Danjuma compares election with Nigerian war, says Ojukwu failed to act like Jonathan

Theophilus Danjuma (left), former President Goodluck Jonathan (right)

A former Minister of Defence and wartime military officer, Theophilus Danjuma, has blamed the late Biafran warlord, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, for the bloodshed that took place during Nigeria’s civil war, saying Mr. Ojukwu failed to concede defeat as President Goodluck Jonathan recently did to Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking Wednesday after a meeting with President Jonathan in Abuja, Mr. Danjuma praised the president for giving up on the elections after it became clear he had lost. Mr. Jonathan had visited Mr. Danjuma at him home in Abuja.

The former military chief charged African and world leaders to emulate Mr. Jonathan, saying the president had set a record in Africa by conceding defeat and congratulating the opposition candidate, Mr. Buhari, even before the final result of the poll was announced.

According to him, the position taken by the president was new in Nigeria.

“The outcome of the election and the manner in which President Jonathan conceded victory to Buhari is totally un-African,” Mr. Danjuma said. “It is very new in the history of our country.”

Mr. Danjuma then made a startling comparison between the polls and the bloody civil war that ended the lives of more than a million Nigerians between 1967 and 1970.

The former defence chief said the bloodshed could have been averted but for the defiance of Mr. Ojukwu, whom he accused of refusing to give up when federal troops swept through Biafra’s stronghold in the South East.

“If Ojukwu did the same after the fall of Enugu when his government fled into exile, if he had conceded victory to the federal troops, it would have saved the nation one full year of bloodshed,” he said.

“So, President Jonathan has set a record and it is something to be emulated by the rest of Africa and indeed, the whole world,’’ Mr. Danjuma said.

Mr. Danjuma, who holds oil field titles and is one of Nigeria’s richest men alive, in January drew the fury of Niger Delta ex-militant leaders after he demanded they be arrested for threatening war if Mr. Jonathan loses the presidential election.

The ex-militants declared Mr. Danjuma unwanted in the oil rich region and demanded an apology from him.


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  • Wähala

    TY Danjuma is one of the 3-Axis of evil in Nigeria today in company with IBB and OBJ… the architects of the 100yr conquered policy for oppression of the Igbos. Danjuma is a vile crook who once made a profit of $500million after selling an oil well Abacha illegally “gifted” him, and boasted he did not know what to do with the windfall. Recently, he has held Taraba State to ransom by propping up a brain-dead Gov. Suntai and blocking his Deputy from running the State as required by the Constitution. While IBB milks the country dry thru his defense contracting job to the Nigerian Military, TY Danjuma gets his cut via his strangle hold on Taraba State’s treasury and other sundry deals. OBJ on his own, is on record as the first & only Minister-President Nigeria has ever had, stole the Ministry of Petroleum dry and as I type, one of his daughters makes $300million/mo from oil deals brokered by Baba Iyabo. Late Ojukwu did not lose election in Enugu, thus, it is rather crass to bring his name up now. Hitler did not concede defeat after the fall of Berlin, and it took a couple of nucler bombs for Emperor Hirohito of Japan to bow to superior powers. Danjuma is an Igbo hater who murdered Ironsi by dragging him tied to a military jeep along Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, he is a sadist who relishes in reminiscing in the pogrom they orchestrated against Ndigbo during the war. Danjuma is a corrupt old pfool who recently lost $10million he reportedly paid to have his candidates selected as PDP election winners, a case that alomost cost Adamu Mu’azu his job and is the cause of his troubles with Uche Secondus and their BoT. Hopefully, Gen. Buhari will cancel all private ownership of oil wells and return our common patrimony to Nigerians. TY Danjuma is an asshole who will die hard for mocking the dead. Real soldiers respect fallen soldiers on either side of the divide, Danjuma was a quota-system soldier and an irresponsible old clown and war criminal… in sane clime. Arschloch!

    • Chris1408

      Don’t mind the unrepentant thief, they parade themselves as statesmen, but they are nothing but common thieves. Shameless old man

      • Tunsj

        You forgot a buffoon.

