Disqualifying Buhari will plunge Nigeria into crisis – APC warns

Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has warned against any orchestrated, last-minute disqualification of its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, in order to pave the way for an easy victory for President Goodluck Jonathan or even another postponement of the elections.

About 10 suits seeking the disqualification of Mr. Buhari on grounds of lack of requisite educational qualification are presently being heard at the Federal High Court Abuja.

The suits were instituted by different persons at different courts, but were later consolidated.
Progress on the suits have been stalled due to arguments over whether Mr. Buhari and the APC can be served through the media.

The court, president by Justice Ademola Adeniyi, will on Wednesday decide on the issue of service. The case was moved from Tuesday.
The APC said in a statement by its spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, that it suspected a foul play.

”If it is true, as it is being widely speculated across the country, that the Jonathan Administration has procured a judgement to disqualify the APC Presidential Candidate on Wednesday, when the
Federal High Court in Abuja is expected to rule on the issue, then it portends a great danger for our country,” the party said.

It said, in addition to other reasons, the six-week postponement of the elections may have been used by those who never wanted the polls to hold in the first instance to shop for such a satanic judgement.

”Anyone who will disqualify a presidential candidate on the eve of an election can only have one and only one purpose for that: to trigger chaos and pandemonium across the country. Perhaps this is the reason for the deployment of troops across the country to crack down on possible protests and create confusion.

”Then, those who orchestrated the disqualification will simply use what they expect to be angry reactions nationwide as an excuse to postpone the elections again, thus triggering a constitutional crisis, the end of which no one can predict.

”This is why we are hoping that good reason will prevail and nothing will be done, deliberately, to plunge Nigeria into crisis by the same people who have always been quick to say their political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian,” APC said.


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  • ice queen

    APC in anticipation of their loss in the polls on 28th March are planning to cease power by military intervention.

  • ice queen

    Just accept ur defeat APC,no more violence!PDP peaceful democratic party#

    • eddy

      Go and collect ur PVC… no shortcut to victory.

    • SAM .A

      Especially in Rivers ( PH ) where PDP thugs fire bombed a campaign rally ground. Papa Deceive Pikin

  • Abdul

    Them no born that judge well make him disqualify Buhari, there will be rain of fire and brimstone.

  • Sword of Damocles

    As Mai Gaskiya urged us(the masses) when the Jonathan Government postponed the original elections on Feb 7th, we will remain calm to see what the looters & traitors do tomorrow. No one will deny the Nigerian masses their most fervent wish: to electorally remove this most hapless goverment in the history of Nigeria. Justice Ademola Adeniyi, the people are watching you, we know that what the Chief Justice of the Federation warned justices like yourself to stay out of Nigerian politics. Justice Ademola Adeniyi do not light that match!!

    • for christ

      Speak like a man with facts and not sentiments. So he should not be tried. What you make today may mar your tomorrow. He should be tried, if he is granted a pardon by the courts then that’s ok

      • Sword of Damocles

        Speaking about facts, exactly WHAT should he be tried for your Honor? The world must have gone to $ell, pot is calling the kettle black. There is a 2 term word for you in the dictionary, “savant” is the 2nd word guess what the first is? ps what is the definition of perjury? all your inebriated excitement is for naught, as your President has a date with destiny on march 28th, when the Nigerian masses will “grade” his exam. what do u think F9?

  • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

    So allowing the law run its course will ‘plunge Nigeria into crisis’??????
    The hypocrisy of these APC insurgents stinks to high heavens!
    Why is none of them talking about the requirements of the law???

    • progress

      No, everybody knows that the PDP Is out to create chaos. With all this distraction comes a huge win for Buhari.

      • for christ

        If he swore to certificate he possessed not, what do you call that. Don’t talk like a mediocre. Let the law follow it’s full course

        • Olusola

          You are not for Christ. You are a devil incarnate. Buhari did not possess WASC? are you so dumb? The results were in his file, how come Army under a clown called Minimah removed it? Army always keeps originals, ask anyone who served before or still serving.

  • Yusuf

    In 2009 3 justices of the supreme court had the opinion that the 2007 election was not free and fair, the 4 other justices concurred but had opinion that Nigeria was not ready for a cancelled Presidential election. Is Nigeria ready for a disqualified Presidential candidate that is projected to win with a very wide margin? Let Ademola not try this rubbish

    • for christ

      Must we continue to live that way. There is always a first time. Ask Morsi of Egypt

  • Alapanla

    Fiat justitia ruat caelum – Let justice be done though the heavens fall. No man is above the laws of the land

    • Olu

      Failure to render justice for fear that Nigeria will go in flames is itself injustice again the people and against the nation.

