EXCLUSIVE: MEND considers team to dialogue with Buhari on “unresolved Niger Delta issues”

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta is considering dialogue with the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on unresolved issues affecting the region, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report.

A South African source who cannot be named for security reasons, said MEND’s leader, Henry Okah, has already given a nod for “Aaron Team 2” to be constituted.

At the peak of the Niger Delta crisis, which resulted in a dip in the country’s oil production quota, MEND had set up what it referred to as “Aaron Team” to dialogue with the Federal Government on ways of ending the long-drawn hostilities.

The Aaron Team was set up in 2009 shortly before late President, Umaru Yar’Adua, became sick.

It consisted of Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, former Chief of General Staff, late Mike Akhigbe, a retired vice admiral, Luke Aprezi, a retired general, Denzil Kentebe Amagbe and Sabella Abidde.

MEND’s leader, Mr. Okah and Farah Dagogo, were on the team as observers.

Mr. Yar’Adua, on November 2009, met with the Aaron Team against the advice of his Defence Minister, Godwin Abe, and some repentant militants led by Government Ekpemukpolo, alias Tomplo.

The late president, during the closed door meeting, assured the team that he would undertake a tour of the Niger Delta to see things for himself and urged cooperation with other stakeholders in order to restore peace to the region ravaged by bloody conflict.

The meeting was said to be largely exploratory but the team strongly canvassed true federalism as a means of engendering unity and economic development of the country.

Shortly after the meeting, the team, led by Mr. Akhigbe launched a website which sought to rally Niger Delta people and Nigerians to contribute to the dialogue.

“As you are all aware, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta [MEND] has put together a team of well-meaning Nigerians called Aaron Team, to dialogue with the Federal Government in order to find lasting solutions to the problems plaguing the Niger Delta,” Mr. Akhigbe wrote.

“The Team hopes to use this website as a means through which Niger Deltans, Nigerians, and Friends of Nigeria, can contribute to and follow the process.

“As much as we cannot address each individual comment or question, please know that we will do our best to keep you abreast of the dynamics of our dialogue. We are committed to working with the Federal Government of Nigeria to identify lasting solutions to the problems plaguing the Niger Delta.”

However, our source said MEND did not subscribe to the Amnesty Programme initiated by the Federal Government on the ground that it did not address the core issues that led to the armed struggle in the region.

“A new team is being assembled to dialogue with the new government of General Buhari over the root issues that gave rise to militancy,” said the source. “Those issues have not been addressed long after the government singed the fraudulent amnesty deal.

“President Goodluck Jonathan abandoned the blueprint prepared by late Yar’Adua which could have provided a holistic solution to the region’s many problems.

“He even refused to dialogue and rather preferred to court a few commanders to abandon the struggle, employed divide-and-rule tactics and used the fraudulent Niger Delta Amnesty programme as a smokescreen.”

He noted that the new initiative for dialogue by the group had nothing to do with the defeat of Mr. Jonathan at the presidential elections.

According to him, the Niger Delta struggle was never an Ijaw cause or about Mr. Jonathan, adding that the amnesty declared by the government only benefited a few Ijaw youth, while majority of the people of the region are still suffering.

When contacted, a member of “Aaron Team 1” and United States-based Professor of Political Science, Mr. Abidde confirmed that MEND will soon name a new team to dialogue with Mr. Buhari’s administration.

Mr. Abidde, a longtime critic of Mr. Jonathan, teaches at the Alabama State University.

Unlike the ongoing amnesty and empowerment of a few, Mr. Abidde insisted that the Niger Delta struggle has never been an Ijaw agenda.

The professor of political science noted that the Niger Delta region is not inhabited by Ijaws alone, adding that the amnesty and other Federal Government’s interventions in the region largely benefited Ijaws to the detriment of the other tribes.

Instead of a holistic development and comprehensive empowerment which were promised, he said the Jonathan administration doled out cash and juicy contracts to some Ijaw in the struggle and abandoned the entire region.

“As we speak, there is not a single five-star infrastructure anywhere in the Niger Delta region,” Mr. Abide said. “The Ogoni lands and waters are yet to be cleaned after the UNDP report was published.

“Many oil bearing communities across the region are still drinking polluted water and fishing in waters flowing with spilled crude. They are still cultivating farms with thick parches of crude and nobody is doing anything about it.

