Minister begs Buhari to call Ekiti lawmakers to order

The Minister of State for Works, Dayo Adeyeye, has called on the President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to call members of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State to order so as to save the nation’s democracy.

The minister, who was speaking against the backdrop of the heightened plot to impeach the governor, Ayo Fayose, said the lawmakers are becoming desperate to sack the governor through the backdoor.
He said the state lawmakers are capitalizing on the victory of Mr. Buhari to stoke crisis in the state and, therefore, advised them to stop behaving like bad losers.

“In 1999, Prof Tunde Adeniran of the PDP lost to Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Adeniran congratulated the winner. He did not go to court,” he said.

“It was in 2003 that Adebayo lost to Governor Ayodele Fayose that they went to the Tribunal.

“Also, when Segun Oni won election in 2007, these same APC people made Ekiti ungovernable for him. In 2011 when Fayose contested senatorial election and lost to Babafemi Ojudu, he did not go to court. None of the PDP National Assembly candidates that lost in 2011 went to court.

“Since they lost the governorship to the PDP nine months ago, they have refused to accept defeat. It was as a result of this desperation to steal Ekiti people’s mandate that Omolafe Aderiye was killed.”
He accused APC supporter of killing Modupe Temitope Olaya in Efon-Alaaye, wondering why the opposition politicians in the state derive joy in shedding the blood of innocent Ekiti sons and daughters.

He said, “Gen Buhari must not let these desperate APC members in Ekiti State drag his name and reputation in the mud by using his name to cause chaos”.


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  • El Niño

    Yeye Minister, where was PDP and Jonathan when Ayo Fayose was mischievous and insulting even his own ancestors during the campaign for the presidential elections. Why must it be Buhari´s business to step in on his behalf now?

    • Ken

      Trash! The law makers cant remove Fayose. The Omirin guys are out of touch.

      • Kuku

        Nigerian politics is very slippery. Before you know what is happening, Fayose will be out in the cooler.

      • Tom Thompson

        I still dey laugh

      • akanbi ogun

        Good talk you are right on point. Many don’t know what governance is all about, only time will tell.

  • Emmy

    When Fayose slapped a judge front and back, you didnt call on Jonathan to call him to order. When he saw death hovering on Buhari, you didnt lend your voice. When he “impeached” the speaker of the house with 7 members and chased opposition lawmakers out of the state, you played deaf and dumb. By the way, why are you bothering Buhari, shouldnt you allow him to attend to his health issues? Una still dey enjoy the carnival, una eye go soon open

    • akanbi ogun

      Do you live in Ekiti? If no! then don’t talk for the Ekitis they know what they want, meanwhile most Nigerians talk today as if it’s the party but no it shouldn’t be . It should be the candidate, the Ekiti lawmakers too are honestly not better than Fayose, just because the APC candidate won at the centre does not mean that these lawmakers should start misbehaving. If truly GMB is a man of integrity he should call these lawmakers to order as he is not the President of APC only but Nigeria as a whole. Lets change our mentality on some these ignorance.

      • Teem

        If you want to beg, beg properly my friend, because you are spoiling your case by accusing lawmakers of “misbehaving”.

      • D1

        I beg to differ, Sir! Buhari is the President elect. Jonathan is still the incumbent, his rhetorics and call for mercy should be directed to him. And also, we should stop all this nonsense, it’s not the party but the person. After all, see where it got us.

      • tundemash

        Cl0wn … is 6 > 19 ? That is the crux of the matter !

      • Omo Oriola

        Honestly, I didn’t want to contribute to this discussion, but the way Akanbi Ogun (god of iron) or Ogun (war) has been reacting to reasonable and informative contributions by people who love Ekiti on this issue has exposed him as an uneducated graduate. Ekiti, a State of Professors is being paraded like jugular dungeon just for the behaviour of its First Citizen. Instead of people like Akanbi Ogun to accept and reason along the line of beautiful thoughts on the forum, you are backing a dead horse. In another instance, how do you identify those that live on the soil of Ekiti from the outsiders? Did every citizen of Ekiti partook in the brigandage that ushered in Ayo Fayose into the Government House? Mr. Akanbi Ogun, please be informed that His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) is still in Charge as the President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces and the Number Security Officer to Federal Republic of Nigeria. You and Dayo Adeyeye should call his attention to the happenings in Ekiti State if you are not so pleased with the law makers. After all, both the law makers and the governor were elected wether legally or illegally by the people of Ekiti State. Let Buhari concentrate on the APC Transition Programme.