  • ilesanmi

    If the court disqualifies Buhari then the APC should be blamed for fielding a candidate with controversial educational qualification which means the party and its members lack integrity. There is no law prohibiting disqualification of a candidate close to the election day as long as the court has a good ground for it. Above all, Buhari’s disqualification will be seen by Nigerians as a process in our great clamour for “CHANGE”
    APC!!! CHANGE!!!

  • Wähala

    Corruption fighting back…
    Justice Adeniyi Ademola is a very corrupt Yoruba man that’s why all the cases came to his dock, it’s because they know he’s was involved in several shady rulings in the past and can be bought once more. Dumbo knows he has no chance at the polls if and when elections are held in Nigeria, this is his last resort that would be easier to contain should violence break out. The evil crook from the creeks is determined to go for broke and sink Nigeria along with his egocentric ambition, he is Satan’s advocate who would rather claim as many lives as possible than go and leave Nigeria in one piece. A terrible jinx indeed. Meanwhile, Ademola abi wetin be ihm name sef, should note that he’s about to write his name into infamy with the attendant risk of sacrificing his own head for the sake of dirty crumbs. At least, it takes the Igbo to always start shit in Nigeria, but others cannot entirely be exonerated of complicity. Dumbo has pushed his luck to the brinks, the world will be waiting along with us to see how this plays out. It’s now that Buhari is no longer qualified be President of Nigeria abi… Animals.

    • for christ

      I don’t like using abusive language fellow Nigerian. But it appears you are some of the most untutored, disorderly and anyhow Nigerian who benefit from chaos. So Buhari can’t be tried, based on what. You know next to nothing fellow Nigerian.

      • Wähala

        If Buhari is to be tried, what do you say about a clown who has been parading himself as a doctorate degree holder while in actuality, has none? Why has the Univ. of Portharcourt hoarded his PhD Thesis if he wrote any? Dumbo and the PDP are looking for chaos as excuse to scuttle the elections and you & I know that is their true motive, because simply put: They cannot win an election against Gen. Buhari. Wonder why all the cases landed on one Judge’s desk? Chump, I’ve never offered you odeku to read/respond to my comments, and I’m damn sure not in the mood for your unsolicited lessons on ethics… Now, buzz off before I really blow a fuse on your useless self. Freaking baastard!

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          Go to Court!!!

        • for christ

          You sound much like your name, who on earth would like “wahala’ for anything that has to do with a name of any kind. You don’t ever like the truth fellow Nigerian, do you realise how much energy and trigger you need to blow your damned fuse. Look for the nearest 500 volts transmission line in your vicinity and give it a kiss. I don’t need your odeku,thanks. Just a good advice from one who detests disorderly people

          • kamal Kamoru

            Nice one..

          • Wähala

            You’re a cheap troll on crumbs, where I live I would need a charter flight to toss a miscreant like you a bottle of odeku… did you really clear your throat for one? Fake mordafcuker. One day you’re writing as @the truth, the next you’re Jisos of Okrika himself. Idiyot, nothing will happen and all you PDP touts will not be around in only a few days time. Let me tell you this straight up, if Dumbo messes with this elections his ass is as good as Abacha’s… you can take it to the bank, Aborigine!

          • for christ

            You sound warlike and very vulgar, wonder what they help you achieve. I try to fathom what you have in your arsenal aside cursing. Those that can’t wait come 2019 are already buying up grave spaces I think somewhere in Lagos. Applications forms are still on sale if you want one

    • John West

      GOD PUNISH YOU, Is justice adeniyi ademola an igbo man, igbophobia go kill you lowest of the lowest animal

      • Wähala

        I’m Igbo pal, calm down. I’m just not a fanatical money-mongering Igbo man like your Anambra brothers. Go back to my comment or get someone to read/interpret it for you, seems you’re sky-high on drugs. Mordafcuker!

      • John West

        you are a disgusting yoruba. not igbo at all

  • warry

    So Buhari and APC should not practice what they preach? They said there should be no corruption and Buhari claims a qualification he does not possess. Is it fair?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Senile, illiterate Islamic fundamentalist Buhari will not only be disqualified but will also do prison time for forgery and perjury.

    • progress

      Omobastarrd, we dare your paymaster to try disqualify Buhari and see the massive reaction that will follow.