“The Niger Delta struggle issue wasn’t about the Ijaws alone. It was about every ethnic nationality that calls the region home — including the Isoko, Ibibios, Itsekiris, Urhobos, Binins, Esangs, Ogonis, Efiks, Ikweres and many others.”

The Okah brothers, Henry and Charles, who are top leaders of MEND, are currently being held in prisons in South Africa and Abuja respectively for their alleged roles in the 50th Independence Anniversary bombing in Abuja.

MEND has been fighting for years for a greater share of oil revenues from the Niger Delta, home to Africa’s biggest oil and gas industry.

The region, which is also home to President Jonathan, is impoverished and polluted by spills.


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  • Fanen Harden

    Sudenly you people are waking up to Start MEND and dialoging issue theris God oooooo. Anyway I hope Buhari finds lasting solution to this. But i wonder for 6 good years of Dr. Ebele Azikiwe Goodluck Jonathan in power no one remember such a thing. now MEND quickly realise they have issues that needs attention, I wonder why my DOWN SOUTH GUYS (MEND) didnt remember this during a Goodluck led presidency. we hope for solution we want lasting solution to this including THE UP NORTH GUYS (Boko Haram)

    • 9jaIsFinished

      I disagree with you! If you have been following the issues in the Niger Delta region, you would have observed that MEND is the only group that refused the Amnesty programme as they saw it as a way of bribing to sweep the root issues under the carpet, rather tham addressing them. They are the only group to have consistently criticise the programme and Jonathan’s government’s handling of the whole issue. So, they haven’t suddenly woken up as you say. For me, this is a very good move by MEND and I hope Buhari would look into it.

      • Fanen Harden

        Thanks for clearing me bro @9jalsFinished. its the lasting solution am hoping for.

      • Abdul

        I agree with and i think MEND is the only genuine freedom organisation among the lots, the rest are criminal. Even now, they are not asking for appointment but constitute a team of great Nigerians who will help them negotiate Niger Delta cause.

      • Shehu Monguno

        Pls who made up MEND? If MEND refused the Amnesty why then was Henry Okah who was standing trial freed? we all have to be very careful because we still need their oil to survivie

        • 9jaIsFinished

          Henry Okah’s freedom was part of the deal to get MEND to accept the amnesty. However, that does not mean MEND accepted the offer.

          • Shehu Monguno

            It was a part of the deal and yet you did not accept the offer? hmmm

          • 9jaIsFinished

            Becuase they saw the government was not willing to address the root issues but trying to use to amnesty to sweep them under the carpet.

  • Chris1408

    Tompolo is now a billionaire and flies around the world in private jet. Asari sees himself above the law. These guys were about their pockets and careless about Niger delta. Every part of Nigeria needs development.

    • burning spear


      • Chris1408

        Is Niger delta about Ijaw people only? There are more than 100 different tribes in the region and Ijaw people are not even majority. Ijaw people just took criminality to a different height. Y’all need to get education and pass thru the ranks like every other tribes. Y’all wants to wallow in the creeks and be handed dollars.

        • 9jaIsFinished

          You obviously haven’t a clue about the Niger Delta region and the Ijaw tribe.

          • Tonnero

            Mr. Niger Delta, what did he say there that is not true? The Ijaws are just greedy trouble makers. The Ikwerres, Isokos, Urhobos, Itsekiris produce large quantities of oil. In fact, Akwa Ibom is the number one oil producing state today. How many of these people do you see making a nuisance of themselves like the Ijaw? Meanwhile cross river and akwa ibom are moving on in development while Bayelsa is a glorified village due to the stealing from your governors including Alams, Jonathan, Timipre Sylva and Dickson.

      • Akiika

        Why is it that only the illiterate touts and thugs that come out to represent you guys? I lived in PH in my NYSC service years, y’all need to go to school and stop all these militancy and contract hunting around oil companies. Check the list….Orubebe, Clark, Tompolo, Okar brothers, Asari…e.t.c

        • 9jaIsFinished

          My brother, if you know the Okah brothers, you would never include them in your list of “illiterate touts and thugs”. To put it quite simple, you are nowhere as educated and exposed as they are.

          • Akiika

            No wonder they’re both in jail in 2 different countries!
            Their literacy led them there.

          • 9jaIsFinished

            Never knew that was a reason to be jailed. Tells a lot about your mentality. Anyway, I am talking with a very ignorant person so no point wasting my time with you.

