Anti-Igbo Comment: Lagos APC apologizes, appeals for calm

Oba Rilwan Akiolu

The All Progressives Congress Lagos has asked the Igbo community in Lagos to ignore and forget the unfortunate statement credited to the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, when he addressed some Igbo chiefs in Lagos over the weekend.

In a statement signed by Joe Igbokwe, the state spokesperson of the party, the APC apologized and appealed to Ndigbo to allow peace reign, considering the longstanding relationship that has existed between Igbo and Yoruba since the inception of Nigeria.

“No human being is above mistakes,” Mr. Igbokwe said. “People can make mistakes and correct it thereafter. The Oba of Lagos can make a mistake and we believe that the statement credited to him was a mistake. If to err is human, we plead with Ndigbo to let the sleeping dog lie.

“After the March 28 2015 Presidential elections, Ndigbo in Lagos have been trooping into the Lagos APC fold in droves. They have pledged to throw their full weight behind the APC guber candidate, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. The support was total and unprecedented. You can therefore imagine how we feel as a party when this incident came just few days to the governorship elections.”

“Oba Rilwan Akiolu of Lagos is not a card-carrying member of APC. He is not a leader in APC. He does not speak for APC. He did not speak for Governor Fashola of Lagos State. He did not speak for our National leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He did not speak for the incoming governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. His Royal Highness is at liberty to speak for himself and he spoke for himself only. Lagos APC appeals to Ndigbo not to take the statement as the position of the party in Lagos.”

“We passionately appeal to Ndigbo not to carry the statement credited to Oba Akiolu too far so as not to put a knife on things that have held us together for more than 50 years now. If out of annoyance you throw your cap away a mad man will take it and use it forever.”

“A lot is at stake in Lagos. Lagos has been fair to Ndigbo and Ndigbo have reciprocated by taking Lagos as their home no matter whose ox is gored. Lagos APC believes that Ndigbo will not burn the bridges because of this minor setback.

“Lagos APC has worked so hard with other Nigerians to enthrone a government at the centre and we cannot afford to throw all these gains away by allowing the mistakes of the last weekend to stand on our way to link Lagos effectively with the centre. Our own Oba Rilwan Akiolu’s slip of tongue should not be used as an excuse by Ndigbo to reverse these huge gains. Ndigbo should forgive and forget by voting APC en mass this coming Saturday.”


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  • Guest

    ask ifeanyi ubah, eze ndigbos in lagos, that have been bribed by tan’s pdp to distort lagos hard won inclusive democracy and inclusive economy while the south east democracy has been sold to the highest bidder. the souls of generations of your unborn children writhe in agony to what your generation have left behind in the name of pdp in the south east. now you want to pollute the land that welcome you with open arms out of civility as a modern society, an abomination in the south east of nigeria. you (igbos) were integrated into the society but you (igbos) remain ungrateful, you bit the the hands that fed you. you cut of the nose to smite the face of your hosts. something that igbos, massob, ohaneze etc are not matured or equipped enough to understand why lagos yoruba would accept them, why they allow them to buy their lands, be members of lagos parliament, run for governoship.. an abomination in the south east.. so the igbos misuse the opportunity. history beckons, jonathan forgot to reward the south west and paid for it. the ball is now in igbo’s camp.

    mr zil please name any pdp state like lagos in the south east that you can compare to lagos. if you can not demonstrate inclusive democracy back home in the south east, how can you now do same here in lagos. oba akinolu is wrong in speaking out the minds of many of his subjects. that’s the frustration. it is a shame it had to be him. he should have left it to for one of the opc leaders. oops.. i forgot, a faction of opc (bastards) have been bought by ifeanyi’s tan’s money.

    • Natureral

      Guys all we want is change,there must be change in every were,once their change @ Abuja and for the past 16yrs now one body,one person,one leader,one godfather etc has been ruling us in Lagos,brothers and sisters let go for TOTAL CHANGE OOO,please open your eyes.

      • idris

        Natureral, what change are you talking about? You mean we should go back ward by bringing PDP to lagos? Why not answer the question above in your reply? Maybe I should remind you here “Name any PDP state like lagos in the southeast? Even the opportunity you have in Rochas is about to be given out because you people hate development, your concerns always your business since you are allowed to bring into the country all sort of things, you are less concern about development of your land. We thank God the corrupt govt has gone, now our NAFDAC, SON, NDLEA will function very well and effective and there will be bye bye to piracy. These are what you are looking for to make Lagos a state of protection under PDP. It will never work.

