I gave up my VP ambition to save APC  – Tinubu

A national leader of the All Progressive Congress Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday said if he were as ambitious as the Peoples Democratic Party portrays him to be, he would have broken up the party.

Mr. Tinubu said he pulled out of the race for the vice presidential ticket of the APC voluntarily, for the sake of the party.

The PDP campaign organisation had also accused Mr. Tinubu of signing a pact with the party’s vice presidential candidate, Yemi Osinbajo, that should the party win the March 28 election, he (Osinbajo) will step down for Mr. Tinubu six months into their administration.

The APC, Messrs. Tinubu and Osinbajo denied the claim.

Speaking Wednesday at the 7th annual Bola Tinubu colloquium, held at Eko hotel in Lagos, Mr. Tinubu said the coming together of the APC and the emergence of both its presidential and vice presidential candidates sent warning signals to the ruling PDP.

“They attacked General Buhari, saying he would not subject himself to a primary. He did and won it as our party held the most open and transparently honest convention ever held in Nigeria,” he said.

“They said I connived and conspired my way into the VP seat. They lied so easily that it was the price I extracted from General Buhari to support his bid. If not, I would destroy the party on the altar of my ambitions.

“They were wrong. I pulled myself out of contention. The very brilliant and capable Professor Yemi Osinbajo became our VP candidate. A man of integrity and impeccable character. Alas, this sent Jonathan’s henchmen into disarray. In the quiet of their private closet, even they could see clearly enough through the darkness of their own hearts to recognize that our ticket was so much better than theirs,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu berated the Goodluck Jonathan administration for Nigeria’s security challenges, economic woes, and lack of good governance.

“They hold office yet have abandoned governance.  They hold power but have no good idea about the use of it. They lost over 200 of our daughters to Boko Haram. They lost part of our territory also. While they lay a heavy hand on the opposition, the Chibok girls remain lost and Boko Haram continues to terrorize our people.

“They are lost because they are blind and blind because they have already lost. Instead of allowing the nation to choose a leadership that would rescue them and us all, they would rather that all become as lost as they are. Thus, on the eve of elections last month February, they postponed the exercise.  They claimed security as their excuse. We know better.  For Jonathan, an election held on February 14 would have been an election lost.

“He would have made history he did not intend: Our first incumbent president defeated in an election. He would join the club of wealthy leaders who left no legacy for their people. I say here and now that the postponement merely gave him a six-week stay of electoral defeat. That is all he accomplished,” said Mr. Tinubu. 

He alleged that Mr. Jonathan bribed religious clerics and traditional rules to sway them to his side. 

“They have thrown money at Christian and Muslim clerics, attempting to buy two great faiths as if they were two cheap commodities.  As such, they have attempted to turn our houses of worship into open dens of corruption. They have dangled money in the face of our traditional fathers believing their conscience is for sale. Many have been brave enough to cohere to the nobility of their office more than worry about the expansion of their bank accounts.

“They have corrupted some civil society groups and organizations to engage in violent protest against the electoral process and the use of the card readers. They oppose the card reading machine because the instruments foil their customary avenues of vote rigging. Jonathan‘s team has already read the writing on the wall should these machines be used. They would be handed a defeat so resounding that they would begin to fight among themselves believing that each betrayed the other,” Mr. Tinubu said.

The erstwhile governor noted that he was not afraid of being arrested as speculated in the media. He held that he will not be silence by arrest.

“You may arrest me and others but you cannot arrest an idea whose time has come. The time for a common sense revolution has come to Nigeria. In calling for a common sense revolution, I do not advocate violence. I abhor it. That is not the type of revolution we seek, this revolution is strong but peaceful. It is a revolution to use our votes to throw out ineffective leaders. It is a demand for a true electoral democracy and the responsive leadership associated with it. It is a revolution to rescue us from violence, injustice and poverty”.

He said that an APC led federal government will jumpstart the economy with its own fiscal and monetary space while also ensuring that corruption in the oil sector stops by ensuring that the books of the NNPC is well audited and made known to the public.



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  • favourtalk

    We know where Nigerian will vote, we need change right now and nigeria have spoken to vote change, GEJ should pack his things

  • pinky minaj

    Text of press conference by the Director of Media and Publicity, PDP presidential campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode.
    Ladies and gentlemen of the press, 
    It is with a heavy heart that we are compelled to share with the Nigerian public the following sensitive information which we believe, if not handled properly and looked into, is serious enough to affect the outcome of Saturday’s presidential election in a negative way.
    Before we go into detail permit me to make an important assertion which cannot be overstated or over-emphasised. That assertion is as follows: the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation and our candidate President Goodluck Jonathan are not in the least bit worried about what the outcome of Saturday’s election will be. We believe that we have the backing and full support of the Nigerian people and we believe that we shall not only win but that we shall win convincingly.  

    Whatever we share with you here today does not, in anyway, mean that we shall not participate in Saturday’s election or that we are worried about how we will fare. The fact of the matter is that we shall not only participate but we are also very confident of winning. We believe that the Nigerian people will give President Goodluck Jonathan a fresh mandate for the next four years regardless of the shenanigans of the opposition and those that are covertly working for and with them. 

    The purpose of this briefing and of sharing the following information with the Nigerian people is simply to ensure that they are fully aware of what is going on and to enable our security and intelligence agencies to ensure that INEC does the right thing, answers some of these questions and put their house in order so that the outcome of the election is not in any way questionable.  

