Against predictions, APC wins Plateau governorship seat

Plateau State on Map

The All Progressive Congress gubernatorial candidate for Plateau State, Simon Lalong, has been declared winner, having scored 564, 913 votes.

Declaring the results in the early hours of Monday, the returning officer for the governorship election, Emmanuel Kucha, who is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Agriculture Makurdi, said Mr. Lalong scored the highest number of votes cast in the Saturday election.

Plateau State has been a stronghold of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party since 1999. The party won in the state in the presidential election of March 28.

Mr. Lalong defeated the PDP candidate, Gyang Pwajok, a serving senator representing Plateau north in the National Assembly, who polled 520,627 votes.

The APC candidate won 11 out of the 17 council areas of the state.

Mr. Lalong defeated Mr. Pwajok in his home council area, Jos north, scoring 117,443 votes; while Mr. Pwajok’s kinsmen gave him 61,391 votes in Jos north.

Other council areas that gave the APC victory were Mikang local government, hometown of Mr. Pwajok’s Director General of Campaign Daniel Kumi, Bokkos, Mangu, Kanam, Jos east, Langtang north, Quanpan and Wase Local Government Area.

Mr. Pwajok also won in Barkinladi, Riyom, Bassa, Kanke Langtang south and Jos south, which is the council area of incumbent Governor Jonah Jang.

Following the announcement of the results, which gave opposition political party victory, security has been stepped up in most flashpoints within Jos metropolis.

The governorship and states House of Assembly elections in Plateau State claimed the life of a voter in Jos north council area, who allegedly attempted to create commotion at a polling unit, and was shot dead by a security agent.

Meanwhile, the elections were adjudged peaceful, however characterized by low turnout of votes, with a few cases of irregularities recorded in some polling units; particularly cases of over voting in most polling units, which APC agent refusing to sign results sheets from Riyom, Jos south and Bassa local government areas where the PDP was victorious.


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  • bib

    They are just tired of bloodshed.

  • Yusuf

    for each trial there is a relief….Congratulations my comrade governor

    • Prof. Ademola Briton


      I and my disgruntled wife took the responsibility upon
      ourselves to liberate this country from the claws of oppression, despondency, tyranny,
      frivolities, harassments, nepotism and other socio religious crisis including
      corruption even Boko Haram’s.

      We are the one that bore the sole allergy, fatigue, stresses,
      aches that made the new trends in Nigeria political landscape to be possible.

      It was deliberately planned and mastered, so it was not
      incidental. We made many sacrifice financially, morally and spiritually, the
      change did not come easily.

      I’m dire need
      urgently their assistance the leadership
      of APC. Take note

      FROM: Prof. Ademola Briton

      (P. O. BOX 15, C/O

  • Du Covenant

    Brilliant!…,Thanks be to the Almighty because the devil called Jang was determined to drive the State under for selfish reasons. May God grant the wisdom required to the new Governor to work for the benfit of Plateau State citizens for they have emensely suffered under this bigot for the past 8 years!. Good riddance to smelly bad rubbish!!!!.Congratulations…..

  • Bon Jour


    The damage President Jonathan did is getting much clearer. Without thinking, President Jonathan
    has paved the way for ISLAMIC STATE OF NIGERIA. History will NOT remember Goodluck Jonathan
    for anything good. He’s almost destroyed Nigeria. A virtual one-party Islamic State can NEVER be
    reversed by peaceful means or by Jonathan’s bogus mantra of free and fair election, as Egypt shows.
    For next 100 years, Nigerians will be locked in apocalyptic blood-letting; pro and contra Islamic State.

    • You have to learn to live in the Islamic state or you get out.

    • wode

      You haven’t learnt any lesson. You are accusing GEJ of the same mistake you are still committing. It was GEJ’s divisive approach that killed PDP, it was the same drum you are still beating now. Why not think about it and realize that it’s retrogressive moving in that path? All those idea don’t build a nation, it kills it.

