Jonathan’s kinsmen accept polls results, applaud him for conducting credible elections.

President Goodluck Jonathan

The kinsmen of President Goodluck Jonathan have commended him for conducting a credible and acceptable presidential election.

Endurance Osain, a relative of the President, said on Wednesday that the peaceful conduct of the election on Saturday was commendable

Mr. Osain, who spoke on behalf of the President’s kinsmen in Otuoke, noted that the election was credible despite the minor hitches associated with card readers used for the exercise.

He lauded President Jonathan for conducting an internationally acceptable free and fair poll by supporting the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Mr. Osain said the people of Otuoke are happy with the way Mr. Jonathan conducted the election, saying that democracy has prevailed in Nigeria.

He said the people of Otuoke and Ogbia kingdom are ready to welcome Mr. Jonathan home despite his loss to Muhammadu Buhari.

He also urged the people of Bayelsa not to see the results of the election as a failure but should see Jonathan as a true democrat that Nigerians will remember for a long time.

However, some ex-militants currently enjoying the amnesty programme slated to lapse in 2015 described Mr. Jonathan’s loss as a major setback to the region.

Joe Tabiri, an ex-militant leader, noted that the re-election of Mr. Jonathan would have ensured the sustenance of the amnesty programme.

“Our calculations was that a second term for Jonathan would have ensured that the amnesty is sustained but the results we saw dashed that hope, we did not expect him to loose.

“We need to do a reassessment of the options open to us and take a stand,” he said.


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  • AGA

    That is good for democracy, Amnesty was initiated by the than late president Yar’adua, We hope that Buhari continue to sustain by meeting their minimum demands, just to maintain peace and unity of the country,

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      it is not a sustainable programme, as far as paying out money is concerned.

    • tundemash

      Paying some thugs billions as was being done in the last 6 years isn’t amnesty programme and that cannot and will not be sustained!!!
      Provision of quality amenities, roads, schools, pipe-borne water, hospitals, small scale business loans is the amnesty people need. We can’t be rewarding terrorism with money. Did you hear the lagos thug, Gani Adams, justifying the political bribe of N9bn piple protection contract as similar to the free money being given to the Niger Deltan thugs ?

    • Enemona

      Perish that thought, the amnesty is dead only social programmes to help the poor helpless people in ND will be introduced.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Let Dokubo Asari now carry out his empty threats. Nigeria will have a government led by Buhari that will not be intimidated by the criminal acts of MASSOB, OPC, MEND, NDPVF and the rest because all breaches of the law will be met by swift justice.

    • Ken

      Niger Delta will rise again. Just wait and see. They will take a look and see what will happen.

      • Enemona

        Yes, Niger Delta will rise again under GMB government. After he must have built infrastructure to better their lives. They will rise and shine as many Nigeria would after some years of GMB’s leadership.

    • Ken

      Niger delta can bring the Country down to her kneel. Make soothing comments rather than remind them of the loss.

      • Passionate about Nigeria

        Erhmm Ken, not really. That was then. This is now. Oil prices have crashed. Oil majors have left the country due to ND militia so please the country is already down on her knees and despite and in spite of Niger Delta, Nigeria will rise again. Niger Delta cannot hold Nigeria to ransom again. We are looking at other sources of revenue. Look at the rebased economy, you will see that Niger Delta is not as powerful as it once was. You cannot hold the entire country to ransom ANYMORE. You are either with us or you park well! I suggest you join in the rebuilding exercise for the sake of the poverty-striken people of the Niger Delta. Not the stupendously rich ND militants who now dash dollars to their girls and buy them Bentley or fly around in private jets but the real people of the Niger Delta who need infrastructure and development to come to their communities.

      • tundemash

        Shut cl0wn !
        The obese Asari terrorist who threatened us if we don’t vote Dumbo has not been able to burst ordinary balloon since.
        If your threat didn’t work before the election, is it now it will work ! Looks like you are still living in self denial. Market is over …. go and observe your mandatory mourning period, u need it before u lose u sanity. Baby-P is doing her mourning jeje in Aso Villa.

        • Ken

          That is rubbish! When some Northern leaders said that they will make Nigeria ungovernable, did it start immediately. Bcos we love peace doesn’t mean there would be no reaction. Just wait and see. Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            F00l … no one believed that tale by monlight hence Buhari is President today. Try that “ome Northern leaders said that they will make Nigeria ungovernable” line again in 2019, maybe it will work.

            Meanwhile …it appears you have given up abi you forgot you still have the WASC certificate case in court ? I beg pursue that case o !
            I recollect President Buhari’s comment 2 months ago when journalist asked him about the court case, he said and i quote “those who went to court, let them stay there” and guess what , you are still staying at there …. chai Buhari too much …… ha! ha!! ha!! ho! ho!! o!! I dey laugh for Otuoke dialect . hi! hi!! hi!!!

