Adamawa PDP candidate, Nuhu Ribadu, concedes defeat, releases concession statement

Nuhu Ribadu

With final result in the Adamawa state governorship election yet to be declared, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the election has conceded defeat.

Below is his concession address to the people of Adamawa state.

Mr. Ribadu, a globally respected anti-corruption activist, ran a difficult race with leading members of his own party covertly and openly sabotaging his effort to be governor.

Some of them, including ex-Senator Jonathan Zwingina, with whom he travelled round the state canvassing votes, abandoned him and defected to the All Progressives Congress few days to the election.

Mr. Ribadu was the presidential candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria in the 2011 presidential election. He was the pioneer chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Read the speech below.

“My dear people of Adamawa State,

“I greet you in the best form of greetings.

“I had dreamt of coming back home to lead our dear state to greater strides after years of underdevelopment. I started this journey in August last year and successfully got the mandate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to fly its flag for the April 11 gubernatorial election. I came into this race knowing fully well that political contests are two-way traffics – one either wins or loses. As a man of faith, I was also aware that leadership responsibility is a product of God’s anointment.

“In the course of this journey, I have seen genuine support and encouragement from the people of Adamawa state. Several individuals from Adamawa and beyond contributed generously to keep the campaign going and many others devoted their time, energy and intellect to see to the success of this project. I sincerely appreciate this belief in my person and my ambition.

“The support I got from my party’s leadership and individual members from President Goodluck Jonathan down to the party agents in our polling units was overwhelming and gratifying. The party leader in the state, Barrister Bala James Nggilari and the state party chairman, Chief Joel Madaki led their lieutenants in making this journey memorable.

“I came into this race with lofty dreams and clear vision for our dear state, but the voice of the majority has not given me this chance. I take this in good faith.

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the winner and pray that at the end of it all our dear state will witness the needed progress and development it so much desires.

“God bless Adamawa State

“God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

“Nuhu Ribadu,



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  • Nwa _ Africa

    Ribadu it is not your fault but Clark that hates you from day one….I hope you did not spent any of your money in this venture?

  • Bo Biz

    Ribadu devalued himself when he joined the PDP last year.It was one of the biggest political miscalculations of the decade in Nigeria. Adamawa state government house would have been a stepping stone for him to emerge as either president or vice president after General Buhari’s tenure.I would still recommend Ribadu for sanitary cleansing of the EFCC.

    • progress


    • alex

      Ribadu has just proven himself to be a sycophant, who does his master’s bidding. To me I see him as being political naive, desperate, unprincipled and over ambitious. If he knows what is good for himself, he should better plan an early retirement, may be he should tend to cattles….

      Twice he has stabbed his former party at the back.

      The first time when he was made chairman of the committee….. Without consulting his party he accepted to partake in it, even after Tinubu and others warned him that it was a trap to rubbish him, he refused to heed utnil he was made a laughing stock.

      The second, after he was given a second chance to redeem himself, and after working hard along with others to create a formidable opposition, just at the time everyone hoped and dreamed of a brighter future for the APC. He abandoned the project for selfish reasons. As a founding member of the APC project he failed to see that hope and aspiration can yet be achieved by will, sacrifice and strong purpose. He has failed every test of integrity,principle, spirit of workmanship and trust.

      He should leak his wounds and remain in the opposition. But for who he is, he will probably intend to jump ship again. But this time, I doubt it if he will be welcomed with open arms….

  • Ayotunde

    Northern voters are superb. They don’t give room for any doubt. I called that ‪#‎YouMustConcedeVotes‬

  • Kunle

    Sad! But told yah! Your biggest undoing was hobnobbing with GEJ after condemning him in 2011.


      He should have listened to father Mbaka not to touch GEJ with a 10ft pole.

  • Kekedu

    Well done Ribadu. You tried, and at least you did not play the ethnic card. Please consider it in your heart to join APC. We need your brains to address the nations ills. At least to implement that report you prepared on your review of the Petroleum ministry which is gathering dust in GEJ’s drawer.

