Oba Akiolu’s threat to Igbos “unacceptable” – Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

The Director of Media and Publicity of the People’s Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has described as ominous and unacceptable the threat by the Oba of Lagos against the Igbos in Lagos.

The Oba Rilwan Akiolu said that if the Igbos do not vote for the All Progressives Congress in the governorship elections on Saturday they should be ”ready for the consequences”.

Mr. Fani-Kayode also condemned the reported remark by the monarchs that the Igbos should be ready to ”perish inside the lagoon” if they don’t vote for the APC candidate, Akinwumi Ambode

“The truth is that we were threatened with ethnic cleansing and religious carnage in the north had Buhari not won the presidential election on March 28th and had President Jonathan not quickly conceded defeat.

“We let that go and kept the peace but now our traditional supporters are being threatened in Lagos and in many other states as we approach the April 11th governorship elections,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said in a statement issued Monday in Abuja.

The former Aviation Minister warned the APC not to mistake the PDP’s concession of defeat as weakness.

“Let two things be clearly understood. In as much as we all want peace in this country and in as much as Jonathan has graciously and quickly conceded defeat in the Presidential election, this does not mean that we are weak or powerless.

“Let it be clearly understood by all and sundry that any attempt to kill, maim or molest our supporters in the north, in the west or indeed in any other part of the country either before, during or after Saturday’s governorship elections or any attempt at ethnic or religious cleansing by the APC, their supporters or their friends and agents will be deemed unacceptable and will be met with defiance, contempt and a well-orchestrated and solid resistance, ” he said.

He said the APC threats must stop, pointing out that “no one is intimidated on our side and neither do we fear for the future because God is with us”.

He said election is not war and urged all parties to remain “civilised, restrained, gentle and courteous in all our ways and dealings”.

“We want peace and we want harmony in this country but no-one or no group of people will be allowed to turn us or our supporters into slaves or give us sleepless nights. No one will be allowed to throw our supporters ”into the lagoon” and make them ”perish” and neither will there be any negative consequences if they vote against the APC in Lagos or anywhere else.

“The APC would do well to remember that they only won the presidential election by 2 million votes. They got 14 million votes whilst the PDP got 12 million votes in that election. This means that we have 12 million loyal foot soldiers and supporters in this country and that is no mean feat. Those 12 million voters cannot be ignored or treated with disdain and contempt. They must and will be respected.

“We are a strong party, we are confident for the future, we are ready for anything and most important of all, we are ready for the polls on Saturday. We take this opportunity to urge the PDP faithful in Lagos to go out and vote en masse for the PDP.

“We urge them to vote for Jimi Agbaje and to free Lagos state from the shackles of darkness and oppression. We urge them to stand firm, to hold their heads up high and to do their very best.

“We urge our supporters in Rivers state, Oyo state, Imo state, Plateau state, Kaduna state and indeed in all the states where elections will take place on Saturday to do the same, to take the destiny of their respective states into their hands and to vote for the PDP candidates in the governorship elections,” he said.


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  • Africa

    Yes the Oba’s comment is unacceptable but he is not APC’s spokesman. So our our anger should be directed at the useless old man. Therefore, come this weekend we shall vote against the PDP…

  • ogboni

    Oba RILWANU AKIOLU of Lagos is the biggest contractor of the criminal APC in Lagos.
    Akiolu may be a thief so long as the $40b Lagos state got as revenues is un-accounted.
    Rilwanu Akiolu is one of those to be arrested and locked up for financial crimes in Lagos.

    • Libero Lagos

      APC party is a clear and present danger to entire Yoruba multi-religious society.
      APC is an Islamic Jihad for Islamist supremacy. APC is toxic poison for the Yoruba.
      On 11th April APC must go in Yorubaland. APC MUST GO ON 11TH APRIL, 2015!!
      If any Igbo man in Lagos is hurt or injured, we shall seize Rilwanu Akiolu in the palace.
      We shall strip Akiolu naked on the street; flog him, and, throw him into Lagos lagoon.
      That is where we stand on this matter with all Igbo Christians . So help us God.

      • Almajiri

        Caution please!

      • Enemona

        Please do not incite violence, let’s be wary of the consequences of our actions.

