Abia governorship election result stalemated

Alex Otti

The declaration of results of Saturday’s governorship election in Abia stalemated midway Sunday following the reversal of the cancellation of three local governments results by the Returning Officer, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba.

Mr. Ozumba had announced the cancellation of results from Osisioma, Obingwa and Isialangwa North Local Government Areas on the grounds of “incontrovertible evidence of violence’’ and reports from international observers.

The returning office reversed the decision after Governor Theodore Orji led chieftains of PDP to consult with the Resident Electoral Officer (REC), Prof. Selina Oko and Mr. Ozumba.

Mr. Ozumba said the cancellation was reversed due to fresh information concerning the conduct of the election in the three council areas.

He said polling centres with issues would be isolated and decisions taken on them later.

The polling agent of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Ahamdi Nweke, had questioned the rationale behind the decision by the returning officer to reverse his earlier pronouncement.

Mr. Nweke insisted that elections did not take place in Osisioma, adding that the party would not accept any result from the area.

He tendered a hand-written note reportedly signed by the Commissioner of Police, Habila Joshak, indicating that electoral materials recovered from the bush in Osisioma were in police custody.

Mr. Joshak, who was present at the centre, did not controvert Mr. Nweke’s assertion.

Proceedings were later disrupted after an international observer, Ms Shirle Wilson, from Noble Leadership Initiative, United Kingdom, testified at the centre that “election did not take place in Osisioma’’. 

Mr. Wilson said election in the area was marred by violence and snatching of ballot boxes and other electoral materials by hoodlums.

The pronouncement heightened tension at the centre, leading to the adjournment of further announcement of results.

The controversial result from Osisioma, which had earlier been announced, showed that PDP scored 42,442, while APGA polled 1017.

Meanwhile, results from 10 local government areas have so far been announced.

In his reaction, APGA governorship candidate, Alex Otti described the governor’s appearance at the collation centre as “an abuse of power, designed to intimidate and exert undue influence on the electoral officials’’.

The governor was accompanied by the Minister of State for Defence, Rtd. Col. Austin Akobundu, PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, and Onyema Ugochukwu, among others.



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  • King Carlos

    That serves APGA right. next time they will learn to stand alone, they endorsed jonathan and it has somehw worked against them. they should have learned from the defunct AD’s experience in the south west in 2003. only bola tinubu survived that onslaught..

    • newnigerian1970

      Thank you. Too much corruption in Igboland.

      • kiza

        stop this name calling; are you not corrupt yourself? All this generalization of ‘bad’ in Igboland by pple like you are smacks of verbal indiscipline. We should, as a nation, condemn bad persons and not their tribe. T.A Orji has ran Abia state aground we should stand by the ABIA pple to push him out! Let every body lend their voice…Abia people want this bad gang in Abia State out!

        • Ay Pointblank

          TA Orji ran Abia aground but you still vote him as a Senator … See ya life?????

          • kiza

            It looks like you have little or no milligram of intelligence. Who told you that I voted TA? People should think well ….. I dont want any shine off my point. The issue is this; T.A Orji and his cronies MUST GO…

          • Bright Orji

            Boss Jega, election violence, rigged election, stealing ballots, much corruption, bribed INEC staffs and NYSC assisted-INEC staffs, political thugs, all happened in all Abia State in favour of T. A. Orji’s son Chinedu Orji who runs for State House of Assembly and Ikpeazu governorship 2015. Pls come to Abians’ help and cancel the Saturday’s vote and announce re-election so that we can vote the choice of the candidates to push the heartless and wicked T. A. Orji’s people out of the seat in the state.

          • rosy

            dear All, when you have the powers that be using their strength to oppress the people you can only talk but you can stop them, result were cancelled, they went there and result were released. this kind of issue can only be overcome if the proletariat stand up for their right against all odds and fight this once and for all. my humble opinion

          • Ay Pointblank

            May God safe you from what seems a perpetual bondage Mr. intelligent. It’s only on the internet you know how to complain. If you direct as much aggression on the person that is oppressing you, who knows, you might have won the war. Continue whining and insulting!

