Eze Ndi Igbo in Lagos appeals for ‘spirit of unity’ between Igbos, Yorubas

Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu

The Eze Ndi Igbo in Lagos, Nwabueze Ohazulike, has called on Igbo residents in the state to remain calm and go out on Saturday to exercise their civic responsibilities without fear of intimidation.

He also admonished Igbo residents to continue to nurture the cordial relationship between them and the Yoruba community.

Mr. Ohazulike stated this, Wednesday, during a press conference hosted by Igbo leaders in Lagos.

“The Igbos have a long history of cordial relationship in Lagos State with the Yoruba community and other Nigerians and shall continue to cherish such relationship and make concerted efforts to protect and enhance it and to continue to promote the spirit of unity of Nigerians, love, peace and inter-ethnic harmony in the state.”

The Oba of Lagos, Rilwanu Akiolu, had told a gathering which had Eze Ndi Igbos (traditional rulers) of all the local government areas in Lagos State that they should cast their votes for Akinwunmi Ambode, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, or “perish inside the lagoon.”

“On Saturday, if anyone of you, I swear in the name of God, goes against my wish that Ambode will be the next governor of Lagos State, the person is going to die inside this water,” Mr. Akiolu had said.

The monarch’s statement angered the Igbo community in Lagos, even as it came under severe criticism, with christian groups and opposition politicians lambasting him for the utterance.

The APC swiftly issued a statement distancing itself from Mr. Akiolu’s remarks saying that he does not speak for the party.

In his press briefing on Wednesday, the Eze Ndi Igbo in Lagos described Mr. Akiolu’s statement as “detestable and unacceptable.”

“We have also noted that His Royal Majesty had declared that he was quoted out of context,” Mr. Ohazulike said in a prepared speech read out on his behalf by Henry Okoye, the Palace Secretary.

“We request for all Igbos to remain calm and to go out massively on Saturday to exercise their civic responsibilities without fear of intimidation,” said Mr. Ohazulike, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Eze Ndi Igbo in the Diaspora.

“Igbos are not discouraged by this latest development and would continue to cherish democracy and its universal concept of one man one vote and as enshrined in the constitution of the federal republic.

Mr. Ohazulike dissociated himself from the group who paid a courtesy visit to the Oba of Lagos, adding that those who were at the Iga Idunganran Palace do not represent the Igbo people in Lagos.

“How can I send such type of people to hold brief for me when I’m in Lagos? They are looking for money. They are looking for influence,” Mr. Ohazulike said, in response to a question on whether he send delegates to the Oba’s palace.

“This Ezeship in Lagos, we are heading to 20 years now, we are not doing it with money. Our own is just to do our culture. And this is politics. Politics is where you like you cast your vote. This country belongs to all of us. Nobody has right to intimidate a group of people like Igbos because of politics. I have my civic right to perform on Saturday, so do all Igbos.

“Those people that visited there are nearer to lagoon, they have to take those people to lagoon. I was not there. Those that saw lagoon, it is very very easy for them to march to the lagoon. I didn’t send them.”


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  • burning spear

    Vote for ME or Dethroned: Gov Okorocha To Imo Monarchs.

    **Instructs them to be his polling Agent in their respective Polling Units giving out N20,000 per Unit.
    **We are not Errand boys to the Governor. – Traditional Rulers.

    Governor Rochas Okorocha has again warned traditional rulers in Imo State to vote for him and all the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates in next Saturday’s governorship and State Houses of Assembly Election or be dethroned.
    Okorocha vowed to deal decisively with any traditional ruler, who does not vote for him, stressed that with the emergence of General Muhammadu Buhari as President-elect, Imo State cannot afford to be in minority again.

    The governor, who spoke through Eze Samuel Ohiri at meeting with a faction of leader of Imo State traditional rulers held in Owerri last Tuesday, assured that he will provide N20,000 per booth for each traditional ruler to work with.

    Ohiri reminded the monarchs that Okorocha assuming he fails the election, has nothing to lose as he will still be governor till May 29, 2015 and thereafter be made a Federal Minister by General Buhari after being sworn in as President.