        • Chris1408

          LOL, yes, that too.

    • Abdulazeez Oyibo

      The kind of soldiers we have in this country really baffles me. And I’m talking about the top brass! We’ve seen it all,name it. A true soldier should command deep respect from his community. If he fails this test, he’s a fake! In the wake of the recent elections and insurgency, we had the opportunity of knowing the extent of their efficiency and professionalism. I need not state the obvious. You can see more reason why this cause for “Change” had to be fought at all cost. They has us strapped and were eager to blow up.

    • Tonnero

      Hogwash. From top to bottom. You guys need to park this victim mentality. No one has the time to draw a plan for Igbo oppression. To what end? The war resulted from actions that the Igbos took that angered the North including Danjuma even though they over-reacted. But, as we know reaction is always several times greater than action in human interactions. He did not sell an “oil well”. He sold equity in his oil field and made a lot of money but there is nothing criminal in that. You may not like the fact that he got the block on discretionary allocation but that was the law at that time much as I dislike it myself. On one hand, you say he has more money than he knows what to do with but on the other, you say he has his hands on Taraba State treasury. I know your traditional, misplaced hatred for OBJ. You say he stole all the Petroleum Ministry’s money in eight years but during this time, he paid off $35bn debt (by paying $12bn and getting the balance written off), saved $67bn surplus, grew NLNG from two to six trains, held at least two block bid rounds and commissioned two other LNG plants in Olokola and Brass. He also oversaw the expansion of deepwater production through fields like Agbami and Usan. If that is stealing, I certainly want to see more of it. It is ridiculous for you to say his daughter makes $300million/month. Alhaji, softly softly tell lies now. It means that in 12 months, she would make $3.6bn which would leapfrog her over Oprah Winfrey whose total worth is reported as circa $3bn! You should do a check on these things before you rush to press.

      I notice you go overboard when you feel Igbos have been attacked. Unfortunately that often means you miss the point. Danjuma’s comparison is simple and valid even if you disagree: two people face certain defeat. One concedes and saves lives. The other refuses to concede and loses even more lives. I do not understand why you say they are not comparable unless you think losing Niger Delta lives is less important than losing Igbo lives.

      Your statement about oil fields shows you have no clue of how the oil and gas industry works. This is not the place to educate you. You should do your own research.

      Finally, Danjuma remains one of the finest gentlemen to have come out of the Nigerian army. He has shown that by outwitting your own generals during the civil war and does not suffer fools gladly. If you feel bad because he was one of the main architects of the coup against Ironsi, too bad. Given how you Igbos sound today, you would do exactly the same if you were in Danjuma’s shoes. I have to conclude that you simply hate these guys because they defeated you in war! Guys, are we going to keep hanging on to this loss for the next 200 years? You mentioned America dropping NUCLEAR BOMBS on Japan during WWII but today these two guys are very good friends. Germany, where you live, was roundly defeated by the allies TWICE (first and second world wars) and their land was shared between the Americans and Russians and occupied for 50 years until the fall of the Berlin wall! Are the Germans fighting these guys today? I am sure the Igbos and the Yorubas have fought wars within themselves (the Yoruba wars) and killed several of their own people. Are they supposed to continue fighting forever? If Biafra had won the war, would you be expecting a permanently hostile state next to you assuming you managed to secede? You guys need to grow up.

  • Chris1408

    Nigerian half baked army generals like Danjuma are the richest military men in the world. People like Danjuma institutionalized corruption in Nigeria. It will be very difficult for Nigeria to move forward with people like Danjuma alive

    • Wähala

      Wonder why Dumbo would be visiting Danjuma in his private house rather than the other way around?
      It’s because oil well licenses are up for renewal and now that Dumbo is heading back to Otuoke, they must be panicking about what to expect in the near future. Don’t worry, Buhari will expose all of them… and, we will be here to demand it, Tinubu or OBJ, all of them will cough out their illegalities in oil industry. Thieves! That’s what they’re good at, fraud. While the industrious Igbos work round the clock for their keep, lazy & dependent clowns steal their daily bread. Imagine, aboki Danjuma taking a poke at Ndigbo at a time the Oba of Lagos was running his mouth. Maybe, it’s time to revisit that Biafra War and see who stands now that the world is a indisposed to fighting other peoples’ wars. Animals!

