Under me, your money will be safe – Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari talking
President Muhammadu Buhari

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has given assurances to Nigerians that he would handle state resources with utmost responsibility and honesty and that he would not condone the looting of public resources.

Speaking while receiving a delegation of the people of his home state, Katsina, who came to congratulate him on his election as President of Nigeria, Mr. Buhari regretted that the citizens had been made poorer by the 16 years of PDP maladministration in spite of the fact that the country received more income in that period than at any other time.

Mr. Buhari said savings from his war against corruption would be ploughed into education with the objective of empowering the citizens.

“If you give education to a man or woman, you have empowered them to be productive. There is no better way to empowerment,” Mr. Buhari said.

The President-elect, who exchanged banters with old schoolmates and kinsmen among the 130-odd delegation, spoke about his resolve to work with all Nigerians to pull Nigerians out of the current hardships facing them.

Mr. Buhari also expressed his commitment to multi-party democracy as the best system of government and appealed to all citizens to imbibe courage and perseverance, virtues he said, stood him in good stead in earning him victory after failing three times in the past presidential elections.

The leaders of the delegation, who spoke on the occasion, included the state Chairman of the Katsina State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mustapha Inuwa; a former Governor of the state, Saidu Barda, a leading Muslim cleric, a representative of federal legislators and a representative of the traditional institutions in the state.

They all pledged their support and commitment to the in-coming Buhari administration and promised to avoid the mistakes of others by imbibing humility and respect for all sections of the country.


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  • Nkuu

    It is good to give everyone a second opportunity. If Buhari wants to be believed he must bring to book the Nigerian money and taxpayers money that Obasanjo and Thiefnubu stole from Nigerian treasury and Lagos State respectively.

    Once Buhari does the above transparently I will support everything he will do.

    For now my bet is that Nigerian resources would be misused as Buhari and his Islmaists’ people did till 1999.

    Again, stop talking about CORRUPTION until you collect our money from THIEFNUBU & OBASANJO & all APC LOOTERS and those REFUSING TO PAY LOANS THEY TOOK FROM NIGERIAN BANKS.

    Once Buhari does that, he would have the authority to go after all others outside the APC THIEVES who financed him. We are watching!!!

    • Jide

      Your support is not needed..the last person (GEJ) you supported failed woefully.

      • G.O

        failed? do you know the meaning of failure? Do you call a man who has attracted world wide commendation on his legendary expression of conceding defeat just so peace rain in our nation a failure? You might need to under study the true definition of ‘patriotism’ statesmanship’…your understanding of this will help us work together for a better nation…

    • Guguru

      SHUT UP!!!!!

      • Segun

        Guguru Guguru Guguru
        How many times did I call you.
        You are warned – I am sure you know why.
        Keep it real no copy copy without what?
        I still dey Ooh remember. Lol

        • Guguru

          Segun aka Wahala aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

          Do you have anymore pseudonyms you would like to share with us while you help you dear Ngozi pack out of Aso Rock?

          • Segun

            Ngozi is still hard at work addressing important issues of state.
            Remember she still has over a month left.
            How about you have you managed to get the ota pedifile to put in a few good words for you?
            It would help Ooh.
            I understand the Janjaweed want NOIs position badly.
            No ibo or Yoruba application to be accepted.
            Strictly a Mallam affair.
            Guguru act fast else you may loose out.
            dont worry they are not going to ask you about past copy copy- you know what I mean- lol.

          • Guguru

            Segun aka Wahala aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            When do you plan to tie the knot with Ngozi Iweala? You sound like Ngozi actually beats you at home whenever you disobey her orders. Why have you chosen to wear her wrapper, ehn, woman wrapper? LOL.

          • Segun

            It seems you must be a victim of spousal abuse in your home
            See how sick you are?
            Truly paranoia has set in – remember what professor Charles Owolabi said to you-
            You are suffering from paranoia – seeing things other people don’t see and hearing things others dont hear.
            He is clearly right in his diagnosis.
            You need to deal with those imaginary voices in your head. See a psychiatrist immediatly.
            Secondly I think you are mistaken NOI for
            the man woman- ezekwesili who would pass any day for an agboro in the motor park.
            Her deep voice alone in a base octave would scare any man away.
            I wonder how the ota pedifile deals with that voice when the lights are turned off.
            Ha ha ha – lol
            Everyone knows that
            NOI is also not into that ezekwesili stuff- messing around when married- she would never engage in such despicable behavior .
            How about you does you wife beat the hell out of you?
            When people talk in this manner they unknowingly expose the deficiencies in their own relationship .
            An example is charles Soludos whos wife slaps him at will . She still sees him as that poor boy who she did a favor and married when he could bearly eat 3 squares in Nsukka. This is not a joke.
            Everyone knows.
            You asked why I have chosen to wear her wrapper-
            Meaning why I admire her so much
            I say to you Guguru who wouldn’t?
            Noi is spectacular.
            She is unique- humble ,intelligent, hard working , loyal and focused
            How many people have those qualities?
            Guguru you certainly lack all the above.
            All I ask is that you
            Sit down quietly for a moment and ask your self weather you compere in anyway to this woman ?
            I am sure that deep down you know the answer.
            You can never be Compered to
            NOI- I told you before that you are 2nd best.
            While at it let me inform you that NOIs son who is an acclaimed author just won another major literary prize in the US. His name is Uzo Iweala.
            NOI and her entire family are celebrating’this major achievement.
            So while your mind wonders about imagining stuff. NOI is busy celebrating life
            See your poor life?

