To remove me from office, you must first impeach God – Fayose

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has dismissed what he said was a purported impeachment notice posted online by the All Progressives Congress lawmakers in the State House of Assembly, saying he was yet to be served any impeachment notice.

Mr. Fayose, stated this while speaking during a TV programme, “Meet Your Governor”, aired on the State Television, EKTV, Ekiti Radio, Progress FM and NTA, Ado Ekiti on Monday.

Nineteen All Progressives Congress, APC, lawmakers in the state had while issued a notice of impeachment to the governor, giving him 7 days to respond to the allegations of gross misconduct against him and his deputy.

Mr. Fayose described those plotting his impeachment as the same enemies of Ekiti State that plotted his exit from office in 2006.

“Nobody served me any impeachment notice. I only saw the notice online like every other person,” he said.

The governor, who described himself as an Israeli said; “I’m like Israel that is in the midst of enemies but will always prevail. Whoever wants to remove me will first have to impeach God.”

He said the APC members were trying to get at him because he wholeheartedly supported President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid.

“They are doing all these just to get at me because of my support for President Jonathan and I have no regret for supporting the president.

“Let me say it again, I have not been served any impeachment notice. The House of Assembly is also on recess and Dr Adewale Omirin is not the speaker of the State House of Assembly.

“Omirin is in court, challenging his impeachment and he can’t be challenging his impeachment in court and at the same time laying claim to being Speaker,” he said.

While urging the APC to accept defeat as done by President Jonathan and the PDP, Mr. Fayose said, “By the power of God, they lost 16 – 0 on June 21, 2014, they lost 16 – 0 again on March 28, they will lose 26 – 0 on Saturday, April 11,” he said.


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  • amah sossy

    Fayose you can make all the noise as you like but just read the handwritten on the wall. You are goner. You learned nothing from your pass mistake.

  • Yinka Adedara

    Fayose did you say Dr. Omirin is not the speaker? Then who is the speaker?

    • Okey

      Foyose made a statement of fact: that Omirin is in court challenging his impeachment. The court is yet to decide whether Omiri is rightly impeached or not. If the court finds that he was wrongly impeached, it will order that Omirin be restored. The court is yet to do that and Omirin is jumping the gone.

      By the way, Omirin will be presnting himself for election in 4 days time from now. If he is honest, he should use the remaing 4 days to get himself re-elected. I guess, Omirin and co. want to set confusion in Ekiti to force INEC to postpone Saturday’s election in Ekiti so that it be held after Buhari has been sworn in. Nigeria, Chanjee !

      • Yinka Adedara

        Can you have a speaker elected by three members of a house of more than twenty members? Are you thinking at all? Or do you think at all?

        • Okey

          I did not say Omiri is not or is the Speaker. I said, he has gone to court to say he was impeached wrong; he should allow the court the he complained to, to agree or disagree with him. He should not tie the court’s hand. In any event, if it is true Omiri will be re-contesting in 4 days time from now, what he is doing now is simply to cause confusion and anarchy in Ekiti State in order to postpone the coming Saturday election. That’ s fraud unexpected of those who mouth “Change.”

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Okey, you cannot build a legality o an illegality.

            That is what you are trying to do here i.e. justify the purported “impeachment of 19 by 7”.

            Come on, bruv. Stop being silly just because the actor is a PDP man.

          • Okey

            Therefore, self-help and jungle justice ?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            It is the law of karma in the case of Fayofo.

            Those who live by the sword are destined to …, by the sword!


          • Okey

            No matter the what layer of masks, truth has a way of unmasking itself. Thanks for confirming that Buhari is coming with a government of revenge and vendetta (law of karma).

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Call it whatever, revenge is a dish best served cold.

            If you thought all the acts of brigandry you and other PDPigs committed would go unrecompensed, let me assure you that the wheels of justice grinds surely, no matter how slowly.

          • Okey

            Kay, why k-leg the this matter when you have said it all; that Buhari has come with revenge, vendetta and jungle – karma – to those who had opposed his candidature, which you now call “the wheels of justice” (perhaps, forgot its rightful name – “Wheels of Change).

  • musa aliyu

    This guy is crazy. We shall handle him soon.

  • Ginger

    Impeach God? News from high heavens is that Far-You-See and the PDP will not be seen near you in Ekiti, or anywhere in Nigeria on April 12.

  • If Dr Omirin is not the speaker,the why are you afraid of impeacment ?Please don’t respond to those allegations and continue your “good work” ,at the end of 7 day you will know that sword is mightier than teeth,

  • Progress CT

    Fayose your madness has now reach a sickening state. That is very blasphemous of you! May the Almighty God you liken yourself to deal with you as He deems fit.

  • adamS

    Politicians should mind their language. You can play with Gods name and expect to go free.