    He told the bewildered monarchs that it is in their best interest to obey Okorocha will-nilly instead of doing otherwise as the consequences might be too severe. what a shame

    Governor Okorocha have before this development dethrone a class A Traditional Leader, Eze Ilomuanya, who is also the Chairman of all the Traditional Rulers in the whole South East

    • Proud Yoruba

      Who cares? Not Yorubas.

  • burning spear

    Cowards die many times b4 their death—————–Would the Yoruba Oba have issued the same threat to Fulanis In Lagos Nigeria——–the answer is Nay–

    • PolyGon2013

      Would the igbos have issued any threat to Fulanis? The answer is Nay. When Fulanis sneezed in the north, you all ran back to SE. Oh I forgot many of you headed to Lagos. Like you wrote, the jinni is out of the bag, and you shall see.

    • Tonnero

      Why are you speculating? Wait until we get there. At least the Yorubas showed you Ijaws when you were stubborn enough to challenge them.

      • eme

        can we see, it is real a priceless , and of one the greatest mistake of mankind to call our-self one Nigeria. just gorge by yourself the heats-peach ,undermining, the hatred we show to each other, we can never ,never co-site or respect each other until we all agree, understand and willing to do the right thing that our differences and human value , culture, can not be compromise anymore , until Igbo, H/Fulani, Yoruba, agree to roll themselves, the true God giving potentials to all tribes can’t be attend because we heat and divided by nature.

    • Proud Yoruba

      Ni because the Fulanis behave better. Ibos are animals in human body.

  • Wise Head

    Somebody made this in another forum and I share his view:
    “Now that “Sai Buhari” euphoria is dying down, the tribal warlords are afoot. Seems the SW has appropriated Buhari/APC and then SE/Igbos are vilified for voting PDP and some Igbos are prostrating in mea culpa as usual.

    I am Igbo and I voted PDP and I have no apologies or explanations to anybody on how I voted. If you don’t like how I voted, you can go and hug the nearest power-charged transformer. If Buhari feels too bad about this then let him not put any structure in any Igboland and in four years time, I will not vote him or his party again. I charge all Igbos to stand up to their basic human right and stop being a wuse. Igbos have never questioned any other group on their voting pattern.
    And then the Oba spoke! And then one disgruntled rambling old man in another forum chanted “Yoruba ronu”. This is one man who says he is living in US and has been shouting Obama even more than the man during American elections. His other bigots took it up.
    For a sane person, this would be the last thing you will want to be in public discuss few days to an election you are hoping for your candidate to win. Though Buhari, Tinubu etc have tried to douse the tension who knows how much damage has been done.

    In any case the genie has been let out. Let there be doubt in anybody’s mind- the Igbos are not going back to Anambra/Abia etc to contest elections again- it will be right there in Lagos, Kano, Jos. Trust the Igboman to try out the Nigerian agenda!!
    Ifeanyi Uba is supporting Jimi Agbaje today in Lagos, but in four years time Ifeanyi Uba will be contesting for Governor of Lagos state. Chris Uba helped Ayo Fayose to win/rig Ekiti elections but in four years time he will be contesting as a senatorial candidate in Ekiti state.

    The Oba spoke and his acolytes have echoed it that this will not be acceptable to them and so the die is cast. There will be tribal turmoil and in the end an Igboman will be the Governor of Lagos state in the forseable future.
    I urge all other ethnic groups- make forays into Igboland or else don’t complain and moan when the new reality of this one Nigeria dawns on you.
    For you all clamouring for one Nigeria, it is a new dawn and the Igbos will champion the cause!!

    • Omooba A

      Here goes the loose mouth again.

    • sadiq

      Who cares about careless people you can vote for PPD,you have already seen where it ended you people. omba

    • Tonnero

      That is why I call the Igbos the Unwisemen from the East. You never learn your lessons. You talk too much while others are strategizing. Even if there was a chance of an Igbo governor in Lagos before now, this incident just set it back several years. Ifeanyi Uba himself will see the repercussions not because he supported Agbaje but because he wants to give the Igbo a veto power in Lagos. You must be joking. Awolowo was very clear: each group should have substantial autonomy to run is own affairs UNITL the geographical expression becomes a nation not that any group should be seeking to rule over others while protecting their own terrain. The Igbo man always thinks he is wise but keeps getting defeated. You guys should ponder on that.