          • Guguru

            Segun aka Wahala aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            LOL. Who is going to be wearing the trousers when you and Ngozi tie your blissful nuptials—-you or Ngozi? Go back and read what you wrote and you get a sense of a male spouse who gets beat up by his wife when he refuses to obey orders. And then, I try not to imagine the freakish looking children both of you might foist on the people of this world. Ngozi does not look humble and focused to me. If she was, then Obasanjo would not have sacked her from her job. Her passive aggressive personality was partly responsible for her sack. And, we now know that same behavior drives her to beat you whenever you refuse to make love to her the way you should. Just look at the long grammar you developed to make excuses for a woman who beats you every night. LOL.

          • Segun

            Don’t you think you need your drugs now?
            You are hyperventilating.
            Try harder Mr 2nd best
            Try and convince your sick mind that NOI was fired.
            I bet no one would beleive you.
            Not even your ogbanje wife would
            How about the man woman who was sacked from the world bank for mediocrity?
            Do you know NOI was her boss and she kept weeping like a kindergarten child?
            What about the Anambra mugu – who was sacked from CBN and rejected 3 times by his people- they drained him of every kobo and threw him out like an old rag- lol
            You talk about NOIs children?
            How about yours- let me guess – garbage in garbage out. Lol
            I bet your kids are on drugs- kpele.
            Prayer solves all problems remember.
            For your information NOI has 4 children- all graduates of Harvard- got in by merit
            They all graduated top of their class
            3 of them a medical doctors
            How about your children ?
            Has any won any prize? Ode
            Guguru remember you would always be second best.
            NOI is intellectually superior always remember that- it is a matter of genes
            Yours is inferior- look at your family tree and find out how many have accomplished anything before you.
            Go eat your self . You would always be 2nd best and you know it that is why it kills you. Period

          • Guguru

            Segun aka Wahala aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            LOL. You just gave yourself away again. So, I am correct that you are Wahala. LOL. ou are not as intelligent as I thought.

          • Segun

            Guguru don’t you think you need a sedative?
            Every one who responds in support of NOI can not be me. Can it?
            You expose your intellectual inferiority when you make such wild claims
            A simple analysis of the style of writing, logical sequence in argument presentation would show that the individuals are totally different.
            You need to remain focused and make up your mind on who you think I am.
            NOIs husband? boyfriend? wahala? rotimi etc.
            Guguru the plagierist , it should not matter to you who I am what should matter is the subject issue and logical analysis.
            Let me ask you – has the Ota pedifile agreed to assist you?
            What did you do for him this time- lol
            NOI is having a party for her award winning son would you want an invitation?
            You can bring your under archiving children to get inspiration from NOIs children- lol
            On second thought I don’t think that’s a good idea- inviting you
            You might attempt to poison NOI.
            envy would kill you.

          • Guguru

            Segun aka Wahala aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            I don’t know what you are talking about but i do know that in your relationship with Ngozi, she wears the trousers and you wear the wrapper and skirts. Did she slap you this morning for not performing? Ngozi worked for a criminal and yet you say she is without blemish. You really do not have shame when it comes to Ngozi, ehn? LOL.

          • Segun

            Oh tell that to the marines?
            Who would listen to a psychotic fellow like you?
            All NOI has to show is that you are under psychiatric observation and you would be bundled to the mad house for further treatment- lol
            In any civilized society an allegation is usually supported by documentary evidence
            Guguru do you have any shred of evidence?
            Don’t tell me you now believe the lies you have told yourself over and over?
            What you fail to understand is that NOI is not motivated by money unlike people like soludo, ezekwesili , el Rufia to name a few.
            To these people money is everything. This is because the come from positions of deep deprivation.
            They suffer from what I call the first generation elite syndrome- that is they want everything now and would trade their souls to the devil to ensure that they never experience that sort of extreme deprivation again .
            These fellows are hunted by their formative years.
            They often suffer from deep inferiority complex something that has become glaring in your case.
            NOI as I informed you before does not come from such a background. She has pedigree and Nigerians know it
            Read up Professor Owolabi s write up about NOI and then you would know the person you are talking about
            The grand daughter of a graduate- 1921- where was your grand father Guguru at that time ?- tapping Palm wine in one forest Abi? – lol
            Daughter of 2 professors – intellectual Giants.
            Guguru what about you – do you have such illustrious parents?
            An immediate family of distinguished acedemics – 10 professors in a single family and counting.
            You don’t buy pedigree Guguru you earn it.
            So rather than continue the envy game, you should try and build your own family legacy.
            Although you certainly would never catch up.
            On the issue of you being beaten by your spouse- I suggest that you seek help with a marriage councillor.
            No matter how psychotic your condition is your spouse should have adjusted to it by now.
            She should just increase the dosage of your sedative to calm you down. Lol
            In the end everything would be clear to your 2 nd rate brain
            NOI has nothing to hid she would Emerge stronger
            She is a blessed person who the Almighty loves
            No human living can truncate what the Almighty has in store for NOI.
            So hate as much as you want
            It would not change a thing
            NOI would still continue to shine.
            While you remain 2nd best

