development is already lobsided with SW GDP of $136billion,and SE GDP of $36 billion. By the time we get to $250 billion, there will be no ibo left in the SE.

    2. Imagine a senario where something happens to Lagos, do you have any other homeland to go to? Ibos will run fast back to their homeland. If you have nowhere else to go, that is what makes you a stakeholder.

    3. Yorubaland has developed fast because we Yorubas stayed in our land through the difficult times, we did not run away to other lands.

    4. There are resources in every land in Nigeria. We need the synergy of having every area of Nigeria contributing their resources to benefit all peoples of Nigeria.

    If Yorubaland keeps developing at current pace, we will not have room for the overcrowding that is already occurring now! Developing our area is causing lazy parasites to abandon their land for our cities, now they have started taking our jobs, our youths are getting restless and we pray it does not reach a boiling point.

    Let us move Nigeria forward, all REGIONS must be developed.

    God bless the Yoruba Nation, God bless Nigeria.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Once upon a time, that drum you are beating almost destroyed Nigeria. The victims included those who rolled out the drums. Lagos belongs to Lagosians, not Yorubas. You would find out to your chagrin, but it would be too late, when the fire caused by the beatings of your war drums start burning on the mountain top. You, the Lagosian would be left to bear the can as your “Yoruba” folks would quickly abandon you and beat a hasty retreat to their various states wgere they are from. Talk about Lagosians in Lagos, or are you saying that the man from Osun State is a Lagosian also? Oti mo nkan…

      • deedee

        Lagos State is an administrative region of Nigeria, located in the southwestern part of the country. The smallest of Nigeria’s states, Lagos State is the most populous state.

        Lagos State was created on May 27, 1967 by virtue of State (Creation and Transitional Provisions) Decree No. 14 of 1967,  which restructured Nigeria’s Federation into 12 states.

        While the State is essentially a Yoruba-speaking environment, it is a socio-cultural melting pot attracting both Nigerians and foreigners alike.

        Indigenous inhabitants include the Aworis and Eguns (these are Yoruba subgroup ) in Ikeja and Badagry Divisions respectively, with the Eguns being found mainly in Badagry.

        There is also an admixture of other pioneer settlers collectively known as the Ekos.

        The indigenes of Ikorodu and Epe Divisions are mainly the Ijebus with pockets of Eko-Awori settlers along the coastland and riverine areas. (Family search )

        Yoruba dialect includes: Oyo, Egun, Ijesha, Egba, Ekiti, Eko, Akoko, Ijebu. All are found in the six south western states as well as Kwara and Kabba in Kogi state.

        • Proud Yoruba

          Our Native Laws and custom prevent us from truly integrating in Nigeria because they are so entrenched and are our national identity for each sub-nation in Nigeria.

          The clear example is the issue with the Oba, where ibos showed gross disrespect to our Oba and tried to take him to NHRC. Our customs forbid such nonesense in Yorubaland. If you don’t like our culture, then you can’t be one of us, simple. We don’t like your culture, so we don’t come to your land and buy property and live their endlessly. Ibo culture is particularly bad, I as a Yoruba, would never want to be living under their native laws and customs.

          Nigeria’s constituency recognizes our Native laws and customs. So we’ll never integrate. The United Kingdom is a similar case, where the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English live together as a nation but separate in their regions. They manage fine and so will we, soon as the lazy parasites go back to their lands to develop it and stop relying on welfare in SW region.

      • deedee

        There is a difference between citizenship and indigeneship. As a a Nigerian, you can reside in any part of the country. But you can’t claim to be an indigene of every state in Nigeria.

        There is no place in the world without original inhabitants. There is nothing like ‘no man’s land ‘ any where in the world. Yoruba people already occupied Lagos before it became a Nigeria capital.

        Calabar and Lokoja were former Nigeria capital but they’ve not be tagged as no man’s land. Abuja is presently a Nigeria capital and still not tagged as no man’s land.