          • kiza

            This is a confirmation of your personality…little brain power! I regret joining issues with you. I have a more serious stake in what is happening in Abia now more than your misfiring…Abia state MUST get off the hook of T.A Orji; you cant distract me and other good people who stand by the truth! I am bent of making my input no matter how small….

          • okezie

            Ta u ll die in that seat

          • AJ

            If he rigged for his anointed candidate, he must have ‘super-rigged’ for himself ! Kiza’s point remains valid.

          • spax

            BROS are u real? whooo voted who as a senator? didnt u hear of his gestapo style super rigging? wake up and say something positive.

    • Mohstone

      My brother its only your comments that makes sense here. See Ndigbo shouting here o!!! When the presidential elections were rigged across SS and SE none of them came here to talk. Now they realized the grave error they committed and have started shouting as if the roof will fall. Now they want Jega to slavage them same Jega they call names after March 28th elections.
      If by now the Southeasterners cannot see the evil represented by PDP then am so so sorry for them. They are still sleeping.
      PDP must be resisted even if it is a violent resistance. Let them take a leaf from Plateau and Benue states.

      • kiza

        …be broadminded and lets face current issue. Abia needs liberation period! Every body should lend their voice…alot of people from different parts of the country called Jega names; that’s the price of serving the public….the electoral body have to rise up to this occasion…TA’s stooge cannot win under a free and fair election, that’s the fact

        • Mohstone

          I agree with you but you see when the presidential was rigged in same Abia, in favour of Jonathan you guys did not talk. So they, PDP, leveraged on same occasion to perpetuate this evil again.

          • spax

            mohstone i totally agree with u. my peopple in ABIA did not realize that the rain that fell on the mountain[which they applauded] would bring down real flood on their valley abode. i begin to wonder if they are really ‘shy’ after the first ‘bite’.

      • King Carlos

        Lol… no violence my bro. 2 wrongs Cannot make a right.

    • AJ

      Excellent analysis! Couldn’t agree more.

  • McAlfred Uta

    Thanks to international observers and a Police Commissioner that deserves promotion by GMB, Orji and PDP would have stolen Abia gubernatorial election. Prof Jega please order a re-run in Abia and remove the REC Celina Okoh who may have been compromised by T.A. Orji just before the Presidential elections. She once usurped and announced Abia North Senatorial election even when the returning refused and still refuses that elections ever took place there.

  • Johnson Dare

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  • newnigerian1970

    INEC should sack all of its staff from SE and SS zones operating in those areas and replace them with people from the north or south west. All elections in Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Akwa Ibom and Rivers should be run on a later date. I won’t say re-run since what happened were not elections but a sick joke. There is too much corruption in Igboland. If this is not checked that would be the new centre for terrorism and insurgency. Ordinary Igbos are now fed up totally with this PDP dictatorship in Igboland. They’ve been removed from the centre, why can’t they leave us alone? What is that evil bigot Metuh doing at Abia state declaration? How does it concern him, is it his state?

    • OKON

      the fools at the center would now have to go cap in hand to the states for stipends……………………the sacrilege ……that is what metuh is after,to “ensure” that a potential drain pipe is not taken away from them …………..

  • Okey

    The man they call T.A. Orji is a plague. How can PDP win in Osisioma Ngwa? 42000+ votes for PDP and 1000 votes for Alex Otti! How can?? T.A. Orji belongs to the shrine. He’s not human.

  • Emmy

    I am ashamed of what our shameless governor has turned Abia state into. For years we hv bn under d shackles and slavery of PDP and d governor. Yet he still want to sink his tentacles in this virgin regime.
    Abians, its time to stand for our right. God punish the devil in Abia state.

    • OKON

      amen a million times!!!!

  • Obinna

    It is impossible for PDP to have over 42k votes as compared to just about 1k for APGA in Osisioma. impossible! This is the height of falsehood and corruption. No one in my neighbourhood in Osisioma voted on saturday.