    We cannot sit by idly and remain silent when a desperate group of ruthless and greedy little men, in collusion with their friends in the APC, rob the Nigerian people of their historic opportunity to elect a President of their choice. This they intend to do by sitting in a dark room somewhere and rigging the election in the most sophisticated manner even before it holds.  

    This is unacceptable and it is incumbent upon us, as a responsible, accountable and sensible campaign organisation to expose the rot, point out the dangers of doing nothing about it, finger and identify those that are involved and call on the authorities to do something about it before it is too late. We shall share this information in good faith and we shall then leave the matter for necessary action by the relevant security agencies and authorities.

    Our concerns stem from the fact that the moving spirit and a major shareholder and board member of the company that supplied the card reader system and machines to INEC is not only a friend of but also an ardent and keen supporter of General Mohammadu Buhari and the APC. That man’s name is Sani Musa and he is indeed the main force behind the company. The company’s name is Act Technologies Ltd. and the Chairman of the company is one Engineer SK Danladi.  

    How and why INEC would give the contract to supply the card readers to a fanatical APC supporter and to a man whose other company was officially blacklisted by INEC a couple of years ago for sharp practices, needs to be explained. Sani Musa has expressed his undying support for the APC and General Buhari and his hatred and virulent opposition to the PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan openly and publicly on his Facebook wall. Some of his comments on Facebook read as follows: ”I stand with him (Buhari) for whatever reason” and “Imagine the kind of people given spaces in our nation’s news tabloids.  Hoodlums are having field day in Nigeria since the inception of GEJ’s administration.  Mad men, hooligans and vultures have taken over decency of the society.  May Allah save us from the torments of this (sic) rascals and expose their intentions on our nation state be it the Boko Haram, killer militants or by extension those in authority with wicked intentions-Amen.”  Photocopies of his Facebook wall where these comments were made and his picture will be made available at the end of this briefing.     

    Worst still, it is clear that certain aspects of and electronic components within the card reader system which will be used in Saturday’s election have not only been compromised but that the encryption codes and so-called ”master key” may have been made available to the opposition or their friends and agents. This will enable them to access the system, fabricate and generate fake votes and manipulate the voting patterns to their advantage.  

    This constitute a very serious breach of security and it is a criminal offence. It is also very dangerous. Worst still it can easily be carried out successfully because, if done quietly and properly and without any deep scrutiny, it is virtually fool-proof. All you need to make it work is to have certain relevant and key INEC officials that are in the know to work closely with the supplier of the card readers and an opposition party that is so hungry and desperate for power that they are ready to pay large sums of money to their friends and associates to help them get it by hook or by crook. 

    We believe that all those components are now in place and that the biggest and most brazen attempt to rig elections in the history of our country will take place on Saturday if the necessary measures are not taken to prevent it. If the conspiracy is not exposed, if the Nigerian people do not rise up and demand answers, if the plan is not intercepted and aborted, if the Chairman of INEC does not answer the relevant questions and take the necessary steps and if the relevant individuals, including Sani Musa and his collaborators and co-conspirators in INEC and the opposition, are not called to order, arrested, interrogated and prosecuted their plan may well succeed. 

    In view of this dastardly plan that is in the offing and this unwholesome conspiracy, we call on the party leadership and faithful to direct our supporters and polling agents to be very vigilant at every polling booth and to guard and protect their votes. After voting they should stay at the polling booths to ensure that their votes are counted and that they are not manipulated or changed.                      

    Ladies and gentlemen, the facts, the evidence and our recommendations are as follows:         

    INEC has concluded plans to utilize its recently acquired Smart Card Readers for the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled for March 28th 2015. INEC has carried out a mock poll to test-run the functionality of the Smart Card Reader in 12 states of the Federation with mixed results.

    There is an on-going public debate regarding the pros and cons of the planned Smart Card use by INEC with a number of questions being asked regarding the security vulnerabilities of the technology. 

    The purpose of this document is:

    To highlight the most serious of such security vulnerabilities that are critical enough to justify a halt in INEC’s plans to use the Smart Card Readers for the forthcoming general elections (until such issues are satisfactorily resolved and fully certified as being secured by reputable independent third party security auditors).
    To demonstrate that the opposition APC has already secured, through rogue means, an unassailable advantage over the ruling PDP which will most likely result in a resounding electoral victory for it irrespective of PDP’s actions or inactions, in the event that the Smart Card Readers are used for the elections.

