I’ll quit INEC job June – Jega

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Attahiru Jega, has said he will not accept a tenure renewal even if he is offered.

The tenure of Mr. Jega, appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan in 2010 to replace the then chief of Nigeria’s electoral management body, Maurice Iwu, will expire in June this year.

Speaking in an interview with the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Jega said having successfully accomplished the task assigned to him, another person should be given the opportunity to contribute his own quota‎.

Mr. Jega, a professor of political science, acknowledged that the task of leading INEC was a difficult one adding that he was not interested in tenure renewal and would not accept an offer of extension.

“I am grateful to God. I was asked to come and contribute my own quota to the national development and I have done my bit to the best of my ability,” he said.

“Whatever assignment one will do for five years – just like this difficult one — to me if one is able to successfully accomplish the task, someone else should be given the opportunity. Because for me I am not interested and if I am requested to serve again, I will not do it, by God’s grace.”

He stated that the introduction of the card reader device in the 2015 general elections had significantly helped to make the presidential election transparent and credible.

He, however, added that there were few challenges that would be looked into in the forthcoming governorship/state assembly elections, including late coming attitude of electoral officials.

Commenting on the allegations of bias against him by the Peoples Democratic Party’s chieftain, Godsday Orubebe, at the National Collation Centre in Abuja on Tuesday, Mr. Jega said he was unperturbed because the allegations were false.

“I maintained my calmness because I knew all the allegations were false. There is nothing that frightens me or disturbs me because, of all our actions, we have explanations for them,” he said.


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  • burning spear

    Jega u are a thief–when will u start your terminal leave then-in the same June?–cause u were supposed to have started it in MARCH 15- regardless of the elections—But u refused to go—Maurice Iwu was asked to go in April–instead of June when he was due to retire–APC used Sagay–Falana and Soyinka to make u break the law————-legally speaking u were not supposed to preside over that fraudulent elections u conducted for Buhari——–U imposed a monster–an executioner on Nigerians———–But ended up making a statesman out of Jonathan—He may even win the Nobel Peace Prize——————–the evil that men do–leaves after them—it will hunt u till death do us part——–U gave rivers state over 2m PVC——–But ended up giving Abia which gave Jonathan more than 1.5m votes—-just 300,000–u can go we will never miss yr evil acts————-only the Yoaruba dn yr fulani tribesmen will hail u-never Nigeria–animal


      Burning spear, let me give you an advice from a person to another: See a doctor, Jega conducted a free and fair election, Nigerians chose
      Buhari and they won and you are here crying. Jega will forever be remembered as the first INEC chairman to conduct a free and fair election

      • Segun

        Free and fair elections Jega style
        Allow over 1 million underaged Almajari children in Kano Jigawa and katsina state to vote- fair elections my foot
        With hold over 4 million PVCs of mainly people of ibo extraction and you say that is fairness?
        Manipulate the entire collation process from a command center controled by fanatical Muslim extremists within INEC
        Every body knows that the electronic codes for collation was in the hands of APC members
        Jega has only been smart by half
        He has helped to further divide our country
        What is simply going to happen is that the Niger Delta and their eastern brothers would again push for greater autonomy and self determination.
        They feel totally betrayed by our people who started this agitation for greater autonomy only to betray the cause midway – a replay of 1966
        For those who may say they can not do anything- I say you are not being realistic
        Kidnapping of oil workers would start and the blowing up of oil installations would commence.
        Oil production would be brought to very low levels of between 500- 700 thousand barrels per day
        The effect on the Nigerian economy would be disastrous
        Expect a referendum by this region to secede from the Nigerian Federation.
        They would follow a well defined self determination path that would be acceptable to the international community based on the documented illegalities of this election
        In the end Buhari would be forced in the short term to make huge concessions- greater autonomy and greater resource control if he is to survive
        Nigeria may split up eventually like the US has said because of this election.
        So for all you hate mongers keep up your hate posting
        Tough times are coming
        Our government may not be able to even pay salaries if oil stops flowing
        We all need to think carefully now
        The faith of our Nation hangs in the balance because of the glaring tribalist inclinations of Jega.
        No true Nigerian should be happy with this disenfranchisement by Jega.
        We must all work towards finding a lasting solution to our problems
        The unfairness is killing- how can a single region own 83 percent of all the oil assets in a region that is not theirs and then refer to the true owners of the resources as theives?
        We have serious problems.

    • Ademuyiwa

      Av u forgetting to take ur daily medications. …innit…

    • Kekedu

      Pls leave ‘Burning spear’…. Let him burn!

    • kick them out

      You are slowly burning inside. Pity you!!!