      • Akanji92

        APC all the way. No change in Lagos, but consolidation.

  • Lanre

    Mujahedeen Akiolu must be DEPOSED

    An expressed intention by Oba Akiolu to commit genocide on Christians is a crime.
    Governor Jimi Agbaje MUST depose Mujaheeden Rilwanu Akiolu latest 5th of June.
    This deposition of Mujahedeen Rilwanu Akiolu must be signed latest 5th of June, 2015.

    Nigerian law directs the Governor to depose any Oba in the interest of public peace.
    And now for public peace in Lagos, Governor Agbaje must depose Akiolu on 5th June.
    Genocidal intention is not redressible by a mere apology. Genocide is a heinous crime.

    • idris

      Funny you Agbaje that can’t come out and condemned what the Oba said is the one that will depose Akiolu, you are joking. Tell Agbaje to come out openly and condemn the Oba first if he can. Just keep quiet and look how they play the politics.

      • McAlfred Uta

        You are right if Agbaje cannot condemn Akiolu who called him blood relation from Aba or Onitsha then he does not have the liver to govern Lagos. Nobody should waste his vote on Agbaje or Ambode as long as there are other candidates. Alternatively all aggrieved voters should stay away on 04-11.

  • Peedeepee!!!

    The difference between PDP and APC is clear. APC is a coalition of Muslims.
    APC stands for Muslim supremacy, while PDP is a thoroughly secular party.
    Many Christians voted against Christ’s Law in favour of Islamic Sharia Law on 28th March.
    They were wholly misled to commit this sin by their insouciant and usually carefree Pastors.
    Pastors Adeboye, Kumuyi, and Oyedepo are an axis of evil in Christianity in Nigeria.

    • records

      “APC is desperate. APC needs Bola Tinubu’s experience at forgery and perjury to use
      for Buhari in his own current travails. APC Muslims have finished using Pastors Adeboye,
      Kumuyi, and, Oyedepo – as errand boys sent to deaden the senses of Yoruba Christians
      from ever seeing the Muslim Jihadist barbarians at the gates of all Yoruba cities. By now,
      Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Oba Rilwanu Akiolu of Lagos are also irreversibly set to
      weaken Yoruba people internally with Islam – for capture by Hausa/Fulani Muslim Jihadists.
      That is what APC means for Yoruba Muslims.”


      [Premium Times, 6th April, 2015)

      • idris

        You are a big time liar. Osinbajo is a muslim right? Oyegu is a Muslim right? Amechi is a Muslim right? Oshomole is also a Muslim abi. Only a dummy will APC convert to a Muslim.

        • Churchill Roosevelt

          Idris,ka barshi[Hausa]. Ma da lohun[Yoba].
          Cant you see the facade of Godlessness.Atheism…Its absolute desperation to get opinion swayed to vote his candidate.

      • Ade

        You can start going to mosque tomorrow to fulfill your prophecy that APC will Islamise Nigeria if they won the presidency.

    • idris

      Why contradicting yourself to make a point, you said ” APC is a coalition of Muslims but PDP is a secular party” but yet you said again ” Christians who voted APC vote against Christ” pls tell me is Christ secular since you want them to vote PDP? You really don’t know how to lie.

    • egoigwe

      Oh, just shut up you!

    • Akanji92

      So Jonathan is Christ’s law. A drunkard, one official wife, one hidden wife, and corruption personified. I am sute Christ will reject these attributes as his law.

  • Frank Bassey

    I and my entire household, my community, my religious group, my neighbours, my colleagues, my admirers, my well-wishers, my contacts … will vote PDP. Let Oba Akiolu constitute a Task Force for mass burial of non-I for ndigenes that will drown in Lagos Lagoon for voting APC.

    • Words on Marble

      Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, and Pastor Oyedepo are an axis of evil in Christianity in Nigeria.

    • idris

      You and that ur generation have lost already. You are a back person so to say from this your post. Lagos will never go back ward. We yoruba people of Lagos are voting APC to move lagos forward.

    • Man_Enough

      a fanatic redoubles his efforts as he looses sight of his goal.