      • Abiola Adamolekun

        You are free to rob your mouth. Go to Igbo land and make it multi-religious as we Yorubas have made Yorubaland multi-religious. We Yorubas made Yorubaland and states multi-religious and inclusive, you Igbos benefit from that and you want to take advantage of that? No sir. Please go back to your Igbo states and Igbo land and live there. make dat place (Igbo land) multireligious too. Se o gbo? Meaning You hear? We Yorubas will not allow any Igbo Christian agenda in our states and land.

    • Libero Lagos

      If any Igbo man in Lagos is hurt or injured, we shall seize Rilwanu Akiolu in the palace.
      We shall strip Rilwanu Akiolu naked on the street; flog him, and, throw him into the lagoon.
      That is where we stand on this matter with all other Igbo Christians. So help us God!

      • Omoodua


        • Funso

          Omo ale.

      • baba

        seize who in the palace?this is the same empty gragra that pushed you pple into a war u were not prepared for and got burnt in the process.pls go and try it and see what becomes of you.

    • Dele


      Alhaji Rilwanu Akiolu is notorious as a Muslim Jihadist in Lagos Island.

  • amazing2012

    I support His Royal Majesty 100% Igbos are cursed and should be treated as such. Do you remember last year in Imo when they want to issue ID Card to non indigene ? Any where Igbos are there won’t be peace ! Is Lagos your papa land ? Everything is an issue to Igbos, idiots If you are tired, go back to your evil forest and cursed land.
    We love you kabessssssssssssi !

    • Na wa

      Really? You support his statement?
      In 2015, you actually support the same mindset that racists have against blacks? Or are you unaware of the fact that that is exactly what you are doing?, the next time you go to a foreign country & someone treats you with less disdain because of the colour of your skin or when it happens to someone you care about, just remember you support it.
      Be careful the seeds you sow for fate will definitely ensure you reap it in full

      • Taiwo

        If that happens, l will take next flight back home.

  • Johnny

    All the above from FFK? Not condoning the Oba’s senseless outbursts. But FFK issuing a statement to condemn an incitement? What is befitting is befitting but the rope meant for the neck does not befit the neck of a fowl! Mo wi temi.

  • Okey

    Is another pogrom against the Ndigbo in Nigeria in the offing ? Last election, I learnt all of them in the far North did not come out to vote but, instead, ran to the Barracks for their safety and had to remain their a few days more, surfacing only after Jonathan had accepted defeat. Now, it is Oba Akiolu of Lagos threatening pogrom against Igbos in the West should Ambode fail to win this Saturday.

    When. during collation of last Saturday’s presidential election results, persons I had considered lone-oddballs launched on the internet, a pogrom call on Nigerians to “Kill every Igbo should Jonathan win,” I thought they were alone. But now I am forced to think these oddballs were acting for the preference, behest or direct instruction of certain elites in our society. The irony and most unfortunate aspect of it all is that these elites who incite hate, and as a last resort, proceed to carry out the hate operation themselves as reported of Retired Policeman Akiolu, have worked in state institutions which primarily should instil nationalism in them and from where they had preached patriotism, tolerance and peace. But alas, they are more often than not found to be behind the source of divisions amongst ordinary Nigerians.

    My advice to my people in Lagos is simple: Retired Policeman Akiolu’s threat is mere swashbuckling, empty threat and utter bunkum. Instead, it is a realization and recognition of the fact that Igbos can help in deciding who becomes Governor of Lagos State and that they may dash Akiolu’s hope, if they choose to. Secondly and more important: the fact is that there are Lagosians, Yorubas and indeed, other Nigerians who DO NOT LIKE JONATHAN and at the same time DO NOT LIKE WHAT AMBODE REPRESENTS. This set of Nigerian’s voted against Jonathan last Saturday and are set to vote against Ambode this Saturday. But this set of Nigerians will not succeed without the Igbo vote. It is certain that if Ndigbo in Lagos drop just a single vote in the basket of those set of Nigerians – who do not like Jonathan and also do not like Ambode for what he represents – a huge and mighty upset will be established in Lagos. So Igbos are key to making a decision in that respect and should NEVER be frightened. Lagos and, indeed, Akiolu’s palace is run on taxes extracted from Igbo business in Lagos and therefore should exercise their franchise in any manner of their choice.

    Now, unlike Retired Policeman Akiolu, I cannot dictate or even advise any Igbo person in Lagos on who to vote for, but one thing I will let them know is, Akiolu’s threat is as empty as the air. Igbos in Lagos should vote based on their knowledge and conviction.