    • Maitama Tambari

      Damage spear, Congratulation. Jega has made Nigeria proud. Up Nigeria. Sai Buhari.

      • Yahaya

        In Nigeria’s past years all coups are greeted with excitement because a ‘change’ has come. It never lasts before new frustrations will emerge. Just wait and see. But Burning Spera’s analysisi is an oversimplification. The ND simply asked for 4 more years but ethnic impatience masked in the insincere allegation of incompetence sacked GEJ.

    • Papashango77

      You again this man. You don get mouth to talk.

    • Malik Isah

      in African parlance, ‘when the head of a snake is cut off, it starts to dance a macabre dance of death” burning spear, sorry, your head has been cut off!

    • Bidemi Lukman


  • Moe

    Dear Chairman Jega,
    I understand your frustration with the system. You initiated something for the greatness of the nation and all you got back in return was people calling for you to be sacked. It is not right!
    Even after the world recognized the outstandingly free and fair election you executed recently, some folks are still accusing you of being less than honorable.
    Meanwhile. it is this same people that almost break their hands because of how hard they go around patting themselves on the back for the free and fair elections YOU conducted.
    They congratulate each other to the point of even congratulating the looser because he lost honorably, but no one has had the inclination to thank the single individual that made this happen.

    Attahiru Jega, allow me to congratulate you on the deftness and efficiency with which you handled what was initially a catastrophe in the making. With the amount of hard currency being thrown around to secure the votes of nonentities, I can imagine the temptations you must have faced by virtue of your position. Yet you prevailed where lesser men would have failed woefully.

    Notwithstanding the tunnel vision of our people, I sincerely feel the nation greatly appreciates your service and we are indebted to you.
    Congratulations sir. Whether you know it or not, you have secured your name and legacy as one of Nigeria;s heroes.

  • Pastor William Oladipo


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  • the truth

    u will step down and join your political party APC. nice job mr jega only if i had the chance i would orubebe your planned retirement.

    • checkmate

      From what you said, JEGA was therefore a PDP member from 2010 when Jonathan appointed him through 2011 when he conducted an election in which Jonathan became the president. Mr. “The truth” deal with your frustration and allow JEGA alone. He has conducted election which has denied your rigging machine to function. That’s why you are fussing all around.

      • Scalywag

        These are fellows who were enjoying crumbs on the corridors of power. Having lost out what do you expect?

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar,
      Test your IQ: What party was Jega when Dumbo won the 2011 election ?

      Oloriburuku….observe your mourning mood quietly instead of displaying amazing stup1dity online



    I went for a job interview today and they gave me an application form for employment to fill.

    While filling the form …… I looked around and noticed that many of the applicants that came for the job interview were stating their academic qualifications as B.Sc.; M.Sc. Ph.D. etc. etc. etc.

    Fully aware that I have no academic qualifications, I went ahead and filled the form indicating that I have a B.Sc. But the problem was that they wanted us to attach copy of our academic qualifications to our completed form.

    So when I submitted my form for vetting, the vetting Officer told me that I did not attach a copy of my academic qualification to my completed form as required.

    The vetting Officer told me to go and attach a copy of my academic qualification before my completed form will be accepted for processing.

    I remembered Buhari …….. and quickly told the vetting Officer that my academic qualifications are with my late Grand Father ……. but the vetting Officer still refused to collect my completed application for employment form. The vetting Officer told me that I must produce a copy of the academic qualifications I had already indicated on my form.

    I started pleading with the vetting Officer and requested that he should visit my Late Grand Father and get a copy of my academic qualifications ….. all my pleading fell on deaf ears. In fact, the vetting Officer told me that I cannot make changes to my form ….. he said that all that is required now is for me to produce a copy of my B.Sc certificate which I fiiled in my form.


    • Scalywag

      I am sure you read that the Army claimed they now found Buharis certificate. You can can make jest of your PhD man as you want. We told you GMB will win and he would

      • Yahaya

        My dear. No body wants this nation to burn. Don’t listen to them .Every body is afraid. Jega is saving his neck. Just as GEJ. If GEJ did not contest ND Militants would have killed him. If he won Sanusi’s boys would have killed him. ‘The certificate has been found’. What about the lies, the forgeries and the deceits. Why did OBJ describe GMB in his book as ‘a field commissioned officer’. If he is not corrupt then he should apologize and refuse to be installed because he is not qualified by law to contest.

