APC’s Umana Umana to challenge Akwa Ibom governorship election result

Umana Umana [Photo: Nairaland]

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom state, Umana Umana, on Monday said he would challenge the outcome of Saturday’s governorship election.

The Independent National Electoral Commission on Sunday declared the Peoples Democratic Party’s Udom Emmanuel winner of the election.

INEC said the PDP candidate polled a total of 996,071 votes from the 31 local government areas in the state while the APC polled 89,865 votes.

Mr. Umana, a guest on Channels Television’s election programme, said elections did not hold in more than 90 per cent of the polling units in the state.

He said the exercise was marred by widespread hijacking of election materials by armed thugs.

“I can say that we did not have elections in Akwa Ibom”, Mr. Umana said. “What happened was a well-organized, state-sponsored terrorism against the people of the state using state apparatus. We will certainly challenge the result in court.”

Mr. Umana said immediately accreditation ended, armed thugs in police uniforms moved around in buses, pouncing on electoral officials and carting away ballot boxes and other materials.

He said the buses used by the thugs were the same ones acquired by Mr. Akpabio’s administration few weeks to the elections.

The APC candidate said his party has evidence – video recordings and photographs – to buttress his claims. He alleged that elections only held in Governor Akpabio’s polling unit to put up a show for television cameras.

Mr. Umana alleged he could not vote because the presiding officer at his polling unit said election materials were forcefully taken away by armed thugs led by an aide of the governor.

The APC candidate said out of a total 1,571 ballot papers assigned for the three polling units in his area, only 450 were recovered by security operatives, with most of the materials already thumb-printed.

Mr. Umana said INEC officials had to issue incident forms to party agents in the unit to confirm that election did not hold.

He said the electoral officer in the local government blamed the loss of the materials on security lapses.
He said over 50 political leaders from various polling units in the state, including the former state governor, Victor Attah, and one-time Minister of Petroleum Resources, Don Etiebet, also called to complain about hijacking of election materials by armed thugs.

“The situation was the same in Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, Etinan, Oruk Anam, Mkpat Enin, Ini and Eket Local Governments,” he said.

In Etinan local government, Mr. Umana said the PDP state chairman, Paul Ekpo, was caught in a convoy of vehicles with election materials, most of which were already thumb-printed result sheets, with 258 votes allocated to PDP and one vote to APC.

The former representative for Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial district in the National Assembly, Effiong Bob, who phoned in to the programme, claimed that the election in Akwa Ibom was free and fair.

Mr. Bob said the exercise held without hitches in all parts of the state.
He said he did not hear reports of stolen election materials throughout the state.


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  • Owo Uyo

    Effiong Bob here no evil see no evil as far money in pocket

    • Jemima

      Akpabio has tried but Owo Uyo, you have refused to liberate yourself from your innate boy-boy mentality. Don’t worry as the Bible says, ‘even the willing captive shall be set free. You Owo Uyo must be liberated from boy-boy duties to the Yorubas. Nothing is impossible, God will do it. Amen.

  • burning spear

    That is APC the party of insatiable rogues whose plan is to turn the country into a one party state——so that they can steal until dooms day–Is it Tinubu who forged Buharis certificate for him—that would check Buhari–or Buhari who knows if he opens his mouth against Tinubu–he would expose him——The final destruction and sale of Nigeria to the hihest bidder has started—–Happpily the SS for the first refused to be cowed into submittingg to the Yorubas and Fulanis————-I say congratulations——————to the entire people of the SS————————-

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    You are on Your own.
    Obedience is better than sacrifice.
    That is the reason you LOST WOEFULLY.

  • John

    If APC wins, election is free and fair. But if PDP wins, election is fraudulent and full of irregularities. Rogues masquerading as leaders of their people. Shameless people.

    • band olu

      PDP do not win elections…what they do is rig elections, they have been rigging elections for d past 16yrs, i have said many times that INEC should keep an eye on d SS & SE bcos in those areas PDP always rig…

      • Joe Farhan

        They”l never get to SE and SS we have spoken and the voice of the people is the voice of God so go to hell with your APC

      • bubble

        If APC wins elections,its free and Fair, if PDP wins it’s fraudulent. On national TV the whole world had seen underage voters voting in the north and that’s lawful I guess. While PDP in AKS went to work, sensitizing the electorates APC was busy declaring war between Umanah and Akpabio, they were busy planning how to get evidence of rigging to present at court. For a fact Umanah isn’t interested in what the people want or in what he can offer Akwa Ibom but in defeating Akpabio. PDP won elections on ground while APC had to stage rigging drama because that’s what they wanted. Umanah should go and build a boxing ring between himself and Akpabio and leave us alone. We don’t need all that sentiment, we only need a leader who isn’t biased and was not there when their war for supremacy began. UDOM is right. He may have come from Akpabio as our solution but he certainly isn’t Akpabio or his puppet.