    To highlight the need for INEC to admit to the security-related failings of its Smart Card Readers implementation under circumstances that will be credible to local and international observers, such that it will become obvious that the use of Smart Card Readers for the forthcoming polls cannot guarantee free, fair and credible elections.
    The major issues that are worthy of consideration are summarized below. Each issue can be readily substantiated by verifiable sources of evidence.
    i. Compromised Master Encryption/Decryption Key: The Master Encryption/Decryption Key that can “unlock” and simulate the PVC data processed by the Smart Card Reader has been compromised.  There is only one copy of the Master Key in Nigeria and it is in the possession of an individual who is a known APC sympathizer/supporter (and also the contractor responsible for the production of PVCs and manufacture of Smart Card Readers for INEC who was already blacklisted by INEC following his inability to deliver ballot papers during the 2011 elections).  The Master Key should rightly be in the possession of INEC, as the neutral umpire, under the most stringent access control protocol imaginable and not freely in the possession of a partisan actor.
    INEC has already expressed concern over intelligence reports that APC has been purchasing VINs (Voter Identification Numbers uniquely identifying each PVC), which can only mean that the Party is already in possession of the Master Key (as the purchase of VINs would otherwise have been a fruitless exercise).
    This has grave implications for the PDP as the opposition APC, armed with the Master Key and sufficient VINs, can actually simulate the same data transmitted from any Smart Card Reader deployed for the elections at will. The situation is even now worsened by the fact that APC no longer has to purchase VINs or PVCs as they can now download the entire VINs directly from the INEC database which they have successfully “hacked” into.
    RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to IMMEDIATELY produce the Master Encryption/Decryption Key (before it has the opportunity to cover up this monumental act of negligence).
    ii.    Failure to carry out Independent Security Audit of its IT Infrastructure: Contrary to what the average political commentator thinks, the critical IT infrastructure for the use of the Smart Card Readers by INEC is not necessarily the actual device itself, but the back-end IT infrastructure comprising INEC servers, database, network, personnel and processes. Given the critical nature and purpose of this infrastructure, the standard global best practice is for the organisation to enlist the services of an independent third-party IT Security Audit firm to carry out a comprehensive (and indeed, periodic) Security Audit of its entire end-to-end IT infrastructure and prepare a Security Audit Report which forms the ONLY basis upon which INEC can certify its proposed technology as secure and safe from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by rouge persons/systems.
    There are various internationally-acceptable information security standard certifications that a reliable back-end IT infrastructure like INEC’s should pass in order to command public confidence, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27018, etc. The lack of such security-related certifications simply means that INEC cannot confidently assert that its systems have not been “hacked”, compromised or otherwise illegally accessed by unauthorised persons. 
    RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to IMMEDIATELY produce a copy of any Security Audit Report independently authored by a reputable and certified third party (before it has the opportunity to cover up this monumental act of negligence).
    If INEC fails to produce a satisfactory Security Audit Report, then it should be compelled to conduct a fresh Security Audit of its entire IT infrastructure which can even be extended to its production/manufacturing facilities in China (indeed the only other copy of the Master Encryption/Decryption Key is in the possession of the Chinese Manufacturers) – this process of auditing cannot possibly be completed before the general elections.
    iii.    Compromised back-end Personnel: Contrary to standard industry practice, INEC opted for the engagement of relatively inexperienced, “suitcase” IT Consulting Companies for the development of its back-end collation and transmission systems and other core server and database applications, using predominantly open source software characterised by publicly-available source code – another major security vulnerability. While significant budgets were made available for this purpose, INEC’s choice of “greenhorn” consultants was due to the ridiculously low contract sums paid for these consultancy contracts. The unfortunate consequence of this indiscretion, however, is that the personnel associated with these firms are poorly motivated, ill equipped, poorly supervised and easily compromised. It is, therefore, easily understandable why the opposition APC has been able to compromise INEC’s back-end personnel to its advantage.
    RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to make public the company profile of the IT Consulting Firms it contracted to develop its back-end IT systems, the Curriculum Vitae of their personnel, their known connections to opposition APC figures as well as the financial details of their associated contracts (vis-a-vis the approved budgets). This will clearly prove the lack of credibility of INEC’s critical back-end systems.
    iv.    Millions of Unprinted PVCs: Contrary to the public perception that INEC has virtually completed the production of PVCs, the true situation is that, as at last week, INEC was yet to take delivery of over 2 million PVCs that were yet to be produced by the contractor, Act Technologies. It is not certain that the production of these PVCs will be completed before the presidential elections scheduled for March 28th 2015. It is, therefore, obvious that a significant number of eligible voters will definitely be disenfranchised in the process.
    RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to invite stakeholders to an impromptu visit of the PVC production facility of ACTS Technologies in Ganges Street, Maitama, Abuja to observe, first hand, the on- going production process and take stock of the current and outstanding inventories in a transparent manner.

    Absence of Quality Control (QC) Measures and Defective PVC Deliverables: INEC has failed to put in place reasonable Quality Control (QC) measures for the PVCs delivered to it by the contractor – ACTS Technologies. The implication of this procedural loophole is that INEC had and still has no way of determining the extent of “defects” in the supplied PVCs. 
    This became most apparent during the recently-concluded mock polls in which a variety of very serious, but avoidable, problems were experienced during the exercise, including PVCs with absent fingerprint data; PVCs with poor picture quality; PVCs with mismatched data (i.e. encoded data different from printed data); Card Readers with low battery lifespan etc. INEC has deliberately hidden the extent of these problems from the general public as there would have been considerable outrage if the scope of the challenges is made known. 
    Furthermore, nobody in INEC can reliably predict the likely percentage of defective PVCs that have already been distributed until during the actual election itself. If the percentage is significant and more concentrated to specific geographic locations, as is being suspected, then it is no doubt a recipe for disaster – as it can fuel electoral violence of immense proportions. 
    If, however, INEC steps down the use of Smart Card Readers, then the aforementioned “defects” will become irrelevant as the PVCs will then be used as regular Voter Cards without the added complication of authenticating the encoded data. 
    RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to IMMEDIATELY produce its Quality Control Policy with respect to PVC and Smart Card Reader deliverables.
    INEC should also be officially requested to make public the detailed report of its mock poll exercise and its forecast of the probable extent of defective PVCs during the general elections. 
    I thank you all for your attention…

    • progress

      We don hear, bye bye to you and your paymasters!

