Nigeria’s Defence Chief rules out military takeover

Alex Badeh

Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, has ruled out the possibility of a military takeover as Nigeria transits from the current administration to another, saying the era of military rule in the country is gone.

Mr. Badeh said Thursday that the Nigerian military will continue to respect democratic institutions in the country.
He spoke while receiving members of the National Peace Committee for the 2015 general elections.

“The era of military rule is gone forever in this country. In fact if there was military rule I am not sure if I could have been here,” Mr. Badeh, an air chief marshal, said. “We are the armed forces of Nigeria and not that of any political party and will be subordinate to the constituted authorities.”

He said the military leadership is a product of democratic governance and would not embark on activities that could jeopardize Nigeria’s electoral process.

“I remember when we asked for more time to embark on what we are doing but there was a lot of misgiving. But we are happy that we are able to ensure that some exercise their choice of who to govern them. Even though we did not achieve 100 per cent, but we are able to secure the major ones,” he said.

The defence chief also assured Nigerians that the military will remain non-partisan in carrying out its responsibilities during the governorship and state assembly elections on Saturday.

A former military head of state and leader of the peace committee, Abdulsalami Abubakar, commended the military for providing adequate security in ensuring free, fair and violence-free elections.

Mr. Abubakar also commended the armed forces for liberating most communities in the North East from Boko Haram insurgents.
A member of the committee, Ibrahim Gambari, commended the military for its professionalism during the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

He however called for improvement during the forthcoming gubernatorial election. He said the military has been responsible for enforcing peace in other areas including Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

“So you have distinguished yourself and proved your professionalism and all we ask is for you to enhance that in the forthcoming elections. We also commend you by ensuring that the people in the North East have the rights to exercise their franchise and we want you to ensure that the job is finished,” Mr. Gambari said.


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  • Olu

    Nigerians of today are different from Nigerians of yesterday. Military should not just try to dabble into something outside their statutory responsibilities. They will get the surprise of their lives if they try nonsense. Democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. We may make mistakes, we will surely get their one day. A time is coming when Nigeria Democracy will get rid of the mediocre. No more Military rule in Nigeria.

  • Olu

    Nigerians of today are different from Nigerians of yesterday. Military
    should not just try to dabble into something outside their statutory
    responsibilities. They will get the surprise of their lives if they try
    nonsense. Democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. We may make mistakes,
    we will surely get there one day. A time is coming when Nigeria
    Democracy will get rid of the mediocre. No more Military rule in

  • SAM .A

    Bade should go and sit down. The Army that cannot take over Boko Haram in 3 states for 4-5 years will take over Nigeria that is being watched by US , Britain France & AU . They should quietly disappear from this political scene ,
    Mali Treatment awaits any army that try to abort this Newly mint democracy .

    • subsaharan acommunity Health

      Lets call Obama and Cameron to take over Nigeria. They seem to decide our elections for us. They were excited as BH took our cities. They wept with APC as our CIC rose up to the challenge. No body remembers that the real person that did elections with military is OBJ. Tinubu is 10 times more corrupt that all PDP put together.God will expose the truth and defend the best President Nigeria has ever had: GEJ.

  • burning spear

    President Barack Obama’s decision to provide undeclared backing to the All Progressives Congress (“APC”) and General Buhari, violated a long-time American convention of non-interference in the elections of other sovereign nations.

    The series of patronizing actions, sponsored by the White House, culminated in a joint statement on March 30th 2015 by the American Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary Mr. Philip Hammond, alleging that the election results “may be subject to deliberate political interference”.

    This broadside was released when the vote collation was still ongoing, thereby casting undue aspersion not only on the entire electoral process and the almost thirty million voters who participated in it, but indeed the nation itself.

    This was the second unsolicited and unwarranted diatribe by the American and British pair, the first being the denigrating joint missive authored by the same duo on March 21st 2015, precisely seven days prior to the election.
    The said election has already occurred, but the repercussions from the historic event shall continue to generate reactions for many days, weeks, months, years and perhaps for all time.

    • Olu

      Have you wake up from your sleep?

    • One Nation

      rest in pieces PDP


      Nonsense. When GEJ was pandering to the same America, where were you? GEJ said if 20 billion dollars go missing, ”America will know”. Just imagine!

      Listen, the US and Britain did nothing strange by supporting credible elections in Nigeria. They will be the first to be called upon if Nigeria goes down because of electoral violence and if Nigerians overrun the entire West African region.

      Remember when Ivory Coast suffered the same fate, French forces had to come in to help restore order.

      Countries act on the basis of their national interest. Nigeria is too important to be left to a President who does not give a damn to toy with.

      And this: quit bellyaching. The elections have been won and lost.

    • Yoko Zuna

      “…violated a long-time American convention of non-interference ” – OMG, which planet are you from?