          • Adaonuja SMD

            If the northern leader say they will made the country ungovernable, why GEJ come over throw the northern leader to sponsor buku haram to make money to himself and PDP

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      asari and his boys dont want to live in jungle forever. everyone is tired let us move forward. With all his universities in the open, old boy that man wont go back to living in the creeks again in the name of militancy. He is spent already, believe me. all dat previous talk na shakara olo je as fela said.

    • anthony24g

      Interest and pressure groups are part and parcel of democracy as long as they are done peacefully with no violence. They could have genuine cases which need to be presented to the public and addressed by the government. The new government must always listen. Criminal acts and intimidation wherever they occur must be dealt with promptly by the law and courts in a transparent manner and supported but not controlled by the new government.

  • They suddenly advised themselves because the fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom.The man is a General and as such cannot change significantly.
    Sai Baba should just recover all the missing state funds so that our Naira can appreciate. Madam D should just refund all our Petroleum funds because the era of flamboyant private jets are over, so also for brief case carrying businessmen.

    • Ken

      So you think Niger Deltans will fear Buhari? Come off that. Just watch and see how the oil will go. You want to use ND oil abi? Come and use it. Buhari cant do anything. The change you cling for wont come.

      • Amidu Haruna

        Who are the niger deltans you are referring to? The few militants who are also members of Jonathan cabal looters right? Draw the red line you greedy coward.

        • AGA

          Thank you bros

      • AGA

        The Almighty God that made it possible for Buhari to emerged as president, cannot let him down, Surely nothing is impossible with God.Many predicted that 2015 election will lead to break of the country Nigeria.But Jonathan surprise them all. The God that make this happens,will always makes things happen.So Niger Delta oil or what ever, certainly things will change the way it is being done now. I am not saying Buhari is Messiah, but the way people predicted things and now goes otherwise means a lot to us. After all oil was recently discovered in Chad, Niger, and some part of Northern Nigeria.If not because of this insurgency, exploration will have been completed. And again the new government pledges for diversification of the source of revenue to reduce dependent on oil revenue. So better be patriotic and have a constructive critism rather than bad wishes. We criticise Jonathan administation when we observed for 4-5 years and saw where their leading this governent to, which is characterized by high level of corruption, youth unemployment, insecurity etc

      • Maitama Tambari

        Ken, be quite. Yar Adua did amnesty not because of any fear but knew that he was responsible to every Nigerian. This is accountability to the people. There is also the other side of the coin which both sides refused to follow, violent. Both late President Yar Adua and President-elect General Muhammed Buhari came from same State, same culture and religion, so I expect the behavior and antecedent to be the same, engagement and finding solutions not confrontation which doesn’t solve any problem.

  • Africa

    Amnesty in the true sense (freedom from prosecution) should remain, however, free money for no work is not sustainable. What the incoming government owe the communities in the (N.D) region and others is the provision of social infrastructures, peace and opportunities to ‘earn’ a livelihood.

    • Julius

      Free lunch and money for nothing is over !!

  • Jackson Bakoo

    Let Nigrian learn from Good Luck J the positive and the negative side of the coin and refrain from the past, continue to support the out going President because he really deserve respect.

  • staaaaaaaaaaa

    Look Mr Tabiri amnesty is not a sustainable programme. Whjat we need is accountability and good governance. Let corruption be dealt a deathly blow and all will begin to reap the benefits of democracy. But a situation where millions are paid out to a selected few and their society is still not better ofrf is just not sensible. Militant leaders are part of the corruption in d land. Imagine all of them building mansions in jungles, while the majority still drink unhygienic water. They are not living the dream of saro wiwa. poor niger deltans, pity you who allow yourselves to be decieved to be fighting government. They almost make us to think that buihari is also ffor Boko harsam and will islamise nigeria, but it is a divisive strategy of the forces that oppose change. They did the same to obama too. they took his picture, photo shopped it, dressing him in with a mullah turban. we need our eyes to be opened.

    • August January

      They are lazy fellows! They want free money without working

  • tundemash

    Mr. Osain, na only u waka come ?

    We don’t know u as Jona’s kinsman. The people we know as Jona’s kinsmen are Edwin Clark, Asari, Tompolo or have they all lost their voice now that the party is over make e come be say na only u come waka come ?

  • Enemona

    “Our calculations was that a second term for Jonathan would have ensured that the amnesty is sustained but the results we saw dashed that hope, we did not expect him to loose. “We need to do a reassessment of the options open to us and take a stand,”

    You mean go back to the creeks? No try am. This wan no dey look Uche face o!

    • D1


      • Josskids

        Can’t stop laughing, please.