    • Mark Ishola

      There is no planned Porgrom anywhere. Nobody can imitate Igbos anywhere. There are stakeholders in the Lagos election and Igbo people are a part of the stakeholders. There is no denying the fact. The Oba has his view, but it certainly does not translate to the view of everybody in lagos. However, Igbo people should be wise about decisions they make. If Yorubas are the dominannt tribe in Lagos, and they prefer to vote for either of their Sons, the Igbos should look out for their peculiar interests and should be subtle enough not to be too partisan. In the End, no matter who wins, if the Yorubas(Hosts) are happy, then the better for their Igbo friends. If however, things turn the other way round, and the Igbos use the power of their votes to elect the less-popular candidate, and the Yorubas(Hosts) are sad, how can the Igbos ever expect to be happy? We should learn a lesson from losing the Senate President’s and speaker’s seat due to emotional decisions. Interests first.

      • Okey

        I admit that your position is factually correct, but it contracdicts the “One Nigeria” our leaders preach. If, in Nigeria, I must vote in a way that pleases my landlord, then I am a prisoner, not a citizen. It is either we practice the “Change” we preach or we make no pretences about it i.e. either we want one Nigeria or we do not want it.

        On “Senate President this” and “Speaker that,” Yorubas lived decades without it and see where they are today. So let no desperado for political office and extremely selfish interests make mourners of Ndigbo on that. Now, Peter Obi left N30 Billion whilst he left office after putting a modest and appreciable effort. The problem of Igbo States is that there are no two Peters Obis. Like their Nigerian counterparts, there is heartless corruption everywhere at the States level. It is expected that a “loss” at the Centre will, perforce, engender good husbandry of Monthly Federal Allocations to the states. If well managed, Igbo land will be development without persons from Abuja disturbing our peace us with sirens. My only appeal to Gen. Buhari is to pursue and trace how monthly allocations to states are utilized. That done, we shall overcome.

        • Yoruba

          Which one Nigeria with MASSOB agenda? You better stop speaking and telling lies with both sides of your mouth. Which one Nigeria with MASSOB? Is MASSOB about One Nigeria okey Igboman? We Yorubas have been accommodating. But you Igbos take that as something else. So let us look one another in the face an STOP this One Nigerian nonsense. So what is One Nigeria with MASSOB agenda?

          • Okey

            OPC said they are for “Yoruba self-determination.”

    • Yoruba

      There is no pogrom. Nigerian geography and borders are clear. I know of Yorubaland and states. They are Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo and parts of Kogi and Kwara. We Yorubas will never take or covet anybody;s land. If the Igbos are not happy in Yorubaland, we should do an account and an inventory and the Igbos should please go back to their states and Land. So there is no pogrom. The point is: Stop coveting other peoples land-period.

      • Okey

        You want their property “abandoned” to you ? Indolent loafer !

    • Anne

      Air is very need for breathing and in my tires

  • burning spear

    The just concluded March 28th 2015 presidential election in Nigeria was undoubtedly the most keenly contested ever. In a recent article, MARCH 28TH 2015 IS AN UNFAIR CONTEST BETWEEN BARACK OBAMA AND GOODLUCK JONATHAN, it was explained how the Obama White House, deployed its formidable bully pulpit in an orchestrated campaign against President Goodluck Jonathan, while clearly supporting the All Progressives Congress (“APC”) candidate (now President-elect) Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retired).

    One argued, therefore, that the election was effectively a competition between Goodluck Jonathan on one hand and Barack Obama on the other. In other words, General Buhari was not really on the ballot, as far as one was concerned.

    President Barack Obama’s decision to provide undeclared backing to the All Progressives Congress (“APC”) and General Buhari, violated a long-time American convention of non-interference in the elections of other sovereign nations.

    The series of patronizing actions, sponsored by the White House, culminated in a joint statement on March 30th 2015 by the American Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary Mr. Philip Hammond, alleging that the election results “may be subject to deliberate political interference”.

    This broadside was released when the vote collation was still ongoing, thereby casting undue aspersion not only on the entire electoral process and the almost thirty million voters who participated in it, but indeed the nation itself.

    This was the second unsolicited and unwarranted diatribe by the American and British pair, the first being the denigrating joint missive authored by the same duo on March 21st 2015, precisely seven days prior to the election.
    The said election has already occurred, but the repercussions from the historic event shall continue to generate reactions for many days, weeks, months, years and perhaps for all time.