    • tundemash

      Sorry he can have his cake and eat it at same time. We have equally brilliant APC members who burnt the midnight candle to win the Presidency and that should include youself ! Nigeria would move on if Ribadu dies (i do not wish him dead) today. No one is indispensable. You know about Ribadu today because OBJ gave him a chance. We know about Dora Akunyili because Buhari gave her a chance at PTF. There are brilliant Nigerians within Nigeria and outside who needs to be given a chance too; not a turncoat who ran way when the fight was fiercest!
      What message will that pass on ? That Ribadu can eat his cake and have it because he’s so “brilliant’ Nigeria has no alternative ?

      • Kekedu

        Well, I sort of agree. But let’s give him a 2nd chance. He was once ACN presidential candidate. I’m assuming he wants to join APC. Perhaps I’m wrong.

        • tundemash

          Then Jonathan deserved a second chance, you shold apologise to him for not giving him a second chance.
          Ribadu obviously didn’t believe in the CHANGE and he said that much. Has Ribadu asked for a second chance or why are u selling yourself so cheaply to him? Are u claiming we don’t have an abundance of talents in this country ?

          • Kekedu

            Jonathan? Pls stop it if na joke.

      • Moe

        What good is having a cake one can’t eat?
        We should all aspire to have our cake, eat it and continue to have it in our stomach.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Another example of political naivety and, therefore, a political calculation gone wrong. It’s as if our Nuhu is too much in a hurry. We understand the workings of your heart, Nuhu. But you must start well and earn the political followership for yourself. In your case, it is relatively easier considering your antecedents. But you are too much in a hurry to cultivate, and when it comes to cultivating good crops, follow the farmer’s experience…

  • amazing2012

    Same way you were used to betray Buhari in 2011 by contesting to prostrate and reduce his votes ! God will punish all the judas !!

    • tundemash

      Amen jare !
      I can’t imagine some people suggesting a turncoat, who decided to join the the biggest looting party in Africa when the fight was fiercest, be appointed back into govt as if Nigeria is short of brilliant men! What message will that pass on ? That you can eat your cake and have it because you are so “brilliant’ Nigeria has no alternative ?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, I happen to be one of those who would like to see Ribadu reformed, but I fully understand the sentiment you expressed.

        His political actions suggested a self-seeking and self-serving, opportunistic trait, but….

        • tundemash

          Kay …… i have known you online for sometime. You would do a better job as EFCC Chairman if you have the right leadership in Aso Rock. Ribadu had a measure of success because OBJ gave him the latitude. Other EFCC Chair under Dumbo failed because the man in Aso Rock was corruption personified. When the head is rotten ………

          We have loads of capable men who would succeed at EFCC given the right leadership by Buhari so let Ribadu go and lick his filthy lucre !

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Lol, Omo Iya.

            You have flattered and flatten me.

            Guess I’d be killed within two months of such a job or fired. There would be no cows, talkless of sacred ones.

            Well sha, your point is well made.

            As a Ribadu maketh his bed…!

  • tundemash

    Thanks Ribadu , now you that you have been cut to size, do us a favour, crawl into back into the hole you came from and enjoy the little filthy money you made from PDP.
    If only you had tarried a bit and fight the fight, you probably would have been riding high with APC now. In politics at times, consistency and principle pays; that is what worked for Buhari and Tinubu could have gotten ten times whatever Dumbo paid you and sell himself into irrelevance like yourself now but they withstood falsehood, harassment, threats, propaganda and abuse from your “biggest looting party” in Africa and today have been rewarded with givernance at the federal level.

    Adieu Ribadu !!

    • Otile

      Abubakar tundemash, despite our disagreement on religion, you are still my friend. I mean, I am a Christian man and you have become a devout Musulumi. Religion apart, do your friend a favor. Find me a beautiful Fulani young lady. After that we shall be friends for life.

      • Moe

        Fulani girls will have nothing to do with infidels. How about a young white cow?

        • Otile

          Not every Fulani girl is a Muslim. A young white cow is for Moslem men like you. Christianity forbids bestiality. Enjoy your young white cow, Musulumi.