        Anyone who wants to be Lagosian can claim to be one but we all need to know that citizenship is different from indigeneship. Being a Nigerian citizen doesn’t qualify anyone for example to be a Kano indigene. Our constitution still recognises indigeneship and state of origin. Therefore, even if your birthplace is Lagos or you stay all your life in Lagos, It still doesn’t make you an indigenous Lagosian but only a resident in Lagos. That’s about Nigeria constitution. Read more from 1999 Nigeria constitution.

      • deedee

        Can you claim to be an indigenous Lagosian if you were born in Lagos, live all your life in Lagos? The answer is NO. 
        Because our constitution still recognises ‘the State of Origin ‘
        The Nigerian constitution regrettably does not provide adequate provision for pro-ethnicity laws and national integration. The issue of “state of origin” remains a policy that creates no sense of unity, community and common character. The state of origin policy simply means that regardless of a Nigerian citizen’s state of birth, place of residence , that citizen cannot claim to be an indigene of that state but can only be an indigene of the ancestral place and state of his/her parents. Many Nigerians have lived in their state of birth or have relocated to other states in Nigeria for decades but they are still being treated as second-hand citizens and they have been refused indigeneship. (Roy 2013 ).

      • deedee

        Who are the Lagosians? Are you saying Lagos state comprising of Ikorodu, Epe, Badagry etc had no original inhabitants before it became a Nigeria capital? Who are the traditional rulers in Lagos? Are they Hausa, Igbos or Yoruba? Do you realise that there is a difference between citizenship and indigeneship according to Nigeria constitution? Have you researched about Lagos state history? Have you ever asked yourself why Lagos state only have first class Yoruba traditional rulers who identify themselves as Oduduwa descendants? The last time I checked, Lagos state still has no Emir nor Obi as her traditional rulers. Have you asked yourself why is like that?

        Have you researched about Yoruba tradition and her territory, Igbo tradition and territory; Hausa tradition and hausa land?
        Answer to the above questions will clarify the issues surrounding Lagos.

        There is no place in the world without original inhabitants. There is no place tagged with a no man’s land. Even the Arctic Island covered with ice and snow and with no human being residing there are owned by America and Russia.

        Finally, if Kano were to be Lagos, no one will be bold enough to tag it as a no man’s land. Yoruba people are very accommodating and their gentle nature shouldn’t be taken for granted.


        • Femi Pedro

          Hear hear

        • burning spear


          • deedee

            Is Cross river an Efik, Ibibio or Ijaw name? What is the meaning of Rivers state in Ijaw dialect? You need to read more about Nigeria and all her ethinic groups before making any further statement.

            Before Portuguese came to Nigeria Awori and Egun (subgroups of Yoruba descent)
            and other yoruba tribes were already living in Eko (referred to as Lagos
            Prior to the Portuguese name of Lagos being adopted, Lagos was originally called Eko. (curred from the website of Lagos state government).
            Portuguese changed “Eko” to Lagos. And for the fact that
            indigenous Lagosians are accomodating doesn’t mean Lagos is “no man’s
            land” Calling Lagos no man’s land is synonymous with saying the Lagos Yoruba
            obas and chiefs in Lagos are bastard in Yoruba tradition. Read more about

            History of Lagos State from the Lagos state government website then you will know the real owners of Lagos state.

          • Proud Yoruba

            We hold these truth to be self-evident that Lagos, EKO ile is in the heart of Yorubaland. Far, far away from iboland. Praise God.

          • Proud Yoruba

            You are too dumb for words. Eko is a Yoruba word derived from Oko (farm). We can name our states whatever we want, it doesn’t make it less Yoruba. As far in as Lagos is embedded in Yorubaland, I dont know how you’ll be able to annex it to the SE, so good luck with that.