      • Proud Yoruba

        Lagosians have handled them with kids gloves too long. Now they have provoked an Oba. It is the end for them..

        No Yoruba must patronize ibo business, don’t hire them, don’t rent them your property.

        We go in an economic embargo to start things off. We’ll see who is owner and who us squatter.

        Dirty, filthy ibo parasites.

      • eme

        can we see, it is real a priceless , and of one the greatest mistake
        of mankind to call our-self one Nigeria. just gorge by yourself the
        heats-peach ,undermining, the hatred we show to each other, we can never
        ,never co-site or respect each other until we all agree, understand
        and willing to do the right thing that our differences and human value ,
        culture, can not be compromise anymore , until Igbo, H/Fulani, Yoruba,
        agree to roll themselves, the true God giving potentials to all tribes
        can’t be attend because we heat and divided by nature.

    • Dayo

      @wise_head:disqus or whatever you nickname yourself, let it be let known today and forever “NO IGBO MAN WILL EVER BE ALLOW TO CONTEST ELECTION in LAGOS NOR ANY OTHER YORUBA STATE” till thy kindgom come. the fact that we gave your brother a place in government house in Lagos only proved that Yorubas are democrats, that being said, just like your brothers studying in Lagos are not entitle to bursary that is a clear sign that you igbos are only a guest on our land. I am also of the view that residents in lagos be grouped into tax resident and those of you motherfucker and parasite who has no legitimate business in Lagos and non tax residence will be deported soon.

  • Comfortkay

    Inflammatory comments on newspapers will do more harm than good. All Eze Ndi Igbo should warn their people to control their tongues and stop capitalising on the statement from palace. The Igbo should should respect , show value for traditonal ruler and if they want to continued with their rebelious ways things will not be the same again for them in Lagos.

    • Lagos Lawyer

      Editor Premium Times,

      Under no theory of law can Muujaheeden Rilwanu Akiolu remain as the Oba of Lagos.
      Pogrom is an international crime. Genocide is an international crime. Rilwanu Akiolu’s
      declaration of intent to commit both is a direct breach of public peace. Akiolu must go!!
      It is mandatory under the 1999 Constitution that Rilwanu Akiolu be REMOVED from office
      by an executive order. He is unfit and improper person. Genocide is not redressible by apology.

      • Olu

        Yorubas are not bastards that do not have “leaders” talkless of respecting them. I’m very sure you are from where they call their parents by their first names. No wonder you’re are nick naming our Oba. You’ve stayed in Yoruba land enough to learn how to respect elders and tradition rulers even if you lack home training.

        • Omo Eleniyan

          NEXT AGENDA FOR LAGOS: Jimi Agbaje

          To avoid imminent armed struggle in Lagos State the following steps must start,
          to recover all the stolen loot in Lagos state and punish Lagos’ official thieves; viz:

          • A PDP Research Team must be set up today to list the names of ALL persons
          appointed into public office by Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu beginning May 29, 1999.

          • The PDP Research Team must list the names of ALL persons appointed
          into public office by Alhaji Raji Babatunde Fashola beginning May 29, 2007.

          • The comprehensive names so listed must be ready before May 29, 2015, and copied
          in advance to the ICPC, the Police, and, the EFCC.

          • Upon swearing in of your new government on May 29, 2015, all persons so listed
          shall be deemed prima facie as criminal collaborators on the largely missing $40 billion
          of revenues the Lagos state government has earned from 1999 till date without accounts.

          • Omo Eleniyan

            …….(2) NEXT AGENDA FOR LAGOS: Jimi Agbaje

            • All business Contractors, and all persons who held the positions of Director or Permanent Secretary in Lagos state; either in the public service or the civil service, must be listed alongside for arrest and criminal investigation.