      • tundemash

        I am no friend a psychopath. I can only pray that PDP continues to pay for your medication !
        As per your beautiful Fulani girl, if you are that horny, try sleep with your mama !

        • Otile

          But I am neither a member of PDP nor Islamic APC. Incest is forbidden in my culture and religion so keep your advice to yourself. It is wrong for you to label every non Moslem a psychopath. Don’t be carried away by those false teachings of Islam.

    • hummm

      Let him not crawl into a hole. I like him to keep his head out to see what he sold his soul for. He was never a man of integrity, but an oppurtunist which I have been saying from day one. He was a selective EFCC chairman that did a minimal work that was overrated. Total failure and this election exposed him for who he really is. PERIOD

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    The price of treachery.
    Ribadu was sent by APC to rescue Nyako, he was sidetracked by GEJ to ensure Nyako does not survive the exit.
    He has always been overestimated.
    Death by political oblivion. Good riddance.

  • Otile

    Where on earth can I get me a beautiful Fulani young lady?

    • tundemash

      Try sleep with your mama .
      I wonder why PDP stopped paying for your medication just because they lost ; that is unfair to you!

      • Otile

        Alhaji Abubakar tundemash, what are you talking about? Is I did not know that incest is allowed in Islam, it is forbidden in religion. You moslems are something else.

        • Otile

          Alhaji Abubakar tundemash, what are you talking about? I did not
          know that incest is allowed in Islam, it is forbidden in my religion. You
          moslems are something else.

          • tundemash

            Nor did i know peadophiles and phsycopaths are allowed in whatever religion you professed so hence my suggestion you look under the the skirt of your unfortunate mama first.

            APC is in total control now…. do the needful …. act like a man, relocate into the creek and start bursting those balloons coward instead of talking al day long here coward !

      • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

        You are not even human!!!!!!

        • tundemash

          Coward …. u are still making mouth here instead of you to do the needful, na talk u dey do. How long would it take u to arrive in my house from the creek …. or are u coming by canoe …. u had my address for 3 weeks now Mr. Fake Colonel ….. u are a woman in trousers !

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      They were all taken by smart guys who waited long enough during the fest as they sang the song “ahaye yaro”…

      • Otile

        There must be many more not taken, show me where they are.

        • Lemmuel Odjay

          If you are that zealous and gusty over a fulata, then follow the path that leads to the forest of Sambisa. There, a surfeit of pretty Fulani damsels await you…

    • Ede

      Go to the sambisa cemetery and live there for 3months

      • Otile

        This not a good advice. Thanks but no thanks.

      • Mallama A

        Ha!ha!ha! Abeg, i no fit laugh! Best humour ever!

    • Mallama A

      Try Gen Buhari’s daughter! Abi u no get guts ne?


      Why looking for a beautiful Fulani lady ? What happened to your own beautiful ladies?


    Ribadu would have been a superstar today if he had stayed in APC. Failure at the edge of breakthrough?

    • Tunsj


      • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

        Hell, I am tempted to ask what the heck you seeming to be agreeing with here. Is it the failure at the “edge” of breakthrough or what in hell is it? Just curious here.

        • tundemash

          Coward ….. tomorrow come and read the thread before u go on drugs, just maybe u would understand what he agreed with! Sore loser who can’t burst a balloon. colonel my a*s!

    • Joe

      Nigerians will always get it wrong if you vote based on party rather than individual. Bindo was unable to change the life of his people in mubi as a senator talk less of improving the lives of people of Adamawa state.

      • Baba

        with Jonathan handing over Mubi to boko haram what do you expect Bindo to do? At least, before boko haram invaded Mubi, bindow youth empowerment program in areas of federal government appointment, scholarship and modern farming are well known in Mubi zone and that is why he defeated Atiku candidate to emerged APC flag bearer.

    • Ade

      super star after what Tinubu did to him, betarying him for Just 20billion naira. Politics is not all about winning bro, is also about raising the bar!!!!

