Buhari arrives Katsina for election

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has arrived Katsina, en route Daura, his home town, where he is expected to cast his vote on Saturday.

Mr. Buhari arrived Katsina Airport at about 4:40p.m. aboard a private Jet, Hawker 4000, with registration number ZS-Z0T.

A handful of supporters who were waiting for the former military Head of State rushed to the Aircraft as soon as it arrived the parking area, most with their smart phones on video mode, waiting for him to alight.

Mr. Buhari acknowledged their cheers and shook hands with some of them.

He started by greeting the APC’s governorship candidate in the state, Aminu Masari, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Buhari did not speak to journalists or his supporters. His convoy left the Airport at about 4:48 for Daura.


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  • Africa

    This na Abuja airport na, show us a current picture of our general arriving Kastina en route Daura..

    • Magam Kat

      This is Katsina Airport Mr Arica, and it has been in existance for the last twenty years, and will be happy to take you round so that you get more educated about other places and people.

      • Africa

        Dear Magam, I believe am well educated about Nigeria and our people. I based my earlier comment on what I observed in the picture. Did you notice the guy behind our dear general holding a long coat? People dont wear these in Nigeria. Sai Buhari…

        • Omoboy

          Pls that’s Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. Definitely not Katsina Airpot pls

      • knowledge is the way

        its abuja

        • Africa

          Knowledge is truly the way!

  • hummm

    Can we see Jonas arrival at his final stop in Bayela? I hope he is not sitting at that dam ASO ROCK.

    • Bestvoice123

      And Buhari too. I hope those boko boys will visit him

      • tundemash

        Creek Monkey , your people are back at the creek waiting for their son’s arrival back home….. what are u doing here ?

        • Bestvoice123

          Abubakar Shekua use this opportunity to take your Buhari to Gwoza and show him the good work Jonathan is doing. If possible take him to sambisa forest and let him remain there until Jona’s victory is over

        • Bestvoice123

          Hahaha!!!! Eyaah! This is the picture of your wretched mom and sister. Don’t worry GEJ will give them life.

          • tundemash

            Creek Monkey, keep deluding yourself.

            Dumbo is on his way home .

    • tundemash

      The cl0wn is almost there now.

  • burning spear

    1] Goodluck Jonathan (PDP) – – – 57.1%.
    2] Muhammadu Buhari. (APC) – – 40.6%.
    3] Others/Undecided. – Voters – – 2.3%.

    Poll Notes And factors.
    a) There have been a massive shift in support for Jonathan in S/West, as result of better understanding of his plans for the region since the election date was moved. 63% to 37% for GEJ.

    b) The Victories by Nigerian Troops, Buhari’s Chatham House lies Saga and exposure of how Tinubu and his groups squandered Lagos wealth and other APC states was damaging to Buhari who campaigns on Security and anti-corruption.

    c) The North central Minorities and Christians see the election of Jonathan as a Vote for their freedom of worship and security against domination from core-North.

    d) North West stands strong for Buhari as . 66% : 34% to Buhari.

    e) Buhari’s only strenght in S/South, Rivers state, has zeroed to what it was in 2011. 95% : 5% to GEJ.

    f) N/East result will not change significantly from 2011. Buhari has edge in the region. 60% :40% to Buhari.

    g) Imo state is the only stronghold of APC in Imo, but the Governor encounter with the catholic church has eroded that. APC members are voting for GEJ and Okorocha as their Governor. This will not change the 2011 result that much. 93% : 7% to GEJ.

    This result is the Aggregate Polls of the Presidential Election, conducted between March 16 -26, 2015. It is +4 and -4 Margin of error. –

    • nigerian

      Creek monkey you are still online dividing Nigerian voters along religion and ethnicity.Poor you !continue dreaming that Nigerian Christians will still vote incompetent Otuoke born zoologist simply because he is claiming to be Christians despite his failure to bring succor to ordinary Nigerian struggling to live a happy life in peace,security and dignity.Nigerian voters are wiser now and they will shock sucker punch like you tomorrow.

      • emmanuel

        Mumu, Buhari is only on the race for Fulani (ethnic) and Islamic(religious) agenda, if not Oshomole, Fashola or Okorocha would have been better.

        Just shut up your manipulative speech and disappear. You think say na only you get sense? Mumu


          Just stop okay, what did Jonathan do for the Yorubas, Emmanuel you are not worthy of that name. You worthless baboon, I’m a Christian and I am voting for Buhari.

          • emmanuel

            Is the Lagos Ibadan Highway in Onitsha (that is the best Highway in Africa by the time it is finished). Is the Oyo Ilorin Highway being recovered in Otuoke? Is the revamped Police College in Ikeja located in Warri, does the recovered unit of Egbin power plant serve Nasarawa state, is the approval of $40 billion foreign loan for Lagos state to develop the deep Sea port for Calabar? The list is endless.

            You are insatiable. If you like vote for Atiku, yours is one vote like mine but the majority, including the real Yorubas are on the way to the polls to dismantle the last block of Nigeria enslavers from politics


            Do you know how may motor accidents have occurred on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway?, lives are being lost everyday, people are living in poverty and you are here crying over projects that have not had any impact on the people, the Power plant is nothing, their are some places in the south west that do not have electricity, you are preposterous, If you like vote Asari and you are right the real Yorubas are on their way to

            dismantle Nigeria from the PDP, remain blessed.

    • Ha

      burning spear may you burn alone, Amen.