            • All Judges nominated and appointed by both Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola shall be listed as
            potential accomplices in extent that their judicial appointments could provably be criminal masks
            for judicial imprimatur they wore to rubber-stamp the theft of Lagos state treasury under Bola
            Tinubu and Raji Fashola.

            • All persons appointed to head Lagos state corporations and the Directors of the boards
            of those agencies; whether styled as corporation, trust or parastatal, must be listed and
            deemed as criminal accomplices for financial crimes investigation.

            • All persons appointed into the public service or civil service of Lagos state, including all those
            employed in the 57 local governments by Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola must be listed along
            as partakers or and part-beneficiaries of the financial crimes in Lagos state in extent of their
            non-qualification for the job or and in extent they were hand-picked for civil service jobs
            in violation of legally-prescribed competitive examination.

            • All persons who sat in the Lagos State House of Assembly as Legislators from 1999
            are to be included and deemed as criminal collaborators for financial crimes investigation.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Now you set the agenda for Lagos? Why not set agenda for your dirty iboland?

            What is your business with lagos?

            Who do you think you are, you dirty, stinking ibo parasite.

            Never open your mouth to talk about any Yoruba again, you inferior, lazy paradite.

          • Proud Yoruba

            What about your thieving ibo parasite governors, who is going to probe them when you sit in someone else’s land interfering in their local matters when all your leaders a dirty thieves?

            Where us your moral ground and who told you that as a guest in our land you can speak against any Yoruba?

            We will not take this from low life oarasite ibos. We feed you, you pay no taxes, and you enjoy all our services, but you can’t keep your mouth shut or behave.

            You need to shut up immediately.

      • Comfortkay

        No one can remove the Oba of Lagos for making statement and l need to let you know that many people in this country has said worst things than what the King said and nothing happens to them . I will just advise you to pack your load and leave Lagos for us.

        • domy

          Hahahaha…Ibos are here to make things happen and it’s happening already!!! Can’t you see that?Okpoko

          • Tonnero

            Igbo. As usual, not very wise. You are sticking your fingers in your own eyes. The repercussions will come and will last. Mark my words.

          • domy

            It will not come even after your next generation. Sorry about that but just try and live with it before you get heart attack. No one knows you even exist on this planet my darling Tonero.

      • Proud Yoruba

        Who is going to remove him, an ibo slave? Goodluck with that.

    • PolyGon2013

      Igbos do not have traditional rulers, and as such, it is hard for them to understand.

      • Proud Yoruba

        It is not because they don’t have rulers that they don’t understand, it’s because they are incurable sociopaths.

  • Examiner


    • Comfortkay

      Go to hell.

      • domy

        If you get to that hell first…please make your self comfortable cos your name has spoken for you…ode!

        • Proud Yoruba

          She is not going to hell, you are!

          Never talk back to a Yoruba again you dirty, stinking ibo parasite.

          • domy

            Lol…Since you have decided to join her there…I wish you two the very best of wild fire in hell. My regards to Lucifer and please tell him I didn’t make it. Hurry please cos they have been waiting for so long.

      • Tonnero

        Ignore the sore losers. There is nothing they can do. GMB has won and will bring the change we need.

    • Olu

      You mean voting by hatred and sentiments. Tell me which other Geo-political zones you people don’t have issues with. You call Hausa/Fulani names, you disapprove Yorubas and nick naming them. Very soon you will start to cry of marginalization when you’ve already marginalized yourselves. Your actions are based on hatred and ethic bias.

      • Uchechukwu


        • domy

          Uche please leave ofe mmanu people alone! They have all sold their birth rights to possibly one person in Lagos. What else do you want from them? Worthless people!

          • Proud Yoruba

            Who are you calling worthless, you ugly ibo parasite.

            Yorubas feed you, so you better show some respect. You contribute nothing to our economy, you just sit with your ugly moth waiting for food to come from Yorubas.

            Why not go back to your land and see how wonderful life is there.

            Anyway, don’t worry, we are sending you all back soon.

            We are not hiring ibis anymore, we will not buy from you, and we will not rent to you. Let’s see how long you’ll last.