      • for christ

        You seem to come from a land without laws or due process

      • GEO

        You won’t do anything but go home cry. Stop boasting. You would be locked up and have to find money to bail yourself.

      • Etomi

        Stop threatening…
        The court has served APC very well even till few days ago when it found for APC that the president cannot deploy troops during election…
        And this time yet it is set to serve the party all the more by setting the records on his certificate saga straight…
        The office of the president is a creation of law and the law also sets the benchmarks as to how a Nigerian can attain that office…
        Buhari is not above the law..
        The Electoral Act states that only the courts have the power to disqualify a presidential candidate…
        And if the court is moved to exercise that power, a 1001 Buharis cannot stop the country, which had vested such powers in the court!

  • the truth

    The Law must take its due course. Nigeria can’t bend it’s law to favor one man. If BUhari does not have the qualification then he should be thrown out. APC claims to be a party of change and free of corruption, they must prove that by taking buhari off if indeed he is not qualified. For APC die hard supporters i do understand your point on wanting buhari to run but if he is not qualified it would set a bad precedent. Let us all accept the judgement if he is disqualified as the work of God as he knows everything. We must obey the laws of the land at every juncture


    This people in APC are wicked. Your Lagos court is busy giving verdicts here and there against your opponents. When it is a case against you, the court must do nothing or you will destroy the country You people are wicked.

    • GEO

      Yes indeed.

  • for christ

    It is most silly and reckless for the APC to assume that the country would thrown into chaos if Buhari is disqualified. Based on what. Is Buhari a god or an idol. So our courts will be compromised because Buhari is involved. What legal precedent are they trying to create. There must be rule of the law. We all don’t live in APC jungle

  • GEO

    All they know is to threaten violence. I hope the courts have the guts to do the right thing and remove this scourge once for all. Buhari is not qualified to stand for election. How can he fight corruption if he is elected under this cloud? This country must stand for truth and damn the consequences. We have police to maintain law and order at all costs.

  • banadi

    If elections dont hold on the 14th feb there would be violence. It was postponed and nothing happened, Now this? If he is disqualified Kwankwaso will defect to the PDP and life goes on as usual

  • MUSA

    LAI MOHAMED, how does disqualifying buhari bring great danger to our country? Is Buhari not just an aspirant???? Or are u confirming what is being speculated? These politicians always find a way to stir up violence with thier “never thot about” utterances! ‪#‎court‬ adjourns Buhari’s disqualification suit until Wednesday.(tomorrow ) … issorait.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    JEGA asked the NIGERIAN PEOPLE to go to Court to get Buhari disqualified. The Nigerian People are in Court to achieve this. WHAT IS THE ISSUE?

    • Princewill Igenewari

      Where in the world do u disqualify a candidate 2 days to election. When it happens again, the Igbos will suffer more because they didn’t develop their land but Lagos, Kano, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Funny enough they are the ones calling for war

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Who is talking about war? If the cour finds BUHARI to be UNQUALIFIED, the court must do JUSTICE and SERVE JUSTICE by disqualifying BUHARI. HEAVEN WILL NOT FALL!!!

    • Doankeleo

      I wonder if readers understand the issue(s) the court may rule on tomorrow concerning GMB qualification.The substance of the case has not even commenced yet and you are all worked up. All the judge will do tomorrow is to rule one way or the other on prelimaries such as manner of service of notice on the defense. The time will be called for tendering of evidence, arguments on the substance of the case,etc.

      • Godfrey Etokebe


  • Nta Ekeng

    This is foolishman’s talk. That a man has no required qualification to contest for presidency of Nigeria and if the court looks into it and convinced itself that this man wanted to cheat and disqualify him Nigeria ll be plung into crisis? This your apc must be a party occupied by brainless people. A cheat ll be stoped and nothing will happen. I pray the court handles the case speedily.

  • Idodo Weedodo

    …Which is easier and cheaper? …to look for the certificate and own up to failure and the lies than pay media houses to continually peddle falsities? …or to go to London and address slow thinking and egotist Britico?

    …and now apc threatens the whole Nigeria again! …So u people can’t do without threats?…don’t worry, time don reach…and we shall know those who are capable of issuing threats and executing same. We shall meet at Phillipi

  • Fatai Fehintola

    What is sure is that ALL those who plan evil for Nigeria under whatever guise SHALL be consumed! Long live progressive and prosperous Nigeria. God bless all patriotic Nigerians!