      • Otile

        From time to time you show that you are an erudite scholar worth your salt except when you insult my Igbo race. Keep away from despising Igbo people you will be alright.

        • Tunsj

          Really? Sometimes, you yourself insult the Yoruba race. So what are you talking about?

        • Wähala

          Go siddon!
          I’m more Igbo than Ikwerre tout like you…
          I survived that Biafran war and take serious umbrage with Danjuma’s comparison of elections with war of attrition that almost annihilated the Igbos. We, Igbos, are majority Catholics and obliged to forgive otherwise, I work in Switzerland and see all these thugs’ children from time-to-time… so, it’s quite easy for me to exert revenge if the likes of Danjuma keep provoking shit. Sha, how I wish I can wrap my hands around his old neck right now… Aboki Barawo Banza! OLOSHI

      • noname anonymous

        If we stopped paying stipends to traditional rulers and renovating their palaces from public funds, that would be a great step. We are in a democracy: there is no place for officials who have not been elected by the general public, or appointed strictly on merit.
        We suffer on the big issues, because we haven’t handled the small issues well: small issues like banning traditional rulers and cancelling NYSC because it is forced labour and violates fundamental human rights as well as at least one convention to which Nigeria is a signatory (International Labour Organisation convention on forced labour).
        The Bible says he who is faithful in small things will be faithful in large things. If you have not been faithful in small things who is going to give you a large thing? So we wallow in self-imposed misery.

      • onyema22ohaka

        You are still in hausa/fulani cum yoruba deep slumber.The chicken will soon come home to roost for you.

      • Tonnero

        Which Igbos work round the clock? If you are talking of rent-seeking behaviour, the Igbo is just as bad as other ethnic groups. Ifeanyi Ubah, Arthur Eze, Innosson, Emeka Offor (I can go on and on). These guys are ALWAYS friends to any new government so they can corner advantages for themselves just like Otedola, Adenuga, Dangote etc. If you are talking criminality, the Igbo is right up there compared to other compatriots dealing in hard drugs, kidnapping, advanced fee fraud, prostitution etc . Arthur Nzeribe was even gun-running!

        While it is true that there are hardworking Igbos, it is laughable that you think they are the only ones working hard. Typical Igbo man, every Igbo man doing well is working hard but other people doing well are not. And I am surprised you join in peddling the untruth that Biafra was defeated because others fought for Nigeria when it is a documented fact that the Biafrans used mercenaries and paid heavily for their services. All you have to do is search on youtube and you will see VIDEOS to establish that.

        The fact is that you Igbos overestimate yourselves and underestimate others. That is why you keep getting whitewashed everyday. A wise strategist does not engage in boasting. Did you notice how the elections ended in the North? How many of them bothered to respond to your Igbo compatriots when they were ranting and making noise everywhere? Now where are the Chukwemeka Ezeifes, the Alex Ekwuemes and co who signed unto those obnoxious statements coming from the Southern Nigeria People’s Assembly?

        By virtue of being in the trenches together in the kick out Dumbo campaign, you are my friend. I expect you to help in moderating the views of your compatriots not to stoke them because I honestly think that by their comportment, they make avoidable enemies for themselves and when the backlash comes, they seem surprised. They are definitely not making friends in Lagos when the openly come and give the impression they want to seek to wield a veto power over what most Lagosians want. In spite of the apologies, I expect this to significantly affect the Igbo in Lagos for a long time and even Agbaje cannot help them.