      • burning spear

        From mass—is it the policy of the USA to install presidents in Africa—-Most especially the very Nigeria they refused to sell arms to -fight boko haram—yes they do these things via the CIA—–OPERATIVES THAT HAVE AROUND THE WORLD—–But they are not pronounced————————-

  • Election Observer

    APC party leaders and the Nigerian Army

    Within 24 hours of concluding the 28th March presidential election,
    General Obasanjo wrote a letter to General Buhari and directed
    Buhari’s attention, with some alarm, to what Obasanjo said is a
    destruction of Nigerian Army by President Goodluck Jonathan.

    This was the first salvo aimed at the military high command after
    the March 28th presidential election.

    Next was the acidic comment made by the Kano-based politician,
    Dr. Junaid Mohammed who told a Nigerian newspaper (name withheld)
    that Muhammadu’s Buhari’s first task on resuming as Nigeria’s president
    on 29th May is to DISMISS army officers whom Dr. Junaid described
    as ‘politicians’ in the barracks. These are ominous comments from APC.


      There is nothing ominous in this. The army was destroyed by President Jonathan…..who used it to rig elections. Its professionalism was called to question even by the armies of such less-endowed countries as Chad, Niger and Cameroon. This is not the proud army that has served, with distinction, in numerous peacekeeping missions around the world, starting from the Congo in 1960.

      Therefore, it is needless to say that the army must be quickly returned to the path of professionalism. Never again must we have the kind of army that we had under GEJ… An army in which a General will be threatening to cry because a partisan and uncouth junior minister wants him to rig elections.

      And GMB, who served the army meritoriously, does not need any prodding to reform the military into a compact, capable and professional fighting force. Please stop living in the past. It’s a new day!

    • Yoko Zuna

      Great! To weed out corruption, starts with the military, police and the senate. Then go down to burn the corrupt governors and their thugs.

  • beauty and the best

    Don’t ever think of military take over, that is no longer fashionable nowadays!

  • endingNaija

    Alex Badeh, it is great that you military guys are not contemplating any nonsense called coup. You try it, we the NIgerian people will resist it. Remember what we the Nigerian people did to Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha- on the MKO June 12 election issue-how we fought the military? We are not stressed. It is always a long drawn street battle and we know how to do it. The old civilian and dogged democracy fighters are still around -though have accumulated some age-but the younger ones are there to be guided by us. We the Nigerian people will fight you-coupists- back if you try any nonsense called coup and give you a run for your money. CDS Alex Badeh, and Chief of Army Staff Minimah-do you both understand? This is no threat-just information-we Nigerian people WILL HIT THE STREETS on hearing any coup nonsense. Thanks.

    • Mosaku 147

      God bless you.

    • kingbaabu

      Badeh has been warned. Im go die like foul if im try am.

    • Yoko Zuna

      What coup? On May 29, the military chiefs will in jail for incompetence and vote rigging while the IGP and AIGs will be jail for corruption and vote rigging.

  • Stevemoore

    Why will army chief of staff think of military take over.They can take his village not Nigeria. That time is gone.It took you 30years to fight boko haram You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Worried Mother

    Haba Badeh you have acted out all your shenanigans! You should be ashamed of yourself, even your village was tackled by bokoharam. What did you do? Evacuate your family. Useless man with big stomach.

    • One Nation

      hahahahahah, you’re very funny indeed

  • Papashango77

    You can think whatever you want to think..We ask you to tell us what’s up with the ceasefire with Boko Haram?

  • asking question


    • segun

      PDP are you still campaigning after the result of the election has been declared?

      • I go die O!


        • segun

          The last time the Igbo people spoke through MASSOB. The Ijaw people also spoke. Both Ijaw people and Igbo people said amalgamation ended already. And Nigerian borders are clear. Why are the Igbo Christians covetous of Yoruba land? Why do the Igbo christians want to take over Yorubaland? I am just asking.

          • Shehu Monguno

            Segun, what you should be asking is why are the Yoruba’s covetous over the South South and South East oil and gas which pays 95% of the bills in all of Yoruba land and 90% of the bills in Lagos

          • Yoko Zuna

            SS/SE also pays 95% of US, UK, Russian, China, Saudi and Dubai bills, right?

          • Shehu Monguno

            Yoko Zuna, name your state and I will tell you how much of your bills the South South and South East pays. For my state Borno it is 100%

          • Yoko Zuna


          • Yoko Zuna

            There’s a lot of land in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Anyone not interested in Nigeria may apply citizenship there.

    • Olu

      What didn’t work yesterday cannot work today. This is an established failure. An unprofitable venture. Keep going.

    • amazing2012

      Aren’t shamed that the certificate was found by the same military who deny having it before ? They use your brain, daft !

    • Scatter

      Your thieving soldier-partners have returned buhari’s credentials.

      Now, let your ogogoro drunkard show us his PhD thesis.

  • lawyer d.a.l.l.e.y

    • General Muhammadu Buhari PRESENTED a false certificate to
    INEC by reciting in a signed and written statement that he obtained
    WASC/Cambridge Certificate in 1961 and deposited that WASC with
    the Nigerian Army – an assertion the Nigerian Army has disproved as
    false and which disproof Buhari has conceded at a press conference.

