Jonathan pledges additional state for South-East

FILE PHOTO: Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday said he would ensure that South-East got equal number of states with other geopolitical zones in the country, if re-elected.

Mr. Jonathan made the pledge at the secretariat of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Owerri, where he was received by royal fathers in the state.

According to him, before other zones will talk of getting more states, the people of South-East must first get one additional state to bring them at par with other geopolitical zones.

Each of the six geo-political zones in the country has six states except South-East with five states and North-East with seven states.

Mr. Jonathan, who described the people of South-East as his ‘’taproot at the national level’’, said he was delighted at the level of support he enjoyed from the zone.

He said his visit to the royal fathers was to solicit their prayers and support ahead of Saturday’s presidential elections, and urged the people to vote for him and other PDP candidates.

Earlier, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, the Chairman of the traditional rulers’ council, told Mr. Jonathan that South-East people were highly expectant of additional states, in addition to looking forward to enjoying other benefits of democracy.

He urged the president to go ahead with his good work, adding that his transformational leadership was highly felt by Nigerians.



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  • Sani

    It seems GEJ has become so obsessed with power. He is going round making all kinds of promises, promises he cannot fulfil by any standard.

  • Akukwe

    Igbos have suffered a lot of humiliation and disdain from this president. Which constitution granted the president power to create another state? This incompetent president cannot implement oil subsidy report, 2011 election violence report, Chibok girls report, but has gone further to promise what he is not constitutionally empowered to do without the National Assembly. What a primitively deceitful and desperate politician? Igbos have been turned roadside political harlots to be used during elections, disregarded and dumped after by this president, no thanks to the purposeless Ohaneze selfish tax collectors. Yoruba OPC and SS militants are paid amnesty allowance (more than national minimum wage) together with pipeline contracts running into billions leaving the nonsense Igbos to remain slaves because of their cheapness. Yet the Igbos presented better candidates in Azikiwe, Ekwueme and Ojukwu for presidency which the Ijaws and their leaders betrayed and rejected. Only fools die, indeed. Thank God Buhari is coming to the rescue.

    • me

      “According to him (GEJ),BEFORE other zones will talk of getting more states,
      the people of South-East must first get one additional state to bring

      • Jones

        Moron of the highest order. Please go back to your beer parlour. If there is a constitutional amendments and the National Assembly approves more states, your lying and deceitful president will stop other zones so that South East can get one first? Ask the same man what name of the state he wants from SE, you will find him completely empty. The president cannot solve basic problems and is deceiving himself with a new state. He can win more sympathy by just keeping quiet than embarrassing himself.

        • Mosaku 147

          Otuoke state.

  • OmoLasgidi

    Another empty, hollow promise from a drowning man… The Igbos are no fools or servants for any self serving, clueless ruler. If this fellow is returned, it will take the ages for these same Traditional Council to get an invitation to Aso Rock! Igbos please shine your eyes well well o!

  • Festuso

    Is this how to play politics? Is this regional politics, tribal politics or sectional politics? Are States allocated on the basis of attaining equality in geopolitical zones or the economic viability and sustainability of creating such a state? This is why every state goes cap in hand to the centre because the states were created merely on sentimental rather than pragmatic basis in the first place. Is it for the President to give a State to the people he likes and deny others because he does not like them or because they are not supporting him? What then is the role of the National Assembly and State Assemblies as regards state creation? Jonathan is clearly not fit to be President of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country like Nigeria, composed of “viable federating states” seeking to form a united country! I pray Nigeria does not get lumbered with this guy for another four years….the country will just be marching on the same spot!

  • It is not an empty promise, he is the C-in-C of Nigeria, he can fulfill it. Creating additional state is neither a mystery or a rocket science. As long as he has the political will, he will influence the Senate to approve and it is signed into law by the President

    • Jones

      Please crawl back to your Creek and continue feasting on amnesty allowance. Nation building and constitutional matters are not issues for the bigoted.

    • Julius

      All he has to do is give them some money and they will shut up if he wins. Everybody knows that and thats why he is promising something he knows danm well is not gonna happen. Just like the bridge he promised the south east.This is too funny

    • Onike24

      How are states created? By executive fiat? What a joke! I am inclined to believe that Jo know nothing doesn’t even know the powers he has under the constitution.