    • aljihadi

      “Sharia should be introduced all over Nigeria. I will continue to show openly and inside me,
      the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing,
      we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation of Sharia in the country. It is a legal
      responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold
      the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double
      their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      [August, 2001]

      • Mohstone

        Am sure the source of this nonsense is your mom’s cunt.

      • Arabakpura

        You are quite right; A christian (Pastor Tunde Bakare) is leading the committee on Islamisation of Nigeria now! People like you will soon pack out of Nigeria so that real Christians and Muslims can co-habit in brotherhood!

    • Mohstone

      Nonsense. Go take ya ogogoro and lie down under a palm tree.

    • Ade

      The ranting of a mad religious bigot.

  • People who still expected PDP to win Plateau state are surely oblivious of the high degree anger of the people against Jang. Jang made himself a willing tool in the evil hands of Jonathan. Jonathan’s evil intention to use religion to divide the people of the middle belt despite his poor performance in the region did not work. Jonathan turned a blind eye to the suffering of both Christians and Muslims in the middle belt. Jonathan thought the people of the middle belt are like the south south and south east people who would vote on the emotion of “he is our son.” The middle belt people are now like the Yorubas who will only vote for you on the basis of performancce. Jonathan thought the people of the middle belt are still naive. Jonathan and Jang are the losers for their wickedness.

    • share Idea

      Now that the elections are over and the supposed devils have been kicked out by angels in Nigeria, can we continue singing alleluia from now till 2019 when the next election will be conducted. Hope that you guys will not turnaround with time to shout that you were deceived by the supposed angels.

      • Any government that does not perform should be voted out. This is not about angel. Buhari is a mere human being. He is not a god with magical powers that can wish a thing and it will come to pass. But then we expect a minimum level of performance from him. If he lives up to this level of performance, he will be voted in again, otherwise he can be voted out. Nigeria should over grow the madness of voting on the basis of “he is our son” as we have just seen in the south south and south east.

        • share Idea

          Tell that to the marines. which areas voted because is our son. SE voted GEJ because of his performance and conviction that his better alternative to Buhari. you said…”Buhari will be working with human beings who also are not perfect. But then we expect a minimum level of performance from him”. Why not expect much from Buhari just as you expected so much from GEJ. Can you in all honest say that GEJ was voted out based on performance or sabotage and hatred.

          GEJ like every human has his own shortcomings but in terms of performance and democratic qualities, he is miles ahead of Buhari. I wish that posterity will prove me wrong but from human reasoning, my assumption is close to reality

          • Tunde

            Share idea, pls be open to reason. and stop running away from the truth. tell us what GEJ did for the SE that warrants his massive acceptance. Are you not tired of hearing of stolen money and massive looting without anybody being brought to justice? What happen to the rail GEJ said he did in 6 weeks, what happened to electricity that seemed to be the focus of his administration at the start? What happened to fuel subsidy that never existed but was removed? thereby putting the burden of paying more for petrol on the masses? What happened to Lawan and Otedola on bribery scam? What happened to Stella Oduah? What happened to Allison? What happened to police pension scammers? What happened to the 10 presidential jets suddenly acquired by the government? what do you need them for? Do you know how much it cost to maintain them? What happened to 1 billion Naira feeding allowance for ASO rock? What happened to 21 billion dollars missing from NNPC? What happened to the “stealing is not corruption” mentality? All this money if put to use will benefit you and i who seem the masses. All his achievements are centered around Agriculture. If it cost more to transport agricultural produce around the country, won’t it affect the price? Won’t that defeat the essence? Open you eyes to the scams and go with transparency that we all are clamoring for. 2011 was the year for GEJ, he was voted for massively for the people that voted him out now. If Buhari fail to deliver a minimum requirement, he gone. The elites are fewer than the masses. So let your government be centered on the masses, not the elite. If GEJ wanted to do something for the masses, he should fix the refineries. Fuel will be cheap, everybody will vote him, not increase fuel. think about it, GEJ started failing from 2012. SE/SW voted for him cause “He is their son”

          • share Idea

            I must admit that you made some salient points which can not be wished away easily. However, my stand that SE voted for GEJ based on performance and not necessarily because he is from my area is still valid.