    Obama Helped Elect Militant Muslim Over Christian Incumbent In Nigeria! – Dick Morris TV, USA

    • Izaak

      Mr Burning spear, is this post election cry or what do we call this. it is now glaring that igbos are the most tribalistic in Nigeria. You should be told and reminded that Lagos is not Onitsha or Aba or Enugu or Owerri or part of the south east, whether you like it or not, Lagos is Lagos and it belongs to the yoruba enclave. In the history of Nigeria, where else have you seen a non indigene winning or be appointed into an elective position or into an office outside his or her ethnic region except Lagos. Over the years, Lagosians have accomodated non indigenes and have lived and cooperated peacefully with them, the oba of Lagos unequivocally expressed his wish or wishes, now they said he is anti igbos,non indigenes especially igbos were given an inch but today they want to take a mile, what you can not accept in the south east, you have it freely in Lagos. It is high time a limit is set and a boundary be erected between the real owners and the atorinwas, hope you understand.

  • Repeat Again

    We warned and warned the Yoruba Christians…..


    Alhaji Rilwanu Akiolu, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and, Alhaji Raji Fashola.


    • Yoruba

      I think the question is the covetous mentality of Igbo Christians. Why do Igbo Christians come to Yoruba land and want to steal a land that is not theirs? Why for God’s sake? What rubbish is this?

  • burning spear

    The USA and UK rigged the election for Buhari—-so—-stop these silly childish talks-about FFK—and Doyin Akupe-ati Metuh-Was APC not using FFk to abuse Jonathan—-?–Jonathan did not lose the elections he won it—-For the rigging power of the Obama government every Nigerian knows Jonathan won the election—He is just tired of the mess the Yorubas ati Fulanis made of the entire election process. That is why he does not even want to go to court–unlike buhari—in 2011–Are the Yorubas not with the very people who said no to Awo–deceived and killed Abiola—Kadirat–HIS WIFE–ati akintola-?-Are Yorubas the type of people that one should trouble his soul for in Nigeria–?—People with unstable human- characters——Look—the Ijaw Nation would not allow any ethnic group BE IT FULANIS OR YORUBAS threaten the Ibos again in Nigeria–It will never happen—Once beaten twice shy——just leave them alone to do their business in LAGOS-PERIOD–

    • The Patriot

      Igbos can not do in Lagos what they do in the east.They should pack their tribal selves and return to the east.And like or not Buhari is your President. The Igbos did not vote for him but he still won. The Igbos are politically irrelevant.

      • Watch-this-space

        The Igbos may be politically irrelevant now but wait until Buhari falls out with thiefnubu. I can see that happening very soon because Thiefnubu is not going to have it his way with GMB for too long. The Northerners are more politically astute than the entire south combined. I don’t think Thiefnubu has yet to realize that he may have just been played once-chance by the northern hegemony…

      • Samadani

        They have committed political suicide due to the selfish interest of their leaders. They rigged out all the progressives in their midst. Today, they are nowhere. A lesson is enough for a wise.

    • Gbemi

      burning speak the serious question are: Why do Igbo Christians covet a Yorubaland which is not their land? Can Igbo Christians concede in Igbo land and Igbo states what they ask for in Yorubaland and in Yoruba states? I mean what nonsense is this?

  • Libero Lagos

    If any Igbo man in Lagos is hurt or injured, we shall seize Rilwanu Akiolu in the palace.
    We shall strip Rilwanu Akiolu naked on the street; flog him, and, throw him into the lagoon.
    That is where we stand on this matter with all other Igbo Christians. So help us God!

    • Olanrewaju Akinoso

      Why do Igbo Christians ready to occupy Yorubaland? Why do Igbo christians ask in Yoruba land and Yoruba states (Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti parts of Kogi and Kwara) what they do not give other Nigerian national groups in Igbo land and Igbo states? I am shocked that Igbo Christians are this covetous of other peoples’ land. I am just shocked. I think it is hightime we have a co-federal and regional system so that each national group will know their limits in other peoples land.

      • BobLoco

        Lagos land was federal land for decades, it wasn’t Yoruba land so quiet yourself there. Igbos are in Lagos to live, to do business to teach your children to heal your sick, to sell you goods, to be your domestic help, to. Igbos are there to live just like the Yorubas and Hausas in my home town of Asaba. Just like in my former Bendal state capital of Benin. And we never molested or harassed your kind. So why stress?