        In a war, everyone loses. However, if you really think the Igbo can defeat Nigeria in a war, you really need to think again. They are weak in all the major elements that will swing the war – small, encircled territory, no access to sea and no flight path for supplies without going through Nigerian air space (unless you assume Cross River and Akwa Ibom will go with you which is, at best, a pipe dream). Vulnerable to land, sea and air blockades and easy to squash from all sides as they are surrounded. Given their smaller population, a war of attribution would impact them more severely and, in terms of willingness to fight and die, I am yet to see an Igbo suicide bomber! Maybe you should look at the map again. Else you may be making the same miscalculation Ojukwu did.

    • Tunsj

      Thank you! I have been saying the same thing.

    • noname anonymous

      They should be in jail. Buhari for murder, Danjuma for receiving public property at an undervalue. We should push for them to be arrested immediately and tried before a properly constituted court, especially Buhari because murder is the more serious crime.

  • Otile

    This brain dead thief is at it again. Dim Ojukwu acted bravely to save Igbo lives under extinction by Danjuma’s tribesmen. Did Ijaw people suffer any pogrom during this election? This stupid_man does not know the difference between election and pogrom.

    Dr Jonathan is a well educated gentle man and cannot be compared with illiterate Buhari or super illiterate Danjuma himself. If Dr Jonathan has acted like the illiterate thug soldiers of yore there would not be peace in continent Nigeria after this rigged election. Shame on Danjuma.

    • noname anonymous

      I generally agree with you. But don’t call Danjuma and Buhari illiterate or semi-illiterate because they can read and that allows the nit-pickers amongst us to claim they don’t understand that the terms are being used figuratively; instead, call Danjuma and Buhari dumb and dumber respectively. Or you could switch it around and call them dumber and dumb respectively.

    • Tonnero

      As usual, your smoke filled brain did not allow you to understand what Danjuma is saying. Both men, Jonathan and Ojukwu, faced certain defeat. One conceded quickly thereby averting potentially major crisis; the other, full or arrogance, ego, braggadocio, propaganda and sheer stupidity, refused to concede thereby lengthening the war for another one year resulting in even more casualties. There is something wrong with most of you. There is a fine line between persistence and foolishness. Most of you do not know when you cross that line. I can see the repeat of the Ojukwu behaviour in most of you even today.

  • Lanre

    A majority of Nigerians are illiterate and uneducated. That is the reason they keep throwing up sub-par individuals to govern them – Shagari, Buhari, Obasanjo, Babangida, Abubakar, Yar’adua, Jonathan, Danjuma, David Mark. I remember this same Buhari saying in 1983/84 a people deserve the leadership they get. My message for High Chief, General Theophilus Danjuma, the conqueror of the Igbos is that a referendum to determine who wants to remain in Nigeria is long overdue. Nigeria is a farce and charade.

    • noname anonymous

      A referendum is imperative. That would be true democracy, not this farce we are currently experiencing under Northern domination.

    • Moe


    • Tonnero

      And you actually think you made any sense with this asinine post? You must be classmates with Goodluck Jonathan.

  • barry

    Sometimes i do not know our stand in Nigeria and also why is it all the tribe in Nigeria are tacking us . The other day Oba of Lagos was treating Igbo that if they did not vote his candidate or risk perishing inside the lagoon. And now this Danjuma had blamed the late Biafran warlord, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, saying Mr. Ojukwu failed to concede defeat as President Goodluck Jonathan recently did to Muhammadu Buhari. How can him compare what happened in war to Jonathan Sega. For my own observation they have degraded igbo race in nigeria as no body to the extent any one can come from any were to talk against igbo raise. Please what is the problem and why are all this thing happened to igbo race. are we not part of nigeria or because they claimed they won a war.


      Stop being evil. Interpret the presidential election voting pattern of the Ibos, and you’ll see how they think

  • PARASITES_in_Power???

