We’ll challenge Buhari’s win, but… — PDP

President Muhammadu Buhari

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party has congratulated its flagbearer in last Saturday’s election, President Goodluck Jonathan, for conceding defeat to his main challenger, Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress.

The party said it will channel its grievances to the appropriate quarters, but assured it will respect the wishes of Nigerians in the elections.

The PDP in a statement by its chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, Thursday, said the party had done well in nurturing democracy in the country and also overseeing the development of the nation from a pariah state to a important player in the comity of nations within the 16 years it was in power.

“It is in this light that we as a party commend our flag bearer, President Goodluck Jonathan, for his heroic act in conceding to the voice of the people, an action that stands him out as a true democrat and a statesman,” the party said.

“We also congratulate the APC flagbearer, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, for his resilience and victory in this election while wishing him success in the onerous task of leading our nation once again.”

Full text of the statement:

Position Of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) On The Outcome of The 2015 Presidential Election.

Sixteen years ago, Nigerians gave our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the mandate to build, nurture and deepen democracy after three decades of military rule in our country.

That historic mandate was freely given in recognition of the courageous and patriotic role of the founding fathers of our party whose resilience and doggedness championed the return of democracy and the personal freedom we all enjoy today.

Within this period, our party worked very hard in rebuilding and strengthening democratic institutions, tenets and norms while lifting our status as the leading democracy in Africa and one of the best in the world.

It is incontrovertible that under the PDP-led government, our nation moved from a near-pariah status to a strong actor in the international democratic arena, a product of various electoral reforms and our iron-cast commitment to transparent, free and fair electoral process at all levels.

Even in the midst of obvious threats to our democracy, the PDP and the government it sponsored continued to stabilize the polity through strict adherence to rule of law and liberalization of the political and economic space.

In the last 16 years the PDP-led administration achieved significant milestones in our social and economic lives. We moved Nigeria from a debtor nation to Africa’s largest economy and one of the fastest growing in the world, a feat, which is accompanied with unprecedented expansion of the private sector as well as multi-sectorial infrastructural development, all, great legacies we achieved for our nation.

Presently, our nation is at the threshold of history and its defining moment for the future. As you are aware, in the early hours of Wednesday, April 1, 2015, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) returned the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as winner of the 2015 presidential election.

However, we have received reports of serious irregularities that characterized the conduct of the election and we shall channel our protests to the appropriate quarters in line with our profound respect for the rule of law and democratic ethos.

Our party comes with great values and tradition and we will adhere to them and ensure that nothing is done to truncate our democracy, which we have proudly worked so hard to nurture and sustain to maturity.

Therefore, if the outcome of the election is truly the reflection of the wishes and aspirations of our citizens, the PDP will most willingly respect that wish.

What is paramount to us is the survival of our democracy, the unity, peace and progress of our dear nation and the happiness of all our people. Nigeria is bigger than any political party, individual or group and her overall interest must be our priority at all times.

It is in this light that we as a party commend our flag bearer, President Goodluck Jonathan for his heroic act in conceding to the voice of the people, an action that stands him out as a true democrat and a statesman.

“We also congratulate the APC flagbearer, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari for his resilience and victory in this election while wishing him success in the onerous task of leading our nation once again.

On the same note, we wish to also commend the electorate for the peaceful manner with which they conducted themselves in the course of this election.

For us in the PDP, we want to state in very clear terms that we are not down. We are only at our redefining moment. Rather than demoralize us, this election has afforded us great lessons and we are now more than ever before reinvigorated for the race ahead.

As we return to the electorate for the April 11, 2015 governorship and state assembly elections, we go recharged with faith in our heart. We assure all our candidates in the remaining elections that the party will stand with you, campaign with you and work vigourously to ensure your total victory at the polls.

Finally, we call on our party faithful to remain steadfast in our renewed effort to deliver our flag bearers in the remaining elections.


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  • arewethishopeless

    Yeah … rub Jonathan’s head till the end …

  • Factual

    What could Jonathan have done, if not to concede defeat. This is the wish of the people.