  • Musuru

    Na wa for naija! Betrayal, Greed in the name of change is what I perceive! What these late defectors did to Ribadu, and others like them in the federation, shows these change masters are only after empowering themselves! Hungry power seekers! Wahala dey, admit it or not fellow Nigerians, what is happening lately is pure madness!
    Nuhu you have spoken well. For accepting that in all this, only GOD Annoints, you have said it all! Best of luck!

    • Aminu Baba

      What do call Ribado’s cross-carpeting from APC to PDP when the latter enticed him with a governorship slot? A saintly behaviour?

  • Lanre

    Ha ha. Nuhu Ribadu. From Grace to Grass to Zero. Wow. And this same man could have been President with such a deck of poor choices. Anyway is from Obasanjo’s stable, where nothing good can emanate.

    • Joe

      At the appropriate time nuhu will not only be governor but president of Nigeria.

      • Ade

        Very true Joe. He is man of of impeccable character

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Not even in his wildest dreams would that happen, Joe.

        And you can take that to the bank.

        • MilitaryPolice01

          Not even in his wildest dreams ? Are you God ? Didnt they say the same thing of Buhari, who is President elect today.

          • Ogboye

            Maybe when he is 73 years old…as Nigerian presidency would have rotated 8 years North then 8 years south (i.e.16 years) before he can even try. By then, El Rufai performance in Kaduna or Tambuwwal in Sokoto would probably push them forward as better candidates, far ahead of Ribadu. My advise is for Mallam to try his goodluck and prove his metus at the Local government Chairmanship level

      • hummm

        Yeah right, and it snowed in Lagos. So, there goes Ribadus chances of ever becoming a president. He lacks loyality, integrity or value system, which are key requirement of becoming a president.

        • Aminu Baba

          Agreed, the man us a born loser

  • Moe

    Mallam Ribadu,

    Again I remind you of that unfortunate speech you emphatically titled “Why the North MUST vote for Jonathan.”
    You were cautioned to be quiet with such sentimetalities but, you pushed on (instead of back tracking).

    Adamawa state may indeed have lost the greatest Governor it never had.
    On the other hand and in view of your gross miscalculations, Adamawa State may just as likely have dodged a bullet.
    Good luck to you sir

  • Dr. Anifowoshe

    Jonathan’s Legacy may choke if not kill PDP

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be remembered for conceding defeat.
    It is Mr. Goodluck Jonathan who led PDP on that tragicomedy path of dalliance.
    All else PDP did in the past is fading away under a torrent of concession of defeat.
    What a baleful legacy Mr. Jonathan wants to leave behind for “Africa’s biggest party”.
    If he’d told PDP members he would lead then into defeats, they’d not have chosen him.
    I hope Goodluck Jonathan knows he won’t have any legacy if PDP is totally wiped out.

    Who remembers the name of the army general of Germany who led Germany
    to defeat in the eastern front during the second World War? Nobody. Historians
    don’t care about abysmal losers. So if the shy, bashful and diffident Mr. Goodluck
    Jonathan is still in delusion as he is being flattered out of office and described as
    ‘statesman’ only for his failure to run faster than a cripple – who can’t run or who is
    forbidden by law from law from running – and win an easy election against Buhari,

    Ayo Fayose shows a better example of a party leader with his total victory in Ekiti
    state where he’s reportedly won 99% of all legislative seats; free and fair, after he
    also won 100% of Ekiti local government councils last year in free and fair election.

    • Omo Naija, UK

      No! It was Dr Kayode Fayemi (but not GEJ) that started it (the sportsmanship). You could just imagine what would have happened if Fayemi did not do so. Fayose would not mind to burn down the whole Ekiti and its inhabitants. SO Fayem set the pace.

      • Joe

        But APC queried fayemi and he licked his vomit and that is why there in court right now. APC as a party never concede defeat even if glaring.

        • Ogboye

          Ekiti was the first election APC as a party contested in and lost, all prior elections were either as ACN, ANPP,CPC, or APGA before the merger, so APC does not have such “never conceding” history you were alluding to. Do not take Dr. Fayemi’s credit away from him

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      German army General who led Germany to defeat in the Eastern front?
      I did not know there was a damn war going on in Nigeria.
      First I ever heard of it. It is what it is but a war it certainly ain’t. Oh, thanks for the history lesson which I am sure will come in handy someday. Heck, what took you so long to make an appearance here?
      Na wa o!!!!!!