    REVEALED!!!… “83 per cent of oil blocks in Nigeria are owned by Northerners” – Senator Senator Ita Enang (The Nation Newspaper)

    ….David Mark asked him if he had evidence. Senator Ita Enang, immediately produced a document which he read out loud.
    Below is the list presented by Senator Enang:
    1. Sanusi Lamido (Seplat/Platform Petroleum) – operators of the ASUOKPU/UMUTU marginal field
    2. Rtrd Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (South Atlantic Petroleum Ltd (SAPETRO), OPL 246.
    3. Alhaji (Colonel) Sani Bello (AMNI Int’l Petroleum & Dev Comp) operatovrs of OML 112 and OML 117
    4. Rilwanu Lukman, former OPEC Chair (AMNI oil blocks)
    5. Alhaji Indimi (Oriental Energy Resources Ltd) , runs three oil blocks: OML 15, the Okwok field and the Ebok field.
    6. Alhaji Aminu Dantata ( Express Petroleum and Gas Ltd) – operates OML 108.
    7. Alhaji Yinka Folawiyo – (Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Ltd ) – allocated OML 113
    8. Emeka Offor (Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited ) – OPL 291 with interest in Addax Petroleum.
    9. Mike Adenuga (Conoil ), with six oil blocks;
    10.Alhaji Saleh Mohammed Gambo (North East Petroleum Ltd) , holder of OPL 215, OPL 276 & OPL 283
    11.Abubakar Atiku, Yar’Adua and Ado Bayero, (INTEL) with substantial stakes in Nigeria’s oil exploration industry

    “These need to be looked into, revoked and re-awarded. The Federal Character which is a principle applicable in every aspect of our national existence should also be brought to bear in the application of our oil blocks, marginal fields and prospecting licences.” – Most Honourable Senator Ita Enang (Akwa Ibom)
    —-Speaking also in favour of the bill, Senator Chris Anyanwu (Imo East) said the bill would address the issue of criminality in the sector.

    Dear SS&SE peoples, where art thy names on the list? Is this JUSTICE?… Is this CORRUPTION? …For how long will this continue?
    FOI Bill should be invoked right away. The Niger Delta & the public should know who has oil licenses and how they were acquired.
    Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of EQUITY & JUSTICE.

    • Abdulazeez Oyibo

      Information is power. Let’s use it wisely.

  • truth is bitter

    You ibos can use your head to walk from lagos to your cursed land and pack yourselves like rats from north in same way. The fact is ojukwu was a greedy arrogant bastard. That led you morons into a needless war simple. You can swallow poison if you like that is the truth and that is final.


      Truth is Bitter o

  • Bejim

    I do not see a failure to concede defeat (or victory) in an election, desirable as it may be, as justification for the extra-judicial killing of people. I do not see any justification for the killing of a people just for opting out of a country that did not want them and does not want them still. Over 40 years after forcibly “keeping Nigeria one”, Ojukwu’s people are still being told that they are not citizens in some parts of Nigeria. Why was the Civil War fought in the first place? I will appreciate any enlightenment on this.


      The war was fought bcos Ojukwu wanted to become emperor of Biafria. PERIOD!

    • truth is bitter

      No body is telling them they are not welcome. But you don’t come to a man’s house gives you warm welcome and then you turn to tell him is land is no man’s land, or you start using insane words to discribe his family members. If your house was good in the first instance why come to surjorn in his house? And pls look at this critically. The way ibos go to other part of Nigeria and flourish you should ask are other tribes welcome in the five ibos states in same manner. The ans is CAPITAL NO. Try go to onitsha and try to buy a land for business that will develop their immediate environment. You will be in for the shock of your life. First they will tell you they don’t sell land to strangers you have to lease or rent it. At cut throat price. And besides the yorubas are bad the fulanis are bad. The hausas are bad. The ijawas are suspicious of them the calabar and their immediate neighbours don’t trust them. Can’t you figure that out that they really have a problem.

  • Desmond Blessing

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    #1000 per 50Kg bag, call Sales Rep Mrs Abimbola 08039415204 for more Details and Quotes.

  • Emmanuel Maduagwu

    If it is still being maintained that the January 15, 1966 military Coup was an Ibo Coup, then why did T Y Danjuma and his Northern troops not concede “defeat” to the “Ibo Coup” military officers instead of mounting a Counter coup months later. May be T Y should tell us why he did not behave like Jonathan, then!