    • aljihadi

      “Sharia should be introduced all over Nigeria. I will continue to show openly and inside me
      the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing,
      we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation of Sharia in the country. It is a legal
      responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold
      the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to
      re-double their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation
      of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      [August, 2001]

      • Freethinker


      • Delphic

        “It will be a disaster for all of Africa if Buhari is elected”

        “Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s election as Nigeria’s head of state
        would be a disaster for Africa. It would also signal trouble for the
        West’s fight against ISIS and terrorism throughout the Middle East.
        Western foreign policy observers, pre-occupied with the rise of ISIS
        of ISIS in the Middle East should wake up to the reality unfolding in Nigeria.

        Opposition candidate General Buhari wants Sharia law throughout Nigeria.
        In fact, he wants it everywhere. “I will continue to show openly and inside
        me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over
        ,” Mr. Buhari said. “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for
        the total implementation of the Sharia in the country [Nigeria]

        Agitation? Is this an indication that Mr. Buhari supports violence, because
        the end goal of the terrorist attacks throughout Nigeria and Africa is an
        Islamic state? It is a legitimate question that should be asked by
        leaders of the Obama administration.”

        ………..Richard Grenell

        Longest serving United Nations Spokesman in

        history, was a spokesman for four United States

        Ambassadors to the United Nations. He wrote

        in Washington Times (March 20th, 2015)

        • Onike24

          You are a liar and a thief!

        • Festuso

          A load of rubbish!

  • Election Observer

    Nigerians must REJECT APC as clear and present danger

    APC is an outlaw party; full of illiterates, perjurers, insurgents and assorted criminals.
    A responsible party would otherwise be pledging to comply with a prospective judgment.
    But APC threatens Justice Ademola (who’s adjourned hearing till tomorrow) with brimstones.
    A Political Scientist will viscerally oppose APC as a FASCIST and criminal organization.
    That reflexive hatred – borne of knowledge – is because fascism openly declares DOMINANCE;
    not just over everybody else in society who is not in APC, but also over all the laws of Nigeria.

    • No Comment

      “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor], we should not introduce something
      that will start affecting the consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the people’s
      consciousness what they were not thinking about before. Even if you look at it closely
      you will find that the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

      ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

      (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

      [October 25th, 2014]

    • Peter

      A vote for APC and its illiterate candidate is a vote for criminals.

  • Onosode Ibru

    What happened when the North cancelled an election won by the South?

    Therefore, the courts can decide anything and should diskworlify the crook for forgery and presenting an Olowole certificate with the name Mohammed, whereas his army name is Mohammadu. ….Is this not what nailed Evans/Evan Ewerem?…the facebook children here will not understand or remember Evans/Evan…ask your parents

  • O’tega


    The certificate forging party has had its candidate disqualified!!!!!!

  • Africa

    The PDP trolls are working overtime this week. Enough money for pepper soup, Kai Kai and ashawo..

    • bola

      Am telling u

    • Wähala

      They will all disappear tomorrow when the clown judge balks…
      But making the most of two-bit job is better than gossiping at the barber shop. Who can blame them?

  • Short n’Sharpe


  • tsunami1earthquake

    In fairness to the APC this case is coming too late and at an inauspicious moment. I expected the federal authorities to have handled the matter long before now, though the issue in question might not be caught by the statute of limitations. One of the allegations against Buhari is serious, that is, perjury. If evidence abound he had committed such offence, would he be let off the hook, just because he is a presidential candidate? My gut answer to this is a NO. But, again, a judge will have to take into consideration all the surrounding circumstances, especially regarding the imminent elections, in passing a verdict. But, on the other hand, opposing bodies would have to ask whether such imminent election circumstances would be that extenuating as not to implement an appropriate sanction connected with this, if Buhari were to be convicted?

    It’s a very dicey situation. It’s a case that has to handled with all legal tact so that justice would be done to both parties.

    • Rems Onuoha

      But APC were the ones playing hide and seek with the court on how the court papers must be served. They were the ones playing delay tactics.

  • Son Of Naija

    As much steam as you’all will blow about this statement from the APC, the reality is that, they are right. If a court of law disqualifies Buhari tomorrow its uncertain what will happen, but going by past events in this country, there will be violence…this case should have been brought up immediately it was instituted and a verdict passed. But to come up with one 3 days to the election is not a wise move at all. Most of you talking will run under the bed once violence starts ( the truth is I will too) you can call me a coward but I’m not dying for no bloody, selfish no love bastard in Nigeria !