      • Tonnero

        It was discovered in 1956. You always leave out a small detail: who discovered it? Was it your father? Did he discover it and then it was taken away from him? Shell discovered oil in 1956 in Oloibiri. Before 1970 and the creation of OPEC, the Nigerian state was paid very little in terms of taxes and royalties.Mining companies exist all over the world. Anglogold is the largest mining company in South Africa and does its business across several terrains. You do not hear the natives making useless noise like you people do. There is mining for solid minerals in other parts of Nigeria, you do not hear them making so much noise. The mining business is not peculiar to Nigeria. The only difference is that you guys are too greedy wanting to take oil that you did not spend one kobo to find talk less to produce.

  • burning spear

    Its really sad to see Abidde–an Ijaw from Agbere-in the Salga-attempt once again to re-enslave the people of the Niger Delta—-once more——The question I have for Abbide is this–(was it the Ijaws who sent MEND to bomb Abuja and Lagos? And was that part of the Kaima Declaration–?Besides why did MEND BOMB THE COUNTRY HOME OF JONATHAN—a SITUATION WHICH LED TO THE DEATH OF HIS FATHER———-Yes Jonathan made mistakes based on the regional advice he got from the Fulanis ATI YORUBAS TRAITORS he surrounded himself with-MEND will never get anywhere with Buhari–except they were also cloned by the CIA–to paint Jonathan and the Ijaw nation black—The Fulanis will NOT- allow the Ijaw nation share in the distribution of the oil–wells———NEVER————-AS SOYINKA HIS HATRED FOR THE IJAW NATION IS BEYOND REDEMPTION–ADIDDE SHOULD CONTINUE WITH HIS NEW FOUND LOVE IN BUHARI–WE WISH HIM ALL THE BEST—-FOR ANY DIALOGUE THAT DOES NOT GUARANTY US TO CONTROL OF OUR RESOURCES–AND SEPARATION—–IS MEANINGLESS–IT WILL BE A VAIN EXCERCISE

    • Jones

      Why did you not ask for control of your resources when Dumbo was controlling your demented brain? Ewu. Your online nuisance has become an addiction.

      • burning spear

        U see the trouble with Nigerians—When u could not even allow Jonathan renovate a church in his village is it resources control that u the yorubas and fulanis will hand over to the Ijaw Nation—–when u have all been depending on the Awooof oil revenue of the SS–for over 60yrs–what has been yr contritbnution –resources wise–to the national coffer-zero

    • Tonnero

      Jonathan surrounded himself with Yorubas and Fulanis like Anyim, Diezani, Mama Peace, Okonjo-Iweala, Kenneth Minima, Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Edwin Clark, Oronto Douglas etc. You are simply a waste of space seeking to blame everyone else but yourselves for your failures. Those who never take responsibility for their actions seldom make any significant progress.

  • burning spear

    oNLY A MENTAL CASE WILL NOT SUPPORT THE Amnesty scheme——-The PEOPLE for the down trodden masses of the Niger delta–The ijaw youths have for decades not been employable in the oil firms operating in the SS–Most of the oil firms gave lack of proper education and training for indigenes of the zone—as their usual excuse——so plans were initiated to engage the idle hands in the region into productive ventures———————-and training schemes—————Sadly those who actually benefitted from the project were not indigenes of the Niger delta——————-how else would MEND HAVE PUSHED THE PEOPLE OF THE NIGER DELTA INTO THE LABOUR MARKET-VIA THEIR RUSTY BOKO HARAMIC GUNS? jUST ASK BUHARI TO RELEASE THE OKAH BROTHERS–

    • Chris1408

      Amnesty is reward for shallow minds and criminals that should have been locked up for life and the keys tossed into the ocean. We’re rewarding criminals, while graduates are roaming the streets unemployed.

      • burning spear


        • Tonnero

          Mumu. You do not need any special qualification for an oil block. You just need to be able to attract competent technical partners and raise the cash to pay for the signature bonus. No one is depriving Niger Deltans from bidding since OBJ made it competitive in 2001. Your thief madam Diezani was the one seeking to re-introduce discretionary allocation as was done before 2001. It is like you creek rats are very very bad administrators. All you show is greed. You want to get 100% where you did not put one dime.

    • tundemash

      Ole ! Amensty is a vessel of corruption for Jonathan , Orubebe, Oronto Douglas, Edwin Clark , Asari and Tompolo. How do these few cl0wn consistute the Niger Delta region ?