  • metson

    Politicians are always different from opportunist, opportunist will always work their way if they have some one to act for them, while politicians work their way through themselves, so don’t bother going to court, you will still lost out, so just accept the verdict of the ballot and start something different in life. Long Live the federal republic of out beautiful Nigeria

  • Guguru

    PDP is still in denial about whether Nigerians wanted change or not. See the arrogant PDP statement that says, “Therefore, if the outcome of the election is truly the reflection of the wishes and aspirations of our citizens, the PDP will most willingly respect that wish.” Are they saying the decisive defeat of the PDP was an expensive joke from the electorate? Oh, I forgot, the PDP thinks this is some sort of April Fool’s joke—Yesterday was 1 April 2015, right? LOL.

  • Guguru

    What I find most interesting about the current state of the PDP is their new shouts and barks in the wilderness. Within a few months, the PDP shouts and barks will come down to squeeks and whispers as most Nigerians increasingly have problems hearing them.

  • burning spear

    MAUZU WAS THE APC MOLE IN PDP——–so time for him to be told to shut up——-Called on Gej to fire him—long b4 the elections but he would not have any of it————–Gej saw himself as a Pan Nigerian——-But Nigeria viewed Jonathan as d president of the Ijaws———–ACN AND CPC NEVER CONGRATULATED JONATHAN OR THE PDP WHEN JONATHAN WON THE ELECTIONS IN 2011——————–As a matter of fact Buhari is yet to concede defeat to Jonathan in the 2011 election–cause he never saw Jonathan as an elected president for one second———————-Today the same Jonathan whom he is yet to congratulate over his victory in 2011–was the first to call him and concede defeat to him—————–Yet they tell me–their——-NIGERIA Belongs to all of us————-including the hewers of wood and drawers of water——–They also told us rulership in Nigeria is turn by turn–that was why they the Fulanis wanted Jonathan out–for their son–Now that Jonathan is gone——-The fulanis are saying time for them to stay in there–for their 8yrs————as for the SS—————till the coming of Jesus Christ—————there is no hope of them ever getting———–the post of head of the rats and dogs in the polce force–not to talk of aso rock——the election was a regional election rigged by Jega to pick a leader for regioanlist—period—————————

    • Festuso

      Still yarning your usual nonsense!

    • the truth

      You are clever. You raise a good point. Don’t stop your clamor for equality and justice notwithstanding attacks from saboteurs and unpatriotic elements

    • Guguru

      burning spear,

      I commend your selfless assertions of delusion. Reality seems to elude you. I can help you.

    • Julius

      Who made Jonathan the president in the first place ? Was it only the SS &SE people ?. You lost and now you making excuses for your lost. Did the same Jega rigged him in then ? You aint making no sense.


    • James Breen

      Burning Spear- As an Ijaw man and a proud one at that, I see what you are saying that Nigeria viewed Jonathan as the president of the Ijaws. Maybe some people did, maybe some people did not. The issue now is that the election is over.

      There is no point in you tormenting yourself over the issues. Let me tell you my brother, it is important to note one thing. Jonathan’s act in conceding victory is the greatest act/achievement of any Nigerian president since independence. Why ? Because it has saved the country from bloodshed and war. In today’s world people see defeat as a bad thing. So many good things can come out of defeat and this is one of them. Goodluck Jonathan made mistakes and probably did not manage various functions of government as well as he should have done. However he has quite rightly stepped aside. Let those who now have the mantle to rule Nigeria do so. Personally I would like nothing better to see them succeed, irrespective of what tribe they are from. There is too much hatred in Nigeria between the tribes. The notion that tribes should take turns in running the country is totally ridiculous. This is one of the cancers that is killing Nigeria. There are other cancers too. But my friend be positive and look to the future.

      Hold your head up high and be proud to be Nigerian. My hope is that our country will be respected, admired and feared. True Nigerians should be proud of their tribe, but they should be proud of their country. If we burn the bigotry and hatred, this country can be magnificent.So Burning Spear, let your light continue to shine for good reasons. God bless Nigeria. I was born in the UK, my father was Nigerian, and I love Nigeria with all my heart

      • Ervine Okuboh

        Excellent sentiments James Breen. However there are deep divisions in Nigeria, which will take many more decades to resolve. I still read and hear about certain tribes saying they hate other tribes. Many years ago I worked for the Nigeria Government in the UK. I was a very young man at the time and it never failed to amaze me when a Nigerian came in to apply for a passport and would ask me which region of Nigeria I was from, on the assumption that if I was from their region they would get preferential treatment !!