  • Festuso, you don’t know what you are saying, simply tell us you are speaking for Gen. Bukohari. You all are angry with every move of Jonathan bcos your military wing (APC) has been crushed by Jonathan

  • sammyctu ode

    You clueless useless lying president promised the Igbos you will give them the 2nd Niger bridge by 2014, that promise has passed without being fulfilled, then you went last year to fake them that you will start constructing the same bridge but up until now, there is no work going on. To show that you are a lying president, you think you can create a new state by fiat which showed you don’t even know the constitution you are supposed to defend when you took oath the last time. This shows how dumb you are as a president and we the majority regretted voting for you in 2011 because at that time, we didn’t know that you are a dangerous silent snake.

    • John West

      where the other states created by constitution?. my friend go and sit down

  • Sammyctu ode, you are not an Igbo person, look at urself, u are crying more than the bereaved, is it not pretense. Go to the on going project of 2nd Niger bridge and see for urself d speed of d project

  • Lawrence Azubuike

    Liar. Just like you promised us the Aba dry port and the second Niger Bridge. Hope you gave our Ezes their own share of the dollars. You have milked Nigeria so dry that she looks like a floating balloon.

  • me

    According to him (GEJ),BEFORE other zones will talk of getting more states,
    the people of South-East must first get one additional state to bring
    at par with other geopolitical zones”. I HOPE YOU CAN READ GEJ ONLY

  • halima

    thats if u will have the time because on saturday u are vacating that office…..meanwhile…..Good day people, are you looking for a genuine investment opportunity that will upgrade your financial status? Invest And Enlarge (WEALTHZONE) is the right company, a company located in Kano where you invest and get a monthly interest according to the amount you invest and also get a referral bonus interest the more people you refer which is my aim of this advert,I live here in Abuja, I read about them sometime last year on facebook and i contacted them via email and that was how i became an investor with them, I just got my 4th interest payment so I am convinced of their activities, if you are interested you TEXT your EMAIL address to their customer care line 08021341784 and they will get back to you with details. please do not forget to tell them Mrs Halima Abubakar referred you, remain blessed.

  • Maitama Tambari

    That is another lie because we are not in Military Regime. It is not his prerogative but that of the National and States Assemblies. WE ALL BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • Mr. Abdin

    The story of Jonathan again and I think that will happen in Utuoke.

  • tundemash

    I hope no sane igbo man will buy that virus from Dumbo. He has no power to create additional states.
    Common 2nd Niger bridge which he has power to build he refused to build for 6 years !!!!

  • Ukpaka

    The president by himself cannot guarantee creation of another state in the SE. Why make more promises when he could not keep the ones he made in 2011?. The game is over Mr. President. Only the illiterates who don’t understand how things work will run home to celebrate creation of new states. Moreover, good governance beats creation of new states….something this government knows nothing about.
    A vote for Johnathan and PDP is an endorsement of corruption. We cannot continue to reward government that encourages corruption. This is an opportunity to set a new standard even for the incoming APC government that the people will not tolerate inefficient and corrupt government.
    People, don’t let the few who have been bribed with dollars do the thinking for you. We all deserve the benefits of good governance. We can make Nigeria look like Dubai…only if we are willing to take advantage of this opportunity presented to us. We have to break a way from this vicious circle of poverty and oppression and get ourselves to a virtuous circle of good governance and peaceful co-existence.
    We have to look beyond ethnicity and religion. Be like americans: if a government fails to deliver, they get kicked out. The next time that government gets a chance, they perform better. If people steal from you and you reward them, don’t expect anything to change…there is no incentive to change. What do you expect from a government that awards billion dollar contracts to “ex” militants and touts like OPC? it only encourages their nefarious acts. Enough said!.


