APC denounces defections, says PDP politicians should stay in their party

John Odigie Oyegun, APC National Chairman

John Oyegun, the national chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC), said on Saturday that the gale of defections by politicians was not good for Nigeria’s political development.

Mr. Oyegun, who spoke to newsmen in Benin shortly after casting his vote, advised those defecting to the winning party to rather form a formidable opposition to enrich the nation’s democracy.

“Many opposition party members have defected to APC just because they lost out, that is not good for political development.

“One would have advised that opposition members should stay where they are, and form a formidable opposition party.” Mr. Oyegun said.

He described the governorship and houses of assembly elections as “the most decent, orderly and peaceful” ever conducted in Edo.

Meanwhile, the APC national chairman won the election in his polling unit. Oredo East: Ward 2, Unit 1 Polling Unit, the first time since 1991 when he was elected governor.



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  • true nigerian

    True democrat.

  • okeke72

    Why didn’t you advice the defected govs and NASS from the onset

    • 100% Naija

      Oyegun was right because if they have defected much earlier before the start of the elections they would have been more useful to the party unlike now that they just want to come and reap where they did not sow.

      • Otile

        I heard that even VP Alhaji Sambo will defect next week if Imam Buhari accepts him. You see, Islamic APC can do wonders.

        • Magenta

          He will never be accepted even the billions of dollars in his pocket

        • The True Nigerian

          Rubbish Otile you are beginning to sound like FFK.

  • lola

    We dont need PDP thieves.

    • Otile

      Are politicians not harlots? They run to the side where the show is happening. Accommodate them, bed them, and use them. As some in APC would say “all hole na one”.

  • Akanji92

    They want to reap where they did not sow. They will also pollute the APC pool.

  • Otile

    Alhaji J Oyegun must understand that if all defectors went back to their real party, PDP including Imam Tambuwal himself APC will be left with only Imam Buhari and 3 or 4 stalwarts standing.

    • The True Nigerian

      @Otile please stop trying to mischievous – Tambuwal, Amechi and co left PDP left on principle while those whom Chief Oyegun is referring to are the one’s who are crossing over to APC simply because is now the winning party

      • Otile

        What principle, they boogied out of PDP when they smelt victory for Imam Buhari, and nothing more.

        • The True Nigerian

          Nope that is not true, they left when many people like FFK and many in PDP (perhaps yourself inclusive ) did not think Buhari would win now that he has won many of this PDP members want to come and destroy APC

    • Harry


      • Otile

        I am not frustrated for anything, rather I am sorry for millions of Nigeria who are about to feudal darkness of Northern rulers.

        • Otile

          I am not frustrated for anything, rather I am sorry for millions of Nigeria who are about to suffer feudal darkness of Northern rulers.

          • hummm

            So repeating the same sentense twice is not a sign of frustration. ROFLL. You dont say!!!!

      • tundemash

        The cl0wn is suffering from hallucination. Since PDP lost, it has been quite difficult for him to buy his medication.

      • baskalli

        Common guys let’s be honest for once in our lives Otile is saying the pure truth. Imagine “chairman board of trustees pdp” (OBJ) decamped to APC, five northern govs (wether tribalistically motivated or otherwise) decamped to APC, just to mention few. I am beginning to suspect you APC guys even when you are not yet sworn in. And I challenge you to mention how you would have won presidential election if not for defections from PDP

  • Ekene

    This is the first time I’d have to agree with APC. Can’t imagine republicans switching parties cause democrats are in power.

    • Otile

      Who told you that Alhaji Junaid Oyegun did not know what to do, it is just that he skewed 9ja politics in favor of his buddy Imam Mohamed Buhari.

      • Ekene

        how do you account for the number of defections from PDP to APC after GEJ’s loss? This is politics; nothing lasts forever and surely APC will get out of power eventually! PDP members, myself included should go back and examine all that went wrong in this administration, UNDERSTAND (with gusto) the moles within (you know who), AVOID (with serious emphasis) Obasanjo and his likes, and form strategic alliances. Do these and before you know it, the tides will turn.