        On the morning of September 1st 1975 on my first day at work at the Nigeria High Commission in Liverpool UK, my late father said to me, ” Whoever you have to assist, wherever they come from in Nigeria, treat everyone as equal. You were born in the UK so you do not have that prejudice in your mind, but you may probably see it being displayed in the Nigeria High Commission. Don’t emulate what you may see ”

        Nearly 40 years on and I still maintain and uphold my dear daddy’s virtues.

        Like you said James it is a sick, sick cancer and judging from some of the comments you see on this forum that cancer is alive and well. Like you I am Ijaw also and I have read some interesting comments on here about the merits and de merits of the Niger Delta. Everyone has their opinion but you are quite right; the internecine hatred that various groups in Nigeria have for each other is quite staggering and the country’s development will remain in stagnation until and unless the next generation of Nigerians adopt a more modern approach to co-existence.

  • burning spear

    The Yorubas want Jonathan out more than the fulanis—————-Junaid—————Junaid Mohammed, has declared that blood would flow on the streets of Nigeria, should President Jonathan insist on running for the presidency in 2015.Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun from his base in Kano, the former lawmaker, who chaired the House Committee on International Economic Relations and Socialist Bloc, argued that it was wrong for anyone to suggest that the clamour for power to return to the North in 2015, was coming from the North alone, insisting that there abound more agitators in the South-west, in this regard, than there are in the North, adding that “I can tell you today that there are more agitators in the South-west, for power shift to the North, than there are in the North.

    • Festuso

      Are you still talking? You should go and hide your face in shame! All your fellow saboteurs are recanting and congratulating the President-elect already. You better cease your acts of character assassination…else Buhari will enact a special Decree (democracy or not) to deal with people like you…..they will fish you out and deal with you a la Thompson/Irabor. A word is enough for the wise!

    • Guguru

      burning spear,

      What do you really feel like spearing this afternoon? Is your rage potent enough to make you spear anything in sight? Are you struggling to accept the reality before you.

    • Truth

      You spoke but did not say anything.

    • New Nigerian

      Take a lead from Fani Kayode, following in Jonathan’s footstep. Congratulate the winner and say “it is not personal” and it was all in the service of Nigeria that we all love…and get on with life!

    • Magenta

      So what?

    • Arabakpura

      Don’t tell me you are still digging up shit? Burn it guy?

  • the truth

    It is only wise for PDP to challenge this victory, there was clear evidence of rigging and underage voting in some parts of the country. Let them go to court

  • excel

    Reality is far from pdpig, going to court is a welcome idea but pdpig will still lose. South south and south east election was a day light robbery yet they failed. CHANGE can only be delay not stop. CHANGE has come

  • Du Covenant

    My advise for PDP is to let sleeping dogs lie….if anything to go by is a confirmation that for all these years it has been rigging itself to power against the wishes of Nigerians. Even this time around they tried to rig but for technology. Next time they will try too but more will be done to protect the masses votes….

  • Maitama Tambari

    Double talk

  • AJ

    Gibberish! Absolute gibberish!

  • Halima

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  • favourtalk

    They should just allow GMB and his good team to do thier work, or else, they will regret it because nigeria is greater and bigger thier personal agenda. We see ever better in this country

  • Remi

    The author
    lists all the Local Government Areas(LGAs) controlled by Boko Haram (BH) as of
    January 2015; however, he failed to precisely list all the LGAs that had been
    recovered from BH as of December 2016, when he claimed that the Federal
    Government (FG) declared victory over BH. As if to defeat his own “argument by
    assertion “, he asks & retorts that “…But does anybody expect to navigate
    any terrain in the North-East now without armed escorts? This is certainly
    impossible! …”. If indeed what the FG
    and Army were telling us is true, then anyone should be able to navigate any
    part of the North East (NE) without armed escort and be assured that they will get to their destination with a
    high probability of safety. Additionally, the fact that refugee camps for
    internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the NE, still remain open , in spite of reassurances
    that the BH’s capabilities have been “technically degraded” , gives some
    credibility to the UNOCHA claim.

    It is not
    quite fair to claim that UNOCHA are pandering
    to corrupt politicians, who do not want the BH insurgency to be defeated, for
    their own reasons. UNOCHA have men on the ground, who daily confront these logistics
    & security Challenges , hence they do not need lectures from anyone
    regarding the problems on the ground. Besides, given their track record,
    Nigerian Governments & Agencies are most often, hardly credible; hence the propensity of Nigerians to believe information about their own country,
    emanating from foreign Governments&