          • Guguru

            Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

            In summation you wear the skirts and Ngozi wears the trouser in your matrimonial home, right? How many times did Ngozi slap you last night? All this your dogon turenci don tire me oooo. How does it feel being a woman wrapper? Is that why you are able to change pseudonyms like wrapper, every time? LOL.

          • Segun

            Try something new Guguru
            You suffer from occasional flashes of intelligence.
            Your 2nd rate brain is not functioning again.
            Try and synchronize your postings to when you have a flash so that something meaningful can come out.
            How are you dealing with your deep jealously and envy for NOI?
            Has the ota pedifile agreed to push for you?
            What have you promised the pedifile?
            Did you agree to allow him stick it up your #ss ? lol
            Or did you promise him your wife?
            Let me guess – you watched as that baboon mounted- ha ha ha lol
            What a terrible prize that you slaves pay for relevance.
            Guguru kpele.

          • Guguru

            Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson

            I get the funny feeling that you may be sharing your bedroom delights with Ngozi with us. Since Ngozi worked for a criminal administration, is she not a thug and a criminal herself? How you can defend Ngozi Iweala when she is so drenched in the corruption of the Jonathan administration, is beyond me. I cannot believe you agreed to wear the wrapper in your relationship with Ngozi while she wears the trousers. I bet she also sends you to the market to buy pepper and meat for the family meals. I think you wear more than the wrapper Ngozi has assigned you. LOL.

          • Segun

            tell me Guguru how painful was it to see the ota pedifile mount your ugly wife?
            Everyone knows that he always extracts unbearable concessions for any assistance he offers
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            The child resembles the ota orangutan in every sense . Ha ha ha Lol
            Her illeterate pastor husband is content with the crumbs they receive from this bribe of the flesh
            Also ask his personal slave Soludo who’s wife is now seen serving drinks like a maid in the pedifiles house.
            Anambra slaves- They would do anything to remain relevant
            I also get the funny feeling that the wrapper you are referring to is the one worn by your wife after receiving the pleasures of the ota baboon while you mourn in anguish.
            Guguru you know the ota pedifile is a cultist- what else did he take from your wife?
            Her pubic hairs ? To be used for ritual
            A clear example is the man woman who’s hair can never grow because of this covenant.
            She remains an ugly agboro with a voice deeper than that of Barry White.
            Guguru I refer your 2nd rate brain to what I wrote before –
            Do you have a shred of evidence?
            Or you are just speculating with your psychotic mind?
            If you do Have any evidence , why don’t you present it for scrutiny?
            That is what Nigerian s would demand of you.
            But my guess is that all this noise is that of a psychotic mind in need of treatment.
            The lines of what is real and imaginary are blurred in your case.
            So Guguru lick your wounds and blame your parents for the poor genes they transferred to you.
            You were programmed from birth to be 2nd rate. Period
            Up NOI

    • Nnneka

      71% of National assembly members and staff are from the lazy, unproductive & parasitic North. This is why he is not talking about the $1.7m Dollat Salary of Legislathieves.

      This is why crooks like Kwankwanso have run from Governorship to Senate to continue to steal. Imagine Kwankwanso making or contributing to making laws? Nigeria is really dead!


        Do you even know who Kwankwanso is?, have you seen what he did in Kano?, he being a senator will be a blessing to Nigeria, goat have your yam finished?

        • Nkuu

          A country in which Kwankwanso, the Islamist, is a senator is doomed. The only hope we have is that this will last for 4 or 7 year. But each day may turn out to be more torturous than even those who voted Buhari could fathom. I advise Nigerians to fasten their belt. We are in for MUMU leadership, I am afraid.

          • Bimbo

            This is someone who sees intelligence in Jonathan’s govt? Hmnnn!