          • domy

            Hahaha…can you check out all your grammatical blunders? That’s just the starting point of your daft personality! True I have cool respect for some Yorubas…some are great…but I don’t have any for worthless people like you. I am not even sure that your great grand children will have any contribution to the welfare of this Lagos state since you are already a failure. I wonder how many ibos you have hired…ever bought from…or rented to! What exactly do you have to offer? Nothing right? Trust me you don’t that’s why you can only hide here speaking evil. But I can assure of one thing…we have come to stay because we have all it takes…we make things happen…and we will be here till death do us all apart oooo. I am sure you will be leaving soonest the moment you sell the last drop of your birth right to that man that has been helping you to keep them. Olodo one of Lagos.

        • Proud Yoruba

          Ibo is only greatest ass holes, greatest scumbags, greatest thieves, and greatest parasites.

          You don’t call Yorubas names, show some respect to the person that feeds you.

      • Proud Yoruba

        They are sociopaths. Totally incapable of having and sustaining relationships with anyone.

        They claim everything and do nothing but steal and lie

        Bloody ibo parasites.

    • domy

      Good Examiner…you have to examine some people here for me jare! I will be sending in their names shortly cos ha bu ndi uchu!

    • Proud Yoruba

      What ibo is intelligent? You daft boy. You are all fake drug peddling parasites coming to Lagos to steal and cause mischief.

      If ibo is intelligent, then go hone and develop your land now.

  • sinclair


    There is no point complaining that Alhaji Bola Tinubu and Alhaji Raji Fasola
    have stolen these and those if Lagosians refuse to vote them out to face
    detention and sentencing for theft. The Igbo must join hands with non-Muslim
    Yoruba to save themselves in Lagos and put a stop to the irresponsible
    behaviour of Lagos Muslims; including the Muslim Oba Rilwanu Akiolu and the
    duo of Alhaji Bola Ahmed and Alhaji Raji Fashola. APC party must go on April 11th
    to restore peace to Lagos. Official thefts by the APC officials have now nearly
    destroyed Lagos community by provoking violent robbery in Lagos society by
    their force of example. Violent deaths are daily occurrences in Lagos under the
    Islamist APC party which promotes mass illiteracy as public policy in Lagos state.

    • Olu

      You will go and stop the stealing in Abia, Enugun, Anambra and others. Yorubas are not complaining. After all, your Azikwe Jonathan is a friend and promoters of looters and drug dealers. Check is kitchen cabinet and those around him.

      • akindee

        Who told you that? We are not complaining ke? You will see
        how we will complain about APC stealing thefts this Saturday
        by voting for PDP and Jimi Agbaje all the way. Theft is NOT
        Yoruba culture. We detest it. We will make sure that we
        see Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola to prison for stealing.

        • kkk

          So in your shallow thinking Pdp are saints. Some of you reason with your anus.

    • Proud Yoruba

      You don’t have a say in Yoruba politics, so you can shut your mouth low life oarasite.

      Who do you think you are?

      Which Yoruba us going to align with you ibo thief? Please go back to your land to develop it.

    • sab

      you are not just a low life parasite but a nonentity who abandons his biz to cheat into another man’s biz
      why cant you go to your village and vote for the sinking ship pdp you all voted for march 28

  • Olu

    How many Ibo state can we have Yoruba Oba reigning (or what is the meaning of Eze Ndigbo in Yoruba land)? Wonders shall never end. Now, some people can start to take Yorubas kindness and accommodation for granted. Very soon, they will start to claim right to Obaship. It will never happen. Yorubas are cultured. Let who don’t know get to know that Yorubas are cultured people, we don’t open our mouth anyhow against our leaders and rulers.

    • Don

      Olu, You may not know it but it is standard practice actually. In the Hausa North,
      there is an Oba of Yoruba people. That does not mean the Oba of Yoruba in Hausaland
      is paramount; no, but it fulfils the need of those Yoruba people outside Yorubaland to have
      a rallying point on Yoruba cultural matters which the Emirs in the north do not understand.
      The same thing with the Igbo people in Lagos state. I hope you get it now?

      • I go die O!


        • Proud Yoruba

          How about the ibos commit suicide?