      Yet after 6 years of misgovernance by Dumbo jo , Mr. Abide said

      “As we speak, there is not a single five-star infrastructure anywhere in the Niger Delta region,” “The Ogoni lands and waters are yet to be cleaned after the UNDP report was published.

      “Many oil bearing communities across the region are still drinking polluted water and fishing in waters flowing with spilled crude. They are still cultivating farms with thick parches of crude and nobody is doing anything about it.

      • burning spear

        Is there any project that has ever met with the approval of the Yoruba and Fulani traitors-APC-? Why must the Ijaws fight for every ball of akara-in Nigeria?—It was the Yoruba traitors who via Gowon reduced revenue at source from 100 to 50%-25-20 and 5–Whereas when we had cocoa—–it was 50 percent at source—-Awo never used a dime from cocoa to fix even one inch road in the SS————Everything he got from cocoa was used for his Yoruba people——That was what he meant by the bottom Medium policy——It was after series of court hearings and struggles that the principle of derivation was finally brought to 13–percent————-Even at that Buhari swore during a visit to Edo state in 2011 that he will abrogate the act that gave the SS–and SE 13 percent derivation——————————-so what is MEND here talking about—-Oil was not discovered in 2011 when Jonathan became president——-The Amnesty scheme was not introduced by him–It was the Fulanis in boko haram that initiated the idea–to deceive the down-trodden masses of the niger delta———–Are the Fulanis not also requesting for the same amnesty project for the boko haram fighters——————-separation is the only solution to our plight in the niger delta—

        • tundemash

          Story for the gods from a lunatic.

          13% derivation, OMPADEC, NNDC, Ministry of Niger Delta, Amnesty all headed by Ijaws and 6 years of Dumbo as President ……. and yet no functional hospital in Ijaw land but there are billionaires Jonathan, Hipo, Tompolo, Edwin Clark, Mujahideen Asari Doukubo, Orubebe, Oronto Douglas and one mumu is crying a river here claiming Amnesty was initiated to decieve the down-trodden mases of the Niger Delta. Are the following rogue billionaires Jonathan, Hipo, Tompolo, Edwin Clark, Mujahideen Asari Doukubo, Orubebe, Oronto Douglas part of the down-trodden masses of the Niger Delta ???????

        • Tonnero

          Hear this id!ot again. The level of your stupidity is revealed by your comparing oil which is a natural resource which you had no hand in putting in the ground (in fact, you did not even know it was there!) compared to groundnuts and cocoa for which someone acquires land, tills, plants, weeds and harvest oftentimes with back-breaking work. Maybe you have inhaled fumes from the flares and you cannot think straight. Lazy people. Oil that 5 or so Oyinbo companies are the main ones producing (all your Nigerian producers is a small fraction of the output from Oyinbos!) is what you want to kill yourselves for instead of farming, fishing and creating marine-based industries as in New Orleans, Korea and Singapore. Lazy people.

    • Abdul

      Criminal, Amnesty will be scrapped, amnesty is not a way to develop Niger Delta. MEND idea is novel and i buy into it. Niger Delta development should be treated holistically instead of selecting few ijaw people and making them overnight millionaires.

      APC govt will approach Niger Delta problem in a more pragmatic way not this current criminal approach.

      • burning spear

        who are the owners of the oil blocks in the Niger delta–APC will be the party of the Niger Delta people if they can redistribute the oil blocks——————And every Nigerian know they will never do any such thing–that was why the sought the aid of the USA–to unsaet Jonathan in that their regiaonl election designed by the USA and Britain to rig Buhari into power-

        • Tonnero

          You talk like an illiterate. No wonder the oil companies think you are not smart. Oil blocks are still there in abundance. In fact, some have been relinquished because they were not prospective after spending hundreds of millions of dollars! Understand that an oil block does not automatically translate to oil. You have to acquire data, explore then develop if you are lucky to find oil. Before you get ONE DROP of oil, you would have spent hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars! You now want to reap where you did not sow. Get your own block and do the damn work yourself and stop trying to steal from others who have done work even though they got their initial concession cheaply. Dan Etete allocated OPL 245 to himself for a signature bonus of $2m which he did not even pay. He did not spend a dime and still walked away with a cool $1.2bn that Jonathan paid him under the table. Lazy people. You think when they allocate a block to you, oil starts coming out of your ears. Go and find out whether that is the case from Arthur Eze who owns OPL 55.

  • PARASITES_in_Power???