      • Okey

        Your own views are not by paymasters, his own is ?

    • ogechi

      “U are already accepting Defeat”,,, All ur devious means v faulter & now u r left tail btw legs ,searching for a solace….

      ……..Wait a bit, it’s just 48hrs more for u to know ur putrefactive fate….

  • progress

    Love or hate Tinubu he is indeed a true leader full of vision and penchant for picking the right hand. I salute your courage!

    • Fatai Fehintola

      Thank you for your reasoned comment, it takes the deep to appreciate The deep!

    • share Idea

      Was Abacha not good in picking the right hand, even to the extent of picking your Presidential candidate as PTF boss. Does that make Abacha a great role model of leadership for Nigerian…

  • Awarawa

    Hear him say he abhor violence, yet he encouraged “rig and roast”. It is a shame that the Yorubas got a thief and a drug addict to be their leader…

    • Churchill Roosevelt

      What bigotry,You dare abuse a race ,the Yoruba people.This is the alienation we have been talking about and the dis- service you are doing to your candidate of the PDP.The Yorubas resist insults and intimidation and your likes have pushed them to determine the outcome of this election against your candidate.Thats the bitter truth and wait in 2 days to understand their resolve.

      • Uzoma

        Sorry, sir, where did he “dare abuse a race, the Yoruba people.” Here’s what he said again, in case you did not read well the first time: “It’s a shame the Yorubas got a thief and drug addict to be their leader”. How does that amount to abusing the Yoruba people? Did he say the Yoruba people are thieves and drug addicts? You APC sympathizers will be the first to take Jonathan to the task for arguing that stealing and corruption are not the same thing, yet when someone infers that the APC national leader is a thief by virtue of being corrupt, you want to start another civil war. We need to stop these games that only serve to divide us further.

        • Churchill Roosevelt

          ‘Its a shame that the Yorubas got a thief…’ is simple to understand.We have read lots of comments on social media where the Yoruba race was abused and the chap was simply saying “Yoruba people shamefully decided to choose Tinubu,a thief as their Leader.
          I don’t have anything against you supporting Jonathan,Its your right but you have not read me casting aspersions on him.You may have personal dislike for Tinubu but you can’t substantiate your ‘allegations’.Whatever was fed to you are mere allegations and politically jejune and not facts.Yorubas chose Awolowo as their leader and thats not to put Tinubu in his shoe cos he has never pretended to be Awolowo but a follower.However,the same Awolowo was abused and said to own the whole of Ikeja,Maroko,Coca cola,Cadbury,UAC but the Yorubas still stood by him.
          Nobody should call the Yorubas shameful for having Tinubu as their leader.Has he chosen leaders that have not performed excellently?Has governance not been taken to a height beyond other regions under him like Awolowo did to educating the West?
          I would only say ‘your friends should stop games that have already divided Nigeria through their comments.They should stop maligning others because they feel they might not vote their candidate.It doesn’t serve your candidate any good but it rather reduces his goodwill.

  • Okey

    Chei, where else but in a nation of anything goes !

  • zachry

    Tinubu you have not said the truth. you have not saved it yet

  • zachry

    PDP is a better option than what you offer us….

  • Omikri

    Can’t Tinubu just shut up and let people have peace? Who cares about your ambition? Nonsense!

    • umolu

      We have to thank Tinubu for giving up his ‘ birth right’to the office of vice president. Only in Nigeria!

    • Maria

      Hahahahahahahahaha…shut him up now or you are so cluless like your boss to know how? Yeye f00l.

  • maureen

    Since the postponement of the original election date in February, there has been a titanic shift from the way things were shaping up between the two major candidates. Just before the original election date was postponed, General Buhari was surging in popularity. At the time, the Jonathan campaign organization seemed to be in tatters; his messaging was poor, often conflicting and lacked the conviction of someone who really wanted the job.

    On the security side, the unchecked and daring exploits of Boko Haram made the commander in chief look weak on security matters. Furthermore, a lot of things that one could argue were outside Jonathan’s control were happening in the country. For instance, oil price dipped and Jonathan was struggling to explain to the nation that the economy was not about to collapse in spite of the devaluation of the naira. The spate of defections from PDP to APC by opportunistic politicians did not help matters for Jonathan. It was during this period that I wrote a commentary titled, “Jonathan Handing the Presidency to Buhari on a platter of Gold”.

    Then came the postponement of the election which was explained by Jonathan camp as a security measure. The lull created by the postponement helped the Jonathan campaign to regroup, re-craft their message and unleash attack dogs like Fani Kayode and Fayose on Buhari. At first, the verbal salvos that these guys were unleashing on Buhari seemed too frivolous but as time went on, slowly, they began to stick. Fayose unearthed the fact that the picture of a supposed Buhari interview in London was actually an interview conducted in Abuja Transcorp Hilton. It was Fayose and Kayode that alleged, when Buhari jetted out of the country to London to “speak at the Chatham house”, that he was actually there for medical attention. At first, Buhari’s handlers denied the allegation but in the end, Buhari conceded that he also got medical check-up while in Britain. All these inconsistencies began to add up and paint a picture of a campaign that was economical with the truth or plainly deceptive. This began to dim the rising prospects of Buhari and as I write, his support seems to be waning. I know people in the south east that started trending in his direction, just before the cancellation of the original election date in February, but have now made a U-turn and headed in Jonathan’s direction.

