#NigeriaDecides: Fayose praises Buhari, urges Nigerians to accept election results

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has urged Nigerians to accept the outcome of Saturday’s presidential election in good faith, saying; “the election result is the will of God and Nigerians, and all lovers of peace, progress and development of Nigeria must accept it”.

Mr. Fayose, in a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, hailed the resilience and commitment of President Goodluck Jonathan and Mohammadu Buhari.

The governor said the election results should not been seen as victory or loss for any political party, adding that, “To me, Nigerians and democracy won.”

He praised Nigerians for believing in the democratic process, adding that “by this election, Nigerians have shown that Democracy has come to stay in the country”.

The governor said, “I salute Nigerians, especially the great people of Ekiti State.

“I salute President Jonathan for laying the most solid foundation for democracy in Nigeria. And I salute Major General Buhari for being a resilience and dogged fighter.

“I urge Nigerians, irrespective of their ethic, religious and political affiliation to respect the outcome of the election in the interest of peace, progress and development of the country.

“Nigeria as a country is greater than any individual or group and it is my plea that no one should do anything to rock the boat of peace in the country.”


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  • glo

    Chai…..I pity this man’s relatives!

    • Rildwan Ibrahim

      chai na God ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ahmad Kehinde


    • Rildwan Ibrahim

      i dey laugh oooo

  • Harry

    That’s the game, we need to accept peace and move on.

    • tundemash

      We should accept those caught on tape rigging election? Sorry such game is not part of the new Nigeria we are trying to build. Subverting people’s will is same as treason when you are caught !

      • Harry

        U can go to tribunal if u have all the time.

        • tundemash

          And a criminal investigation and prosecution will also be instituted against General Momoh and those who used the security forces to subvert the will of the people.

        • tundemash

          Sure !
          Certainly we have to recover the mandate.
          Secondly those who turned the Nigerian Army into professional election riggers will be criminally investigated and prosecuted; general Momoh, Obanikoro, Omisore & others !

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Fayose’s message is an hypocrite’s swan song. It’s a new day for Nigeria and the beginning of great things to come.

  • Olu from South Africa

    Goodluck has truly exhausted his good luck…….again allowed Fayose to beat him to congratulates GMB.

  • Aminulahi Aminu

    Don’t worry buhari would forgive u.

  • favourtalk

    I don’t believe that. I am reading this, they have told me that he will beg and he has started begging already. Shame. Change is here fayose ooo

  • AJ D DON

    I thought u are a prophet and u av prophesized that Buhari will never rule Nigeria again. Just go and book your number in Kirikiri maximum prison. Am even wondering what makes him talk so responsible and sensible. May be he just took his drugs. Abeg send some drugs to FFK and Okupe too, please don’t be selfish.

  • Wähala

    Tout. Coward. Already pissing on himself…
    Fayose had better borrow a pair of pampers from his mother and get ready to dance in the marketplace as the mad man he is. Wetin wan happen? Everybody has spoken their verdict in a Referendum on Dumbo… and, Everyone must accept that in good faith so life goes on irrespective of Party affiliation. Thugs like Orubebe et al, are the ones to listen to Ayo Fayose, not ordinary Nigerians who have just freed themselves from the 16yr headlock of Fayose’s criminal cabal. Ogbeni Ayo, life goes on means Nigerians will re-visit Ekiti to find out how you became the Governor who goes around slapping Judges. How come Ekiti is the only State Dumbo won in the South West… how you managed to repeat your Hotel Room magic is of interest to me. Don’t worry, but best believe your nyash na suya for wild hyenas. Don’t look forward to FEC meetings is my advise to you. Olori buruku. Omo Ale! Oponu Governor!! Next up… Femi Fani-Kayode!!!

    • Layo

      Fayose is physically and mentally challenged. Omo ale, odale, eleriibu. He will soon decamp to APC. @ Wahala, I respect you Brov.