    • Maitama Tambari

      GEJ Forever, that is one of the reason GEJ lost to Buhari. The reason was because people like you who were given the BSc, MSc and even fake PhD went through classrooms and not school. If you went through schools as followers of GMB did, you could have read the instructions attached to all examinations papers adequately well to be able to pass examinations and be a useful material to humanities. In your own case and those following GEJ, it has been shown during the just concluded examination exercise given to Nigerians by Prof. Jega for Nigerians to evaluate GEJ and GMB to whom Nigerians should place their lives and those of their families into his hand. Many of GEJ followers could not read a simple examination instruction for the evaluation. They instead concentrate on the irrevalent after both candidates obtained the minimum Constitutional requirements of A MINIMUM SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE. Both candidates obtained the Secondary School Certificate in addition to external School Certificate, Cambridge School Certificat for GMB and WASC for GEJ. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO FOLLOW GEJ FOREVER BECAUSE HE IS YOUR TRIBE MAN. Another failure of people like you, who put personality first before nation. What a shame.

      • Fatai Fehintola


      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Buhari can ONLY Escape the WASC saga if and ONLY if the constitution is vaguely interpreted. From what APC published about the constitution, the part that applies says:

        ”A candidate should have a minimum of a SCHOOL CERTIFICATE”.

        Don’t quote me wrong as I do not have the details of the constitution at my disposal. But as a layman, I may choose to interpret this to mean ANY SCHOOL certificate of which the minimum in Nigeria is a FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE. I hope that Buhari has this in order not to cause unnecessary disturbance in the society if he doesn’t. In the event that he doesn’t he should also be a gentleman. But if the constitution specifically says a minimum of WASC, I think that Buhari has a VERY SERIOUS case to answer as he has not be able to convince anybody so far that he has one.

      • Malik Isah

        well said brother. if you no read instructions, u go fail!

  • MilitaryPolice01

    This is the problem with Nigeria,the people that have done a good job don’t want re-election or re-appointment but the ones that have done a terrible job want to be re-elected – both ways Nigerians are the losers.I don’t know what Jega’s reasons are but he has done a very good job of transforming our electoral system away from the Maurice Iwu period of electoral abracadabra.Now votes count at least to 85% accuracy.Jega must see this 2nd tenure offer as a chance to solidify what he has started especially the PVC which still needs final retouching ,he must stay back and complete the building of the INEC institution.But if he decides to go despite the pleas by Nigerians to stay he should blame himself because a new man will come in and most probably start in a different direction

    • Allayes

      You are quite right. It seems to me that we have the problems you mentioned because the pressures of such high profile jobs are enormous and the good people suffer a burnout. To really turn things around in Nigeria will task the intellect to the maximum and requires 24-hour dedication. It seems the average Nigerian is constantly drawn to make the wrong choice, whenever they are confronted with choosing between what is right and what is wrong. Why that is, i do not know. Therefore, the pressure a good leader have to withstand to keep the ship pointing in the right direction at all times causes the burnout. The good news is that Nigerians that are still willing to put all on the line to do the right things abound; the challenge is for Buhari to search for and appoint such into the vacant position come June. May God help us get the right person.

      • MilitaryPolice01


    • CovertNigerian

      I understand and appreciate where you are coming from. In the case of INEC as it stands right now, Nigerians are less enthusiastic about change. I too, wish he would stay longer. However, it is ultimately Jega’s choice. Unless someone legalized slavery in Nigeria without making it public, I don’t think rejecting his rejection with Presidential fiat is a real option – the man cannot legally be forced to work if he is unwilling to do so.

    • share Idea

      I’m a fan of Jega. However, Jega’s dispositions lately is less than salutary of unbiased umpire. His handling of issues from creation of 30k additional polling units to I’m ready when over 23million PVC have not been distributed even when over a million PVC were not printed and non testing of card reader. Though his attitude lately could not have changed the outcome of the last week presidential election but it doesn’t help when you consider that he is from the same zone from one of the candidate.

    • Yahaya

      You people are ignorant. Both GEJ and Jega were saving their lives. It was GMB or their blood. You dont know this nation. Very soon it will Osinbajo versus Hausa/Fulani. Then SE and SS and MB votes will be brides. Another ingenuity will be installed then by another ‘Jega’ to rig and save his life and that of Osinbajo.

  • Halima

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  • shola

    Professor Jega I bow before you. You deserve your academic title. My respect,
    sir. Nigeria needs people like you, not does who get their title through the back
    door. If not for party-politics how can this imbecile Godsday Orubebe
    be a local spokes man, not to talk of a federal minister.
    But professor Jega I thank you so much that you really washed his head
    and declared him as a moron- an attitude that will follow him through
    out his life. Thanks once again, dear professor.