    • John West

      no body has the right to tell the court how to do it’s job. after all it was the apc that says they can take them to court. i wonder how one will choose to go to court instead of submitting his wasc

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    • Otile

      Imam no getam for safrikate. Wetin you wan APC do?

      APC can always take advantage of violence to get what they want. They got Beelzebub on their side.

  • Rems Onuoha

    APC clearly can not be a lawful party. The rules were clear, why did APC not vet their own candidate before the elections knowing the risk? Asked to produce Buhari’s certificate they challenged aggrieved persons to go to court. Well Nigerians have and the courts are doing their job. APC should as responsible citizens wait for the verdict of the court. Appeal if they are dissatisfied or accept it. There is no need threatening the country with violence. I maintain that the rule of law must be obeyed and justice must be served. If Nigeria plunges into chaos just because we tried to uphold our constitutions then so be it. I am sure we will emerge out of such crisis a stronger and better Nation. The rule of law must be obeyed and elections will go on this Saturday with the rest of the 15 candidates who did the right thing!

  • Henry Akinjumire

    Alhaji Lai Mohammed:

    ……In voice and thought, you are a mere child in adult body

    I am told you are 59-years-old but to me your thought-process is that of a 13-year-old.
    And that’s a compliment, actually, because truth is, you can’t think. That’s the whole truth.
    The matter before the court is precise: Buhari swore on oath that he sat for and obtained
    WASC in 1961, is that claim he made on oath true or false; if true, where is the proof of WASC?

    That’s the question you shamelessly avoid to raise or answer in your crooked statement above.

    The examination body – WAEC – has disclaimed Buhari, saying his name is NOT on WAEC data.
    This was made public by Doyin Okupe who said he’s seen that disclaimer. Therefore, if then WAEC
    has called out Muhammadu Buhari as a liar on oath, what does Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution say must
    follow? Dis-qualification, of course! Your rabble-rousing will not stop that constitutional penalty.
    You cannot convince a thinking person to riot on the streets against Nigeria’s law for Buhari’s illiteracy.

  • the truth

    When court rules for APC you hear headlines like this ” The beauty of the Democracy” “Nigeria’s last hope is the judiciary” but when it goes against them you hear something like “judiciary has been compromised” “corruption is the judiciary” With this cult members you can never win

  • Ogom

    No brainer

  • Charlie

    Duncee looks like an escapee refugee. Looking really sick, tired and confused, and hungry. Milking of cows would be a better job for grand pa. at least u dont need certficate for that one.

    • Festuso

      Sounds like you are describing your father you left back in the village. You are totally lacking in how training!

  • Peter

    Liar Mohammed is only crying wolf. If the court says so, so be it. You cannot eat your cake and still have it. You saw your downfall coming when you fielded a sick and near illiterate person as the presidential candidate of your ignoble party. He may emerge the president of your party but not that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The time has changed, beyond when some fraudulent persons will hoodwink Nigerians into accepting any shit in the fear that Buhari may unleash his thugs on innocent citizens and get away with it.

  • evi

    Buhari is not above the law. He was in the UK for two weeks and didn’t apply for his wasc cert from the university of cambridge ,he prefers to hire 5 SANS to defend his forgery case.If buhari is disqualified, nothing will happen, infact he is lucky if he does not proceed to jail from there .Apc and their members are just bunch of Toothless bulldogs

  • katalyst

    NEPA bill certificate cannot work. Let him seat for November/December GCE and try again in 2019.

  • Blonde Johnny Bass

    To my understanding to get your certified true copy of your WAEC result in West Africa is a two weeks from the day of your request, but Buhari said he sat for and passed the university of Cambridge exams in 1961 with others on the same day, Buhari was in London for nearly two weeks and had the opportunity to visit or request by email his results from Cambridge but did not do so. His going to court is only a verification of his oath because he said his result were with the military and later produce on media a statement of result from his former college.

    The issue here is what you swear to and what is the truth and because he is challenged for election reasons, he will need to clarify the discrepancy of the oath by producing the results before the election. We are waiting but no threats of doom shall stop this process of total transparency and accountability plus the fight against corruption, nepotism and born to rule.

  • Otile

    I thought they said that Imam is a good man, a man of peace. Why is he letting his ego stand in the way of peace. Imam, Imam please surprise them with your excellent certificate tomorrow, let there be peace.