      • Wähala

        RESPECT! to you too…

    • tundemash

      u dey mind the mad man !
      The new govt must probe those who turned Nigerian army to professional election riggers !!!

    • Dumbo

      Wahala, like Buhari you led the social media supporters of change from the front. I bow for you. Congrats to all lovers of Nigeria for your resistance to impunity.

    • Koffa0319

      Great job overall!

    • share Idea

      Buhari can never do anything to Fayose in this present day Nigeria. By the time Buhari is sworn in, he will understand that they are bigger fish to fry with regards to governance.

      • Idongesit Idio

        Exactly! people make it seem like Buhari’s primary goal as president is to witch-hunt and embark on a jailing spree. He will not randomly and wantonly throw people into jail, the law must take its course! There are burning issues to address, insecurity, unemployment, education, health, infrastructure etc. I’m not sure anyone voted for Buhari so he can come and jail people.

    • Guguru

      Em…Wahala aka Segun aka Segun Abiodun aka Rotimi Lawanson,

      Your sweetheart Ngozi Iweala is gonna be unemployed now. She lost the World Bank job, she got kicked out of OBJ’s government, and now she is finally unemployed. Will her unemployment hurt your relationship with her? Will there be fights in the bedroom starting tonight?

    • Onike24

      Up holy walaha! You called it months ago.. Well done!

  • Walter

    Ojebi. Your day is coming. Why you no shout again? You don mellow ehnnnn!!!

  • Fulani Nomad

    We will recover Fayemi’s mandate. The days of crooks is over

  • tundemash

    Oloribruku …. after wishung the man dead abi ? We are investigating Ekiti tape and all of you who rigged Ekiti elections are go to jail . Omo Ale !!

  • harry

    am waiting to hear from Fani Kayode

    • Adonis Donna

      so am I

    • Guguru

      Fani Kayode has already applied for a room in an asylum. The asylum will help him with the cholera of the mouth which he cannot control.

  • Ajirin

    Iwo woo ti Ku. Wo ti daran.

    • Oweja

      E joo e saanu e o. The guy sabi beg. E don beg Obasanjo before. E don begin beg Buhari now.

  • Koffa0319

    Too late okay. You once wish death upon the man. now you want to kiss his ass. TO HELL WITH YOU VAGABOND.

  • YK

    Hmmmmm………somebody is looking for soft landing here. I said it before that Fayose will not waste time to do the needful because if this democratic process is allowed to be truncated he will be a greater loser because he is just starting to enjoy his mandate.

    • Gwazy

      Enjoy the stolen mandate you meant- wink)

      • YK


  • Patriot

    Are you afraid?

  • tundemash

    Meanwhile where are the e-rats who Fayose was their hero;
    the truth (Mr. Career Liar)
    Godfrey Otukebe
    Deri alias burning spear alias redeem
    Taste alias Ekaette Ashewo

    Shame on all of you

    • Koffa0319

      Lol!!! Una no go kill person with laughter ojare.

    • Olu from South Africa

      Dey don Ben Johnson!

    • Wale

      They are all on the unemployment line.

    • Guguru

      Oh, you forgot burning Spear.

      • blackbaba

        You forgot otile

    • Tunsj

      tundemash, they are hiding in their caves. Thanks for all your brilliant comments in support of our new President. God Bless.

  • ferry

    Where is incommunicado sef

  • campol

    Yea.. The DEVIL won today. There is tommorrow.

    • tundemash

      yawn !!!
      Back to hopelessness. Crawl back into the creek hole u came from .

  • kenmege

    if you are really remorseful about your most despicable actions preceding the election as regards your attacks on the person of Buhari, just say ”I AM SORRY”. No need to sugarcoat it.

  • Sevenways

    laa rin Eeko, e joo e dari ji Fayose,oomo wa ni o. Won ki i fi oomo ire bo ire. E dari ji. I sincerely apologize on his behalf

    • tundemash

      We must recover the stolen mandate!!!