        You hate Igbos for being successful where you failed. You dispose the Igbo having the courage to venture and engage in enterprise where you wouldn’t dream of it. All you do is expose your bigotry. First you purged the Ghanaians and now you look to the Igbo. Ha. You will not succeed.

        Did an Igbo man steal your land from under your nose? Have you ever been robbed by an Igbo? Lair.

    • igbiki


  • Straightalk

    Islamic Jihad in Lagos

    Silhouette of an eventual birth of an Islamic State of Nigeria
    is clearer than ever before. But Christians and their Pastors
    show no visceral hatred for an Islamic State of Nigeria.

    America and Britain – who both tend Nigeria as an
    orphan – now have their work cut out, as a ruffian
    rogue state is now set to emerge from behind the back
    of Muhammadu Buhari, Rilwanu Akiolu, Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
    and Alhaji Raji Fashola – all of whom the Islamist fundamentalists
    in Nigeria see as acceptable icons of Jihadist Islamism.

    • sho


      • say it again


    • Dimeji Ajayi

      Why do Igbo Christians covet Yorubaland which is not theirs? The Bible says “Thou Shall Not covet another man’s land” Why are Igbo Christians coveting Yorubaland?

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Because their jungle is crime infested

  • Maitama Tambari

    Wonder can never end with this chronic lunatic. Femi Fani Kayode has forgotten of what he said about Ndigbos a year or two ago and what Oba of Lagos Alhaji Riwanu was an advise to his guest living amongst his children, period.

  • True Nigerian

    Femi, thank you for your empty rhetoric. Sadly, your record shows that you hate the Igbos more than the thoughtless Oba Akiolu. Both of you are cast in the same mould. Oba’s thoughtless utterances will not wash you clean from your own horrible records on ethnic hatred against the Igbos.

  • Lily

    femi , last year i thought you as a true son of odu du wa, what happened?

  • kolafemi

    Femi u no de taya of mischief making? Sebi your time don end. Why u no check out like Andrew?

  • sammie

    Pls lets all be careful of our statements the Oba of Lagos has said his own, word is like an Egg. Lets concentrate on the governorship Election, ibo men or any tribe is free to vote any one of their choice .
    Lets be very careful of what we say to the Oba of Lagos and be should not mix the party APC with the statement made about the ibos in Lagos we are all Nigerian.
    Lagos is even the only state in Nigeria where you ser an igbo man in the cabinet of the Governor of the state, it can never happen in the east. Pls lets forget what the Oba said and lets move forward Eko o nibaje o

  • sammie

    @ burning spear you lack knowledge of nigeria politics its either you are not a Nigerian or you are just monitoring the presidential Election in diasporal because all that you said was nonsense PDP was beaten hands down where you got your figures from I don’t know .its not possible to let go a big post as that president post

  • IEginic

    What is good for patience jonathan is good also for this Oba. Let APC take the innitiative and report this Oba to the world Court also. No partial at all.

    • Samadani

      That should be the primary function of that PDPig rather crying wolf where there is none. CHANGE ALL THE WAY.

      • IEginic

        Yes. PDP or APC…. Does not matter.. It already change now including Hate Speech #Take Oba Akiolu to ICC

  • igbiki

    Dirty Faggot.

    I don’t know why premiumtimes still gives this kinds of despicaple characters room and space to vent their inane vetuparations, no matter how noble, in the name of news.

    Nothing good will come out of a cocaine crazed nebulos chamelionic whore like Femi Fani Kayode and the earlier premiumtimes grasps this, the better.

  • ybello902

    Lets forget about Fani Kayode he is the type of nuisance that democracy must accommodate, Fani is of no significant consequence. More importantly is the fact that Oba Akiolu is a visionary leader, and people of wisdom knows where he is headed. The Igbos it must be said, have become political suicide bombers and are looking for others to join them in there political suicide bombing mission with there politics of hatred. This cannot be allowed in Lagos, if the Igbos wants to contest or vote along there politics of hatred they must not smear and con terminate other people, rather let them go back to there home bases where they vote only for Igbo people and lets see where it takes them….

  • Festuso

    Now the rabble rouser seems to have found his voice again!

  • Lily

    On Oba Akiolu Outburst Dele Famose wrote:

    l am yet to see a man that will keep quiet when his territory is been invaded with impunity.