    REVEALED: “83 per cent of oil blocks in Nigeria are owned by Northerners” – Senator Senator Ita Enang (The Nation Newspaper)

    ….David Mark asked him if he had evidence. Senator Ita Enang, immediately produced a document which he read out loud.
    Below is the list presented by Senator Enang:
    1. Sanusi Lamido (Seplat/Platform Petroleum) – operators of the ASUOKPU/UMUTU marginal field
    2. Rtrd Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (South Atlantic Petroleum Ltd (SAPETRO), OPL 246.
    3. Alhaji (Colonel) Sani Bello (AMNI Int’l Petroleum & Dev Comp) operatovrs of OML 112 and OML 117
    4. Rilwanu Lukman, former OPEC Chair (AMNI oil blocks)
    5. Alhaji Indimi (Oriental Energy Resources Ltd) , runs three oil blocks: OML 15, the Okwok field and the Ebok field.
    6. Alhaji Aminu Dantata ( Express Petroleum and Gas Ltd) – operates OML 108.
    7. Alhaji Yinka Folawiyo – (Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Ltd ) – allocated OML 113
    8. Emeka Offor (Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited ) – OPL 291 with interest in Addax Petroleum.
    9. Mike Adenuga (Conoil ), with six oil blocks;
    10.Alhaji Saleh Mohammed Gambo (North East Petroleum Ltd) , holder of OPL 215, OPL 276 & OPL 283
    11.Abubakar Atiku, Yar’Adua and Ado Bayero, (INTEL) with substantial stakes in Nigeria’s oil exploration industry

    “These need to be looked into, revoked and re-awarded. The Federal Character which is a principle applicable in every aspect of our national existence should also be brought to bear in the application of our oil blocks, marginal fields and prospecting licences.” – Most Honourable Senator Ita Enang (Akwa Ibom)

    –Speaking also in favour of the bill, Senator Chris Anyanwu (Imo East) said the bill would address the issue of criminality in the sector.–

    Dear SS&SE peoples, where art thy names on the list? Is this JUSTICE?… Is this CORRUPTION? …For how long will this continue?
    FOI Bill should be invoked right away. The Niger Delta & the public should know who has oil licenses and how they were acquired.

    We all love & want PEACE, but PEACE is not the absence of war but the presence of EQUITY & JUSTICE.

    • Tonnero

      I did not know that Emeka Offor, Yinka Folawiyo and Mike Adenuga are now Northerners. I also did not know that setting up a logistics base in the Delta (Intels) which actually employs people is the same as getting oil blocks. I also did not know that these names Dan Etete, Daukoru, Lulu Briggs, Arthur Eze, Dr Orjiako etc. are all Northerners. I guess we learn everyday.

    • Ginger

      And what did the SS president and the SS senators/representatives did about these oil block owners? NOTHING.

  • Harden

    Sudenly you people are waking up to Start MEND and dialoging issue theris God oooooo. Anyway I hope Buhari finds lasting solution to this. But i wonder for 6 good years of Dr. Ebele Azikiwe Goodluck Jonathan in power no one remember such a thing. now MEND quickly realise they have issues that needs attention, I wonder why my DOWN SOUTH GUYS (MEND) didnt remember this during a Goodluck led presidency. we hope for solution we want lasting solution to this including THE UP NORTH GUYS (Boko Haram)

  • Desmond Blessing

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    #1000 per 50Kg bag, call Sales Rep Mrs Abimbola 08039415204 for more Details.

    • Nwa _ Africa


  • Shehu Monguno

    Aaron 2 team? why not Aaron 4 team. We continue to laugh

  • burning spear

    Jonathan could have done more 4 d SS-if d Fulanis and Yorubas the owners of the oil wells in the SS–have allowed him to push ahead-with his plans for the zone’ Even the renovation of a 100 years old Church-in his village in Bayelsa–attracted the wrath of the Yorubas and Fulanis—–A situation which led to the death of the Chief Executive of the firm that carried out its social responsibility to the people of the state- The so-called Aaron team being put together by MEND is just another waste of time–Because they are yet to understand that they are not even regarded as Nigerians not to talk of being seen as humans worthy of a hand-shake with Buhari—–It would be the same photo sessions–and that will be the end of the case–The Niger delta was chosen as an area for focused development since 1957-by the-British—-Tambuwal-the Speaker of the House did all in power to frustrate the release of funds for the East-West road project–Jonathan had to depend on the petroleum subsidy funds to carry out work on the east-west road—–The idea for that focused development was what the Fulanis and Yorubas turned into the erection of a FCT—–at the expense of the people of Niger delta——DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE POLITICS OF NIGERIA—-ABBIDE IS JUST WASTING HIS TIME—-THE HIGHEST HE WEGT IS SOME MINISTERIAL APPOINTMENT—–OR LINKS WITH THE CIA–PERIOD-