  • nijaombudsman

    “No one shiuld rock the boat of peace”? When you and your co travellers practically wanted to capsize the ship. This will not save you from the continuation of your court case. After raining abuses on Buhari and humiliating him for a prolonged periid, you think jumping to quickly congratulate him will save you?

    Justice awaits you because you are such a severely compromised individual. The Ekitigate awaits probe since GEJ had told the whole world that it was a figment of people’s imagination.
    I hope your brother Fani Kayode has planned his exit route.

    • burning spear


      • tundemash

        Sebi u are in court ? Please stay at the court O ! mad man !

      • Desmond

        you never still go drink sleep?

      • sawston

        The burning spear has been EXTINGUISHED. It’s over. It’s done, the rest is HISTORY.

      • blackbaba

        People like contributed in no small measure to buharis victory.

      • udemeobong

        Stop being tribalist, it destroys.

    • yahayaomaye

      You are correct. Fayose, under Buhari justice would have its place. Ekiti people will definitely reclaim their victory. You can not eat your cake and have it.

    • Ede

      Fayose and Fani will decamp soon to APC

      • nijaombudsman

        He will be rejected

  • motsa jiki

    Mr Fayose apologize to the Yoruba people who are sophisticated but you kept on spoiling their name. Thank God they scolded you well .

  • Aminu Ibrahim Jega

    Hahahahaha. Shameless dog

  • senatorojd

    Oga dey find safe landing….hahahaha. Buhari will never win, yeah right, you be God ni?

  • bikky

    Ayo,I trust you and you didn’t disappoint me,I was telling people on Saturday that you will soon apologize and defected to APC. “Nkan to omo fe je lo nwa” means what he wants to eat is what is looking for,after all he has collected billions from Jonathan. We are waiting for second bastard FFK.

  • Akiika

    Fayose, forget it, you are a goner!

  • Ododo Oro

    Enu ti igbin fi bu orisa ti di ohun afi gbole nidi orisa. Fayose is proving to be a good sportsman; he is never. The general must deal with him accordingly.

  • Ken

    Where are the Igbos sef? They have all kept mute abi?? Nonsense! You people as a group have committed political suicide because you will never have hope of smelling that seat until 16 years time when Buhari has done his 8 years( dependent on how good he leads), then a yoruba man will do his 8years b4 una go smell that seat. Even after that 16 years any Igbo man that comes out will never be voted for. Clueless bunch! Fly wen don follow dead body enter grave.

    • justice

      You are a demented animal for daring to insult Ndigbo. You have manipulated yourselves to power why not savor it and not come here with your silly and moronic outburst.

    • chuka

      What gives you the right or moral justification to judge the Igbo people? ? Did you bother to ask who amongst us voted or even supported that dimwit called Jonathan? Because some uneducated and unenlightened poor people in the Eastern and Southern part of country voted based on how they know best; based on ethnic sentiments just like their contemporaries across the country, doesn’t mean that is the voice of every single person that is Igbo.
      They are uneducated people like you who think everyone who’s crosses the Niger bridge is Igbo. Jonathan is not Igbo; Ekitis that voted for him are not igbos, nassarawa that voted for him are not igbos, bayelsa is not an igbo state.
      Do you think the north voted Buhari because they think he’s the Messiah? ? They have consistently voted for him irrespective of his opposition. No one singles them out as voting based on tribal sentiments.
      Please do not insult me. I have voted for Buhari in 3 different elections and I’m sure you voted for the moronic GEJ last time around obviously based on sentiments. We didn’t judge you; how dare you judge others

    • XYZ

      You are definitely high on narcotics.

  • Scarlet

    Fayose!!!! Your judgement time is here, you must swallow your vomit! I await your punishment with pleasure…. Omo ale jati jati

  • rhad

    we salute your loose and uncivilized mouth and for being a shame to your family and ekiti. Please be ready for impeachment. You will also have to explain your involvement in Ekitigate

  • humm

    You are leaving that seat comes Buhari arrivai. Ekitigate will be revisited.