    There is something very disheartening about the way GEJ has campaigned for re-election. It seems he is more invested in sitting in Aso Rock, hobnobbing with traditional rulers, pastors and politicians than in facing the problems thrown up by his mismanagement of the country. Why make more promises when what the country needs presently is to muster up courage to implement appropriate reforms with regard to economic policies. I miss President Yar’Adua because he at least understood that substantial foreign exchange was expended annually on JVC cash calls and importation of petroleum products and initiated much needed reforms in the oil sector with the PIB. Jonathan killed that effort, How does another state in the South East or anywhere else in the country help us maintain a stable exchange rate, create jobs, fight insecurity, equip the police, reform our military, fund universities. For a man who came to power when naira exchanged for N148.7 to the dollar and now brought us to this point where it is N204 to the dollar, Jonathan seems not to care. The issue of the economy has never reverberated in his campaign. It did not feature in 2011 and see what it led to. I am worried about him managing this country for another four years.

  • SAM .A

    Another dummy for SE, like creating seaport for Onitsha, International Airport that has made it possible for Ibos to leave without getting to Lagos or Abuja. Niger Bridge that has since been completed since 2014 like Ikoyi bridge in Lagos .
    More than 90% of all these States cannot conveniently pay salaries , Only , Lagos, Rivers& Kano have the means.
    Mr President is selling another dummy to Ibos for election, just like David Mark promised his people that he will create APA state , when Benue State has not being able to pay Salary since December. Liars deceiving the gullibles.

  • pinky minaj


    GMB the man of many firsts!

    First Nigerian leader to introduce kidnapping in Nigeria, by sending his kidnappers to kidnap Alhaji Umaru Dikko in faraway London.

    First Nigerian leader to order the execution of a woman.

    First Nigerian leader to pass retroactive laws and execute people, not based on the rule of law, but on spontaneous draconian laws which he invented himself.

    First Nigerian leader to introduce jail sentences lasting hundreds of years for mostly Southern Nigerians, but just a few years jail terms for Northern Nigerians.

    First Nigerian leader who cut off diplomatic ties with England.

    First Nigerian leader to cancel the Lagos metro line and deny Lagos State of having a metro line.

    First Nigerian leader who built no infrastructure for Nigeria as a military dictator.

    First Nigerian leader who deported most other Africans living in Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who clamped down on most fundamental human rights of nearly every Nigerian.

    First Nigerian leader who issued import licenses to his associates for everything, and ruined the Nigerian economy.

    First Nigerian leader who took Nigeria to pre-historic times and introduced trade by barter.

    First Nigerian leader who jailed anybody whom he perceived that criticized him, from journalists, artists, doctors, labour unionists to students.

    First Nigerian leader whose troops publicly humiliated and flogged many Nigerians in public. Nigerians please ask your parents about the real Buhari, as some were either publicly humiliated, flogged, jailed, tortured or even executed by Buhari.

    First Nigerian leader who did not accept defeat at the polls and incited his supporters, who killed thousands of innocent Nigerians. This is now a matter before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Buhari may be the first Nigerian leader to join Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo at the ICC in the Haque.

    First Nigerian leader who said publicly that he is for the total implementation of Sharia all over Nigeria, despite the over 85 million Christians living in Nigeria and this being against the constitution of Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who publicly said, that if he loses this February 14th elections, “the Baboons and Dogs will be soaked in blood”, calling for even more violence and bloodshed.

    First and only Nigerian leader whom Boko Haram appointed to be their trusted mediator, meaning, that he must know them and they must know him, for this trust to exist between themselves.

    First Nigerian leader who has presented no manifesto to the electorate, only the empty slogan of change, yet he seeks votes.

    First Nigerian leader who said he will fight corruption and insecurity, but has never told Nigerians how he will do it.

    First Nigerian leader who forged his school certificate and has refused to clarify the truth about his primary and secondary school education.

    First Nigerian leader who brought in two foreign consultants, AKPD and Burson Marsteller, to run his entire media campaign.

    First Nigerian leader who preaches Anti corruption, but is being sponsored and surrounded by Saint Tinubu, Saint Amaechi, Saint Rochas and foreign Arab backers.

    First Nigerian who shot his way to power, misruled Nigeria, was kicked out, yet, he has lost the elections three times and will lose this time again, because, he is serially unelectable.

    First Nigerian leader still seeking power at the good old age of 72, when his age mates are respectable retired grandfathers.