            MUMU leadership?, so what would you call GEJ’s leadership?. Listen Buhari has already submitted himself to all techniques of Democracy, he has been elected by Nigerians and won, GEJ has conceeded victory to Buhari, haters of progress like you are already congratulating Buhari, the Change train has left, you are among the very few Nigerians that were left behind. Me, my family, and my fellow Nigerians will not suffer under Buhari’s tenure. Only those who offend the people of Nigeria, politically, economically or socially will suffer.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, by the grace of God and decent Nigerians, GMB is our President from May 29.

      He achieved this without your support, so why are you campaigning after elections?

      Other decent Nigerians will switch to him once they see and feel the real breath of fresh air Buhari is bringing to replace the blasts of “stale farts” left behind by President Goodluck.

  • I’mMythical

    only if you can keep tinubu and atiku hands off from the money, we are watching

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    I DARE you to open A TRUST FUND. Each CORRUPTION MONEY that you retrieve, ANNOUNCE IT and DEPOSIT IT in the TRUST fund for all to see BEFORE SPENDING IT. REMEMBER to ANNOUNCE the NAME of the CORRUPT PERSON. REMEMBER to SHOW US the PICTURE of the CORRUPT INDIVIDUAL. I shall remind you by the 01.07.2015.

    • Bimbo

      Pls,don’t wish him good luck. He will not be able to do all these things you listed if the spirit of good luck is hovering over him. He might not be able to differentiate corruption from stealing and start looking for technology to separate his goat from his yams?



    This clueless Dunceee should keep quiet and allow one respite. Just SHUT up for now pls! He should direct his comments to his Regions that voted for him. At 74 when ur mates are either dead or retired and taking care of great grand children, you are here disgracing yourself and indirectly commanding terrorists from the North to win elections. How much did you save in 1983 – 1985?…

    …How much did you save from 1995 – 1998 as PTF chair? Or you were saving for Abacha to steal and bank in Swiss? Mr Integrity. Another Frouk Liwan! Nonsense!

    • George Ager.A

      you can only grumble in your bed room.There is nothing you can do about it. He is the incoming president live with it!

      • SkyAboveLimits

        Or relocate to Niger republic…at least it’s just d “ia” that is missing. Lol. He is still in denial.

  • tundemash

    Yes indeed . We need to practically keep the goats behind bars so that they won’t get near the yams !
    Meanwhile the $20bn yam is still missing and once the searchlight is beamed on the missing $20bn yam, the story of other stolen yams will suffice. The he/she-goats should be prepaid for jail starting from the head he-goat!


      Nice one, Kirikiri will soon be overpopulated.

  • Moe

    Dear General,
    We know you from the time you ruled. Your stance on combating crime and corruption is legendary.
    This is the chief reason Nigerians voted for you en-mass.
    There is no issue regarding how you will handle corrupts practices in your administration, Our issue is with
    how you intend to recover the wealth already looted (or if you plan to do such recovery in the first place)

    Things you and your VP have said alludes to your disdain with regards to prosecution the commandeering of our national wealth. Nigerians do not necessarily want you to deprive anyone of there freedom, but you must make an effort to recover our wealth.

    That fact is important enough to warrant repeating.

    This is one of two main reasons we elected you as president.

    Recovering the nations wealth is a duty (of yours) that is not negotiable. If you do not act as Nigerians expected you to, there will be a footnote on your page in history.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      There is no money left to work with. What was left had been blown away on elections that proved money could not solve every problem. It would be unfair to punish Nigerians by going to borrow from the notorious IMF and others when the incoming governments could recover our stolen commonwealth from the few misguided in our midst. We don’t want IMF money, please…

      • Moe



    President Buhari, don’t forget to also make our lives safe, I know that Nigeria will be safe in your hands. Sai Buhari

    • joe

      APC will use their brooms to sweep the remnants from PDP to saraki, Tinubu and Amaechi’s pockets. GMB and Osinbajo are good people, but those that sponsored them are not only thieves but known criminals which GMB cannot be able to contained with.

  • sharpy


    • agaracha

      What is Buhari still doing in court till today?

      Muhammadu Buhari, you were sued to court on 6th January for telling lies on oath.
      You were sued for falsely asserting in INEC Form that you sat for and took the 1961
      Cambridge/Was examination in 1961. You quickly got five lawyers to defend you in
      court but without also quickly or up till today ever attaching a copy of your claimed
      WASC/Cambridge certificate dated 1961 to the INEC Form. What sort of
      dis-honest human being are you?

      What are you doing in court up till today, given that you have not till today filed ANY
      pleading in court since January 6th to repeat the nonsense you felt freer to tout in
      newspapers without any penalty of perjury – that the freshly handwritten rubbish
      fabricated by the current Principal of Katsina College, and dated 2014, is the 1961
      WASC/Cambridge certificate you swore on oath you have.