    During the period after the election was cancelled, some good things began to happen in the country to Jonathan’s advantage. For starters, the war on Boko Haram, frankly spearheaded by Chadian, Nigerien and Cameroonian fighters, began to yield clear dividends. When the troops seized an important former Boko Haram stronghold, Jonathan was able to visit the area and address Nigerian troops. His handlers put on him a well-fitted combat camouflage that made him look like a real frontline battle commander. The uniform was a sharp contrast to the ill-fitting and amusing ceremonial white naval uniform that he used to don. The last time he wore the white naval outfit, someone joked that he was a “rear” admiral that stays in the rear while war rages in the frontline. But with the combat fatigues he wore to Baga, with swagger stick to match, he looked like a commanding officer in the war front. That graphic softened the hearts of many Nigerians who had been lambasting him for not visiting the battlefront where his troops were fighting and dying. The whole theatrics portrayed Jonathan as the man ready to rescue a nation under siege. Additionally, Buhari’s somnolent reaction to Boko Haram arrogance began to play into Jonathan’s hands. Some started insinuating that Buhari might be a closet sympathizer in spite of the fact that he had condemned the group a couple of times before. The postponement of the election date also allowed Nigerians to get over the shock of the devaluation of the naira and the dipping of oil price. Many now absolve Jonathan of any blame, saying that those issues are not peculiar to Nigeria.

    It did not help APC that Buhari chose to jet out of the country for medical checkup and “rest” in the middle of the campaign. First, the action painted the picture of a man whose utterances did not square with his actions. For someone whose claim to fame is austerity, leaving the country to get medical attention abroad when there are hospitals in Nigeria did not square with Nigerians. His actions gave the impression that all the talk about selling off presidential jets and going austere if elected were more of election sloganeering than reality. Also, jetting out in the middle of a campaign to “rest”, played into the narrative of those who feel he is too old to handle the rigors of the presidency. All these continued to move him away from the realm of the “messiah” that some had started painting him as.

    Since the postponement, Jonathan has been throwing some attractive bones to Nigerians. Knowing that Nigerians are clamoring for implementation of the recommendations from the national confab, he has been trumpeting the fact that he would implement them. This is winning him some supporters especially when some insinuate that Buhari and many northerners loath many of the recommendations. The reader should note that Buhari said he would implement them too.

    The final straw that seems to be breaking the camel’s back is the issue of the damaging documentary that AIT has been broadcasting about Tinubu. Many see Tinubu as the true face of APC. In fact, Fani Kayode even alleged preposterously that there was a grand plan by APC for Buhari’s deputy to resign and make way for Tinubu to ascend. The allegation itself is preposterous but gained traction in some quarters with some damaging effect on APC. Once the documentary portraying Tinubu as “owning Lagos” through corruption aired, many started wondering how Buhari would fight corruption if an alleged epitome of corruption was his benefactor. Someone in Nigeria said to me that if Buhari ascends power, “Tinubu would do to Nigeria what he did to Lagos!”

    Buhari even shot himself on the foot when he allegedly said in a campaign rally in Kano that if elected, he would have a blanket pardon for corrupt Nigerians from 1999 to 2015. Some now say he made that exemption for Tinubu. Effectively, his greatest claim to fame, which is fighting corruption and jailing corrupt Nigerians, has been neutralized by his own statement. Those who were originally attracted to him because of the tough talk about fighting corruption, now see him as the typical Nigerian politician.

    Tinubu did not do himself or Buhari any favor in the way he has been handling the AIT documentary case. The documentary made specific allegations about specific land and real estate acquisitions, showing addresses and names of individuals. One would have expected that if Tinubu felt he was innocent, he would counter with a strong rebuttal, answering those charges one after the other. For example, if a piece of real estate or building attributed to him in the documentary is not true, he would simply say so. He is not doing that but merely asking the court to stop the documentary from airing because “it was damaging his reputation”. This is not exculpatory.

    Also, between the time the original date of the presidential election was postponed and now, the health and fitness of Buhari has been damagingly called into question. To make matters worse, every time he was asked about his health, he would say he challenges the reporter to go to the field and see who tired first. But his answers continue to remind people of Umar Yaradua who knew he was very sick but whenever people asked about his health, he would challenge them to a game of polo. That turned out to be a subterfuge. Because Buhari did not answer the questions to the satisfaction of Nigerians, the specter of ill health now hangs over him and Jonathan is making hay with that. At every opportunity, Jonathan’s handlers now show pictures of him and wife running on the treadmill or exercising openly. One of those pictures posted on Facebook attracted comments like: “a fit president”, “young and fit commander in chief”. What has happened is that the narrative of Jonathan as young, fit, vibrant and able to handle the rigors of the presidency is gaining a lot of traction even if he is seen as clueless and too soft.

    Another issue that plays into the hands of PDP occurred just a few days ago. During the presidential debate, which most of the candidates, including Jonathan attended, an empty podium with APC emblazoned on it, stood there. It continued to remind Nigerians that Buhari opted not to participate. It has attracted all kinds of comments, most unflattering for Buhari. Some see his absence as an attempt to dodge questions that he would not be able to answer like telling Nigerians how he planned to fix the economy or tame Boko Haram.