    I would highly appreciate if you could wash out all these cabal by
    becoming the HEAD OF THE EFCC. This institution needs a clean-up, a
    radical cure. We now have an incorruptible General Buhari as the
    elected president, why not have an incorruptible professor
    Jega as the HEAD OF THE EFCC. Nigeria will be proud of this
    combination. The emir of Kano is also a man of integrity like both of
    you. With this TRIO the whole world will and should be very proud of Nigeria.

    • Otile

      Even if a Fulani man commits mass murder in a market square on a high noon you will still exonerate him and blame his victims for coming to the market.

      • Jasper

        When Jonathan won in 2011 against this same Buhari, with the same Jega as the INEC chairman, a Fulani man no commit mass murder abi? All you this SS and SE imbeciles are so sick. You thought the votes of SS and SE alone could make Jonathan retain his seat. Now you know better that politics is a game of number across the whole nation.

        • Julius

          Thats what they think. I hope they form their own country,,republic of SS ati SE, They will kill each other within 6 months..lol

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  • feranmi


    • kunskuns


      I think you are right. Jega will not NOT walk away free from his crime scene.

      That is for sure. By June 2nd, he will likely be in EFCC detention than on his

      bed with any illicit booty got from INEC. Orubebe’s open protest was intended

      to put that warning across to Jega – that his PVC distribution shenanigans to

      dis-enfranchise southerners and north-central voters in favour of Fulani
      candidate – Muhammadu Buhari, are well-known. The next 4 years will be

      horrid for Jega and his criminal accomplices. That’s sure. He asked for it.

      • Jasper

        Dunce, which EFCC will arrest Jega. You’re still suffering from post election loss disillusion. You even don’t know Jonathan leaves Aso Rock finally on May 2. You better go and drink Bayelsa ogogoro to sink your sorrow. St*pId, talking of EFCC arresting Jega on June 2nd

        • Tunsj

          Agreed. He is a sociopath.

      • Julius

        You are a moron. Jega will get an award from the international communities. It may interest you to know that President Obama commended him before calling dumbo

        • Segun

          Obama is a Muslim sympathizer- never forget that – he was actually born Muslim but was forced to convert because of circumstances.
          He may still return to his faith after he leaves office
          That is why Netanyahu is highly critical of Obama.

          • progress

            Obama is Muslim sympathiser? Hahahahaahhaahh. Loser!

          • Segun

            progress I thought you were a man of average intelligence at least but little did I know that I was dealing with an ape whose little brain can not come up with cogent arguments to disprove facts.
            I would make it simple for your feeble mind
            Was Obama born a Muslim?
            Has Obama recently faced severe criticism for his support of negotiations with countries like Iran and the PLO ?
            Countries that have vowed to wipe Israel of the face of the earth?
            Why then do you think the Prime Minister of Israel by passed him to address the US congress directly?
            I know that these complex social issues may be too difficult for your little mind to understand
            I accept that not everyone is born to think
            Some like you who are apes with a human appearance just have to be left out of the thinking process.
            that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer is an open secret in the US.
            You should stop your ape like laughter least you be mistaken for an orangutan and taken to the zoo. lol – adopted from Guguru
            You say I am a loser I ask you how many times did your certificateless Boko Haram leader contest before being staged managed to win?
            4 times abi?
            Is that truly success?
            To become president at 80 years ( I am using his real age) while suffering from advanced dementia ? Lol
            We are just waiting for him to say on CNN that Nigeria is in Central Africa then your janjaweed eyes would clear.
            retrogression- that is what your name is from now on I would not borther to answer you again . You are intellectually inferior and empty . Discussions are with Humans not apes. Lol
            we humans are yet to develop a common language with apes. LOL

      • Tunsj

        You are jealous of Jega and your comment does not make any sense at all. Try again next time.

    • Malik Isah

      who is this nut?

    • kunskuns

      The most corrupt INEC Chairman

      feranmi:This Professor Attahiru Jega is the most irresponsible INEC Chairman
      Nigeria has ever had – and the most tribalistic of all. The facts will soon be made public
      and it will shock all Nigerians how low a supposed Professor could stoop.

      In Abia state, for example, this creature called Professor Jega pre-fixed the result
      with PVC distribution to slice off 800,000 PDP presidential voters. In the year 2011
      this same Jega declared 1.17 million votes for Jonathan in Abia state with 90%+ lead.

      Now in this 2015 election, the corrupt and clever-by-half Professor Jega declared that
      Jonathan scored ONLY 300,000 votes in Abia State. So, what happened to the remainder
      800,000 voters Jonathan had in the year 2011 since the other political parties did not win
      more votes than they had in the year 2011? What happened to the millions of youths who
      were aged between 14 and 16 in Abia state the year 2011 and who have now reached
      voting age this year – did they all die? Professor Jega cannot answer these questions?