      Does the Katsina Provincial College set and conduct Cambridge examination as
      a legally-authorized assessment body? What sort of illiteracy is this you display? Is it that
      you don’t know if you took the exam or not? Or what are you now doing in court if you know
      you don’t have any defence by not having a Wasc/Cambridge certificate dated 1961?

      • Investigator


        • agaracha

          …………..[2] What is Buhari still doing in court till today?

          Let me make an informed guess why you are in court, despite your having no defence,
          – since 6th of January. Your crooked type is commonplace and known to bright lawyers.
          You are in court ONLY to slow, stall or halt proceedings from ever getting to the point
          where you must make a confession that you lied with intent to STEAL the presidency of
          Nigeria. That is the only plausible reason you are still in court without making any plea
          of confession of fraud or even any plea at all.

          Your fraudulent plot to steal the presidency of Nigeria by fraud or stealth will not work.
          Justice Ademola has 36 days to RESOLVE you without need for further long adjournment.
          What you plan to do is obvious: you want May 29th to arrive and then ask to be sworn in,
          without ever having to show any Wasc certificate, if any, and then, take refuge under what
          ‘Constitutional Immunity’ of a sitting Head of Sate
          . It will not happen, Buhari. Never!

          You must answer for your misdeeds. One APC Presidential Committee Member had long said
          you don’t have any Wasc because you were expelled from Secondary School. So, what are you
          now doing in court, without making a plea in confession? You believe the 2.5 more votes
          you have can be ignited to move your beloved mass illiterates to the streets to override and
          cancel the 1999 Constitution? Sorry O, Buhari, Yoruba people will never protest against a law written in the Constitution that you knew is the law since the year 1999 but sought to break.

          • Freethinker


          • ajunwa epre


            My own is this: Nigeria will NOT be ruled by an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT. That’s my own bottom-line.
            Buhari must produce a genuine WASC certificate or stand dis-qualified along with his Sharia Law.
            All a High Court Judge is to do is to receive in evidence a genuine WASC certificate dated 1961
            from Buhari and declare him the President of Nigeria by the rules of 1999 Constitution. Without
            the High Court receiving that direct WASC evidence, Buhari’s 15m votes are null and void.

            No Judge is called to do or interpret anything more than that. Any Judge that tries anything silly will regret it. What the law says is Buhari must show WASC certificate and then go straight to Aso Villa.
            But if he fails to show the 1961 WASC he said he has, he must go right back to Daura in Katsina. Nigeria will never have an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT under the disguise of democracy, because:-

            • A person shall not be qualified for election to
            the office of President if he has presented a
            forged certificate to the Independent
            National Electoral Commission.

            …….Section 137 (1) 1999 Constitution of Nigeria

          • Omotolaaraujo

            I repeat, Buhari’s Certificate was found by the military. It came out of a closet with their pride.

          • Omotolaaraujo

            Buhari’s Certificate was found by the military. It reappeared like magic.

          • Abu Amirat Autors

            Baba don’t listen

        • Omotolaaraujo

          The military found it. Case closed.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        The price for being unruly.

        • i dey hear

          “As at today, it is clear that 99% of Nigerians believe Buhari does NOT have any WASC
          he swore on oath he has. No aspiring president should go into hiding on a public debate
          over his claimed credentials without entering that debate to show the conclusive proof
          and end the shaming debate. Therefore, it is my opinion that Buhari does NOT have any
          Cambridge/Wasc. He thus stands dis-qualified under Section 137 (i) of 1999 Constitution
          from the 2015 presidential race and all his 15million votes are constitutionally nullified.

          ……..Alex Onwuchieme

          [April 3rd, 2015]

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Second hand intelligence!

            Bruv, abeg, change the music, na only you and some other drunks still dey dance to the pangolo rhythm.

    • Ejiofor@aol.com


      Look, i have no pity for APC. The APC party dared the Constitution of Nigeria.
      They asked for it. Anyone with average intelligence can see the hand-writing.
      Muhammadu Buhari is dis-qualified. He swore on oath to a specific certificate.
      He swore on oath to a specific year but after six months in court he can’t show
      or explain the 1961 Cambridge Certificate. On top of that too he didn’t have the
      confidence of a truthful man to write to Cambridge or WAEC since he was caught
      in December last year, to produce a back copy of his certificate for a court of law.
      Unless America or Britain is now to write the court verdict for our own court to read,
      it is obvious to me that Muhammadu is dis-qualified by Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.
      Next time APC will learn NOT to be LAWLESS again. 1999 Constitution is supreme.

      • Omotolaaraujo

        I guess the news isn’t exciting enough to read, but the military magically found Buhari’s Certificate. Imagine that they lost it and it magically reappeared.