  • son of achuzia


    Except that Dr. Ezeife said in today’s newspaper that General T.Yakubu Danjuma
    “is no longer mentally strong” – meaning he’s not capable of thinking properly again,
    one would have been highly tempted to call out General Danjuma as idiotic for
    invoking BIAFRA in the context of this 2015 presidential election.

    He was even exultant to pronounce President Jonathan DEFEATED, but that’s understandable,
    because General Danjuma is wholly ignorant of the word PROCESS, but rather, like an ignoramus,
    he concludes that election result is a snapshot conclusion of ‘electoral process’. It is not – even if the
    result of an election is conceded.

    General Danuma’s ignorance is pardonable but what’s not pardonable for a man in his 70s
    is that he then implied that bloodshed would have followed had President Jonathan not
    (quickly) conceded defeat. What nonsense! What arrogance! So even if Jonathan won
    the highest votes there would be war. Is that not what General Danjuma is saying?

    • son of achuzia


      Who can a 70-year-old-plus dreg fight at his age? Who wants to fight with him for General Buhari,
      had Buhari lost? And what war do they want to fight that could scare the government? Which fight
      do the Danjumas have that can be worse than Boko Haram’s? Nonsense! Danjuma was so rude
      and uncouth he described a diplomatic election concession as SURRENDER.

      This is how the 1960s semi-literate military officers under-developed Nigeria.

      General Danjuma need shoud learn to keep quiet if he has nothing sensible to say. But if he thinks
      he can still fight, he should be in front of the shirtless illiterates if, as likely, the Federal High court
      dis-qualifies Muhammadu Buhari for lies-telling on oath on a Wasc (certificate) he did not obtain.
      In that fight against the Constitution, Danjuma who is in front, will be first to be shot dead for treason.

      • Investigator


        • Scatter


          At least the Primary 6 certificate is not fake. What we certainly can’t and won’t put up with is a fraudster with a fake PhD.

        • Yoko Zuna

          NIgeria has elected Buhari as president, you can emigrate to UK.

      • Paul Akor

        • A person shall not be qualified for election to

        the office of President if he has presented a

        forged certificate to the Independent

        National Electoral Commission.

        …….Section 137 (1) 1999 Constitution of Nigeria


    I have been around for some time, and I must say this CDS is the most unprofessional I have ever seen in Nigeria. He does not even talk like a member of disciplined services. His assurances sound hollow and are quite belated. He has fed fat on the system and eaten out his training. Let him go and enjoy his loot in peace while we seek to rebuild our military into what it once was: A proud military that can hold its own anywhere! That’s the best way we can repudiate him and his likes!

    • Chris1408

      So true. Badeh is a disgrace to the uniform.

  • Oba_I’ll_Kill_U

    I have respect for General Gowon – a true 5 star General. Not the certificateless Major Ge out in a coup. He looked for his Waec result and enrolled in a University in England where he went on to have B.Sc, Masters & PhD degrees. …..One other clueless military dictator that I know, was kicked out too, but he spent the next 30yrs looking for his certificate and threatening to spill the blood of Nigerians if he loses elections.
    So, where do we go from here? With a clueless and uneducated North-West president elect? How did we even get here? How do we chose our presidents? Just anybody?

    • anticoupist

      So you want a coup to restore the dubious, decrepit, inherently corrupt, and gone Goodluck Jonathan old order?

    • Guguru

      Be quiet.

    • Yoko Zuna

      “How do we chose our presidents?” By not using vote-rigging, PDP-thug style.

  • Assibi

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  • Pointblank

    Buhari stands dis-qualified for constitutional offence

    General T.Y Danjama does NOT know his left hand from his right hand on matters
    of law and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; hence, he talks rubbish
    in ignorance that President Jonathan’s ‘concession of election’ is the exact equivalent
    of SURRENDER; which BIAFRA – under Odumegwu Ojukwu – should have done in 1967.

    The 1999 Constitution says “..SHALL NOT BE QUALIFIED.” When the 1999 Constitution
    uses the word ‘shall’, no Judge, no court, nobody – not even President Jonathan himself;
    or General Danjuma, has the power to say, no! or to qualify Muhammadu Buhari
    all by himself.

    Section 1 [1] of the 1999 Constitution is supreme over any Judge and over everybody in Nigeria.
    Never must anyone violate the 1999 Constitution to procure Muhammdu Buhari for Nigeria as an
    ILLEGAL PRESIDENT. Whenever the 1999 Constitution is violated to procure an illegal president,
    every Nigerian is called to arms to promptly get rid of Muhammadu Buhari as an illegal president.

    • Yoko Zuna

      Where you study English? Somalia?

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    “I messed up big time. Hope mah Otuoke people will receive me warmly”.

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    “When I warn you say make u pack yah load go Otuoke, u no gree hear word. I think u see how them disgrace you finish.”

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    “Mah eyes are red bicos those four water bottles u see in my front (drunkard man only sees in double) actually contain Ogogoro and not aqua”.

  • Yoko Zuna

    Alex Badeh, before Buhari sack you in disgrace, please do the honourable thing – resign now and stop being a member of the disgraceful cowards called the Nigerian military.