    It had always been clear that the supporters in Abia for APGA far outnumber that for PDP. It is glaring that Abians detest TA and and his very poor performance as governor in 8 years. It is no conflict that Ikpeazu naturally inherited this dislike by virtue of him being anointed and sponsored by TA.

    But more seriously, what kind of administration do these biased PDP supporters expect from Ikpeazu if he finally wrestles power in this manner? The darkness will only remain in Abia.. Abia is in spiritual and physical bondage and the Ngwas fighting for their ‘brother’ (ironically, the three major candidates including APGA’s are all Ngwas) to become governor at all cost are yet to realize this.

    Look at Gov TA’s record! Do they expect more from Ikpeazu, his anointed? A snake can only give birth to something long (Igbo proverb). Same people. Same mediocrity. OUK and mum for 8years; Hand over to TA. TA, Ikuku (TA’s son), his touts in York and mediocrity for another eight years; hand over to Ikpeazu. Ikpeazu, Ikuku as House of Assembly speaker and cohorts for another 8years.

    Darkness. Bondage. Medioctiry. Cluelessness!

    He has shared N800 to some of you and given your traditional rulers slightly higher amounts. Trust me, he will show up four years from now (if he eventually ‘wins’ this) with some wads again to share for you and your kinsmen. …and the cycle continues! Look at states like Lagos, nearby Akwa Ibom. Look at states like Anambra who are making gradual progress every day.

    Look at Abia!

    TA, incumbent governor with clearly huge political interests VISITS INEC collation center. What business does he have there? A few moments later, REC announces reversal of an earlier decision and announcement! Laughable Abia!

    Well, for those who insist on seeing the truth and covering it, posterity will
    judge you. Remember that your generations unborn, for whom you are
    laying this foundation of suffering will never forgive you.


  • Manny

    Abian’s stand up for your right and demand justice for your God giving rights, let the world know the atrocities and level of corruption people are facing. This rigging is very clear and glaring even a new born baby will detest this evil. The world is already condemning the acts and characters of some INEC officers saying this is the time they make their billions of Naira in expenses of their souls, brothers, sisters, mothers,Fathers and inlaws. Why can’t we be clean and take what we got so far in life. Thank God Police commissioner have evidence in Osisioma SAGA. ( We have to respect the police than intimadation by government in power . The votes in Abia state should be cancelled,Jega and team , the world is going to condemn Nigeria the more, you and your team can not protect the federal election and let the States suffer with rigging and corruption at it’s highest order. The united Nations will be notified soon , People of Abia do not relent in your efforts to stand for your rights.

  • kiza

    Abia State; sorry!. Nigeria should help Abia people out of this bondage called T.A Orji. We should not close our eyes on what is happening there now. The poor masses are fighting for their future amidst intimidation, etc. T.A Orji and his likes should leave Abia State alone.It’s importatnt INEC stand firm on the right path; Prof Jega, do not let INEC in Abia get you a bad record. Do not keep quiet. Let the people’s vote count. And for all those supporting T.A Orji in this bad road, they should note that evil can not triumph over good for long…some civil servants in Abia have not collected salary since last year, Umuahia and Abia state have turned into the private property of T.A and his son Chinedu. This trash MUST end!

  • African Child

    And Obama had the temerity to award Jega US national honour without waiting for the completion of the election just for electing Buhari, similar to him being dubiously awarded the Nobel peace Prize for achieving nothing than winning US elections.
    Abians must come together and say to the T.A Orji gang.

    • jeje

      na hin God win! if u were given 100mill dollars for the 1st stage of a program would u say no??

  • kiza

    You see…Akobundu, Omieri….these people should leave us alone…how can they come this low; does it mean that these people are not seeing what Theodore Orji has done to Abia state…?

  • Jeje

    Its a shame, i’m really concerned abt Abia state, its amazing how money can blind ppl and make them forget what they should stand for after years of suffering. #APGA