    • New Nigerian

      Jonathan could have turned the Niger Delta into a Dubai and the reasons you gave are so brazenly untrue. So since you want to re-litigate why we voted massively for Buhari and sunset Jonathan’s administration:

      When you analyze President Jonathan’s foray into public service from Bayelsa State as the deputy governor and then governor, to the federal government as the VP and President for the past 6 years, you’d be left to conclude that he holds no allegiance to faith, tribe, place of origin or principle other that of massive diversion of public funds. EFCC had a huge dossier on his wife as first lady of Bayelsa money laundering for him. As President he met an oil theft-mafia stealing 500,000 barrels of crude oil a day – watch Dr. Dele’s cole interview on FT in 2008 their video archive no. 62347003001 and you’d know the mafia was there before Jonathan, actually started under Obasanjo – and Jonathan converted the mafia to his purpose and made it quasi-mainstream through concessions, in a nutshell he started laundering the oil theft through official channels, by removing the oversight possible through state policing activities of the pipelines and the waterways, awarding contracts to the same oil-theft-mafia to safeguard the pipelines and the waterways!

      Through this channel he had bilked more than $60b and counting – because they pump oil at a rate no one knows anymore, could be more than 500,000 barrels…..and through all these we hear even his village has no electricity. Someone who could make a Dubai out of his village and who embezzle the “Dubai” why would anyone from the south south claim him? Jonathan is an ill wind that blows NO ONE any good. You may argue that the oil-theft-mafia he uses as the forces of production are enriched and that they are mainly south-south people with some South-East elements as well, however we would still say this is a handful of people amongst millions and as such inconsequential and in the final scheme of things criminal since it is ill gotten wealth. Mind you there are international collaborators who were supplying the Niger Delta militants with weapons to keep the system going before Yaradua granted them amnesty as a way to break the vicious cycle, however since Jonathan got there it went back up again after the concessions contracts – and the international collaborators not supply the militants with private jets, war ships and you bet – weapons.

      Unravelling the nexus between these activity and Boko Haram in the North – a false flag operation obviously – is the key to achieving peace and progress in Nigeria. My bet is on Nigeria and Nigerians, Our heroes past achieve independence without firing a single shot, we the inheritors would achieve independence from Jonathan’s mafia peacefully and through the ballot box, even though Jonathan’s mafia is prepared for war to permanently balkanize Nigeria and become the Oil Sheiks of Africa, who by the way would not develop the Niger Delta even if they were to achieve that. Everyone in the South-South and South-East should tis up and say NOT IN OUR NAME the same way Isaac Boro one of our heroes past and those like him stood up to be counted when the chips are down. Luckily all that is being asked is to express this through the ballot box by voting massively for Buhari.

      Jonathan-oil-Cartel and Sheikhdom enabled with Federal Government Contracts:
      President Jonathan have personally supervised the grand theft, through two contracts financed with tax payers money, since January 2012 (possibly fall of 2011) of 400,000 barrels of oil per day by those he hand-picked to safeguard the supply lines against theft. According to Soludo: “First, you (Finance Minister, Okonjo-Iweala) admit that ‘oil theft’ has reduced oil output from the average 2.3 – 2.4 million barrels per day to 1.95 mpd (meaning that at least 350,000 to 450,000 barrels per day are being ‘stolen’). On the average of 400,000 per day and the oil prices over the past four years, it comes to about $60bn ‘stolen’ in just four years.

      – This is done through two 2 contracts that Jonathan signed to rebel leaders from his tribe.

      These are the 2 contracts by the Jonathan administration that is a major feed to the monster bedevilling Nigeria and turning it into a failed state, and a personal estate of King Jonathan, it was fall 2011 & 2012 time frame – widely reported by Wall Street Journal and major newspapers in Nigeria – just google it – I like the composition in the piece titled, Help, This Nigerian State Is Failing By Ayobami Oyalowo:

      ”In August, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) broke some disturbing news about Nigeria. It was reported that some ex-militants in the Niger Delta had been paid about N6.32billion within the past one year by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Yes, for the ‘noble’ service of providing security against vandals for the Corporation’s oil pipeline network. Imagine! The breakdown, as outlined by WSJ, is this:

      Chief Government Ekpumopolo (alias Tompolo), Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, ‘General’ Ebikabowei Victor Ben (Boyloaf) and ‘General’ Ateke Tom were respectively paid N5.1 billion, N1.44 billion, N608 million and N608 million yearly by the state-owned NNPC, as ‘protection money’ to guard the pipelines they once attacked.