  • August January

    Fayose go to hell!

  • August January

    Please, where is Tawanda? And Omooba ole? Fani-Kayode, Omokri, Okukpe? Shame on you all!

    • Guguru

      LOL. The e-rats are jumping into the ocean as their ship sinks.

  • Guguru

    This man called Fayose is a perfect candidate for Sharia law. He should be flogged.

    • August January

      Fayose will be impeached before the end of this year for desecrating our constitution by setting up a fake house of assembly of 7 members who have been helping him to perpetrate his evil in the state. Then immediately he must be matched straight to the court along Koro, Omosore, etc for jail term over the Ekitigate. They can’t escape it

      • Guguru

        Koro is a US citizen. has he been paying taxes to Uncle Sam since he became minister? The US Internal Revenue Service should go after koro for his earnings. He is probably a tax avoider.

        • Koffa0319

          Am certain the USA has taken note of Koro, since he puts himself in the limelight. He will surely pay for every penny he owes the US government in taxes. Citizens are required to report and pay taxes on all incomes, domestic or otherwise.

          • Guguru

            Well said.

      • Rumournaire

        Don’t be surprised if Fayose decamps to APC in the next few days. I am almost certain he will be considering that option.

  • August January

    Orubebe wanted to incite violence so that their military partners could take over in their planned coup. Shame on you!

  • Guguru

    Deizani Madueke and Ngozi Okonjo iweala—prepare for justice. The lies you told are coming home to roost. You will both have to see jail.

  • Ogom


  • the truth

    Fayose is a democrat. Whether u like it or not this is how democracy should be. So many people think if u have a divergent view than them you are an enemy. In politics we agree to disagree, we have different views and ideologies, only dictators don’t harbor opposition or other views. Nigerians are the winners in this process and GEJ should be commended for this process too.

    • Guguru

      the truth,

      From which cave did you emerge from today? Fayose is a democrat? Are you serious? Fayose needs help. Can’t you see that he struggles to be civilized? If you put a chain on his neck by accident and then left him tied to a tree for three minutes, he could be rescued and probably sent to an animal shelter or to a zoo. The man is a human ape.

    • D1

      Jesus, see double speak! You guys are full of it (bullshit)!

      Politics should never be played the way you people did (Character assassinations and abuse/insults), it showed the level of your intelligence and maturity.

      You guys finally put a nail on GEJ’S chances and made more enemies for him, no one was convinced to vote for him, instead he lost more potential voters, yet to make up their minds. Though, he was largely responsible for his own political demise by his actions and inactions.

  • Okey

    I join in congratulating Gen. Buhari on his hard won victory. More so, at least, I am certain that as from May 29, a litre of petrol will be selling for N45 as he had told us that the PDP led government is cheating us by charging N87 per a litre.

    • GbemigaO

      lol. And equate $ with Naira !

      • Okey

        No, one thing first. He told us in his campaign that PDP is cheating us by selling petrol at N45 a litre; that fuel should sell at N45 a litre.

  • ola

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,dont worry God is in control already Mr fayose.

  • Concerned

    Scum – who speaks from both sides of his mouth!

  • Triple A

    Expect Fayose to try defect to APC in the next few days! People like him have no qualms. He is a perfect description of “Omo Ale” in Yorubaland. While it is perfectly ok to hold a contrary point of view in a democracy, you don’t carry on like a dog infected with rabies.

  • The first traitor in this PDP game of deception and treachery is Jonathan himself. He sent all these his abusive surrogates to be committing diarrhea of the mouth, when he knew he, Jonathan, will be the first to jump his own ship to APC side.

    • Etomi

      What is wrong with you????????