      God of Heaven, please just shut your yapper, you blabbing moron. By the grace of God on Saturday Buhari will w1in this election and become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Amen.

    • Malik Isah


    • tundemash

      Cl0wn! Your people can’t wait to have him back at the creek.

    • Mosaku 147

      You are a big mumu.

      • emmanuel

        The arrival of the four big mumus – Mosaku, Onike, Tundemess and Comfortkay.

        Still waiting for Wahala, Kolawole and co the bunch of clowns!

        We would finally put you were you belong before the end of monday – max.


          Emmanuel you know you are right about one thing and wrong about everything else, listen to me you are wrong for calling those people mumus and clowns because they are fellow Nigerians like you and are just trying to express their views. You are also right about one thing we will put them where they belong in front of Aso Rock waiting for Buhari and his family to enter the Presidential villa. Also all those people you mentioned worth a lot more than you, remain blessed, don’t forget to vote for Buhari.

          • emmanuel

            Ask Mosaku how his mumuship began? You APC apologist or memebers are more of street urchins who would deploy very lousy mouths in engaging their opponents, but want such opponents to be civil.

            By the way, I have not claimed that I am better than anyone, but I know very well that I am not a push over or in he lower class, not even in the lower wrung of the upper class – think!


            Listen to me for your own good read my comments before you reply, it seems your ignorance can not be contained. I didn’t say that you claimed you were better than anyone, by the you are a moron APC supporters are not street urchins. Go and get a life one more thing Vote Buhari for Progressive Change.

          • Progress

            Are you awake now, from the nightmares? Cod daylight dreaming or dreaming while awake are not good symptoms o

  • Ha

    Allah ya ba mu sa’a General.

  • Arrest warrant

    I wish I’m in katsina to witnesses the General cast his revolutionary vote to save Nigeria from tyranny,impunity,and corruption…long live Nigeria longlive the general…

    • emmanuel

      With a jet bought with proceeds of crime?


        Emmanuel, please live up to your name, how many jets have GEJ bought with our money?, he has depleted this country of its dignity, pride, unity and resources, do you know how many people have died in the hands of Boko Haram?, please for the sake of your children and your children’s childreen vote for Buhari.

        • emmanuel

          Does Boko Haram sound like an Ijaw, Yoruba, Igbo or Urhobo appellation?

          GEJ’s jets are parked at Otuoke.

          Educated people who leave in the rumour mill.

          GEJ till 2019.

          My children are liberated already – good up bringing and grooming from strict religious schools, exposure to the real world were crooks and rogues (who stand the truth on the head) like you exist, God’s Grace which is sufficient for them and a better economy reformed by Jonathan and the good men who will succeed him (not Janjaweeds), help them avoid the land mines already laid by Boko Haram Politicians.


            You are not worthy of being called Emmanuel, you are not worthy of being called a Nigerian, in fact you are not worthy of being called a human being, I am from the north and I have seen people die at the hands of Boko Haram members, innocent children. Please tell me what Jonathan did to prevent those death?, over 13,000 Nigerians are dead and you are here supporting the man who allowed their deaths. You may insult me, insult Buhari and his supporters but I say to you today if it is God’s will to deliver Nigeria from corruption he will grant Buhari victory. Please stop displaying you ignorance, remain blessed.

        • Traffic

          O boy leave emmanuel alone.he is saying d truth.buhari is surrounded by corrupt politician.GEJ is d man. No vacancy in aso rock


            Sorry bro, but have you heard that GEJ lost in Aso Rock polling unit, go and sleep.

  • evi

    Keep flying tinubu’s private jets while you talk of fighting corruption

  • Isi Agwo

    Any chance he will go to his Katsina school to get the very elusive WASC? Not the Oluwole statement. The certificate.

  • Reality

    Yes it’s good he’s at home so that when he will be crying again his people will be close to console him…

  • emmanuel

    Too tired from a one hour trip to talk.

    He only talked mostly at Township meetings in six weeks after seating down for at least thirty minutes and sat down to talk most of the time.

    Ogbeni, biko remain in retirement at Daura after the elction


      Did you hear that GEJ has returned to Otueke?, Emmanuel for you information GEJ already knows that is where he will spend the rest of his life, oh, please don’t forget to congratulate Buhari when he wins the election, for the sake of you children and your children’s children please vote Buhar for Progressive change, remain blessed.

      • emmanuel

        God forbid a dying man who does not know the name of his party or his electoral running mate rule me.

        My Children knows and have been praying very hard to see Buhari retired from Presidential contest this time around.

        Watch Jonathan as he returns smiling and wave gloriously from Otuoke after the election.

        God Bless the man who aided my driving from Lagos Toll gate to Warri round about in four and half hours in recent times with good roads and no Police road block.

        God Bless the gentle giant


          Please don’t wish a fellow Nigerian death, even if you don’t support Buhari at least respect him, I’m sure your parents taught you to respect your elders. Stop displaying your ignorance

          • dareolu1

            Thank you, some have lost their humanity over politics…

          • Progress

            He is most probably a vagabond cos no one at his age that are respectful of his parents and PRAY FOR OLD AGE will be typing such trash and against a man THAT REFUSE TO JOIN THE LOOTING PARTY but choose willfully to live simple and honorable life

    • Progress


  • Progress

    Sai Babaaaaaaaaaa! No matter what, God has used you to wake up the consciousness of the masses and that there is hope afterall. May God make the rest of your days on earth the best ever, with excellent health and inner peace. May He enthroned as our President after today’s election and give you the support to banish these vultures