        • Kaybee


          It’s actually interesting news. It shows how desperate APC has become. It also shows APC wants to pass the buck elsewhere, meaning Buhari has no Wasc to tender in court. But folks have warned
          on Premium Times commentary pages that APC has no valid candidate in law and urged Buhari
          to show his certificate, but both APC and Buhari were heedless, and now, the chickens have
          come home to roost. Kudos to those visionaries writing in with images of BUHARI SHOW

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          • Segun

            Key I have always known you to be a man of truth.
            I followed your discussions with professor Charles Owolabi
            It was intellectually enriching- free of the usual insults.
            I am glad to to know that you have continued to seek the truth in the social media unlike many who spill out falsehoods.
            Tell me key – what are the chances that Buhari would ever show his certificate given that the Fulani north controls the judiciary?
            my take is that this election was not about Buhari .
            Any intelligent person would know that there was over bearing external influences that wanted GEJ out.
            These forces want to internalize an economic externality.
            Put simply it is about oil and its control.
            The GEJ administration by pushing the PIB bill had done the on -thinkable to the oil companies and western interests. That is try to push for greater value propositions for Nigerians in the industry.
            For them Nigerians should be content with the royalties they pay. Every other aspect of this industry should remain as is- western operated and dominated.? The technology that drives the industry must never be allowed to get into the hands of Nigerians else they lose their strangle hold.
            A passage of the PIB would have meant that close to 80 percent of all the foreign exchange paid to western interests in that industry would have evaporated.
            Professor Chiedu Ejiofor a former professor of Peterolum engineering at the University of Oklahoma and a leading expert at the American Petroleum Institute in his paper – maximizing productivity and local content participation in Nigeria – estimated losses to our economy to be close to 60 billion USD every year . These huge outflows resulting from sharp practices by western oil companies and the lack of adequate supervision by the regulator has had a disastrous impact on the Nigerian economy from inception.
            ejiofor advocated a gradual claw back of these excesses of the oil majors a a way to ensure rapid development .
            His paper formed the foundation for the current PIB Bill.
            The Oil majors have not taken this push to indigenize the industry lightly.
            They are not ready to undergo another Venezuela her in Africa.
            The only way to ensure that this never saw the light of day was remove its chief architect- GEJ
            And install a poppet who they feel they can control.
            In fact the dumber the person at the top the better it is for them.
            They understand us.
            So while we fight amongst our selfs like baboons they just get what they want from Nigeria.
            The white man is smart. Very smart.
            He has even devised strategies of getting we monkeys to do his dirty work by playing the divide and rule game.
            However their choice is
            An individual who they know is brutal enough to protect their interest while at the same time propagates a version of ethnic superiority that is bound to create a level of distrust.
            One only has to read Buharis speech after he was selected to understand the forces at play and the western agents at play here on our soil. – I refer you to Buharis statement- ” we would engage”
            Also look at the countries and people he congratulated and you would understand where I am going to.
            Look for commonalities between these people in terms of education and carerer paths and you would see that Buharis win was not an accident .
            It was a carefully executed plan with the real command and control center in the west.
            I would stop here for obvious reasons
            Nigerians should try to be more dis earning.
            The black man is just like an Ape who can not think.
            What has just occured is what is referred to in Social Science as the doctrine of the circulation of elites- please read it up.
            As for our people who keep dreaming that power would somehow get to Osibanjo through a back door process , let them keep dreaming- Tinubu has sold their birth right for a plate of amala and ogufe.
            Power would never get to the south for another 50 years – Mark my words
            Anyone in doubt should go to Illorin and see how a Fulani Emir controls his Yoruba servants and – they should always remember what happened to Afonja in the late 19 century and be more realistic
            Certificate or no certificate Buhari would do 4 years and then hand over to another Fulani.
            The only way out of this mess is what the Niger delta and east is now planning
            A clear referendum on the issue of self determination.
            Hope you get my drift.
            Let us put on our thinking caps.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, please let me disabuse your mind on the PIB misconception you have about President GEJ.

            The PIB is a bill he inherited and failed to do anything with in 6 years.If the SS people were not so clannish, that alone is a reason for them to vote out President Jonathan, but then, that is their choice, as opposed to the rest of Nigeria.

            You insinuated that GMB is a stooge of the foreign interests in Nigeria! I am dumbfounded by that reckless accusation.

            If anything,President Jonathan was bemused by power and was held hostage by criminal gangs and interests within Nigeria and their sole interests were purely aimed at perfidy.

            Sorry, I do not share your sense of pessimism. Nigeria would be a better, safer place under Buhari and without the evil influence of these people.

            Seriously, ol’boy, how do you justify how brigands and warlords became policy makers and power brokers under President Jonathan?

          • Segun

            Kay I love your optimism about Buhari.
            As they say if wishes were horses beggars would ride.
            There exists no magic wand that Buhari can Wave to solve our problems.
            He himself has come out to say so.
            So call it being pessimistic , I call it being realistic
            However as Emile Dukhelm the father of modern sociology- stated the defination of a situation is real in its consequence.
            I leave it at that.
            You seem quite surprised that the GMB and many others like him are pawns in a wider chess game

      • udemeobong

        Did Jona not swear also to uphol the constitution? I mean common guys, try and be reansonable before posting things here. We should, when at all, show that we think before writing, sciencetifically cross check before posting. So my advise is that you read your constitution, if you want to attack someone. Kettle should not say to the pot: You are black, cause the kettle is also black.