  • Wähala

    Fayose will know he’s not God when he finds himself in prison in solitary confinement, that’s when he will find God. Fayose knew the rug has been from under him when Dumbo bit the dust, the Ekitigate is enough crime to lock away Fayose forever, his madness is constituting public nuisance and this is a step on the brinks, using God’s name in vain during Easter!

    • burning spear

      The entire idea–is to impeach him Fayose and then declare a state of emergency—in Ekiti–with the aid of obasanjo———-Then try to install a care-taker government–UK and USA rigged the election for buhari–the same way they destroyed Libya-.ati-Iraq–them wat to pull down Nigeria–thank God Jonathan allowed the Holy spirit to guide him-Else the idea was to murder him or give him the Gaddafi treatment as envisaged by tunde bakare and obj————————-Only God can impeach him–Not drug addict like tinubu—look at the words from his mouth–we shall roast any alive in ekiti-that tries to rig the election–hear Jonathan–my ambition is not worth the d blood of any Nigerian————————-so he left

      • Jack


    • Guguru

      Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

      If Ngozi iweala had made the same comment, would you be making the same remark you are making now? LOL.

  • burning spear

    The only development project that APC has for Nigerians is the erection of prison gates———apart from the issuance of threats to Nigerians—They have nothing upstairs- Theirs is to trample upon the civil liberties and political rights—of individuals—–soon they will end up becoming the worst of the worst government to be installed by the USA and UK governments in africa-This is what happens when u steal power–after forging yr certificate–armed with a brain filled with nothing but cocaine–substances——so how do u expect them to think right-?-U cook up allegation to impeach fayose–when PDP tried it-in Adamawa-they called Jonathan names—now nko? A case of kettle calling pot black——–animals–separation is the only answer

    • Chief Larry

      Dont worry by God’s grace you and your corrupt people will be among those who will occupy the prison APC will build we will ensure the foods that will be supplied will be nutritious so when you and the corrupt people come out by 2023 you would have grown bigger.

    • Remi

      Rantings of a confused man. Was Nyako not impeached? Was Al Makira not subjected to a hopeless and unnecessary impeachment trauma by the PDP? Clairvoyant, APC have not be sworn in yet you know what they will do.

    • tundemash

      Looks like Aso Rock has stopped payment of your psychiatric treatment.

      What is wrong in erecting prison gates to jail you and your looting masters. If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime !

    • Bishop

      Best joke! Hahahahahahahaahahahaaa!!!!!!

    • rhad

      eeeya sorry. Things must be awkward for you now because there is no chance to steal again. Anyway, it will be good to see you in one of the dilapidated prison should you found guilty of any wrong doing. Thief like jona and alinson

  • burning spear

    The just concluded March 28th 2015 presidential election in Nigeria was undoubtedly the most keenly contested ever. In a recent article, MARCH 28TH 2015 IS AN UNFAIR CONTEST BETWEEN BARACK OBAMA AND GOODLUCK JONATHAN, it was explained how the Obama White House, deployed its formidable bully pulpit in an orchestrated campaign against President Goodluck Jonathan, while clearly supporting the All Progressives Congress (“APC”) candidate (now President-elect) Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retired).

    One argued, therefore, that the election was effectively a competition between Goodluck Jonathan on one hand and Barack Obama on the other. In other words, General Buhari was not really on the ballot, as far as one was concerned.

    President Barack Obama’s decision to provide undeclared backing to the All Progressives Congress (“APC”) and General Buhari, violated a long-time American convention of non-interference in the elections of other sovereign nations.

    The series of patronizing actions, sponsored by the White House, culminated in a joint statement on March 30th 2015 by the American Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary Mr. Philip Hammond, alleging that the election results “may be subject to deliberate political interference”.

    This broadside was released when the vote collation was still ongoing, thereby casting undue aspersion not only on the entire electoral process and the almost thirty million voters who participated in it, but indeed the nation itself.

    This was the second unsolicited and unwarranted diatribe by the American and British pair, the first being the denigrating joint missive authored by the same duo on March 21st 2015, precisely seven days prior to the election.
    The said election has already occurred, but the repercussions from the historic event shall continue to generate reactions for many days, weeks, months, years and perhaps for all time.

    Obama Helped Elect Militant Muslim Over Christian Incumbent In Nigeria! – Dick Morris TV, USA

    • Jack


    • tundemash

      Looks like Aso Rock has stopped payment of your psychiatric treatment.


      DERI OBRUKAR go pack your belongings from Aso Villa kiakia to creek,your oga at the top is busy packing his designer shoes and you are here online mismanagi ng your airtime bundle.Why must u be crying more than the bereaved can’t u learn from Edwin Clark,Asari D, Fani kayode,Fayose,Orubebe,Mama peace,Tawanda,Otile etc etc

  • Jack


  • Remi

    This man is gone. The icing on the cake is that of this blasphemy. He should find out what happened to those who said bad things like this about God Almighty.