    • Son Of Naija

      But it was clear PDP was a fast sinking ship with a gaping hole once GEJ took its helm ! They had been on a downward trajectory, with the massive abuse of power, rule of law and corruption. It was just a matter of time. Jonathan should be commended for appointing Jega to INEC who assured Nigerians’s a credible electoral process. Baring that, today’s news would have been different

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Nuhu Nigeria needs you at the centre not at state level.Buhari needs you to bring back the bite to EFCC

    • Omo Akin

      I strongly believe that Mr. Ribadu is over-rated; he is a power monger. He is also lawless. I remember when he locked up Fasawe without charging him to court and Justice Akande ordered Fasawe’s release or arraignment if he had committed any offence but Ribadu ignored the court order and even said it was High Court. For a lawyer to take a position that an order of a High Court could be ignored is most unfortunate. It turned out that Obasanjo was dealing with Fasawe because of Fasawe’s closeness to Atiku. Most of his noise in the press was just noise. Did he not announce that Mrs. Jonathan was caught travelling with $16 Million back then? What did he say when he joined PDP? It is either that he lied that Mrs. Jonathan was laundering $16 Million or he lacked the courage to stand against what was wrong just because he wants to be in government. Buhari does not need fair weather folks like that.
      My strong recommendation is that a police officer, whether serving or retired, should not head EFCC. There is no difference between the tactics the police use and that of EFCC.

    • tundemash

      Which Nigeria needs him? Same Nigeria he ditched when needed to join the struggle for CHANGE ?

      We have equally brilliant APC members who burnt the midnight candle to win the Presidency! Nigeria would move on if Ribadu dies (i do not wish him dead) today. No one is indispensable. You know about Ribadu today because OBJ gave him a chance. We know about Dora Akunyili because Buhari gave her a chance at PTF. There are brilliant Nigerians within Nigeria and outside who needs to be given a chance too; not a turncoat who ran way when the fight was fiercest!

      What message will that pass on ? That Ribadu can eat his cake and have it because he’s so “brilliant’ Nigeria has no alternative ? There is a price for treachery especially when your plan backfires and Ribadu must pay that price !

      • Ha

        Very brilliant talk.

      • Olu

        Can you remember how many party His Excellence, Gen. Buhari has contested under? Nigeria just started going towards politics of principles and ideology with this election. Before now, it was how would I win regardless of which party, no principle and ideology. Most of APC governor elect were formerly in other parties. Ribadu has not done anything too bad for him not to be relevant in the new dispensation.

        • tundemash

          Can you remind me when Buhari joined the ruling party ?
          You claimed “Most of APC governor elect were formerly in other parties. ”
          Sure but the difference is they joined APC when no one gave APC a chance and when APC was the opposition party. Do you want to compare that with Ribadu joining APC AFTER it had already won the Federal election and he Ribadu lost the governorship election ? And what exactly is your point ? Is it that Nigeria does not have capable hands that can do whatever makes you make Ribadu a god ? Please top comparing oranges and apples.

    • Son Of Naija

      I don’t think so.. his character and reputation are odds !

  • Olu

    Huhu Ribadu still remain one among the few that has what it takes for Nigeria to get to the promise land. There is no sin in someone, who is desperate to help his state looking for an avenue he thinks would enhance his possibility of getting to that position of rendering the help. In all that is happening to Ribadu, God is trying to teach him some lessons which I believe he is grabbing. What happen to him when he was in ACN, the progressive betrayed him and gave their votes to Jonathan, even after his integrity gave their party the popularity and followership they are enjoying today. In every party, their good and bad ones even as we have a lot of good ones that are not members of any party. We need the good ones, regardless their affiliations or no affiliation to move Nigeria forward. Ribadu was not a politician when he did what fetched him credibility among common Nigerians. If Ribadu has won Adamawa, I’m very sure that some people will be shouting APC is ruling Adamawa by proxy. Ribadu is always a patner in progress.