        • Jujubeans

          PDP as a brand is now toxic. And that’s because the party has a reputation for promoting criminals and thugs such as Buruji Kashamu, FFK, Fayose, Obanikoro, Wike, Akpabio, Sullivan Chime etc, amongst other things. When you have criminals running your party how will it not disintegrate? Those guys have developed no other skills than criminality. That is what they’ve spent their adult lives doing and honestly I don’t believe they know how to do anything else. They don’t know how to win elections based on issues, only through rigging, abuse, misinformation etc. As you can see Nigerians ain’t buying that cr*p anymore. They need to go and people of integrity, with sound technocratic and political skills moved to the fore of the PDP. When that happens your party will resurface as a credible opposition.

      • Ashibogu

        Otile! Where you dey since? U no say na you dey make us laugh! Welcome! Nno! Sanu da zua!

  • burning spear

    Most of those who are defecting are either Yorubas–Fulanis or from his own State Edo———–90% of those who recently left hail from his own state–Again every leading member of APC is a defector—check out on the 5 Fulani governors who defected from PDP to APC—-that is why the victory of Buhari does not make any sense to me————————instead of uniting the country it has divided Nigeria—Yorubas and Fulanis for Buhari while the south-east and south-south are now in the same boat.

    • baskalli

      You have spoken well my brother. Your eyes are really on ground.

    • Dan maikoko

      Yes you are right, but we are talking about defectors when defection is dangerous and difficult. Defectors after Buhari has won and PDP has lost at the federal level are called turn-coat politicians. They should not be allowed to join APC. If they are allowed, who then will build our PDP?

    • Concerned

      What of Orji Kalu – one of many that will seek to join but will hopefully be denied

  • McAlfred Uta

    It will be in the best interest of APC to reject defectors before the party ideology is polluted. For once I would like to propose a constitutional amendment that will bar defectors from holding elective or appointive positions in their new parties until after 5 years. In this way political prostitution might be curbed. I commend Oyegun for this courageous exposition.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Mr John Oyegun, that’s good talk! I commend you for that. I hope you, as the chairman, will carry out this directive. Don’t admit those PDP turncoats into your party. First, they’ll dilute and destroy your party. Secondly, they are only coming to the APC for what they will get from the party and not to contribute anything meaningful to the party. Finally, such defections, as you rightly said, will kill the PDP and therefore stifle the much-needed opposition the political system badly needs.

    Those PDP turncoats are just brain dead individuals who don’t like to work but will like to eat and reap where they have not sown. Intelligent people would stick to their losing party and build it up again to a formidable level. Majority of Nigerians are just idiots when it comes to politics and that’s why the nation is where it is at the moment.

    APC and Oyegun, don’t admit those turncoats from the PDP, please!

  • growthengine

    He should have said this to Kwankwaso and Amaechi then and not now. Now he must continue to accept all comers with open arms. In Nigeria, there is no policy regarding defection, so we may end up with another PDP very soon.

    • kokoro dudu

      You are dumb. Was that before or after elections?

    • SAnuSI

      Oyegun is a greedy man

  • Please, Say this with Force. Enough of the Political Travesty and Prostitution. This People that cross-carpet has Nothing to do in Politic. In democracy we need a ruling Party and a visible opposition for it to work. Please, take a clue from Ahmed Bola TINUBU, and stop playing the camelon.

  • Ben Ekpo

    Oga John of APC, You mean you are already tired of the political Ashawos that helped you win the presidential election just the other day. I knew the APC is a party of losers and hooligans, but your comments is the height of unreliability.
    Keep all your defectors, TAMBAWAL, Farouk LAWA, the cap thief, and Trigger happy Amechi etc. Do not return them because the PDP has no room for those kinds of junks.

    • tundemash

      cl0wn .. obviously Oyegun was talking about those defecting after APC won the Presidential election. But since u were too d@ft to even see Dumbo and the biggest rogue party losing the Presidential election, I am not surprised you mis-interprete his statement. Keep wallowing on your stup1dity !

  • ilesanmi

    The development of democracy requires a virile opposition. The manner in which PDP members are taking blind flight to the APC’s camp, as if there is approaching tsunami, is not good for development of democracy.

  • Joe

    I think this is the best advice ever come from APC

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Let them blossom together, until harvest time. On the day of harvest, the kernel seeds would be separated from the thorns which would be gathered together and thrown in the furnace. That is what happens to rats who prefer to jump ship instead of mending the leaks…