      As if that was not enough an insult on the collective intelligence of Nigerians, earlier in the year the Federal Government awarded a contract worth $103.4million (over N15billion) to the Global West Vessel Specialist Limited (GWVSL) – a firm widely believed to be owned by Tompolo to supply 20 vessels for the use of the nation’s military authorities to secure the waterways. Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Ziadeke Akpobolokemi, had last year sent a memo titled, “Award of Contract for the Strategic Concessioning Partnership with NIMASA to Provide Platforms for Tracking Ships and Cargoes, Enforce Regulatory Compliance and Surveillance Of The Entire Nigerian Maritime Domain,” to President Goodluck Jonathan.

      In considering the memo, President Goodluck Jonathan and Akpobolokemi chose GWVSL as the preferred company for the 10-year concession agreement, renewable for two terms of five years each. Jonathan, in a memo dated 9th November, 2011, with reference number PRES/99/MT/61, approved Akpobolokemi’s memo, which the Federal Executive Council rubber-stamped on 5th January, 2012. According to Akpobolokemi, GWVSL “will provide platforms for effective policing of Nigeria’s maritime domain and ensure compliance with international maritime conventions on vessels and ships voyaging the country’s waters”. NIMASA maintains that the concessionaire would help the Federal Government to enforce the sabotage law and collect levies on its behalf. This, in a country that still maintains a statutory Naval force, and without a track record for GWVSL?

      From the above, the current occupant of the presidential villa showed where his loyalty lies…rather than train the military, he equipped criminals and vandals who had taken up arms against the state. No wonder so much arms and ammunition have found their way into Nigeria and our country has now become one gigantic human abattoir where someone is killed on an average of an hour, daily. Between January to May 2014 it has been estimated that over 1,500 people have been mindlessly cut down by terrorists and blood thirsty killers.’ [The number killed date under Jonathan is tracked on line and it stands at 35,065 – that is the equivalent of Liechtenstein, a country in Europe, wiped out from the face of the Earth, with a territory the size of Belgium carved away].

  • New Nigerian

    This idea is dead-on-arrival. We know Sabella and we know he means well. However you cannot get to justice through inequity. MEND and other fringe groups out there should recognize our democracy and present their issues through their elected representatives at the local, state and federal levels. The tragedy of the past 8 years is propping up or all sort of groups and making upward mobility through crime, lawlessness and anarchy a strong option for the youth from the Niger Delta. How would someone in Jail in South Africa be putting up a committee to dialogue with a president freely elected by all Nigerians. This mixing up of goats, dogs, yam, chicken and hyenas will go away with Jonathan. General Muhammadu Buhari won the election fair & square and we have a democracy. So the era of slavery to the whims and caprices of a few because they threaten us with violence is over. There will not be terrorism – whoever takes arm against Nigeria would be given the Boko Haram treatment, period. Blown to smithereens. We are still counting our dead – 35,540+ (Population of Liechtenstein, one of the richest countries in the world)…so no one should glory ignoble people. enough is enough!

    Jonathan did not develop the Niger Delta, he did not develop the Niger-Benue Basin, he did not develop Ogun river area, Ondo River area, Oyo River area, plateau, etc…got my drift. Next 4 years is precious – we would focus on putting our democracy to work for all – eliminate insecurity, corruption, recover the hidden billions (it is simply impossible to have burnt all the billions or spent it all – whatever is left we would aggregate it), and put the social welfare program of President Buhari to work as the foundation of a healthy and productive polity everywhere in Nigeria.

    The amnesty program would be unloaded to the state, as planned by Jonathan’s administration when it terminates, they are free to do with it what they like. We the people would make sure – we fought for this change that God willing would soon be in effect and we would stand to make sure we have real change for ALL Nigerians, God willing.

    • tundemash

      May you live long !

  • Ginger

    Buhari’s answer to the militants in Niger Delta is the same to Boko Haram : aerial and artillery bombardment.