        • Lemmuel Odjay

          …and that makes every child of Oduduwa, including those from Edo stock such as the Urhobo, Esan etc Lagosians? For the sake of the wellbeing of this country, please be more emphatic about your state of origin rather than tribe. As others have done elsewhere and achieved real progress, you must be prepared to shed a bit of your tribal marks in order to build a successful nation. Alternatively the three of you – Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba should please go your separate ways and leave the rest of us alone and in peace. Aah aah! Since 1960, “Yoruba no good, Hausa na mumu and Igbo na animal…” You people should find a way to live in peace or separate and leave Nigeria so the rest of us could have our desired peace, joor. Your interminable bickering since independence is one reason behind Nigeria’s backwardness. None of you, as individual tribes and giving your “historical achievements” could be said to have succeeded in the true sense as individual group. You all keep dwelling in the vanishing clouds of past time paradise settings. That was yesterday, this is today, and if we must make good progress, let it be known that this country is raising up a new breed of people who prefer to see you first as a Nigerian before running you through your tribal mill. One of these days, the rest of us neutrals would be forced to dip in our pockets, produce the red card and flash it across your tribal faces. It is time we strip you of your tribal marks so this country could thrive…

      • Yoruba

        Lemmuel Odjay,
        I have a conceptual question for you. Suppose what you have just said make sense let us then proceed. (1) Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi are all Igbo states (no question about that and you Igbos will not allow anything less) just as (2) Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo are all Yoruba states(no question about that just as we Yorubas will not allow anything less). 1 and 2 are irreducible core positions. You cannot change them. Now this is my conceptual question based on the preceding: If I am Igbo, and my state is Anambra but I live in Ebonyi and suddenly I “abandon” (to use your word) Ebonyi for whatever reason from war(to use your word) to peace, does that mean Ebonyi is no longer Igbo? Please think before you rush to answer. Even when there is nothing to debate about Yoruba states, Igbo states, Ijaw states, Northern states, Kanuri states etc, We Yorubas will respond to posts like yours for the benefit of those who are deluded and young Igbos who live in Yoruba states but who people like you deceive and DO NOT tell the truth to in order to help them so that they make demand in Yoruba states only things that they give in Igbo states.
        And finally, on another issue, I am sure you are familiar with your-Igbos- delusional views about how Yorubas are “cowards”. Look do not mess around and dispute this, this is an Igbo view. I am sure the Igbos misunderstand the Yorubas sense of civility, deliberate moderation, courtesy, culture and inclusion to mean “cowardice”! You forget that historically and globally the more middle class a society is the less it is inclined to settle disagreements violently and aggresively. Rather such middle class inclined society will resort to rrason debate and arguments. That is what you see in Yoruba which you Igbos MISUNDERSTAND as “cowardice”! If Yorubas are ‘cowards” then western societies which tend to want to resolve disagreements through debate must be “cowardly” societies. But in this regard, what I need to point your attention to will be put in another question: If you say Yorubas are ‘cowards” why are you suddenly jumpy about things now that the Yorubas draw the line and ask you to please respect that line or else…?

        • Lemmuel Odjay

          The three of you, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo are the perennial problems of this great country. Long after states were created to water down the evils of tribalism, you keep dragging the rest of us back by playing the ethnic card at every bend of the way. The Nigerian civil war was born and fought on fields of corrosive ethnic rivalry that still thrive like cancer in your collective psyche. I refuse to be dragged along the mud in that dated, backward and hate-driven vehicle of yours in this 21st century. Have you ever considered that the Kanuri, Bedde, Tiv, Idoma, Urhobo, Efik and the other neutral tribes in this country see in you a Nigerian first before narrowing you down to your tribal profile? Since the 1960s, this country has wobbled through one debilitating conflict after another hatched up by either the Hausa, Yoruba or the Igbo. The rest of us are sick to the teeth of your interminable whingeing like that of a baby relieved of their feeding bottle. You hate one another with so much bile, yet claim to be christians and moslems. The three of you should either find a way to live together peacefully or go your various ways so the rest of us could have our peace, joor. That would be good riddance to bad rubbish. Tribal bigots, all of you…