        • akanbi ogun

          Are you really a gradute? I doubt so convincingly, just because I don’t share the same view with you on a particular matter does not call for abuses, try and be matured.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Akanbi, when the flies feast on the sores of an ill man, no one takes note.

        But when an ill man starts to feast on flies, the whole world takes note.

        I do not recollect any Minister begging that Fayoshe should be called to order when he was invading, desecrating the court rooms and slapping judges around. Neither did I hear “phim” when he started locking up petrol stations and hotels belonging to these lawmakers.

        No, Sir. No one dared to caution Fayoshe when he was running around naked in the market place. Where was Mr. Minister’s voice on the Ekitigate tape, what did Mr. Minister say when 7 became greater than 19 and what was Mr. Minister doing when the same Fayoshe was wishing death upon the same Buhari they are now appealing to?

        Bruv, please park well. The party and tomfoolery is over for Fayoshe.

        If he is not impeached, he will learn manners and how to govern now.

      • omoba

        In your own estimate, the law makers are the same as the governor, well yes, because all of them are from Ekiti. but in politics and talking about maturity the dfer so much that it is so evident.If the law makers has conducted themselves just the same way that Fyose has been going around behaving undr the supervision of Jonathan, Eki state may not be today.You do not have to tell us if Buhari is truely a man of integrity because you never belived in him and that is why you did not even vote for him. Buhari is for now a mere president elect, he has no legal power to intervene in the matter on ground.

  • Spoken word

    Mr Adeyeye you are obviously a yeye man.your mental faculties are not working

  • Jack


  • Jack


  • Olu

    Yeye de smell!.
    Rubbish Afenifere man.

  • bikky

    So,it has come to that,o ga o.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Mr Adeyeye this CONSTITUTIONALLY has nothing to do with Mr Buhari but everything to do with Ayo Fayose. How? Because he is the one that is frustrating the due process of impeachment or legal resolution of the problem that APC’s law abiding legislators are toeing. Talk to Ayo Fayose to stop preventing the course of justice.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The Afenifere traitor-gang spokesperson is defending the arrangement that made him the “yeye” minister post he holds in transition. The Fayose election won by military harassment is going down by legal embarassment.

    • akanbi ogun

      If it were not the Afenifere none of us would have known Tinubu today.

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        Tinubu refused to be micromanaged by Afenifere and outsmarted them into irrelevance. By endorsing Jonathan against a native Vice-Presidential hopeful, the group betrayed the Yoruba nation and is sentenced to political death for treachery.

      • omoba

        Jonathan came to campaign for Fayose in 2014, he spoke openly for those who have ears to hear that he(president) refused to site any project in Ekiti for the period of over four years, and up till that time no one from that state was appointed a minister, except Olubolade who had even resigned his appointment to contest for the governoship post, yet the leadership of afenifere saw njothing wrong in that and instaed want us to support such a candidate, what a shame! these old men and women had forgotten that times are changing. Many of them are still enjoying our respect because in yoruba land we are trained to respect elders just as the bible equally enjoined us to do, that alone is what tey are enjoying now otherwise, they have since lost their relevance amoung the people. Is it the likes of Bode George that one would emulate, no, he has not contributed any thing positive to the people except shame and povertty. He actually sold the legacy that one of our founding fathers left for us while he was military administartor in Ondo state, together with general oladayo popoola, they sold the cocoa industries bothe at Ileoluji and Lagos, and all that papa Obafemi left behind for the Yorubas.
        No one has denied that Tinubu is not a yoruba man, irrespective of where he comes from.Iragbiji is still a yoruba town, not igbo, and not hausa, so he has continued to conduct himself in a manner that pleases many Yorubas excpet those jegudu jeras who could nor control and further sell the people just as is being currently withnessed in our mordern day afenifere.If the yorubas have five of the likes of Tinubu, our society would be better for it and the yoruba nation would be more developed. not what you have in a thug such as one Gani Adams who is a nobody but a thug and vargabon. Luckily, the yorubas are so enlightened that they know their true leaders at any time.Tinubus investements are located withing the region for the people, and to me that is a welcome development.