    • jude

      You are just a moron

  • Etomi

    This is a beautiful day for me, although one hard won…
    Yes my hero lost the election but the fact that the nation is having a seamless civilian to civilian electoral transition; the fact that Jonathan has established a high standard for democratic practice in Nigeria warms my heart to no end….
    I hope that I too would be free sometime later to call Buhari dumbo (if I feel persuaded) and not be hunted down by the powers that be…
    I hope that if in the future APC is defeated, they would not hold the country to ransom but allow free transition..
    Jonathan, for me is the greatest Nigerian leader ever…
    A democrat to the core….
    Over to you, Buhari….

    • Progress

      What a thought provoking and insightful piece. May God bless you Etomi. Lets all join hands to keep our leaders on their toes. LET S NO MORE TO STEALING AND LOOTING and religious and ethnic bigotry. THERE ARE MORE THAT WE HAVE IN COMMON THAN WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT.

      • Etomi

        Bless you too my brother…
        I urged on my hero, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, for no other reason than his commitment to restructuring Nigeria based on the 2014 Confab Report…
        I urge the president-elect Buhari not to overlook that document, but to dust it up and commit himself to restructuring the federation according to its recommendations….
        The issues of corruption, insecurity, economy, etc are only symptoms of a far deeper malaise whose origins are traceable to structural defects in terms of our federalism…
        That is one task (restructuring Nigeria) he cannot run away from, no matter how he tries as time would ultimately show….

    • Julius

      Greatest President ever ? Dont get carried away, the dude is a failure. Democracy and the people of Nigeria gave us this day with help of the almighty GOD himself. Jonathan did nobody a favour. Sometimes when you start a fire it might consume you. He knows better not to concede. God bless him and his family. Goodbye to him

    • OmoLasgidi

      You must be one of those pretentious Nigerians. If Dumbo was the best ever, how come he lost so woefully – quite unusual for an incumbent to lose with so much edge and of course cash! Celebrating mediocrity – can you imagine if your child failed his promotion exam, and telling your father (i.e. his grandfather) that he was the best? Pls spend the next 4 years to educate yourself!

    • Koffa0319

      With the overwhelming evidence of rigging by PDP, already in APC’s possession, Jonathan has no choice but to concede Buhari’s victory in the election. THE MOVE, WAS THE WISEST OPTION AT THIS POINT.

      Greatest president???? DEFINITELY NOT JONATHAN!

  • Jimoh Adewale

    The nos 1 Sycophant !!!! May God punish you !!!

  • udemeobong

    Saul turned Apostle Paul after been struck by the light!!

    • Deji Joseph

      there is a difference between seeing the light, and seeing the possibility of jail.

      • udemeobong

        How brother?

      • udemeobong

        I don´t think so, but if it eventually be so, then I will enjeoin the GMB to see that all those including Fani Kayode too spend some years behind bars. The same goes to Deziani Maduekwe.

        • Deji Joseph

          Fayose isn’t reformed or repentant. if Jonathan had won, he’d be saying worse things than before at this point. He has simply realised that he has to mitigate any potential repercussions his vituperations have caused. i have no sympathy for him

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    No praises please. All praise and thanks is due to our Creator who has helped the forces of light over the looming darkness that has enveloped our dear country. Now those who refused to worship the golden calf know what to do, and would be reminded if the don’t! The task ahead is uphill and calls for unity of purpose. Fayose knows what to do and needs no advice

  • jude

    I love Fayose. He is a man with a large heart.

    • Kunle

      Jude, you must be joking

    • donkesson

      fayose after all lies you can still congratulate a brain dead man na waooooo.you are a disgrace our generation.

  • tundemash

    To the Nigerian Immigration Service

    We the people of Nigeria, pending when the President Buhari takes over, have have declared the following criminals as most wanted and you must be on the look out for them and be arrested immediately if necessary by force as they are very dangerous:

    1. Patience Jonathan with various aliases Hipo, HipoPatience, P-baby, MamaPiss
    2. Denziani alias Frog-eyes
    3. Doyin Okupe alias “Call me a bast@rd”
    4. Obanikoro
    5. Fayose
    6. Olisa Metuh
    7. Femi Fani Kayode alias FFK
    8. Policeman Mbu
    9. Maryln Ogar
    10. Boys’ Scout General Minimah
    11. Boys’ Scout General Olukoya alias Marjiuana eyes
    12. Godwin Orubebe
    13. Bode George alias Lagos boy

    • Olatunde Arowolo


    • Patriotique

      No witch-hunting man. let there be peace. These people will eventually ruin themselves.