          • Yoruba

            I pity you. Because you lost the argument, you resorted to abuse. I am Yoruba, hence given my Yorubaness, I will with complete civility, sense of culture and courtesy ignore your abuse. However, I am happy that reluctantly, the Yorubas are answering you Ijaws, Igbos in your OWN COIN. No part of Nigeria has been more welcoming than the Yoruba part of our country. Because of that welcoming spirit and ethics, you suddenly wake up and declare the part that welcomes you as “no man’s land” Do you know that you are a bigot of the most heinous order for that reason? You know why? You know in your heart that Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo are inherently Yoruba. But you suddenly developed amnesia after these parts welomed you to say “eh look this Yorubaland is a no man’s land…’ This is your argument. You are saying “Yorubaland is a no man’s land just because they welcome everybody in Nigeria… and because Yorubaland welcomes everybody in NIgeria, Yoruba people must be weak…” There is nothing more sickly, silly and asinine that this. This is why we Yorubas once and for all will tell you to your faces that the line must be drawn. We will not lose our inclusive politics and polity, we will be gentle, we will be cultured is saying and putting it on the table, but the line must be drawn so that no one crosses the line. If Rivers state, Portharcourt, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, etc are not no man’s land despite the contiguity of these spaces with Igbos and despite the huge population of Igbos there, why is Lagos or any Yoruba space declared “no man’s land? Please note that a line is being drawn by we Yorubas and it shall be drawn conclusively.

          • Lemmuel Odjay

            Are you reading my articles at all? Or are you so consumed with your hate-filled campaign against the Igbo that you could even refer to another Yoruba in the person of Jimi Agbaje as an Igbo lover all because he exercised his rights by not running under the APC? You come across as one of those guys from Osun or Ekiti (obviously not from Ondo) pretending to be more Lagosian than the Oba himself. For your information, there is nothing but assumed civilility in your Lagos. I have lived in far more civilized societies than the cesspool you call Lagos. And stop referring to me as an Igbo or Ijaw or whatever. I am the face of change, because by your strength alone there was no way you could have brought this change to be. You are here hijacking and tainting the revolution begun over a decade ago. Where were you when the struggle for real change in Nigeria began? Probably in one of those sewers you prefer to call civilisation. And now like a thug you probably saw this change as an opportunity to peddle your primitive trash called tribalism. It would not work, believe me. I suggest you, the Igbo, Hausa and lately the Ijaw should take your tribal marks out of our country and let us be. You are not any where near the best, yet the world could do without the best. Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred. No more tribalism in our discourse, please. Don’t want to go back to living in the dark horrible past. Enough of the drool…

          • Yoruba

            Abuse is the hallmark of the loss of argument. These are the facts. Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti are Yoruba states. When you Igbo, Ijaws and any member of any other national group declare Yorubaland as I identify them here as no man’s land, it is Flawed inherently. The “change” being talked about must have EQUITY. It is INEQUITOUS that ONLY Yorubaland will carry the “Change” of no man’s land while you Igbos, Ijaws, and others PRESERVE and DEFEND your land and your states. No way my broda. You can abuse us and also hide. At the right time, when each person begins to bear his father and mother’s name, each person will return to their states. Let me humor you a bit. As an Ijaw or Igboman, you want to eat with both sides of your mouth-i.e make your money in Yorubaland but declare yourself Igbo or Ijaw, defend Igbo/Ijaw interests,use the money you make in Yorubaland -while claiming that Yorubaland is no man’s land -to develop your Igboland/Ijaw land!!! Abegi , you got to stay somewhere. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Anyway this debate is the Yoruba way. We debate. We talk. We do not fight. But we will have our way because it is a modern world!!! We are already asking you in the most civil way to pack your load and leave Yorubaland PEACEFULLY if our declaration does not suit you. Stay if you can live with our declaration. But LEAVE if you cannot. Does that make sense to you Igbo man?

      • naija conscience

        The man from OSUN is a yoruba man in yorubaland and not an ungrateful Igbo.