  • Titi

    When Fayose declared 6>19 did PDP call him to order? i beg gi, stop this your nonsensical talk

    • Don’t mind the hypocrite of a minister; ole!

  • Papashango77

    This man is insane.

    • akanbi ogun

      Stop this politicking for heavens sake, otherwise we shall be toying with the future of our children, I honestly don’t see any difference between the APC and the PDP don’t get carried away by propaganda because whatever we do here today we shall give account of it in the world hereafter. Lets stop seeing it as politics of the world and find out the truth which is the only way to freedom. Let us stop feeding on lies and propaganda.

      • amah sossy

        You said nothing here my brother. Comeback again with your point.

      • omoba

        what is the truth? that 7 is greater than 19, that the man in question truely won the election that brought him to power, that the man has acted or behave himself in a manner that befits a state governor, that those offenses stated in the impeachment notice are not correct or not impeachable offenses? or that the entire issues are not about politics and facts? or that illegalities should be celebrated or promoted? I certainly dont understand what this fellow is saying, he seem not to understand the issues at hand, the best you should do is siddon look.

      • akinlaja

        Meaning??? All my opinions are formed based on the words, actions and reactions of Gov. Fayose, Hon. Olugbemi and the PDP as I am not even interested in the bogus stories of APC

  • Africa

    Senseless man! PDP mostly lose in elections that are ‘free and fair’ so the need for tribunals doesn’t arise. Fayose is not above the law, so he should be impeached if he is found to have abused the power of office.

  • Peter Leonard

    lol. wen 6 of d ekiti lawmakers impeach d speaker, did jonathan called fayose to remind him that 19 is greater than 6?

  • Africa

    Mr Minister why didn’t you speak out when this was going on?

  • segun

    Dayo Adeyeye or what did you call yourself? Why do you want to bring Buhari into the Ekiti fraud by Ayo Fayose. The question is: Did Ayo Fayose rig the election with the help of military or not? Please let the law take its course.

  • mdsurgeon

    Buhari is only the president-elect, not yet the president. Even when he is sworn in as the president, he still will not have the power to usurp the functions of elected members of a state assembly, otherwise he will be accused again of impunity or dictatorship.
    The Ekiti lawmakers are perfectly within their constitutional right to move for the impeachment of the governor if he has committed impeachable offenses. Please leave Buhari out of this.
    Jonathan is still the president till May 29th. If he foresees a breakdown of law and order in Ekiti State, it is his prerogative to proactively take action.

    • D1

      Thank you!

      Fayose’s case is what Yoruba’s called ‘Omi tan leyin eja’. Period!

  • Layo

    What did you do when 6 lawmakers impeached 19 lawmakers? Why are these old men so shameless. Please leave Buhari out of Ekiti mess.

  • Festus

    Good!! What goes around, comes around!! When this criminal Fayose was flaunting his mouth and we were warning him to be careful, where were u mr. Minister? We expected this to happen. The Patient God has been lurking by the corner, time for revenge has come! Fayose should start his begging from baba Obj!! He hasn,t seen nothing yet….

  • Akiika

    ….And it is not an abuse of power for a Governor to be harassing lawmakers such that they left the state for peace to reign? it is not abuse of power for a Governor to be preventing lawmakers from getting into their chamber? Fayose has acted everything to contravene the tenets of democracy. It is inevitable, Fayose will be impeached or sacked through the court, he is not qualified to be the Governor in the first place, he’s a convicted felon.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Fayose has broken the law so many times he should arrest himself. The people in Ekiti don’t care. Fayose attacked a judge and the people there didn’t do anything. He’s been given free reign to do whatever he wants. The FG is going to have to slap him around and put him into a jail where he belongs. Ekiti got what it deserves.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Was Dayo Adeyeye not amongst the people in the video who forced Ayodele Fayose on Ekiti peopl? What has GMB got to do with an impeachment of the person who prayed for his death? Dayo Adeyeye is joking. President JONATHAN has oversight role until 29-05-15.