      • tundemash

        What is witch-hunting in making sure criminals don’t escape ?

        • Patriotique

          they are doomed, unless u cant see it clearly. there is a lot work president-elect has to do rather than spend useful effort on shame-bringing national representives. let gmb strengthen the police and allow the judiciary do their job and that will be the undoing of these national enemies. Peace!

          • tundemash

            Tell me exact;y what Buhari has done now hat you termed “shame-bringing national representives.” . Is he the President yet ?

          • Patriotique

            Dude, wat I mean is, instead of chasing these guys with d traditional methods (ie EFCC & co) why not focus on strengthening the police to effectively enforce the law and also allow the judiciary do their duties. Wit dat, anyone can sue anyone irrespective of status. This will be the beginning of justice and fairness. But if you go after these bad guys directly, people will most likely draw negative meaning, and it will bring memories of OBJ-style govt in which people considered d fight against corruption as a fight against perceived political enemies. Regards.

          • tundemash

            Is he President yet ? Why jump the gun ? How has he been “chasing these guys with d traditional methods (ie EFCC & co)” as you put it? Would he not need to sit with the police, efcc, army first and determine what their challenges are ? Has he formed his Feberal Executive Council or you want him to run a one-man show so you guys come and accuse him of being a dictator?
            Bury your sheath till May 29th and stop jumping the gun !

          • Patriotique

            Dude. U are d one calling for people’s head not me. Ur bitterness is killing u so much to the extent that u don’t know wat u want again. Sit down wit a bottle of orijin and find a way to be happy.

          • tundemash

            So if you struggle to even understand what you wrote, i fear for your state of mind.

  • Ashanty

    Hmmm, this life is nothing and i believe by now fayose has learn his lesson. Fayose try to be God fearing man and lead by example as a leader you need to be faithful. Good luck to GMB.

  • Oladoja wahab

    It’s a fierce battle indeed but Nigerian won atlast
    God bless Nigeria

  • Bos

    You see Fayose? Predicting another man’s death. “Eda o laropin” . Now you have finally sentence yourself to life imprisonment. Oma se o!

  • Trueism

    Incredible….surely this man cannot ever be taken seriously. The manure that he spews out of his mouth is incredible. People like him never think beyond the day….they act like tomorrow will never come. Unfortunately for him it has. Let’s see how he relates to the man whose death he predicted over the next 4 years.

  • JD

    Ayo Fayose, now that Buhari is the new president, I hope you will no longer have diarrhea,cholera & dysentery of mouth & may be prepared to go to jail that you were afraid of.Moreover your Ekitigate cohorts like Obanikoro,Omisore,Olubolade & Gen Momoh will also join you there.

  • Dazmillion

    Things might not be easy for Fayose from now on.

  • yinka

    I’m not naturally vindictive but Ayodele Fayose will be the first Governor to be impeached twice. After he has served his time in jail, maybe then we can start to forgive him. Omo ale jati jati.

  • ode

    Your cup of infamy is full and any moment now you should be on your way down the rabbit hole! Prov.28:13!!

  • Malik Isah

    shameless man!

  • Sal Yarima

    Fayose is a fat baboon. Please send him a bunch of bananas………….Send Fayose Bananas…………..he likes bananas!

  • Akinpelu Olugbade

    Shameless boy. He has no choice but to begin in earnest to lick the boot of the general. O ti nto iwe e le ri yen o. Oloriburuku. By the way, where is the other nonentity Femi?

  • brightdestiny

    Plz I suggest dis man to be committed I mean dis man has finally gone nut & smth urgent needs to be done b4 he completely lost it…loool