        • Proud Yoruba

          Exactly! Any Yoruba man or woman can rule Yorubas, whether Oyo, Osun, Ogun, etc. Not ibo parasites.

      • Proud Yoruba

        Show me evidence that Lagosians own Lagos, or shut up!

        We will however show you in public records the incorporation of all SW states under the Oduduwa Nation. Hausas did the same with AREWA Nation. Go and check it is in the public records, it is official that all territory belonging to Yorubas before amalgamation is under Oduduwa. You cannot steal it! You can migrate the entire SE into SW, you still won’t own it. PARASITES.

        Anything you do in SW belongs to SW, so you better go and develop your own land. Nobody is going to war with you moron, it is not our style. We’ll get you out by legal means.

    • naija conscience

      Ggam i agree 100%. To ypur tent ohh Igbo.

      • Mijalo

        What are guys dragging. Lagosians Ibos or Housas we should all come together as one. I think. This world vanity upon vanity all is vanity. Please drop it for God’s sake. Next you will say you are fighting apartheid or discrimination in one country or another. What you are doing now is worst. Once again stop all this nonsense

        • Damilola Oluwadare

          The question is: are the Igbos inclusive people? Are the Igbos not asking in other peoples’ land what they do not give in their lands? Should not there be equity in demands and concessions? What audacity do the Igbos have to look Yorubas straight in the face and declare a part of Yorubaland no man’s land? Did the Yorubas do that to Igbos? if Yorubas say “eh STOP THAT…” What is wrong with that? If the Igbos -to the face of the Yorubas-interpret the Yorubas sense of inclusiveness as weakness and the Yorubas now answer and say “You Igbos crossed the line, please stop it …”: What is wrong with that? Yes we are all Nigerians, but let us get certain things straight, nobody and no ethnic group has the right to demand what it does not give at home in their land. Anyone can talk about civil war from today till tomorrow-you have the right to such talk. But the Igbos should be told they crossed the line, and before you make any demand, be ready to concede same in Igboland. That is when there are equity, parity and unity-otherwise such talks are self serving. Let the Igbos not cross the line in Lagos or any part of Yoruba land or they should concede in Igboland what they demand in other peoples’ land. It is as simple as that. This is not rocket science and it should not be difficult to udnerstand.

    • burning spear


      • Yoruba

        burning spear, I know your posts lack any logic, but inspite of that I will help you. Yorubas are in Rivers and Bayelsa just as other national groups are in Yorubaland and Yoruba states. But the difference with the Yorubas in Rivers, Bayelsa and other non-Yoruba states is THAT THESE YORUBAS DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN RIVERS, BAYELSA OR OTHER NON-YORUBA STATES THEY LIVE IN. THESE YORUBAS DO NOT CLAIM RIVERS/BAYELSA ARE NO-MAN’S LAND. I can tell you this, it is an inherent part of Yoruba culture, ethics and sense of civility NEVER to claim what is NOT his/hers and NEVER to disrespect their hosts. You will never see a Yoruba person do that in non-Yoruba states. If they do that please send them home-okay. But that is dfferent from you people-Igbos, Ijaws etc. You come to Yoruba land and consciously misrepresent our sense of inclusion and tell it to our faces that Yoruba spaces are no man’s spaces. Now from now on, you will live in Yorubaland peacefully as our guests, but we will draw the line peacefully with civility and courtesy and let you know the line, so that you do not cross the line. Not one inch of Yoruba land, space and state shall be conceded inspite of our sense of inclusion. Please note that this is not your regular Goodluck Jonathan thug- the hungry boy called Gani Adams of OPC who is talking here. This is the voice of the Yoruba middle class. So it is important you take that seriously. Does this help you deri?

      • Proud Yoruba

        Leave Yorubaland then, go and live happily ever after with your ibo lovers, we don’t want them in our land, they are trouble.