    First Nigerian leader exposing his wife and daughters as online models, to gain online twitter hits.

    First Nigerian leader who wept and publicly said that he will not seek office again in 2011, yet, he can never keep to his promise nor can he accept defeat.

    First Nigerian leader who seems to have no certificate and claims he had an F9 in Mathematics, yet, he is shameless to still want to contest an election to lead Nigeria in the 21st century.

    Let this be the first Nigerian leader, that we the Nigerian youths totally reject at the polls!

    God bless Nigeria!!!


    • Festuso

      What is all this RUBBISH you’re listing?

      Soyinka, in his words said he has sixty reasons not to vote for the Jonathan regime.

      “Only four sets of people can vote and support Goodluck Jonathan 2015 agenda:

      (1) those who are intellectually blind.

      (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity.

      (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands.

      (4) those who are suffering from a combination of all the above terminal sickness”

      Please rebroadcast. It is a life saving message for Nigeria.

      • pinky minaj

        Nah u are mistaken…

    • Moe

      I suppose the laws we have now were invented by God right?

  • S. Ribiero

    Why does Nigeria need additional states when more than half of the existing states are not economically viable?

    • Kitunde

      Some have not paid wages for up to 5 months! Crazy people…

    • TKBaba

      GEJ has no idea on how to turn Nigeria around…

  • Sams

    He promised a state and a bridge to the southeast in 2011. He didn’t deliver either.

    • John West

      it does not concern you, obasanjo promised the same and did not deliver, they are all human that have their flaws. no matter what, we love GEJ so much

  • Moe

    Only a bastard Nigerian will vote for Jonathan.

    • tundemash

      “Only four sets of people
      can vote and support Goodluck Jonathan 2015:

      (1) those who are intellectually blind.
      (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity.
      (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid
      of the unknown, should power change hands.
      (4) those who are suffering from a combination of all the
      above terminal sicknesses”

  • Rommel

    The promise of a dying king.

  • Taster

    You don`t need to be afraid my president as the majority of nigerians are with you. Besides, there is NO VACANCY in asorock.

    • tundemash

      Only four sets of people
      can vote and support Goodluck Jonathan 2015:

      (1) those who are intellectually blind.
      (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity.
      (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid
      of the unknown, should power change hands.
      (4) those who are suffering from a combination of all the
      above terminal sicknesses”

      Where is the Aba dry port promised you in 2011 ?

      • Taster

        Shallow minds will always give out shallow thoughts – my prayer you remain colour-blind indeed, n never get bloated with hatred just for the fact that you don`t like ones face.
        Besides, chosing buhar over jonathan means you lack taste. Bye4now!

        • tundemash

          Ekaette, what do u call you cl0wns that vte based on religion and ethnicity ?

          If i lack taste choosing Dumbo over Buhari, you lack class and you are : blinded intellectually and suffering from ethnic bigotry. 2 more days for your journey into hopelessness begins. You go back to your ashewo trade again.

          • Taster

            I`d like to give you a kiss n a hard one for that if that could sway you to start thinking right n vote for the change that has already been here.

            Vote Jona for the well-being of all.

          • tundemash


            These are indeed desperate times for you and Dumbo. Not too late to start distributing that your kiss and t*t* to Yoruba Obas, OPC and MASSOB as Dumbo distributed dollars!!! TOO LITTLE TOO LATE THOUGH.

          • Taster

            I can get your likes Vote for GEJ just for a kiss.

  • bib

    Another campaign gimmick for the gullible. If it was so easy to fulfil the promise, why didn’t he give the south east another state in the last six years? Or is he going to run a military regime from May 29th 2015?

    • Mosaku 147

      You are going too far. Why didn’t he give his own bayelsa five additional local government. The guy is just a clown.

  • Angiama Temes

    Well my people,lets vote for president Goodluck jornathan for change,the big issue is the people involve not president Goodluck jornathan,what matters rite now is to make sure Goodluck assure us that he will take things serious with some of the people that has been getting away with our money for unnecessary things instead of doing what he send them to do,we only want the president to give power to people that will meet the need of the people in the society.LET VOTE FOR GOODLUCK JORNATHAN.