    Many well-meaning Nigerians, including APC cried foul when the election was postponed by Attahiru Jega and by implication Jonathan. They called it a subterranean machination to get PDP back into the presidential game which they had started losing. Now, this writer believes that the postponement, even if done with intentions that are apolitical, has serendipitously turned the table in favor of Jonathan while Buhari’s star has started dimming! The lull created by the postponement gave Jonathan the time to regroup, change his message, visit the troops in Baga and look presidential. It also gave PDP the opportunity to openly distribute rice and money to Nigerians willing to mortgage their future on the altar of rice and naira. But that is politics for you: the art of seeking the upper hand or advantage by doing even the nastiest things in the nicest ways. Jonathan has gained the upper hand and momentum is on his side. This election is now his to lose although it is going to be a very close race.


    Alfred Obiora Uzokwe, P.E


    • Denis_NG

      So you are a man and have been “cross-gendering” by using a feminine pseudonym “Maureen”. It’s always been clear where your sympathy lies. Regardless your long but practically inaccurate narrative, Buhari still very much stands to win this Presidential Election come this Saturday, and you can take that to the bank.

    • Oweja

      Brilliant write up that I will love to remember for a long, long time! Reason? It will have zero effect on the electorates that had made up their mind. See …, Buhari will trounce Jonathan on Saturday that in his private room, he will shed hot tears. His wife will cry uncontrollably she will wear dark glasses for the next 48 hours. Your parents have sent you to school for nothing, man!

      • Churchill Roosevelt

        Wao,i heard someone made this statement 3 days ago.He is not voting but was serious about it

        • Oweja

          You sef! You sabi hear tori like Toriola!!!

          • Churchill Roosevelt

            abi my brother but na true talk o.u nailed it on the head.

    • Churchill Roosevelt

      This election would be decided by the South West Yorubas and i dare say that their decision was made before the February 14 date.The postponement has not changed their minds.The Yorubas usually wear their caps to one side of the head [Left] while the ruling class,Obas wear theirs to the right.History confirms that the moment they take a stand,nothing,and i mean nothing changes their minds even with the nocturnal visits…….and intimidation that can’t work.

    • Concerned

      It’s a matter of -too much, too little, too late for GEJ.

      The electorate are not fools.

      They will be incensed by his last minute patch ups and understand how truly incompetent he has been over the preceding years

  • Desmond

    only igbos we not see the truth, come to my state Edo and see the wind o change, 2011, edo gave Jonathan almost 100% vote less than 48 hours from now he will not get 50% lol

    • burning spear

      Tinubu can sell stone as bread, using the media. He has that strategy. He will turn stone to bread through media.

      But luckily, people still have their conscience and you cannot because you want to get their sympathy you now foment security threat in your region to discredit a sitting president. People have their own views and they know what to do at the right time.”WHAT A SHAME–WHAT A COUNTRY

      • staaaaaaaaaaa

        the shame be on you and your jonadaft. In what way is Tinubu formenting a security threat? Where were you 3 years ago when Tinubu was begging Jona to go talk to BH or deal with them? But Jona said they were facelesss ghosts! Now Jona just confessed that he underated them. Is Tinubu not right afterall that ‘Jona got power but didnt know how to use it’!!!! If not for the yoruba elements in SNG, would Jona be a sitting president today? Go sit down, nigerians dont have problems with Jonathan, rather they have problems with his leadership ineptitude. Sio he will be voted out in 2 days. end of story!

        • burning spear

          The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday warned that anyone who dared rig the elections in Ekiti and Osun states would be murdered.

          According to him the days of seeking legal redress were over saying “No government that wants people’s votes will be doing what they are doing. They are already planning to rig the elections but be ready to protect your votes; nobody serves you freedom a la carte. It is going to be rig and roast.” WHAT A SHAME

          • staaaaaaaaaaa

            even the shoeless claims of your Oga Jona is already debunked talkless your insensible lies.

      • bissyshobbo@aol.com

        Are alright @ all with ur repetitive responses

    • emmanuel

      We will talk about Edo figures on Tuesday.

      Good night

  • halima

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  • burning spear

    Tinubu can sell stone as bread, using the media. He has that strategy. He will turn stone to bread through media.

    But luckily, people still have their conscience and you cannot because you want to get their sympathy you now foment security threat in your region to discredit a sitting president. People have their own views and they know what to do at the right time.”

    • Julius

      Just what did he said at that press conference that he lied about ? Everything he said about this president and the ruling part is right. Do we have security ? didnt some innocent girls kidnapped and the government cant get them back ? Imagine yourself being the father of any of those children. Would you be yapping on Tinubu instead of the president ? Please be kind and human. Jonathan is a failure and in my house, we dont celebrate failures. Maybe in yur house yu do.

      • Etomi

        And the kidnapping was hatched and facilitated by APC’s Governor Shettima of Borno State!

        • Julius

          So you agreed with me that Jona the dumb azz has done nothing to rescue those poor girls. You talking about who facilitated the kidnapping and if so, why hasnt the president and the AG ordered him arrested ? See you so ? smh

          • Etomi

            Arrest him?
            When he enjoys immunity as a governor under section 308 of the 1999 Constitution?