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  • Gerald Okoduwa

    What a deplorable statement from a ‘minister of works’. Little wonder that our roads are in a deplorable state. Brigandage and tyrannical behaviour of Mr Fayose did not require calling him to order as long as it suited your selfish whims and caprices. Now that he is reaping what he sowed you are quick to recognize the need to call a certain behaviour to order. You should be grateful to the Freedom of Information Act that enabled you to freely express your views as senseless as it sounds.In other climes, Fayose should have been jailed the day he truncated a judicial process and publicly assaulted a Justice of the Law. He bastardized the State Legislature to run an illegitimate and fraudulent budget. Worse still, his public conduct is a disaster and an embarrassment to the enlightened people of Ekiti State that are known for decorum. Rather than calling him to order, you are here blaming those who are trying to call him to order. Nigeria cannot continue in the direction of your likes. Indeed, Fayose’s impeachment will be a good riddance of a bad rubbish.

    • akinlaja

      I wish I could upvote your comment a hundred times. Sebi it is the same Buhari he so wished dead???

  • Ayotunde 1000

    Story for the gods

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Where were you when Fayose practically hounded the legislators out of town. He drove the Speaker out of his office, arranged a kangaroo impeachment and basically became the Lord of Ekiti state. Where were you? Where were you when he invaded the court. Where were you. Please you have no moral authority to talk about anything. Just keep quiet and enjoy your last days as a federal commissioner. Did you think Fayose’s impunity will continue forever? Nonsense!!!

  • D1

    Buhari is now relevant to the mad dogs in Ekiti? Wonders shall never end!

    When your principal, Fayose was going crazy all over the place, behaving like a rabid dog with no leach, counting on the support of GEJ/PDP at the centre to unleash mayhem, with unfettered verbal diarrhoea, on the same lawmakers and Buhari, APC and Buhari wasn’t relevant then. I laughed o!

    Now, it’s tit for tat time, Mr Fayose, able young man and ‘brain sharp’, now wants the intervention of ‘brain dead’ fossil to now HELP his cause. Crazy lots!

    • big sis

      It is not a matter of buhari being relevant or not rather it’s that of promoting our democracy. The fact that an apc man is the president elect shuldnot give the outgoing apc lawmakers the impetus of not following due process in showing whteva grievance they ve against the governor.they ar rather examplifying wht the leadership style of the incoming administration of buhari and oda apc members will look like instead of emulating the peaceful qualities of the incumbent president

      • big sis

        Apc is simply synonimous with violence and undemocratic acts. Association of past greedy criminals. See how our peaceful president accepted defeat just for peace to reign in our country.which apc man can do that, including their oresident elect?

        • dah

          Are you orarube?

        • D1

          I intentionally ignored your comment, but with this dumb statements, you’ve have been posting, I think you deserved a response.

          It’s high time you start to accept and get it into your Brazilian hair- head, that JonaDumb is gone and stop making a nuisance of yourself on the internet.

          Your intention in trying to paint Dumbo in a toga, he is not known for, will not change the kind of man he is, a callous, wicked, and clueless leader. To concede defeat in an election he was already defeated and with the paintings steering at him crystal clear on the wall, is no big deal! He has no choice but to pack his bags to Otuoke.

          Now Sisi, go get a day job!

      • akinlaja

        Hmm well said, but can you boldly and confidently say 6 + 1 fake member can sack 19 other elected members??? So where was the due process in electing this current speaker???

        • Ayode Longe

          Promoting democracy whose style? Gov. Fayose indulges in illegal and undemocratic acts and you support him. The state legislators are going about impeaching Fayose according to constitutional provisions and you say it is undemocratic. ‘big’ sis, I encourage you to go to ISIL and have a feel of their brand of governance

    • dah

      D 1 naija for you.