        Besides, we are trying to move forward. Or do you want GMB to start probing your Jona and his crimnal government, then know that Alison Maduekwe, Okonjo Iweala, Fani Fani Fani Fan Fan Mouth Kayode, Fa fa fa fa Fau (New Masqurade) Fayose, the EkitiGate Rigger in collaboration with ObaniGate Obanikoro, the three months old miniter that is only there to steal since he couln´t do it in his first attemp. So you want to mention the Immigration ABBA MORO or who. David Mark with Swiss Bank secret acoount. So please just stop and let us move ahead.

        Don´t do things that let to exhuming the dead bodies from their grave, cause you will not like the smell the air will carry. So let the sleeping dog lies. For your information: You don´t even know yet what will be Buhari´s action from May 29.2015. So, I would advise, be constructive, if you can´t keep your mouth shot. Today information and comments said in the past, can easily be fished out and then you will face the music. So don´t think this country will remain like this forver, where people do, say and live the way they like without following laid down rules and obeying the constitution. No, don´t think so my brother.

        Jonathan that has a so called Dr. Degrees is worse that an illitrate Mugabe, or Gaddafi (late) or Jacob Zuma. So education is for the paper and from a particular institution while good governace is all humand from a geoplitical entity and for all its citizenry. You got it?

    • Omotolaaraujo

      You must have missed the news. The military magically found Buhari’s Certificate. Imagine that they lost it and it magically reappeared.

      • Captano


        No newspaper will publish such nonsense. The Tokunbo Afikutyomi who tweeted it is a small boy.
        He wants appointment and felt he should do something dramatic to worm his heart into Buhari’s.
        He is immature, blundered and libelled the armed forces. He is now liable to be lawfully flogged.
        His flogging will be at the time of the Army’s choosing. Doing so now will reopen a closed case.

    • Mohammed

      Prove it if you can. What makes me laugh is that the certificateless guy you are claiming had a better integrity than the guy with the PhD you are supporting.

  • excel

    This is what I believe you for. Save Nigeria from mismanagement. New Nigeria is here, CHANGE is needed. Sai Buhari

  • truthometer

    Muhammadu Buhari is a born liar

    Buhari is a born liar – and this is the proof, in case any is still needed today.
    Buhari flaunted his army credentials to include four overseas short courses.
    It’s impossible he did not give those institutions a copy of his WASC, if any.

    If truly he had WASC, those four overseas institutions should have got a copy.
    It is disgraceful that tweets are joking that Buhari’s certificate has been found.
    Of all places? In the drawer of Nigeria’s Chief of Defence. The APC empty-heads
    who tweeted that nonsense intend to make it appear that Buhari ever had Wasc.
    Truth is Buhari was EXPELLED from secondary school before the 1961 WAEC exam.

    • Saydo Shan

      Hahahahahaha. Reeeeaaaly!!! U truly “know”. U have “facts”.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, I’m with you on this.

      Buhari, show us your sapificate!


      • Nneka

        But how did God make you people eternal COWaRDS! ……….No shame at all? Where were you and your kinsmen when God was distributing bravery?

        Since Tinubu went to Kaduna to prostrate for Buhari in that epic and viral photo, we all knew how it would end. See how all of you voted like sheep headed for the slaughter! …after you turn around to say you people are educated….and you all lined up behind the illiterate extraordinary. Unadulterated illiterate…just bcos he threatened to spill blood. Shameless Mumuuuuu!

        • Bimbo

          I wonder where you where when God was distributing intelligence and foresight?

          • udemeobong

            Don´t mind her jare my brother. This GIRL NNEKA is really a RACIST. Imagine all her comments so far on this platform!!!

            So wherever you got your BAD BELLE from, please know that it wouldn´t do you any good.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          Remember what those with gumption say about laughing and those who do it last?

          The stubbornness and greed of the fly is what makes it follow a corpse into the grave.

          Continue with your “bravery” (in an asinine manner) whilst you leave us to our “cowardice” (intelligence). We all know where each would end after May 29.

        • Hassan Lawal

          My dear,its all over.You guys(Igbos) will NEVER get it right again,just forget that your bravery stuff,it NEVER lead you anywhere good and we all know that.The Yorubas are cowards,but they’ve always been important factor in Nigeria.Nobody EVER wanted,needed or considered the Igbos important or worthy in this country.My dear,we all know the major political players in Nigeria, ever since.