  • By Popular Demand

    Alhaji Lai Mohammed:

    In voice and thought, you are a mere child in adult body

    I am told you are 59-years-old but to me your thought-process is that of a 13-year-old.
    And that’s a compliment, actually, because truth is, you can’t think. That’s the whole truth.
    The matter before the court is precise: Buhari swore on oath that he sat for and obtained
    WASC in 1961, is that claim he made on oath true or false; if true, where is the proof of WASC?

    That’s the question you shamelessly avoid to raise or answer in your crooked statement above.

    The examination body – WAEC – has disclaimed Buhari, saying his name is NOT on WAEC data.
    This was made public by Doyin Okupe who said he’s seen that disclaimer. Therefore, if then WAEC
    has called out Muhammadu Buhari as a liar on oath, what does Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution say must
    follow? Dis-qualification, of course! Your rabble-rousing will not stop that constitutional penalty.
    You cannot convince a thinking person to riot on the streets against Nigeria’s law for Buhari’s illiteracy.

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Don’t rubbish the military. Nobody gets to the rank of General without a school certificate. This issue of General Buhari certificate the school he sat said General Buhari passed his school certificate so why waste time on this issue. Our present sitting President said he has PhD which many, including former President OBJ, said he hasn’t complete but that doesn’t raise any issue except that of the opposition. We are preaching peaceful election yet creating an issue that may create serious problem to the country.

    • Factsay


      Commonsense will tell u that something is not right.

      There is nothing like rubbishing military, rather, it’s a way to clean the military from corruption.
      The real change is transparency, truth and accountability. Buhari should be truthful and confess his past cheat and deceits

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        When I said rubbish the military the military best understand what I am saying. But, you failed to comment on the PhD, why?

        • Factsay

          Which PHD?

          The PhD is not an issue. The law says waec as the minimum.

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            I beg to disagree, OBJ the man who made GEJ what he is today said GEJ did not complete his PhD. And, for your information GMB has his WASC the school he attended published it but because the power in office hasn’t anyway to play the Ekiti ball decided to choose a soft landing by going to court because the control everything in Nigeria from NTA to Courts.

          • Factsay

            he published forged statement of result. Let him request for original from waec or unversity of cambridge if he knew he sat for the exams.

            U are now listenting to OBJ instead of institution that awarded the degree.

        • Factsay

          GEJ submitted his original PhD Cert while Buhari submitted nothing

    • DCW

      No , our vibrant military is being joined by well-meaning Nigeria’s to clean it up of lies and fraud. The integrity of our military is not only in tact, but on the rise. Now back to you, since nobody can get to Genral without WASC , what stops bhai from presenting it, send why did WASC deny his claim? What seven your worry? Since we all believe in rule of law, why don’t we support the court to decide? Is buhari above the law? At time we Nigeria’s sound funny with our arguments. Since buhari claims he will fight corruption, let him start with these ccorruption charges as a litmus test first. This is democracy. Coming to obj comment on GEJ PhD, honesty I believe he was joking, you know our former presidents has some sense of humour at times. Even at tithat what stops APC from challenging it in court or ask the court to come. Uniform to publish his certificate? It is no news that in this country quota system and federal character which promote mediocrity and incompetence, ave been the bane of Nigeria’s development, and the beneficiaries are the northerners

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        The school he attended presented a copy, what else do you want? Look, why don’t we stop the democracy and continue with the nonsense going on. All over the world I have not seen where an election is being conducted with the way it is conducted now in our country. Many perhaps because of sentiments never cared to carefully published in the papers GEJ is indicated in all the papers to have his BSc same year he had his GCE and hasn’t raised an issue. Get the papers and carefully read.

      • donkesson

        are dump did you not see the result be presented .even the media show the details or becos you want jona to rule we must all forget our bride by lying.

        • Ascort Denim

          Go ask WAEC why they denied the fake claims by your Buhari. Leave Jonathan alone . Is Jonathan now presiding over WAEC affairs?

  • Factsay

    Law is above everyone and everyone must obey the law.

    The reluctance of Buhari to request for his certificate only indicates he’s hiding something about his past. He’s becoming clearer that he’s corrupt and a corrupt product

  • Uzoma John

    They are all noise makers. Nobody, I repeat nobody can disqualify GMB. He is our next President. The guilty are afraid.

    • DCW

      Fake Ibo

      • donkesson

        useless IBO .is the competent. even in bayelsa were he came there are people there ask in for change yet call someone fake simply bcos he refuse to sopport corruption

        • Ascort Denim

          Coruption is when someone swore on oath that he sat for and obtained WASC in 1961 and WAEC denies it!