        Lagos was developed with Lagos money, do your homework. If oil money developed Lagos, why not the rest of the country? Every state gets oil money! THINK! In fact, I think Kano gets the highest allocation.

        Oil money is like pocket money for Lagos and Oyo states. Lagos does not request derivation despite giving the FG billions in taxes every year. All your SS and SE states that get derivation, why have they not developed better then SW?

        It is only after the FG got out of Lagos that we started developing it the Yoruba way, in fact most of these new things going on in Lagos did not start till after 1999. During Obasanjo administration, he starved Lagos of its allocation because of his issue with Tinubu. During Jona’s administration, he refused to pay for the maintenance of FG structures in Lagos, he owes Lagos N51 billion. Every PDP President was antagonistic to Lagos, despite that it developed by doing a better job of collecting taxes and managing its finances.

        This is what you people should be telling your governors to emulate the SW, instead of sitting your fat asses in Yorubaland living like parasites feeding off the fat.

        Pay more attention to your region, leave SW alone.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Whoever thought that the very tribe of reactionary politicians who seized Nigeria’s destiny since 1960 could be forced to let go easily was living in a delusionary world. It took every effort progressive Nigerians could muster during the past decade and half at least, to completely obliterate their footprints from our political landscape. At last the behemoth that stood Nigeria down for some 55 years has been crushed. This is a well deserved victory for all Nigerians. It has given back hope for true development and the building of an egalitarian society. We should jealously guide this new freedom because the thief would come back again by night. It is no longer going to be business as usual with any party in government, for the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. We must partake in the cooking of the Nigerian broth and not leave it to the politicians and those in government as before. The struggle continues and Nigeria will survive…

  • Assibi

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  • MushinSpeaks

    Jagaban has finally actualized Awo’s dream. A new Nigeria has come.

    • Mani_Kay

      God forbid …….. Awo never capitulated to the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani especially after they used and dumped him during and immediately after the Civil War.

      • collins

        the igbos started d killings. major kaduna Nnzegwu planned d first coup that killed tafawa balewa, akintola and other tribe leaders excludin d igbos that was d coup that made aguyi ironsi becme d first military head of state. the hausas retaliated and killed aguyi ironsi and others.

  • Mani_Kay


    In 1966 the Yorubas colluded with the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani to kill Major General J. T. U. Aguiyi-Ironsi in Ibadan. Thereafter, the Yorubas proceeded to aid the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani in their fight to conquer Nigeria and make it their everlasting colony.

    Today, in 2015, the Yorubas have again betrayed to re-empower the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who think that they alone are born-to-rule Nigeria.

    But for the Afenifere and the OPC, I would have said ……. shame to the Yorubas

    • M.K .T. O’tega

      A serpents or Cobras might just be a better friend. U no hear wetin their Oba talk e never tey?…………………………Cowards too?….But don’t blame them It is fear. They want one Nigeria & their Kwarra state experience is another reason

  • burning spear

    LAST Sunday’s visit of the United States Ambassador to Nigeria to the International Conference Centre, in Abuja, where the collation of results for the 2015 Presidential election was taking place, was a brazen breach of diplomatic protocol. It was a visit that should be condemned for what it represents: an undue interference in a sensitive and important internal affair of this country.

    James Entwistle, while at the ICC, was quoted as saying that the Permanent Voter Card employed in Nigeria’s 2015 elections, by the Independent National Electoral Commission, was of higher technological value than the one in use in his home state of Virginia in the US. “I think we need to come and study it so that we can use it in my country,” he said. Although seemingly well-intentioned and commendable on its face value, that statement, to say the least, was also patronising.

  • burning spear


    • Proud Yoruba

      Go now. Nobody is stopping you.

  • the_adviser

    Olu Akerele should stop fooling himself. APC is not a successor party to either Awo or Abiola. If Akerele looks at the statistical evidence of the votes, less than 34% of South west voters went to the polls compared to Awo’s or Abiola’s. Don’t let us go overboard Akerele.