          • Julius

            immunity for murder and kidnapping ? Read the constitution again biko

          • Etomi

            A governor’s or president’s immunity extends to both criminal and civil matters under section 308…

      • burning spear


        • Kay

          You ask the wrong questions that is why you remain in the dark. The question is what did Obama do after the Boston bomb attack? We are talking about Nigerians being killed and displaced on Nigerian soil you are talking about U.S. Citizens being killed in Iraq. Keep living in self denial.

          • Julius

            Thank you very much Kay. You see the kind of people with this mentality that we have in Nigeria. unbelievable that he will even say that. You wonder about these folks. smh

        • Julius

          Whao, you are a freaking , I take that back, you are a fcking moron. Was the beheading done in the U S ?.Tell me how many states, territories that OBAMA has lost to the terrorists in the U S?By the way, did you see what he did to them with the heavy bombing of ISIS ? Something is seriously wrong with you by you even mentioning Obama with that dumb azz Jonathan.nuff said

          • emmanuel

            Mumu, Americans do not betray their fatherland like Tinubu and co do. How can aCountry men say a foreign policy fallout between Nigeria and Morocco bothered on our hard stance in respect of a part of Africa was causee by Jonathan solicit for vote from an unrecognised monarch.

            Americans will not and can never concede superiority to a nation like Iran because they want to take power from another party.

            Part of Nigeria territories were taken because of your sabotage

            That was exactly what the APC did


  • NinjaK

    Tinubu…….Eleebuu of Yorubaland!

  • Frank Bassey

    If you gave up your VP ambition, why didn’t you allow the Party to choose who would be VP? By conceding the choice of a VP to you means you are the de facto VP. Osinbajo is a stooge and that is the way it is.

  • burning spear

    The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday warned that anyone who dared rig the elections in Ekiti and Osun states would be murdered.

    According to him the days of seeking legal redress were over saying “No government that wants people’s votes will be doing what they are doing. They are already planning to rig the elections but be ready to protect your votes; nobody serves you freedom a la carte. It is going to be rig and roast.”

  • burning spear

    Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun on Wednesday opened up on his inability to pay the salaries of workers in… the state for five months, blaming it on “declining federal allocation.”
    The governor made the open confession at the 7th Bola Tinubu Colloquium organised to mark Tinubu’s 63rd birthday in Lagos.
    He said he was deeply pained and unhappy that he had not been able to pay workers salaries.
    “I have found it hard to pay the wage bills owing to the declining federal allocation to the state.
    “Federal allocation to the state has reduced by 40 per cent since 2013, making it difficult for government to meet up its responsibilities,” he said.
    Aregbesola said the situation became so bad at a time that he resorted to the state’s reserves and exhausted it on payment of salaries.

    • smart G

      The people of the state of Osun has woken up to the stark reality of the deceit of APC.
      They love to see Omisore defeated and cannot even complain now that Ogbeni is dealing with them.
      Likewise some Nigerians who have been brainwashed will be happy to see Jonathan defeated and suffer under Buhari.
      That is sadistic.

      • burning spear

        they ae fighting Jonathan because by the time he will leave Aso rock there will be no contract for them to use in stealing money again—the Ore road–has been under construction by various governments for the past 50 yrs———–Jonathan has finally fixed it–that was where Obj lied to us that he spent—over 300bn—with nothing to show for it—there are many others–brother me————

  • tunji braimoh

    Tinubu the grandfather rogue talking

  • taiwo

    Continue fooling yourself we already know what your evil grand plan is and we are vigilantly waiting for you on the 28th and the 11th to foil it once and for all

  • Hon Chuks O

    Thiefnubu is talking, wonder shall never end.The fact they believe Nigerians are fools is the part that drives people crazy.Anyway don’t worry the D-day is almost here and we shall see how your plot to manipulate the card reader and win will work

    • smart G

      Bros some people have fallen mugu to this king of boudillon .
      All because the hates and lies of APC on Jonathan were well packaged to coincide with the difficult times of Nigerians.
      But God pass every evil plan of the enemies of Lagos and Nigeria

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Just as well that Tinubu gave up his VP ambition. Otherwise, APC’s Presidential candidate and his running mate would be dogged by forgery and perjury issues and neither candidate would be in a position to present bona fide certificates. What an evil party!

  • citizenka

    OBJ and people’s outrage stopped Tinubu from getting the VP ticket. The day Tinubu lost that opportunity was deep down the saddest electoral day for GEJ

  • evi

    You haven’t given anything up, infact your target is not VP but President, that is why you put buhari there, a man that is terminally ill and made Osinbajo sign a pact that he would resign in six months if apc wins and you would replace him,from there you can quietly quicken buhari journey to the world beyond and become president but in this grand plan of yours,you forgot one huge and important fact, you forgot you are not God. Your plan is slowly crumbling before your eyes because people know that a bore for buhari is a vote for you, you can’t have spent over 500 bn campaigning for buhari from the goodness of your heart, you are selfish, greedy, dangerously over ambitious ,evil and a murderer who will do anything, destroy anything and everybody, if you have to, to get what you want.

  • Del Roy

    It’s sad how Yoruba civilization crumbled. A cretin without provable schooling grandstands;
    with animal arrogance as the leader of his better-educated superiors in the toga he dons
    as a drugs-running plea-bargained criminal on U.S court records. What a pity!
    With their eyes open, the erstwhile morally strict Yoruba people enable this crass fellow
    called ALHAJI BOLA TINUBU to destroy Christian values in Yoruba society which he
    replaced with free stealing plus impunity made possible by universal illiteracy that he
    he fostered in Lagos state as public policy. How fast Yoruba civilization then crumbled!