    AFONJA was a Yoruba man, and a General in the Oyo Army. He was made the Commanding Officer of Ilorin Outpost. He was an over ambitious man who wanted to be King at all cost and he knew there was no way he could defeat Alaafin of Oyo Army, so he gathered Fulani settlers under Mallam Alimi together to help fight Alaafin, yes the Fulanis helped him to defeat Alafin’s Army but he was never made king. That was how the Yoruba people lost Ilorin a prominent Yoruba town to Fulani Emirate through this treacherous act, probably forever.

    TODAY, LAGOS IS THE NEW ILORIN . JIMI AGBAJE IS THE NEW AFONJA, WHILE THE IGBOS ARE THE NEW FULANI. Come Saturday, Lagosians should not allow history to repeat itself. Oloju ko ni la oju sile ki talu o wo.
    Eko oni baje….

  • murtala bg

    Igbos issued same threat to the hausas and the yorubas leaving in their areas during the presidential elections & in the upcoming guber elections.they killed many people for voting APC in their areas Rochas has said it all,they can’t eat their cake and have it.The ruler is right.

  • sam

    Fani please just shut up! The same igbo you condemned before your (give me chop) appointment by gej abi? Oloshi!! Are igbos the only non yorubas in Lagos state? Can a non igbo person hold any political office in the south east? Can they accommodate non indegenes like they are accommodated in Lagos state? Well after April 11, you will be nailed permanently so you won’t have to speak from both sides of your smelly mouth ever again. Shameless traitor!

  • Strong System

    It was FFK and Co that brought about this sharp division between the Yorubas and Igbos,by telling Jonathan that the Igbos population in Lagos should be usedagainst the Yorubas to enhance pdp.Before then Igbos were voting either ACN or PDP.
    It’s unfortunate that the Oba gave them what they wish

  • Assibi

    the man spoke liike FFK tho lol….meanwhile…Good evening people, are you looking for a genuine investment opportunity that will upgrade your financial status? Invest And Enlarge (WEALTHZONE) is the right company, a company located in Kano where you invest and get a monthly interest according to the amount you invest and also get a referral bonus interest the more people you refer which is my aim of this advert,I live here in Abuja, I read about them sometime last year on facebook and i contacted them via email and that was how i became an investor with them, I just got my 4th interest payment so I am convinced of their activities, if you are interested you TEXT your EMAIL address to their customer care line 08021341784 and they will get back to you with details. please do not forget to tell them Mrs Assibi Abdulahi referred you, remain blessed.

  • Mindset

    So much hate, why?

    Know this, every time you make a tribalistic statement against another group you share exactly the same attitude that racists exhibit towards Black people all over the world.

    How would you feel if you heard some white supremacist saying all blacks should go back to Africa?, how would you feel if you had family living in (for the sake of clarity) America, & someone told them that they had to vote for a white guy or else?
    People wake up!!, we are our own worst enemy. We are the reason why we are a failed nation, we are the reason why, despite all the resources and potential, we are unable to achieve a modicum of international respect.

  • Mindset

    Please my people stop with the hate. If you step outside Nigeria, you realise that so many wish this country would live up to her potential. Each group has it’s strengths. Let each group thrive and the nation thrives, oppress or mistreat any group and we simply store up chaos of our children.

    I have a mission & hope you can share it too. – to challenge mindsets, to cause you to pause and think before you speak or act against you fellow human being irrespective of their ethnicity, race,religion,etc.

    If we cannot get it right in the largest black nation on earth, how can we expect to effectively challenge those who look down on black people and Africans?

    The ball is in your court. Be careful the seeds you are sowing, because you and yours will definitely reap it fully.

  • Mindset

    The world we live in is a by product of our mindsets. Let’s create a better country for our children

    If you are one of those, inclined towards being tribalistic against any group,if you are one of those justifying this hateful statement then, every time you hear of racism against a black person, just know that you are part of the problem and as sure as night follows day, you will reap what you sow one way or another. Fact.

    How people can call on God & then with the same breath condemn a fellow human being created in the same image & likeness just because they speak a different language or come from a different place is just shocking.

    People should be free vote for whoever they want & not be attacked for it. Anything short of that is prosecution.

    Nigeria is a country with great potential, and the world knows it. Stop wasting time on minor differences and utilise the strengths of the different groups to make this nation a super power.Stop being tribalistic!!! This is 2015. The rest of the world is advancing in lifestyle, technology and medicine.
    Stop being shortsighted.

    Emancipate yourself from mental slavery!



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