  • Okey

    Foyose made a statement of fact: that Omirin is in court challenging his impeachment. The court is yet to decide whether Omiri is rightly impeached or not. If the court finds that he was wrongly impeached, it will order that Omirin be restored. The court is yet to do that and Omirin is jumping the gone, to arm-twist the very court he had approached.

    By the way, Omirin will be presenting himself for re-election in 4 days time from now. If he is honest, and if he is sincere serving Ekiti people rather than tin-gods, he should use the remaining 4 days to get himself re-elected. I guess, Omirin and co. want to set confusion in Ekiti State to force INEC to postpone Saturday’s election in Ekiti so that it be held after Buhari has been sworn in. Chanjee, here you come !

    • sadiq

      But DSS and Police have restored full security details of Mr. Omirin signifying that he is the substantive/recognised speaker. Wahala dey but at the end of the day Fayose must go

      • Okey

        If you, as a citizen, complains that your life is in danger, security agencies can provide you security. That does not make Speaker or Senate President or President of Nigeria.

        • Onike24

          That is a lie! Omirin was removed by a non quorate house, what a farce!

          • Okey

            I have NEVER said Omirin was or was not lying. I said (1) He is court for that and should wait the court’s decision (2) If it is true he is re-contesting in 3 days time from now, it is dishonest to pursue impeachment now, unless he wants to set Ekiti on fire in order to postpone the Saturday election.

          • Onike24

            In court for being removed by a non quorate house? What a joke!

          • Okey

            Joke on who ? On Omirin who took the matter to court, that must be.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Stop pontificating on hypocrisy!

      I did not read such an ‘Op-Ed’ from you when the same Fayoshe led thugs into the Court Rooms to beat up Judges who were set to make pronouncements on his eligibility to be sworn in as Governor!!

      Change is here indeed and it shall compel political criminals to adhere to the laws of the land or face the consequence of their actions.

      #NeverAgain shall impunity in the face of law reign in Nigeria.

      • Okey

        You mean, Omirin should abandon court and resort to self-help ? K – legged Kay !

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          lol, Okey.

          No, I don’t mean that.

          But under the current climate when the courts are emasculated, I do not see any reason why Fayoshe cannot be given a taste of his own medicine; provided it is all within the ambit of the law and no lives or bloodshed is involved.

    • neromagana2015

      What you have said is inconsequential! Are you aware that the House will still be in session til June 6th 2015? there is still enough time for this man to be impeached. And the the case in court, there is difference between approaching a court for an injunction and approaching a court for interpretation. Get that clear!

      • Okey

        Fine, I don’t know you know all these ? Then let Omirin allow Ekiti a peaceful election on Saturday and not to cause chaos, anarchy and bloodshed. After Saturday, let him continue his court and impeachment “Change,” ba wahala.

  • Bishop

    I expect total condemnation of this statement,what is the reason for bringing God to this matter? Please don’t complain when God visits you.

  • Ahmed Gombi

    Ekiti is unlucky to have Fayose as their governor. Instead of tackling the problems of the a state he, is busy making himself spokesman of an election that has been won and lost.

  • Deji Joseph

    pack your bags bro, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.


    Fayose said if they have to remove or impeach him from office, they will have to remove or impeach God first. What a sacrilegious statement! So, Fay0se doesn’t know that he ought not to believe that because God made him to become governor through people, then the same God cannot remove him from office through the same people representatives? This is very disdainfully ridiculous!

    If this is the thinking of Fayose, why then does he quote the Bible as if God never used people to remove ancient kings whom He placed in the position of authority in the past? Was God removed from His Throne first before the likes of Pharaoh and other oppressive kings or leaders were removed from their thrones or kingdoms? What is really wrong with Fayose’s mentality as a governor?

    If Fayose likes, let him continue to gather his supporters to block the entrance to the House of Assembly complex. But by the time God is ready for him to be chased out of that Government House of Ekiti, those who are mounting barricades for him not to be impeached will only soon be watching helplessly while they will again be waving him “Bye Bye” from Government House as they did in 2006.

    Past oppressive, erring leaders have done the same thing by using supporters to prevent the consequences of their actions. But when the payback period with inextricable consequences came, none of those supporters was able to rescue their paymasters from facing the consequences of their actions. One closest example is the recent case of Jonathan vs Buhari. Is that not enough as a lesson?

  • ybello902

    Fayose is quoting from his baba alawo’s incantations, he has continuously blaspheme because for his alleged support for a mere mortal. There is nothing left for him from now on except; pains, hardship, agony, disappointments, and sorrow. He has sinned against God and Man and his baba alawos cannot save him, the pay back has just began.

  • philips brown

    Is now I know that Ayo fayose is a gonner,saying you have to impeach Our Almighty b4 you,you are a gonner.between now to 40day u ar gonner.