      • domy


      • Proud Yoruba

        Yeah we get it that they are all thieving parasites always looking for a free meal.

        Why you can’t understand the Yorubas hatred for you, I don’t know. We don’t want you in our land.

        You contribute nothing, they send you from your village to come and steal from us. As you can see, the people and now the Oba is tired of you

        You are provoking Yorubas intensely and God help us all because we are going to stop hiring you, buying from you, and renting to. There will be an economic embargo in ibis in Yoruba land. That’s the first phase of operation ibo must go.

  • Don


    Oba Akiolu’s threat to throw Igbo people into Lagos lagoon

    i don’t think this matter is about respect for Oba Akiolu. I think the lawyer
    is talking about peace in Lagos. He says the Oba of Lagos is better removed
    for public peace. I think the lawyer is correct. See, i know that all non-Yoruba
    except the Hausa people will vote for Jimi Agbaje this Saturday. That means
    Jimi Agbaje will become the next Governor of Lagos. The Oba of Lagos will now
    start hunting all over the place for Igbo people to throw into the Lagos lagoon.
    Is that how to get peace in Lagos? No. Oba Akiolu must go for public peace.
    He’s lost the trust and respect of people for carrying broom all over the place.

  • Okey

    Lagosians are faced to choose between “CONTINUITY” and “CHANGE” in Lagos.And luckily, those who ran to their states of origin when they thought there was going to be crisis immediately after March 28 presidential election are back to there bases, especially Lagos. So the number and size of the citizens that will make a choice between “Continuity” and “Change” are now more, and choice they must make on April 11.

    I join APC in saying to voters, “After voting, wait and protect your vote.”

    • Olu

      Lagos governorship election will never be determined by people who will run away to where they call homes when there is crisis. It will be determined by people who know that crisis is not good for their land. Yorubas are not war mongers.

      • Okey

        But thank God for Jonathan’s statesmanliness in quickly dousing tension by early concession of defeated. The “run-away” has come back and you CANNOT deny him or her from voting on Saturday. Please, fret not over CHANGE.

  • Proud Yoruba

    There will never be unity between Yorubas and dirty ibo parasites. We hate them intensely, and want them off our land. You can’t go insulting our Oba Na causing mischief in our elections and go unscathed.

    Oh no, no. Ibos will be unwelcome from now on in Yorubaland, and we will not relent toll everyone of is eradicated from our land.

    Spread the word, Oba has spoken, we want nothing to do with ibo parasites.

  • Dayo

    In as much that i do not want to be seen as tribal extremist, i’m Yoruba to my bone. The igbos should not take advantage of our kindness and accommodating culture to be mean foolishness, i’m yet to see a yoruba man occupying any state position in any eastern states or a bale of yorubaland in any igbo communities or villages in igboland, our Oba have spoken, if any igbo does not feel comfortable with that, should vacate our land. Those parasitic igbos dont build houses in Lagos, they make money here and build the best houses in their Village. Yorubas are truly democrats, APC and well known Yoruba elderstatemen distance themselves from the Oba’s statement and that is fair enough, we yorubas support what is right. If the igobs feel their state and government are better off than the transformation experienced in Lagos, then they should leave the state Period!!. I’m definitely working a software that will make tax mandatory for all residence in Lagos, if those igbo are not tax residence, they should be deported.

  • abu

    What is all this ‘Eze Ndi Igbo’ stuff? People just promoting themselves for pride and material profit. Go to Igbo land and see, that there’s no such thing as Eze Ndi Igbo. The Igbo tribes themselves have mutual hatred for one another. Anambara and Enugu people they are superior to other Igbos, and Imo and Abia people waste their time doing office work. Imo and Abia thing Enugu and Anambara are too greedy, too proud, and are all thieves, and ready any day to be armed robbers, just to fulfill society expectations. Imo, Abia, and Anambara think Enugu and Ebonyi are ‘wa-wa’. Ebonyi mistrusts all other Igbo groups as being too proud and making Igbos look bad. If they think there is anything like Ndi Igbo let them redeem themselves from Nigerian marginalization.