      • Julius

        Was he corrupt when Jona won the 1t election ?

        • Otile

          Your question is illogical. With time, I mean 5 donkey years Jega perfected his rigging practice. This year he first issued few PVCs in the South, but when he was exposed, he went back and rigged with the so called card readers that could not read the bio of non APC voters? The practice was in bad taste. If this happened to Imam we would be in court now arguing for cancellation of the election for numerous irregularities.

          • Jasper

            A simple question was asked. Was he corrupt when Jonathan won in 2011?

          • tundemash

            This loser is still here ? Go and like your wounds quietly Otile Shekau !

          • Julius

            You still didnt answer my question. Once again, did Jega rigged Jonathan in when he won the 1 st election ? How is that illogical ?. Otile, I told you dumbo is gonna lose, now you making excuses for his lost…thats what losers do bro. dont be a loser. Its better to go to court rather than making excuses.

          • irapada

            Ask Jona… to go to Court

        • Ken

          When Jon won, he was yet to master the trick. And the noise about Jona was loud in 2011. There was an equall noise for both Jona and Buhari in 2015. Jega rigged the election through the PVC distribution and voting. They were using manual up North before he gave order to use it the South when it was late.

          • Julius

            The problem with you people is you never accept responsibility for your actions. its always somebody or something else fault. Fact is he ordered that the manual should be used anywhere that wasnt working. but, again, that doesnt mean anything to u…traits of a loser

        • Yahaya

          Jega is God sent.If he did not fraudulently install Buhari. If voting were strict and accurately counted, GEJ would have won but Nigeria would have burnt. There is wisdom in fraud sometimes. The North was very deeply frustrated and being ‘blessed’ with the monopoly of violence, Nigeria would have burnt. So do not vilify Jega. His fraud and smart restriction of the South to PVC use and the liberty of all sorts to voters in the North, voter impersonation and the under-aged voters, excessive ballot stuffing in Kano, Kaduna and Katsina etc are the reason there is peace today. In any case how can you tell a 16 yaer old house wife and mother of 2 that she is not qualified to vote. Some laws in Nigeria dont make sense. It is a most fraudulent victory any way but it better than the truth if the bitter truth was going to set Nigeria ablaze. I heard GMB say that victory he won in the 3 past elections have been made manifest for the 1st time by the use of PVC. He has to watch his mouth. Very soon he will be president and when your child coughs you blame the President. If the sun shines too much you blame the President. If the rain gets heavy you blame the president. He has to be careful. He has already started reneging on Boko Haram by changing from 2 weeks to 2 months and now has changed to ‘indefinitely’. He has already started failing.

          • Julius

            hahahahahaha, I see you laughing at yourself. Yea, u funny as hell. Did Jega installed Jonathan when he won the 1st election for the same reason ? smh

          • Yahaya

            Very sorry for replying you. I thought you are literate.

          • Julius

            Sorry, I thought that you do have the capacity to think.. My bad !!

      • Ken

        He is highly compromised.

    • Ken

      Correct. He is a fraud.

  • favourtalk

    God will bless you for a job well done, nigerians deserve more of good people like you, God will be with you and your family.

    • Ken

      Because he rigged in favour of the N/SW candidate?

  • sammyctu ode

    Prof. Jega, we all thank you so much for doing an excellent job for Nigeria. You showed maturity, intelligence, transparency, professionalism and courage. My prayer is that The Nobel Committee would honor you as the next Nobel Prize winner because you saved us from war and Syria type of situation. God continue to bless you. You are the only Electoral Officer who has been the most successful while the previous ones failed woefully because they were so corrupt and favored the ruling party at the center.

    • Ken

      Jega is a fraud. With PVC distribution of 95% in the North and average of 70% in the South, he terribly rigged the election. I blame GEJ for allowing that. GEJ ought to have insisted the use of TVC else, no election.

  • David Adeniran

    Jega the Man of Wisdom. We love you! Your display of maturity and calmness in the face of Orubebe’s insanity, while the whole world was watching the scene live, was legendary! Your insistence on the use of PVC and the Card Reader in order to minimise rigging greatly, is highly commendable. I have been following you since your tenure as the Chairman of ASUU in the era of June 12 in 1993; despite being a Northerner, you refused to bow to IBB’s Governemnt; you stubbornly supported the actualisation of the June 12 mandate! You started earning my respect from that time and my respect for you did not start now! You have been consistent and never sold out like many Nigerian politicians and so-called activists! You are TRULY GREAT!

  • Wise Head

    Why won’t you quit? You’ve achieved your aim. Nigerians should leave you to your conscience. But you must be probed to show how rich you are now.