  • Du Covenant

    What a hooligan!…No decent person speaks like this man….

  • Maria

    Now he is comparing himself with God…In fact placing himself in a higher rank than God…Fayose… You are now king Herod… You are finished.

  • manofGod

    Now more than ever before, it has clearly manisfested : Fayose has a mental problem. It is so sad and disappointing of him to associate God with his inherent predicament. May the good Lord, Who is of a higher realm, forgive him. A believer would not make such a callous statement.

  • NawaO

    Fayose, I was one of your supporters, but you have gone too far with this statement! Who do you think you are? Can you not be impeached? Why should you bring The Lord our God into this? Are you a Christian?

  • Assibi

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      You don’t use fowl language to the governor there are better ways to put it. How will you say his mad he’s not your puppet please mind your language in public and imagine you Advertising your nonsense and you think people will even want to read through what you wrote. OGA…….

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Fayose going,going,,

  • Comfortkay

    His real name is Ifayose Ayodele and he is just pretending to be a Christian , Vanity all is vanity.

  • Id

    Do the Ekitis, the acclaimed fountain of knowledge, actually know this man – went on to elect him of all ?

  • Sanmi Falae

    I think the time has come for Nigeria’s public intellectuals to start to advance, shape, and lead the debate that only ABILITY and MERIT can save Nigeria. This is what Governor El Rufai was implying by his proposed removal of those teachers. It is what you are advancing albeit implicitly in your essay and various other essays, comments, and tweets right across our social media networks. It is the object lesson for us in Mugabe’s removal. This means that we have to jettison the National Character and Rotational Presidency Initiatives if Nigeria is ever to mature and break free from their consequent irrational fear of ourselves and acquired culture of self-sabotage and under-development. Since any human being with the natural gift of a brain knows ABILITY, not ETHNICITY solves problems, why do we expect social mobility or evolution and development when we use ETHNICITY to solve problems? This, fundamentally, is the reason that everything that works in other countries and continents never works and will never for us in Nigeria or

    For example, whereas the Ethnic Hausa/Fulani North are ultimately going to be the worse for it, they are
    already up in arms that it is their turn to produce the President and govern until 2013! We just cannot continue with such gambling with the futures of our country and children in an increasingly dog –eat- dog world. Rotational Presidency is a gamble that has never paid off and will never pay off in Nigeria because it is based on ETHNICITY rather than ABILITY. For example, imagine Buhari as president for eight years – without the few of his performing ministers!!

    Take it or leave it because it is the brutal truth, but, take a look at our Political Leadership Landscape and a
    honest, unbiased, and intelligent assessment would tell you that only Mr Ahmed Bola Tinubu has proven to have the PERSONAL INTELLECTUAL ABILITY to produce the SYNERGY that can take Nigeria out of her current ever deepening MANHOLE. The simple, clear, and straightforward message that – the selling of Nigerian children, young men and women as slaves in Libya; the problems in our education system; the sorry state of Nigeria’s society; disillusionment with our future, and the host of other social problems
    you highlighted- tell you, me, Governor El Rufai and Nigerians in general is that there are HUMAN COSTS or PERSONAL and NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COSTS to federal character, rotational presidency, or in other words, using ETHNICITY as opposed to ABILITY to solve national problems.

  • princegab

    Turn it around which ever way, our problem is lack of good leadership. Pmb who was expected to lead the progressives at rebuilding the nation is now history, a disappointment. Excellent article though, thanks

  • Meena

    You leaders there in Nigeria are nothing but self-centered lowlifes! You have taken advantage of poor hard working Citizens, and now you starve them to death without food! Nigeria is a worst Country in the entire world known for corruption. Known for killing, stealing, and starvation. Great punishment shall come to bring all corrupt leaders to an end. Stop mistreating innocent Nigeria Citizens. They deserve to eat daily meals just as you corrupt leaders!

  • Meena

    Buhari is supposed to be a President that cares about Nigeria. A President that cares about his Country will do the right thing and not laugh about the tough situations there. It isn’t funny for lives to be lost by starving people to death. God see that food can be provided there to end hunger, but such evil is being done on purpose due to corruption. There’s enough money to end POVERTY, struggles and hunger for all Nigerian Citizens. People need jobs and shelter in Nigeria. How can children and people not be beggars, when they have no other choice there? Thousands of children are out of school wasting their life away when they should be earning an education. If the Leaders wanted to end the killings they could do so, by enforcing strict Laws. They should do whatever it takes TO MAKE NIGERIA GREAT AGAIN! There is no set grouding foundation to start with. It will take trustworthy new Leaders that really cares about all Citizens. And not for a President showing FAVORITISM of whom he knows personally. It has been said NIGERIA IS A ZOO, is exactly what it is until all people come together as one loving each other and cleaning up Nigeria. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.