        • John West

          are they not people asking for transformation in your local government.EWU LIKE YOU, ibos are far better than your tribe. at least an igbo man is producing vehicle with his mental ability. what have your tribe got.IDIOT

      • Uzoma John

        Mkpi k’ibu. Atusara gi n’ala ina atutu. Crumb eater. You have the guts to call me fake Ibo. You sold your sole for peanut rather than demand for your right. Have I proved you wrong or right. Did they have the liver to disqualify the man of integrity, our incorruptible GMB. Just wait till Saturday. You may join others on exile. Anu ohia.

    • Ascort Denim

      Fake Uzoma John! Brother to Fake Old General!

      • Uzoma John

        Onye ara k’ibu. Anu mpam di ka gi. You think we are here for tribal bigots like you. All we are yearning for is quality leadership which only GMB can give for now. Jona can’t give what he does not have. He is unashamedly corrupt. March 28 is just 3 days away. Let’s wait till then. Crumb eater.

  • Repeat Again

    Alhaji Lai Mohammed:

    ……In voice and thought, you are a child in adult body

    I am told you are 59-years-old but to me your thought-process is that of a 13-year-old.
    And that’s a compliment, actually, because truth is, you can’t think. That’s the whole truth.
    The matter before the court is precise: Buhari swore on oath that he sat for and obtained
    WASC in 1961, is that claim he made on oath true or false; if true, where is the proof of WASC

    That’s the question you shamelessly avoid to raise or answer in your crooked statement above.

    The examination body – WAEC – has disclaimed Buhari, saying his name is NOT on WAEC data.
    This was made public by Doyin Okupe who said he’s seen that disclaimer. Therefore, if then WAEC
    has called out Muhammadu Buhari as a liar on oath, what does Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution say must
    follow? Dis-qualification, of course! Your rabble-rousing will not stop that constitutional penalty.
    You cannot convince a thinking person to riot on the streets against Nigeria’s law for Buhari’s illiteracy.

    • Jonathan

      The matter before us is precise. Did Goodluck Jonathan ignore his responsibilities for 6 years, and then start to act only in time for the elections? Yes. So stop wasting my time.

  • Isi Agwo

    APC: “Nigeria will descend into crisis if election is postponed from February 14.”
    History: Election was postponed from February 14 to March 28. Nigeria is even more peaceful as a result.
    APC again: “disqualifying Buhari will plunge Nigeria into crisis.”
    Will be history: The court will expose the biggest fraud, 419, ever committed in Nigeria (Bokohari joining the army as an officer and became a head of state without the required WASC, with 5 credits including English and Maths) and there will be no thunderstorm in Nigeria.

    • donkesson

      you people taken this country for granted but soon you see what is the outcome change must come

  • Mabel Effoing

    Let the judiciary decide this case please
    This is a political dispensation subject to criticisms,public and personal opinion.
    Whoever emerges as the commander in chief of this great Country ,must truely have what it takes to be.
    You must have the guts and stamina to contest for such a highly skilled and exalted position in Nigeria of all places
    Nigeria must decide who goes in there.
    This time,no sentiments,no tribalism,no nepotism
    The constituitional requirements must be met
    Personally,i will support whoever emerges winner
    Though my entire family is APC,i am in team Jona in diaspora till the last day .NO Ifs,NO Buts

  • Otile

    This is pathetic. That an illiterate Imam is going set this country ablaze with an Oluwole certificate is most pathetic. I am sorry for those who are going to lose their lives for this old illiterate mallam.

    • 05GENERAL

      U may say he’s d leader of ISIS, I want to assure u he’s gonna b my president n urs as well. May God help u run ur family the way GEJ is running dis country. I rest my case.

      • Ascort Denim

        You and Buhari have killed a dozen Nigerians and it is clear you are not satisfied. Your country president-Jonathan have cleared your Sambisa forest leaving you and Buhari your FAKE GENERAL HOMELESS. He will rule you and other surviving terrorists in Hell Fire!!

    • donkesson

      are you and your President as educated as he we all know the truth and this will be the beginning of jona down fall mark it he can not hold this country for ransom for his selfish interest

      • Ascort Denim

        Jonathan did not deny Buhari’s bogus certificate claims. in case you have short memory. Go ask WAEC and tell Buhari to present his certificates. Leave Jonathan alone!


