Nigerian military arrests Aljazeera journalists

The Nigerian military on Wednesday arrested two journalists working for news television, Aljazeera, in Maiduguri, Borno State.

The military accused the journalists, Ahmed Idris and Mustafa Andy, of loitering in areas were combat operations were still ongoing.

The Defence Headquarters, in a statement, said the journalists were moving around “restricted areas” in Yobe and Borno States without protection, accreditation or clearance.

The military said the journalists were monitored by intelligence operatives and were finally restrained to their hotel rooms in Maiduguri following increased suspicion that their activities were focused on interfering with ongoing military operations in those areas.

“The motive, activities and some materials in possession of these individuals are now being investigated,” the military said.

The Nigerian military had, last year, warned reporters against unauthorized movements in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States where it fights extremist sect, Boko Haram.

The defence headquarters said Wednesday until reversed, the restriction still stands while appropriate arrangements will be made to assist duly cleared journalists to report on activities in the area under military operation “within the limits of adequate safety, security and necessary procedures”.


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  • bigbang

    Finally, the next step is to start arresting Reuters reporters.

  • Journalists loitering? This government is taking its lying game too far. The government should release the men so they can do their job.

    • Anene Mercy

      Do which job? Do job in a war zone where their lives will not be guaranteed. Why is APC against the corporate integrity of this nation? It is unfortunate and disturbing.

      • Strong System

        Do you know that there are war correspondents?

  • Anene Mercy

    Their activity is a breach of national security.

    • blueeyedkitten

      why dont you just call them boko haram? wonder why you guys always suspicious of everything. what are you hiding? allow journalists to do their work. rubbish!

  • Anene Mercy

    Even America do not allow un cleared journatists to report situatiins at war zones. Why should Nigeria own be different?

    • 05GENERAL

      I saw the war between Israel n hamas live on television…Y is our gov’t scared of everything? it’s d global trend.

    • Kay

      Anene Mercy or whatever they call you, you are a bunch of ignorance. Is there any way in Europe or middle east that you did not watch on TV. God help your ignorance.

    • Usen Akpan

      Don’t mind these guys, when their leader is searching for WAEC Certificate, you don’t have to expect them to comprehend what is ‘Getting Clearance’ . Even in the United States, you don’t have right to publish anything before the officials. It is a law, it must be abide. APC stop being desperate. We know this is the last chance for Buhari to become President.

  • Africa

    Get Shekau and allow journalist do their work

  • emeka M

    the funny thing is that we are hardly even getting any info other than this town and that town has been liberated.
    i would love to see what equipments and war machineries and how they are used in action. so aljazeera journalist are risking their lives to bring us credible info on the situation at hand.
    you can imagine what a whole president of nigeria said when he was asked about the not finding of the chibok girls by the military in the liberated towns ” IF that is what the military told you you have to believe them” is it the military that is given them if or the military is supposed to relay the infos to you.. i don’t understand the lack of knowledge on the president’s path about the military in general.
    – this is not the nigeria i was hoping for. how did things get out of hand.
    – Why are we suffering this much even fi we are one of the most blessed countries in the world
    -We have smart people and yet they are just simply over looked by the government.
    -Why are we too corrupt to the extent of creating a bad name for ourselves internationally (419,scammers).

    • BroVic

      Al-Jazeera is the information arm of the Muslim Brotherhood… Use this as a basis for further research. Thanks.

    • Kay

      Tell them o bros!!!

  • lincolndemo

    Some people don’t even want to believe anything good can be done by Nigeria and it’s disheartening. Everything is not about GEJ and GMB. Nigeria will continue to exist after the election. Let us rise above sentiment and let the military and other agencies do their job.

  • Otile

    These are Islamists, saboteurs, and bad men who are sent to wreak havoc in continent Nigeria taking advantage of the election. Beelzebub their god has exposed these ones.

    • Funso


      • Otile

        You are the one stealing my oil, yet you are shouting ole.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Egypt here we come. Ganging up the news. WE ALL BELIEVE CHANGE COME 28-03-15. YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • blueeyedkitten

    Al-sisi part 2. Nigeria is now deriving inspirations from rogue states. Good to know.

    • Trustory

      Rougue states? Dont make me laugh.
      Only now are all ethnic minorities allowed to walk with their heads high in Egypt since the ruthlessness of the Muslim brotherhood.
      Mate, you got no idea. If you like countries to be run llike that then visit Iran, Saudi Arabia etc and see how much freedom you have.

  • shola

    Since when has it become an offence to write and tell the truth. We heard it today in the foreign radios that Boko Haram attacked certain areas yesterday, killed over 50 people and abducted over 350 women and children. I have not read it in the Nigeria on-line median. Do you have anything to hide for the oncoming federal election sake?

    • Philip Musa

      This is why APC cannot rule Nigeria. Simple law, its members (Yorubas) cannot comprehend.

  • Strong System

    Any journalist in Africa that was never arrested in the course of doing his or job isn’t yet ripe in that profession.

    • Moe

      ..or maybe any journalist in Africa that was never arrested in the course of doing his or her job is simply smart.

  • Sams

    The military always accuse the media of spreading lies. The best way to counter this is to allow journalist to report from the northeast just like Chad is doing. This way, we can have several sources to corroborate or refute any news.

    • Moe

      …and your corroboration or refutation is needed because?

      • Sams

        I didn’t say ‘my’ corroboration or refutation is needed..

  • Hard Talk!

    Since Bokohari made that threat of blood on the streets, a chunk of citizens of a particular region of Nigeria which is notorious for cowardly reactions even at the height of provocation, has shifted their loyalty to the Jihadist candidate out of trepidation. They failed to act when elections were annulled unilaterally 1n 1993 by one mumuist croooook, and bcos they failed to act by seceding, one other licensed evil man killed Kudirat, and bcos this region failed yet again to match reaction with action, some other licensed set of evil men arranged the death of MKO, but they told us he drank only tea. Meanwhile, the Generals from this region were busy on their knees crying like babies requiring a change of the diapers, weeping and begging a junior Major Mustapha or crying before the chief tormentor – a fellow General. How can an army General be on 2 knees, not one knee, I mean 2 knees down and begging a fellow General? Why? Just bcos of bullets? You are afraid of death? and you are a General? But this is who they are. Not all of them but most of them. And it is evident in their comments here. Cowardice enshrined in their genes. But they have nowhere to hide now. The SS is ready. I believe the SE is ready too. So we are just waiting to act. In the mean time, you can continue to post all your rubbish. Jonathan goes nowhere, and by 2020, an Igbo man will become President. Pure & Simple.

    • Moe

      Keep spitting at the sun, it will cool down the weather!

    • Trustory


    • Kay

      You can dream o! God help you!!???


    The greatest news of my day. Send them to jail. They are terrorists. If you promote terrorism…you are a terrorist. God bless the NA

  • Rommel

    Everyday,we have killed 300 insurgents,we killed so so and so number meanwhile nobody seems to verify these outrageous claims so why would any credible investigative journalist depend on discredited military sources for information? government just does not want anybody to expose their lies

  • Spoken word


  • Nedling

    Please investigate and release those journalists, I d not thik they are threat to anybody.

    • John Dre

      They tells lies about nigerian army. So they should be hold and investigated thank you

      • Nedling

        No wahala.

  • emmanuel

    They are informants to Boko Haram. Stop them

    They are the media arm of the Global Jihadist move

  • ome

    If a major general in the Nigerian army can lie about the release of the chikbok girls and one year after this general is still receiving salary and still taking for the army. How am I supposed to believe information this general tells me.

  • Charlene Weshley

    Today’s liberalism is simply communism without the manifesto.