      • ogechi


    • Jamboor

      It is no longer surprise to have people that still think Buhari doesn’t have WAEC certificate. There are many products of baby factory out there on keyboard posting rubbish. I think you may be one of them, otherwise you need to check your head very well.

    • Truthometer

      You are the liar here. You can continue to use the blog name that doesn’t belong to you, for all I care. It’s time for you to crawl back to the creek, where you rightly belongs to. The time for free money without sweat is over now. Change has come to Nigeria. Deal with it! And don’t worry, Buhari’s certificate is going to surface now, where Lt. General Kenneth Tobiah Minimah kept on behalf of Jonathan.

      • numan

        He just borrowed your name for only one minute. What is wrong with that?
        Does Nigeria not borrow money from World Bank and IMF too, haba!

  • sharpy


    • Saydo Shan

      Okayyyy!!! He “lied” under oath. How sad.

      • i dey hear

        “As at today, it is clear that 99% of Nigerians believe Buhari does NOT have any WASC
        he swore on oath he has. No aspiring president should go into hiding on a public debate
        over his claimed credentials without entering that debate to show the conclusive proof
        and end the shaming debate. Therefore, it is my opinion that Buhari does NOT have any
        Cambridge/Wasc. He thus stands dis-qualified under Section 137 (i) of 1999 Constitution
        from the 2015 presidential race and all his 15million votes are constitutionally nullified.”

        ……..Alex Onwuchieme

        [April 3rd, 2015]

        • Interrogator


        • Saydo Shan

          Out of the 99% of Nigerians, as U claim, 55% saw him as fit and proper to be President. U r “smart”.

        • Lemmuel Odjay

          FFK’s harping on this irrelevant point perpetually rather than discuss the issues challenging the nation, issues such as insecurity, unemployment, lack of power, our hopeless school condition, corruption, impunity and ineptitude in governance, bad roads and hospitals that have become places where poor Nigerians go to die, had been one good reason why PDP got kicked out of government. Sane people had already moved on, leaving real refuseniks at the certificates bus stop. You are going to have to walk home, because the last bus left and the next one comes around on the 11th April, 2015…

    • truthomether

      You are blessed!

  • Ogboru Umokoro

    This clueless, certificateless, brainless, resources-less and oiless dunce should just SHUT UP!…and allow people concentrate on important issues? How much did you save for Abaacha to steal while you were in PTF?

    This seemingly increasing Hausa/Yoruba hegemony in continent Nigeria MUST be resisted by the Niger Delta people. To refer to the Niger Delta of over 43m people as a minority is a misnomer.

    Norway is the population of Delta state. The Niger Delta is four times the size and population of Israel, so no idiooooot should deceive himself by ever referring to the Niger Delta as a minority. It’s pure mumuism to think so. We shall prove it to you soon.

    • Reality

      Good one here.

    • Hassan Lawal

      Prove what,how? common! wake up and smell the coffee,its quarter pass twelve and the game is over.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Only way you could prove anything about the Delta State and its politics is to have another party winning the governorship and state house of assembly elections in the April 11, 2015 elections. There is nothing else to prove if you fail to deliver that state from the jaws of the reactionary PDP. As things are at the moment, you are securely attached to PDP’s umbilical…

  • Du Covenant

    We know this Mr. President elect, this is why we voted for you. Even the smart card reader confirmed it by reading your finger print without any difficulty!. Change has come to the Nigerian masses the elite can go to hell now.

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      We will wait and see whether this man of blood and baboons is the real or counterfeit change. God is watching and orchestrating things carefully.

  • the_guest

    Well said, President Buhari. I believe Buhari will keep his word regarding public resource accountability. Unfortunately, I don’t think members of the delegation wanted to hear that. They probably expected to hear: “I will make you people of my home state, petroleum minister, cbn governor, perm secs, etc. Four years from now most Nigerians will praise Buhari, while the people of Katsina will likely say “he did nothing for us”.

    • Hassan Lawal

      Nice and logical comment!

  • Assibi

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  • Majek tunde

    Mr president, look for people like El Rufai and madam due process to work with

    • F.B. Eye

      El Rufai? Are you kidding me?

  • Nneka

    Nna, make una see him parasitic mouth and his alimajiri miserable sunken jaws! He looks in every way like a refugee. Islamist….
    I remember Fela’s song – ‘animal in human skin’. Clueless! Nonsense.

    • Prince Damian

      He is 73 and stronger than you. You are a thief and Buhari is not that is why we love him… Is your father healthier than him? He is more relevant and more connected than your farmer father yet you have the guts to insult him. Money hungry Ibo people. He is 73 but won your young Jonathan in the election now tell me who is the best and happy today? Love him or hate him, he is far better than the criminals in Ibo land and your Jonathan

    • Prince Damian

      The card reader accepted him and his wife easily but rejected the lost man 3 times and same way you insult him is the same way youths and people around you will keep insulting you. Jobless Ibo girl

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