    Whatever, buhari is the man. We r sick n tired of this incompetent gov’t that have succeeded in undermining our influence both in Africa n across the globe. He should go n contest as councillor in bayelsa state n leave us alone. Shikena!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Buhari is obviously not eligible to contest and should, therefore, be disqualified. Anyone that threatens public peace as a result should be shot dead. After all, Buhari does not have 2 heads.

    • favourtalk

      So, you were just informed? After the tomes he has contested, don’t you think that you were brainwashed? After they even release his result? Wake up bro, people had made up thier minds and will vote for change than to continue with GEJ backwardness rule

      • Original_Raskal

        Mumu! There is electoral act! He wasn’t qualified to have contested the millions of times. The law says you can contest even if you are not qualified. Inec will not disqualify you! However if someone is not happy about it he can take you to court and you will be disqualified! Go and read your laws before acting f00lish by your ill-informed comments!

  • favourtalk

    Even if he says that he is jot contesting again, he will still win GEJ, we can’t continue in GEJ way. We wants buhari to lead the nation away from the wicked ones we have now, we need change and nothing must stop him

    • Ascort Denim

      @favourtalk:disqus you are an e-rat running online to defend Buhari ineptitude.Buhari is a deceit, a pathological liar for that matter. The qualification Buhari has is extremism ,Coup Plotting and terrorism planning and execution!

      • favourtalk

        That is what they had brainwashed your head to believe, what a pity from a man who judge people without knowing them. Sentiment and high level of irrationality. Nigeria is bigger than you people, we wil do justice with the vote come Saturday

        • Peter

          We can judge Buhari because we were all here when he ran his draconian military regime. Maybe you were not born then but I was already working and living in Lagos when he ruled with iron fist. The little bite of that regime’s War Against Indiscipline was executed by his deputy Tunde Idiagbon. Buhari is wicked and sectional and a sentimental person. Nigerians do not want that type of ruler again, particularly now that everyone knows he has no basic secondary education. As long as you hate the elected president of your country, Dr Ebele Azikiwe Goodluck Jonathan for no reason other than that he is from the South South, the people of this region will for ever hate Buhari. Our prayer is that he fails in his inordinate bid to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. After all, he scuttled a democratically elected civilian government, set aside the constitution and ruled with a decree. I wonder what decree he is going to use this time around. An illiterate is an illiterate and it is even worse for him that he is surrounded by crooks. Never, never again will this type of moron rule this country.

  • Are you all not ashamed of yourselves. You are clamouring for a stark illiterate to be your president in this 21 century?? SHAME! SHAME!! SHAME!!! Shame on you APC e-rats. You want someone who cannot tell us the full meaning of INEC, he does not even know the full meaning of APC (he says APC means All Progressive Confidence). He does not know the name of his running mate. It is a BIG Shame on Nigeria. Does it mean all Nigerians are illiterates???????

  • Patrick Otobo

    Premium Times is afraid of my comments!!!! Please leave it for your readers. That is what objective journalism is all about.PT commitment to report fairly and objectively on Malabu has been so violently breached for pecuniary pecuniary interest.

  • Inie

    This analysis is right on point.

  • Patrick Otobo

    My initial comment was censored by Premium Times, but I will try and reproduce it here-under as much as possible for your teaming readers:

    Great Piece! Unfortunately, Premium Times created the negative narrative on the Malabu saga in the last two years through inaccurate and false reporting. Premium Times conceived, without facts, a story of fraud, breathe life into it and sold dummy to Nigerians all in the name of investigative journalism. It is therefore not surprising that a columnist with PT unearthed the truth on Malabu. I strongly believe that the Editor of Premium Times are dubious and were advancing the interest of some economic vultures for pecuniary interest!!! I stand to be corrected.

    When Obasanjo ( who brokered the 2006 Settlement Agreement with Bayo Ojo and Edmund Daukoru) dishonestly denied his role in Malabu in an interview with Premium Times on March 14, 2017 Titled: Exclusive: “Obasanjo speaks on Malabu $1.1 bllion scandal, tackles Adoke”, Premium Times did not deem it fit to publish its usual “FACT CHECK”to debunk Obasanjo’s claim despite being aware through various publications the following day (March 15, 2017-The Nation, Punch and Leadership: OPL 245: Documents Dont Lie!) that Obasanjo was being economical with the truth. What an investigative journalism! Premium Times has become Premium Lies and the KING OF JUNK JOURNALISM.

    Curiously, Obasanjo, Bayo Ojo and Edmund Daukoru are walking free while Adoke is facing malicious prosecution with the help of the powers that be!! What a fight against corruption!