            With regards to all the allegations you raised, I can not in all honesty say that GEJ handled them effectively but there were conscious efforts to do the right thing according to the rules of the country. Take the issue of allegation of missing 49 billion dollars from NNPC, it was investigated by both Senate and PWC and nothing was found to be missing but the perception is still there that 20 billion dollars are still missing. What do you want GEJ to do?

            For the bribery scandal between Otedola and NASS members – GEJ never prevented anybody from being investigated and as far as public is concerned, the case is still in court or do you want GEJ to order the court to convict the people. With Stella Oduah – I agree that Gej did not handle it properly, he should have summoned the courage to sack her after internal investigation, though Stella would have helped him be resigning earlier than she did.

            For Allison – she is doing a great job in petroleum industry just like Stella did in aviation but the perception and lack of transparency in the industry, it will be difficult for her to convince even GEJ ardent supporter like me that nothing is amiss in her ministry and like Stella she would have helped the president by resigning. In Nigeria politics as it is currently being practised, so many good people in government are being maligned because of level of distrust between the governed and executive.

            Above All, sacking all these people would not have eradicated corruption without instituting appropriate framework, policies and institution that can endure beyond a single administration and that is where I give thumps up for GEJ administration. For a developing economy like Nigeria, allowing corrupt practices to happen and later try to arrest supposed culprits will not yield up to 30 percent of mismanaged fund. However, combining effective prevention and post corrective measures yields better results.

            Today, with implementation of IPPIS in federal ministries, incidence of recruitment through the back door for the already captured ministries is highly reduced if not eradicated as any newly recruited staff without due process will not be receiving any salary. With IPPIS too, ministries can not be budgeting for staff remuneration blindly as minister of Finance and even president can determine what a ministry’s recurrent expenditure (with regards to actual staff number) is by just touch of a button and can be guided when workers demand unnecessarily for wage increase. A case in point in December last year was attempt by some ministries to divert funds meant for salary to pay for allowances and IPPIS system prevented it – if the system was not in place, the ministries involved would have paid themselves such allowances and turn round to blackmail government of not paying them salary.

            Same scientific approach is currently being implemented in monitoring Federal government Capital votes and of recent, the government finally implemented TSA (Treasury single Account) that will give the federal government 360 view of incomes generated by income generating agencies.

            If the federating States had continuously implemented a few of these policies currently in place at the federal level, I bet you that so many Nigerians will come to the same conclusion as the Transparency International that corruption perception index in Nigeria has really improved over the last two to three years.

        • tunde

          God will continue to bless your wisdom. You will continue to grow in Knowledge. Your fruits will spread this wisdom across nation and they will be blessed. I pray for you peace. I pray for you with the passion i have to see this country progress. You will succeed in this country peace. I don’t know you but what you have written has endeared me to you. you reasoning is scarce. People think the clamour for Buhari is to come and do miracle. NO!!! It is for PDP to know that there is no monopoly of power. They have messed things up for 16 years. Power has gotten so accustomed to them that their within is in tatters. They have gotten so relaxed that business as usual is destroying the nation. Nigerians will not have that. No we will not. If Buhari fails to raise the status quo, he going. 4 years is too much to waste.

  • Mohstone

    Am happy that Josites have gotten rid of the enemy-from-within. Jang was nothing but a staunch enemy of the good people of Plateau. Now they realized their mistake and fixed it with good votes. God we thank you for this victory.

  • Ade

    Going forward, leaders will be elected on the basis of their ability to deliver and not on the basis of religion or ethnicity. PDP played all the religious cards the knew in Plateau State: Muslims against Christians, catholic against other denominations. But none of these worked. This is the end of political Christianity and political Islam in Nigeria.

  • excel

    APC!!! CHANGE. Pleatue state are tired of the pdpig evil leadership and they have make their PV’s speak for them. CHANGE has come

  • Assibi

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