    • Encore

      Pastor Adeboye & Pastor Kumuyi: because you both lack spiritual depth;
      to discern good and evil, a scriptural punishment has since followed;
      and now, your place, an American has taken – on a matter inside your
      own country; as follows: “Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s election as Nigeria’s
      head of state would be a disaster for Africa

      • awofolaju

        It is now a matter of time before the Sultan of Sokoto will send someone to Lagos state
        as THE EMIR OF LAGOS. When that time comes, those benighted Pastors in Yorubaland
        – such as Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Kumuyi – will wear their best coats to go and bless
        the Emir of Lagos. That is how low they can get for the love of money in desecration of faith.

        • dafe omonitoriwon


        • Dafe






          • Hassan Lawal

            Stop preaching HATE! you moronic demon!!!

          • emmanuel

            We know you, you talk ethnicity when they attack Buhari’s ambition, but Buhari is there because of the Fulani agitation.

            You have now turn to sympathise with Christian leaders because someone cast aspersion on them, but you would hack them to death in furtherance of your jihadist agenda if the need arises.

            Yeye fowl!

          • Kay

            My brother. It is shocking how the same people who accuse Buhari of being a religious bigot are the now the ones preqching hate in the name of Christianity. The so called Christian politicians are the ones looting the treasury in broad day light. Hoping to buy people’s conscience with the gains of corruption. How we forget the bible says it is not all those who call me Lord Lord that we enter the kingdom of God. Jesus will rather dine with the gentiles than the mammon-serving Pharisees. I weep for my countrymen.

    • No Comment

      “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor],
      we should not introduce something that will start affecting the
      consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the people’s
      consciousness what they were not thinking about before.
      Even if you look at it closely you will find that
      the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

      ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

      (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

      [October 25th, 2014]

      • emmanuel

        Dorminant in Lagos politics as foisted on the state by Tinubu. Lagos is mainly christians

        Never again will that happen, as we have seen the last of it. Very soon all those who returned to Islam because of Tinubu jihadist tendencies will silently drop their muslim names like they had done before

    • The Cosience

      Better than soul selling people of your class

    • Kay

      What has Christianity got to do with anything? The Yoruba race is mixed and we embrace ourselves irrespective of our religion. Don’t play that card here. Save your advise for your people.

  • burning spear

    Tinubu can sell stone as bread, using the media. He has that strategy. He will turn stone to bread through media.

    But luckily, people still have their conscience and you cannot because you want to get their sympathy you now foment security threat in your region to discredit a sitting president. People have their own views and they know what to do at the right time.”WHAT A SHAME–WHAT A COUNTRY

    • Edward Osadebay

      Don’t get it twisted. Tinubu is one of the greatest Yoruba leaders and it’s current leader. He earn it by being a thinker, a planner, a democrat, a consumate politician, actual the best one in this current dispensation. A man that have achieved one of the greatest poltical manoeuvres in our time, from being a lone governor to leader of 16. That to me is a master stroke of political genuis. I can see envy in your eyes and bitterness in your heart but in matters of days, the man will bestrode Aso Rock in glorious strides. He deserves it.

      • Hassan Lawal

        Nice one,very lucid and intelligent point made.

      • emmanuel

        Yoruba people will not have a Tinubu as their leader.

        There a lots of Godly men in the ethnic group who would not bow to drug Lords.

        Check Mexico and Italy, they still have conscience and will never have a drug lord or Mafia Don as the conscience of the people.

        Shame on you

  • grace folarin

    You haven’t given anything up, infact your target is not VP but President, that is why you put buhari there, a man that is terminally ill and made Osinbajo sign a pact that he would resign in six months if apc wins and you would replace him,from there you can quietly quicken buhari journey to the world beyond and become president but in this grand plan of yours,you forgot one huge and important fact, you forgot you are not God. Your plan is slowly crumbling before your eyes because people know that a bore for buhari is a vote for you, you can’t have spent over 500 bn campaigning for buhari from the goodness of your heart, you are selfish, greedy, dangerously over ambitious ,evil and a murderer who will do anything, destroy anything and everybody, if you have to, to get what you want.#GEJ4NAIJA

    • Edward Osadebay

      Tinubu has every right on earth to aspire to be President or whatever he wishes for. It is his democratic right. It is not against our constitution or any law. I do not understand your business with another man’ s aspiration.

      • emmanuel

        How about Jonathan?

  • Yusuf

    We owe you our future, the sacrifice you made will be fully rewarded by the Almighty God. You did not only save APC, you saved our hopes..If we live long we will certainly honor your brevity. Long live the Asiwaju of Nigeria

  • emmanuel

    Liarly old mam.

    We have not forgotten in a hurry How Saraki, Amaechi and Oshomole arm twister you before you replaced yourself with the lackey called Osinbajo.

    Did you not mute Oluremi which the hawks also rejected? Shameless crook who has dealt harsh blows on all APC states – Southern APC states now owe salaries for over four months. How come their Northern counterparts are not? Because they have refused to pay a Yorubaman from their treasuries

    • Julius

      U be biafran, why you giving yourself a high blood pressure for Naija issies ? . Thought you want out of Niaja abi u don change ya mind ?