  • tsavage


    Pastors Adeboye, Kumuyi, and Oyedepo are an axis of evil in Christianity in Nigeria.
    It is now is for each Christian to step up to the plate in a country without any Christian Leader.
    Each Yoruba Christiam must defend his faith by himself. Christian Pastors are bribed and filthy.

    With your ballots on 11th April, Yoruba Christians must wage collective war against APC Islamists.
    Yorubaland is not and was never an Islamic State. APC must get out of Yorubaland on 11th April.
    Mujaheeden Rilwanu Akiolu must be deposed on 5th June. These two points are non-negotiable.

    • Man_Enough

      do not let the sun go down on your anger. this is not how to respond to an apology. after all said and done, i hope you are not expecting the man (HRH) to come and kneel before you before you see reason. after all you cannot be in rome and strive with the pope.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Frank Bassey hate has no proportion. Islam and Christanity were all imported into Nigeria by foreign travelers. Christanity came through the coastland by the Spanish and Potugues while the Arabs brought Islam through the Sahara desert. Religion is personal between you and your creator. There is no intercession between you and your creator. Forget the effort of Rev. Fathers and Pastors to be your intermediary. Islam has no intermediary between us and God. Every Muslim is answerable to God for his kindness and evil. Frank Bassey, leave Religion out of politics. It will take you no where but violent crisis.

    • Churchill Roosevelt

      Bigotry and neo-nazist comments.What has this got to do with Christianity???You use your tongue to abuse men of God.Humble and called men like Adeboye and Kumuyi you call filthy.This is disgusting and smacks of lack of respect,decorum.Pure atheism.I want to believe you are not a bible believing christian.If you are,you would act like David who had the opportunity to kill King Saul but said, “i will NOT touch the anointed of the Lord”.

      This is a free society of course but decorum and good upbringing does not permit you to say what you don’t have evidence on.Its possible you are not a christian and you just used this space to vent your hatred and godlessness.


      • Churchill Roosevelt

        And to add:The quest to divide the Yorubas through religious sentiments will never fly.It didn’t fly at the Osun election and the just concluded presidential elections.Search for other clues in the bag…..

    • idris

      You are causing ethnic as well as religious crisis with this your post. Lagos is not South east, this can only be achieve in your south East and not Lagos. You are free to go back to the East if you are not pleased with what APC has done in lagos in past 16 years, we as yoruba people of Lagos are religiously mixed we have both Muslims and Christians in our family and even in our various homes. This your evil plan can only work in the east. We detest a party that has lost at the federal level to come and feed on Lagos since there is no financial mortgage for them at the centre, and they have presently being too wide to money the even the entire lagos Account will not satisfy their means. We are not going back by God’s grace we shall move forward. APC all the way. Akin Ambode for Governor.

      • Emmanuel

        Don’t push blame somewhere else. Frank Basset or what does he call himself is not from the South East. He is from the south south. Not everyone who doesn’t speak yoruba is Igbo. Direct your grievance to the right place

    • Churchill Roosevelt

      Its just 4 days from now.You have a vote.Like the presidential elections,we all know who the Governor will be.Just discharge your civic responsibility ka ji ko banana…Eko o ni baje o.

    • Ade

      Are you sure of your mental state? What has this got to do with Adeboye and kumuyi; Muslims and Christians? Have you forgotten that both APC and PDP candidates are Christians? Please go and take your bipolar drug before you enter the market naked.

    • Akiika

      I question your sanity!

    • Akanji92

      Religious bigot out to cause confusion. You are worse than Bosun Emmanuel, Orubebe, Asari Dokubo, etc. People like you will fail. You appealed to sentiments of region, religion and tribe for GEJ yet you failed. You are going to fail again n Saturday. Ambode and Jimi are Christians so you do not have basis for your ranting

    • Total

      May God teach you lessons for the insults to his anointed ones. May your life be like that of korah and datan for your indiscretion. Except you repent you have already set yourself up for disgrace this year.

  • Assibi

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  • Titi

    Pls do not worry yourself about this good for nothing people, just looking for an excuse. Even if you give then a river of gold they will never vote positively. they have lost already, same ppl that voted Jonah on march 28

    • Emmanuel

      Why refer to a whole tribe that has not offended you as good for nothing. That’s not fair, I can’t count how many of them that voted for GMB. Must you result to insults yo make your points clear? Only kids act that way. Please grow up