    • Genesis

      PDP has always been synonymous with fraud; with the presence of the likes like ”Mr Fix IT” they are the old bandwagons of National Party of Nigeria (NPN). That was the party in the Alh. Shagari’s era.They have always from time to time succeded in re-branding their evil using different names. Thank God for bringing Buhari to rescue Nigeria.

  • Spoken word

    Akpabio enjoy your last few minutes of fame.the election will be on over turned at the tribunal

    • Joe Farhan

      It’ll never happen, Nobody is talking about the under age voting in the north, We can never be a slave to the Yorubas and their love partner Hausa Fulani, I am waiting for 2016 census result until then lets wait and see when this marriage will crash

      • Spoken word

        Akpabio is finished politically.I guess it is now an achievement to be a backbencher in the Senate. Nonsense

    • Genesis

      This is true! If Akpabio has the fear of God he would have known that the populaces he serves no longer want him in Akwa Ibom whether as a governor or senator.

      • Spoken word

        Akpabio does not have the fear of God.But as GEJ was disgraced so will Akpabio.Look at diezani looking like a housegirl going to beg Abdul Salam.

  • Okpokoh

    A big lie, because you loose that is why you are calling for cancellation, if you have won what would you have call for???. If Paul Ekpo was caught in a convoy, were they stop to search what they carried and who quickly counted the voters sheet to see it was 258 votes registered. You have loose PERIOD.

  • band olu

    The elections in Akwa ibom must be cancelled…that ette man Akpabio believes he owns d state & can do whatever he wants with stolen govt money & get away with it….pdp stop wasting your time rigging, d fake results u are announcing will b cancelled….

    • burning spear

      Akwa Ibom is not owned by the Yorubas–and the Fulanis—————The voice of the Yorubas are not law unto the nation state of Nigeria—If the Yoruba can have their say in Lagos-they should allow us have our way in the SS———-No state in the south south will ever fall to the fulanis and Yorubas———APC is a regional party—it was the Fulanis who created————-APC and PDP with the aid of the Yorubas–what is our business with them———————for heaven sake in the SS?

      • Jemima

        This is just the beginning of things. Tinubu wants to dictate to the SS and SE who will be in our Government houses as he does to the West (the warrior of Ekiti and the wonderful Ekiti people excluded) so he can control our oil. We must be vigilant and must resist it with all we’ve got.

    • Jemima

      band olu, you are wrong. Akpabio does not ‘believe he owns d state & can do whatever he wants’.
      Akwa Ibom people have given him that honour because he FIRST honoured them.
      Akwa Ibom people love him because Akpabio FIRST loved them.
      So band olu, next time get your facts right. Akpabio does not believe he owns Akwa Ibom, Akpabio OWNS AKWA IBOM.
      Now, hurry along, go and enlighten your ‘senders’.

  • burning spear

    Akwa Ibom is not owned by the Yorubas–and the Fulanis—————The voice of the Yorubas are not law unto the nation state of Nigeria—If the Yoruba can have their say in Lagos-they should allow us have our way in the SS———-No state in the south south will ever fall to the fulanis and Yorubas———APC is a regional party—it was the Fulanis who created————-APC and PDP with the aid of the Yorubas–what is our business with them———————for heaven sake in the SS?–WHAT A shame.

  • Next level

    I am very happy that even international election observers gave credence to what Umana alleged. Pls go ahead and challenge the result at the tribunal for it is most likely going to be overturned at the tribunal. Woe to PDP, a party that thrives on subverted processes

    • Genesis

      Umana and others that did elections in Akwa Ibom should go ahead and challenge the decisions by INEC; The whole world saw how thumb printing of ballot papers were done on YouTube. Do we just sweep that under the carpet as if it never happened?

  • Owo Uyo

    The rationale of the total votes are inconsequential. When you over-cook the books as was the case here, You leave yourself exposed. These results are none voting patterns or a resembling. A finger prints analyses will suffice. Way to go Umana. Impunity must be rejected.