  • Assibi

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  • I Rep Buhari

    Where were you all when Fayose was going beyond his boundary? The same Buhari that Fayose had wished dead? Abeg

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    If Buhari were dead as wished by Fayose who then will you talk-to that will call the Ekiti Lawmakers to order, additionally, when Fayose drove the Lawmakers out of Ekiti who called him to order. A situation were 7 members out-numbered 19 members is a democratic setting is not acceptable Mr Minister.

  • bode akins

    Joker, where were you when Fayose was ruling with 7 assembly members leaving 18. Why can’t you call President Jonathan to call him to order. Things must be done the right way if it means sweeping Fayose away

  • Lawrence Azubuike

    Where was this Minister when 7 members of Ekiti State House of Assembly impeached the Speaker that still have 19 members of the house loyal to him. Did he ask GEJ then to intervene?. Now that the table has turned he is calling on Buhari to intervene. Fayose will be impeached and nothing will happen.

  • excel

    This pdp need medical attention, where were you when fayose was like he’s untouchable with is lawlessness, impunity against the APC member in the state. Keep crying until fayose impeach

  • Julius

    This moron did not address the impeachment offenses leveled aging the bastard.You would think thats what they would concentrate on but, its the Nigeria way. That thug of a governor is gone. Its funny now that you will call on a brain dead man to call somebody to order. olosi

    • ogechi

      fayose said GMB is brain Dead, so y call him to save fayose from CEREBRAL MALARIA?!

  • andynaija

    The PDP house of assembly in Adamawa impeached Gov Nyako for political reasons its now the turn of Fayose to face the same music

  • abeem

    What goes around comes around. Nobody has a monopoly of violence, so don’t cry foul because you and Fayose have sowed the wind and you are now reaping the fruit of it, the whirlwind.
    Olorun atijo ni pe muni, as Yorubas are won’t to say. It was not too long ago that both you and Fayose were running your mouth disparaging and assassinating the characters of your political opponents. And at the height of your obstinacy, you guys seems untouchable, very boastful that nothing will happen to you and never reckon that there will be another tomorrow.
    How sudden the ground has shifted below your feet and you are no longer relevant in the grand scheme of things. But most people saw the picture evolving in the rear view mirror but you guys buoyed with naked power and ambition, never contemplate that you will be swept into opposition and political irrelevance.
    The chicken has come home to roost and nemesis have caught up with you.

  • This Minister is trying to be clever by half. Had Fayemi not gone to court after his conviction that the election was rigged, how would he have become governor? If an election is rigged or suspected to have been rigged, of course, the loosing party reserves the right to go to court, or is that not the constitutional provision? Is the Minister saying that it is right for 7members to be presiding in a House of 26 members? What about the other 19 elected members? Are they no longer members of the House just because the supposedly ‘elected’ Governor does not like their faces? Democracy is a game of numbers and 7 CANNOT be greater than 19! That can only happen at the Governors’ Forum; where 16 is greater than 19. The President Elect, GMB cannot be blackmailed as this Minister and feelers from Aso Rock seem to indicate. Fayose has been using the coercive power of the executive to keep 19 dully elcted members away from the House while 7 members that do not even form a quorum of the House in line with the Nigerian constitution have been taking illegal decisions for the state. This is indeed, nothing but a breach of due process. That the Presidency and this Minister could not call Fayose to order is a shame and mockery of Democracy. God save Nigeria.

    • Ade

      Leave God out of the sentimental rubbish. Fayose and the law makers should kill themselves if they want to.

      • You are very lazy. Read through before replying; olodo!

  • vicky

    This minister must be insane.

    • dah

      Mr minister don’t drag gmb into this, the problem is yours. Let the law makers represent their people, period.

  • Omooloja

    Mr Minister, where were you when Fayose send 19 members of the house packing and refused them to perform their constitutional duties. {I gba ti esisi nje elegbo e o ri so si, elegbo wa nje esisi e wa n ki gbe.}


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  • Kunle

    Why is this minister thinking with his feet. Where was he when 7 members of the assembly became mojority out of 26. Some pple need to go back to primary school


      IT IS TOO EARLY TO BEG GMB who is yet to be handed over to by JANATHAN. Let Jonathan hand over first before you execute your begging contract.