  • Jemima

    Mr. Umana, kai, Shush. Biko mechonu. Akwa Ibom does not stop in your house. Mechonu instant. Ogini? The people of Akwa Ibom have spoken and you are still splashing saliva on everyone. Mechonu biko. It seems you like to hear the sound of your voice. idi nzu nzu.

    • Genesis

      if you are an Ibo, what is your business with Akwa Ibom politics?? Though by birth I am not from Akwa Ibom, I have lived there long enough that all what Akpabio was doing was the use of propaganda to promote himself all along before the world to the detriment of the ordinary Okada riders as almost everyone whether graduates or not without jobs that are not available had long taken to such occupation. What good will he make with imposing another PDP on the state?

      • Jemima

        You assume I am Igbo because I speak Igbo. You assume I am not from Akwa Ibom because I speak Igbo. You ask me what my business is with Akwa Ibom politics as you assume I am not from Akwa Ibom. You assume that Governor Akpabio has ‘imposed’ Udom Emmanuel or ‘another PDP’ as you so frivolously put it. Mr/Ms. Genesis, you are full of assumptions. Ordinarily I would ignore your assumption riddled post but I think it is only fair that I tutor you on ‘Facts’.
        Genesis, did you live in Akwa Ibom when Victor Attah was Governor just a few years ago? If you did not, then sir/madam, you are excused from the flippancy of your post, but if you DID live there, then I advice that you go and get yourself a pair of medicated glasses or better yet an eye transplant to afford yourself the ‘privilege’ of seeing how a Governor can transform a state from a slum to the most beautiful state in Nigeria excluding Lagos which of course had been the federal capital at some point.
        And also to enable you see how a person can transform a people from a subservient pitiable group, which main export was the provision of ‘boy-boys’ and ‘ayin ufok’ to other states to a proud and productive people who themselves are unable to find within their midst, even one ‘ayin ufok’ to serve them within Akwa Ibom.
        Let us cut the crap Genesis. I am certain we are not talking of PDP here. Surely we could not be. Please do not make me believe that you are conveniently forgetting that Mr. Umana Umana himself was a staunch and astute PDP member until just a few months ago. The cheek of him to now come out to castigate a party of which he was a very visible and infleuntia member and also a top player in it’s government.
        Genesis, let this not degenerate to a mud-slinging debate. There is so much that the people screaming foul over fresh, beautiful, rose scented air could be exposed for. Victor Attah today rides smoothly to his house with no fear of a dislodgement of his colostomy bag because Governor Akpabio so magnimously personally supervised the tarring of the road leading to Victor Attah’s house, which had previously been a death trap and which had Attah’s neighbours cursing Attah on a daily basis. What more can any Governor do for a man who has been intent on a campaign of deceitful calumny against a person who has done no wrong other than liberate the people of Akwa Ibom from a perpetual state of slavery and subservience to their so called Leaders?
        Mbok, yem awo akaba se nwed ami uno mmu kana ukod iko Ibibio. Ama akid Umana Umana ye Victor Attah ye Etiebet, bo amo yak eke kba ke ikot. Bo amo ke ami nte ‘se amo idem ye inua ino nsu’. Ndok.

  • Assibi

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  • diamond

    I’m so ahamed of some people who will never be liberated in their mind. But I pray that you be set free. Upon all the rigging that was done to bring Buhari to office by the northerners, has any one seen or heard any videos or claims by even the so called PDP in the north to discredit that result? Or did JEGA not see it on national TV? Why do you think he couldn’t cancel the results from RIVERS? If Umanah wasn’t an elder I would lay him and flog him very seriously for trying to sell us to Tinubu, I respect his age and his humble wife that’s why I will even resist calling him names. Leave UDOM Emmanuel alone. And those of you who think PDP can only rig, did Nigerians not condemn OBJ and PDP exco for the same thing,how many of them haven’t joined the APC, did we not hear during APC campain in AKS, one of the decampees from PDP claiming that they wr responsible for the rigging in PDP and now that they are no longer there that PDP had lost its rigging force and they would carry on in APC? Please don’t deceive your self. If BUHARI will make Umanah a minister,congrats in advance cos we know you are only seeking notice. We will be happy since we are not expecting a ministerial position but if you can make that happen -well done. But AKS is not a tag-along state. We are independent. Thanks to our IMPERFECT but uncommon transformer GOA. Are you perfect? Then cast the first stone.